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YAYYYYY IT'S TIME TO SEND MUSHY STUFF LIKE WE WERE TOLD TO THAT ONE TIME *rubs hands together* How would (separate) Papyrus, Napstablook and Mettaton react if their s/o sent them a heartfelt original poem about their love and other feelings for them via an old-fashioned, hand-written letter?~


The moment the letter catches his eye, he bursts into the house screaming at Sans about how he’s received his first bit of fanmail. Finally, his fanbase is rearing it’s head!! He’s going to read this at once, for all to hear of his coolness!!

Dear Papyrus--” Wowie, this handwriting looks familiar! He must know this Anonymous Fan. “Allow me to describe some complex feelings to you. Feelings like love, adoration, contentment, wholehearted dedication–

Oh. Ohmygod. Sans do you know what this is. It’s a love letter!! He’s received an anonymous love letter!!! Ohmygod!! Ohmygod!!! It takes a little bit of hinting from Sans for Papyrus to finally put the dots together.

That adorable handwriting. The sweet scent, undeniably like that perfume you wear sometimes. The gentle, incredible way you word things, nearly identical to the way this letter is written!! You wrote him this letter!!! Ohmygod!!! A. A. A. A. A.

He’s torn between immediately confronting you about it, before he realizes. No!! This must be handled delicately!!! You are obviously trying to surpass him in Dating, & he has never been beaten–except maybe once before. For a gift like this, he must write you something in return!!!!

Ahem. “Dear Incredibly Anonymous Sender…”


When they see the letter sitting on their desk, they think it might be a bill at first. They don’t get a lot of mail, since most of it goes to Mettaton, but…

They open it anyway. It smells nice, like flowers. Oh. They recognize your handwriting. Did you write this for them? That’s nice. Then they read it.

Oh. Oh no. This is so sweet. You really like them that much? You really think they’re cool? They’re not that great. They don’t think they deserve this much, but…it definitely makes them happy. It’s a very nice gift, thank you so much.

They set it down after a moment, unable to hide the tiny smile on their face. They don’t know what to do to make it up to you, but they’ll think of something. For now, they’re happy. 

They love you, a lot. & they’re happy you love them, too.


When he sees it, he thinks it’s just another letter from one of his adorable fans. But then he opens it, & instantly the smell of roses overwhelm him. What’s more, he recognizes that handwriting. It’s yours.

He’s shocked. He doesn’t know how to react, as he reads the letter, letting it all soak in. The way you describe your love for him, like a poet to their muse, makes his circuits buzz & his SOUL tremble. Your words are carefully picked, dripping with all the drama & romance that he adores so much. You did all this for him. You love him this much.

He doesn’t even get to the end before he’s putting in an order for a private table at his fanciest establishment for you both that evening, following it up with a personal visit to your workplace to greet you–a specialty-made bouquet/chocolate order of all your favorites in hand. 

You spoiled him, now it’s his turn.

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I see you have a absense of the DR1 gals. How about starting short yet sweet, S/O (gender neutral if possible) getting them the gift they hoped for their birthday? If for some reason you don't want to do DR1 girls, V3 gals is fine.

Of course! They deserve more love so here you are :3

DR1 Girls receiving birthday presents from S/O

Kyoko Kirigiri:

- You thought long and hard what she could possibly want

- But she wasn’t making it obvious in any way

- So after long extremely subtle tries you finally manages to find a perfect gift

- “Kyoko - chan! Happy birthday, here here!”

- You hand her a small box with a purple ribbon

- She gives you a questioning look but gently unwraps it only to find a bottle of perfume

- “Blueberry?”

- “It’s your favourite isn’t it? I know it’s kind of expensive but you really liked it so-”

- She puts a finger on your lips before you can finish and smiles

- “It’s perfect, thank you”

Toko Fukawa:

- You asked her who her favourite author was

- And then you just kinda went down that route

- You got her, her favourite book with the author’s signature and a bouquet of cherry blossom roses

- “Here, Toko - chan!”

