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Can you write a imagine for me? "Of course I'm not afraid!" + fluffy + Jackson Wang. Thank you, have a nice weekend 💙

Lazying around in the apartment during the weekends is your favorite thing to do, especially if it is with your one and only, Jackson. It can range from watching dramas all day, or be in between the sheets all day. But of course, you enjoy every single thing you guys do together, and today, it is just another day of being in front of the television, watching dramas.

“Baby, want some popcorn? ” He shouts, as you hear shuffles coming from the kitchen. You snuggle into the couch to a more comfortable position, before answering.

“Yeah, sure.”

You watch the drama running, showing a scene of a couple on a romantic date, holding their hands and walking down the flowery garden path. You suddenly feel a dip on the couch and the sound of a bowl hit the table, before someone snuggles closer to your body.

“Ahh so warm…”

Jackson sighs and puts his body on top of yours, peppering your neck and face with small kisses, his hand wrapped around your waist. You can feel his body heat, because he is literally shirtless, right on top of you.

“This is nice,” you mumble and pull him closer.

“Yeah, having you here is nice. And being with you is so much better than alone,” he continues, smiling sweetly. His warm breaths hit your skin, making you tingle.

You are totally absorbed into the drama, not noticing that Jackson is staring at you.

“Y/N, let’s do something else. I’ve seen this for like a thousand times already,” he whines and pouts his lips to get your attention.

You turn your face towards him, before asking him in a cute voice.

“Okay, what do you want to do?”

“Let’s play a game! Rock, paper, scissors.” He says excitedly as he gets up, sitting next to you, legs folded.

You stare at him, giving him the ‘are you serious’ look. He wiggles his eyebrows before continuing.

“But, with a twist. The loser needs to compliment the other person, how about that?” He suggests, still pouting to appear cute to you.

“You know I can never say no to that cute face,” you mumble. His face lights up before he puts his hand at his back, already preparing for the game.

“Ready? Rock, paper, scissors!”

You stare at your hand, curled into a fist, and his hand making the scissors.

“Aha! I win, so what’s your compliment?” You shout in triumph.

He smirks before saying, “You look cute when you sneeze.”

“I don’t know if you’re being sarcastic or not, Jackson.”

“What? I’m serious okay? How dare you push my compliment away,” he furrows his eyebrows playfully, before you punch his arm lightly.

“Okay okay, thanks for the compliment,” you smile and tilt your head, putting your hand behind your back.

“Let’s continue. Rock, paper, scissors! ”

This time, he wins the round, making him giggle like a school girl, waiting for your compliment.

“I like your eyes. It’s expressive and beautiful, can’t help but to stare,” you say as you tilt your body forward, leaning in to look into his brown eyes, watching as his eyes dilate.

“Kyaaaah, you’re cute!” He exclaims happily, pinching your rosy cheeks before continuing the game.

“Now now, next round. Rock, paper, scissors!”

“Give me my compliment,” you happily chirp after winning.

“Don’t worry, I’ll never run out of compliments about you. Okay, this might sounds unbelievable but you always, I mean, always look beautiful, even though you just woke up with that nest hair, I find you breathtakingly beautiful every time I look at you.”

“Jackson…” you are touched by that compliment. He sounds so sincere and you do not even know what you did in your past life to deserve this loving man, admiring every single inch of your body and your personality.

“Aww don’t cry!” He quickly squish your cheeks, making cute expressions.

“Now, next round! Rock, paper, scissors!” He suddenly says, catching you off guard.

“I lose again?” You stare at the scissors in your hand.

“It looks like it. I’m waiting~” he chuckles, wrapping his arms around his broad chest.

“I love you,” you whisper, hiding a blush on your face. You look away from his face, completely facing the television.

“Love you too,” he pulls you into a hug and kisses your cheek.

“But I ask for a compliment, not a confession,” he raises his eyebrows, wanting the answer.

“I think you’re such a funny person, but at the same time, serious and considerate. I love that about you.” You answer shyly.

“Awww baby that’s sweet,” he hyperventilates and pulls you again into a hug and kisses your cheek.

He really loves pulling you into his embrace, kissing you all over, and saying I love you to your ear. He wants to remind you that you are important to him, and you meant the world. He loves feeling your skin, your curves, and traces on your facial features, even though sometimes you feel insecure about yourself, but Jackson never fails to make you feel like a queen.

