you deserve everything in life tom

OK Spidey was great & we really got to see the growth of Peter bUT IS NOBODY GONNA MENTION THAT TONY GOT PEPPER BACK?!??

Like after Civil War Tony has really become a broken man who has lost everything: the team he worked so hard to keep together no matter the cost, the knowledge of the true nature of his parents’ deaths and the betrayal that came with it, and the loss of the love of his life in Pepper. It made me sooooo happy to see Tony HAPPY again!

Being Latinx/Hispanic and dating Tom Holland would include:

  • Meeting while you were off in college in Los Angeles pursuing your degree
  • Tom always being invited by your mom for family dinners and always having to take leftovers home because there’s always too much food 
  • Your parents immediately warming up to Tom after you’ve talked about him so many times
  • Tom and your dad enjoying a beer as they chat about what they’ve been up to 
  • Tom taking Spanish classes online to surprise you when he next sees you again on a break 
  • Tom telling you to speak to him in Spanish so he can learn from you
  • Going to his first quinceañera and being in awe of the entire celebration 
  • Tom learning how to dance from your mom at family parties  
  • Cuddling in bed as your guys watch your favorite movies and TV shows
  • Tom admiring your figure, no matter how insecure you might feel at times
  • Giving Tom pet names like “mi amor” and he always tells you to repeat it because he loves how you say it 
  • Tom being there to hold your hand when your family members ask “¿Y el novio?” so they know you have a man
  • Sharing pastelitos, flan, dulce de leche, and other pastries with Tom and him enjoying every single bite
  • Tom understanding that your family is crazy, but he loves them as much as you do 
  • Tom starting to say “mi amor” to you because you’re his for the rest of his life 
  • You and Tom inviting Harrison to his first family party and Tom teaching him everything and showing him new foods 
  • You and Tom cooking your grandmother’s famous recipes 
  • You and Tom visiting your home country during the summer and showing him around the city 
  • Tom absolutely falling in love with you that he proposes to you in Spanish flawlessly with your family present, and finding out he had gone to your mom for help on his proposal speech
The Arrangement - Part 2

Title:  The Arrangement

Character(s): Actor Tom

Chapter Number/One Shot: Part 2 of 3

Rating: T

Genre: Romance/Angst

Summary: The arrangement between them had been working just fine until Quinn realized she wanted more.

Warnings: Some minor swearing

Author Note: The second part in The Arrangement. You can check out the first here. It’s been forever, I know. And I did have nearly all of this finished for some time now. But things just got in the way. There WILL be a third part coming, and I don’t mean in another 9 months from now lol.

Quinn smiled politely up at her date as they stood in line at her favourite cafe. Those kind brown eyes met hers and a sweet grin crossed his lips. He was handsome, with his dark brown hair longer on top and shorter on the sides. The leather jacket and motorcycle boots was a stark comparison of the caring man that had picked up her groceries when she ran smack dab into him outside the store. She liked the edge, though, especially the motorcycle he promised to take her out on one day.

Of course, that would mean their first date went smoothly, and it had only just started. But she hoped it went well, hoped that she would fall for those warm eyes like she had the startling blue pair she hadn’t been able to stop thinking about.

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The Edge of the Night

She wasn’t sure why it had come to a head at 1:17 AM on the last day of July, but that’s when it happened.

Tom didn’t know why he’d woken up, but even in the dark he knew right away that Taylor wasn’t in the bed alongside him.  He pulled on a t-shirt and left the bedroom, walking down and finding her in the den, curled up on the corner of the couch, surrounded by darkness.

“Hey,” he said softly when he entered the room.  He didn’t want to startle her. “Whats wrong?”  He sat down beside her and rested a hand on her back.

“I can’t do it, I’m sorry,” she said, turning away, tears streaming down her face. “I can’t go back with you. It’s too much.” She stood and walked to the other side of the room and looked out the window at the pitch black backyard. “I’m sorry.”

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Always - Tom Hiddleston

Can you please do a Tom Hiddleston imagine when the reader has a miscarriage and tom tries to confort her although he is really sad too? Thanks

N/A: This issue is really delicate and sad, I’ve had contact with an important person going through something like this and we have to always support and give a lot of love.

