you deserve a special birthday kiss

zeldawrecks  asked:

Heyyy can you write a fluffy piece where betty surprises jug on his birthday and they spend the day together :D (Isn't his birthday coming up in the show) Thank you!

Hey, I hope you like this!

This is a little AU in the fact that Archie is totally okay with Bughead (since we don’t know how he feels about that yet).

Here we go. HUGE shout-out to @tewgrunge​ because she basically came up with everything.

Birthday Surprise

Betty and Archie had gone over the plan several times - Jughead was going to spend the day with Archie and Fred Andrews. Fred was going to let them sleep in, cook them breakfast (aka his special Peanut Butter Banana Pancakes at noon), then Jughead would open his presents from Fred and Archie. He and Archie would spend a few more hours together, then Archie would make sure Jughead was outside of Pop’s Choklit Shoppe at 5:30 sharp.

Betty smoothed her floral print dress over her torso, hooked her purse over her shoulder, and made her way out her front door.

She made her way to Pop’s, ushering her surprise guests into a booth at the back. She made sure they were comfortable, then went back outside to meet Jughead at the doors.

At exactly 5:30, Jughead strolled up in front of Betty. She smiled, then quickly stood behind him and covered his eyes with her hands. “No peeking.”  She murmured.

Jughead laughed. “Bets, it’s Pop’s. Plus you can barely reach my eyes.”

“You shush,” Betty smiled. “Just walk.”

“Yes ma’am.” Jughead laughed again and walked toward the entrance.

“Open the door, right in front of you,” Betty guided from behind.

Jughead opened the door, walked a few steps, then paused, waiting for Betty to direct him again.

She had him turn to the right, take a few steps, then pause.

“Okay,” She murmured, taking her eyes off his eyes. “Surprise.”

Jughead’s eyes narrowed in on the booth at the back. “Mom?” He said in awe. “Jellybean?!”

“Juggie!” Jellybean cried happily from the booth, running to hug her big brother.

“Heya,  Jel,” Jughead murmured, smoothing his little sisters hair back as he embraced her.

“What are you guys doing here?” Jughead said happily, guiding his sister and girlfriend over to the booth.

“Well,” His mom smiled. “Your girlfriend here reached out to us. Seeing you on your birthday is important, honey.”

Jughead slid in across from his mom, gripping her hand as he did so.

The four of them ordered their food, catching up and laughing the entire time.

“How long are you staying?” Jughead asked, mid-bite of his burger.

“We have a room at Sweetwater Inn for the night. You can spend tonight with Betty and all day with J.B. and me tomorrow. Betty and I arranged it,” Gladys laughed.

When Gladys was finished eating, she tried to wave Pop Tate over to pay.

Betty shook her head. “It’s been taken care of,” She smiled weakly.

“What do you mean?”

“It’s been taken care of,” Betty laughed. “You came all the way down here. It’s the least I could do.”

Mrs. Jones knew there was no use arguing - Betty was obviously smart enough to pay ahead of time.

Jughead said his goodbyes to Gladys and Jellybean, promising his little sister he’d see her in just a few hours.

Betty kissed Jughead on the cheek, taking the last sip of her milkshake as she slid out of the booth.

“I left a book I need at school, will you walk with me?”

“Of course,” Jughead smiled, grabbing Betty’s hand as they left Pop’s.

“So where’s this book?” Jughead murmured as they ambled the halls of the school.

“Just in here,” Betty answered, pointing towards the office of The Blue and Gold.

Jughead smiled, grabbing Betty’s hand and pulling her into the room, flicking on the light.

There were black, blue and gold streamers intertwined throughout the room, balloons in each corner, and a stack of cupcakes on Jughead’s work space.

“How did you get this?” Jughead gasped as he saw the old projector from the Drive-In stationed in the middle of the room.

Betty shrugged. “I begged Mayor McCoy.” She smiled.

Jughead saw pillows propped on the floor, a wrapped present in the center of a blanket.

“What movie do you have set up for us?” Jughead smiled, embracing Betty.

“Harry Potter.”

Jughead burst out laughing.

“What!” Betty protested.

Jughead kissed the tip of her nose. “Nothing, nothing! I’m excited, I love Harry Potter. I just… wasn’t expecting Harry Potter.”

Betty tried to look mad. “You better not be making fun of me,” She smiled.

Jughead shook his head. “Never,” He kissed her lips gently, then plopped down on the blanket. “Can I open my present now?”

Betty nodded, sitting next to him.  Jughead gently took off the bow and stuck it to Betty’s head, then ripped the paper off.

Jughead held the books in his hands.

“It’s a signed limited-edition copy from 1948.” Betty explained. “It’s two volumes.” She murmured, noticing Jughead hadn’t said a word yet. “Crime and Punishment. It’s your favorite book, right?”

Jughead nodded. “Betty this must have cost you a fortune.”

Betty shook her head, blushing. “No, not a fortune. I got a deal. Really, Jughead.” She inched closer to him, touching his arm. “I know that you’ve never really… gotten presents. I just wanted to make your birthday special. Do you like it?”

Jughead opened the book, a card slipping out.

‘Happy Birthday, Jughead.



“Oh, I almost forgot.” Betty said, reaching behind her for her purse. “This is from my parents.” She handed him a gift certificate for Pop’s.

“This is too much, Bets.” Jughead whispered, setting the book down.

Betty shook her head slightly. “Jughead you deserve the entire world.”

Jughead slowly caressed Betty’s cheek, pulling her into a kiss. “Thank you,” He whispered.

“You’re welcome,” She smiled. “Now, you’ll have to put the movie on because I have no idea how to work that machine.”

Jughead laughed and got to his feet, sliding things into place and pressing the correct buttons.

He got back on the floor with Betty and put his arm around her, pulling her closer.


“Mm?” She murmured.

“This is the best birthday I’ve ever had.”

Birthday Love

Here’s another part in “Our Girl”  

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Pairing: Dean x Reader x Sam (polyamorous)
Words:  1551

Requested by @bulletscrossbowpie:  Hey can I make a request for “Our Girl”, can it be Dean’s Birthday and Y/n wants to make it special cause he’s never had a good birthday. You can decide how she makes it special, if you can include Sam in the planning. Make it smutty please? 

Warning: Smut (one of the last one shots with smut that I will do)

A/N: No longer taking requests for this series.

          “You’re not mad?” you looked up at Sam after telling him your plan to make Dean’s birthday special.

           Sam smiled, “Of course I’m not mad,” he said, “I think it’s great that you want to make his birthday special. And …” he put his hands on your hips, “That just means I get a little birthday love too.”

           You smiled up at him, “Absolutely,” you nodded, “Thank you, Sammy.”

           “No, Baby; thank you,” he said, kissing you, “You’ve given us both love that we never thought we would find.”

           “You deserve all the love in the world.”

           “You make me feel like that’s true.”

           You kissed him softly, “I love you, Sam.”

           “I love you too.”

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Tender Loving Care

Pairing: Morgan x Reader

Word count: 1,345

Request: NO

Warnings: a bit smutty sorry not sorry

Summary: Y/N has never had sex before but it’s Derek’s birthday, so she decides she’s ready to let him take her virginity.  The entire time, he is careful not to hurt her and is really gentle and loving.  Features a tender loving Derek Morgan in bed.  Get ready.

Originally posted by imaginesandmoreforfandom

Your phone rings, startling you.  It’s Derek.  

“Hey,” you say after you pick it up.

“Hello, gorgeous.  Hope you’re not too lonely,” he replies through the phone, the sound of his voice making your heart pick up pace.  Since you’re on the phone, though, it’s easy to pretend you aren’t nervous about his birthday surprise.

“Well, actually I was just finishing up wrapping your birthday gift,” you tell him.  You can practically hear him smile.

“Now, I told you that I didn’t need you to get me anything,” he says.  You smile and roll your eyes.

“Hurry up and come home.”

“Yes ma’am.  I’ll be about fifteen minutes,” he says and hangs up.  Your smile slowly fades as you look around the bedroom you’re standing in.  Candles are lit on the bedside table and the dressers, giving the room a slight, sultry glow and you’ve laid rose petals all over the bed.  Once you put the phone down, you pull your robe a bit tighter to your body, wanting to wait to reveal yourself to your boyfriend.