“Okay now, let’s play something new. Take this popcorn and try to throw it inside my mouth. If you fail, you need to kiss me.
And vice versa,” he suggests again, smiling cockily.

“What exactly are you trying to pull here, Jackson?” You eye him suspiciously.

“Nothing babe…I just wanna spend some quality time playing games with my girlfriend who I love so much, is that wrong?” His expression turns sad, making you feel bad. You quickly hold his hands and squeeze it lightly.

“Just joking~ Come on, let’s continue,” you take the popcorn bowl and put it on your lap. You take one of the popcorn and aim to his mouth. He moves further from you, making the game more difficult.

“Okay, ready,” you say before throwing the popcorn to his mouth, in which, it fell to his lap, causing you to groan in disappointment.

Jackson puckers his plump lips, waiting for your kiss. You roll your eyes, and gives his lips a soft peck.

“Your lips is sweet,” he winks before taking a popcorn from the bowl on your lap, and aims it to your mouth.

“Okay, I’m going to throw this,” he says. Seconds later, you feel the popcorn being thrown to your forehead.

“Jackson! You did it on purpose aren’t you?” You get angry playfully, furrowing your brows together. He laughs with that high pitch laugh of his at your surprised reaction.

“Well, to be honest, I just want to kiss you,” he shrugs his head and closes the distance between both of you, as you feel his moist lips come in contact with yours.

He pulls away and giggles softly. You just roll your eyes at his cuteness, and slowly take your hand to his waist and tickle him, making him cringe and laugh like a maniac.

“Y/N, stopppp!!” He laughs loudly, his eyes shut tightly, and his hands trying to swat your hands away, in which, he is successful in doing so after a couple seconds of torture from you.

“Now Y/N, don’t play rough. You know I can be rougher,” he holds your hands on top of your head, and kisses your lips again, before winking at you, knowing exactly that you know what he meant by that.

“Whatever,” you mumble. Your cheeks are burning and your heart beat quickens.

He suddenly gets up from the couch, and turns off the television. You watch Jackson just in his sweatpants, walking to a shelf near the television, grabbing a box.

“Okay, now how about some board ga–oh my God!” He throws the box away on the floor, making you startled at his sudden shriek.

“What’s the matter?!” You jump from the couch, placing the bowl on the table and slowly tiptoeing to him. You eyes scan around the scene, until you finally see the reason behind his deafening shriek. He is frozen and glued to the wall.

“You’re afraid of spiders?” You are in shock to know that your muscular and athletic boyfriend is scared of a spider. You try to muffle your laugh by biting on your lips.

Of course I’m not afraid! Just surprised, you know. I can totally feel it’s hairy legs crawling on my skin, ugh disgusting,” he defends himself, still standing at the same spot, as he looks carefully around the box, before letting a relieved sigh and pick it up.

“Now, forget about that. Let’s play this!” He tries to change the topic, and quickly drags you to sit on the floor, as he takes out the snakes and ladder board. You smile mischievously at him, satisfied that you finally know his weakness that he tried to hide for so long.

“Okay, you throw the dice fir-why are you smirking? What are you planning huh?” He realizes you are smirking at him, an idea springs into your mind.

“The winner get to ask the loser to do anything, literally anything. Give me the dice, ” you take the dices from his hand, and throw them on the board.

“Deal! Let’s see who wins,” he smiles smugly, completely oblivious to what is in store for him.

Things I Write When I’m Bored

It’s done! Can you imagine, spending the day with Jackson, playing games, having fun? omg that’s my dream date right there

I hope you like it! <3

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Fandom: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Characters: Newt Scamander

Pairing: Reader X Newt Scamander

Notes/Warnings: Short but cute, methinks.

Word count: 787

Imagine: Imagine Newt overhearing you singing some of the creatures to sleep.

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Joe Sugg imagine ||Hit Part: 2||

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love your writing! when r u posting part 2 of “Hit”???


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THANK YOU FOR MAKING SO MANY IMAGINES ������������ p.s. Can you make a second part of hit )


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I just wanna say thanks so much for the imagine! It was so amazing! Part 2 maybe? �� thanks again though really appreciate it ��❤️

- - -

Part I:

- - -

The evening drifted on, Alfie had returned back to the house with Chinese food. You ate a little bit, having relaxed with Zoe, taken a shower and changed into something more comfortable – a pair of sweat pants from Zoe and a t-shirt that belonged to Alfie.