- “E-Eh? For m-me?”

- “Of course! It’s your special day afterall”

- She just starts giggling to herself and mumbling before gladly accepting

- “Hehehe S/O… Y-You must have…”

- At this point she hugs herself


- You just kinda stand there, a blush forming on your face 

Sayaka Maizono:

- You had no idea what to get her

- I mean, she’s an idol right? What did she not have?

- You finally decided to settle on an origami set and chocolates

- Once you were handing it to her you felt kind of dumb and expected her to hate it

- But boy were you wrong

- “NO WAY! This is exactly what I wanted!”

- Instantly runs over and gives you a hug

- “H-Huh?”

- “S/O - san/kun! How did you know? You really are the best!”

- Literally jumping with joy

Aoi Asahina:

- You were hesitant at first

- Would getting her a new swimming costume be.. Appropriate?

- You finally settled on getting her a box of her favourite doughnuts and an invitation to go shopping

- When she sees the box her jaw drops

- “Seriously? For me? Like, all of them?”

- You nod and hand her the box

- “I’d also like to invite you shopping, I thought you’d like a new swimming costume”

- “S/O ( - chan), how did I find someone as amazing as you?!”

- You let out a little laugh before offering your hand to her

- “Shall we go then?”

- She nods enthusiastically 

Sakura Oogami:

- You’d ask her what she want but she always told you that as long as you’re there it’s enough

- You however, wanted to treat her

- So you got the best protein shakes on the market

- Additionally, you got her a premium membership card on the gym

- As soon as she opened the gift her lips formed a smile

- “You shouldn’t have…”

- “Don’t say that! You deserve that, and much more… I just couldn’t find anything else!”

- She laughs before pulling you into a semi-death hug

Celestia Ludenberg:

- You didn’t really have a lot of money seeing as you kept losing it whilst gambling with her

- But you had enough for a new set of playing cards

- And a rose whip

- You managed to find a black decorative ribbon which you were super proud of

- “Oh? Ready to lose more money?”

- “Actually… No. This is for you”

- You hand her the gift and wait as she unwraps it

- “Hmm… This present… Not quite A Class but I’d say it’s a strong B”

- “Wh- Don’t tease me!”

- She lets out her little laugh as she walks over to you and plants a soft kiss on your lips

Junko Enoshima:

- You were stressing

- What could you possibly get her?!

- More importantly, how could you keep it secret from her, she knows like… Everything!

- You managed to save up enough to get her the newest fashion collection, complete with accessories

- “Hm? You got me a present?”

- “Well duh, it’s your birthd-”

- “Boring.”

- She takes the box regardless and rips the wrapping off

- “Haha! How fitting of us!”

- Oh she’s in her queen personality now

- She sure was a hectic one, but it seems like she really liked the present

Mukuro Ikusaba:

- You knew what you could get her

- But is it really suitable to give your girlfriend a knife for her birthday?

- Probably not

- So you settled on her favourite chocolates (arranged in the shape of a heart) and a ticket to a theme park

- “F-For me?2

- “Well duh! Who else?”

- “Junko - chan..”

- “Don’t be silly! Besides I love you not her, remember?”

- She blushes but nods

- You smile and take her hand as you make your way to the park

what im weak for this week

SOOOOO i haven’t done one of these in almost a month! i think it’s high-time to get back on track again! hopefully i can come out with the next one on the 11th instead of a month later.

this is long. like srsly long. like wow. it took me an hour. i could’ve written a whole fic.

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🎉🎊🎈This is a Happy Birthday post to one of our closest friends @whoistheprettiest.
I know it’s already August 6th where you are, but for @thepromiseofanend and me, it’s still the 5th…so it’s still your birthday! 😜

You deserve so much more than just this post, but maybe later tonight, I might actually write you that one shot! *cringes at the thought* 😜🙈 I’ll need lots of alcohol though! Lol Michele could write it in her sleep, so I may ask her to do it, because With my writing skills, it may be more of a punishment than a gift. 😬

We know how blessed we are to have such a sweet, incredibly funny, compassionate & kind person as one of our closest friends. You are always there for us, listening to our problems, or just stuff about our life, without ever judging us. We love you for all this and so much more. 😘❤️❤️❤️

We hope you had the best birthday of your life! And I personally, hope Jared heeds my threat, and surprises you on an Alp tomorrow! 😬👍

Happy Birthday @whoistheprettiest!!
We love you!!

