you deserved better than you got

Sherlock and John,

I’m so, so sorry about what happened to you.

I know you couldn’t control it - someone else has got the keys to 221B for a while, as they’re so utterly fond of saying - and you were merely props in a game of privileged boyhood whimsy.

You deserve better than that.

This series we could barely recognise you at times and only saw glimpses of you in others. Your relationship, your friendship, your love for each other was dimmed in favour of rugs too quickly set up beneath our feet before being pulled in fits of righteous self-indulgence. The depths of you, prodded so gently before, were left to sour in service to thin plotting and tonal missteps, of rushed redemption arcs and easy jokes rather than clever growth.

You deserve better than that.

Luckily, you’ve gotten better too.

We have been here - and we still are here - to right these wrongs. We have done and we will do; we will celebrate your love: talk about it, write about it, sing about it, draw it, investigate it, confirm it, champion it.

And someday, if we’re very very lucky, fund it.

But for now, all we can do is point out where others have gone wrong. Point out the injustices done to storytelling, the injustices done to those who’ve loved you these many years, and the injustices done to the little seeds of truth embedded in the parchment that first captured who you both Really Are over 130 years ago.

Sherlock Holmes and John Watson, we will find you again beneath our fingers. See you at the tips of our pens.


Your Fans

My dear lgbt+ children, 

Heteronormativity, cisnormativity and allonormativity can be just as hurtful as lgbt+-phobia. 

Your parents keep asking “Do you like any boys in your school?” but you’re into girls? I see your pain. I believe you when you say it hurts. 

Your best friend asked who you have a crush on and when you said you don’t get crushes, she laughed and said “Everyone does!”? I see your pain. I believe you when you say it hurts.  

Your SexEd teacher talks about what happens “when a girl gets her first period” and you’re a boy who just got his first period? I see your pain. I believe you when you say it hurts. 

“Other people have it worse” is a deeply insensitive remark. Please don’t let those people silence you. Turning (emotional) pain into a competition is unhealthy for everyone involved. You deserve better than that. 

With all my love, 

Your Tumblr Mom 

PS: “Wait, what does those “normativity” words mean?” They describe the (silent) assumption that everyone is hetero/cis/feels romantic and sexual attraction or that being/feeling those things is “normal”. 

but in the center of our hearts we wanted something real. nothing can be perfect, we whispered, showering with our heads down to drown out the little things. he doesn’t love you like roses not like birdsong not like little gestures. he loves you like good enough, like his parents don’t mind you, like you’d be comfortable enough. like you don’t laugh as much as you pictured but it’s not like you don’t get along. like he’s a good person, like it would be scarier to be alone again, like you’d regret it if you left because you had it pretty good. what are the chances you’d find someone like that again.

so we kiss him in bed or on our knees and we close our eyes during sex. so we tell ourselves it’s okay enough for the moment. so we say that our dreams of something better are unfair, that we’ve got more than we deserve and better yet. so we love him and dream of her and we wake up and do it again. 

we see movies where he loves her loudly, where he says the right things, where he makes it beautiful whenever he can. and we say to ourselves. it’s not real. it’s not real. it’s not real.

nothing is perfect.

If you were wondering dear I am sorry for the things I did to you when we were together. If you were wondering how I feel now that I have lost you I would tell you that I am more lost then what I was when you found me. If you were wondering about if I regret hurting you that night, my answer would be yes…yes…a million times yes. If you were wondering what I would I say if I ever got the chance to see you again I would tell you I love you but you deserve someone better than I ,my dear.
—  t.i // You deserve the best my dear love.

I hope you appreciate him. Because there’s a whole village back in Wales who thinks he’s a hero.

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Why why why didn't NOIR win any award!!!!! I know it doesn't matter how many awards B.A.P got but they worked so hard and NOIR fucking deserve everything!!! Noir was the best album of 2016!!!! ㅠㅠ i'm really upset, sorry for taking it out to you...

Naw, Nonnie. It’s okay. I completely understand. It’s better to share what upsets you than hold it inside, so don’t worry about it. I agree that NOIR deserved a ton of prestigious awards and recognition. Though it doesn’t surprise me that it was deliberately overlooked since K-Pop is tied with popularity more than the quality of the content of an album.

A lot has changed since I entered K-Pop, imo. Back then, there still was a sense of fairness about rewarding quality content, regardless of group popularity. But I think that has entirely diminished over the course of a few years, and now it’s all just a survival-race in terms of fame and trend.

