you deserve everything in life ok

life’s too short to pretend you hate everything/everyone bc it’s the cool thing to do

I need to stop:
Cutting………..but it makes me numb
Starving……….but I look pretty
Hiding………….but I can’t speak
Everything hurts but that’s ok because I deserve it

Ok but like Idelle basically saying to Anne “look she has fought her entire life to get what she deserves because the world hasn’t been kind to her and she is about to get everything and you are just going to walk way” is such a good set up for what Max did at the end of the episode tho because like, SHE GAVE UP ALL, SHE GAVE UP HER CHAIR AND HER PLANS FOR THE POSSIBILITY OF SOME DAY REPAIRING WHAT SHE HAD WITH ANNE, SHE HAS FOUGHT HER WHOLE LIFE FOR THIS, AND SHE GAVE IT ALL AWAY BECAUSE ANNE IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN ALL OF IT.



To any Aries, stay strong because you’re beautiful

To any Taurus, stay strong because you’re worth it

To any Gemini, stay strong because you’re amazing

To any Cancer, stay strong because you deserve to smile

To any Leo, stay strong because everything will be ok

To any Virgo, stay strong because you’re perfect

To any Libra, stay strong because you’re one of a kind

To any Scorpio, stay strong because you deserve the world

To any Sagittarius, stay strong because you’re special

To any Capricorn, stay strong because life gets better

To any Aquarius, stay strong because everyone wants you here

To any Pisces, stay strong because you’re unique

To anyone, stay strong because I love you.

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1. Bellamy Blake/ Marcus Kane (this was a toss up because come on these two are a duo that go together like mayo and pizza)

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2. Emma Swan (she’s everything and I’ll always protect her)

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3. Katherine Pierce (the one the only)

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4. Daisy Johnson (SHE’S EVERYTHING OK?!?!?!?!?)

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5. Katara (she deserved better than being the wife of a hero but whatever)

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6. Sara Lance (bisexual queen really)

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7. Lucrezia Borgia (MY SIN CHILD)

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8. Ankhesenamun (LET ME TELL YOU)

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9. Mary Tudor (we bond in our hatred to our stepmothers lmao)

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10. Wolverine (lmao he literally made me love the x-men world)

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Hi!I just wanted to tell you that I LOVE your blog! You see, I can't walk since my legs are paralyzed and it's almost impossible for me to stand without help even if I have a wheelchair or crutches.So...If it's ok for you can I have an h/c about Kidd,Buggy,Basil,Doflamingo,Sir Crocodile, Shanks and God Enel falling in love or having relationship with a girl that can't walk ?

Thank you sweety, that makes me really happy. And i hope that my blog and other’s blogs make you smile and feel better about everything else. I hope that you are strong and have an amazing life and are always happy because i’m sure you deserve it. ^^

Relationship hc

Eustass Kidd

  • honestly this dude doesn’t know what to do god help him
  • i mean he is pretty fiery and troublesome and moves a lot everyday
  • he can’t stay put so he may not be able to understand you much
  • but he’ll try because he loves you even if he doesn’t admit that often
  • he knows that maybe he’s too troublesome to handle you so he usually sends you to Killer because he’s responsible and may know what to do
  • honestly you’re the first thing he’s worried about whenever someone attacks them
  • he probably threatens everyone that dares look at you funny
  • no one should make fun of a disabled person, not even him, because it wasn’t their choice to be like that
  • if you’re a kind soul but have a somewhat crazy personality/imagination like him, i’m pretty sure he’d make some extra effort
  • you probably snuggle/cuddle together all the time though which Kidd has began to like
  • and i’m pretty sure it’d be the first time in forever that he wouldn’t be thinking non-stop about having sex, groping your ass etc
  • actually after the time-skip before he replaces his arm with a metal one he finally understands what its like to loose a limb and that it must have felt twice as horrible for you since you lost two
  • also maybe he’ll ask you if it’d be ok if he or the person that replaced his arm could replace your legs with robotic ones
  • i mean i would definitely say yes to becoming half cyborg xD