You were all sitting around the living room watching something on television – a TV movie you missed half of but could still grasp the simplified context. You tried ignoring your phone which you had placed on Do not Disturb while Joe continued to text, call and Face time request you.

You missed him so much, but you weren’t ready to speak to him, it took more than a few hours to get over how angry he had gotten over something as simple as a memory card and how he hit you.

“Joe’s calling me now.” Zoe spoke up showing Alfie and you were phone that displayed Joe’s name and picture for the caller ID.

“You can answer him if you want.” You shrugged, making a small face.

Zoey let the phone ring a couple more times before she answered; “Hello?” She said seriously. “Yes, she is here … But she doesn’t want to speak to you Joe and I don’t blame her.” Zoe as looking at her painted nails while she spoke to her little brother. “Maybe you should just leave her alone for a bit. People need time to think and you aren’t helping by constantly texting and calling you know.” She nodded to herself, obviously listening to Joe as he spoke. “I’ll let her know, okay – bye.” Zoe said, taking her phone from her ear.

You and Alfie were both staring at Zoe, waiting for her to speak; “He wanted me to tell you, he’s sorry, he loves you so much and he understands if you need some time.” She sighed.

“Thanks Zo.” You said lowly while she flashed you an sympathetic smile…

… The night wore and on and soon Zoe and Alfie went upstairs to bed, you decided to crash on the couch despite being offered a room, you were using Alfie’s macbook to do some minor edits to your channel and watch a couple videos of your friends.

You’re eyebrow arched seeing a (1) beside ThatcherJoe. “Youtube glitch.” You said in a whisper to yourself ignoring it and watching Tyler’s new video, liking organised subscription bar, you clicked on Joe’s channel to make the notification go away.

You froze, your finger hovering over the track pad, he had uploaded a new video not two hours ago; it was titled; “Things I love about (Y/Full name)” You heart dropped and fluttered at the same time.

Hesitating to click on you, you couldn’t stop yourself as you did the video loaded quickly and started, you watched Joe sitting on the bed, he looked deep off into though before zoning back in.

“Hi guys.” He waved with a bright smile, but is tone didn’t carry the same bubbly-naturalness it typically did. “As you can tell, this video is about (Y/N) and the things I love about her.” He smiled but a saddened expression washed over him and there was a jump cut.

“Her laugh,” Joe started, a counter on the bottle of the video counted up as he said things, “her smile, her bright (colour) eyes, the way her nose scrunches up when she’s laughing, how she always gets mad at me for leaving my dishes everywhere but still picks them up, how her fingers lace perfectly with my own, her soft lips, her ability to make me feel like the happiest guy on Earth with just a glance…” He carried on, his eyes becoming glassier and glassier as the list got longer thinking about you, 

“And, lastly – the best thing I love about her is that, she loves me.” He nodded, biting his bottom lip, tear escaped the corner of his eye, you could barely see it with the lightening on his face and that was how the video ended.

You were crying yourself, you sniffed, drying your eyes with Alfie’s t-shirt, you closed the macbook, staring into the darkness before you decided to get up, find your shoes and leave The Zalfie pad.

You walked the fifteen minutes back to the house you and Joe had rented for this holiday and you knocked at the door.

It unlocked and opened, you stared at Joe who stared at you, “you look horrible.” You said, seeing his shirt was wet, his eyes were puffed and red just like your own. “You look beautiful.” He admitted.

The Moon was bright this evening and the sky was clear allowing its light to shine down on the both of you. “Liar.” You whispered and he shook his head. “No matter what you’re beautiful to me.” He explained. “Let me dry those tears?” He whispered and you didn’t speak.

You felt his thumbs bushed against you cheeks and under your eyes wiping away the tears that happen fallen off your cheeks yet. “I’m so sorry.” He said in a tone very above a whisper.

“I know.” You nodded now, nesting the side of your face against his hand, embracing his touch again, “it’ll never happen again, I promise.” He said and you nodded. “I forgive you.” You flashed a small smile.

“I don’t deserve you.” He took his hand from your face and pulled you into a tight hug, rubbing your back slowly. “I love you so much.” He kissed the side of your head. “I love you, too.” You wrapped your arms around his middle…

- e.m.j.g

where do we find our angels?

we find them in sullen classrooms -
they giggle softly with the
glow of a thousand fireflies.

we never expect to find them there.

you will welcome them in the way you
welcome cool, supermarket breezes -
a freshness with wafts of familiarity.

you will build a nest within their arms.

when they do not see their own beauty
you will bring them all the orchids
that can fit on the back of a rabbit.

they will never deserve any less.

she is the sweetest of melodies,
the fruit in my ears,
and the warmest of tea in my soul.

