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Too Far

Requested by: Anonymous

Summary: The boys unintentionally hurt the reader’s feelings after making some careless jokes.

Pairing(s): MET x Reader

Warnings: Swearing, a lil bit of angst but ultimately a happy ending (spoilers).

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“What would grandma find disturbing, yet oddly charming?” Mark asked the three of you, waggling his eyebrows in a comical manner.

You scanned your cards before sliding your best into the centre along with Ethan’s and Tyler’s. Kathryn was watching from the sidelines, desperate to get some extra work done, whilst Amy was in bed ill. That just left you and the troublesome trio to record the entire live stream; not that you were complaining, they were your best friends after all.

“Okay,” Mark announced, picking up the cards in front of him. “A big, black dick. Geese. Or…” He trailed off and you suppressed a smirk as you watched his face scrunch into a grin at your card. “Mark’s unquenchable thirst for Jacksepticeye’s delicious asshole.”

The boys roared with laughter and, in turn, you laughed at their reactions. Mark had one hand clutched to his chest as he tried to control his giggles, whilst Ethan was slamming his fists on the table. Even Tyler had one of those rare, toothy smiles on his face as he chuckled alongside them.

“That’s obviously the winner.” Mark managed to get out after his laughing fit, holding up the card for someone to take it.

“Thank you, although it was Mark-luverrr-number-one-xxx that wrote that card.” You declared, plucking the black card from his fingers and adding it to your growing pile of winnings.

“Your turn to pick one, Y/N.” Tyler told you, pushing the cards across to you.

You chose another fan written one and groaned. “What does Y/N do to stay in shape?”

“Y/N? In shape? Please, I saw them get a stitch from running down the stairs too fast.” Ethan laughed and you playfully hit him on the shoulder.

“Just gimme a card so I can judge it.” You nagged him and he stuck his tongue out in retaliation, finally handing you a white card. Tyler and Mark played theirs and you spread them out in front of you. “Ethan’s dying YouTube career. Vigorous jazz hands. Or projectile vomiting.” You studied the cards before picking the ‘Vigorous jazz hands’ card and handing it back to Ethan.

“Yay, I won!” He hollered. “Although I didn’t appreciate the dig at my channel.”

“Ethan, you have three hundred thousand subscribers. That’s great, man.” Mark reassured him, placing a hand on the younger man’s shoulder. “And only about ninety percent of them came from me, be proud.”

“You fucker.”

“Ethan’s right,” Tyler cut in. “He got a few from Jack too.”

“At least I have a real channel, Tyler.” Ethan shot back. “Go on, what else were you gonna mock me for? My acne? The fact that I’m copying every major YouTuber ever? That I moved from Maine to work here?”

The other two boys sat in silence, trying to think of something else to say.

“It could be worse,” Mark said after a while. “You could be Y/N. How many subs have you got, Y/N?”

“Forty thousand.” You grumbled. YouTube was always a sensitive topic between you three, the amount of subs you had compared to your best friends was slightly insulting and you kept finding yourself wondering why your channel was so much more insignificant.

“Now, aren’t you grateful that Mama Mark got you so many subscribers?” Mark asked Ethan.

“I’m clearly not the one who needs help.” Ethan remarked, nodding towards you.

“You’re right!” Mark cried, facing the camera that had been rolling the entire time. “Whoever is watching this, go subscribe to Y/N, they’re not that bad at making videos. Well, they are, but their ideas are original. Expect the gaming, the commentary and the overall theme of it. But yeah, check it out.”

“Gee, thanks Mark.” You mutter sarcastically, trying and failing not to take it personally.

“Sorry, that was uncalled for.” He admitted. “I didn’t mean to insult your channel.”

“Right, he was just wondering why he’s friends with you when you don’t get him extra views.” Tyler joked.

“Exactly. Why do you think Ethan hangs out with me?” Mark agreed, nudging the blue-haired boy playfully.

“Go ahead, you’ve made so many jokes about my career and acne that I’m immune to it.” He challenged.

“Crap, he’s right.” Mark said. “But if we really want to make jokes about physical appearance then we can just rip on Y/N again. Their whole face is one big joke.”

Shock consumed you as you struggled to blink back the tears that were fighting to escape. You couldn’t believe that one of your closest friends had gone there, especially after you had confided in him about your insecurities.

“What’s wrong, Y/N? The weight of reality finally setting in?” Tyler asked, commenting on your silence.

“Dude, not even the weight of reality can compare to Y/N’s weight.” Ethan laughed.

That did it.

“Excuse me,” you whispered, standing up and practically running out of the room. You covered your face with one hand so that neither the camera nor the boys saw the tears flowing down your cheeks.

Locking yourself in the bathroom, you let out a loud sob that triggered several more until your throat hurt and your eyes stung. You glared at yourself in the mirror, scrutinising every part of yourself that you hated. Finally, you wiped away any traces of tears and took a deep breath before exiting the bathroom. However, you got the wind knocked out of you when you immediately walked into something solid on the other side of the door. Looking up, you realised you had crashed straight into Tyler’s chest as he and the other two stood waiting for you with concerned looks on their faces.

“Hey, Y/N, you okay?” Ethan asked softly.

“We wanted to check on you but decided to wait until you were finished in there to apologise.” Tyler added.

You glared at them, hurt sketched across your features. Mark stepped forwards slowly and wrapped his arms around you cautiously, as if you could shatter like glass at any second.

“I’m really sorry about what I said,” he apologised. “We all are. We realise we shouldn’t have made fun of you, even if it was just a joke. It was tactless and we want to make it up to you.”

“You know, I normally wouldn’t care if you make jokes about me,” you admitted. “But what you said is true. I’m constantly afraid that you’re going to cut me out because I’m not as successful as you. And what you said about my looks, well, that just hurt.”

“Are you kidding? Y/N you’re our friend, we couldn’t care less about how many subscribers you have.” Mark reassured you. “And as for your looks, you’re the only one that sees anything besides the smoking hot piece of ass you really are.” He paused before grimacing at what he had just said. “I kinda regret saying that, but you see my point.”

“Thanks, guys,” you mumbled, a small smile tugging at your lips. “I’m sorry I left in the middle of the live stream.”

“Don’t worry about it, you are our main priority. We turned the microphone off as soon as you walked out. Right now it’s just showing Chica sleeping in her bed, the viewers love it.” Tyler told you with a grin.

“So do you want to continue with the stream or should we wrap it up?” Ethan queried.

“No, let’s carry on. I’ll be fine.” You told them, walking back to the table and scratching Chica behind the ears as she woke up from the commotion.

Mark switched the mic back on and apologised for the brief intermission before explaining that you were okay and everything had been resolved.

“And I just want to say in all seriousness that you should check out their channel. I have never known anyone more dedicated to their work, or as passionate about the community as Y/N. We’re all extremely grateful to have them in our lives.” He concluded.

You beamed at him, silently thanking him, before announcing that you should get back to the games.

A few hours later, you had quite possibly destroyed your friendship with the boys in Monopoly as you counted their money and stacked it into neat little piles.

“This is ridiculous, Y/N has all the good spots.” Ethan whined after landing on your square again.

“What can I say? Taking money from men is my speciality.” You say with a smile.

“That makes you sound like a hooker.” Mark laughed.

“Nah, hookers can get laid.” Tyler joked with a wink, resulting in a rude response from you as you struggled to hide the smile that had formed on your face.

“And there goes the last of my cash.” Ethan grumbled.

“Dolla dolla bills, y'all.” You cheer, making it rain with their money. “I win, bitches.”

“Congratulations,” Mark drawled. His phone buzzed and he read the notification on the screen. “It’s Amy, she says to check your YouTube account.”

You frown before pulling it up on your own mobile. Everything looked normal except… wait.

“Holy shit!” You cried, clapping a hand over your mouth in shock.

“What is it?” Tyler feigned ignorance, but the smirk on his face suggested he already knew what was going on.

“Four hundred THOUSAND subscribers! I have four hundred thousand subscribers!” You screamed, grabbing the boys and pulling them into a group hug.

“You have more than me? Ouch, that hurts.” Ethan joked, holding a hand to his heart.

“Shut up, Ethan.” Mark scolded, turning back to you. “You deserve every single one of those subs and more. I just wish it didn’t take all this for people to figure that out. Including us.”

You beamed at him, tears springing to your eyes again, only this time you were crying for a different reason. “Thank you, I love you three idiots so much.” You told them. “But just so you know, once I’m Internet famous, I’ll have no use for you.”



“So true though.”


This is “Dulceria,” my 8-portrait series of xingonxs surrounded by pan dulce and Mexican candy. This series means so much more than muxeres indulging unapologetically in food. It’s a statement about what we face being brown and womxn identifying… Being made to feel SHAME for our desires and emotions… Body shaming when we want to wear certain clothes that maybe don’t fit a certain standard. Sex shaming. Feeling guilty for indulging in the things that make us happy. Selfies. Whatever it may be that make us feel good…whether those feelings are temporary, we as muxeres deserve to experience joy, pleasure, and self confidence.

Thank you to all the beautiful muxeres who let me paint them. I appreciate you more than you know. Xoxox

@nataliaquerida @gringaxtears @xtalxicana Natalia, Cassandra, Xtal, Carina, Araceli, Yoselin, Ramona, and Anayvette.

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Ohhh your hc are adorable! If you have time, can I request the RFA being with an mc who has dazzling lucky smile and everytime she smiles something good happens? Like, the next hour Zen gets a cool role, Yoosung passed an exam, 707 ate a salad and enjoyed it, etc lol. Pls take your time :3

Thank you, anon! I’ll do my best!
*This is a very cute request!!*

I’ve been in a huge Vanderwood-loving mood so I added him I ‘ m s o r r y


  • You are the cutest, stop he’s gonna die
  • Your smile is already his favorite thing to see
  • But is also carries some sort of magical power with it???
  • Are you an LOLOL hero in disguise??
  • If he’s sitting in class and he sneaks on his phone, he usually asks you to text him a picture of you smiling
  • “I’ve sent you three already!”
  • “Just in case!!”
  • Before every LOLOL match, he needs to see you smile!!