  • he’s at least a bit better than Kidd at this things but not quite good as well because he’d never met someone like you let alone fall in love and start a relationship
  • i mean he can understand you, but doesn’t really know what to do
  • it wouldn’t surprise me if he would lend you his legs though
  • at least i think he can do that????
  • not sure but if he can, he will definitely
  • he always tries to cheer you up all the time by making funny faces or asking others to entertain you
  • i mean he’s pretty nice and kinda dorky and it’s not like he would take advantage of you, that would just be uncalled for even for him
  • his first priority in a battle is getting you safe of course
  • like Kidd he’d threaten anyone that even looks at you funny, even if it is his comrade
  • he likes cuddling with you and that’s probably the furthest thing he does until you feel ready i guess

Basil Hawkins

  • yeah he’s better than the two above
  • he understands you because he doesn’t move much himself and he’s the opposite of Kidd anyway
  • i guess he’ll wrap your legs with whatever his devil fruit powers are made of (that voodoo doll shit) and make you able to move around like they’re yours
  • but he’s so expressionless even when he tries to cheer you up, you’re not sure if he really means it
  • i mean, you know deep down he cares but you can never tell by this guy’s face
  • pretty sure he’d tell you your future all the time and how bright it is and how happy you’ll be and yadda yadda yadda
  • he’d make sure you’re always protected
  • anyone that even looks at you funny is probably not even found the next day
  • he’s not really that affectionate but whenever you’re feeling down or had a nightmare, he’d make sure to hug you and caress your back until you fall back asleep or just calm down

Donquixote Doflamingo

  • oh this guy *chuckles nervously*
  • this guy will provide you with everything
  • and i mean everything
  • he’ll treat you like a motherfucking queen and give you everything you would ever need in your life
  • want food? clothes? books? the best wheelchairs or crutches? butlers and maids? money? there. want power? right on. want to murder someone? no problem.
  • his family treats you the same as he does and Pica even lets it slide when you can’t help but giggle at his voice
  • Doffy probably uses his strings to make you walk, like i guarantee you
  • ofc whenever you say you feel uncomfortable with that, he won’t do it
  • he asks for the strongest protection for you
  • and he doesn’t care who it is, they’ll be tortured if they even think of looking at you funny 
  • whenever you’re feeling down or had a nightmare, he’d make sure to hug you and caress your back until you fall back asleep or just calm down but unlike Hawkins i feel like this dude is pretty affectionate when he wants to
  • also one last thing, i bet you he’d either threaten Law to provide you with legs (depends whether you agree to that) or find a devil fruit in the black market that could make you not really need your legs


  • another expressionless idiot
  • he understands what you’re going through because he’s a goddamn grown ass man and he’s probably the lazy type who’d rather use his df powers to transport somewhere than his legs
  • which gets me to how he handles this most of the time
  • whenever you want to go somewhere he probably lazily looks at you and forms some kind of sand thing where you are put on and it transports you there
  • you love it though i bet
  • though like Hawkins he’s so expressionless even when he tries to cheer you up, you’re not sure if he really means it
  • you know deep down he cares but you can never tell by his face
  • pretty sure he’d tell his servants or whatever they are to provide you with anything needed like Doffy does
  • he’d make sure you’re always protected
  • anyone that even looks at you funny is probably not even found the next day which doesn’t really take much to guess who was responsible cause he was super pissed before storming off before it happened
  • he’s not really that affectionate like Hawkins but whenever you’re feeling down or had a nightmare, he’d make sure to hug you and caress your back until you fall back asleep or just calm down


  • the chill dude who is too open-minded
  • he doesn’t care about your condition because he fell in love with you for your amazing personality ofc
  • and he doesn’t think lossing a limb makes anyone less human, less respectable or less amazing
  • he always tries to cheer you up and giving his personality he always manages to succed
  • sometimes his crew have to stop him when he’s drunk and goes a bit too far for your liking though
  • it wouldn’t surprise me if he would do the same thing as Doffy and try to find a devil fruit that would make you not really need your legs
  • but then again, i kinda headcanon that his crew is filled with non-devil fruit users so unless he makes that exception, he’ll keep making you love life and enjoy everything like you used to because you’re still amazing and still you even with two limbs not working
  • his first priority in a battle is getting you safe but if you’re badass enough and know you can manage it yourself, he’ll trust you and let you enjoy yourself
  • and whenever you’re in danger he’d step in ofc
  • like everyone else he’d threaten anyone that even looks at you funny, no matter what he’s doing and every member of his crew would do the same because you’ve grown on them and you’re their captain’s lover
  • he is the most affectionate dude out of his bunch so prepare youself for sneak hug attacks and cuddles wherever he feels comfortable
  • he’s like so nice and amazing and he’d love you with everything of his and he’d never hurt you or take advatange of you and like Shanks would be the best choice honestly