I’m not a rodent. I don’t smell bad. I can be litter trained. I’m active and lovable and need structured playtime. I need someone who is willing to do all the work that comes with me. I’m fragile and sweet and so, so clever. Please don’t keep me outside, I can’t be warmer than 80 degrees for extended periods of time or I can get sick and die. Please don’t keep me alone, I need other ferret friends to play with. I’m sensitive to litter with dust because I’m prone to lung issues. I need a strictly all-protein diet, and the ferret food they sell in my aisle is bad for me. I only smell if you bathe me too often because my skin gets so dry, then overcompensates with natural oils [just like your skin does!] and that’s where that smell everyone talks about comes from. I actually groom myself very often. I can be taught tricks like “roll over” and “play dead” and anything you could teach a puppy. I like to climb and solve puzzles. I’m so clever, I’m actually an escape artist. I steal things, but only because I like to build nests. I take the same care and love that a toddler would require, so please don’t adopt me on a whim. I deserve more than being dropped off at a shelter because I was more than you bargained for. Anyway, look at me, I’m beautiful. ❤️

The Great ‘What If’ (Calum)


In less than a week I’d be on my way to college. Leaving my parents and town behind, and of course the rest of my barely existent life. My mum had been a constant ringing in my ears that never seemed to leave, I understand that she’s just trying to look out for me and make sure I have the best life possible. But when at times, I just wish she would let me take these next steps alone. 

My dad on the other hand, he was a little more relaxed about the whole leaving to a big place on my own. Surprising actually, considering he’s the same man who just last year refused to let me go to shopping with friends because he was afraid of me being kidnapped. I loved my parents, they had always been supportive of me, they gave me the life I deserved. But it’s time for me to leave and make the decisions myself.

“I just can’t believe you’re heading off to college.”  Turning my head, I met my mums gaze and she stood in the doorway, with arms folded and a smile on her face. 

“I know. It’s crazy, right?” I smiled

“I wouldn’t say ‘crazy. It’s just sad to watch you grow up so fast and fly the nest.” 


“I know, I know! You’ll be fine. It’s just, I’ve watched you grow and turn into this beautiful young woman, and now you’re leaving. I’m just trying to catch up, is all.” 

Wrapping my arms around my mum, she wrapped hers around me. The scent of her perfume lingered in my nostrils as I inhaled, exhaling immediately. With that she released me from her embrace, with her hands still holding my shoulders, she smiled once more. “So grown up.” 

Rolling my eyes, I stifled a laugh. I knew she meant well. But I was getting quite exhausted of hearing this whole growing up so fast thing. “I’m still the same girl I was last week, mum.”  

“I know, love. I’m proud of you.” Smiling, she left the room, taking one last look at me before blowing a kiss and leaving. 

Exhaling loudly, I looked over my room once more, making sure to have packed everything I needed for college. Which, was pretty much half of my room. 

The final Friday came, and it was time for me to leave. My parents had insisted on driving me there to say their final goodbyes. And of course I agreed, I owed them that much at least. Loading my stuff into the boot of the car, my mum already waiting in the shotgun seat. I stood with my dad as he looked up the sky, the sun was beaming down on us. The only day it hadn’t actually rained, and it had be the day I was leaving. 

“You all set, kid?” He smiled

Nodding yes, I smiled back to him. “Good. Now, I have a few little rules for you.” 

Rolling my eyes, I laughed. I knew this would come, I just thought it would have actually been a lot sooner than the day I was leaving. 

“Rule number 1. No boys in your dorm. Rule number 2. Do not smoke, I know kids your age think it’s rad, but lung cancer is not cool. and Rule number 3. Make sure you call us at least once a week, okay?”

“Dad.. Did you just use ‘rad’ in a sentence?” I laughed to myself. 

Raising his brows, he looked down to me with probably the most serious of looks he’s ever given me. 

“Okay, dad. I promise to follow your rules.” I flashed a smile. 

He pulled me into his arms, wrapping them around me ever so tightly. Placing a kiss on the top of my head. It all began to kick in, the not seeing my dad or hearing any of his corny jokes. Not hearing my mum hum her favourite songs as she washed the dishes or how she would open up my curtains every morning to wake me up. 