  • He’s convinced you’re hiding some sort of crystal ball that he doesn’t know about
  • Or that maybe your parents were magical oracles that passed their magic onto you?
  • He thinks you’re an actual angel sent to bless him with love and good luck???
  • “Zen don’t overwork yours-” “Hey! I heal like a monster and you’ve got that gorgeous lucky grin?? I’ll be fine, jagiya ~” 
  • Yeah and then when he comes home with his arm in a cast, he doesn’t get to see that smile because YOU TOLD HIM.
  • *Unless he pouts and guilt-trips you into letting him*
  • *then….maybe*


  • When you guys first met, she was really reallllyy skeptical
  • A magic/lucky smile? Eh..Coincidences 
  • But those coincidences seem to be happening a lot
  • She never really starts to believe it
  • However
  • Every now and then, she’ll ask to see you smile and if you’re like “….it’s lucky isn’t it?”
  • and immediately denies and proceeds to tell you that it’s…just…because…you know- can you just please smile 
  • Usually, on top of seeing your smile, she takes a night to pray and hope that she doesn’t have to watch Elizabeth the next day
  • “It’s no use..”
  • The next day rolls around and oh my god it worked?????


  • In the chatroom, before you guys got together, he thought it was ridiculous
    707: Jumin!!! Trust in the lucky smile!!!
    Jumin Han: I don’t believe in such nonsense.
  • Not yet you don’t, Jumin
  • Once you’re actually living with him though, he starts to see what everyone’s talking about
  • What you’re talking about
  • so one day he just pops up in the chatroom like
  • Jumin Han: I am starting to sense a pattern here.
  • *Zen likes to say it’s all BALONEY but only because he’s jealous that Jumin gets all the luck and he gets none?? Why does Jumin deserve it more than he does??* 


  • “Let me see that beautiful face, honey!!! Those shiny teeth! Maybe I won’t get so much work, today~”
  • Saeyoung…..uses so much flattery just to see it
  • Sometimes you wonder if it’s actually about the luck instead of just wanting to see your grin
  • “Wait, so if you smirk, then does something magically naughty happen?”
  • Magically naughty.
  • Magically.
  • Naughty.
  • He sort of has a point but at the same time you wanna smack him over the head with a thick roll of newspaper because oh my god he’s ridiculous??


  • “Hey, did you know I have a lucky smile?”
  • “That’s..not possible-”
  • But then you grin at him
  • and holy shit the heaven gates have opened????
  • He has to double check himself, his cheeks all red from blushing, turn away, proceed to occupy his attention with something else because if he keeps looking at you then he might just pass out
  • “I-It doesn’t matter how nice it is. Anything like that is merely a coincidence..N-Now go do something and stop bothering me!! Go..k-keep yourself busy..”
  • You’re not offended because whenever you do something like this, he gets sheepish quicker than you could recite his full name and it is so cute and so obvious no matter how hard he tries to hide it

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Thanks to all of you for keeping me happy, and keep going on doing what you all do best. We all love you, both zootopia community and other communities and such :)

And Yet / Fuma Kotaro x MC

Week 2


“That’s enough!”

She comes just in time, when his knees give out beneath him and his breath cuts short. She’s wearing yet another expression today, but one he’s never seen before. He wants to tell her to stop stitching creases and deep lines across her face, but it’s difficult shaping words when each breath is a rattle past his teeth.

“Let him go.”

For a second he thinks she’s talking to him, because he sees a blade glinting in the sunlight, blinding. But it can’t be possible. He knows where his hands are, and they’re not holding a blade; they’re tight, coiled, fingers drenched in soil.

Sullied, like the rest of him.

“Did you not hear me? Let him go.”

And for once in his life, it won’t be his fault. It’s not his fault. It’s not his fault. The knowledge bangs around in his head like a clattering spinning top, pooling strength into his limbs in a last ditch effort to breathe and move away. He needs only a second. One heartbeat.

And yet.

Something sharp knicks at his neck, and with it, a tear, pain, a dripping sensation in his gut. The tension rains little drops around them, and he knows she feels it too from the sudden electricity sparking off her skin.


He sees it, through the blur, through the shout of his muscles, the ache in each limb. He sees it, because he’s never heard her voice so sharp before, scraping against sunlight. That’s how he knows Saizo’s never heard her voice like that either, because the blade trembles oh so slighty, and he sees it.

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Always Molly Hooper, Never Just Molly
  • Mycroft: Brother mine, I'm an idiot.
  • Sherlock: *pause* I agree but what is the occasion?
  • Mycroft: *rolls his eyes* I knew she held feelings for you and yet it never occurred to me that you could - that you would ever return those feelings.
  • Sherlock: You're right. You are an idiot. She's the only one I can tolerate and can deal with all of me without wanting much in return.
  • Mycroft: Liar. She would obviously want your affection.
  • Sherlock: Not so obvious. The christmas gift I noted but everything else was a mystery. I liked her company.
  • Mycroft: Three kisses means romantic attachment. It was clear.
  • Sherlock: *hesitates* I didn't think I deserved it. I hurt her several times.
  • Mycroft: Yes, but this was the one thing you got right. Or you will...
  • Sherlock: You're being more overbearing than usual what's your play?
  • Mycroft: Delete it later but I do actually want you to be happy outside of your detective games. You need it or you'll be sitting with Eurus permanently.
  • Sherlock: It wouldn't hurt to spend time with her. On the opinion of Molly I have already begun to make amends.
  • Mycroft: And how is that going?
  • Sherlock: Slow but necessary. If I do this right Mummy will probably forget that you ruined their lives for several years.
  • Mycroft: *sighs heavily* Don't be too slow or I'll help you.
  • Sherlock: You're not to go near Molly Hooper.
  • Mycroft: That's your tell.
  • Sherlock: What?
  • Mycroft: You always use her full name when talking to people. Never just Molly.
  • Sherlock: She's more than just Molly.
  • Mycroft: I'm aware. Shall I get grandma's ring out or do you...
  • Sherlock: SLOW.
  • Mycroft: This will make Eurus happy.
  • Sherlock: *silence*
A Letter

Jughead Jones
Quote: Somebody asked me if I knew you, a million memories flashed through my mind and I just smiled and said I used to. 

Dear Jughead,

It’s crazy to me that I’m writing to you right now. I couldn’t honestly tell you how many times I’ve backspaced this very sentence. I don’t know why I feel so compelled to email you this because it’s been years since we’ve exchanged any kind of words with each other. Funny how that is, isn’t it? We both live in this godforsaken town and go to the same school, how is it that we’ve hardly said a word to one another? It’s mind blowing how friendships can die within such close proximity. 

But, we both know I’m to blame for the end of ours. I won’t deny it and I will never deny it. It was my fault. I left you. I left you high and dry like you were nothing. And for that, I’m truly sorry because even with the friends I have made in this small town. The friendship we shared will always be my favorite because you understood me. You never judged me, never scolded me, never told me what to do, and most importantly accepted me and my flaws. Granted, we were a lot younger back then but it didn’t matter. You liked me for me and I liked you for you. The simpler times, right?

Earlier, I was searching through old photo albums and a picture of you and I surfaced and I was reminded of all the mischievous things we’d do. The picture was of us at that carnival the town over had, you remember, right? The one that used to scare me to death because of that over sized clown cut out? I laugh at myself now because it such a ridiculous thing to be scared of. But, in this picture, we were hugging. You were wearing your famous crowned beanie and I, well, I was wearing my hair in my famous braided pigtails. I cringe at the thought of how my hair was day in and day out for seven years straight. I’m really glad I outgrew that. But, that beanie always looked good on you, though. I could never imagine you without it and still couldn’t. 

As I sat in the middle of my room staring at this picture, a friend asked if I knew you. Like actually knew you. A million memories flashed through my mind and all I could do was smile and say I used to. 

I want to apologize, Jughead. Because I feel like I never did and you deserve that. And with all the crazy events that have been happening in this town, I feel like you and I both need closure. After everything you went through, the last thing you needed was for me to walk away and abandon the friendship we had. You never know what you’ve got until it’s gone and I know that now. And I know that you probably will never forgive me and I don’t blame you. But, I want you to know that I really am sorry. I’m sorry that I wasn’t there when you needed me. I’m sorry that I couldn’t be there for you when your father failed you for the millionth time and got arrested. I’m sorry that I’m not there to tell you that you’re better than what you think. I’m sorry that it took me this long to realize that I had loved you a lot more than a friend all those years ago. 

 I hope that you’re doing better because you deserve that and so much more. Surround yourself with your friends, Jug. They won’t desert you like I did. And don’t feel the need to reply, we don’t have to pretend to mend a broken thing. I just needed you to know what has been locked up in my stupid brain. 


[Your name]

Predawn Novels

Pairings: David 8 x Reader
Words: 1168
Warnings: Fluff, implied smut
Summary: David understood his feelings towards the reader and is willing to risk opening up to her.
A/N: I finally saw Alien: Covenant and as promised, I am back with another David 8 story. I am amazed by all the positive feedback I got, so this is for everyone who left nice comments on my previous chapters! Thank you guys, you’re the reason more parts are being transferred to paper!

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I closed my eyes and let the hot water wash off the tiredness and stress that’s built up during this godforsaken day. It was one of those when everyone seems to be pissed about something and fights are unavoidable. Charlie and Elizabeth were at each other’s throats the whole time, Janek yelled at me for doing my job and Meredith, well, she was even more bitter than usually. 

I left the bridge at 4 am because we couldn’t get anything done earlier. I didn’t even bother to say good night to anybody, I was so fed up with them that I could swear I would rather take a stroll outside the ship. And possibly stay there for a while.

But since this was obviously out of the question I had to settle for more civilized methods than killing them all.

The warmth and isolation were doing miracles to my mental and physical condition. Despite lateness, my body had found new layers of vital energy and the world around stopped looking so dull after all.

After what felt like few minutes at most I finally forced myself to leave the safe zone and step into the harsh world once again. I grabbed the towel and wrapped it around my body. The floor was stone cold compared to my skin. I hissed at the sensation and fought off the urge to jump back into the shower cabin. Honestly, those little acts of bravery and strong will were never getting the recognition they truly deserved.

I walked past the mirror, briefly glancing at my own reflection. I could see the bloodshot eyes and dark circles around them. All because of few bad words heard from people I cared so deeply for. I was hoping that the next day we will clear the air with simple jokes and bittersweet remarks on how there’s no way to be mad at each other for a longer period of time. I smiled at the image that was already so sharp in my head.

I left the bathroom in a much better mood and the intention to fall asleep as fast as possible.

My plans were suddenly interrupted by a person standing in my bedroom.

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It all falls apart.. Black Sails Season Four Episode Nine

So, in the spirit of honesty, this was a difficult recap to write. I had anticipated it being so because Luke Arnold was so excited for us to see it. He described it as his favorite episode ever and I was positively giddy to view it. After viewing, I get why he loved it. The flashbacks were beautifully shot, the fighting was some of the best I’ve seen in four seasons and that scene between Madi and Woodes Rogers was chilling. Zethu was absolutely brilliant in it, but that one scene summed up pretty much everything I loved and struggled to love regarding this episode.