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Hi can I request headcanons for shouji and a s/o who is super open with how much they admire him? Like are constantly complimenting him? Thank you!

-Is very happy about it

-Since, in a relationship, those things mean a lot to him

-He’d rather have s/o tell him nice stuff than give him something expensive (however, he won’t say no to a handmade gift)

-He’ll make sure to let s/o know that he admires them as well

-He sometimes gets a bit self conscious about his appearance, so this means tons to him

-Seeing him get so happy is among the most adorable things ever

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Bee & Puppycat has meant so much to me—Bee's character has resonated with me so much in the years since the show was released. You have such a loyal fan base & we want you to succeed so much. Why are you against doing another crowd-funding campaign? I feel like watching on VRV with ads isn't enough. A show as unique & important as Bee & Puppycat deserves so much more. Sending lots of love & support, thank you for the show—it's such a gift

We learned a lot from doing the Bee and PuppyCat Series Kickstarter. The Kickstarter did not cover the costs of all 10 episodes; in fact, Frederator had to add money to the project in order to make the 10th episode which rounded out the series. With the amount of time and money it takes to produce and deliver on animation, it’s not likely a venture we’ll be making again anytime soon. The biggest crowdfunded film and animation project of all time isn’t enough money to make enough content to satisfy anyone’s demand. Plus, Bee and PuppyCat backers had to wait years to get the episodes and their rewards. Right now, the best way to support the show is to watch it on VRV, whether you choose to get a premium account or just watch it FREE with ads. Share the episodes on YouTube, spread the word, and make cool stuff about the show like fanart or cosplay! We appreciate all of our fans and the love they have for our show! We love it too and hope to continue the series. :D  

MCU Hogwarts AU* pt. 1 (Tony, Bruce, & Peter Parker)

A/N: If you want, feel free to request imagines/ drabbles / whatever else in this universe (reader inserts are highly encouraged because it’s mostly what I do lol). It doesn’t have to be romantic either, I’m totally into doing platonic stuff too. Just remember to specify things for the reader like which House and gender otherwise I’ll pick the House and leave the gender neutral.

*In this AU the Infinity Gauntlet/Stones are pretty much treated like the Deathly Hallows. There is still also a war brewing over blood purity and over the stones too. While Thanos is the big bad in this as the Dark Lord, he’s largely independent besides a few powerful followers. His mission is getting the Stones. HYDRA is another group of dark wizards bent on blood purity, led by Johann Schmidt who is still the Red Skull except a failed potion made him like that.

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Anthony Edward Stark “Tony”

◘ Pureblood

◘ Gryffindor: He only narrowly made it into Gryffindor because he asked, well demanded, to be in any other House besides Slytherin. He outright refused to be in the same house as his Father. He also would have done well in Ravenclaw but decided against it because, as an 11-year-old, he much preferred the combination of red and gold. That preference only grew over time to the point where it’s honestly kind of obnoxious. 

“Who needs a red and gold toaster, Tony? You don’t even know what toaster does!”

“Yeah but it looks cool and I need one for my experiments!”

“Don’t use the dorm as a place for your experiments, Stark. Especially when they involve setting stuff on fire.

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for @bellamysgirl

Sara Riley & Bucky Barnes & Steve Rogers - “We didn’t have a lot, but we had each other… always and forever.”

I know this is a little late, but I wanted to wish you a happy birthday! I hope you had an amazing one because you deserve it! You are so supportive and kind and an amazing writer! I enjoy reading Legends so much and I just have to say that you created an amazing character with Sara! Happy (late) birthday, my friend!