“Right, let’s get going then.” He said, releasing me from his arms. I took my place in the back of the car, leaning my head against the cold glass of the window. My mum turned her head from her seat to smile at me. Not a word escaped her lips, if I’m being honest I was expecting to hear that same old ‘grown up’ speech from her. But nothing. Not that I was disappointed of course. 

We reached the campus, the temperature felt a lot hotter here. But it was certainly bearable. My parents parked just a few feet away from my dorm, Room 12. We started to unload the car and carry the boxes of my belongings into my room, each step taken felt like I had more stuff than before. But with my parents helping it took less that 5 minutes to have everything in my room. It was definitely a lot smaller that I had imagined it to be. The walls painted a thick white, the plush carpet and two single beds on each side of the room. I was going to be living in a squared room for the next few years. 

I sat on the bed that for the next few years will be mine. My mum pulled up a suitcase full of my clothes, placing it on the drawers at the bottom of my bed. “I can unpack, mum.” I smiled. “You sure?” My dad was stood by the door, glancing around the room. He was ready to go. “Yeah, I’ve got it.” “Okay. Don’t just throw things in the drawers, fold them up, okay?” “Okay, mum.” I laughed.

“God, we’re going to miss you so much.” Pulling me into her arms, she wrapped them around me, refusing to let go. “I’ll miss you too.” I felt her arms slip from around me as she released me, leaving a kiss on my forehead.  My dad wasn’t much of a sentimental guy, but he did try. “You look after yourself, okay kiddo.” He pulled me back into his arms, rocking slightly as he said his goodbyes. “Will do, dad.” His aftershave filled my nostrils, knowing that it’s going to be a while until I see them again began to take over. I’m not gonna cry though, no way. 

“We love you.” My dad had his arms draped around my mums shoulders as they stood by the door, I could see my mum getting too emotional over this. “I love you too.” And with that they left, I watched them as they pulled out of the campus and took off down the long road. I sat outside of my dorm room door, admiring the 6 one-storey buildings, each had 16 dorms. They were all aligned in the shape of a hexagon, I watched as the boys and girls all hugged and greeted one and other. It hadn’t crossed my mind until now, that neither of my friends would be attending this college. It was up to me to make new friends, which isn’t something I’m the greatest at. With being awkward and shy, I found it difficult to keep a conversation going with pretty much anyone. 

Leaning my head back against the chair, I closed my eyes and let the gentle breeze cool me down from the scorching heat. I must have been sat there a good few minutes, because they sun had pretty much burnt my thighs. I looked at my watch, wondering when my roommate would be arriving, I remembered her name from the letter I had gotten weeks before I started. Marie Benson. I began to wonder what she would be like, whether she was shy and awkward like me, or was she more confident. 

I stood up from the chair, stretching my arms above my head as I tried to untangle the knots in my now sore back. Looking down at my burning red thighs, the sensation from them was bearable but still, it’s not even been a day and I’m already burnt. If this is what the weather is going to be like, then god help me. “You know, that’s why they invented sun cream.. But I’m just saying.” A voice echoed behind me as I had began to walk back into my dorm. 

“Sorry?” Turning round, I noticed a tall figure. A mess of brown hair on his head, wearing tight black jeans, and a matching black top. His brown eyes resembling those of the ones you see on small puppies.. So big and bright. Not to mention his perfectly chiseled jawline. Unbelievable. Are all the guys like that here. “I couldn’t help but notice your bright red thighs. They look sore.” He flashed a white toothed smile, I felt nervous under his gaze. “Oh. Yeah, it’s not bad. I’m used to it..”  Pursing his lips, he nodded. “Cool.. I’m Calum, by the way. I’m just in the dorm over there.” Pointing to the building across from mine, he smiled again. “Y/N. Nice to meet you.”  “Y/N.. Nice to meet you, too.” Smirking, he picked up the bag from the ground, throwing one strap over his broad shoulders. “See you around, Y/N.” With that, he walked towards a group of boys hanging around outside the dorm next to mine. 