You grab the last bag of rose petals and start forming a path from the bedroom to the front door.  You decide to light a few more candles and set them around the petals, making the path more obvious.  Once you finish with that, you turn off all the lights in the apartment, letting all the tiny flames be the only source of light. 

Nerves begin to take over as the clock ticks closer and closer to 9:45, the time Derek said he would arrive home.  Within that time, you decide to touch up your makeup in the bathroom while waiting for his arrival.

It’s two minutes till 9:45 when you hear the front door open and your name being spoken by your boyfriend, but as soon as he was fully in the door, he shut his mouth.  You quickly turn the bathroom light off and re-enter the bedroom, standing at the foot of the bed, right in front of the door.  You hear Derek set his keys and bag down in the living room and soon, his footsteps are making their way to the open door of the bedroom.

“Y/N?” he asks before he enters.  He’s met with the sight of you in your robe standing, waiting for him.

“Happy birthday,” is all you respond.  You manage to keep your voice calm and try not to show that you’re in any way nervous.

“Damn,” he replies.  He’s looking you up and down, wondering what is underneath that silky fabric.  “You said you had a present for me?” he asks with a smirk.

You smirk back.  “Why don’t you come unwrap it?” you say, gently tugging at the top of the robe to reveal more cleavage.  His sigh of pleasure fills the room as he makes his way over to you, grabbing your hands and pulling you to him for a warm, tender kiss.  In no time, he finds the strings at your front and pulls, revealing the red lacy lingerie you had bought secretly the day before.  Leaning back, he he takes you in, savoring every inch of your perfect body.

“Damn, what did I do to deserve this masterpiece?” he asks, more to himself than to you.  His praise for you makes you blush and look down at your bare feet.  Derek slowly removes the robe from your shoulders, leaving you feeling very exposed.

“I wanted to give you something very special since it’s your birthday,” you tell him, glancing up up at him through your lashes.  Shyness is quickly taking over your body and you can feel the firm and brave front you wore only moments before begin to crumble at your feet.

“Baby girl, you know I can wait for you as long as you want.  I’ve told you, there is no amount of time too long.”  His arms are on your shoulders, rubbing up and down your arms.

“I’m ready Derek.  I love you.”  You finally meet his eyes, his dark face barely lit by the glow of the candles.

“I love you, too, y/n.  So much,” he replies, stepping closer so that you back up to the bed.  He grabs your hands and guides them to the hem of his shirt.  Just as you sit down on the edge of the bed, you lift his shirt to reveal his chiseled form and throw aside the dark material.  Your hands make their way to his belt, slowly undoing it.  His hands are at his sides, waiting for you.

After you have his belt undone, you unzip the fly on his jeans and pull them down around his knees, giving you a full, pleasurable view of his arousal inside his tight briefs.  Derek shifts on his feet to take off his boots, allowing you to bring his pants down the rest of the way and pull them off his feet.  You throw them in the same direction you had thrown his shirt.

You finally look back up into his dark eyes and your heart races even faster.  Slowly, Derek steps back a bit before pulling his own underwear down, revealing his ready erection.  You swallow hard and grab his hands, pulling him to you and kissing him as deeply as you know how.  The kiss is soft at first, but in no less than two seconds, Derek deepens it, his tongue exploring every corner of your mouth.  It’s wet, messy, and incredibly sexy all the at the same time.  

Both of you are breathing hard now.  After laying you both down onto the bed, Derek reaches behind you to unclasp your bra.  As soon as your chest is revealed, he reaches to gently knead at one before using his other hand to keep his body above yours.

“You’re sure?” he asks gently, quietly.

“One hundred percent,” you answer just as softly.  You grab his neck to pull him down to you, kissing him again.

Between kisses and pants, Derek reaches down to the lacy panties, pulling them down your legs in one swift motion.  You’ve only ever been topless in front of him before, so this is the first time you’ve ever truly been fully exposed to him.  Something about it made you giddy, so you giggle unexpectedly, earning a light chuckle from the loving man on top of you as well.  He kisses you passionately one more time before gently rubbing his tip against your entrance.

“Ready baby girl?” he asks.

You nod enthusiastically and before you know it, he’s inside of you, making you moan slightly.  It was an odd feeling at first, and hurt a bit.  He was incredibly still inside of you, and you knew it was to wait for you to adjust to the feeling.  You gently nod when you’re ready for him to move.  He complies instantly, gently rocking his hips into yours.  It’s slow and soft and incredibly affectionate.  Your heart begins to swell at the idea of how much love you have for this man and he for you.  

Despite his pace, he leans up to look you in the eyes.  “You okay?”

You nod at his question.  It felt so good.  You grab his face again and kiss him more and more as you reach your high.  He’s careful to let you come first, and when you do, it’s a feeling you knew would never be able to be described.  Euphoria takes over your entire being as moans and his name escape your tired lips.

“Fuck,” he says before you feel him twitch.  Thank god you’re on the pill, because you can feel his member release while still enveloped inside you.  His spent body suddenly falls to yours and you are nothing but sweat and limbs tangled together, and you knew that was all you ever wanted to be.

“Happy birthday,” you tell him with a smile.  He chuckles and leans up once more to look at you.

“I am the luckiest man alive,” he admits and pulls you into yet another tender, loving kiss.

aunt marge’s big mistake

*It’s the summer of Harry’s second year and Aunt Marge pays a visit to the Dursleys*

James: *his hands are nervously pulling his hair* Oh for the love of Merlin, Sirius is on fucking Muggle news. He’s not armed or dangerous you bloody morons. He’s a literal puppy.

Lily: He broke out of Azkaban!

James: He didn’t deserve to be locked up in there in the first place. Oh that rat is going to die someday and when he does I’m going to make. him. suffer.

Lily: I have an elaborate plan.

James: *kisses Lily* And that’s why I love you.

Lily: Ugh Marge is coming in. I think I’m going to vomit or something. 

James: That.. woman. Oh I have a special place for her, too. Remember how she followed Harry around with a stick in her hand on Duddykins’ fifth birthday?

Lily: I’ll be damned if I forget. 

James: Luckily, Harry is fast enough, fast enough to be the youngest Seeker in a cent-

Lily: *rolling her eyes* James

James: *grinning* Sorry, I got caught up.

*Vernon warns Harry about behaving when Marge comes, then Harry asks him to sign the permission slip for Hogsmeade*

Lily: Sign it you son of a–

James: Whoa, Evans!

Lily: What?! He deserves it, he won’t sign it I tell you.

James: I know he deserves it but I need you to stay calm so we can both lose our minds when Marge comes. Please?

Lily: Alright, you are right I guess.

*Vernon tells Harry that they said he was at  St. Brutus’s Secure Center for Incurably Criminal Boys to Marge*

James: Fuck you, you bloody wanker YOU ARE AN INCURABLY CRIMINAL B–

Lily: James, what did we just agree to do?

James: *looking down* Keep calm until Marge comes.

Lily: Exactly, you should follow you own advices really.

James: I know, I know.

*Aunt Marge arrives*

Lily: Murder in human form is in the building.

James: I think Duddykins takes after her, look at how they walk. The resemblance is uncanny.

Lily: *giggling* They are like penguins.

*Lily bends over laughing as she watches James do a very convincing imitation of Marge. Marge starts questioning Harry* 

James: I want to smother her with a pillow, it’s like he breathes to wrong way, she always has something to say.

Lily: Cane? Do they use a cane? You bloody disgusting piece of GARBAGE.

James: *laughing* Lily he’s making fun of her, the sass he has, he’s like a small Sirius.

Lily: Well Marge can compete with Walburga if you ask me.

James: No one can compete with Walburga maybe that Umbridge woman from the Ministry, do you remember her? 

Lily: The one who looks like a toad?

James: Mm-hmm.

Lily: Wasn’t she the one trying to pass a legislation that would limit every right werewolves had?

James: That’s the one.

Lily: Ugh, you are right, all that pink everywhere.