  • Doflamingo 2.0
  • this guy will provide you with everything
  • and i mean everything
  • he’ll treat you like a motherfucking goddess, make sure that everyone knows you’re one and treat you the same and give you everything you would ever need in your life
  • want food? clothes? books? the best wheelchairs or crutches? butlers and maids? money? there. want power? right on. want to murder someone? no problem.
  • he asks for the strongest protection for you and when they can’t do it, he’ll murder them and do it himself
  • he doesn’t care who it is, they’ll be tortured if they even think of looking at you funny, don’t treat you like a goddess or don’t provide you with what you need
  • i’m not really sure how his powers would help your legs honestly
  • but if they can, he’ll use them in the blink of an eye
  • not much affectionate, but tries his best when you’re feeling down or have a nightmare 

I love you so much. Your compassion, kindness, care, and wholehearted love is the greatest thing I have ever had in this world. I know that times have been hard in the past, but it will be ok, because good people always deserve good things. It was never okay for anyone to treat you how they did but it isn’t your fault. Your smile and your soft colorful hair and your friendly inviting eyes remind me every day how happy I am to have you in my life. You truly are my best friend. Thank you for everything you do for me and for yourself. I love you.

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Once you get this you are encouraged to say five things you like about yourself, publicly, and send it to 10 of your favorite followers! SPREAD POSITIVITY! ♡

I GOT MAIL!!!!, YAAA!!! I love mail so much! It makes my heart do the smiley emoji!

Ok, five things I like about me? Got it!

1: I have THICK eyebrows, and I love them a lot because they really add something to my face!

2: I have wicked awesome time management skills! I’ve never had to be worried about not getting an assignment done on time because I ALWAYS give myself enough time to do whatever I gotta do

3: I’m actually a good actress, weird enough. I was a competitive actor in high school and won a number of awards for acting, singing, and even a super sweet Tech Design award for my work as my cast’s Lead Actress, Set Designer, Stage Manager, Light Technician, Stage Hand and Director.

4: I am super open about what I love and what my interests are and I have no shame about any of that, and life is so much better because of it. Like there’s nothing better than actually using all the themed toys and gadgets I have instead of keeping them hidden away

5: I am currently living in my own (rented) place with my sister, and my sister and I are paying for all of this ourselves by working three jobs each, in addition to school, and I’m so proud of us because I LOVE my life so much right now!

ok but do u ever cry about how much teresa loves the gladers like… when she’s the first one to winston’s side after he falls…. and how she holds his face gently in her hands…. and how when everyone’s taking water breaks and whatnot she’s just watching over him with the saddest look on her face… and when minho gets struck by lightning, the smile of relief and the tears in her eyes when he wakes up…. and how she’s also the first one to thomas’s side after he faints…. and how she waits with him until he wakes up so she can comfort him and tell him what’s happening…. and how her one and only condition with wicked was that they’d be safe…. and just the little things she does yknow? oh and that one time SHE GOT CRUSHED BY A GIANT BOULDER PUSHING THEM TO SAFETY. do u ever cry because teresa loves her friends so much & she would’ve done anything for them……. and she died thinking they all hated her

What the signs taught me

Aries- that you can’t spend your entire life waiting for something to happen, you have to make your life how you want, and not tomorrow, today.

 Taurus- that there is nothing wrong with being who you want to be and doing things for yourself, if you want to do something, do it and don’t let anyone stop you. 

Gemini- to never waste a day, don’t take the world so seriously and laugh at everything. Keep your friends close and never take them for granted. 

