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“Being a princess is so much more than the superficial. Being a princess is about what you have to offer to the world and who you are inside.” ~ PPP 

Laina over at @ohtheclevernessofme1972 is the living embodiment of the princesses I grew up admiring when I was a child. She has a beautiful heart, and while being incredibly talented she doesn’t hide her talent away. She uses it to give to others. This was my Christmas present from her and I can honestly say its going to be one of my favorites this year. I love you Laina. If anyone deserves a Merry Christmas it’s you. <3 

Because you deserve to be drinking more than just plain ol’ 🍾 on New Year’s Eve, we present to you today’s #covcocktail: The King’s Champagne, from The King Cole Bar at the @stregisnewyork (otherwise known as the birthplace of the Blood Mary—chic AF). Bottoms up.
1 oz. Carpano Antica sweet vermouth
1 bitters soaked sugar cube
4 oz. Chandon Brut Classic
one> Soak a sugar cube in Angostura Bitters and drop into Champagne flute.
two> Add vermouth.
three> Top with chilled Chandon. 📷 @eriktanner

Devil Speaks

I just want to give a quick shoutout to this lovely woman. She gave me a very great Christmas present! I’ve always wanted a Daredevil blanket and she sent me one that was so perfect and lovely! Thank you so much! You’re so sweet! I appreciate your phone calls and texts more than you think. You’re absolutely good to me and deserve hugs. 😁😁😁😃😃 I love the gift!


Michael Jackson presents an award to James Brown, BET Awards, 2003:

“What is a genius? What is a genius? One whose inspiration demands change. A genius–I love you more [to audience members]–I couldn’t refuse to give this award tonight because nobody has influenced me more than this man right here [Michael Jackson and James Brown embrace].

And I’m happy from the bottom of my heart. Since I was a child, at six years old, he was the one I looked up to more than any other entertainer. And I still do today. So I’d like to say, ladies and gentlemen, I am deeply honored–I love you [to audience members]–I am deeply honored to present to James Brown this years Lifetime Achievement Award and nobody deserves it more than this man.”


The last time I was presented with the inescapable necessity of disappearing for a long while, I didn’t explain the situation to you. Looking back now, I believe it was because I didn’t feel that I owed you an explanation. I also wasn’t certain you would want one. I didn’t want to know that you wouldn’t.

This time, however, I realise that I’ve always owed you an explanation. And while it comes late, too late, it is my hope that it offers you the insight you deserve.

The truth is, I’ve never loved anyone more than I’ve loved you. I’ve thought countless times of countless different ways to say it, but the simplest way is often the best way. Or so I’ve heard. Regardless of whether that’s true or not, the fact remains the same.

I love you.

I never expected to fall in love, so that when it actually happened, I couldn’t see it at first for what it was. Then, of course, when it became clear to me that I’d fallen pray to a sentiment that I’d always believed to be at best useless, and at worst, destructive, it terrified me in a way that I can only imagine someone who has just flipped his car in to oncoming traffic must feel. Which is to say, it didn’t appear to me that there was any clear resolution, least of which one that would not be horribly and disfiguringly painful.

My body has always been second to my mind, my emotional life to my work. I had succeeded for so long in ignoring that part of myself that experiencing it for the first time, for the only time, was like seeing a new colour that had always been just slightly off the spectrum. Can you imagine a new colour? I can’t, and I couldn’t imagine love. It was a new sense, a new structure in my mind’s landscape.

You were an anomaly, and one cannot trust anomalies… and so I didn’t trust you.

—  Excerpt from Sherlock’s letter to Irene in Come Attrition, Come Hell

“I’d draw a boy who deserves to see the ocean.”

AU in which Joe is an aspiring artist and has found himself falling in love with Caspar, who may be more broken than he thought.

**the au has absolutely nothing to do with the novel that I took the quote from.

***also this is sort of a really late thank you present for a significant number (I’m not going to name how many) of friends (I don’t like to call you guys followers; we’re all friends here! :)) so THANK YOU! <3

I find broken tree branches littering the floor of
your bedroom, discovering that the limbs are
very similar in nature to your own. Cracked and
carved into by uncareful hands; you always
deserved more than having your frail bark stripped.
I’ve noticed your leaves trembling against a wind
not present in the room. They shake and shutter
when I come too close. Don’t you know how
the blossoms covering my body bloom when I’m
beside you? I’d like you to see how you’ve made
me grow, how my roots have found comfort in
tangling together with yours.

I think the Earth’s crust cracked open into a
smile when our souls met. I think our hearts
sighed in relief when they saw one another.
I think I may have etched my name into
your side.

—  promise i won’t cut you down if you promise me // Haley Hendrick
Happy Birthday, Mina!

Mina! My love~ My soulmate~ My one and only~ Happy birthday! 

Everyone should shower suchastart with love and hugs because she deserves every ounce. 

Here’s your special birthday present from Mari and me! I present to you medieval Bellarke. 


“I already told you,” Clarke said, turning from the scorching forge, “I don’t work for free.”

“I wasn’t planning on it.”

Clarke had expected to see the slimy, pock-faced excuse for a knight who had had one too many ales and more than his fair share of pudding, begging her to cut him a deal and give us a smile.

Instead, standing before her, was the absolute and complete opposite of what she expected.

“Oh!” she said, stopping herself short of bumping into the anvil at her back.