We start off the episode with a flashback of Silver walking to meet Flint on a hilltop. It’s evident that it’s a flashback scene because Silver still has his metal leg. We find out that Flint has summoned Silver to teach him how to “fight and not die”. The reason that this is so important now is because the invasion of Nassau is a few weeks away. Flint gingerly tells Silver that it would be better if he learned to fight with a crutch and is surprised when Silver doesn’t fight him on this. Clearly, the purpose of the scene is to show the trust that has developed between the two men since the Fireside confession in 3x10.

~ When the fighting truly begins all that matters is what makes for the greatest advantage~ Flint

~ The men, I have to manage how they see me. I understand that’s part of my job, but for pride to be an issue between you and I well, I think we’re plain past that by now. Don’t you? Do you really imagine that a few weeks of this is going to make that much difference? Am I not what I am at this point? ~ Silver

~ It’s better than nothing.~ Flint

~ You’re not concerned about this? ~ Silver

~ Concerned? ~ Flint

~ Well, you say you’ll be teaching me to fight. But if every man fights differently, seems to me what you’ll really be teaching me is how to defeat you.~ Silver

~ I’ll take my chances. Shall we? ~ Flint

When we return to the present, we see Silver traveling on a launch. He is heading to Skeleton Island to  join Hands and the six man crew in their search of Flint. Silver mentions to Hands that the Governor gave him until sunrise to deliver the cache. Silver voices that he has doubts that the Governor will actually keep his word though. He knows that he is up to something. He just isn’t sure what that is.

While Silver and Hands are having this conversation, Rogers is seen asking Billy who he thinks will be the victor between Silver and Flint. Billy states that Silver has the men, motivation, etc… However, Flint is Flint, and he is at his best when backed into a corner. He encourages the Governor not to wait and see this thing done himself. Honestly, I thought at this point, I’d be over being disappointed by Billy. I’m not. Seeing Billy actively plotting and orchestrating the death of his brothers is painful. Little did we know that this was just the tip of the iceberg for him though. There is much more pain to come. Rogers surprises everyone by saying that he would like to speak to Madi and to have her brought to him. Billy, with all his false bravado, tells him that Madi will never accept a compromise. Rogers quickly reminds him that he is a means to an end and that he needs to remain useful or else end up dead. So essentially, play your position.

In the next scene we flashback to Maroon Island and Silver training with Flint. Somewhere in the midst of sweat flying, it dawns on Flint that Silver knows “his story, his past”,  but he doesn’t know Silver’s. Silver repeats the story that he has told many times. He’s from White Chapel. Never knew his mother and grew up in an orphanage. Flint scoffs at that and tells him that he doesn’t believe it’s true and he encourages Silver to tell him the truth. Silver states it’s not important and yet Flint expresses disbelief that Silver refuses to share his past. Silver looks unnerved with the line of questioning and leaves.

Back again in the present, Flint attacks three of the men on his trail and kills them. We then see Jack sailing with his crew to find Skeleton Island.

And then we see the Queen… She’s been brought up to Rogers and she’s looking as defiant as ever. But wait… the two aren’t alone. Ghost Eleanor is sitting in the corner knitting because evidently she has unfinished business here. I’m assuming she’s his conscience now. Too bad it only took hundreds of women, men and children dying, including his own, for him to get one.  Rogers starts off the conversation from a position of power and intimidation standing directly behind Madi. Little does he know, the Queen doesn’t really do scare tactics. I guess he didn’t decipher that from their last interaction.

~ You have no idea the restraint this takes. How urgent the instinct toward violence. How certain the conviction that it would be deserved, given what you and your partners have destroyed, what you’ve taken from me. To me, compromise seems a loathsome, unbearable act. What compromise can there be with the man responsible for the death of my wife? Or with those who follow him? You’re luckier than you know. So much luckier than you know that in this moment I can still hear the faintest of voices in my head arguing against the alternative. If I must compromise to avert a dark end, then so must you. I’ve offered you freedom for your people. I have offered you more than you have any right to expect. And still, you will not say yes. So I come to you one last time to ensure you cannot say no. Accept the treaty….~ Rogers

Madi interrupts him mid sentence. Just cuts him the hell off. Queen was like I’m tired of all this pontificating.

~ I will consider no treaty of yours.~ Madi

~…. and John Silver lives. Refuse and he dies. Along with the rest of the men who followed him here. And from what I understand, he is the one who matters most to you. The one with whom you might lead a life if you can set aside your pride in this moment. Do not make the same mistake I did. Do the deal.~ Rogers

~ The voice you hear in your head. I imagine I know who it sounds like as I know Eleanor wanted those things. But I hear the voices. A chorus of voices. Multitudes. They reach back centuries. Men and women and children who’d lost their lives to men like you. Men and women and children forced to wear your chains. I must answer to them and this war. Their war. Flint’s war. My war. It will not be bargained away to avoid a fight, to save John Silver’s life or his men’s or mine. And you believe what you will, but it was neither I nor Flint nor the Spanish raider who killed your wife. That, you did.~ Madi

I’ve always known Queen Madi Scott was special. Quite honestly, she is probably one of the best characters on television. A lot of that is due to writing, but Zethu is mesmerizing in this role. I watched this scene and wept. I wept for the pure defiance in her eyes. The conviction. The Calling. Yes, I said Calling. Like never before, Madi made me feel that she’s doing God’s work. In this moment, she is fighting to free her people. She’s fighting for the ones who died at the bottom of ships on the passage over. She’s fighting for the ones who made it over and lived in chains. She’s fighting for the ones who are “free” like her, but still aren’t and she fighting so that her children won’t have to. In this scene, Madi spelled out in no uncertain terms that Madi’s war, her Calling, is about freeing her people and making the world a better place for  them.

I wept for another reason though. I wept because of the lip quiver. I wept because of the heaving chest and the quick swallowing. I wept because of the watery eyes. I wept because in one brief moment, we saw Madi Scott, the woman. Not the Queen of the Maroons or a Leader in the Revolution. We saw Madi that young girl who fell in love with a silver tongued, one legged Pirate. I wept because Madi in that moment realized that this war might take her love’s life as payment and she accepted that possibility. Not just that John’s life might be forfeited, but hers and her people’s as well. Again, she didn’t choose this war over Silver’s life. She chose her Calling of freeing her enslaved people over EVERYTHING. Freedom ain’t never been free. People have always had to die for it. That doesn’t mean that she doesn’t love John with everything in her soul. It just means that she has to realize that she was lucky enough to fall in love with a man who supports her Calling. And he does.. He proved that when he punished Billy. He proved that when he broke those chains at Underhill. He proved that with his respect of the Queen Mother and Ruth. Silver is more than ready to accept her Calling and his. Madi just needs to realize it. As a said before, freedom ain’t free, but sometimes there can be another way. Sometimes the entire world and everyone in it doesn’t have to burn. If anyone is smart enough to find a way, it’s Madi and Silver together.

Honestly, I could just stop here, because that scene was hard and I’m tired as fuck. But alas, The King is still searching for Flint and the cache. We next see him and Hands standing over the bodies of the men that Flint has killed. Silver is pissed and cursing Flint. Hands ain’t having it. He reminds John that both he and Billy tried to warn him that Flint ain’t shit and ain’t ever going to be shit. He also  tells him that Flint will show up, spin a damn tale and your loyal ass “will not have learned a got damn thing”. He’s right too. Our blue-eyed Bae is loyal as hell to Captain Ginger and that self serving bastard has never deserved it, but yet here we are. Silver than has a moment of clarity and realizes that he may know where Flint has went.

We then see Flint and Dooley carrying the chest. Dooley is expressing concerns over Silver’s ability to remain a part of the alliance. Flint assures him that once Madi is safe, Silver will be fine, but Dooley disagrees. He believes that Silver may be permanently compromised and when the time comes he will deal with it so that Flint won’t have that burden on his soul. Dooley, sweetheart, Flint killed Gates with his bare hands. That motherfucker doesn’t mind doing the wet work. Just saying.

In the next flashback, the training continues. We see Silver telling Flint a whole lot of nothing about his backstory. Clearly, Silver’s backstory isn't relevant to his present life. And Jesus, wept or at least I did. I waited four years for this and got Zilch, Nada, Nothing.

So, we’ve reached the fucked me up portion of the recap. In the present day, Joji and one of the crew encountered Flint and Dooley. Flint kills the crew member, while Joji fights Dooley. Joji, a real friend to the end, harms Dooley just enough to put him out of commission. He could have killed his brother and chooses not to. Not Flint, though. No sir. He did what he always does. He kills Joji. In what world could Flint beat Joji in a sword fight? R.I.P, Joji, my Silent Bae. I loved you.

As this is happening, we see members of Rogers crew swimming to the Walrus, where they proceed to light it on fire. They also untie all the launches so the men can’t escape. So you see, Madi not trusting Roger’s word was kind of a safe bet. Roger’s word doesn’t men shit. Ask his wife and child. I’ll wait. Mr. De Groot gives the abandon ship command and my heart breaks. This ain’t gon’ end well.

Hands and Silver spot Flint and Hands rushes down to stop him. More fighting ensues and Flint gets the best of Hands and knocks him out. Yeah, you read that right. Hands, the Ginger Savage, was bested by Flint. You really can’t make this shit up. Silver finally makes it and demands that Flint tell him where the treasure is. Flint says the treasure is in the ground and it will remain there until Madi is free and they gather it and return it to the camp.

~ I know you cannot see why this must be. But it must be. And every moment we waste is a moment we could be working to retrieve her.~ Flint

~ That’s all this has ever been, isn’t it? A partnership only insofar as it enables you to do whatever it is that matters to you in any given moment. And right now it matters far less to you whether she lives or dies than it happens your way, on your terms.~ Silver

~ I think you know it’s far more complicated than that. I’m certain she does. Even if you could kill me, even if that somehow helped you see her alive again, how are you going to explain it to her? She believes in this as much as I do. You know this. If it costs the war to save her, you’ll have lost her anyway. Even you cannot construct a story to make her forgive you that. You do this and you’re gonna regret it.~ Flint

Well, clearly those were fighting words, because Silver drew his sword and the fight commenced. But before we proceed, let’s rehash some things. Flint just implied to Silver that he knew Madi better than him. Marinate on that… Flint told Silver that Madi would essentially side with him. She would want this war to go on in spite of everything. But…. Madi is fighting for her people’s freedom. She fighting for the “greater good”. Flint on the other hand, is not. Flint is fighting to destroy England because he loved and lost. THAT.IS.IT. So someone explain to me like I’m a toddler, how are Madi’s Calling and Flint’s Revenge Campaign the same? I’ll wait. So back to the task at hand, Dooley shows up to the fight and attempts to shoot Silver. Flint kills him to prevent it and then an explosion occurs. It’s the Walrus. It’s completely engulfed in flames and the men are being shot dead in the water as they abandon ship. Leading this slaughter is Billy. I don’t have the words. De Groot is shot in the head, but Billy spares Gunn. For, not the last time, I wept. All these dead bodies in the water. Men that I watched and loved for four seasons are now dead. Dead because there can only be one way and that’s Flint way.