*Marge: You see it all the time with dogs. If there’s something wrong with the bitch, there’ll be something wrong with the pup –*


James: *scared* Feels like you could. Harry NO! 

Lily: It’s just a glass, that woman deserves it

James: He’ll get himself in unnecessary trouble, we don’t want him to starve, do we love?

Lily: No we don’t.

*days pass with many problems and shoutings and swears. It’s finally Marge’s last day

Marge (about James):[…]A no-account, good-for-nothing, lazy scrounger who–*

James: Harry DON’T!

Lily: She shouldn’t have said that. She should not have said that.

James: *shouting* Will she ever shUT UP?! 

Lily: Bless this boy, he is a literal angel and–

James: An angel who’s blowing Marge up, I was expecting fire or something, this is more fun.

Lily: What?! 

James: He’s not doing it on purpose. Lils! *trying to stifle his laughter* She’s flying out the window.


James: *laughing* We shouldn’t be laughing this hard.

Lily: *laughing* No we shouldn’t but she’s like a freaking dirigible.

*Harry storms out and decides to leave after Vernon comes after him*

Lily: Jamie, please tell me he didn’t just say he was leaving. Where will he go? It’s night time and there are people after him, he’s the bloody boy who lived for heaven’s sake

James: I hope he doesn’t make the mistake of riding his broomstick to somewhere

Lily: After last year’s Ford disaster I’m can’t be sure.

James: He’s walking, oh good, this is good.

Lily: What is so good about him walking in the middle of the night?

James: *angry* I don’t know at least he’s not flying 

Lily: Jamie?

James: What?

Lily: Is that big black dog–

James: *excited* Padfoot!

Lily: Sirius Black you are scaring your godson!

James: I can’t believe it. He is a dumbass. All the times I didn’t believe when Moony told me he was an idiot. Bad Padfoot!

Lily: What the hell is Knight Bus?

James: We used it once with the boys, it’s safe– technically speaking.

Lily: Lovely, this is just peachy.

James: *hugging Lily* He’ll get to Leaky Cauldron safely. Now calm down love.

Lily: *breathing deeply* Alright.


—Tch, what a flirt!

Happy Birthday Sasubby! ♥
↳ Dedicated to Shirley; another cutie patootie who shares this special day. (◡‿◡✿)

Breakfast in Bed, Egobang Smut

Hello Everyone! As most of you know, today is Dan’s birthday! So, to celebrate, I decided to write some Egobang smut, daddykink included! I feel like everyone deserves some special treatment on their birthday, and Arin is never one to disappoint. So, he decides to go all out for Danny’s birthday this year…

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celebrating Sebby’s birthday would include

Originally posted by brooklynsergeant

  • waking up before him
  • lying in bed and admiring his cuteness
  • carefully pecking his lips not to wake him up
  • taking a picture of him because he looks so angelic and relaxed
  • trying really hard to get away from tight grip
  • quietly singing him a lullaby when you notice him waking up
  • him going back to sleep
  • putting on a baggy shirt of his
  • making him a yummy breakfast
  • decorating the breakfast with his favorite candies and taking it to bed
  • waking him up with kisses
  • “ La multi ani , darling” (happy birthday)
  • eating breakfast in bed
  • talking about anything and everything
  • “i’m not making any age-related jokes because i genuinely feel bad about how old you are”
  • “shut up meanie!”
  • giving him his first present: a scrapbook of ton of pictures of you, him and his friends
  • giving him little birthday presents once every hour 
  • taking a shower together
  • *wink wink*
  • speaking with your broken Romanian
  • “you’re adorable, doll”
  • spending the afternoon with his mom
  • watching funny family video of lil Sebby
  • making an alphabet book for him, with a memory about your relationship for each letter
  • “i’m not saying you’re old, i’m just saying that if you were milk, i’d smell you before i poured you in my cereal”
  • “that’s it, we’re breaking up”
  • going to his favorite ice cream place
  • special birthday kisses
  • “where are you taking me, love?”
  • “somewhere special”
  • driving him to a huge field with a starry sky above it
  • having a picnic there
  • “i really don’t deserve this”
  • “you’re right, Seb, you deserve far better things”
  • giving him yet another birthday card, with your poem in it
    i hope you’ve made the person you were yesterday proud and i hope you’ll create a good start for the person you’ll become tomorrow.i hope that old flavors will still taste the same to an even older tongue and old songs will still sound the same to you.and now that you’re older and taller,you’re able to reach a bit higher but please don’t scrape off the stars of your ceiling yet,you’ll need them.”
  • him kissing you passionately
  • “i adore you, angel”
  • stargazing together
  • “the stars will be so proud to know their atoms created somebody like you”
  •  talking about stars and galaxies
  • “i never want to leave this moment”
  • “but what if the next one is even better?”
  • “is it possible, love?”
  • giving him his last present
  • 3 tickets to Constanta, Romania (for you, him and his mom)
  • you’ve taken 2 extra jobs to be able to afford those tickets
  • him crying from happiness
  • making love under the stars
  • “Te iubesc din toatăinima” (i love you with all my heart)
college bf jimin

chimchimmmmmm, 5/7 :)) 

  • jimins rlly extra when he’s with his friends in the dining hall
  • like when i say extra i mean ExTrA
  • like screaming yelling laughing
  • but once he sees u, he gets so shy
  • like literally the only thing he can do is smile at u bc he’s sO nervous 
  • idk but I feel like he’d be clingy??? 
  • like kinda with you at all time 
  • while studying 
  • eating meals 
  • sleeping
  • at the same time he’d know when to give u ur space
  • you guys would be a chill couple
  • one day you decided to transfer schools
  • bc u literally found ur dream program
  • and would end up transferring after getting accepted
  • it was pretty hard on ur relationship the first few weeks
  • “i miss u”
  • “i miss u too jimin”
  • “like a lot”
  • but you guys eventually got used to it
  • like every other week, either you’d go visit him or he’d visit you at ur new school
  • it wasn’t until the week of exams when both of y'all got super busy
  • like whenever you guys tried making plans
  • they’d always end up getting cancelled 
  • but this particular week was important
  • bc chimchim’s bday!!!
  • and he’d obvs only wanna celebrate with his fav person aka u
  • “i know we’re both rlly busy but it’s my birthday this weekend, can i come down?”
  • “jimin, i can’t afford to fail, could we postpone ur bday celebration?”
  • “ok i guess we’ll see each other after the semester ends”
  • “i’m so sorry jimin u knOW i need to pass”
  • “yeah so do i" 
  • he’d get so upset
  • so he’d ignore u
  • just cuz he wouldn’t wanna deal with ur ass
  • but really you were planning on surprising him
  • and so you’d hit up his roommate namjoon to help you set everything up 
  • he’d fill u in on what time jimin usually comes home on fridays
  • he’d like distract him or make him run some errands so you’d have enough time to set up
  • sweetheart namjoon would let you guys have the room to yourselves that weekend aw
  • you’d get like a cake and his presents and everything ready for him
  • and even decorate the room
  • and the fact that jimin was ignoring u was ten times better bc it made it easy to surprise him
  • so u get a text from namjoon saying jimin is literally on his way upstairs
  • u hide quickLY
  • and jimin walks and he’s just like wtf
  • “omg…did namjoon do this??”
  • and ur in the corner having trouble controlling ur laughter
  • bc little does he know
  • so u pOP OUT
  • “SURPRISE BABE!!!!!”
  • he basically tackles you
  • “did u do this??!?!”
  • “ofc???” 
  • “i thought you were too busy for me”
  • “dont be dumb jimin ily i wouldn’t miss such a special occasion for anything”
  • “ilyilyily”
  • and he kisses u all over
  • “quick make a wish and blow the candle before the wax gets on the cake”
  • he lowkey wishes that he has u as his forever
  • but he just tells u he wishes for like a sports car or some shit idk
  • “happy birthday babe”
  • “i love u thx y/n” 
  • you two spend the night eating cake and catching up on life
  • and cuddling ofc
  • u missed being in his arms after 837438 years
  • the next day rolls around and you spoil his ass bc really, no one else deserves to be spoiled but him
  • and tbh he’s actually smiling the entire weekend 
  • bc he’s so in love
  • and he basically knows at this point that ur a keeper

You gasped lightly as you took in the literal mountain of presents Klaus had set up on the floor.  Slowly your head swiveled to your boyfriend, mouth gaping in surprise.  “I told you that we didn’t have to do anything big for my birthday.”  You tried to point out.  Klaus smiled widely, enjoying your reaction.