(Masterlist )

Two months of pure joy. That was how it was your life, you had an excellent job in a fashion magazine, you were engaged to a wonderful man and discovered two months ago that you were pregnant. You couldn’t ask for anything more, you were completely satisfied and happy as ever. And today you would have a special dinner with your fiancé, who was finally coming home after a month traveling. You were walking around your work floor, finishing everything to the release of the next issue of the magazine, completely smiling. You had spoken with your wonderful man on the phone and agreed to meet him at home, he promised he would make your favorite dinner and that you two would go watch your favorite movie. Oh, how he loved to spoil you and how you loved to be spoiled by him. 

But then your face lost its color and you lost the balance, leaning on your secretary’s desk as an intense pain hit your abdomen and a strong colic made your eyes roll over. No. What’s happening? Soon you felt your secretary screaming your name as your co-workers ran to support you, you could hear someone shout was calling 911 and someone else asked for you to stay awake. Tom. You tried to say, but darkness soon took you away from the pain and fear.

You felt gradually waking up, but refused to move or open your eyes, you didn’t want to talk to anyone. You just wanted to disappear. Why you? Why your baby? Why it had to happen? Life was so unfair and cruel. Was because you said that you had everything you wanted in life so that was a punishment? Wouldn’t you deserve to have one of the finest opportunities of life? You felt your breath catch in your throat, feeling the tears running down your face and giving up control the sob that wanted to escape your lips. It was all and only your fault.

You had made so many plans, but now you had nothing. Then your thoughts led to your fiancé. Tom. What would he think of you? Would he still love you even after killing his son? There were so many questions torturing your mind that you couldn’t take anymore, crying with all your might. Guilty. You were guilty.

“Excuse me, I’m looking for my bride… Oh dear lord, (Y/N)!” you heard Tom’s voice at the door, and you shrank the best you could trying to disappear. His quick steps soon indicated he was on your side and you felt his warm touch in your cold skin. “Open your eyes, my love.”

“Mr. Hiddleston, I’ll leave you two alone, but any doubts or problems you can call me.” you heard the doctor’s voice and Tom mutter a weak ‘thank you’ before the door shut in a small crack and leaving the room in silence.

“My love, please, let see your eyes.” Tom asked urgent and distressed after a while in silence watching you cry. His heart seemed to be breaking into thousands of pieces, not believing what was happening. 

“Go away, Tom, you don’t have to stay with me.” your voice was weak and exhausted, you finally took courage to open your eyes when you felt your hands being pressed lightly. “Please, go.”

“No. Don’t do this to us. I love you, (Y/N).” he said firmly, leaning over to look at your eyes so bruised and you noticed that his eyes were in the same way. Pure pain, confusion and fear. Tom released your hands and walked around the room, then he climbed into the empty space of the bed and carefully laid to then pull you gently as possible against him. “I know what you’re thinking. And you’re so wrong. So so wrong.”

“Thomas…” you grumbled, still crying and feeling your body tremble slightly and he squeezed you warmly.

“I’m gonna marry you. We will be happy, (Y/N). We can be very happy. Together. This all just makes me love you even more.“ Tom’s voice was choked and you felt his tears wetting your hair and neck, as he had hidden his face there. “I’m so lucky to have you by my side, that you love me.”

You couldn’t find an answer, so you kept yourself in silence. That night you managed to sleep after hours of crying, and you knew Tom heard you but he stayed quiet just squeezing you more against him. You repeated to yourself that Tom still love you, that he would stay with you, that he wasn’t angry with you. Tim and you were like just one person now. The pain was just one. But with him by your side, you could be one day happy again.

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Tom. Do you want to talk to your brother?

Tom: …

Tom: Dunno, why don’t you draw your own conclusions?

Tom: (Hesitantly) …Yes.

Tom: I mean when you only know one person for most of your life you kind of want to talk to them when you feel horrible, you know? Since they’re the only person who wont run away and scream if you get angry..

Tom: ..Besides I feel like I just took everything he’s done for me and stuffed it down the loo and then flushed it… He really didn’t deserve me lashing out like that–

Tom: Whatever.

Eyes on the Prize

@qx3ry Continued from here: Linku

Kristen was going to die there.

The realization crept over her and left her in a cold sweat. Her voice felt raw, hoarse from screaming for help, her wrists just as raw from the now helpless way she tugged at her restraints.

Everything had told her for months and months not to let Edward Nygma into her life. Since they met she knew there was something off about the man who worked in forensics.

And now she knew.