Silver flashbacks to this beautiful moment of him and Madi. It looks as though, they are eating together back on Maroon Island before all the Death and Destruction happened. Madi looks so young and innocent and Silver is obviously trying to reassure her that Flint means him no ill will…

~ Can’t you see it? It isn’t utility that’s behind his investment in me nor necessity nor dependency. I understand you fear a false motive. But this much is clear to me now.. I have earned his respect. And after all the tragedies that man has suffered….. the loss of Thomas, the events of Charles Town. I have earned his trust. I have his true friendship and so he is going to have mine. And as long as that is true, I cannot imagine what is possible.~ Silver

Deep sigh…. Silver speaks of his friend with such deep respect and admiration. He even seems a little in awe that Captain Flint, chose him of all people to trust with a true friendship. This is why we needed Silver’s backstory. This is why it was so important to know what happened in his past that would make him sacrifice so much for a man that has never done the same for him. That said… the scene once again showed that Silver truly does love Madi above all else. There is nary a secret between them and I would assume that would also include his backstory. It’s so clear why this man will fight the Devil himself to see Madi returned. She is his everything.

This episode was hard guys. Hard because honestly, we are left with more questions than answers and we only have one episode to get them. One episode until it’s all said and done.

10 Victoria’s Secret Models

Request by anon:  Hi! Can you do a Brendon Urie imagine where you have a mental break down and feel like you aren’t good enough for him but he comforts and reassures you?? THANKS

A/N- Based on the song by MAX


You sit in Brendon’s lap, on the couch, holding a large bowl of popcorn. Fall Out Boy’s performing at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show and you, being a huge Fall Out Boy fan, obviously weren’t going to miss it, just like any other time they perform on tv. You automatically get pumped as My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark starts playing, fist pumping and shoving popcorn in your face like a maniac. You can feel Brendon’s laughs rumbling in his chest from behind you. Soon the models came out and begin walking down the runway, all of them wearing heels and barely any clothing, some even had on huge angel wings. As the show went on, you began to feel uneasy, looking at the models’ slim frames, flat stomachs, long toned legs and perfectly smooth skin. All of them are beautiful, perfect, desirable, ideal. You try and shake the thought out of your mind, looking up at Brendon, eyes still fixed on the tv. His eyes are beautiful and round, his lips plump and pink. He’s gorgeous without even trying. You always knew he was out of your league but you never though about how he felt, he obviously took a step down from his last girlfriend with you. You look down at your reflection in your black glossy phone screen, almost cringing at the sight after looking at the models on tv. You set the popcorn down beside you, no longer wanting it. You lean back into Brendon’s chest and he wraps his arms around you.
You watch the rest of the show, not really paying attention which sucked because you were usually so excited to see your favorite bands on tv. By the time it’s over, it’s dark outside and the only light is coming from the tv which is suddenly turned off. You stand  up and stretch, turning towards the couch to see Brendon yawning and setting the remote down beside him. He stands up and wraps his arms around your torso, resting his head on your shoulder.

“We should go upstairs.” He says groggily. You whine in response, just as tired as he is.

“Carry me…” He chuckles a little before bending down and scooping you up, carrying you bridal style upstairs. He places you on the bed and you immediately roll over, tucking your hands under your pillow. You feel the bed sink in next to you and Brendon kisses your forehead.

“Good night, (Y/N).” He whispers before laying down and going to sleep. You on the other hand, as tired as you are, can’t find sleep. You can’t stop thinking about how good those models looked. Sure, they were models, they’re supposed to look like the most ideal woman so you really shouldn’t be comparing yourself to them. The thing that’s bothering you is the fact that Brendon is the ideal man. You don’t deserve him, he deserves someone who’s just as good looking as him, someone who won’t make people question what he sees in you. Eventually, your brains wares itself out and you fall asleep.

When you wake up the next morning, Brendon’s not beside you. You yawn and scratch your head a little before going downstairs to find him making breakfast. You sit at the counter where there’s two plates, ready to be filled with food.

“Morning, babe.” He smiles and scoops eggs onto both plates. You send him a small smile.

“Morning.” He puts bacon and toast on your plates and turns the fire off on the stove. He grabs two forks and sits next to you. As you begin eating, you wonder what those models eat for breakfast. Definitely not this, right? They probably drink some healthy shake before going to Pilates or some shit. This thought creeps into your mind and you kind of push the food around on your plate. Once you both finish eating, he clears your plates, taking them to the sink.

“(Y/N), you barely ate any of your food.” He says as he scrapes the left overs from your plate down the garbage disposal.

“Um, yeah, I’m just, not really hungry this morning. I don’t know.” Before he can say anything else you go upstairs to get dressed. You go to the bathroom to wash your face and brush your teeth. You put your toothbrush back in the holder and look up at yourself in the mirror. You begin to notice all the imperfections in your face and body that you hadn’t before. You turn to the side and lift up your shirt a little, exposing your stomach. You rub your hand over it, wondering how much those models weigh.

“Babe…” You snap your head to the door where Brendon stands, leaning on the door frame.

“Y-you okay?” He asks, his eyebrows drawn up in concern.

“Yeah…I’m good. Sorry I’m hogging the bathroom.” You try and chuckle a little before walking past him and into the bedroom. You see him turn his head, following you with his eyes but you ignore him, starting to get dressed.

“Alright well I’ll be ready in a few minutes.” He says, turning on the faucet.

At the end of the day, after running errands, Brendon doing interviews and you doing work around the house, you and Brendon decided to watch a movie and share a bottle of wine. By the middle of the movie, you were both a little tipsy and no longer fully paying attention. You feel Brendon behind you, kissing your neck and putting his hands on your hips.

“Bren….what are you doing?” You try and move your head away from him, chuckling a little at your own awkwardness but he doesn’t stop, he just pulls you closer, trailing the kisses down to your shoulder.

“Bren, stop.” You shake him off.

“Why not?” He whines, you pulls yourself away from him, moving so you were sitting beside him now.

“I just don’t feel like it tonight. Sorry.” You say with a shrug. He sighs and runs a hand through his hair.

“Bullshit, (Y/N). What’s been going on with you? Ever since yesterday you’ve been acting weird.” You sigh and drop your head into your hands as tears well up in your eyes. He doesn’t realize you’re crying until he hears sniffles emitting from behind your hands.

“Woah, wait, what’s going on? Why are you crying?” He asks, moving next to you and putting an arm around you, rubbing your back. You exhale with a sob and lift your head up, wiping your face with your sleeves which is pointless considering you’re still crying.

“I just….when we watched the fashion show last night, I couldn’t stop thinking about how perfect those models are and I know everyone says not to compare yourself to models because they’re not real and shit but have you seen yourself? How am I supposed to walk around with confidence when you’re over here looking like a fucking Calvin Klein commercial?! You deserve so much more than ‘this’. ” You say, motioning to yourself.

“You must be embarrassed to even stand next to me when you’re clearly way out of my league.” You drop you head, staring at your lap and watch the tear drops fall onto your legs. Suddenly you hear Brendon laughing a little which makes you look up with red, puffy eyes. Why is he laughing? Because what you said is true and his entire life is a joke?

“W-why are you laughing?” You almost regret asking, not wanting to know the answer. He stops laughing but still has a smile on his face.

“Babe, I’m laughing at how ridiculous you sound.” Your bottom lip quivers as you stare at him, eyes still wide in confusion. He sighs and uses his thumb to wipe away your tears.

“(Y/N), you’re insane if you think that I’d prefer one of those photo shopped, stiletto wearing, “perfect” girls over you. All your imperfections are the things that make you so incredibly beautiful. I’m sorry if I haven’t been showing you how much I love you and that you’re more than enough for me.“ He says, looking you in the eyes.

“Brendon, there’s no way you’d pick me over one of them. They’re super models for fuck’s sake!” You argue, still not listening to him.

“I mean sure, they’re pretty, but even if ten Victoria’s Secret models walked in this room right now, I’d never take my eyes off you. Because you’re all I could ever ask for and I wouldn’t trade you for anything or anyone.” He says, holding your face in his hands.

You smile genuinely and press your lips on his. You never really cared about how you look to everyone else, you just wanted to be enough for Brendon. He’s definitely a catch, that’s for damn sure and you would do anything to keep him. When you pull away, you snuggle back into Brendon’s chest and he holds you tight. The two of you sit in silence as gently rocks you in his arms. 

“(Y/N)?” He asks quietly, breaking the silence. Your eyes flutter open as you snap out of the little trance he put you in.

“Yeah, Babe?” You ask. He doesn’t speak for a few seconds.

“Do you really think I could be a Calvin Klein model?”

I Can’t Save Her: Part 30

Pairings: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: Fluff

Catch Up Here

Word Count: 1278

Summary: You have been with the Avengers for three years and during that time you have developed a close friendship with Bucky. When you discover another woman in Bucky’s room you begin to question what your true feelings are for him.

Author’s Notes: Sorry for the wait! I hope you enjoy it <3

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Bucky stared at me uneasily from his seat in the jet. Our remaining time in Vienna had passed too quickly and we were now headed back to New York— back to reality – back to uncertainty. I had assured Bucky I would be fine even though I was terrified. Tony had promised me during one of our private conversations that he had worked out a deal for me to turn myself in – no press, no witnesses.

There had been a huge fight concerning what we were going to do when we got back to New York. I had been adamant that no one from the Avengers accompany me – citing the more distance they put between myself and the organization the better it would be, but Steve and Bucky had outright refused. I finally relented and agreed to have Tony accompany me, because his reputation would take less of a hit than anyone that had stood against the accords. Tony was also much more politically savvy than Steve or Bucky, and we were facing a volatile political game. Then there was my deal with Nick – the thought of which made me swallow hard. I had to do it to keep the one person I loved more than anything safe. There were too many risks – too many unknowns, and I would have been a fool to not assume that I was walking into a trap. I had told Bucky that he was stuck with me until the very end, but how long did I have until the end? The closer we grew towards New York the more I began to doubt, but I would never let on to it – not to him. I tried to reason with myself that I was trying to protect him. The last thing that we needed to happen was to have Bucky fly off the deep end because of some unfounded fear, but a small voice in the back of my mind reminded me that it was because of my own selfishness. If something did happen to me Bucky would be the one left behind… he would be the one to suffer. I sighed wearily at the thought of that much pain being handed to him after the several lifetimes worth of misery he had already endured.

