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hey bi women, here are some quick reminders for you.  you’re all lovely. your past and present experiences don’t define who you are or negate anything about you. you are complete and whole. you don’t need to justify yourself to anyone. you don’t need to “prove” your bisexuality to anyone. your love for women is real, it is important, it is wholesome, it is healing, it is genuine. your love for women is not an experiment, it is not temporary, it is not a transition to any other sexuality. your love for women is good. your love for women is not impure, dirty, or a fetish. your love for women belongs to YOU and no one else. no one can dictate who you love, who you share your energy with, or who you spend time with. you are not fetishizing women or f/f relationships by being bisexual. you are not deceiving anyone by being bisexual. you have a rich culture and history behind you and ahead of you, and you are contributing to it in the present. you are valued - if not by anyone else, you are at least loved and valued by your fellow bi women. 

remember that no one deserves a “congratulations” for having to “put up” with you. anyone who wants to date you or love you should love you fully. anyone who thinks that your bisexuality is a taint on you or your relationships is harmful, and you should not be with them. you are not bad or annoying for wanting to be loved and acknowledged and treated with respect. you deserve nothing but the best. you deserve the world. and one day, you’ll fall in love with an amazing girl and she’ll love you back, and all will be well. 


Happy 21st birthday to this amazing human being. / Michael Gordon Clifford - November 20, 1995 💫 @5sos

The Better Rogers

Summary: In which a football game with all of the Avengers helps you determine who’s the better Rogers.

Pairing: Steve x Reader

Word Count: 2,212

A/N: This one is especially written for the forever beautiful @beccaanne814-blog ! Becca, my love, I hope you are having an amazing day because that’s exactly what you deserve. I’m so grateful to have you in my life and I hope you enjoy this! 

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“Are you sure you want to do this?”

“Are you sure you want to do this?“ You counter, lips tilting up into a smirk.

“Okay.” Steve shrugs, adjusting the sleeves of the red shirt that was made especially for this occasion. “Don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

“Y/N!” Tony yells from across the field. He has his arms crossed over his chest and his frown is visible even from this distance. “Stop fraternizing with the enemy!”

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happy birthday to the best giffer and most sincere suho stan, caroline!
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Happy Birthday | to my fab and awesome Oz-chan!!!  ♪ ♬ ヾ(´︶`♡)ノ ♬ ♪


I make light in dark minds
You take the signal inward and it shines

Happy Birthday, John Frusciante!

Right, so as an avid reader of fanfiction on this site, I want to take this time to say thank you! Thank you to all the writers who share their stories with us! You all are such incredible people and deserve so much. I cannot begin to describe how your fics have made me feel such an array of emotions. I know more than once I’ve come out from reading a fic either smiling or laughing, heck even crying because of the way you all write. So again, as a reader, I want to say thank you, thank you for sharing your phenomenal work, you are all such incredible talents and I hope you are well and resting and have had an amazing day or night! You deserve it! 

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Safe- George Washington X Reader

so this is @boss-headcanons second and final part to their birthday gift, honestly i love them so much like you deserve an amazing day,, boss

With a gasp, you shot up from where you were laying, finally escaping the nightmare that had been tormenting you all night and you take a deep breath, feeling a few tears run down your cheeks. You lay back down, yawning, trying to. You woke up partly because of a bad dream you just had but also because something feels like it’s missing. You roll over after with the intention of rolling right into George’s arms but he isn’t there and you end up nearly falling out of the bed. You grumble a bit before realizing that you’re not missing something but someone.

You grabbed my phone, your eyes squinting to adjust to light. The digital clock read one fifty three am and you frowned, knowing that George was going to end up passing out at his desk at this rate. You quietly went out of your shared bedroom with him and made your way to his study, where you found him sitting over his desks, only the desk light turned on. You turned the main light on, knowing that he was probably stressing his eyes by just using the desk light.

“Is something wrong?” He asked, not turning around to look at you.

“George come back to sleep.” You whispered, looking at him hunched over some papers at his desk. He didn’t turn when he heard your voice but he grunted in reply. You stared at him while you walked closer to him. “George?”

He turned around and he looked at you, exhausted.

“Yes, dove?”

“It’s late, George.”

“I know.” He responded before turning back to his work and crossing something out before frowning. He pulled out a different paper from underneath the one he was working on and started scribbling words down.

“It’s nearly two am.” You told him and he dropped the pen he was writing with, standing up from his chair.

“It is late.” He repeated slowly and he looked at you shyly before kissing your forehead. He backed away before rubbing his eyes. “You should go to bed. I don’t want you to be tired in the morning.” He said before making the movement to sit back down.

“Please?” You mumbled and he hesitated before pushing his chair in. He turned back towards you and he smiled softly.

“Okay.” He hugged you gently, and you rested your head on his shoulder.

“That worked?”

“Just say the word and I’m yours. You already have my heart, dear.” He smiled, caressing your cheek.

“And you have mine.”

“Are you wearing my shirt?” He asked, looking down at what you are wearing.

“It’s very big on me and it smells like you.” You stated, blushing a bit. He smiled although he was most definetly blushing as well.

“It looks good on you.” He mumbled and he turned the desk light off before making his way over to he main light and turning that off as well. He grabbed your hand and he led you back to your bedroom.

“I had a nightmare.” You whispered, not sure whether or not you wanted him to hear you. His eyes met yours and he let go of your hand, hugging you tightly.

“Do you want to talk about it?”


“That’s fine… but I’ll protect you from the bad dreams, okay? I’m hear now and I’m ready to fight all of them.”

“I don’t think-”

“All of them.” He repeated and you smiled, pressing a kiss to his lips.

“You may be joking but I do feel safer when you are laying with me.” You admitted shyly.

“I’m not joking, dove. I will keep you safe, I promise.” He said and he pressed a kiss to your forehead before changing into his pajamas. You jumped back into bed and he joined you, putting an arm over you and bringing you closer to him. Your head is in the crook of his neck and he is whisper-singing a song wincing whenever his voice cracks. He keeps on singing despite this and you close your eyes, focusing on his voice.

“You should sing more often.”

“I’m glad you like it.”

“I don’t like it.”


“I love it.”

Hi guys!! for some reasons there are apparently 2000 tumblr urls on that tab as of today and I just rly love nice rounded up numbers so lets do this


  • I’ll most likely take requests within the fandoms on this blog (MP100, ST:AOS/TOS, Hetalia, Osomatsu-san); if you request your OC please provide references
  • I won’t take NSFW requests (guys Im not only ragin aro/ace Im also very incompetent when it comes to that kinda anatomy. I cant even do kisses. humor my eternal inner 13yo pls)
  • Since I have like five main artstyles and about forty two throwaway ones, if you wanna see your request in a certain style of mine, you should specify it. You can also specify a medium (traditional/digital) and I’ll do my best to make it work
  • You can also request small comics featuring a character/headcanon because I really need to draw more comics; I’ll also draw icons/headers (just fanarts tho, no OCs for this one)

You can send in a request via message/ask/IM, I’ll check all of them - anon is also on for this!! Go forth guys lemme entertain you this once for a change