I’m not someone that follows trends. In fact, trends usually repel me, so I’m very content with the fact that B.A.P isn’t a trend. I love them partially because all six of them have never chased popularity over content. That it’s always been about the art of music for them first and foremost. They strive to experiment and grow and become better artists rather than popular artists. I respect them for that.

But I just want them to receive a fair amount of recognition for not only the work they put into their productions, but also the quality content that they produce.

Matrix, Carnival, and Put ‘Em Up were all great albums. But NOIR is exceptional for its distinctive, clean, and experimental sound, and lyrical content. You could say I’m biased, yet I would claim I’m not when I speak of NOIR as an album that composition-wise and lyrical-wise stands out amidst generic K-Pop of 2015-16.

I don’t want to watch B.A.P rise and fall in equal measure, which is usually the fate of trends. I would rather watch them climb slowly and steadily toward their establishment as powerful K-Pop artists that created a niche for themselves in an otherwise generical industry. And were remembered for it.

I hold on to that when they’re ignored in terms of awards.


PS: It does matter how many awards B.A.P receives, because it’s a public and artistic acknowledgment of their skill and work, so it’s okay to be upset about it when they don’t receive any awards. They deserve recognition.

Fantastic Beasts

I finally saw Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (I know, I’m slow). 

So many feels!

  • Newt is quiet, sweet, and awkward and I just want to give him a hug.
  • Jacob was hilarious and adorable. Him and Queenie were surprisingly perfect for each other.
  • I found Percival Graves to be a really interesting character. That particular fascination did not end well.
  • I actually was agreeing with Percival’s rant at the end…and then the reveal. I’m questioning my morals and ethics now lol. 
  • CREDENCE. My sweet summer child. You deserved infinitely better than you got. I still haven’t forgiven the President for that.

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Bonus: Half the guys in the movie were sporting undercuts, which is so hot. I love when guys have an undercut.

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How would our turtle baes react to accidentally overhearing either one of his brothers or April letting it slip that he has a crush on reader, but reader doesn't really believe them at first because how could he like them? He deserves so much better



He cannot believe his ears. For more than one reason.

1, you like him back and he is overwhelmed by the euphoria.

2, not good enough for him?! What?!

He doesn’t storm in, instead he listens intently to your words and smiles when April insists that he likes you and that you should confess. [April always got his back 👌]

He’ll get you alone and sit you down. He makes sure you get a say in everything, but is firm and insistent when he says;

“Precious there is nothing in the world that should cause you to think that you aren’t enough for me. You were, are, enough. Always.”


Oh my holy Jesus Christ, you like him back. When he overhears those words, he is so totally shook. His heart pounds and he’s on cloud nine.

Then the rest came. Those words; “He deserves so much better,” and “He can do better than me.”

Well that is just Bullshit.

He storms in, and gives the two of you a look. He asks April to leave and second she does, you’re cornered.

He’s gentle, but his voice is rougher and his tone is more intense.

“Don’t ya ever, and I mean ever, talk like that again, ya hear? I’m so Goddamn in love with you that I wouldn’t give two shits if ya looked freaky, or even ‘ad a third eye. Ya look at me? I deserve betta’? No I don’t. But if ya willing, maybe I can love ya like ya deserve.”


Like Raph, he’ll interrupt that shit so fast. The moment “he deserves better,” leaves your mouth he is in the room, already shooing away a grinning April.

He’s gonna hold you, ask you why you think so less of yourself. Mikey’s an emotional guy, so you liking him back, plus the self-down talk is gonna put some tears in his eyes.

He just loves you a lot, okay?

“I know I’m not the brightest or the bravest, or even the strongest. I am the funniest though- but thats not the point! The point is that I love ya whole lots and…you deserve better! A whole lot. But you chose me and that makes me feel special. So I’m gonna return the favor!”


He’s conflicted. He wants to intervene, but he also wants to hear everything. He has so many questions. Why him? Why would you ever say that about yourself? He’s filled with so much happiness, I mean his crush loves him back! That’s something he never thought would happen!

But on the flip-side, you obviously had some self-doubt. After you return to the lab, he has you sit down and he leans up against the table, just across so he’s close enough to tower over you.

He holds your hand and gives you the most reassuring smiles he can muster. His tone is soft and desperately loving.

“You are worth everything I own, everything I’ve touched, you are a thousand times more worthy, Princess. I don’t know why, but you chose me and I need you to know, love, that you are more than enough for me. You always will be.”