“Y/N,” Bucky’s voice broke me from my internal debate.

I turned to look at him with a sad smile. “Yeah, Buck?”

“I… I just…” he stopped for a moment – his voice cracking with emotion.

“I know,” I whispered as I squeezed his hand.

“Are you sure I can’t go with you?” he asked stubbornly. We had had an explosive argument even after I had agreed to let Tony go with me because Bucky had felt it was his place to be there.

“Yes – it’s going to be fine. Tony will be there with me, he’ll get them to agree to bail, and I will be home before you know it,” I assured him with a tight smile. “Plus I need you to stay as far away from this as possible if it involves H.Y.D.R.A. I don’t want you getting pulled down with me if things go south on our deal.” I caught Tony looking at me from the other side of the jet— we both knew in that moment it wouldn’t be as easy as I promised.

“Fine,” Bucky mumbled under his breath as he sighed.

“It’s going to be okay,” I whispered as I rested my head on his shoulder and drifted into an uneasy sleep.

We arrived to a cold, grey New York City. As rain pattered on the windows of the jet I couldn’t help the sudden waive of dread that came over me. The jostle of the jet landing on the top of Stark Tower brought me out of my reflections. I watched as everyone grabbed their bags and prepared to leave the jet but I suddenly seemed incapable of moving with the others.

“Tony, I’ll meet you downstairs,” I murmured as he and Steve turned to look at me. “I just need a moment.”

Tony looked from Bucky to me before smiling sadly. “Take all the time you need, kid,” he answered before he exited the plane – Steve and Fury following on his heels. As I turned to look at Bucky I paused – noting the tension that was rolling off of his body in waves.

“James,” I whispered softly as I placed my hand on his arm.

“We could leave now – I could fly this jet anywhere in the world and we could disappear,” he said seriously as he turned to me – his eyes piercing my heart with their urgency.

“I made a promise.”

“You made a promise without considering for a moment what it would do to me. Dammit Y/N, I can’t protect you if I’m not with you! What about all the promises we made to each other?”

“At what cost? Forcing our friends to hunt us to the ends of the world? Never having a life? A family? Destroying the Avengers? Bucky – we both know that we can’t let any of those things happen. I won’t put our friends through that… I won’t put you through it. Besides, everything is going to be fine,” I whispered gently as I wrapped my arms around his neck.

“Do you really believe that?” he asked bitterly as he shifted his eyes to meet mine. I could feel the thunderous beating of his heart as I rested my head on his chest with a sigh.

“I know that I love you James Buchanan Barnes, and I will do anything to keep you safe,” I whispered before raising my lips to his. “I need you to keep something safe for me – until I get back,” I added after breaking away from our kiss.

“Anything,” Bucky responded as I looked down at the ring he had given me. I carefully slid it from my finger and placed it in his upturned palm.

“I don’t want anything to happen to it while I’m gone,” I smiled at him sadly as I reached up to caress his face. He closed his eyes as my fingers traced down his jaw – a visible shudder ran through his body.

“I’ll keep it safe if you promise me something in return,” he added softly as he fixed his blue eyes on mine.


The corners of his mouth quirked slightly as he looked down at me. “When this is all said and done, and I give you back this ring – I want you to wear it as my fiancée,” he whispered lowly as he brushed the hair out of my face. “What do you say, doll?” he asked as he looked at me with a small grin.

“Yes,” I whispered happily as tears threatened to spill from my eyes. Bucky beamed at this as he held me tightly to his chest.

“I know I have a lot of making up to do, but I plan on doing that for the rest of my life,” he murmured into my ear as he kissed my cheek sweetly. “I love you, Y/N. I love you more than I even thought was possible. You deserve so much more than me, but I’m not good enough of a man to let you have it,” he added as he kissed the top of my head.

“I love you, James Buchanan Barnes,” I whispered before we broke from our embrace.

During those few moments all the things we were about to face fell away. We were both happy, and hopeful. Of course, that’s the funny thing about hope— you convince yourself of the possible until you eventually face the inevitable.


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Marauders Headcanon

(I don’t know if I should title it Remus Lupin headcanon, Wolfstar headcanon or Lily Evans headcanon… so Marauders will have to do. This sort of entered my mind and refused to leave until I wrote it down. - P.S)

We all know Remus Lupin was very insecure of himself and his worth growing up, so I always imagined that he would have resisted being with Sirius, at first, because he thought he wasn’t worth someone as incandescent as Sirius Black. And even though Sirius had his own insecurities, I always felt like he would’ve had James’ support in pursuing what he wanted and who he wanted.

I always imagined their relationship would have progressed organically. No panic, no big revelation moment… they just always loved each other, first as friends and later as lovers.

So imagine a young Sirius Black holding Remus a few seconds longer than the usual friendly hug. Imagine him always trying to find a way to be close to Remus and becoming increasingly more tactile every time his advances weren’t rejected. Imagine Sirius glowing with pride whenever Remus gave his approval on anything he did, from becoming a Beater for the Gryffindor Quidditch team to his elegant cursive handwriting. Imagine him constantly finding a way to hold Remus’ hand, because it centred him, it made him feel safe and loved. Imagine Sirius Black with hope shining in his eyes every time Remus smiled at him or gave him a compliment. Imagine him feeling like he could conquer the world because Remus Lupin believed in him.

Now imagine a young Remus Lupin, who lived in fear of the monster inside of him, beginning to understand what all these changes in behaviour meant. Imagine him becoming increasingly more comfortable with the way their relationship was progressing. Imagine him happy and growing in confidence, because every day, more and more, he’s certain Sirius Black loves him. Imagine Remus Lupin gazing at Sirius Black with wonder in his eyes, because this gorgeous being wants to hold his hand in their Common Room, in front of everyone. Imagine him being accepting of Sirius’ habit of sneaking into his bed, because sleeping next to him is the most peaceful he has ever been. Imagine him daydreaming about kissing Sirius Black and what that would feel like.

And then the full moon comes.

Imagine Remus Lupin lying in an Infirmary bed thinking to himself, how could he be so selfish? How could he inflict this evil on someone like Sirius? Imagine him becoming increasingly unhappier, because Sirius deserves better. Imagine Remus Lupin beginning to pull away from Sirius Black. Imagine him rejecting Sirius’ hand, when he wants to hold it. Imagine him cancelling plans when it’s just the two of them. Imagine him avoiding being alone with Sirius. Imagine Remus Lupin feeling like he isn’t good enough for Sirius Black.

This, of course, would not be something that went unnoticed. As soon as Remus started to pull away Sirius began to wilt, like a flower plucked from the earth and placed in a glass vase.

Peter Pettigrew had no idea what was happening, at first. He began to frequently question James about it, because if someone was in the know about what was going on with those two it was him, right? Peter soon realised his assumption was wrong, because James was getting progressively frustrated over his own lack of knowledge. As time wore on, Peter in his own quiet way, tried to breach the subject with both parties. Sirius simply shrugged him off, while Remus denied anything was wrong, at all.

James Potter noticed the changes as soon as they happened. He had always been aware of Sirius’ feelings for Remus, even before his best friend brought up the subject with him, so to say he was watching them very closely and cataloguing their every reaction was a bit of an understatement. James Potter considered himself an expert in the Remus and Sirius love affair, he knew every landmark of their relationship. So as things took a turn for the worse, he was there for Sirius. He promised him he would find out what had happened while reassuring him that he hadn’t done anything wrong.

Imagine a James Potter pestering Remus all day long about what was going on with him. Imagine him not getting a truthful answer or any answer and having to watch Sirius get gradually moodier and quieter. Imagine him becoming so involved in his friends’ situation that he stops hitting on Lily every ten minutes, because he has so many things on his mind. Imagine James Potter feeling increasingly more powerless for not being able to help his friends and fix everything. Imagine him having a breakdown in the Gryffindor Common Room late one night, because both his friends are so miserable and he doesn’t know what to do.

Now imagine a Lily Evans who sees this breakdown. Imagine her watching as James runs himself ragged to fix whatever it is that is keeping his friends from being happy, together. Imagine her seeing this caring side of James Potter in light of Remus and Sirius falling apart. Imagine Lily Evans, who had only a few weeks ago realised Sirius and Remus loved each other in a romantic way, seeing how much their happiness affected James. Imagine Lily Evans deciding she’s going to do something about it.

Remus was sitting in the library by himself. It was Saturday afternoon, he had no homework whatsoever do to, but here he was, in the library, by himself, because he couldn’t bear to be around Sirius knowing how selfish it was to let the other boy waste his love on a monster like him. As his thoughts got continuously darker, as was their wont these past few days, he was unaware of the presence of Lily Evans in the chair next to his.

“Remus!” With a startled jolt, he turned towards the sharp voice calling his name.

“Lily, I’m sorry. I didn’t see you there.”

“I’m sure you didn’t. There’s been a lot you haven’t been seeing these last few days.” She sighed, irritated.

“What?” Remus was truly lost. He didn’t remember doing anything to warrant Lily Evans’ wrath, that was more James’ thing. Then again…

“Look Remus… this might be a bit presumptuous of me.” She started, voice softening considerably. “But I feel like our friendship is strong enough that I can have this conversation with you.”

“Are you alright? Did something happen?” He asked, worry colouring every word.

“I am fine. But something did happen.” She touched his clasped hands, that were resting on the table in front of them. “Something happened with you and Sirius. No! Don’t bother denying it, Remus. It’s apparent to everyone, not just me, and your friends are worrying themselves sick about it and here you are sitting dejectedly in the library on a Saturday afternoon. I am not Peter nor James. My affiliation to Sirius Black starts and ends with you, so why don’t you tell me about it?”

Remus held her gaze, silently, for a minute, before exhaling and giving in. He needed to talk to someone and Lily Evans was the most clear-headed person in his acquaintance.

“I… We… I’m in love with Sirius. And I think… I’m afraid… he might be in love with me too.” He breathed.

“Okay?” Brows furrowing. “Isn’t that a good thing?”

“It is but… I don’t deserve him Lily. No! Wait. Let me finish.” He took a deep breath, then held Lily’s gaze with a sombre look. “There’s a lot you don’t know about me Lils. And trust me when I say that Sirius deserves better. Being with me would be much more trouble than I’m worth. I’m not good for him… or anyone. I’m a mons… I’m nothing, Lily. Nothing at all. And Sirius is a star. I know how that sounds, I do. But he is. He’s mercury, in a constant state of change. He’s silver, a far rarer and more precious metal than gold, yet so unappreciated by those who hold him. He’s an incredible phenomenon of pure blinding light and I’m but the dust he leaves in his wake.”

