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“Caught Up” (Yugyeom Smut)

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Title: Caught Up

Featuring: Yugyeom (GOT7) X Noona Reader

POV: 2nd

Rating: NC-17

Summary: After giving Yugyeom an eyeful of your slinky undergarments, you use the incident as fodder to tease him, but the tease might have gone too far this time.

Requested by anon! I don’t know why it took me so long to finish this, but here we go!


That sing-songy voice rang out across the room and sent a cringe through your body. You absolutely hated when Yugyeom called you that, even though it was accurate. You were older than him, sure, but he had a way of teasing you about it that dug at you. You wanted to wipe that stupid smirk off his face when he said it.

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Where You Belong

Dan had always wanted to be in a D/s relationship, but he doesn’t know how to sub properly. That was until he met Phil.

So I wrote this with no proper plot in mind, I already have 4 chapters and no idea when it’ll end lmao this is just an excuse to write lots of kinky shit tbh. I’ll keep writing this series as long as I have ideas maybe?

2690 words of Dom!Phil and sub!dan, masturbation, smut.

or read on ao3!

~Part 2~

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Confessions (Peter Parker x reader)

summary: peter goes to your place after a bad date

warnings: none

word count: 1.8k

pairings: peter parker x reader

prompts: 100, “You’re the only one I wanna wake up next to,” 95, “Come cuddle,” 36, “You’ve shown me what love can feel like,” and 27, “Kiss me,” from this prompt list

a/n: the numbers above were again provided by an anonymous request, thanks for being so patient and I hope you enjoy:)

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Nightmare customer

so I was getting ready to make a coffee for a customer & my coworker asked me something workwise like if I wanted them to empty my waste thing where we dump the coffee.

Before I could answer this woman like demanded “what are you talking about?!” so I gave her a smile and just said “oh nothing just work stuff sorry!” and she gave me a death stare and was like “well maybe you should stop chatting and concentrate on making my coffee you stupid girl!”

She then proceeds to verbally abuse calling me “stupid” and “r*tarded” to the point of where I started crying and she started laughing at me and then I woke up.

Yeah..I’m at the point where I’m having fucking nightmares about horrible customers. The worst part is up until I mentioned it was a dream, anyone would’ve believed this was real because sometimes customers can be a real life nightmare😪


Request/Prompt(s): Could i request a high tension sam x reader with 39 and 66? just like enemies to lovers kind of thing where one of them gets injured or a little too risky with the mission and the other gets pissed and the argument just escalates.

39.   “No, you’re tall and bossy, and you keep doing that thing with your eyebrows.”
66.   “Put the gun down.”

Warnings: swearing, typical mission violence, nothing too intense

Word Count: 2181

A/N: Okay I dunno if this is exactly what you were after, but hopefully? It’s tough to fit enemies to lovers into a one shot, man! Hopefully I captured it okay for you.

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Standing behind the desk, you leaned over to reach the keyboard when you heard your name over the wire in your ear. Steve sounded out of breath. That’s never a good sign.

“You about done in there?” he huffed over the muffled grunt of what you assumed to be a guard he’d taken out trying to keep your exit clear. “We’re coming under some fire out here. We need to move out soon.”

“Yup,” you answered quietly, eyes darting to the door. “All downloaded. Just need to activate the virus now… Tony where’s the virus? I don’t see it on the drive.”

“Yeah, that’s because it’s on the second drive,” he snapped, “Were you even listening during the briefing? Or was it really more important for you to get those peanuts into Wilson’s coffee?”

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calfreezy imagine - what a start to the year..

REQUESTED:  “I beg you do a really hot & smutty Freezy imagine where Y/N teases him throughout the whole night of the NYE party and he can’t take it anymore so they have rough 👉🏼👌🏼”

The room was loud, and crowded, and hot. The floor shook under the vibrations of the speakers, where Tobi stood arranging songs. Everybody else was on the dance floor. It was a mess of sweaty, drunken bodies - and this was only an hour in. New Years Eve was never a disappointment in the flat of the Cal’s and the Mr Wroetoshaw.

I took a minute out and headed to the kitchen. In the corner was a table, absolutely stacked with several different spirits and bottles of liqueor. I made small talk with the people around; Josh and Freya, Sarah, Gee and JJ. I then proceeded to pour the liquids into a red cup. As I did this, my phone vibrated.

I pulled the device out of my bra and checked it. 

‘Message from: Freezy’

‘You look hot as fuck.’

I smirked at the text as I looked up, trying to find his place in the room. It wasn’t long before I found him. He stood right by the door, clad in a mustard coloured pullover and jeans. He engaged in conversation with Manny and Simon, however his eyes were not on them.

