you deserve recovery

You’re important. Fuel your body with the right nutrients. Drink plenty of water. Shower regularly. Get up even when motivation seems like a distant reality. You’ll thank yourself later.

it’s so important to remember that even though looking back on your eating disorder you might think “it wasn’t that bad” or “it was worth being skinny”, you don’t remember how bad it truly was. eating disorders can warp your perception and make you forget the pain you were in and only see how your body looked. i can guarantee you that going back there is a bad idea, and you are so much happier in recovery than you ever were or ever will be when overcome by an ed.

You are not owned by anyone, not even your parents

Do not allow anyone to take advantage of you simply because they’re helping you in any way

You don’t owe anything to anyone

You are not to be controlled by anyone

You are not here to please others

You know that empty feeling?
At first you think you’re hungry, but then you realize it’s a different kind of empty. The kind that makes you crave something to fill a void, deep down in your soul. Something that food could never satisfy. That feeling where you can’t even feel if your heart is still inside of you because you feel completely empty.

What if we get that empty feeling from starving ourselves of positive thoughts? Thoughts that could reach down to the depths of our souls & start to fill us up with everything our souls ever craved: love.

But that empty feeling feels worse than being starved…

What if it’s because not only are we starving ourselves of thoughts that would fill us up, but we are also feeding ourselves negative thoughts? Thoughts that consume us, eating us up inside.

What if we started feeding ourselves positive thoughts instead?

Would we end up filling the void?

—  S.L. , 2/28/15

anonymous asked:

Please don't give up on fighting for your recovery! You deserve health and happiness, you can get there if you keep holding on to getting better! Much love ♥♥

someday I will recover but today is just a low day. I don’t want to be a disappointment but it’s too much it’s just too hard I’m sorry I don’t know what to do the only way I could ever imagine anyone loving me is if I lost weight because I still cry when I see myself?????? I’m sorry I’m skrrh I’m just? I’m sorry….
Thank you anon. I’ll try again another day though perhaps..

Don’t let your insecurities take away from you having an amazing summer. Wear that bathing suit to the pool with friends unapologetically. Order your favorite ice cream on the boardwalk without hesitating. Go back and buy that pair of shorts you saw that you didn’t think would look good on you. You aren’t alone in having your insecurities, but don’t let them conquer you.

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hey lane!! do you think ohip would cover top surgery for someone who has never been on testosterone? & best of luck with your surgery and recovery, you deserve this so much 💕

They definitely would and have and do! (And if they don’t you might need to pull some Speak To The Manager shit but like yes that’s a thing they are supposed to do).