He smirked, though gracious enough not to point out how her elegance had up and left her, like a winged angel sprouting from her head. He stood with the swagger of a knight, which was obvious especially with his helm tucked under his arm casually, and his dark, keen eyes scanned her workshop. They were the color of the deep and of the endless, quiet and lonely, perhaps lovely. When caught in the firelight, they glowed like embers peeking through a glass of whiskey - and then those eyes locked onto hers, taking in her glistening brow, her soot-wiped cheeks, her uncontrollable golden curls escaping from the knot twisted on the top of her head. And she stared right back.

Something was different about him though, in a way she couldn’t explain, different than all of the other knights she saw parading through the grounds like they owned the very grass they walked upon - tipsy before their jousts, hands snaking their ways onto women’s backsides and squeezing, raucous and uncouth. He was tall, lean and sturdy, and his dark, curly hair was damp from the steady downpour of rain, making its presence known by tapping against the leather flap pulled wide to let in the cool summer breeze that she gladly accepted in place of the roaring fire hungry to melt her insides. His dark skin was smooth and unmarked save for the splatter of freckles across his nose.

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The Last Gift

Captain Swan Canon Future FF

Synopsis: (sorry the first post of this had the wrong one) Everyone has gathered at Emma’s house to exchange gifts, but after the last guest has left, Emma and Killian have special surprises for each other.


Author’s Note: SURPRISE!!!! @kat2609I am your Gutter Flowers CS Secret Santa!!! I cannot even begin to tell you how loud the squeal was when I found out you were my SS! You are the most kind and thoughtful human and deserve far more than this fic as a gift (a pirate under her tree for one). You make me so happy, my kindred spirit, and I hope this makes you happy. And everyone else who needs a smile…I hope this gives you one.


The living room of the old Victorian was filled to the brim with food, presents and people, as snow swirled in fluffy mounds outside the window. Inside, a crackling fire and the sheer number of the collective Charming and Mills family members kept the place warm and toasty.

Emma leaned against the door-frame that Christmas morning, holding a cup of hot coffee in her hand – the tree lights glinting off of her new wedding ring – and surveying the scene. It was so normal, yet so surreal, this gathering of legendary heroes, villains and offspring. Just as she thought this, Captain Hook came into the room holding a tray-full of breakfast breads, nuts and fruit. She smiled at the comical dissonance of the sight.

“I thought a little sustenance was in order for the proceedings.” He sat the platter down on the coffee table and backed away towards Emma, slipping his arm around her waist and kissing her cheek gently.

As Henry, Roland, and Neal descended on the food, Mary Margaret slipped to the tree and handed a gift to Roland. “This one is for all of you boys.”

When he tore away the paper to reveal a game called “Enchanted Forest” there were appreciative claps all around the room.

“We’ll play that later. It’s one of my favorites. Sort of a memory game with a twist,” Emma’s mother said to them, with a grin.

“I’d like to go next,” Regina said, and she magicked a box into Robin’s lap. A proud glimmer shone in his eyes as she flicked her wrist. Emma wondered at how their partners continued to live in awe of their magical abilities, despite all the harm that had been brought down on both of them because of magic over the years. She squeezed Killian’s hand and he returned the gesture.

“Let’s see now,” Robin said, tearing into the gift, and pulling out a long green piece of fabric, “Oh! A new scarf. Isn’t it a beauty?!”

He took off the one he had on and wrapped this one around his neck before leaning over and kissing her on the cheek.

Emma heard her say, as Robin leaned closer, “The old one was a bit shabby, so I just thought…”

“I love it, darling,” he replied and kissed her lightly.

The children were getting antsy to open more of their own presents, so everyone took some time to indulge them in a marathon of gift unwrapping: each boy winding up with a pile of toys and clothes in front of him and the grown-ups left to stuff yards of discarded paper into recycling bags.

The room was relaxing into light conversation and the food was disappearing, when Henry pointed to the lower left side of the tree, “Killian! Hey – over there. I think there’s something for you right there.”

Killian walked across the room, looked at the label on a large red box and lifted it up. “This one lad?”

“Yep,” an ornery look crinkled Henry’s eyes.

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Just A Crush

Ship: Gruvia (Gray x Juvia)

Story Type: Oneshot, Fluffy

Characters: Gray Fullbuster, Juvia Lockser, Lucy Heartfilia, Natsu Dragneel

Summary: “The definition of a crush never included how long one’s crush on another necessarily lasted. Or, at least, that’s what Juvia told herself day after day and year after year for over ten years.”

This is a present for @merryjuvia, my first ever Gruvia fic!!
Becca! I hope you’re having a really nice Christmas so far, you really deserve it, and stay strong!! You’re an amazing friend and more than I could ever ask for! So thank you for talking to and putting up with me!! ^_^ Stay awesome!!

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Last night I had a dream that the official end of Act 7 of Homestuck was released in theaters as one of those pre-videos before you see the featured presentation, & it was this huge epic ending & it went into all the couples that were officially together and vriSKA AND JAKE ENDED UP TOGETHER AND I GOT REALLY MAD AND CONFUSED LIKE HOLY COW WTF NO JAKE DO NOT SETTLE FOR SOMEONE WHO CALLS YOU A JOKE YOU DESERVE SO MUCH MORE THAN THIS