Lily held one of Remus’ hands and leaned forward in her chair. “You are Remus Lupin.”


“No, it’s your turn to listen to me. You are Remus Lupin. Are you even aware of what that means?” At the shake of his head, she continued. “To me you are Remus Lupin, friend, counsellor, the wisest, kindest soul I know. You are my sounding board, my study partner, my shoulder to cry on. You are Remus Lupin a person I admire.” Lily clutched his hand tighter. “To Peter you are a friend, a pillar of support, a teacher. You are the person he goes to when he can’t understand something on his own. You are the one who shields him from Sirius’ sharp comments and James’ careless retorts. To Peter you are Remus Lupin, the protector.”

Lily took a deep breath and tried to convey through her gaze, how much he meant to all of them, before continuing to make her point.

“To James Potter you are a friend, first and foremost. You are an anchor. You are the voice of reason. You are the person he looks up to.” Remus’ hands started to shake, his eyes, however, never left Lily’s, as his emotions overtook him. “You have no idea how much James looks up to you, Remus. You are the person he strives to emulate. He admires your compassion, your strength, your altruism. To James Potter you are Remus Lupin, the bravest person he knows.”

Lily felt compelled to stop her speech here and open her arms to Remus. Offering him a hug and the comfort of being cared for, by her and every other person his life had touched. After a few seconds, where they both got themselves under control, Lily began the final part of her speech. And perhaps the most impactful one.

“But to Sirius, Rem… To Sirius you are Remus Lupin.”

Even in her voice the difference was perceptible. The way Sirius said Remus’ name had always had a poignancy that it lacked when saying anyone else’s. The same way James’ voice changed when he said Lily’s name, it gave an emphasis to the care, the love, the respect he had for her, all in a shift of tone over two little words. An occurrence mirrored by Lily herself when saying James’ name, Remus wondered if she had ever noticed.

“There are entire melodies trapped in the emphasis he gives your name. To Sirius Black you are Remus Lupin, the same way that to human beings oxygen is air. Nothing else in this world matters to him Remus, if he doesn’t have you. You are not everything he has, but you are the most important part of it. Not because he needs you, even though he does, but because he wants you. You make Sirius a better person simply by being present in his life. He loves you Remus, so much! Much more than I ever thought possible from him. And you love him just as much. Don’t push him away. I won’t pretend to know all of the reasons why you feel like you aren’t good enough to be with him. I won’t agree with the way you put him on a pedestal. I will, however, remind you that Sirius Black does not see himself as you do, or as James’ does. He doesn’t even see himself as I do, and I see him as a troublesome idiot who annoys me to no end. We will never be able to change the way other people see themselves, it is a sad truth, but a truth nevertheless. I only urge you to remember. Remember that one of the many reasons Sirius even believes in himself is because you do. Remember how happy you were when you were together. Remember how much you hate that feeling in the pit of your stomach every time you do something that hurts him.”

In Lily’s green eyes Remus saw the awareness of his own feelings and his own longings. Remus saw Lily Evans, the girl who was trying very hard to not be in love with James Potter, because he wasn’t yet the man she knew he could be.

“Remember that to Sirius Black you are Remus Lupin.”

Abandon All Hope (Part 5)

A/N: This was a fic I have been really excited about writing. Believe me, I was constantly talking about it to my friend for days. This is kinda an AU but kinda not. Everything that is happening in TWD is still happening. Some stuff has changed for the Winchesters background with Supernatural but there’s still a lot of the same things happening. I hope you all enjoy and would love to hear your positive feedback. Let me know if you’d like to be tagged.

Summary: (y/n) Winchester is just trying to survive the new world of the apocalypse with her brothers, Sam and Dean. While looking for your father, John, you come across two men who welcome you to their community, Alexandria. The events that follow will test the limits of not only your mind and body, but also your heart.

Pairings: Eventual Daryl x reader (almost), Dean x sister!reader, Sam x sister!reader

Characters: (y/n), Daryl, Rosita, Denise’s body, Dwight, Saviors, Eugene, Abraham, Sam, Dean, Glenn, Michonne, Rick, Maggie, Sasha, Aaron, Carl, saviors, Negan

Word Count: 3983

Warnings: language, angst as fuck, fluff, death, Negan (yes he’s a warning) 

Tagging: @thewalkingdeadfanfiction, @daryldixonwife1987, @omlbeans, @the-silver-iris, @sebbylover24, @megsense, @loricwizardbluetoastedcake, @youandyourstupidrope, @canadianjelly, @abnormal-angel, @shinydixon, @onlydarylnormanfic, @jodiereedus22, @crystallovesdaryl, @negan-dixon, @deepsouth, @multifandomizer, @sapphire1727, @johnmurphys-sass, @waayward-angel, @sassy-specter, @tiquismiquis, @frozenhuntress67, @saintflandus, @steve-rcgcrs

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“Put your guns down!” The man yelled. You had never seen him or the other men before, but the way Daryl was looking at him, you could tell he knew him. “And you, with the dead girl in your lap.” You looked into the eyes of the man. His face was horribly scarred on one side and you wondered what may have happened, but you didn’t really care at this time. “Stand up and keep your hands where we can see um.” He demanded.

You placed Denise’s head onto the ground and slowly got up. You kept your hands where they could see them, but not in the air. You didn’t want to stoop to these assholes’ level. Daryl and Rosita were doing the same as you. “Who the fuck are you?” You demanded to know.

“I’m D, or Dwight. Whichever you prefer.” Dwight gave you a small bow after introducing himself. He was a cocky son of a bitch, that was for sure. He then let his eyes run up and down your body without even trying to hide the fact that he was doing it. You cringed at the thought of what he wanted to do to you, but you stood tall and didn’t back down. “He was right, you are hot as hell.”

You knitted your brows together. Who was he talking about and how did this man even know who you were. He was giving you the creeps and the way the other men were ogling you, you knew they were probably thinking the same thing. “Who’s right?” You decided to ask.

“Don’t talk ta ‘er!” Daryl growled at Dwight. He began to move to stand in front of you to protect you from him but Dwight aimed the crossbow he had at him. He stopped and grimaced at the man then eyed the weapon in his hands.

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Bring me Back part 2

Summary: Dean is struggling with the Mark of Cain and Y/N decides to help Dean feel better in the best way she can. 

Pairing: Dean x Reader, Sam, mentions of Cas and Claire

Warnings: Fluff, Drunk!Dean, Drunk! Reader, cursing, a bit of angst 

Part one here

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Dean had been struggling with the mark on his arm. Sam and I could tell but every time we asked Dean always said, “I’m fine, no need to worry about me.” We tried our best to help him out. But that then Sam, Dean, and Cas went to save Claire, something went wrong because when the boys came back Dean went straight to his room before I could ask what happened. Sam walked in with no expression on his face, “what the hell happened?” Sam pushed his hair behind his ear and gulped, “Dean killed a room full of guys that were trying to hurt Claire.” “No way, you’re kidding?” I asked Sam with wide eyes. “Yeah, he didn’t mean too but it’s the Mark, he didn’t have the control to stop.”

After I told Sam I was going to check on Dean, I grabbed a bottle of whiskey, a couple of glasses and walked towards Dean’s room. After I knocked I heard feet shuffling towards the door. Dean opened and I smiled holding up the bottle and glasses and then he let me in. “Wanna tell me what happened?” I asked Dean while pouring each of us a drink. “No, I assume you already know.” He paused. “(Y/N), it felt like I blacked out. I just woke up and all of those guys were dead around me, I’m scared that I eventually won’t be able to control myself around anyone. I don’t want to hurt you or Sam.” He took a drink out of his glass and I sat mine down on the table next to his bed. I sat down next to Dean on the edge of the bed, “Listen to me Dean, those guys probably deserved it. I know that this whole thing scares you but you can’t let it control you. You are so much stronger than that.” He slightly smiled, “It’s hard, I want to give in so bad because I won’t have this urge anymore. But I also don’t want to lose the people closest to me and more.”

“Dean, you won’t lose anyone even if you did. I mean fuck you tried to kill Sam and me with a hammer for Chuck’s sake, and we didn’t leave you.” Dean sat his drink down and put his arm around my shoulder, “thanks kid, I really appreciate what you do for me.” I nodded and placed a kiss on his cheek. “Anytime honey,” Dean looked at me and I thought for a split second he was going to lean in for a kiss, but averted his eyes from mine and picked up his drink again. I pulled away from his arm, “what do you say we play a game?” Dean raised his eyebrow at me, “what kind of game?” I leaned over to grab the bottle, “How about poker?” Dean smiled, “Sure, but I am totally gonna kick your ass.”


After about half the bottle of whiskey and a few hits of a joint Dean had in his nightstand drawer, we were having a good time. “(Y/N), you have a horrible poker face,” Dean said while I smiling like an idiot over the cards in my hand, a royal flush. “Shut up Dean, you have no idea what I have over here.” Dean laughed, “You’re so sassy when you drink.” I scoffed, “I am not. Play your cards bitch.” Dean pretended to be offended and then laid his cards down, revealing a full house. I jumped up, “Fuck yes, I finally beat your ass.” Dean laughed, “(Y/N) don’t get your hopes up this is your first time winning tonight and I’ve already won four.” I smiled at him, “that’s just because I am going easy on you Winchester.” Dean smirked before grabbing the deck of cards and shuffling again.

We were done playing poker and as I was putting the deck of cards away Dean was staring at me, “Dean, what are you thinking about?” He sat up and patted the empty spot on the bed next to him, “I just wanted to say thank you for helping me tonight, I know you didn’t have to but it means a lot to me. If Sam tried to do this I’d probably would have told him to fuck off.” I giggled and laid down on the bed facing Dean, “I am always happy to help Dean. Plus admit it you have a soft spot for me.” Dean laid down next to me facing me as well and then kissed the top of my head, “Oh you have no idea kid.” I smiled, “Dean, can I sleep in here tonight? I don’t want to walk all the way down the hallway.” Dean chuckled, “Yes you can sleep in here.”


I woke up with my head pounding and an arm wrapped around my waist. I propped myself up on my elbow and looked behind me to find Dean sound asleep. I laid my head back down and pushed myself further into Dean’s body feeling the warmth from his body. I had always felt safe around Dean and since I was head over heels for the man I wasn’t going to let his opportunity slip past me. After about ten minutes Dean started to stir and I heard him groan, I opened my eyes and rolled over to my back. “Good morning sleeping beauty,” I said to him and he groaned and wrapped his arm around me even tighter, “Shut up and go back to bed.” I quietly laughed and pushed my hair out of my face. I grabbed Dean’s arm moved it from it’s place and rolled out of bed, “where are you going?” Dean mumbled, I turned back to him, “I’ll be right back. I’m just grabbing some water and aspirin.”