“I wanted it to be a special day.  It is your birthday, after all.”  You turned back to the presents and Klaus chuckled lightly before pressing a kiss to your temple.  “You deserve to be spoiled.  Let me take care of you today.  You deserve it.”

Birthday girl.

Cute Sam x reader birthday fluff. Also I´m so tired that my eyes barely stay open so if this has mistakes in it, I´m sorry.

Imagine Sam preparing a special birthday for you.

Pairing: Sam x Reader, Dean

Warnings: fluff

Length: 1228 Words

Originally posted by itsokaysammy


“(Y/N), what do you want for your birthday next week?”, your boyfriend Sam asked out of the blue while you were all sitting in the library, doing research on the current case.
You didn´t even look up from your books: “Kinky sex”, you said dryly and Sam laughed while Dean made a disgusted noise.
“I´m serious (Y/N). What do you want for your birthday? And it can´t be something you get everyday anyways”, Sam elaborated and before you could answer, Dean slammed his book shut and got up:
“You guys are the worst, seriously. Take these disturbing talks somewhere else.”
While exited into the hallway, you and Sam laughed but then you stopped and looked at him: “Well, what do you want to hear? You know I hate birthdays, so please don´t make a big deal out of it.”

He sat down next to you and wiggled his eyebrows: “But I want the birthday girl to have a special day.”
You frowned but also grinned a little: “Dean´s right, that is disturbing. I´m going to bed, and your only invited if you stop talking about birthdays.”
He nodded, but then he winked at you and you rolled your eyes: “You´re actually the worst.”
A smile spread over his face: “But you love me.”
You sighed with a smile in your eyes: “Unfortunately.”

When you woke up one week later, you had completely forgotten about the fact that your birthday was today.
Of course that only lasted until you saw Sam standing in the doorway with a tray in his hand.
There were pancakes, orange juice and a flower in a small vase on it.
It was actually a nice surprise and you sat up, pushing back some loose strand that had escaped your messy bun:
“I told you you shouldn´t do anything for my birthday”, you told him but your voice was warm and soft and he sat down beside you:
“I know. That is why this isn´t for your birthday. Can´t I just be nice to my girlfriend?”
You shrugged and chuckled a bit: “I guess so.”
He placed the tray on the nightstand and then turned back to you: “Oh, and happy birthday, by the way”, he said and placed a short but sweet kiss on your lips.

When he pulled back you felt a special warmth spread trough your body, the one that only came with Sam, and suddenly you felt like maybe this time your birthday wasn´t going to be so bad after all.

You spent the next hour by sitting in bed, eating the delicious pancakes that Sam tried to convince you he had made himself, kissing and talking.
It was a beautiful morning and by the time you finally got up to take a shower, it was already eleven o´clock.
“I can´t believe we stayed in bed that long”, you said and glanced at the electronic alarm clock.
Sam shrugged: “It´s your birthday, you deserve to have a nice time.”
“Yeah well, I really enjoyed that, but you promise that that´s it, right? No more special surprise and no fuss, okay?”

Hastily he got up and gathered the tray: “I´m going to clean that up.”
“Sam Winchester, I…”, you began, but he was already out the door.
You sighed and headed for the shower.

When you entered the kitchen after a very relaxing shower, hair hanging loosely down your shoulders, the ends curling because they were still wet.

You wore light blue jeans, a black tank top and a white boyfriend shirt that you tied into a knot at the front.
Dean was standing in front of the fridge, facing towards you with his back, but due to his hunter hearing, he immediately noticed you enter and turned around: “Well, if that isn´t the birthday girl, how are you feeling? Did you like my pancakes?”
He came over and hugged you tight and you felt the air escaping your lungs: “I knew he didn´t make them himself”, you pressed as best as you could without oxygen.
“Dean”, you heard Sam´s annoyed voice, “you told her?”
The elder Winchester let go of you and you caught your breath.
“I had to, Sammy. After all I don´t have a special gift for her like you do.”
You turned to look at Sam and his grin told you that this was all planned out.

“Okay, what´s going on?”, you asked a little nervous, not sure where the sudden butterflies in your stomach were coming from.
You saw the brothers look at each other, and then Sam stretched out his hand: “Follow me!”
Quickly you took his hand and then he started leading you down the hallway, all the way to the garage.

When you stood in front of the door, your heart almost beat out of your chest for whatever goddamn reason.
Dean was standing a few feet down the hall and was smiling and when you looked back at Sam, he looked the happiest you had ever seen him.
He winked at you one more time and then pushed open the door.
You didn´t know what you had expected, probably fireworks and wild animals, but sure as hell not what you were seeing:
All the cars that were in there, were parked in a circle, their hoods all facing the same spot in the middle, where the tiniest package you had ever seen stood.
Without thinking twice, you walked over to the present and picked it up. It was wrapped in blue paper and had a yellow bow around it.

“Open it”, you heard Sam say from behind you and you felt him put his hands on your shoulders while you pulled at the bow and then ripped open the paper.
Five seconds later you were holding a little black box and Sam turned you around to take it from you before he got down on one knee and opened the box towards you with one hand while taking yours with the other.
Tears started floating down you cheek and you clasped on hand to your mouth while the other was shaking in Sam´s.
“(Y/N), I know you for many years now and I can´t remember a time when I didn´t love you and I doubt there will ever come a time when I stop, so we might as well spent forever together, however long that might be.”
You were full on crying now, completely lost in the moment and Sam´s eyes.
“Yes”, you breathed out and he put the beautiful diamond ring on your finger before he got up and picked you up to hug you.
Over his shoulder you could see Dean giving you thumps up from where he was leaning against the wall and you smiled while Sam whispered in your year: “Not such a bad birthday after all, isn´t it?”
When he put you down, you still cried but smiled under the tears: “Yeah, I guess so. Although you still didn´t give me everything.”
To see his face drop was hilarious: “What is it?”
“I think I recall asking for kinky sex”, you told him with a grin.
“Not that again”, you heard Dean say but when you looked at him, he smiled too.
Next thing you knew, Sam picked you up bridal style: “Who would I be to deny you your one only true birthday wish?”

Request: Awkward three

Request: And what about a threesome with Juice and Kip and the reader!! 

Tig Trager Warns You, This Imagine Contains: slightly smut

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You loved to hang around SAMCRO, your best friends were there and you always had a good time. Yes, they were bikers and yes, they sold guns, but that didn’t make them bad people like the rest of Charming thought.

They might be your friends, but that didn’t stop them from hitting on you. Tig was the freak, but at the end, sweet guy that made you laugh every time. Chibs was the wisdom when you needed it. Happy was the guy that made your tattoos and could kill someone if you needed too. Kozik was an annoying big brother and Juice… Actually, Juice and Kip were the adorable boys around and though the first one wasn’t a prospect anymore, he was treated as he still was.

“Leave the poor boy in peace”, you slapped Tig’s shoulder as he planned a prank against Juice.

“Ouch!”, he whined. “What? Do you like him or what?”

“No”, you rolled your eyes. “It’s my birthday and I don’t wanna you guys fighting, ruining it”

“Fine”, Tig shrugged and walked to the bar, ignoring you.

Yes, it was your birthday and the clubhouse was already looking amazing. You couldn’t wait for the night. You walked to Clay’s office where you had left a box with more decorations and bumped into Juice when you were leaving.

“Sorry”, he mumbled, helping you to gather a few things that had fallen from the box.

“It’s okay”, you smiled. Juice got up and offered to carry the box for you.

“I still didn’t wished you happy birthday by the way”, he blushed and you thought it was adorable. He put the box on the floor and hugged you. His scent hit you, making you swallow. He must had noticed, because Juice pulled back, looking down at you. He was so close that you could kiss him.

