you deserve an award for your face

Dear Zindagi deserves all the fucking awards in existence. Alia was phenomenal and Shah Rukh will never understand what his taking on of Dr. Jehangir Khan’s role meant to me, as someone who is mentally ill and a humongous fan of his.

To see SRK’s face validate your mental illness and say that it’s not any less real cause it’s in your mind and to touch on fears that plague you, is an indescribable feeling.

For a Bollywood movie to touch on mental illness and normalize those of us who seek therapy is an indescribable feeling.

11/10 stars for this movie, it is a must see.

dex, in a hushed tone: The Get Down isn’t that goo-

nursey, rising up out of the floor: How dare you! You are a blind, tasteless Racist that wouldn’t know a revolutionary cinematic experience if it slapped you across the face! “The Get Down” (2016) streaming on Netflix now is a modern masterpiece; one that deserves every Emmy Award humanly possible. I firmly believe that Baz Luhrmann reached into my very soul and pulled out it’s essence, which he then spent more than 7.5 Million Dollars an episode to re-create. An insult to this show is a slander on my existence as a human being. I recommend that you either check yourself or get you and your garbage opinions out of My Haus

069; dad!namjoon

“I bought you a ticket.” (069)

In all honesty, when you came back home, you were expecting everything else but this. You came home to a clean floor when you had predicted for it to be covered in crumbs, dirt, spilled baby food. What greeted your nose was a delightful smell of lavender burning from a candle by the window. The warm and cozy atmosphere of home hugs you in the form of Namjoon and the peace and quiet is surprising you when Namjoon managed to get both of your girls (twins) to bed early.

If he didn’t get an award back then, he sure as hell deserves one now.

“The kids…?”

“Are asleep,” He answers with a gummy grin, taking off your jacket, nudging your suitcase aside and pulling you closer in his arms. As he nuzzles his face in your neck, you’re stroking through his locks before resting your hands on his shoulders, luring him back to ask, “How was taking care of them?”

“It wasn’t easy,” He murmurs, resting his forehead against yours and you can see that not only did his eye bags grew heavy, he somehow has a new vision to how mothers take care of their children, “But they’re our kids and I love them as much as I love you so I gave my all. Can you believe I got them to sleep this early? This is a record for me within three days,”

Your hands travel to his cheeks where you cup them, the smile on your face makes his heart swell and he just knows he did a good job.

“You did so well, baby, I’m so proud of you,” You whisper, just in case it wakes up the girls but it usually doesn’t. Still, no point risking Namjoon’s hard work and he sighs in relief, leaning into your touch as you bring him closer for a kiss. He relishes in the softness and the sweetness he’s been missing out on, him groaning with the back of his throat as his palms slide over your waist, clutching onto your hips and pulling you close to him until your bodies mould as one.

He draws back, hearing you sigh and he smiles against your skin when he starts to dot kisses down to your neck, gently brushing your hair out of the way, hooking his arm around you to keep you steady. Before things escalate too quickly, you succeed in grabbing his attention by his face, guiding it back up to meet with your eyes, “By the way, I got tickets for that poetry show you wanted to go for,”

His eyes widen, not exactly making him forget what his intentions were but it does ease it a bit so he can process your words. “W-What?”

“I bought you a ticket,” You grin, chastely kissing his lips before breathing over them, “Didn’t you say you wanted to go?”

“Yeah, I did…” He exhales, his mouth slowly forming a smile, “Just didn’t think I’d have a chance to go,”

“Well now you do. Seokjin and Jimin are taking care of the girls for us,”

“You’re coming with me?”

“Of course, unless, you want someone else?”

“Hell no,” He deadpans, his grip turning iron around your waist as he refuses to let go, “You’re coming with me,”

“Okay, perfect, I’ll just- Namjoon!” He means it literally when he swings you over his shoulder and pads towards the bedroom as quiet as possible. Needless to say, you only manage to call the boys the next morning of what the plan was, when Namjoon has other plans to keep your night going apart from sleeping.



