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Jace saying that valentine would break his fingers if he played the piano wrong?? What the fuck? The amount of abuse Jace has been through makes me wonder how he's even able to be ok

That tiny bit of dialogue absolutely stunned me and I still don’t even know how to react to it. I mean, I know Jace didn’t feel like giving too much detail, but if that form of ‘teaching’ started right when Valentine first made him start playing, that’s each of his fingers broken multiple times every single day he played. Children learning piano fuck up. All the time. When I was a child, it took me weeks just to be able to play a scale without messing up. A child getting their finger broke ONCE would be enough to do permanent psychological damage. This is all of his fingers, multiple times.

And the thing that I found the most disturbing was the fact that Jace still plays. I know he’s been going through some difficult, emotionally-loaded times lately, but I can’t image how bad things must be for him to make him actively choose to go back to an activity where he was literally tortured as a child. You’d think a piano would be a source of absolute terror for him. And it really made me wonder how he feels/what he does when he makes a mistake now. It feels like that was way too big of a story to drop on the audience and not follow through with it.

what she says: i’m fine

what she means: “how far i’ll go” is a song about yearning, ambition, and the hope for more despite not knowing what lies ahead, and the inner conflict a young girl feels over the duties she has and the need inside her to know her real limits, a song written by lin-manuel miranda, accompanied by a powerful instrumental, sung with three times the vocal power that la la land could never even dream of by a fifteen year old hawaiian girl, and it deserved best original track at the academy awards 2017

• you never deserve to be cheated on.
• if someone cheats on you that is their fault and not yours
• don’t let someone manipulate you into staying with them after they cheated.
• If someone is constantly disrespecting you or undermining your feelings, they don’t deserve you.
• you are worth the world, and there is nothing wrong with you if you’ve been cheated on. You are lovable as you are.
• you deserve a partner who loves and respects you just as you are


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