“I… I should go”, you mumbled, waking up from your daydream. He let you go without another word. You hadn’t lied to Tig, you didn’t LIKE Juice, but you had a little thing for him. Actually, he was the only guy around you would have sex with…Well, him and Kip, the two adorable weirdos. “Jesus, I sound like Tig!”

You shook your head, getting rid of that thoughts and continued to decorate the clubhouse with the croweaters and Gemma.


Party was going great, the clubhouse was full and all your best friends were there. Chibs tried to get you into a birthday drinking game, but you ran as fast as you could, betting and drinking didn’t work well around Chibs.

You really needed to go to the bathroom, but it was occupied. You shrugged and carefully opened the door of the first bedroom. It was empty and it was Juice’s one, he wouldn’t bother so you entered the room.

In your way out, you stopped to look at the mirror and the bedroom door opened, revealing Juice himself.

“Hey, this is my…”, he started yelling with whoever pervert had thought it was okay to use his dorm, but stopped when he saw it was you. “Oh, hi…Y/N”

“Sorry Juice”, you smiled. “I really needed to go to the bathroom”

“It’s okay”, he smiled too, blushing a little bit. You patted his shoulder, walking to the door, but Juice grabbed your wrist, pulling you back. “About that… That thing on the hallway, earlier… I really wanted to do this”

You didn’t have time to think, Juice lowered his lips to yours in a sweet, but very passionate kiss. You couldn’t help, you melted in his arms, wrapping yours around his neck.

“I’m sorry, if…”, he tried to talk, but you silenced him with your lips again.

“Shut up”, you mumbled in your kiss and he smiled, kissing you back. You knew there was a party for you going on out there, but the birthday girl needed a special gift and she needed right in that moment.

You pushed Juice towards the bed, smiling at his surprised expression when he felt and you straddled him. You put his hands on your hips and cupped his face, kissing him again. You both moaned when his grip tightened on your hips and grinded you against his crotch.

“Happy Birthday”, he said and you were about to say something when he turned on bed, laying you under him. Juice kissed your neck, trailing a path of kisses until your cleavage. He looked up at you and laid between your legs, pushing your dress up your thighs.

“Hmm Juice…”, you moaned as he put your panties aside, slowly licking through your folds. His lips closed around your clit and you moaned louder, arching your back. He put two fingers inside you, sliding them in and out, painfully slowly.

You were about to ask him to go harder when the door burst open. Kip, with his eyes wide as a deer in the lights, frozen on the door for a moment.

“Sorry”, he mumbled, still lost as he turned around. You didn’t think at all, you just called him.

“Kip”, you said and Juice looked at you, frowning as Kip stopped at the door. “Come inside and close the door”.

“Y/N?”, Juice asked and you pouted, looking from him to Kip, now awkwardly standing in the middle of the bedroom.

“It’s my birthday, boys”, you curled your finger, calling Kip closer. “I deserve special attention right?”

“Y-Yeah”, Kip mumbled, walking to you as a robot.

“No way”, Juice got up. “Get out man!”

“Juan…”, you warned him and knelt on bed. “You are my sweet boys and I want you both”

“Who are you and what you did to Y/N?”, Juice asked, grimacing.

You rolled your eyes and pulled Kip closer, kissing him. He was lost for a moment and you grabbed his hands, putting them on your hips. You heard Juice growl loud and suddenly he pushed you away from Kip, claiming your lips. You were breathless when he broke the kiss.

“You really want this?”, Juice asked and you nodded, biting your lip. He looked at Kip and the poor boy was still lost.

“Wait? A threesome”, he asked, suddenly understanding what you were proposing. “No, I… I mean, we could… But…”

You stopped him grabbing his shirt and throwing him own bed. You straddled Kip, lowering your lips to his. You were expecting Juice to get in the game, but he was standing there, frowning.

“Juan?”, you looked at him, getting angry and tired of those lost boys.

“So…” Kip said under you. “Is he gonna… Kiss you… Or I do?”

“Shut up”, you looked at him for a second before look at Juice. “Juan?”

“I mean, it’s a practical question”, Kid started talking again, making you snap at him. “Like… Do I… Hmm do it from behind or….?”

“FOR CHRIST’S SAKE!”, you yelled and got up, pushing your dress down your legs. “Your guys are so sweet and cute, but so clueless, I mean… You just ruined a birthday fantasy boys! Goodbye!”

You walked to the door, opening it to leave that room and that frustrating experience behind.

“Asshole!”, you heard Juice yell at Kip. “Get out of my room!”

“Hey man, she asked me to come”, Kip stuttered and you couldn’t hear them anymore, just the last yell from juice.


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Birthday Boy

“Jay baby…” You whispered to him leaning down to kiss his lips, suddenly pulling back when you felt him start kissing back. “Princess…” He groaned. “What?” You asked, smiling at him knowing he didn’t like when you teased him.”You pulled away.” He said pouting.

“You have to get up hun. You know what kissing leads to with us.” You said straddling him. “But I am the birthday boy and I deserve to have a special birthday kiss!” He said lightly squeezing your thighs. “Fine, but no sex…until later.” You said winking at him leaning down to kiss him as he smiled widely like a baby. You knew the kiss was going to far when his hands started trailing up and down your sides. “No. Come on, babe.Go shower and I will bring you your birthday breakfast.” You told him getting off his lap. 

“Damn babe. Breakfast in bed? You must really love me.” He said as you just laughed. After Justin took his shower and ate his breakfast he started staring at you like there was something on his mind. “What babe?” You asked looking at him. “Babe…can we stay in? I just thought that maybe we could spend this day alone in our bed, have a lazy day, watch movies, cuddle, kiss, talk, I don’t know…make love?“ He said looking into your eyes hopefully. “I don’t know babe…don’t you want to spend time with your family?” You asked him. 

"I do. And I will celebrate my birthday with them, but tomorrow. Princess, we don’t really have any time alone lately and I miss having lazy days with you. Can we please stay in?” He asked his eyes lighting up a little when he saw you smile.  “If you want to. Just call your parents and friends and tell them not to expect anything.” You said running your fingers through his hair. “Thank you so much babe.” He said getting up kissing your forehead. “Wait… I was really busy getting your present last night and I kinda forgot to get you a cake…” You said looking down feeling ashamed.

“Muffin, I told you that I do not want any presents at all. You are a present, you are the most important present in my life, I don’t really need anything.” He said lifting your chin up to kiss you. “I know, but I thought that maybe you would want to see a new car standing outside.” You said smirking at him.“You bought me a car?! But you didn’t have my card. Did you spend your own personal money? ” He asked looking shocked and grateful. “Maybe…” You said smiling. “Oh my God!” He immediately ran downstairs and ran around the car touching it and laughing and screaming. You just stood there awestruck. He was so happy and cute.

“Baby, this is the best gift that you could’ve bought me. You are the best! I love you so so much!” He said as he kissed you,lifting you from the ground and spinning you around. You just laughed at him. After that you baked a cake, that was really delicious (you were surprised that it turned out to be so good). Then you cuddled on the couch and watched his favorite movies. When it was time for dinner you ordered Chinese, mostly because Justin was too lazy to order something else. After the dinner you and Justin had birthday sex, which he was extremely happy about. He was so happy that he was walking around the house in his boxers singing “Birthday Sex” and dancing. As you both were laying in bed he started talking to you. “Thank you my princess.” He said kissing your cheek. “For what?” You asked him confused. “For making my life so perfect. I love you. “Awe, I love you to babe.” You said kissing him.


Ok so here is another imagine! Request please. My life is boring and I need stuff to do lol. I do everything. Love you babes!

