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To be honest, you were the first non-bot blog on here who has followed me and I was just scrolling through your blog, in amazement and wondering how???? You're such an amazing, kind, and incredibly talented person. Thank you so much for following me. I feel so blessed to see all your amazing artwork, and I can't wait to see more. Once again, thank you! And please, have a nice day!~ ♡♡♡♡

this made me smile so much thank you ahh!!!

Thank you so much for 11k on here.

I tried to record a video for a more personal expression of gratitude but after 23 tries, I just decided to make yet another text post.

Seriously though, it means so much to me a lot of different reasons. I’m always…shocked that people think I’m worthy of their time. I’m shocked that people even talk to me, that people like my stuff…I don’t know what I did to deserve it but I’m so damn grateful.

You’ve impacted my life in ways I can’t begin to describe and I love you with every fiber in my being. At this point I’m sure it sounds ridiculous or fake but I assure you that it’s not. You bring a smile to my face every damn day and that’s something I can always look forward to.

I’ve always struggled with finding something I’m decent at, with something I love with everything that I am and honestly, if it weren’t for this website - if it weren’t for you guys - I never would have known that editing makes me so happy. I never would have known that this is something I burn for and if things hadn’t gone the way they did, I’d still be lost, wondering if I’d ever find my passion.

Thank you for letting me make things for you guys. Thank you for talking to me, for dealing with me, for following me…Whether you’ve been here for a long time or just got here. I hope I am able to make you guys smile and laugh!

Ahhh tysm ilysm!!! =^•W•^=💕💕💕💕

Thank you guys so much I just hit 1.1k and I live every single one of you more than I can express thank you so much I still want to do blog rates (maybe this weekend??) But I’ve been putting it off TYSM THOUGH ILY ALL SO MUCH MORW THAN WORDS CAN EXPRESS YOU AR ALL AMAZING AND DESERVE THE WORLD ILYSM!! =^•W•^=💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

I HIT THE 100!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




im sorry i cand do an art raffle or anything like that Q_Q but mabey one day i can!!!!!!!

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i dont deserve you guys but thank you soooooooooooooo much!!!!!!!!!!

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honestly i ship hamliza purely because eliza is lovely and wanted to be with alexander and loved him. she did deserve far better, but she also deserved who she loved, and she loved alexander. she DIDNT deserve to be alone.

Honestly, this is me too.

I want her to have who she loved and wanted. Like, that’s where my heart is.

I love her so much and so much more than I’ll ever love him.  But she wanted him, so he comes with her story.

And, also, you know, it’s interesting to find all the ways that he wasn’t this ultra terrible husband because I don’t want her to have put up with constant awful shit.  Did she have to put up with a lot? Yes!  But it was not all bad.  And she never described her marriage that way, and she had many years to reflect.  And I think it’s important to recognize that, too.  They were married for almost 24 years.  I don’t think either, at the end, were thinking of anything bad.  Instead, they were remembering that most of it was probably really fucking good.

I have remarked to you that I have had a double share of blessings


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You seem really cool!! 😊 I love seeing your posts, even though I'm usually too shy to say anything -.-' lol!!

I will be honest, reading all of these brought literal tears to my eyes to the point that I actually did end up crying for a good minute or two. I just, I just HNNNNNNNNN

ndkjdbhabdsb hbad You guys are such sweet and wonderful people that I just jbdhbdhbdcabdhkbd I AM AT A LOSS OF WORDS OF WHAT TO EVEN SAY ;w;w;w; 

I’m probably the absolute worse person to be around and you guys are so amazing and sweet and yet, here you all are still being as amazing and wondrous as ever  ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ Please, never stop being amazing wondrous people, okay? You all deserve so much to showcase just how beautiful you all are  ❤ 

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU so much for being so kind, sweet, and awesome! I honestly don’t deserve such lovely words coming from you all, let alone kindness ;; How you all are able to tolerate my stupidity and awkward moments is way beyond me and yet, here you are, still standing at my side and being as awesome as ever ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤  

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ I love you all ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤   

Hugs and kisses and all the love for you beautiful peeps  ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

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Aww! Thank YOU for making this blog and sharing your passion with us. I'm so glad you decided to make edits and share them. You're a wonderful person and I wish you the best in your life, Lumi. Congratulations on 11k, you deserve many more followers.