They were on me.

I watched as his lips moved, his fingers wrapped around the plastic cup. His eyes did not leave mine until Sarah approached me.

“Y/N! Come on we have to dance!”

I broke the contact, looking up at her as she dragged me onto the dance floor. As I finished the rest of my drink - and Sarah’s - I began to feel happier, more confident, warmer. However, Cal’s eyes still did not leave mine. It didn’t matter where he was, or who he was talking to, he was watching me. 

And I loved it.

Cal and I had only known eachother for just over a year, and I had been attracted to him since the very first day we met. Our friendship rested completely on flirtatious comments and subtle touches at dinners. Nothing had ever happened between us, but I knew damn well I wanted something to. And by the look on his face, it looked like he did too.

“Ladies,” Lux approached us, passing both Sarah and I another red cup, discarding our current ones to the floor. I accepted, instantly swallowing as much of the beverage as I could. He leaned down to whisper in my ear.

“So you and Freezy hmm?”

I smirked, simply shrugging before continuing dancing. I made sure Cal was still watching as I decided to spice things up. My hips swaying dramatically, hair a sweaty mess around my head I closed my eyes, rotating my waist in time with the music. I took occasional glances at the boy. He was still talking, however this time, he was more than subtly unfocused. He bit his swelling lips as he watched me, a hand in his hair. I smirked once again before tipping my head back and finishing the rest of the cup. 

As I made my way back to the drinks table my phone vibrated once again. 

‘Stop that.’

I smiled, typing out a reply.

‘Stop what, Cal? Having fun?’

I watched him as he pulled his phone out of his pocket. He smiled slightly as his eyes skimmed over the text before focusing back on me.

‘I can show you fun if you like.’

I raised my eyebrows suggestively, placing my phone back in my bra and returning to where Sarah and Lux were on the dance floor. The dance moves continued for about an hour, and so did the drinks. I felt too warm, and was beginning to get tired as it edged closer and closer to midnight. 

“I’m just gonna go get some air!” I shouted at Sarah over the music before turning and heading to the balcony. The air was cold, however the alcohol in my system had control over my temperature.

“You,” a pair of arms rested on the railings either side of me. “Are evil.”

I turned around, coming face to face with Cal.

“How so?” I asked innocently, batting my eyelashes as I looked up at him. His eyes darkened.

“You know exactly what you’re doing,” he edged closer to me. his voice was deep and husky as he gripped the railings behind me, leaving me pushed against them. “Teasing. You’re teasing me.”

“I don’t know what you mean.” 

“Oh but you do Y/n. You know exactly what I mean.” He trailed a single finger up the exposed skin of my thigh. My breath hitched in my throat. “Exactly. I know you want me Y/n.”

My voice was merely a whisper as I uttered out the words “Do I?”

He leaned in, whispering in my ear. “Well do you?”

Hands still lingering over my thighs he attached his lips to my neck, sucking lightly. My eyes fluttered shut.


“Yes what?” He questioned in a demanding manor.

“Yes; I want you.”

“Say no more. Follow me.”

He gave me a smile before returning into the building. My legs shook, heat rising through my stomach as I followed him through the crowds of people. Eventually he found Tobi. He whispered something to him, to which Tobi shook his head.

“No way. Not happening.”

“Tobi, please.”

“…Fine,” He handed Cal a pair of keys. “But not in my bed!”

Cal shook Tobi’s hand before grabbing mine, hurrying us both out of the apartment. We got into the lift and he pressed the numbers to take us up to Tobi’s apartment. As soon as the lift doors closed he shoved me into the wall, pressing his lips to mine aggressively. His tongue entered my mouth and I moaned. He spanked me suddenly, my mouth falling open. 

As the lift doors opened we didn’t break contact, our mouths still moving in sync all the way to Tobi’s front door. He shoved in the keys and the door opened. We wasted no time rushing into Callum’s office, him pressing me up against the door. I tugged on his shirt and he removed it.

“This.” He pulled on my dress. “Off.”

I undid the straps and pulled the fabric over my head leaving me completely exposed in front of him. He pressed his lips to mine once again. I moaned as his hand found it’s way around my throat. 

“Off.” I muttered, pulling at his jeans. He unbuttoned them and let them fall to his feet. Instantly I moved my hand to his member, palming him over the fabric. A throaty groan left his throat as he rested his head on my shoulder, grabbing my waist. I pulled down his underwear and continued my actions.

“Oh my God Y/n.” He groaned.