(& you have a couple more gifts coming b/c you’re so awesome!)

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This is the best Christmas gift I could receive.
Ultima has a big heart, I feel a bit embarrased, but so, soooo happy the support he gave to me. I’m so glad I can be her friend, because this kind of person really deserve the best things of the world.
I’ll use this money not only for bettter equipment for my animations, I’ll use it for paying the amount the bank requires for buy a house for my mom and I after more than 20 years finding our own home.

Thank you so much for all my Patrons that are helping me a lot too! All of you, you’re making me live my dream and feeling like a worth person who can help her family and bring to them a deserved life. Thank you, thank you so much.

(I’m still having some problems between Paypal and my local Bank Account, but I hope to find a solution soon, by the way, I can receive money there at least for buying some useful stuff for my work via internet. Yayy!!)

There is only so long you can live (and die and live and die and live and live and live) before you fancy yourself a God. Only so many names you can go by before you stop calling yourself plague, stop thinking yourself affliction, and name yourself reaper, name yourself reckoning. Holy and unholy, death and rebirth, blessing and most terrible curse. There are only so many lives you can take before they start to lose their meaning. Before their worth can be waved away in an instant, trivial, irrelevant.

When you start to envy death giving it away for free doesn’t seem like such a crime. Doesn’t seem like much more than unsolicited kindness in the long run. And maybe that makes you a little too liberal in gifting it to the world. And maybe that makes you unspeakably cruel when gifting it to those who don’t really deserve the peace. All those lifetimes really bring a lot of experience to the table, practise makes perfect after all and who alive is qualified to judge you? Who alive can answer your questions, when one day you realise you don’t recognise yourself in the mirror, that no matter how hard you try there is only an unknown monster looking back.

It doesn’t happen all at once, as slow a slide as any insidious decent, but eventually Ryan stops looking for his own reflection. He takes to face-paint, to masks, to smashing every mirror he comes across. What is seven years to eternity? What bad luck could haunt a monster?

When Ryan meets Geoff it’s. Unsettling. to say the least. To find someone after all these endless years, the same but different, different but the same; another alive who has lived and lived and somehow survived. A monster still playing at human. Still playing at God. Another alive who has been dying longer than Ryan has been living. And isn’t that something. Isn’t that just unbelievable.

Ryan doesn’t believe it. Not at first. Does his best to kill the liar, the threat, the unshakable unflappable shadow he doesn’t know how to escape. It’s the first time in a long time he has felt out of control, has felt less terrifying monster than terrified man, more human than unnatural disaster. Geoff weathers the fallout like a storm, buckles down and perseveres when Ryan fights, pursues when he runs, dies and dies and dies with little more than a grimace, a disgruntled comment, a snarky critique.

They’ve both lived long enough for time to loosen, grow hazy and elastic with little rhyme or reason, so neither could say how long it takes but eventually Ryan gives in. Stops running, stops fighting, let’s Geoff buy him a drink he won’t touch and share stories he’d never thought anyone else could understand. Without the panic, the surprise fight or flight reaction to finding another unstoppable predator in a world of helpless prey, Ryan can finally see why Geoff bothered coming after him. Finally recognises the odd sense of familiarity, of a comfortable fit, a long ignored ache finally starting to ease. Then Geoff brings him back to Jack, who rolls her eyes, calls them children like she means it, and the world crashes down all over again.

Ryan stays, because he wants to. Because there’s nowhere else he’s meant to be and there’s always time to leave later. Because he’s had lifetimes of being on his own, angry and untethered, losing himself in his own apparent immortality, and it feels like he is finally where he’s meant to be. With who he’s meant to be with, at least in part. Like this is what they’ve all been waiting for, though it’s not quite right yet, something is still missing. Someone is still missing, still out there for them to find. But it’s ok, they have time, and while they wait they may as well enjoy themselves. And boy do they enjoy themselves. They are gods, are demons, are ghosts and criminals. They live to hear their own histories told as warning, as myth, as legend. Adapting as the world evolves around them, going where they please, taking what they want, with no regard for anyone but each other and the distant tug of the missing.

