you deserve so much more airtime

Hi everyone. 😭 this is my parting post I guess you could say. I probably won’t be posting much until CBB. I just want to give my love and thanks to all my followers and friends that I made this season.

I entered the tag new and quite honestly, a more causal viewer. Thank gosh I joined because otherwise the truth is overlooked and things aren’t shown as they should be.

The journey to this season finale was tough and tiring, but the ending was truly legendary. Josh deserved the win and I’m so happy for him. I wish Dom had got AFP but that was proven to be too difficult since she got little airtime :-(

This summer and past month have been so fun and relaxing and like a break from reality. The tag really felt like a community and I’m so thankful that I could be a part of it.

I love all of you guys so much. Thanks for being a part of such a great summer. The BBmafia games, the gates, you guys using my gifs, hating on my choice of Dasani water ….

And with that I bring you my final gif of the bb19 tag.

Love you at so many people. I can’t wait for CBB!! @anybody-want-cakes @bblunatic @bbstan @bugguhl @bbad-orwell @flopkingbb @cjcdeeezy @dayslostson @davonnebb @danielles-curls @dominiquecoper @davonnelickey @hoh-robe @huntyhex @tahny-lew @vanessacries @inverted-spine @jackie-ibarras @johnnyxmac @lets-talk-tv @messypotatoqueen @momma-day @mrjenkins-4-allstars @marieikawong @natalieskicks @nomination-wheel @pandorasbox15 @queensbb19 @ravenexposedparty @ravenspacemaker @shaolinbynature @sirdippinghotsauce @sexologii @underratedtim @whats-up-whats-the-issue @whats-bb19

I made a petition for Nickelodeon to get their act together. Legend of Korra is an amazing and beautiful show that deserves so much more respect than it is currently getting now. Nick takes it for granted. And since there’s really no way we can move the show to another network, I thought we could try to give a voice to our fandom! Feel free to send this to everyone you know and do anything to get this petition out there. The goal is to get enough signatures so it will be noticed by Nick. It seems a bit of a stretch, but with the new trailer reaching 1,000,000+ views in just three days, I have hope. Thanks!