Yes, Tom was an abuser. He was cruel and he showed no remorse for what he did to Kristen or any of his other girlfriends. But, did he really deserve todie? Are you upset because he’s dead or are you upset because you wererelieved when he was gone?

“A-Are – “ She swallowed, her words barely above a whisper. “Are you going to kill me now, Ed?”

“No! No, of course not!” He looked hurt by the accusation, “I just. Well, I mean, if I let you go, you’re just going to tell someone, and look, I only told you in confidence because I thought you’d appreciate it. I just need… I need to figure this out, it’ll be fine.” He drew in a deep breath, pacing as his mind raced. 

Alright, so maybe he had almost killed her, but that was beside the point. It had been an accident, she had to realize it was an accident, but really, things had not been looking very favorable, and he really didn’t want to gag her again, but there had to be some way to sort this out.

You know the most efficient fix.

“I’m not going to kill her,” he snapped in a mutter.

Just make it quick and clean and tidy up and move along, no one will question it. 

Ignore him. He drew in another deep breath, rubbing his eyes before turning sharply back to her. “I can’t keep you here.  I mean I could, but I can’t trust that you’ll-” He wove a hand, murmuring something under his breath, clearly panicking. “Ok. Ok. Look. Firstly. I wasn’t stalking you.”

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At the 35:44 mark of Lance's Oxford speech I literally burst into tears. I'm so happy that Lance's found Tom and that everything he'd ever hoped and dreamed of happened for him. From having once thought about suicide, he can now think about having babies with the love of his life. :')

I agree, I’m glad Lance was able to practice what he fought for, the ability to marry/love the one you want to be with. He is a strong individual that deserves the happiness he has now 😊

Tom Waits on Kathleen Brennan, his key creative collaborator who has co-written most of Waits songs since the 80s: 

“We’ve been working together since Swordfish… I’m the prospector, she’s the cook. She says, "you bring it home, I’ll cook it up.” I think we sharpen each other like knives. She has a fearless imagination. She writes lyrics that are like dreams. And she puts the heart into all things. She’s my true love. There’s no one I trust more with music, or life. And she’s got great rhythm, and finds melodies that are so intriguing and strange.

“Most of the significant changes I went through musically and as a person began when we met. She’s the person by which I measure all others. She’s who you want with you in a foxhole. She doesn’t like the limelight, but she is an incandescent presence on everything we work on together.”

Brennan is notoriously publicity shy, but deserves more recognition.

I don’t understand why people took thing so serious, the meme that Grant posted was funny and I don’t get why everyone got mad against him.

I just saw on twitter so many hate comments that are so disgusting and disrespectful. Grant don’t deserve this he’s such a wonderful human being with a huge heart that just found funny a photo and some people get mad about it.

I saw some tweets call him misogynist or racist just for that, are you serious? Grant is not a misogynist or racist person, and other tweets dragging him and people saying that unfollowed him just for that picture and hatting on him for things that he never do, like Iris character development.

You guys are ruinning this fandom for the ship wars, character preferences and this bullshit (hatting on actors) this bullshit needs to end, we need to respect others, I know that we can’t have the same tastes but at least we can respect each others and the actors.

I will give you all some advices….

1. STOP WESTALLEN VS. SNOWBARRY SHIP WARS. This shit is the most annoying thing ever, WestAllen fans stop playing as the victims and put in bad the Snowbarry fans, in the same way Snowbarry fans don’t make the WestAllen fans looks like satan, I’m not saying that we need to be the best of friends but we can respect each other, Snowbarry shippers are not racist and WestAllen is not incest, I know that both fandoms had some crazy people who is the only thing that want is trolling and looking for fight but just ignore it and don’t reduce the show as couples the show is more than that.

2. STOP HATTING ON THE ACTORS. They doesn’t do anything against you, fist was Danielle Panabaker who everyday needs to deal with shitty people who calls her racist and bad actress, then is Candice Patton who needs to deal with racist comments (at least this is not showing up so much than a time ago) and now is Grant who now needs to deal with crazy girls who calls him racist and misogynist, who would be the next? Tom? Rick? Carlos? I hope no one, stop hatting these amazing people, they don’t deserve it.