Thank you so very much, sweetheart! <:D
Ngl…I’m happy things went this way, too. Things would be so much different and not in a good way, I think.

You’re a wonderful person too, and I wish you get everything good in your life <3

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Is the rating going to go down since everybody is watching them now not on Sunday .

Reddy said the difference in people watching when it aired was minimal when she posted things early, and when she didn’t. A few hundred might watch online, but a few million are watching on TV. 

There are other things keeping the show afloat, like merchandise. Sooooo much merchandise…
And this is also the last season, so it’s not like the show will be cancelled if we watch online.

All the same, I do think this show deserves the highest ratings possible, just because it’s awesome!
So for anyone with cable who can watch it when it airs, I would still encourage you all to do so. Let’s have the ratings reflect how much we love this show! 

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Rules: List ten of your favorite people from ten different fandoms and then tag ten people!

1. Abby Griffin, The 100

Look, I’ve got a tattoo in honour of this powerhouse of a woman, now; there’s no topping her (unless, of course, you’re Marcus Kane - ayyy~). She has literally changed my life with all of the compassion and courage that she represents, and I owe Paige Turco an enormous debt for bringing her to life (and also for bringing so much of herself to the character, making everything feel so damn honest and true).  

2. Assumpta Fitzgerald, Ballykissangel

This little Irish show from the nineties will never have the following it deserves, but it - along with the incredible character of Assumpta - came to me at exactly the right time and brought so much healing to parts of me I didn’t even know were hurting. Assumpta is a contradiction of sharp and soft, challenge and compassion; and her relationship with Peter Clifford is one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen.

3. West, Emerald City

This one is very, very new, but oh my god. Ana Ularu as Tarsem Singh’s brothel-owning, bisexual, opiate-addicted, Joan-Jett-esque reimagining of the Wicked Witch of the West is somehow the purest, most honest thing I’ve seen onscreen lately. It took me all of five seconds to adopt her???

4. Bathsheba Everdene, Far From the Madding Crowd

I want to personally thank Thomas Hardy for writing such a clever, fickle, independent, playful, girlish, intelligent, hard-working, and real woman who owns her own damn farm and learns from her mistakes - all the way back in 1874.  

5. Leia Organa, Star Wars

Resilient, spunky, and played by my ever-reigning queen Carrie Fisher. You feel me?

6. Margaery Tyrell, Game of Thrones

Listen to me when I say we could have had it allllllllllllll. Clever, compassionate, knew how to play the game… lost anyways. But she still has my heart.

7. Zoe Morgan, Person of Interest

Speaking of knowing how to play the game - here, we have our second appearance by Paige Turco on this list, and for good reason: my personality frequently flips between the more melancholy Abby and this absolute queen of coy, Miss Zoe Morgan. Close friends know that when Zoe Mode™ is engaged, there’s mischief afoot.

8. Eowyn, Lord of the Rings

My original womancrush: the ethereal, broken beauty with a blade. Thoroughly shaped my youth. I once had a babysitting charge look up at me and say “hey, you kind of look like her” and I honestly still have not recovered.

9. The Tenth Doctor, Doctor Who

I’ll be real, I was very, very tempted just to put “every role David Tennant has ever played” because I mean - Alec Hardy?? Single Father?? The man can do no wrong, and knows exactly how to get under my skin. He plays every role with grace and heart, and the philosophies of this particular Doctor strike home (despite Matt Smith actually being my first Doctor and also very close to my heart). A side note - dear god, someone please get him and Henry Ian Cusick to work together on something??

10. Anya, Anastasia

Annnnd last but not least - the single most formative character (and pairing) of my life. This sassy secret princess steered me towards my first sincere interest in historical research, shaped my interests, and continues to guide my taste in men. Doesn’t hurt that she’s also a blue-eyed redhead like myself, ay?