Ryan may be the most fearsome but what a novelty that he is not the oldest, perhaps not the wisest or most world-weary, that whatever he is he is not alone. Geoff and Jack keep Ryan grounded, teach him to revel in his talent as a gift rather than bear it as a curse, insist on buying mirrors and digging out the man from underneath the monster. He can’t resent them for that, not when they’ve given him so much and he’s having more fun that he’s imagined in centuries.

They pick up others over time, most temporary conveniences for various jobs, barely worth acknowledging before they are gone, but eventually they find what they’ve been looking for. Drawn in like moths to a flame, the same sense of rightness, of finding missing pieces, repairing what has been torn apart.

There’s the sniper who takes his time, watches and waits and finds all their secrets before revealing his own; The hot-headed brawler with more firepower than patience, killing them three times over just to be sure, sneering in the face of their irritation and making it four just out of spite; The golden boy who’s as reckless and ruthless as any of them despite not even knowing what he is yet, what they are, the reason they all fit together; And the final key, incongruously joyful for someone so street-smart, holding Boston on his tongue like hometowns still mean something, who clicks into the group like completion, like finality, finding all his missing pieces at once.

There couldn’t be a better period for them to finally come together; the state of society, the devastating evolution of weapons and the power-hungry greed of Los Santos’ criminal underbelly providing the perfect backdrop for the rise of the Fake AH Crew. The world has embraced logic, no longer content to fear the darkness, casting off myth and magic and renouncing belief in anything as ridiculously unsubstantiated as monsters. Any stories of a crew who won’t stay dead, who are anything other than horrifically human, are written off as fearful hearsay.

Of course being together doesn’t solve everything; there are still so many questions about dying and living and destiny that have no answers, still so many varied personalities with such long histories trying to navigate each other, and the prospect of eternity with the same seven faces, no matter how adored, is too tedious a fate for some of them to bear, but there’s no denying that they are better together than any were alone. That for all the lifetimes some of them have lived none come close to this one, finally having found each other and knowing the world is at their mercy, that nothing can stop them and not even death will pull them apart. They can work out the rest later. There’s no rush. They’ve got time.

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aaaaaa happy birthday!!!!!!! glad you got lots of amazing gifts, you deserve it!!!!!!

oh my god thank you sm, that means so much! i got some great gifts including books and two more cactus’ (cacti?? idk what the plural is lmao) but anyway thank you sm !! <33

Merry Christmas @dezleyva!!!!! Here’s your gift for SNS Secret Santa!

I used your prompts “sasuke as a cat-lady” and eventually “first christmas”. At the beginning i was panicking bc i had no idea of what to do, but then I played a lot with Neko Atsume and after that I had so. much. fun drawing this *-* Also I was inspired by one of my two cats. Especially with the cat behind Naruto, all sparkling lolol.

Ah, you may have noticed that yesterday i went a bit through your blog. Ehm. Ehm. You deserve WAY more notes! You’re too great!

Oh yes. I made it with pencil and pens and i had to fix it too, so it has some imperfections, but i hope you won’t mind :3 I forgot again. @sns-xmas yay now i guess i’m done

“Because I came here by myself I think I have been able to grow… and I think I can still grow much more.

Furuya & Miyuki, aka the battery of our hearts for my partner because she nailed her test today and I’m really proud of her! She’s been working hard so she deserves this little gift.


So I’ve been meaning to do a follow forever for ages now, and since it’s the end of the year, I figured I didn’t have any excuse to put it off any longer. I’ve had this blog for over a year now, and I started it as a purely supernatural fanblog, but since then I’ve gained and lost new fandoms over the past year. My biggest milestone was probably joining the Maze Runner fandom a few months ago, and since then I’ve met so many people and made so many (good) changes that it’s actually overwhelming. I’m so grateful to so many people on here, so if I’ve forgotten anyone in the long run, i’m sorry. I love you all and I hope you have a great 2015!

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