Seriously though I would venture to say most of those who don’t ship Kara x Lena, they don’t like Kara with Mon either because he doesn’t deserve her and he takes away from her story (and y’know he’s a misogynistic douchebag). Like they might ship Kara x James, which I totally support if for no other reason than they actually had a decent buildup and have a healthy relationship. James is a Good guy. He deserves Kara. Kara shouldn’t have to waste time “fixing” Mon. This is HER show. She’s SUPERGIRL. Let him bartend and be the occasional eye candy for people who enjoy his type of thing. Kara deserves a better romantic plotline than he could offer. And she doesn’t even NEED one. But if you’re going to go for one, you’ve got the perfect opportunity in James or Lena freaking Luthor. Like if Lena was a guy, it would be no question that people would ship them. It’s a Super and a Luthor, working together. Very Romeo and Juliet. They support each other and go against their family to prove that they truly believe in the good of each other. And they don’t let each other down in that capacity. Plus they have so much in common and have a chemistry that is OFF THE CHARTS. It’s just mind-boggling to me how this can be SO THERE and it probably never even crossed the writers’ minds. And I hate hearing the “you already have one queer pairing in the show” argument because REALLY?! It’s 2016. There’s no quota you have to fill. They have chemistry, their relationship is healthy… it’s WAY healthier and more believable than Kara and Mon. Kara x Lena is a ship I would want my kids to look up to. Not the other one. Or Kara and James for crying out loud. (Plus interracial relationship, HELLO!) 

I could rant about this forever. I feel like Spongebob screaming at Patrick to put his hand on the lid here. I don’t care if Mon is in the show. He has potential to be a fun character like Winn or something. Let him be there, I don’t care. But the romantic plot with Kara is problematic and unnecessary. There are other BETTER options.

Reminder that whatever you’re going through, you don’t have to go through it alone. Whenever you’re ready to talk about it to someone, they will listen. Don’t let bad experiences ruin you and your life. You’re better than that and you deserve better. Never think it is your fault. Shit happens sometimes. And we are just human. 

Most of all, know that you can get through this, i too got through it. And i have words to remember that by: “We move forward”

I can assure you that you don’t have to suffer through it alone, seek help, talk to someone. Don’t let yourself fall apart, cause it’s easier keeping yourself together than picking up the pieces again.

I learned and went through so much. And i can tell you, that’s it gonna be ok. Just, allow yourself to be ok. Give yourself permission to be ok,

  • The seed of suffering in you may be strong, but don’t wait until you have no more suffering before allowing yourself to be happy.
    Thich Nhat Hanh 
a love letter to the doctor who/sherlock fandom

you deserve so much better than these shows. 

alright, let me explain. a couple of years ago, these fandoms were my life. i was very interested in these shows, and since the fanbase was and is made up of primarily teenage to 20-something girls, i was immediately welcomed and made comfortable in it. i had fun with you guys! we made theories, analyzed every bit of information we got, and it motivated me to write more and work on something that i found i loved. as “cringey” as it can be painted as, this fandom was a fun thing to be apart of and i had a genuinely good time as a part of it. 

the issue isn’t with you guys, though- it’s with your showrunner. 

steven moffat runs both of these shows, and they both have one thing in common- lazy writing both about women and for women. 

i am absolutely not attacking you for enjoying this and loving these characters. i also loved these characters and were inspired by them! the issue is with how they’re treated in the show. 

here’s a good example from sherlock: irene adler. putting aside the fact that she pretty much revolutionized my entire life, she was deeply interesting, intelligent, and good character- for the first half of the episode she was in. 

irene was so cool and interesting to watch because she posed a serious threat to sherlock. she directly countered him and beat him when they went head to head, showing that he could be outsmarted and she, more importantly, was capable of doing all of this on her own. 

this unravels towards the ending- it’s shown that she needed moriarty to do all of this and she was secretly crippled by her love for sherlock. 

the issue with this isn’t even just that she’s “turning straight” for sherlock (or that she’s another stereotype of the hypersexualized bisexual if you’re looking that way), it’s the fact that she is helpless if not for men and because of men. she depends on moriarity to be intelligent and she falls apart for sherlock because he’s a smart, intelligent, better than her man. 

she isn’t the only character like this. think amy pond and how the doctor constantly yells at her because he knows better than her. think clara and how her entire life, everything that makes her special, revolves around that she lives for the doctor. think mary and how her entire life is a tool to give john and sherlock reasons to develop as characters. think the master turned missy, suddenly a flirty, hypersexual being completely enthralled with the doctor in a way she wasn’t in her earlier incarnations. even river, an amazing and mysterious time lord, dies for the doctor because he’s so wonderful that she had to see him. 