  • DO NOT look down on senior groups. don’t say disrespectful things like “move over _____, NCT are the new kings.”
  • DO NOT antagonize other rookies from smaller companies. don’t call other rookies “nugus” just because their songs don’t chart as high or they don’t win as many awards
  • DO NOT be elitist. don’t compare NCT to other groups you think are “less talented”. It’s possible to appreciate them without saying “they’re so much better than _____” or “when will your faves”
  • DO NOT be sore losers. if another group wins a music show or rookie award, accept it graciously and hope they win the next one. don’t say things like “NCT deserved that instead of _____”
  • DO NOT be sore winners. don’t rub it in other people’s faces if NCT wins an award. don’t post things like “NCT WON! _____ LOST” or “NCT BEAT _____”
  • DO NOT hate on other idols (male or female) for interacting with the boys. I see jealousy A LOT in other fandoms and it’s really immature


  • see if the person talking shit is a dedicated anti. if they are, leave them be because their sole purpose is to troll and piss people off. arguing will get you nowhere
  • if they are not, say what you need to in a coherent and respectful way, then move on
  • refrain from swearing or insulting people. it takes away from your argument and makes you look immature
  • remember that one fan =/= the entire fandom. don’t blame all of them for what one (or some) fan says
  • remember that the fandom =/= the group. don’t resort to insulting a group if one of their fans is being disrespectful. you’re just stooping to that fan’s level
  • if it’s too much and you’re only getting frustrated then log off. you don’t need to waste your time on antis when you could be streaming NCT videos

Bottom line; I don’t want to see or hear the words “I hate NCT because of their fandom.” The boys have worked too long for this and I want them to have a smooth debut so please, please, please can we all try our best to be the peaceful fandom that they deserve?

Might not have gotten best storyline or best partnership, but Emmerdale cleaned up, and I’m proud of them!

Val’s death winning scene of the year brings me back to the crying mess I was when I watched it. Her send-off was so focused on honoring her character, you know, it doesn’t get better than smoking your last cigarette and staring death in the face saying, “fucking bring it.”

Danny winning best male dramatic performance seems like a no-brainer. This man is some sort of next level acting genius, and it’s beautiful to see him recognized by authorities in his industry. He played his dark scenes with the respect and dignity they deserved, and so I’m glad they gave him an award honoring that.

Danny winning best actor has me glowing. His fans and the general viewers came together and really showed him the support he deserves. He worked hard for us, so we gave back. Being able to do that as a fan–give your idol something tangible to show your love–it’s just unreal. He’s so loved.

Emmerdale winning best soap–OH MAN! Where do I even begin? They have been waiting for this for ages, and they fucking earned this! The effort everyone puts into the show, onscreen and off, really shows. All the difficult storylines, complicated relationships, pain, and happiness of the show has been recognized by viewers in the biggest way. Having the public say, “this is the one, this is the best,” for Emmerdale? I’M SO PROUD! 


Big Bang during their speech for the Artist of the year Award and thanking the fans at the end of Melon Music Awards 2015

* You can see on their faces how moved and thankful they were to see their Korean fans again after being away around the world on tour and being received with the same love and much more 

BigBang , you deserve this and more . VIP Foverer

Don’t forget your international fans are here for you as well

Phil’s Leap Day Livestream // 2.29.16

He’s wearing his ghost shirt

“Maybe you were forming a team of avengers”

“Hold onto your horses and other farm animals”

Doctor Meme Daddy

He only got about 4 hours of sleep last night because of the Oscars

“I wanted to see Leo’s face”

Talked about Leo’s speech and how much he deserved it

“I felt sorry for him because it was such a meme”

He served fizzy cocktails at their little party

Chocolate discussion

He wore the ghost shirt because Leap Days are spooky

Leap Day lessons

“I like to showcase my entire wardrobe on DanandPhilGAMES”

He loved Cate Blanchett’s dress

He thinks men should wear more exciting clothes to award shows

“I’ll just be full on space man”

Real life amazingphil binge

He never puts the movie discs back in the right boxes

Poe the Cactus is continuing to grow

“It’s going through cactus puberty”

His bonsai tree is still continuing to die

“I could never be a minimalist I have so much stuff everywhere”

He loved Mad Max and cheered every time they won an Oscar

“I want to live in a universe where DVD’s don’t have really loud music and quiet talking”

“You turn it up and the music is vibrating through the floor. Which is bad if you’re watching TWD and your neighbors think you’re killing each other”

Talked about someone submitting his candle reviews onto Yankee Candles website 


He’s going to get a magnet from every state they go to in the US

They’re performing at the same theaters where the Oscar’s were held

“There’s so many time zones in the US. You’re like timelords.”

“What the hell is mountain time?”