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Birthday Sex- A.C. Imagine

Requested- Yes
Reader x Aaron Carpenter
POV- Readers
Word Count- 636
Warnings- Smut, swearing and some teasing
Synopsis- Its your birthday and Aaron gives you a special treat 😉

Requests are open🌌
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“Happy Birthday.” Everyone screamed as they popped out from various places
“Aaron Braden Carpenter I told you no party.” I scolded as he kissed me
“I’m sorry baby girl, but you deserve it.” He chuckles
“Happy Birthday y/n.” says Cameron
“Thanks Cam.” I say kissing his cheek as I make my way through the sea of people and to the kitchen to sit my bag down and grab a drink.
I can’t believe Aaron did this especially knowing I had school today and I have finals coming up.
“Y/N what’s up bup?” says Grayson
“Not much Gray.” I laugh taking a sip of my soda
“Well have a good night we will catch up soon.” Gray says as he disappears through the crowd
“Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday dear y/n, happy birthday to you.” Everyone sang as I blew out the candles on the cake
“Thanks to everyone for coming, I know I appreciate as does Aaron.” I say kissing Aaron softly on the lips as Cameron snaps pictures, Bryant snaps pictures and everyone coos at our cuteness
I watch as Aaron ushers everyone out and I clean up the mess of cups and plates, storing the cake and food away.
“Finally we are alone.” Aaron huffs running his fingers through his hair
“It was your idea Carpenter, don’t say finally.” I laugh
“Hey baby girl, go to our room. I’ve got a special treat for you.” Aaron says
I look at him nervously, cocking my eyebrow and sigh.
“Oka-a-ayy.” I say and walk through the apartment towards our room
“Aaron what’s this?” I ask as he pushes me against the wall, harshly sucking at my neck
“Mhm Aar.” I moan softly his hand traveling up my shirt rubbing me through my bra
“Happy Birthday Princess.” He groans in my ear pushing me on the bed and ripping my clothes off
“Aaron that’s my…” He cuts me off
“No talking baby girl.” He says as he trails kisses down my body til he reaches the waistband of my panties
“Aaron.” I moan
His fingers grip the crotch of my panties ripping them away from my body, exposing my aroused heat to the cool air
“P-p-please don’t tease.” I moan gripping the sheets
I watch as his deep brown eyes look into mine as he flicks his tongue against my clit
“Ahhh.” I moan clenching my thighs around him
My back arching off the bed, gripping the sheets, crying out.
“Aaron, I’m gonna fuck.” I moan loudly gripping tighter as my breathing becomes uneven
“Are you ready for your second present?” Aaron asks
I bite my lip and nod slowly
I watch as his nude body comes into view, length coming into view.
“Can I have a taste? Just a taste of my special treat.” I moan rubbing my clit a little
“Sure baby girl, anything for the birthday princess.” Aaron groans as I take his length in my mouth, hollowing my cheeks and bobbing my head up and down
“F-f-fuck y/n.” Aaron moans loudly
I released him from my mouth with a pop, laying back spreading my folds and rubbing my clit.
“Please baby.” I pout as he pulls my hands away and positions himself
“Yes.” I moan loudly as his thick length stretches me in all the right places and he throws my leg on his shoulder
I claw and scratch as our moans and pants fill the room
“Omifuckinggod Aaron.” I scream as he hits my gspot
“You…. like….. that…. princess.” He growls
“Yes yes yes, I’m gonna cum. Yes.” I screech and push myself towards him as we climax
“Ohmigod.” Aaron groans
“Hey hey it’s my birthday for three more hours, get ready for round two.” I giggle

Birthday (Stiles Stilinski Imagine)

Request: Hi it’s my birthday tomorrow and I was just wondering if I could get a really cute fluffy imagine for stiles 🙂 if it’s not too much to ask?

A/n: HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I hope you have/had a fantastic day! 

Request are closed!

Birthdays. Birthdays are always fun especially if it’s yours. People will treat you anything that you want. You’ll get presents and a delicious cake that you get to eat. But what’s even better is that you can celebrate it with people that you love.

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Something New

Everything would have gone perfectly if your boyfriend hadn’t open his mouth. He had the perfect plan for your birthday party. You didn’t suspect a thing; instead of ignoring you and pretending they didn’t know your birthday was coming, the boys seemed excited and always talked about the plans they had in mind. This was keeping you distracted, how Kyungsoo always suggested meat with Jongin, or Lay mentioned Baekhyun’s grandma’s food, it was really good. 

At that point you had no idea that all the plans were part of a bigger plan. Behind your back they were planning the biggest party you ever had. They invited all your friends, some idols they knew you liked, the food was of first category and let’s not forget the pool, you loved pool parties with the moonlight. 

“I can’t… I have to tell you jagi” Baekhyun mentioned the day before, while you two went out shopping.
“What is it Baek? Is it about my gift? Please don’t tell me, you know I love surprises! I want to wait for tomorrow”
“No it’s not… more or less.. but the boys..”
“What about them? Aren’t they home, eating junk food and watching a movie like we left them this morning?”
“No. They are preparing the house for your party…” Baek looked sorry but he couldn’t keep it as a secret, specially not to his jagi. He hated that about himself but you loved it. He had always so much energy, secrets ate him alive, he had to tell everyone specially if it was something big as the birthday party of his girlfriend. “Baek…you didn’t..”
“I’m sorry but… I had to tell you… I’m so excited that I can’t wait…”
“No I mean… you are really throwing a surprise birthday party for me?” To be fair, you weren’t even angry at him for telling you; you loved how much he knew you well and knew exactly what to give you to make you happy. No one ever treated you the way he did and you were so thankful for that. For having that special person.
“Of course I am babe; I know you always wanted one and you deserve the best. I’m sorry I told you…” You dropped the shopping bags and ran into his arms, making him hold you tightly before kissing your forehead.
“It’s alright, I have you and you always surprise me with something new”

A/N: I know this is short but I hope you like it. Happy birthday to the anon that requested this!  I hope you had/have a nice day! Xo, admin A~

This Love X

“It’s mommy’s birthday, Dan.” Adam smiled as he picked up his baby. “And we’re gonna cook her breakfast and treat her like the queen she is, yeah buddy?” He chuckled at how much Danny was paying attention, looking up at him with wide eyes. “She deserves it.” He murmured, making his way to the kitchen. “Alright, what are we making, buddy?” Adam pondered more to himself rather than Danny.

It was an hour later that Adam had finished making her breakfast, with a proud smile on his face, balancing the tray with breakfast on one hand and Danny on the other side, he made his way over to their bedroom.

He put down the tray on the bedside table carefully and smiled as he saw Taylor sleeping peacefully on her back. He chuckled to himself as he set Danny down on her chest and the little on placed his hands on Taylor’s face.

She stirred. “Adam, stop…” she mumbled making him laugh softly.

“Hey, wake up, birthday girl.” He whispered in her ear, pressing a kiss to her cheek as she began opening her eyes.

“Hi” she whispered, when she saw him looking down at her. “And hi to you.” She giggled, looking at Danny.

“Happy birthday.” He said with a huge smile on his face.

“Thank you baby.” She kissed his lips.

“I have breakfast!” He announced laughing as he went to get tray.

“Babe! You didn’t have to.” She puckered her lips urging him to kiss her and he did.

“You deserve it.” He grinned. “I also have a present for you! I want this day to be special!” He said after a while.

“Adam, it’s already special. I’m spending it with my favorite people.” She smiled, pressing a small kiss to Danny’s head and Adam rolled his eyes standing up from the bed so he could go get her present. He emerged from the closet with a small box in his hand and a big smile on his lips.

“Here, love.” He handed her the box and took Danny from her arms as she sat straight.

He watched as she opened it up, her face lighting up as she saw what was inside. It was a simple necklace with little baby feet along with her baby’s name engraved on it. Then there was a silver ring in the form of an olive tree branch, which made Taylor tear up.

“Ads…is this- is this an olive tree branch?” She mumbled and he smiled at her, placing Danny on the bed before taking her hand in his.

He slid the ring down her ring finger. “I know my promise when I planted that olive tree didn’t take long to be broken so I kind of wanted to promise you again. I want to give forever. A love that never dies so the ring symbolizes that and I want you to remember it every time you wear it.”

She pulled him to her, embracing him in her arms. “I love you.” She murmured, pecking his cheek. He smiled, taking Danny in his arms and put him on his chest as he laid down and pulled Taylor in his arms.

“You didn’t really break your promise though.” Taylor whispered, rubbing Danny’s back. “Our Love didn’t really die. You cut it down and it just grows back, that’s what you said. Look at us, we grew back up.”