3. The show is NOT about Iris West, so stop putting Iris in everything, I know she’s the leading lady and some people defends her but you all take things so serious, I know the Iris character deserves better but just calm thee fucking down and take the chill pill, don’t reduce the show to Iris, and Iris in Barry’s life, you are putting her in a function that she’s only necessary as a love interest and she’s more than that.

4. Enjoy the show, don’t focus on one thing that means that you are not enjoying it.

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Sherlolly Prompt: Drunk!Sherlock calls Molly and says more than he would like to admit

Thanks for another prompt!  I like writing Drunk!Sherlock so I really enjoyed this prompt.  It’s a little bit angsty but I hope you like it!

            Molly’s phone rarely buzzed in the middle of the night, at least it hadn’t for a long while.  There were times during Sherlock’s leave from London when she would be awoken by the sound of the ringtone that was specifically set for him, some violin piece that he picked out, and Molly would sit up in bed, turn on her lamp, prop herself up, and wait for the soft hello of Sherlock Holmes to melt her insides as she listened to his low voice, one that was usually tired.  But Sherlock had been back for months now, so when her phone lit up at three am, playing the soft tunes of a violin, she couldn’t help but wonder what the consulting detective had gotten himself into. 

            “Hello?” she said softly, expecting the same tone on the other end of the phone, but what she got instead was the garbled reply of someone who had obviously been drinking.

            “Molly!” slurred Sherlock.  “You answered!”  Molly flicked on her bedside lamp and sat up, letting her eyes adjust to the light of the warm glow of the room.

            “Yes well, these days you usually text, Sherlock.  Do you realize what time it is?”

            “I believe that it is three a.m., Molly.  You sound agitated.  Am I interrupting something?” he replied slowly, carefully enunciating each word but they still didn’t come out quite how he expected.

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Lost Love: Chapter 1

TITLE:  Lost Love


AUTHOR tomcuddlesfic


GENRE: romance / angst

FIC SUMMARY: After putting aside the major age difference between them, Maria and Tom are finding it harder to adjust to their personal lives. Can their relationship withstand these pressures?


Author Comments: It’s been something I wanted to write a long time now but I would love to hear what you think as of right now, I’m not even sure I want to continue.

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How would a flashback play?

By request-

[Liz and Ressler at her apartment after she leaves the adoption agency.]

Liz: this crazy, what were you thinking?“

Ressler: "I’m not I’m going by my gut.”

Liz: “Since when? I am a felon Ressler. What kind of life could I give my child? I have no family to lean on [beat] no friends-”

Ressler: “You’ve got me.”

[They share a deep, gaze]

Liz: “it’s not enough. Thanks to Reddington, I will always [beat] be in danger and the Cabal, they’re not going to stop.”

Ressler: “We’ll fight them together.”

Liz: “Oh, really how? People are already whispering at work trying to find out how far along I am[beat] you want to add to that? Are you even prepared for the questions? And what would people say if we were eating in a restaurant? They’d see me as a traitor, a terrorist-the mother of your child? I can’t do that to you.”

Ressler: “That’s not who you are! And I don’t care what other people think because I know everything about you Liz, and you damn well know it. My gut knows this will work, and deep down, so do you.”

[She watches him leave.]

[Next day, they are working together on the case.]

Ressler: “So, did you think about what I said?”

Liz: “I figured you would snap out of it.”

Ressler: “I never told you this, but Audrey was pregnant when she died.”

[Liz’ eyes widen as she instinctively squeezes his hand]

Liz: “Oh, my God Ressler…”

Ressler: “I understand how you feel, about the danger, in wanting to protect the baby-I feel that too. Which is why I want to do this, Liz. I feel it’s the right thing for both of us-all the background noise it doesn’t matter it never did. What matters is doing what’s best for the baby and figuring out the rest later. [Looks at his watch] what time is your appointment?

Liz: -[moved] "At three.”

Ressler: “You want me to-”

Liz: “No it’s ah okay, I need to start doing this alone. You know what I wish-”

Ressler: “what?”

Liz: “That I made different choices.”

Ressler: [Chuckles] Don’t we all?

[Liz Gives mooneyes]

[Hold on Ressler’s look]

[Later Liz is at her prenatal visit, prepping for her ultrasound. Red shows up.]

Liz: “What are you doing here?”

Red: “You shouldn’t be alone.”

Dr: “I’m sorry you are-”

Red: The Father [Beat] her father.“

[Liz doesn’t correct him she just stares mouth gaping as Red sits and holds her hand]

Liz: Father?