I headed back into my dorm, waiting for the arrival of my roommate, taking a look around I entered the bathroom. Definitely smaller than the one back at home. With a standing shower, and a large mirror hanging on the wall. The walls were a little more colourful  than the ones in the room, but I could soon fix that with some posters. “God damn it.” A voice called from the room. Peering my head out of the bathroom, I spotted a short blonde girl, wearing a floral maxi dress, dragging a large pink suitcase into the room. As she looked up to meet my stare, she flashed a smile. “OH! You’re already here. Hi! I’m Marie.. You must be, Y/N.” “Hey..” I lightly chuckled as I watched her struggle to drag her suitcase in. “Need any help?” “Oh, no. I’ll be okay.” She smiled. Finally managing to get her suitcase in, she let it drop to the ground. As she fell to the mattress that lay on the oak bed frame. Her eyes glanced over the room, her face not looking so satisfied from the sight. “Well.. This is definitely something, huh?” 

I took a seat on my bed, remembering that I hadn’t even unpacked yet. But it was definitely too hot to be unpacking right now. Besides, there’s no rush. “Wow, you got sunburn already?” Looking back down at my thighs, I laughed. “Oh yeah.. It’s pretty hot out there.” Marie suddenly jumped up, rummaging through her suitcase, my brows furrowed as I watched her. “I know I have it in here somewhere..” She mumbled to herself. “Ah ha! Got it.” Handing me a bottle of after sun she smiled. “This should soothe it.” “Oh, thanks.” I smiled back. 

“So is this your first year?” Marie asked. “Uh, yeah it is.. Yours?” “Second” She beamed. “You’ll enjoy it here. It’s full of interesting characters. And I guess the classes aren’t too bad.” She continued. Unpacking all of her clothes, she folded them gently, making sure to avoid creasing anything. “I wish they had wardrobes.. My dresses should not be in drawers. It’s madness.” I figured I should start to unpack my stuff too, Marie was definitely a lot different to me. She seemed a lot more girly than me. Of course I wore dresses, but I wore a lot of jeans and shorts. And I loved my hoodies far too much. But in this heat, I’m starting to think there was no chance of me ever getting to wear them. 

I pulled out a few posters of some of my favourite bands, hanging them on the wall beside my bed. Marie looked up from her clothes, flashing a smile as she rushed to my side. “You like them too?! Omg, finally someone with decent taste in music.” I looked to her as a smile plastered on my face, grateful that I had a roommate with the same taste in music as me. “See, I would never had guessed you listened to this sort of music…” I laughed. “Because I look like a Barbie wannabe? I get that a lot. I’ll tell you now, Y/N. I’m full of surprises.” 

With everything finally unpacked and put away, I lay back down on my bed. The fresh sheets were cold, it was just the matter of how long that would last in this temperature. Marie was stood in the bathroom fixing up her hair and makeup. With only knowing her for a few hours, I think I like her. She’s definitely someone I can see being the boost I need in life. She’s lively without being too ditzy. She came back into the room, pulling out a few books from her bag, placing them on the shelf above her bed. “I like to read quite a lot.” She said. My eyes shifted to her, and the books on the shelf. “You have an interesting collection. Robert Frost.. He has some great poems.” Smiling to me, she nodded in agreement. “You know your stuff, Y/N. I like it.” She headed towards the door, leaving it open as she walked out. I sat on the edge of the bed, confused to where she had just gotten to. That was until her voice called from down the hall. “You coming?” Jumping up from the bed, I followed her out of the dorm, she headed across to the other side of the campus, towards the dorm that Calum had said was the one he was staying in. 

She knocked on one of the dorm room doors, smiling at me. “Come in!” A voice bellowed from inside the room. As we walked in, I spotted Calum with his feet up on his bed, he had posters hanging from his walls. It appears that he was the only one to have this room, I found it a little odd at first. But didn’t bother to ask anything. His eyes met mine, as he smirked again. “Hello, Y/N.. So you’ve met Marie then?” Nodding, I looked to Marie who stood looking slightly confused. “You two know each other?” She asked. “Um, No. I met him earlier outside our dorm.” I replied. Widening her eyes, she nodded, sitting down on the bed across from Calum. 

Calum handed Marie a pack of cigarettes as she handed him some money. “Thank you brown eyes.” She chuckled. I stood awkwardly by the door as they both lit a cigarette, inhaling it deeply before exhaling again. “Do you smoke, Y/N?” Marie asked. “No.” I replied. “Good, don’t.” Calum laughed. I took a seat beside Marie as she talked back and forth with Calum, I wasn’t paying much attention but I caught a few words about some other students here. “He’s gonna get kicked out.” Marie said. “Nah, he’s definitely sneakier than they think.” Calum replied. 