“With an extra branch.” Adam joked, pointing at Danny and making them both laugh.

“You know, I sometimes we’d known you were pregnant with Dan and that everything was clear.” Adam admitted as Taylor looked through the baby clothes she was picking for Danny.

“What do you mean?” She spoke a little absentmindedly.

“Well, if we knew you were pregnant, we would’ve worked harder to be together. Also you’d look adorable with a bump.” He smiled softly, pecking her cheek.

“You mean fat and hormonal?” She giggled.

“Nah, you’d be pregnant not fat, babe.” He rolled his eyes. “Anyway, I guess I kind of wish we could’ve gotten those little moments, like finding out the gender and his first kick and cravings…” he rambled and she stopped mid action, turning to look at him, a little surprise at his confession.

“I didn’t know you…wanted that.”

“Well I…um I…” he scratched the back of his neck, blushing a little making her think of how painfully adorable he was. “It’s just that you know when we used to talk about having a family and getting pregnant, it was something we talked about future wise, not within the year and it all happened so quickly, I wish we had gotten the time to get ready for this. Now, we’re here picking up Christmas presents for our son after everything we’ve been through. There’s so many things that could’ve happened differently.” He told her and she leaned against him, leaning up to kiss his lips.

“Things could’ve happened differently, yes, I agree. It would’ve been easier but maybe it happened like this for a reason. Maybe there were lessons we needed to learn and I’ve learned a few, trust me. It made us stronger.” She smiled, placing her hand on his cheek. “Of course, it would’ve been nice to have some kind of warning but what matters is that we pulled through.” She looked into his eyes and he smiled, kissing her forehead.

“Let’s get this shopping thing over with?”

“Yeah.” She giggled.

“Mom, you know he’s three months old, right? He really doesn’t understand the concept of Christmas at all?” Taylor giggled, as she let her mom in the house. Andrea was carrying bags filled with presents and there was one huge bag that belonged to Danny alone.

“He’s my only grandson and I want to spoil him, honey.” Andrea argued as Taylor rolled her eyes.

“Babe, you can’t really say anything about that.” Adam teased, kissing her cheek as he moved past her.

“Oh shut up.” She laughed, following her mother into the living room.

“Where’s my boy?” Andrea questioned, grinning.

“Sleeping upstairs in his new nursery.” Taylor told her excitedly. “I got that as an early Christmas present from my dear boyfriend.” She glanced at Adam who had just entered the living room. He smiled, wrapping his arms around her waist, pecking her cheek.

“It was hard to keep it a secret.” Adam smiled.

“You two seem to be in an awfully cheery mood today.” Andrea pointed out and they smiled.

“It’s Christmas, mom!” Taylor grinned. “And the whole family is getting together! We’re excited!” Then as if she remembered something she turned to Adam. “Can you go check if Dan is awake? Bring him down if he is?” She smiled.

Adam nodded, pressing a kiss to her head before unwrapping his arms from around her. He made his way to Danny’s nursery.

It had been hard to keep it from her but he wanted to do this little thing and they needed Dan to have a room there anyway. He had hired people to do it, making sure it was all perfect and ensuring Taylor would like it. He had absolutely loved the look on her face when she saw the door with Danny’s name on it, wondering how it had gotten there. It was easy to figure out what it was as soon as she looked at Adam’s smile as he stood with Daniel in his arms. She adored the nursery, it was very simple yet beautiful.

Her heart fluttered at how many memories they would make in the Rhode Island house. 4th of July, parties, it was a house that Taylor truly loved being in. She had made many great memories there and she couldn’t wait to make some more. This was also the house her and Adam had said I love you to each other for the first time. It seemed that anywhere she looked, she was reminded of small moments that meant the world to her.

Adam had a smile on his lips as soon as he spotted his little boy squirming in his crib. He stepped closer and when he came into view, Daniel smiled, kicking his legs. Adam picked him up in his arms.

“Oh hello there. Are you ready to meet the whole family, Dan?” Adam chuckled, to be quite honest, a little nervous himself.

Adam felt as if he was in his perfect future, together with the love of his life and their little one, spending Christmas as a family. It felt amazing, it felt real and it was all his to enjoy.

He was sure he had never loved his life more. Not even when he was making music, when he was onstage. No, this was better. It was happier. What they had created in three months was pure. Three whole months of Daniel in his life. How had so much changed in a blink of an eye? He couldn’t even imagine not having Daniel anymore. He never thought he could love another human being so much, it still left him speechless how he and Taylor had made this tiny baby that brought so much joy to their world. It floored him how strong Taylor was, he had fallen in love all over again. And he wished to have her and Danny and the way things were for the rest of his days.

“Guess who’s awake and excited?” Adam chuckled softly, approaching Taylor in the living room.

“Hi, baby!” Taylor cooed, making grabby hands at him and Adam passed him to her. She grinned, kissing his little cheek. “Your family should land soon. Sophie called on your phone, I hope you don’t mind I answered.”

“Ah, no problem, babe!” He pecked her lips. “And Austin?”

“Oh he said he was running a little late. As always.” Taylor laughed, shaking her head. “Do want security to go pick them up or are you going?”

“I think I’ll go. It’s only right.” He shrugged with a smile.

“Oh, I’ve missed you!” Adam’s mom hugged him tightly as he chuckled.

“Missed you too, mum.” He held her in his arms then went on to hug his sister and her husband and then the kids who were eagerly awaiting him.

“Uncle Adam, Tay Tay’s plane is super cool!” His niece squealed as she jumped into his arms and his nephew attached himself to his leg.

“I know, right? And it has nice snacks!” Adam laughed, hugging her in his arms.

“They’re yummy!” She agreed, giggling. “Is she here?”

“She’s at the house! You’ll see her soon!” Adam told her, kissing her cheek. “And what are you doing down there, buddy?” He looked at his nephew who just smiled at him, always the least talkative unlike his big sister.

“Ed said he wishes he could be here and he sent you a huge hug.” Sophie told him and he smiled softly, a little upset that his brother couldn’t make it.

“We’ll call him later.” Adam smiled. “Now, how about we go? There’s someone who I really want you guys to meet.”

“Oh yes! I’m so excited!” Pamela, Adam’s mother squealed.

“Everyone, meet Daniel Swift-Wiles.” Adam announced bringing the baby over to his family, with Taylor standing closely behind him. There were soft gasps around the room especially from the little ones.

“He’s so tiny, Uncle Adam!” Adam’s niece ran over, leaning against Taylor who laughed lightly.

“You were this size when you were a baby, love!” Adam told her, smiling.

“But I’m a big girl now, right?”

“Yeah, you are.” Adam laughed.

“But he’s so cute!” The little girl giggled.

“He is pretty cute, isn’t he?” Taylor looked down at her, caressing her hair and Adam smiled when she glanced at him, so unbelievably happy to be with her, wishing he felt this happy forever. He wouldn’t change anything in his life in that moment because it felt perfect. Everything was perfect. He had the woman he loved right beside him, his baby boy and not to mention his whole family. Life was good. Life was so good.

Tell me what you think!!! And MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

Imagine: It's your birthday and Kylo surprises you... With your own planet

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“Can I take this stupid thing off now?” You asked impatiently, tugging at the blindfold around your eyes.

Kylo laughed, “Not yet– But We’re almost there.”

Kylo had blindfolded you in the hangar of the base, guiding you into the Command Shuttle and sitting you down beside him as he piloted it.

“You know, you really didn’t have to take me off the base, it’s nothing special,” You said, tapping your fingers against the console as you tried to find something to do. The darkness was driving you insane.

Kylo sensed this and reached over to kiss your forehead, “Of course I had to, Y/N. You deserve nothing but the best on your birthday. Besides, I couldn’t have given you this present on the base.”

You could hear the shuttle decelerating and your ears buzzed as you felt the altitude dropping. You sighed in relief, you were finally here– wherever here was.

You felt a soft thud and you took this to mean that you had landed, “Okay, I’m taking the blindfold off now– Hey!” You exclaimed as you felt your hands freeze in mid-air.

“Not yet, my love,” Kylo laughed, “You have to get out of the Shuttle first,” He waved a hand at you and your arms dropped back into your lap.