As I walked into the kitchen I saw Sam making some breakfast, “How did it go with Dean?” I walked to the fridge and grabbed two water bottles, “I managed to cheer him up with some boozes and poker.” Sam smiled, “Did you stay in his room last night?” I looked at him, “Yeah, I didn’t feel like walking my lazy ass all the way back to my room.” Sam chuckled, “(Y/N), your room is only 30 feet away from his.” “I know, way too fucking far.” We laughed and then I grabbed the aspirin and walked back to Dean’s room. “Here’s your water and take three of these.” Dean opened his eyes and took the water from my hand and put the aspirin in his mouth. “Even when you feel like shit, you still take care of me.” I smiled, “Well you would have just laid here if I didn’t. I’m going back to my room so if you need me you know where to find me.” Dean grabbed my wrist, “You’re already in here so just get lay down.”

As I laid back down in my spot, I couldn’t help but wonder if Dean might have the same feeling as I had for him. But I just ignored it and figured he didn’t want to be alone right now. Sleeping in the same bed as Dean definitely wasn’t weird since I’ve had to share a bed with him before and I’ve also had to share a bed with Sam a couple of times but we always kept our distance. Dean on the other hand is a cuddler.  Every time I woke up after sharing a bed with him, his hand was always wrapped around my waist. So it was no different when I felt his hand snake back around my waist like it was before.

I tried to get back to sleep but no matter how many sheep I counted I just couldn’t. I kept thinking about Dean and how I wished he thought of me differently than just as apart of the team. I also kept thinking about he must feel carrying around the Mark of Cain on his arm, which made me feel so sorry for him so I rolled over and put wrapped my arm around him. I felt him move his arm to my back and he started to lightly drag his hand up and down. “What are you thinking about?” He moved his head back and I looked up and met his eyes, “Sorry I thought you were still asleep. I was just thinking about how you must be feeling with that mark on your arm.” Dean smiled and grabbed my hand, “It’s not easy (Y/N), but don’t worry I will be fine. This isn’t my first time battling some shit going on with my body.” I barely smiled, “I know you’re having a really hard time with this one Dean, but I am here for you so if you need me I am right here okay?” He nodded his head and I could tell there were tears in his eyes.

An Eye For An Eye.

Request from @emma-hook-ouat:Can I get a Hook imagine? One where one of hooks enemies comes after the reader (hooks love), as like a revenge or something idk, and hurts them and hook saved the reader?? I’m all about action and fluff so yeah. Thanks!! 😘❤

Note: I know there isn’t a whole lot of action in this but I hope the serious amount of fluff makes up for it <3

Killian Jones x Reader

Words: 2,280

Warnings: Violence, intimidating behaviour, threat to life, blood, angst aaaaaand……fluff!

Disclaimer: None of the GIFs used are mine so all credit goes to their creators <3

Yet again you found yourself drowning inside the blue pools of his eyes as his hand traced light patterns along your lower back – the movement was soothing despite the hardened skin he had from all his years at sea and already you could feel sleep beginning to hit you as you both lay in bed.


“What is it love?”

His voice was hoarse, showing that he probably hadn’t slept all that well during the night, as a mischievous little smirk started to tug at his lips. He knew exactly what he was doing.

“You know I need to get up. I need to go for my run before work.”

“Well….I suppose I do rather enjoy seeing you covered in sweat when you get back from your runs…”


A look of shock etched its way onto your face as you playfully slapped him against his shoulder causing a laugh to erupt form him as both his arms pulled you into him even tighter.

“Come on can you really blame me? The thought of joining you in the shower to wash it all off is what gets me up on a morning.”

“You….Captain Jones….are despicable.”

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OQ and The Proposal :)

The boxes sat beside the door, packed and ready for her moment of departure. She should’ve left by now, should’ve just grabbed the necessities and gotten the hell out of dodge. Word would spread soon about what’d happened, about what she’d done, and she’d be more of a laughing stock than she already was. God, she’d been such an idiot and for what? To stay in a job where practically every member of staff hated her guts? To live a horribly lonely existence in a house too big to hide from her own sadness?

She’d alienated practically every single person she’d ever known save for the only man who’d been able to tolerate her – her father.

God, she wished he were alive still. Perhaps things would’ve been different. Perhaps she would’ve been different.

She wasn’t even sure when she’d become the monster that she was but she could see it all too clearly now. Had seen it reflected back at her from eyes that’d finally opened her own.

It’d meant to be a quick fix, a simple solution that would’ve kept her from deportation but instead she’d done what she does best and ruined a life other than her own. Ruined it in front of his damn family too.

She wished she could just go back to hating him.

If she were being honest with herself, she never truly had hated him. Not one bit.

“The tattoo on my foot was for him,” she confessed quietly, hoping that he had fallen asleep already almost as much as she was hoping he was awake so that she could finally speak about him, her Papi. “He used to take me out into the backyard with all of the lights turned off so that we could lay on the grass and look up at the stars.” She smiled sadly up at the ceiling, her throat tightening with emotions that still hurt like a thousand knives piercing her skin. “He was my best friend,” she sniffled, nuzzling a little deeper into the pillow beneath her head, “my only friend.”


“It’s a beautiful tribute,” Robin replied softly. He’d never known of the tattoo’s existence until this whole thing had started. It had been practically the only bit of information he didn’t already know about her. She’d refused his attempts at learning the origin of it up until tonight and she still wasn’t sure why she was telling him but, she thought, she found herself content with having done it.


“Thank you,” she breathed, wishing she could see through brick and stone to the sky above them.


“And Regina?” he asked a long moment later when her eyes were beginning to grow heavy and sleep began to claim her. He waited until she made a soft sound of encouragement before he finished, “He wasn’t your only friend,” and to clarify, to ensure she understood him, he added, “not anymore at least.”


She startled at the tap on the glass of her door, forcing herself to smile at the sight of the intruder on the other side. Zelena. She motioned for the redhead to come in, asking, “What can I do for you?” when the other woman closed the door behind her.

“Oh, it’s nothing really,” her voice was saccharine, her smile almost verging on maliciously gleeful as she took in the bare walls and taped boxes, “just came to have a look at the place, see how you’re getting on.”

Regina could hear it for what it was, a poorly concealed hint that time was ticking and that she was no longer an editor here but now something of an intruder. “I’m almost done,” she gave back, keeping her gaze steady and her tongue bitten – what she wouldn’t give to tell the woman what she’d really thought of her for all of these years but she wasn’t going to leave like that, she was going to be the epitome of class – “just saying goodbye to the place.”

“Yes, well…” Zelena smiled with a shrug, “don’t linger too long, will you?”

Regina matched her terribly fake laugh and watched as the redhead left with one last flash of her wicked smile and wave of her fingers. God, she was awful.

“She gives you a run for your money, I’ll say that much,” Robin laughed before taking another swig from his bottle, giving an indignant but amused “hey!” when she threw her bottle cap at him in retaliation.


She watched the fire burning for a little while, allowing her thoughts to ebb and flow like the tide hidden by the dark of night before she was frowning and asking, “I’m not as bad as her, am I?”


“Asks the woman forcing me to marry her lest I lose my job?”


He’d meant it to be playful, she can tell by his tone but his words pick at an already open wound because she’s been thinking about it more and more these past few days. Thinking about just what she’s asking him to do. It’d been easy in the beginning, he’d been nothing more than the assistant she relied on throughout the work day but she’d gotten to know him over these last few days, gotten to know his family and there’ve been promises made about spending holidays in one another’s company despite the plan to get a quickie divorce in a couple of months. 

“I’m sorry, Regina.”


“Don’t apologise,” she laughed softly – it sounded forced even to her own ears – “you’re right. I’m just as awful as Zelena, if not worse.”


She struggled to open the door with the box in her hands, managed to squeeze her way out but grunted when it swung and hit her in the back with a dull thud, winding her and dislodging something that fell to the floor with a great smash. Blinking open her eyes, her heart sunk when she realised it was the framed photograph of her father that had sat atop her desk for the duration of her time here.

Her resolve to remain strong and not show weakness in front of everyone faded as she stared helplessly at the only picture she had of him before she moved to bend and retrieve it.

“Let me.”

She stilled, froze at the sound of his voice. “Robin?” She was almost sure she was imagining things because she’d left him back in England standing at the altar in front of all of his friends and family.

He lifted his head and blue eyes met her own. It really was him.

“What the hell are you doing here?”

“I could ask you the very same thing,” he replied, dropping his gaze back to the ground so that he could scoop up the bigger shards of glass and the photograph between gentle hands, turning it and depositing it on top of the desk behind him before turning back to her. “A note was all you left me with?”

Her stomach flipped, she’d confessed to ridiculous things in that note expecting to never see him again. “I thought it was easier-“

“Than what?” he questioned, “than staying and having a real, adult conversation with me after everything that we’ve been through, after everything that happened.”

“What was the point?” she shook her head, fighting against the tears building at the sight of him before her, “it wouldn’t have changed anything. I’d still be the bitch boss forcing you to marry me.”

“You know that you became so much more than that the moment we kissed.”

She was shivering violently, kept warm only by the strong arm holding her against his body as he walked her up to their shared room. God, she must look like such an idiot.


It’d been too much for her to take though, being surrounded by love like that, the love of a parent and of a grandparent. She hadn’t belonged to a family in so long and suddenly she did through their acceptance and care. “I’d forgotten what it felt like,” she murmured, allowing him to sit her down on the edge of the bed as he moved to the drawer in which her things lay.


“What do you mean?”


Her brow furrowed as she fought against her building tears, staring down at her fingers as she picked at her nails. “Having a family.” But the damn broke and suddenly she was thrown into a fit of sobs as she lowered her head into her hands. At least now though, she couldn’t fall off the side of a speedboat as she had done when she’d practically hijacked it to run away from her feelings.


He was kneeling before her in an instant, his palms on her upper arms as he tried to calm her with soothing words, pulling her against him and accepting her weight when she all but fell from the bed and onto his lap. Her arms wrapped tight around his shoulders as she pressed her face against his neck and allowed herself to be comforted for the first time in almost ten years.


Robin rocked them both and continued whispering those soothing words until she was able to catch her breath again. She let out a shuddered exhale before pulling back and wiping at her face. She was sitting sideways on his knees and kept from falling by strong hands at the base of her back. “I’m sorry,” her head shook. She didn’t deserve his kindness and so tried to pull away but he kept her in place.


“Don’t apologise for your feelings, Regina,” he replied, lifting a hand to stroke damp hair from her face, “not to me.” That touch lingered as another tear fell. He pressed a kiss to her cheek, catching the salty drop on his lips before trailing up to kiss her temple and then her forehead. It was endlessly soothing.