it doesn’t even stop there! can anyone explain where demon’s run came from? i am genuinely wondering here and i have been for years now. where did kadavra and her space army come from?! why can the doctor cause a second big bang but can’t go back in time slightly before or after the paradox where amy and rory are stuck instead of leaving them behind? i haven’t seen the new season of sherlock, but i’m seeing even more complaints about the plot with that, too.

every time someone questions moffat on it, he treats the fandom as though they’re just too dumb to figure it out. 

first off, if your viewers couldn’t put together how something was done on your show without it being explained, especially in something that has such a massive and diverse following, you are a bad writer. fact. cut and print, you are. if something doesn’t make in-world logical sense to your viewers your writing is weak. 

the fact of the matter is, moffat views you all as too stupid to be able to realize that he made giant plot errors. he creates these female characters the way he does because he thinks that this is all you guys are limited to.

here’s the thing: you aren’t. so many of you are incredibly creative and smart. you guys invented ways for this shit writing to make sense in fantastical and spellbinding ways. you didn’t find yourselves in the shit boxes that he made for you, but instead took his “superior men” characters and made them more interesting and deep than he ever could. you drew and wrote and thought and inspired yourselves and each other in more ways than anyone else. 

you deserve so much better than a shit writer who thinks he’s better than you all when you’ve all done so much more creativity than he ever has in his garbage shows. take what you’ve learned and go. go make your own stories. make women you can relate to because they’re actually closer to people than puppets. fall in love and build worlds and travel the world with the power that you have inside of yourselves. you made friends and little worlds and families out of this. take them with you and make them better. you can do anything in the world alone but you don’t have to. you made friends and a community, and you can help each other and continue to build each other up while also spiting the same shithead that accidentally brought you together. 

these shows aren’t shit because you guys are interested in it. it’s shit because it’s underestimating all of you. you can and will make better things that you can all love and share. 

so yeah. fuck moffat and his shit writing. love yourselves. that is all.

Happy New Year

Braun Strowman/OC: It’s New Year’s Eve and what better place to let your feelings be known than at a party? There are plenty better, but this is what you got. Smut.

MORE BRAUN SMUT BC OF COURSE IT IS I HAVE A PROBLEM I NEED BRAUN IN MY LIFE. Also shoutout to y’all for either a) being super duper close to making it through 2016(I only have 8 hours left of this shit year) or b) already making it through 2016 and jumping headfirst into 2017. May your 2017 be better, so much better, than 2016 bc all of you sweet lil nuggets deserve to have a better year than what 2016 gave you. Even if your 2016 was fab, here’s to hoping your 2017 is even more fab.

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Hunk and Coran discussing their food cultures. How it reminds them of home.

(i am so sorry, you deserve better than this, but i got completely stuck when i got sick and i didn’t want to keep leaving you with nothing? i will extend it when i feel better.)

Hunk frowned at the jars in his hands, then at the boxes of supplies they’d brought aboard. “Hey, Coran?”

The older man didn’t look up from where he was sorting several pouches into slots in a drawer. “Hm?”

“I’ve been kinda wandering since our stop on Thalani… You know a lot about this stuff and what they all do… How come you never use any of it?”

Coran straightened and opened the next box in one motion, but Hunk still caught it: a slight catch, a small clenching in his hands. “You seem to do just fine working intuitively,” Coran replied, voice even despite the slip. 

Maybe a little too even? And had that been a dodge? He was pretty sure that was a dodge.

Hunk put the jars in their places on the shelf, then dug back into the box he’d been emptying, curiosity bickering with caution. “Well… okay, I guess, but… Don’t you get tired of just putting the same thing in the replicators all the time when you’ve got all this here?”

At a sharp crunch, he started in alarm and looked over to find that Coran had put down a bottle so hard it had cracked, and though he couldn’t see the Altean’s face, every line in the redhead’s body was tense. “C- Coran?” he asked nervously.

“My apologies if my recipe memory’s rusty for anything other than emergency rations,” Coran replied, voice oddly brittle. Not… angry, but-

Unfortunately, his brain skipped a track slightly. “Wait, you’ve been feeding us emergency rations?” he asked, before it actually caught up to where it was supposed to be and he realized the full weight of just what that meant. “All this time… those were…” 

Coran turned away from the supplies they were unpacking, and was out the door before Hunk could catch him.