Red: you’re going to need one. I’m not going anywhere, Lizzy no matter what you decide.

[Liz tears up. Their hands squeeze together. The doctor starts the ultra sound process.]

Dr: 4D ultrasounds are amazing. The pictures are so vibrant, we can see everything. Such as, there’s the heartbeat, [beat] there’s an arm, and here we go, there’s the face, the chest and the sex.”

Liz: Oh my God. So tiny, and those little fingers.“

[Captivated Red gazes at the baby in awe. He’s never seen anything so innocent and fragile. It renders him speechless.]

Dr: "I think grandpa here Just fell in love.”

[Red squeezes Liz’ hand gently in a sign of reassurance. Liz gazes at him. She’s never seen him so vulnerable. It moves her.]

[Intercut to Liz conflicted. Seeing her baby forces a genuine smile, then tears up]

Dr: “Want to know The sex of your baby?”

Liz: “my instincts tells me It’s a girl.”

Dr: “It is. So would you like me to take photos for you to take to the adoption agency?”

Liz: oh, um [long beat] yeah, thanks.“

Dr: very well, I just need to make one correction on your chart.”

Liz: a correction?“

Dr: "Yes you are further along in your pregnancy than we anticipated.”

Liz: [raises eyebrow] I am? How-“

Dr: "You’re about 18 weeks, not 16 as we first assumed.”

Liz: “But I had a period after-”

Dr: “Breakthrough bleeding is many times mistaken for a period. It’s the implantation of the egg into the uterus. Is this good news?”

Red: “thank you doctor, if you could step outside a bit while my little girl and I have a chat.”

Dr: of course, I’ll be right back.“

[Liz stunned stares at the baby, then at Red.]

Red: "Well it appears Tom is not the father after all. But we both know who is, don’t we Lizzy? You need to tell him.”

[Hold on Liz expression.]

[Intercut to Ressler in his office, doing paperwork, looks for paper clips. He starts slamming drawers until he decides to look in Liz’ desk. He finds a small box next to a burgundy ribbon. He clasps it in his hand and sits in her chair, reflecting.]

LizVO: I’ve been saving it for a special occasion.

ResslerVO: Well, I’m honored.

[montage. His mind flashes back to Liz making a wish on her birthday.]

ResslerVO: [Sniffs the bouquet of the wine] You know this port is not so bad.“

Liz: [laughs] Stop its terrible.”

Ressler: [Chuckles] No no, don’t get me wrong it definitely has flaws, but a genuine flavor. Like its creator.“

Liz: [Moved] You know [beat] this feels so nice being here with you without talking about a case. I always thought you hated me.”

Ressler: “Where did you get that from? My profile?”

Liz: “No I mean, after we first met, and everything you’ve done for me. With my job, Tom, and the end of my marriage…I don’t deserve to have a friend like you.”

Ressler: Well, Keen, that goes both ways. You helped me from losing myself [beat] after losing Audrey, and my addiction. You never ratted on me or went to Cooper-You believed in me even when I couldn’t. I’ve been going to meetings-I couldn’t have done that without your support.“

Liz: "I don’t want to lose you [beat] There’s no one in my life that can tell me the real truth about myself. You’re my best friend.”

[Ressler caresses her cheek.]

Ressler: You’re mine too.“ [Sexual tension increases so he gets up from his seat and digs inside the box and pulls out a gourmet cupcake. He pulls his seat closer to her closing the distance, and holds up the cupcake, then lights it.]
Ressler: "I think it’s time for you to make a wish.”

Liz: [Beaming, closes her eyes and blows out her candle. As she opens them, she cannot resist but lean in and give him a tender kiss. Caught by surprise he pulls back, and stares at her.] I’m sorry I shouldn’t-“

[Ressler leans in, gently returning the kiss with more fervor, Liz responds. In a passionate lip lock, she struggles to pull away.]

Liz: I better go.”

[Liz turns to leave, but turns around swiftly and kisses him again. They give in to the feeling once more, but this time he pulls back. She leaves the office. Conflicted, he can’t let it go, and calls her to warn her about Tom. Intercut to him heading home. Unable to get her off his mind.]

[Ressler snaps back to the present holding the ribbon in his hand, staring at it.]

Cut To:

[Liz at her apartment gazing at her baby’s ultrasound. She then flashes back to Reddington’s voice lingering inside her head.]