Cancer- that everything will be ok, cancer taught me that even though things may seem bad right now, they will get better. 

 Leo- that you deserve attention, you deserve the best and you shouldn’t care about what other people think. If you want to do it, do it and don’t look back. 

Virgo- that knowledge is power, read as much as you can and never let anyone belittle you, rules are only rules if you get caught.

 Libra- never take your friends for granted, remember things about them that nobody else does, listen to them and remember. The little things are what makes the big picture. 

 Scorpio- to always question things, be curious, learn about the people around you and never do what someone tells you just because they said so. 

Sagittarius- to love life, the world is the most beautiful thing we will ever see, learn to embrace it and see as much of it as we can before it’s too late. Capricorn- Strive for the best, have your own style and accept others compliments, you earned it, stop putting yourself down.

 Aquarius- that the world has so many colours, you don’t have to choose one. You can be whatever you want to be and it doesn’t matter if who you are is different from everyone else. 

Pisces- to never stop loving. Forgive people if they are truly sorry. Cry your heart out if it helps you feel better. Find beauty in everyone and everything and your life will become beautiful.

I think one of the reasons I’m so happy that korrasami is canon is because Asami went through so much like she lost her dad she lost her house she lost her boyfriend she lost her company she thought she lost Korra then she gained and lost her dad again.

And from what I’ve gathered rewatching season 3, she’d been crushing on Korra for a while. And she takes that chance to talk to her at the end of book 4 and finally she can tell Korra how much she cares and appreciates her and then Korra cares and appreciates Asami right back.

And I’m not saying romance is a fix - all suddenly everything in life is ok because you have a girlfriend but like finally something was going right in Asami’s life. She finally gets that moment of peace and tranquility and it doesn’t get forcefully yanked away from her. Korra genuinely loves her and there’s no strings attatched, no hidden despair. It’s finally pure, brilliant happiness; a happiness she fully deserves

i’ve always believed that it’s so important to keep hope and stay optimistic and positive no matter what life throws at u because it’s hard to keep fighting if you don’t see a way to win, and right now it’s getting pretty darn hard to do that… but now i’m ready to fight out of spite, give ‘em hell, be a damn fire and don’t make this easy for them

On Octavia and Bellamy

I just saw a post with over 6,000 notes claiming that Octavia deserves better. As I didn’t want to hijack that post, I’m making my own. Yes Octavia deserves better. Yes, she was locked up under the floor for 16 years. Yes, she has lost so much, including her soulmate.

But you know what? That does not give her the right to abuse her brother. That post called her brother annoying af. What was annoying? The fact that he has taken care of her since he moment she was born? The fact that he willingly gave up everything in his life to make her happy? The fact that even now, after her abusing him, he would STILL GIVE UP HIS LIFE FOR HER.

Yes Octavia deserves better, but not in this instance. I love Octavia with all of my heart, but her abusing her brother? That’s not ok. Until this is addressed, I cannot forgive her.

ok supergirl is doing so many important things like first, the ‘it’s not a phase’ scene. like we all had that moment. like i bet alex has seen so many people say ‘it’s a phase’ in response to people coming out that maybe she thinks it’s one for her too. maggie assuring her that she’s valid and that she deserves to have a happy life is SO INCREDIBLY IMPORTANT. it’s the kind of thing you need to hear when suddenly everything in your life is shaken to core. and alex’s ‘this isn’t because i haven’t found the right guy’ statement is also incredible because that’s also something we’ve been told. we’ve been told that meeting the right guy could fix us and make the gay go away but it can’t and i’m so proud of alex for knowing that and saying that and supergirl is really doing this right and im so, so grateful.

It’s ok if you don’t have everything figured out. It is ok if you’re not where you want to be or you haven’t even figured out where you want to be. You deserve the time and space to figure out who you are, what you’re passionate about, and what you want to do in this short life.
It’s ok

I just wanted to hear your voice… Hear you tell me everything’s gonna be ok.

Kurt “a few walls that may never come down” Weller breaking down some of his walls before the show destroys his entire world and shatters his soul. Like, whatevs.

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