He felt like an ass. And he was really wishing he’d studied the layout of the ship beyond the areas he’d been working with Pidge in. Coran, he’d just learned, was surprisingly fast when he wanted to be, and now he had no idea where to find the guy.

Luckily, there was someone who always seemed to. 

“-and I have really screwed up, and I gotta fix it,” he finished explaining to Shiro in the training round.

“Geez,” Shiro muttered rubbing the back of his neck. “I can think of one place he’d probably go to cool off, but I’m not sure he’d want me taking you down there.”

“Please? I swear I won’t tell anyone if it’s some kind of secret, but I gotta talk to him.”

“…Alright.” Shiro crouched and put away the spear he’d been practicing with, then whistled. Thatchia, who’d been napping on the railing, hopped down with a chirp and shuffled over to be picked up. “Follow us.”

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Do you really think that the "right side" won Robert's Rebellion? Cause from what we see in AGOT and for 5 books now the rebels winning did no one any good especially Westeros as a whole. Robert was a horrible king, every decision Jon Arryn was bad for Westeros and what we got was the worst war ever all because of the rebels. Aerys and Rhaegar had their problems but after 5 books of ASOIAF saying that the rebels winning was right has me not agreeing.

You’d rather live in a world where the king can execute anyone he wants, for any reason, without trial? You believe a guy who puts a superweapon under his capital so he can murder a half-million civilians when he’s losing deserves to stay in power? You really think that might be better than Robert’s regime? I think you’re painting with too broad a brush if you want to say “the worst war ever all because of the rebels.”

The rebels were clearly the right side. It’s pretty much the most unambiguously just war in Westerosi history.

Thanks for the question, Anon.

SomethingLikeALawyer, Hand of the King


- Are you hurt?
- Yeah, a little.
- A little?

Day Three Hundred Sixty-Six: Finale

So my intention here was to draw something representing all my friends that helped me get this far. However, my pc was fried in the last few days and I had to work with what I had. But here we are. The final day of the year and it’s had its ups and downs. 

thelightreptile, YatterTheMan, Felix-Mcdubblin. You three pushed me to the end here and there are no real words I can say that can thank you enough. I would’ve given up days ago from my sad state if you hadn’t pushed me to finish. 

Also you, Kingadee, freakin thanks for inspiring me to do this challenge. And for you reblogging my earlier drawings. Got me more attention than I deserved plus your kind words a few days earlier. Your work inspires me as it always did. (Also since I finished I think that entitles me to some rights don’t you think :V?)

To be honest I started with the intention of being a better artist but now I just want to be a better person. I’m so weak and defeated and I hate that. So it’s a new year and while that really doesn’t mean too much to me, maybe I can start again trying to become a better person. 

Thank you too all my followers! I notice every like, reblog, and follow and I truly appreciate it! More art is to come next year!

about that movie

put yourself in these shoes
and imagine that something you didnt choose to be
is used in horror
to make people scream

generally, dissociative disorders are a result of psychological trauma
(often repeated abuse)
dissociative identity disorder, in some cases, stems from physical or emotional abuse against a child

so imagine
that the way your mind copes
with something somebody did to you
is demonised
imagine that the only narrative you get is “murderer” or “psychopath” or “monster”
just because maybe someone (or two, or three) took advantage of you when you were little
or maybe you were (still are) bullied or beaten
or maybe you were allowed to wander by guardians who didnt guard and got in over your head (under the table) somewhere

is there anything waiting for you besides a tired horror trope
will you ever be more than the pain (and other things) you were forced to swallow

…now stop imagining
and look us in the eyes
and tell us we dont deserve better than that
we dare you

Someone: “Don’t you think Noctluna needed more development and Luna more screen time?”

Me: “Of course I do. SE failed to make many gamers feel attached to the couple and especially Luna’s character was handled poorly. She deserves so much better than what she got. I’m still disappointed tbh”

Someone: “Yay! So does this mean you don’t ship Noctluna anymore?”

Me: “NO! I still ship it! Just because I admit its flaws and don’t deny that it could have been done better doesn’t mean I stopped shipping it! It’s my precious Otp and you can try to take it forcefully away from my cold dead hands! Good luck! You will need it!”

Today we are remembering Maila Nurmi, more famously know as Vampira. This absolutely stunning, beautiful and talented woman will always be one of my favorite (and first) role model. She deserved so much better than what she got during her later years. She died January 10, 2008 in her home in Hollywood. 85 years old. May you rest in peace. Gone, but you will never be forgotten ♡ You are truly an inspiration.