He’s trying to keep everyone up to date with when the tickets are released

He’s really excited for Pokemon Sun and Moon

Talked about his bath bomb incident

He didn’t take a picture because he was already in the bath when they fell in 

“Thank you, I like cinnamon rolls. I’m glad you think I’m a cinnamon roll. Now I want a cinnamon roll. Maybe I should just eat my arm.”

He loved Deadpool

Top fans got special popcorns

He gets salty popcorn because sweet popcorn and a sweet drink is too much for him

He’s team blue and white for the Adidas jacket but Dan sees it as black and brown

He was always jealous of people with school buses

He used to live on the same street as the headmaster of his school

He sang Writing on the Wall

He liked the Lady Gaga song as well so he was torn about the Oscar

This year’s Brits was the most fun he’s had there

Talked about climbing the O2 and he’s really proud of the video

Talked about the camera buy countdown

They stole their livestream studio sign from the Brits

“Very star booby”

#danandphil emojis will only be around for about another month 

They had to make Phil paler than Dan and his eyes more blue

Philly in Philly

New videos this week

He watched a Paranormal Activity movie and didn’t really like it much 

Also watched a psychological thriller called The Gift

“Cheeky chimp”

He and Dan jumped out of his chair when Leo won and clapped

The only Canada date so far is Toronto 

Driving test tips

There will be videos while they’re on tour

He named someone’s guinea pig Jasmine and said “hopefully it will find it’s Aladdin”

Musical outro 

Mentions of Dan: ||||| ||

I really hate when people say a group or person doesn’t deserve an award, win, popularity, etc because I can’t imagine how it must feel to have trained, practiced, dieted, and overworked yourself for 2-10 years, achieve something, then have someone throw it back in your face and say you don’t deserve what you’ve worked so hard for.

I graduated today! It was amazing and pretty overwhelming at times, but I loved it. Also, during my ceremony the university awarded an honorary degree to Dame Jocelyn Bell Burnell - she’s an amazing astrophysicist and Nobel prize winner who discovered the first radio pulsars.

She gave a very inspiring speech that I thought I would share with you. She spoke of ‘imposters syndrome’, where, when you’re faced with a situation where you feel that your peers are so superior that you don’t deserve to be there or that you won’t be successful. I’d never heard of this but it all makes sense to me. So many of us work so hard and shy away from the rewards of our successes. Embrace your position as an enthusiastic academic and give everything you do, all that you can.

Thank you to all my followers who have supported me in the lead up to my graduation. As a new graduate and a holder of a BA Hons first class degree, I’m more appreciative of the studyblr community than ever.

When BIGBANG made those streamers for Tokyo Dome
  • TOP: I should give them my heart so I'll tell them I wanna see them and I love them
  • Dae: Y'know what the best gift I could give them is my face so Imma draw my face
  • YB: Let me get artsy look at this amazing logo I designed for MADE and LOVE I totally deserved that Red Dot award see
  • GD: Let's roleplay. You're all my girlfriend. Chu~ I'm completely not going to apologise for all your heart attacks because of this
  • Seungri: WHY'RE Y'ALL NOT CALLING ME CALL ME MY NUMBER IS- *hyungs confiscate his pen*

Happy Birthday, Michael Fassbender!

Last year I decided to contribute something to your fandom and to give you something back. 54 Drawings of you later, I’m not the same person that I used to be. You have changed my life forever. The last year was one of the most important I’ve ever had. I met so many people here, that I never want to miss again.

You are awesome Michael, never let anyone tell you otherwise! You are full of talent, joy and power and you would deserve all the awards in the world.
Whenever you feel down, just think of us, of your fans. You always put a smile on our faces whenever we see your face on our phones, TVs or screens. You are a part of our lives. No matter that you didn’t get this stupid Oscar-figure again. You won a far more important award:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY. May all your wishes come true! 💋

My favourite band might win their first ever Grammy award tonight and I’m so happy and so proud and so excited I just want to scream from the rooftops tbh like I am just one big mess of emotions.

So unbelievably proud beyond words of Hayley, Jeremy, Taylor, Justin, Aaron, Jon and all the P-more team and everything they achieved with this album, and hoping beyond hope that they win this award. We all know it’s deserved, don’t sit there and tell me you don’t dance and sing like a goofball whenever you hear Ain’t It Fun because I’ll know you’re lying. 

I can not wait to travel roughly 4000 miles with a whole bunch of UK folks to celebrate this album at the Writing The Future show in Nashville! 

Paramore fans, get your game faces and your riot gear on and let’s go win us a Grammy!