An hour had passed, Marie was finally ready to leave. She pushed Calum’s shoulder as she held the door open. “Come on then, Y/N.” She smiled. Looking back to Calum, he was still flashing that smirk at me. “See you later, Y/N.” He looked me up and down, licking his lower lip. “See ya,” I replied. Following Marie out, we headed back to our dorm. “You’ll like Calum. I met him last year, we started at the same time. He knows this place like the back of his hand.” She beamed about him. “Yeah?” “Yeah. He seems to like you, Y/N…” She winked at me. 

I looked back before entering the dorm, seeing Calum stood outside his dorm he waved to me. I could just make out his face, but with it being dark it was pretty much a silhouette that I could see. 

“Hmm.” I muttered to myself. 

Hellooooo! So basically, I’m gonna start writing a little mini series about Calum in college. It’s going to be full of like adventures, trouble and problems. This is the first part, I’m sorry if it’s too long or maybe it’s not long enough? But anyway, this is just the beginning of it, so that’s why Calum isn’t mentioned as much! But he will be the main part of this as well as Y/N.  

Let me know what you think! If no one likes it, then I won’t carry it on! Haha. So just let me know :) I appreciate it. 

Thanks for reading!

Love youuuu xo. 


“I’ve seen you cry way too many times, when will you decide to be alive?”

The party was going quite well. All of Solana’s family members and friends had arrived, and were enjoying the beautiful evening. Her little cousins were swimming in their pool while her uncles and aunties were playing a game of bid.

With everyone having a good time, Solana was still distraught from what occurred earlier with her mother. Older relatives had congratulated her on her success, but she couldn’t even grasp what was happening because of her gloomy mood. All she could do was blame Monica Rowe.

This wasn’t the first time this happened between the two of them. The comments that were dished out towards Solana were nothing compared to the time she was thirteen years old coming from a dance recital.

The crowd roared as the ballerinas bowed and walked off the stage gracefully. They had just performed their first recital for the season. Every girl that participated had done an amazing job, at least that’s what their Coach Maria told them. All the hard work and dedication they illustrated was shown in their performance tonight, and that’s what made the routine perfect.

Everyone had left but Solana. Her legs kicked back and forth at a steady pace, while she sat on one of the concrete steps. Monica was always late to pick her up from practices, but tonight she’d thought for once Monica would prove her wrong.

She didn’t.

Solana couldn’t even be mad at her because she’s the one that got her hopes up, not Monica. But was it so wrong for thinking that on this one night things could change?

“Where’s your mother niña?”

“I don’t know..”

Solana had mumbled that to herself quietly while sulking in her own embarrassment.

Maria’s car keys jingled while she took a seat next to her. This had became a routine for both of them. Maria would ask the obvious question about Solana’s mother’s whereabouts before she sigh and take a seat next to her on the concrete steps. Sometimes no words would be spoken between the two. They would both just stare at the moonlight while their minds roamed with endless thoughts. It never bothered Solana that they wouldn’t talk because the company of someone else would be just enough for her.

“I know I told you and all the other girls this earlier, but Lana you did an amazing job tonight. I’m proud of you niña.”

Maria brushed away some of Solana’s curly thick tresses out of her line of vision. She glanced at Maria while a small tear droplet had escaped from her tear duct.

“Solana why are you crying sweetie?”

Her lips trembled as she tucked her bottom lip between her front teeth. She didn’t know why she was crying, or she just didn’t want to explain her reason to Maria. She had never had anyone tell her that she made them proud. For once in her life she felt worthy. She felt like she was actually loved by someone else other than her grandma. Maria saying she was proud of her was one of her biggest achievements in life, and one day she hoped her mother, Monica, would say the same thing too.

Monica had arrived fifteen minutes later after the heart-to-heart moment Maria and Solana shared. The car ride home was awkward and silent. Solana wanted to ask her mother where she was tonight and why she would miss this important evening, but she knew better than to question her.

“Sorry I couldn’t make it tonight. My boss had me work overtime. You understand right Lana?”

Her face scrunched up as lines grew on her forehead. “You understand right?” No she didn’t understand and she was dumbfounded on why her birth giver would think she would be okay with it.

“Actually mama I don’t understand. You know how hard I worked my butt off for this night? I didn’t do it for me but for you mama! And you wasn’t even here to see it because of your god damn job!”

Her nostrils flared up while her body temperature rose. She was on fire. It wasn’t because of this one night that she missed, but for everything she had missed in her life. Solana was fed up and felt her mother should hear how she felt.

