you deserve so much more airtime

Why do you give haters airtime???

I just don’t understand… I see so many of you leaving your ask boxes open and responding to so many inane hateful messages. Why?????

Your ask box, your blog, your power. The minute you publish a hateful message, no matter how eloquent, sarcastic, or funny your reply, you’ve just handed over power to this person who doesn’t deserve it.

To be fair, I hardly even respond to the lovely, kind messages I get cause responding kind of overwhelms me altogether, but why waste you energy on attention seekers and rude people?

And honestly, sometimes it just feels like watching two people cry for attention. One crying “look how mean I can be!!!” And the other going “look how mean people are to me!!!!” Just why??

Idk… I respond every now and again if I think an important point needs to be made, but mostly they’re just not worth it.

Keep your asks open, invite people for dialogue, but I highly recommend you just delete the rude ones. The person who sends a hateful message does not deserve the energy it takes to respond. The delete button is so much faster. They don’t deserve the air time on your personal blog or on the dashes of people who follow you. Nor do their words deserve to resonate in your heart or mind.

I mean, do whatever gives you peace … publishing these just seems to generate more anxiety, hate, and sadness. Which I wish there were less of in this world.

Rant over… love to you all.

I made a petition for Nickelodeon to get their act together. Legend of Korra is an amazing and beautiful show that deserves so much more respect than it is currently getting now. Nick takes it for granted. And since there’s really no way we can move the show to another network, I thought we could try to give a voice to our fandom! Feel free to send this to everyone you know and do anything to get this petition out there. The goal is to get enough signatures so it will be noticed by Nick. It seems a bit of a stretch, but with the new trailer reaching 1,000,000+ views in just three days, I have hope. Thanks!