After taking your hands in his own, Kylo walked you down the ramp and outside.

You smiled as the sunlight shone on your skin and your hair danced in the mild breeze. You took in a deep breath. Fresh air. You didn’t go outside of the Starkiller Base often, and even if you did, the harsh climate made it an unpleasant experience.

You felt Kylo’s hands drop from yours, moving their way to the back of your head as he untied your blindfold.

You winced, blinking several times before adjusting to the brightness before grinning widely.

“What do you think?” Kylo asked, turning his head to you as he wrapped an arm around your waist.

You faced him, “Oh Kylo, it’s so beautiful.”

“Good. Because it’s all yours,” He leaned down to kiss your forehead.

You stared at him wide- eyed, “All mine? What do you mean?”

“It’s your planet now, Y/N. I bought it for you,” He watched your expression change, “What’s wrong?”

“Kylo, you bought me a planet,” You laughed, “This is far too much for a birthd–”

He cut you off, pressing his lips to yours.

“Nothing is too much for the love of my life, Y/N,” He laughed too, “Besides, I’ve seen how miserable you get on the base.”

You opened your mouth to protest but Kylo shook his head, “It’s okay, Y/N, you don’t need to deny it. I just, I hate seeing you like that,” He held your hand in his own, “I wanted to give you somewhere to get away from it all,” He kissed your hand gently, “From the base, from your duties… Even from me– if you want.”

You rolled your eyes, “And why would I ever want a break from you?” You asked him, giggling as you pressed your forehead to his.

“I was hoping you’d say that,” He chuckled before wrapping his arms around your waist, “Happy birthday, Y/N,” He grinned before kissing you again.

Tastes Like Freedom (Steve Rogers/Reader)

{One Shot in honor of Cap’s birthday 

Pairing: Steve Rogers/Reader, Sam Wilson/Reader (platonic), Bucky Barnes/Reader (platonic), Natasha Romanoff/Reader (platonic)

Warnings: Slight sexual innuendos, Reader likes to embarrass Steve

A/N: Gif not mine}


 “So, Cap, the Fourth of July is coming up,” You nudged Steve with your elbow excitedly. “The birth of freedom! The birth of equality! The birth of men in tights!” 

 “You seem awfully excited for someone who isn’t even American,” Sam chuckled. 

 “Of course I am. It’s the perfect excuse to A.) Get drunk B.) Set off explosives whilst drunk and C.) It’s Cap’s 239th birthday,” Bucky choked on his sip of beer when you said that.

 “(Y/N), I’m not that old,” Steve was giving you a softer version of the “cut the bullshit” look he used on Tony.

 “Fine, fine. Anyway, Steve. It is your birthday in two days. No arguments this year, we’re throwing you a birthday party and you’re gonna show u-”

 Steve interrupted you with a sigh.

 “Don’t worry, it won’t be a Stark party. Just the five of us- You, Sam, Buck, Nat, and I- some sparklers, illegal fireworks, beer. It’ll be great!” You were seriously excited for this. You loved Steve. Steve loved America- well what it’s supposed to be- And Steve loved you and had a hard time saying ‘no’. 

 “C’mon Steve, let your girlfriend do this for ya. I’m curious to see what she comes up with.” Bucky wasn’t normally one for parties, but he made an exception for Steve. And he honestly was curious to see what you’d do. 

  You had known Steve for a few years now, but this would be your first birthday with him as your boyfriend, you wanted to do something special for him. He deserved it.  

 “She’s not going to take ‘no’ for an answer, you might as well agree,” Natasha reasoned. 

 Steve knew they all of them were right, and honestly didn’t mind much. If it was a small party, and it meant so much to you, he would do it. “Alright, (Y/N), I’ll let you plan a little party.”

 You squealed in delight and planted a nice kiss on his cheek. “Oh goodness me! I have so much to do! I have to get some decorations, and some beer, and some food- what do you guys even eat?- Oh! And sparklers and some other little things! STEVE!” 

The super soldier jumped. “What?!”

 “What dessert do you want?! It’s your birthday and you need something special!” You had two hands planted firmly on the table looking down at Steve.

 “I can think of ‘something special’ he’d want,” Bucky smirked. Steve gave the “cut the bullshit” look to him. 

 “Well that’s a given, but not until after you guys leave, soo….”  You couldn’t stop a giggle escaping your lips when you said that. 

 Pretending he wasn’t blushing, Steve had to think for a moment. “Well, I’m a big fan of ice cream,” he said, making a cute little face. 

 “Ice cream? Okay, I can do that…. Nat, Sam.. Bucky, if you guys think of something just text me. I’m going to be very busy for the next two days- Love you, Spangles!” You gave Steve another kiss on the cheek before running out of the room. You needed to start planning immediately. 

Oh this is so exciting!!


 Two days later…

 It was the Fourth of July. You had spent the past two days planning, and planning, and planning. This day had to be absolutely perfect. And it was going to be. You had everything planned out. Your spacious apartment was covered from wall to ceiling with decorations, but it was still surprisingly tasteful- at least that’s what Sam said. Maybe there was a little too much glitter. Just maybe. Everyone (meaning Bucky, Sam, Nat, and Yourself) seemed to be enjoying themselves, eating and drinking and waiting for the Birthday Boy. 

 A knock on the door made you eagerly jump off of your couch and run to the door. When you opened the door you were greeted with the sight of a  very smile-y Steve. “Hello, Darling,” You gave him a quick kiss. 

 “You really weren’t  kidding about this party,” He chuckled as he walked inside. 

 “I had to make it absolutely perfect for a National Treasure. We’ve got to watch out or Nicolas Cage is going to try to steal you,” You giggled at him. Natasha made a teasing “awww” sound from behind you. 

“Happy birthday, Steve,” Bucky raised a beer in Steve’s direction. 

“Thanks, Buck… Are you wearing a “Captain America” shirt?” Steve raised an eyebrow at his friend.

“Yes, yes he is!” Sam piped up from the couch.

This was going to be a fun night.


 Dinner had been served (Sam had assisted you with grilling up  American classics- hamburgers and hot dogs), beers had been drank, sparklers and a few fireworks had been shot off the balcony, a few rounds of cards had been played, until it was time for dessert- family friendly version, of course.

 “Okay, Steve, you said you liked ice cream… So I took the liberty of making homemade ice cream. Strawberry, blueberry, and vanilla.” You were very proud of yourself. 

 “That actually looks really good,” Natasha sounded surprised. 

You gave her a look of mock-hurt. “Hey, don’t doubt my culinary ability before you try it.”

“And what exactly does it taste like?” She questioned you, an eyebrow raised.

You took a spoonful into your mouth, pondering your wording for a moment, “Tastes like freedom.”

“I thought that’s what you said Steve’s d-” Bucky didn’t get to finish that sentence. Steve practically tackled the ex-assassin out of his chair. 

“Yeah, but it’s a different side of freedom. See, this ice cream is the sweet side. Steve’s… Cap jr. … is a more mature taste.” You sent a dramatic wink towards the wrestling men on the floor.

 “(Y/N), please stop talking,” Steve was redder than the red on his his shield.

“I think (Y/N), should keep talking.” Nat and Sam were having too much fun with the exchange. 


Another few hours passed, but finally Steve and you were alone in your apartment. You two were cuddled up on your couch, enjoying a little peace and quiet. 

“I’ll help you clean up, (Y/N),” Steve offered. 

You groaned as you looked around in the state your living room had been left in.  “Let’s do it tomorrow. I still haven’t given you your last present,” you smiled at him suggestively.

That made him grin. “Oh? And where is it?”

“It’s right here,” you sat yourself sideways in his lap and combed your fingers through his hair. Just as he seemed to be expecting a “special” surprise, you began. “WHEN CAPTAIN AMERICA THROWS HIS MIGHTY SHIELD!”

“What the hell, (Y/N)?!” 

You had fallen on the floor you were laughing so hard. “ALL WHO CHOOSE TO OPPOSE HIS SHIELD MUST YIELD!” 

Steve was shaking with laughter. “This is the best birthday I’ve had in a long time,” he thought to himself.