She found her palms moving to his chest, fingers curling in the damp material of his t-shirt and remaining when he pulled back enough to look at her. There was such depth in blue eyes, such emotion that she found herself almost transfixed by him. She couldn’t be sure who moved first but, after a long moment, she found herself leaning into him until their mouths met in a sweet kiss that was nothing more than a gentle press but that stopped her heart completely.


“That should never have happened.”

“But it did,” he pressed on, “and I’m glad it did.”

Her lips parted as she glanced at those not even pretending not to be watching the exchange and found herself shaking her head as she whispered, “I can’t do this.”

“Why not?”

Dark eyes found blue once more and, God, the sincerity there, the kindness, the patience…it only broke her heart further because, “You deserve so much more than me, Robin,” her chin quivered as she continued, “you are a good man and me? I’m nothing but a monster.”

His head tilted as he looked at her in that way that always had her feeling vulnerable and over-exposed, like he could see into her very soul. “Bold and audacious perhaps but not a monster,” he shook his head a took a step closer to her, “nothing even close to a monster.”

Her eyes closed when he cupped her cheek, the tears she’d been fighting back falling as she leaned into the touch and confessed softly, “I’m scared.”

He chuckled, his hot breath washing over her skin as he replied, “Then that makes two of us.”

The box dropped from her hands and hit the floor between them but neither paid it any mind as mouths met in a kiss filled with a desperate longing and hands scrabbled to thread into hair and grip at clothes, keeping them impossibly close as cheers erupted around them.

“Marry me, Regina,” he whispered against her mouth in a break for air, smiling as he added, “because I’d really like to date you.”

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Pretty Tears And Dead Soldiers II

Author: AvengeSuperWhoLock

Word Count: 1800

Pairing: BuckyxSister!Reader (incest)

Summary: Bucky is now the Winter Soldier. However, the memory suppressing machine doesn’t seem to be entirely working. After his latest session, he’s asked to recall his earliest memory of you. And whilst he has no idea who you are, he does know what you mean to him.

A/N: Ugh, sorry, guys. This started out so good, then I had instant regret because I realised this would have been better as the first part, so the ending kind of flopped. 

Part 1

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anonymous asked:

Just saying: who the fuck WOULDN'T thank workers that try to help them???? That's just plain rude and unkind - y'all are doing so great and have to put up with so much bullshit and it just irks me so much that people don't thank whoever helps them like???? I say thank you at least twice during any sort of transaction, were those people just not taught to thank others????

A lot of customers don’t see employees as human. They see someone that is paid to serve them and, therefore, doesn’t deserve to be treated as anything more than a part of the store. Entitlement and the inability to care about anyone but themselves. Don’t forget to also tell employees to have a nice day too! A lot of us appreciate that as well. -Abby

But He Didn’t (Part 3)

Took me long enough. Final part of But He Didn’t below

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My fingers were almost numb. My skin tingled with a burning sensation, partnering with the gentle pinpricks of obdormition. It reminded me I was human, that I was hurting, and my feelings went much deeper than I would allow myself to realize.

My hands, wedged between my thighs and the metal park bench, were restless. My entire body was. I wanted to move, to escape from the situation I had gently talked myself into. Facing the disaster I had created was something I would never be ready for. I had to hold on desperately to the strength I had left in my heart and in my head. There wasn’t much, but it was something. 

I couldn’t give up. I was sick of giving up. 

I closed my eyes, tuning in to the sounds of the environment around me. The sound of sneakers smacking against the pavement, children’s laughter in the nearby playground, and a slow, steady crunching of leaves growing louder behind me. 

I took a deep breath before his body appeared beside mine. Hearing the gentle clink of his belt against the metal caused me to shiver. Slowly my eyes opened, grappling with a simple decision; should I look at him? 

I tilted my head, finally allowing my sight to take in what I had longed for. Taehyung sat beside me, his hood up, hands dug deep in his pockets, and his focus on the ground before him. I tried to will myself to speak, to say anything, but I felt so lost in my own mind that I wasn’t sure if I could actually provide any sort of value to a conversation. It would all just come out wrong. 

We sat in silence for what felt like eternity. I didn’t dare move, afraid that if I did, the whole situation would reveal itself as being an illusion and Taehyung would disappear before me. But I had to say something. I owed him that much. 

“I miss you,” I whispered, my words careful, deliberate. I wanted him to know what was at the forefront of my mind. It was a simple statement, but I felt like it was a good place to start. It was the most important thing I could say to him short of “I love you.” 

Taehyung nodded, clearing his throat. He turned to me, his eyes full of hurt. “Not as much as I’ve missed you.”

For a moment, I felt like I could breath again. I felt like things would be okay. That was until Taehyung licked his lips and shook his head. “But I am so, so mad at you. I don’t even want to say you’re allowed to miss me…because this was all your decision.”

I nodded, the hallow feeling quickly returning to my chest. I had messed up. I had messed up on a large, immensely nuclear level. I wished it was as simple as taking Taehyung into my arms and confirming that things would be alright, that we were ready to go back to what we once were. 

“You have no idea how I’ve felt,” he continued. “And you’ve never bothered to ask.”

I looked to the sky, attempting to halt the tears that were forming on my lashes. “I’m asking now.”

“Don’t you think it’s a little late?” Taehyung asked bitterly. 

“I do think it’s too late,” I whispered. “But I’m hoping you’ll give me a chance.” 

“That’s what I’m good at,” Taehyung grumbled, looking down at his shoes again. “Weak Taehyung who gives everyone a second chance. The boy made of sunshine. The one who doesn’t hurt.”


“I do hurt, Y/N. I know it’s hard to realize, but what you did…what you did has hurt me so deeply. I felt unwanted, I felt unloved, I felt abandoned. You didn’t give me the chance to speak, to reason with you. All of this was your insecurities bubbling up and clouding anything that wasn’t your own voice. The painful thing was…that it wasn’t even you speaking. It was all of the hate, all of the toxic comments pushed our way,” Taehyung continued. “It wasn’t you.”

“Well it’s me now,” I gasped, spinning to face him for the first time since he had sat down. “I know you hurt Taehyung. That’s why it took me so damn long to call. I knew exactly how much I hurt you and how I ached inside knowing that. I was destroyed knowing I had destroyed you.” 

Taehyung nodded, biting his lip as he searched my eyes. “I’ve just missed you so much. Do you know how hard it is…to go to appearances and pretend that things are okay? That I’m not completely shattered inside? Working on music and pouring myself into choreography can only do so much. I needed you.”

“I thought I could protect us,” I whimpered. “I thought I could protect you…but Jimin made me realize. You don’t need protecting, Taehyung. You aren’t fragile. The only thing that could break you was me…and I did that.”

Taehyung remained quiet for a moment before attempting to speak. His words were low as he looked away from me. “Do you remember when we broke up?”

The actual vocalization of those words caused me to wince. I knew it was my own fault, but I had never thought of what happened as a break up. I had framed it up as a ‘shattering up’ or a ‘splintering up.’ It was something much more painful than the casual verb of ‘break.’

“You said you were sick of me having to pick up your pieces all of the time,” Taehyung continued. “That I didn’t deserve the hassle…I never thought that maybe one day…you’d have to pick up the pieces of me.” 

“I’m so sorry Tae,” I whispered. My movements were hesitant, but I finally gathered the nerve to bring my fingers out from underneath my thigh. My hand hovered for a moment, reaching out to him. I remained still, trying to decide if I should actually touch him or not. It had been so long, the feeling was so foreign. 

Taehyung didn’t waste a moment, reaching up, and capturing my hand with his. His palms, which were so much larger than my own, encased my fingers as he brought our intwined hands to his knee. He rubbed his callused thumb gently across my knuckles before looking up again. 

I closed my eyes, hiccuping as a sob tried to escape my lips. Tae’s arms were instantly around me, pulling me into his chest. I took a deep breath, allowing his scent to flood my nostrils. Baby powder and lemon. I hadn’t realized I had missed it so much. I never wanted him to let go. I hoped above all hope that he wouldn’t push me away once my sobbing had halted.

Taehyung leaned back, careful to keep my body tight to his, but enough to where he could get a clear view of my face. He slid his palm along my cheek, allowing me to nuzzle into his hand, completely immersing myself in him. 

Too much was never enough.

“Tae,” I whispered, scared of the question that would come out of my lips, but needing to reconcile with an answer. 


“I…I’ve kept track of you…while all of this has been happening. Kept track of the members…I reached out to JImin a few times to see how things were…but there’s something I never knew,” I said quietly, trailing my words out before I could get to the real question. “I never saw an official statement from BigHit…about our breakup?”

Taehyung nodded, a sad smile on his lips as his eyes searched my face. “I didn’t want that permanence,” he said, his voice barely above a breath. “I was still holding out…for this moment right here…”

My heart soared as if it had sprouted wings. I was convinced it would fly from my chest at any moment now. My stomach was anxious, but with something resembling butterflies instead of nausea. Surely this was all a dream that I had crafted from my own hopes and wishes. I had waken up too many times in a cold sweat after this very scenario had played out, realizing it was only a fabrication of what I wanted. 

“So…does that mean?” I whispered, scared of another question I obviously would need to ask. 

“I said I was mad at you, jagi,” Taehyung sighed. “I never said I didn’t love you anymore.”

I couldn’t help but allow a smile as I looked up to the handsome man encasing me. I leaned in and nuzzled my face softly into the crook of his neck. It felt like coming home after a long and terrible vacation. 

“I just don’t like you right now,” he continued. “I’ll get over it though…but we will need to have a nice long discussion over some Moomin and popcorn. We have to get your subconscious to shut up and stop checking the fancafe.” 

I rolled my eyes, not bothering to get up from his chest. “I know…I have a lot to work on to get used to Bangtan’s baggage.”

“Jimin said he had talked to you about that,” Taehyung chuckled. “We may come with a lot of baggage…but at least it’s like…Louis Vuitton baggage.”

“I’ll be ready this time,” I said softly. And I meant it. I wasn’t going to push Taehyung away ever again.

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But He Didn’t 1/2/3

GUYS I DON’T THINK YOU UNDERSTAND HOW HAPPY THOSE PROMO PHOTOS FOR 2X10 OF MAGNUS LUKE AND RAPHAEL MAKE ME. These characters are so incredibly amazing and deserve so much better than how they’ve been treated by others because some people feel that just because they’re downworlders that they don’t have to listen to them but these 3 are some of the most amazing, truly caring beings and I’m beyond elated that they’re getting more scenes, not to mention SCENES TOGETHER