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here's a positive ask! A reminder how great you are as a person and how much I appreciate seeing you in my dash. Thank you ☀ lots of love xXxx

I don’t know if you realize how great of a person you are and how much you mean to me. I really don’t deserve all the nice things you say to me. I haven’t been feeling the greatest lately, but somehow all your kind words make me so happy!! My day always becomes so much better when I see your posts!! We don’t talk as much as we should!! You’re a gift to the world, love!! Thank you so much!! Have an amazing day 💜

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Get some good strong rest, friend. You deserve it. It got especially horrible today, but you can rest soundly and proudly, because you won. You're alive, and you are victorious. Not even the horrors of today could keep you down. You're such an inspiration. I think I'll keep living too, because you've shown me it can be done. That these fights can be won. Turns out I'll live another day because of you, once again. Thank you so, so much. I'm so proud of you. Stay safe, stay alive, and stay street.

These words made me cry?! Thank you so much, friend. It means a lot the fact that you wrote all of those kind words to me. Thank you for caring and for being here. And yeah, I could rest a little bit and today I’m feeling a little bit better. And now, reading your messages, I’m feeling even better.

And geez, thank you for staying, friend. This means so much. The fact that I could show you something good?! Geez, it means the world because all I want is to see you guys safe and happy. 

Anyway, hope you are okay and having an amazing day. Stay safe <3

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Zutara and Lokane

send me a ship and I’ll give you my (brutally) honest opinion on it

zutara: ohr hgjhjk. oahrstdghyj fd fdgf .. oh mygf.dsa..d…?? they’re perfect, there’s nothing wrong with them at all. power couple to the extreme. they’re ridiculously perfect for each other, and they deserved so much better


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CONGRATS LUMI!! 🎉 I'm so happy for you! You completely deserve it. You have so much talent and brighten so many people's days by being here. Mine included❤️ WE LOVE YOU DUDE!!!


There are others way more deserving but I am so grateful that you guys continue to give me a chance - it means a lot to me!

You guys make my days brighter and I love you all so dang much <3

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Ello Ollie! My name is Spoops the spoopy ghost! I was sent from Tet to wish you a happy 2k followers! They hope you will grow to be a much greater artist as more and more people find you! You are a great person and you deserve all the people who find you! Hope I will be sent again to talk to such a great person! - Spoops & Tet


I’m so proud of akmu they have so much talent in them and they have come so far and they seem like genuinely nice people. They bless the fans so much. So many live steams and when they’re singing in them and it’s PERFECT like stan talent you guys. Their English is so good and they will say things so international fans won’t feel left out. Angels that we don’t deserve honestly.

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We're dropping in the poll. Don't slack now kru just because we have a big lead. We have to KEEP this lead. If we slack now they have lots of time to easily catch up. Keep voting, clexa/lexa deserves this so much.

Come on Clexakru, we cannot stop voting until the poll closes so please, make sure to vote as much as you can. Remember to check the green checkmark to secure that your vote is counting.


We cannot drop much anymore, so make sure to follow the power hours and vote all you can.

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hey no but getting serious for a second i love you all so much like i really, cant believe how youre all willing to support me its overwhelming and incredibly kind and i dont deserve it on any level but thank you so much i really. appreciate it.

How LGBT in Russia are treated

In Russia, there are groups that purposely find “outed” LGBT people and groom them, make them think that they are more people who accept and love them.

They are not.

These people track down the person they have targeted and beat them.

They attack and brutally savage these people.

LGBT are often beaten to death during this. Some are shot execution-style.

Nobody stands up. Not even authority. The groups that do this get away with it. Barely ever are they charged.

These people commit MURDER and get away with it.

The POLICE are involved in these groups. People who are there to protect you and help you are threatening you with injury and death.

I unfortunately know of these fucking hateful and disgusting acts because my brother was murdered by one of these bastards.

Beaten to death and left in public, in a humiliating pose which makes me sick to this day.

I was five when I heard he died. Imagine that, you’re told your sibling is dead, and you’ll never see them again. At five.

Imagine your brother being the only support you had, because you also liked boys, and didnt understand it. And hes gone. You also have to worry about that happening to you.

Imagine thinking nobody in your country likes you, they want you to die.

Yeah, thats LGBT Russians.

Vladimir Putin, you horrible, bastard of a man. Get your country together and solve this bullshit.

I’ve never read a book that treated its characters with more tenderness, generosity, and sympathy than Benjamin Sáenz’s Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe. Even when the characters don’t think they deserve it, especially when the characters don’t think they deserve it, the narrative holds out cupped hands full of love and patiently waits for them to take it. It makes my heart ache so much; it’s a book that genuinely makes me aspire to be a kinder person.