RedVO: Try to imagine a life without Tom.“

LizVO: "I don’t have to imagine.”

RedVO: “Good.”

[liz recalls sitting in her old motel room listening to Ressler’s message. ]

Ressler: Passports? Come on Liz-“

Liz: I know it’s a lot to ask, but if I can get him the passports, I can get him out of my life.”

Ressler: okay, I’ll help you, but this is the last time, Liz.“

Liz: Thank you.

Ressler: Consider it a birthday gift.”

Liz: that’s not what I want.“

Ressler: What do you want Liz?

[She hesitates]

Ressler: maybe one day you’ll figure it out. Good night.”

[Montage begins She sits in the dark, the click of his phone-rattles her. Without hesitation, she leaves.]

[Intercut to Ressler’s apartment. He hears knocking. Then pounding. He gets out of his bed checks the time, heads for the door. Surprised, he opens it up and finds Liz gazing at him. After a long gaze in his doorway, She falls into his arms engaging in a passionate kiss. Ressler shuts the door with his foot, unable to tear away from her. He tries, she won’t let him. Their eyes speak volumes of unspoken words as the two start removing clothes, longing to be closer. he won’t let her rush him, he takes his time, heightening her senses as Liz finds herself in unbridled rapture. Their hands clasped into a hankering crawl. Lovemaking begins, and lasts all night. In the morning, Liz wakes up next to him, tracing his face. She smiles, gets up, dresses quietly and tries tip-toeing out of his apartment. She gets to the door.]

Ressler: Hey, you don’t have to go.

Liz: We got to be at work in a few hours.

Ressler: well yeah, but we always take the train together.

Liz: then I’ll see you at the train. [Long beat] Don’t look at me like that.“

Ressler: "Hard not to.”

Liz: Look for what it’s worth, I came here last night because I could not stop thinking about you. It just felt so natural, and so right.“

Ressler: For me too.

Liz: But we’re partners, right?”

Ressler: Right.

Liz: So, we’re good?“

Ressler: Are we? Is this really what you want or are you pushing me away? Look we can pretend at work like nothing ever happened, if that’s what you want, but we both know more happened last night Liz. And when we look at at each other its always going to be there.

[Liz tries to open the door then stops, she turns around and gives him a longing look.]

Ressler: see you at the office, Agent Keen.

[She tears herself from the door and races for the elevator. Unable to control her breathing, she sees him walking towards her as the door closes. Intercut to the post office. Liz finds Ressler standing there looking at her for the longest time.

[Liz falls out of her memory. Hold on her expression.

Cut to:

Ressler’s apartment


[Ressler answers his door, surprised it’s Liz standing in front of him they share a long look]

Ressler: Liz. [long beat] Do you have something to tell me?

Liz: Yes. [She hands him an envelope.]

Ressler: What is it?

Liz: Our baby’s ultrasound pictures.

Ressler: [opens the envelope, stares at the baby’s face] Our baby? Does this mean you decided to let me be your baby’s father?

Liz: You have idea how much it means to me that you sacrifice your life just to save mine. But I can’t let you do that, because it’s not necessary.”

Ressler: not necessary?

Liz: You were right. I’m further along than I thought I was. Tom is not my baby’s father. [Smiling] It’s you.

Ressler: Me? [overwhelmed] You mean-“ [He rushes over to her tears in his eyes]

Liz: I don’t know what to do. I mean I can’t put the baby up for adoption that’s not fair to you, and I can’t let you adopt your own child, but the danger is coming. They’ll be coming for me. And I can’t pretend there’s nothing between us when our baby is right here growing inside of me. So what do we do?”

[Ressler with tears in his eyes, smiling kisses her tenderly on the lips. Liz welcomes his touch, caught up in the feeling.]

Ressler: Marry me.

End. [Side note I typed this on my phone so if there are grammar issues, tough.]

Happy Birthday, Tom Hiddleston!

I feel like I just discovered you yesterday, but yet I feel like I’ve been a fan for my entire life. You inspire me to be become a better, more patient and kind person. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving us the spectacular performance we see as Loki, and everything else you do. I’m so glad you’re getting the recognition you deserve and only hope it grows. I truly love you like I know you as a friend.

Here’s to many more years of your talent and gifts!


Youvebeen-loki-d and every other Hiddlestoner