you deserve all the good in the world fer

dammit-dark  asked:

And I can't wait to see more of your Anti in action. I'm sorry to gush but I just have to applaud amazing work when I see it! I have no idea how the hell i'd approach your Anti (if I ever get the courage to) but even if I don't, this blog is fantastic and deserves all the followers in the world. Okay sorry for gushing all over your inbox, I'll go now❤️ but your Anti is phenomenal and I had to let you know☺️(2/2)

^Ahh,what a doll ye’ are–thank ye’ so much fer’ such kind words,it’s good to know just how much everything I do is appreciated and the fact that I can keep all of ye’ at the edge of yer’ seats waitin’ fer’ more in the icing on the cake.
I’ll hopefully be goin’ more into depth about the sigil as time wears on and continue with the in depth makeup I have fer’ him already.
Yer’ more then welcome to interact with me however ye’ like even if in the end ye’ just send asks and so on like ye’ do now–I’m just fine with that or anythin’ else for that matter.
But anyways before I end up ramblin’ well into the mornin’ hours–thank ye’ again fer’ such kind words.
I’ve met so many amazin’ people & friends like yerself it really keeps the fire goin’ and makes me want to continue on with everythin’ just that much more.*