“Look at who thinks they’re all grown now. You cursin’ at yo mama? Have you lost yo rabbit ass mind girl? You lucky I’m drivin’ right now.”

“I don’t think I’m grown. I’m still a child that needs her mother, but you can’t see that. All you care about is your job. That’s why daddy left us! All because of you mama!”

The tears were flowing like a river. Her eyes were now berry beat red. The pain and sorrow her poor broken heart endured showed on her baby face. Solana’s father had called a divorce on Monica when she was 5 years old. She never knew the reason why her parents were separated, but she surely blamed Monica for it. She’s the blame for everything else wrong in her life, so her father not being in the picture had to also be her fault too.

The car had come to a sudden halt because of the red light that was appearing on the traffic signal. Her heart was racing rapidly as she tried to get ready for the words her mother was about to say. But nothing in this world could brace her for what Monica had said to her.

“You wanna know why your daddy left us baby?”

Her voice was calm. Too calm for Solana. The only response she could make was a simple head nod.

“He left us because he didn’t want me or your ugly fat ass! The truth hurts Solana. Since you wanna talk ta me like a grown woman, you’ll get talked ta like a grown woman.”

Her lips trembled vigorously as she blinked a few dozen times, tears impairing her vision. She wasn’t mad because of what her mother said, but the reasoning why her father left them.

“That’s not true mama! Stop lyi-lyin’ ta me!”

“It’s true baby girl, deal with it.”

Now being eighteen years old, Solana dealt with it like her mother commanded. While dealing with it, she suffered from bulimia for 5 months until her grandma noticed the weight loss. It took all of her might to tell someone about what was happening, but luckily she made it through.

She snapped out of her reminiscent nightmare when her cousin Mackenzie announced that her cute boyfriend was finally here.

“I don’t have a boyfriend Kenzie.”

“Uh huh! He’s standing behind you silly.”

A strong pair of arms wrapped around her waist. His face nuzzled in between her neck as she let a couple of giggles escape from her lips.

“Ya stink girl.”

Her smile quickly faded. In one swift motion, she turned around to slap the back of his head.

“Shut up stupid.”

“Hit me again and see what happens and fix me some ta eat.”

She rolled her eyes as she began making her way to the kitchen. She easily moved pass relatives that were too occupied in conversation to notice her presence. The food her mother prepared was spread out on the granite counter tops. She grabbed a plate for August and began putting food on it that she knew he would devour without second guessing it.

With his filled plate in hand she started looking for him, but didn’t find him in the kitchen nor the living room. The only place she could think of was her bedroom. She reached for a fork and a bottle of water to drink before heading upstairs. Pass the threshold of her room, she noticed his gold colored Foamposites were planted on her pink rug. The game was on and it made sense why he didn’t want to be around anybody else. Knowing him, he probably put a bet on the game.

“Here and don’t get food on my bed August.”

“I hear ya. Thank ya tho’.”

“I hear ya. Now move over.”

She giggled as August smacked his lips together. He moved over allowing Solana to get a space on the bed. Her feet were bare instead of being covered in heels. She was comfortable now thanks to his presence and loved every second of it.

“How was yo day today?”

August put down his plate as he gave her his undivided attention.

“Cool I guess.”

Her eyes shifted from August to the game being played on the flat screen. She slipped into her favorite pose as her front teeth tucked away her bottom lip.

“We not doin’ this shit today Lana. Like on some real shit. Now how was ya day?”

“It fuckin sucked okay! My mom hates me and my body. And ya know what? I’m okay with that.”

A small laugh came from her end as unexpected tears began to slip down her cheeks. The thought of pleasing her mother seemed to no longer weigh on her. She could only do so much without breaking down, and she finally broke down. Knowing that she tried was enough for her.

“I’m proud of you. Ya know I don’t like ya mama but I tolerate her for you. You have a beautiful body and ya mama doesn’t hate you. She got her own problems so she tries to bring you down with her.”

“Thanks Auggie. I’m done cryin’ and I deserve to live my life how I want. Shit, I have a full ride to college and a great person to go with me.”

“That’s my freckles.”

August wore a proud smile on his face as Solana wiped her tears away and mirrored his expression. They were both leaving for school tomorrow, and they were both stoked. Not because they were leaving the bird’s nest, but because of the new beginnings they would be sharing together as one.

If Solana’s mother didn’t love her as her, then she was the one missing out on a great human-being.

Not Solana.