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I almost feel weird saying this in Anon as I spent so much time tossing messages at you in which I already tell you this: You are a wonderful and amazing person and I have the utter respect for you. You make every day a little better with your amazing character and helpful advice and if I could I would throw all my money and love at you just to make sure you are happy... because YOU DESERVE IT! Keep rocking, my queen. And I will remain here, fangirling hard.


will i ever stop making fanart for this fic????????? 

more gifts for @adreamingsongbird!! just think of this as me stuffing love letters in your shoe locker like in the animes 

I saw this and now I can’t stop thinking about the Skywalkers as legends, myths, really, because…

  • Darth Vader the death god, this is perfect. He doesn’t set out to create this persona, not really. He doesn’t really plan anything that pertains himself anymore, anyway, but… he is the most lethal person in the universe. He kills and tortures and destroys, and he knows no mercy. His black cloak and mask is easily recognizable among the white armor of the Stormtroopers, and they feel safer when he’s around. He can’t be killed, they say, can’t be touched by enemy fire. When you stay close enough to him, they can’t reach you, either. He can protect you from cruel and incompetent officers, he can punish them. You can feel his power in your bones, can feel it make you stronger. As long as you follow his orders, you are safe, but nobody can help you if you displease him. He is a god, after all. He does not know mercy.
  • Padme Amidala is much more of a local myth, really. Both the Rebellion and the Empire try to co-opt her for their own ends, but… she just wasn’t that important to the bigger picture, you know? She was a senator during the Clone Wars, and she gave some nice speeches, but soldiers don’t really care about senators. She was beautiful and clever, and she is remembered kindly, but the only place where she is really a legend is Naboo. There, she is not a senator, but the queen who freed them, the queen who made peace with the Gungans, the queen who fought. Her picture hangs in almost every house of Naboo, dressed in traditional robes, her make up and hair perfect. She doesn’t look like a person, not really, more like an idea. They say that one day, when the time is right, she will return for them, and save Naboo again. She is theirs, after all, their queen. The only one that matters, really.
  • Luke Skywalker, the boy who blew up the Death Star, a soldier and a trickster and a boy. The first legends start after the battle of Yavin, after he was one of three pilots who survived, after he destroyed the machine of death. He was just a nobody, a nineteen year old farmboy, and yet he was the only one who succeeded. He can’t be human, can he? Not really. He must be some sort of demigod, young and reckless but powerful, still. Stormtroopers fear him, because this boy… their blasters bolts don’t hit him half as often as they should. Sometimes they do, that’s how they know he’s not like Vader, who is untouched by violence, but… they know they are good shots. And yet, they can’t kill him. And the rebel soldiers know that, too. Nobody tells him that, and his friends don’t really believe the legends, because they know him to be an idealist and a dork and the guy who was freezing like hell on Hoth because he’s from the desert, but… the rebels who don’t know him? He’s their myth. And then Bespin happens, and he survives a fight with the god of death himself, actually survives, and how can you not think of him as a demigod, as a spirit, maybe? And they are proud of him, because he’s theirs. Stormtroopers though, they are terrified, because they know better than to expect mercy from gods.
  • Leia Organa, the Last Princess of Alderaan. They don’t call her queen until years later, don’t really remember that Winter exists, either. She’s a symbol, more so than she is ever a person, because Leia herself, Leia the person, she’s on the edge of breaking, she’s full of hate and grief and despair, and that’s not inspirational, is it? So she lets them believe it. But there are legends about her, legends about her standing and seeing her planet be destroyed, of her surviving, still and beautiful as a statue, but alive, powerful. The Princess most of the rebels know wears white, long, beautiful gowns, her hair in complicated braids. She speaks loudly, with a clear, strong voice. She stands, despite everything. She stands. And she survives. Soon, there are rumors. She can’t be killed, they say. She was a prisoner aboard the death star, she saw the destruction of her home planet, and yet, she lives, yet, she fights. If she’s not dead yet, can the Empire even touch her? Can she even bleed? Or is she made of ice? Or is it fire? For Leia Organa is a myth of duality. The white princess made of ice, and the passionate fighter with fire in her veins, a blaster always at hand and the best at inspiring troops before a desperate battle. Ice and Fire, that’s what Leia Organa is made of, not flesh and blood. She’s the only one who sort of realizes the myth that’s grown around her, and she uses it, sometimes. Not too much, because she can’t control it, but sometimes.
  • Just… the Skywalkers as terrifying legends.

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I … have feelings about Leia and Padme. Like, I’m really sure that Leia doesn’t get Padme, especially her relationship with Anakin. Like, I think Leia is really judgy about it, because she can’t understand it at all. But at the same time, I also think Padme has a right to be irrational and a bit selfish? I’m shit at formulating this, just read it.

Leia wonders about her sometimes, about Padme Amidala, the woman who is by now a legendary queen of Naboo, who helped found the Rebel Alliance long before most people realized there would be a need for it, the woman who had been her papa’s friend, Madam Sabe’s sister, and Leia’s own birth mother.

The thing is, Padme Amidala doesn’t seem to make sense. Because how could this brave, intelligent, brilliant woman marry someone like Vader?

(He’s not Anakin in her mind. She knows Luke thinks of him as Anakin or as Father, but to Leia he will always be the man that captured her after Scarif, the shadow she’d always dreaded even when she was still pretending to be loyal, the nightmare she’d had to face time and time again.)

It’s not the attraction she doesn’t understand. She’s seen holo’s of the famous Clone War duo Kenobi and Skywalker, and even though Vader looks way too much like her brother for Leia to ever be attracted to someone looking like that, she gets why other women might be. The reputation as a war hero and a mystical Jedi probably helped, too.

She could understand an affair, but love? Because it must have been love. Nothing that Leia knows abut Padme Amidala would fit a woman who’d marry someone she doesn’t love. How can you love someone who is so fundamentally different from who you are?

(She’s under no illusion about the fact that Han and her have different opinions on quite a few things. But Han supports the Republic, both because he himself did start believing in it at some point of his involvement with the Alliance, and because Leia and Luke do. Han would never join an organization that is so fundamentally against what Leia stands for.)

She can understand Padme distancing herself from the Nabierres. Leia does the same, even if she feels guilty about it sometimes. The Nabierres are just too…. different, too complacent, too content in their wealth and privilege. They understand neither Leia nor Luke, and she doesn’t think they ever understood Padme, either.

It aches to think that Padme never had what Leia had in her papa, in her mama, what she has in Winter and Luke. But Padme did have Sabe. The woman had been loyal to Padme even years after her death. Leia is sure that the main reason that Sabe spend the last fifteen years of her life on Alderaan was Leia herself, and her connection to Padme.

But still. Vader. Leia wishes she could ask Madam Sabe about all of this, or even better, ask Padme herself, but everyone who knew anything is dead. It’s quite frustrating, sometimes, when it isn’t so very heartbreaking.

She could ask Vader’s ghost, technically, she knows Luke sometimes talks to him, but she really doesn’t want to talk to him, and she wouldn’t trust any answer he’d give anyway.

Luke is sure that they loved each other, and that sometimes love is foolish. That last point is one Leia definitively agrees on, but the first…

She doesn’t think she’ll ever understand it. And without this piece of the puzzle, she can’t understand the woman. It bothers her, sometimes. But somehow, it almost feels as though Leia’s not meant to understand Padme Amidala.

I can imagine Katie McGrath seeing what’s going on around her with that unrespectful people and feeling so damn uncomfortable 

so she just begun to think and remember better times and of course best friends,

when Morgana spoke to her inside her mind

And then