I pushed him down onto his desk chair, placing myself steadily on top of him. We both moaned as he entered me and I sucked at the skin on his neck, leaving bites all over his throat. I rotated in circles on top of him, our moans filling the room, the windows steaming up. As his hands grasped my butt almost painfully I felt my stomach tighten.

“Cal-I’m close.”

“Me too babe.”

His thrusts became sloppier as we both let go, waves of pleasure escalating through my body. 

“Oh my god..” I panted, running my fingers over the already forming bruises on his throat. 

“I’ve been waiting a year to do that.” 

“Let’s make it a regular occurrence?” I asked, smirking.


I looked over at the clock on his desk - seven minutes past midnight.

“’s 2017.”

He smirked. “What a way to start the year.”

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*SLAMS FIST ON A DESK* I DEMAND MORE IGNIS HEADCANONS BECause this girl is losing her mind over this iggy fic she's currently writing and she needs some iggy hcs and love pls send help

EDIT: There are more NSFW HCs I added as a reblog on this post, or you can find ‘em tagged ‘my writing’/on my master list

YOU DEMAND I SUPPLY HON <3 I’m so glad you asked, ‘cause this gave me an excuse to post a huge fuckin’ filedump of everything that accumulated in my Notes app, so apologies in advance for the absolute massacre of grammar/tenses/etc ¬_¬ 

Dating Ignis Headcanons 

(mostly SFW cause I gotta save a few things for writing about later. This got hella long, so it’s going under a cut.)

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The Music I Can Give You - Part 9

Summary: Generally, you’re a fairly open person with the team. You tell them about your past and in turn they seem to open up to you as well. The only thing is, is that no one on the team knew of your intense love of music. It was something incredibly personal to you and you kept it close to your heart, not willing to open yourself up to other people’s judgement. That is, until Bucky Barnes came to the Tower. You never spoke to Bucky but the more you watched and observed him, the faster you found yourself falling for the kind, strong man. It’s only after seeing Bucky being tormented by one of his nightmares do you realize that maybe there is something that you can do to help him, and quietly show your love for him at the same time.

Word Count: 1.2K

Warnings: None.

A/N: Thanks so much you guys for all the comments and feedback! They honestly make my day that much better. And if you want to just ask me any random questions or anything just shoot me a message, I love random questions! and Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Canadians!


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Bucky’s POV

            I stared back at Steve, trying to process his words,

“What do you mean, you’ve never seen this before?” I whisper-yelled, suddenly aware that anyone could hear us out in the hall. Steve held my gaze as he handed the iPod back to me. Running my hands through my hair, I took a step back and looked away,

“It’s what I’m telling you Buck. I’ve never seen this in my life and I sure as hell didn’t sneak into your room to do it”, Steve replied, but I wasn’t listening. Someone other than Steve had given me the iPod, had gotten the 40’s music and snuck into my room to leave it for me, maybe to help me. My mind raced; I was so careful about not letting anyone know about my problems, my nightmares, how did this person know about what music might help or what I might like?

“Well then who the hell put this in my bed?” I muttered, more talking to myself than to Steve. My mind flipped through the possibilities of who in the Tower it could be: Wanda maybe? She could look into my mind and see the trouble I was having but something told me that looking into my mind was the last thing that she wanted to do. That teenager, Peter would know how to buy the iPod and work it but honestly, the kid seemed terrified of me and anyways, he didn’t even live at the Tower full-time. So caught up in my thoughts, Steve’s hand on my shoulder made me jump. Pulling back his hand Steve seemed surprised,

“Sorry, sorry”, he said. “I just – you seem agitated, and I just want to make sure you’re okay?” Sighing I clapped him on the back,

“Yeah Punk, I’m fine. It’s just…” I held up the iPod, “this is…it’s one of the most amazing things that anyone’s ever given me and I have no idea who left it!” I finished, turning away from Steve to pace. When I turned back towards Steve, he had started scratching the back of his neck, a dead giveaway to his lying or being nervous about something.

“What?” I demanded, planting myself in front of him. “You know who gave this to me, don’t you, Punk?” I said, holding up my iPod at eye-level, hoping it would compel Steve into spilling whatever it was he was hiding.

“No… I don’t know who gave it to you Jerk, but”, Steve hesitated, glancing up at me before continuing. “but, there’s a way to find out”. Raising my eyebrows, I silently egged him on to explain.

“Well, when you first came to the Tower, HYDRA was still looking for you and I wanted to make sure that you were safe….” I could already tell that I wasn’t going to like where this was going. Steve continued, “so I talked to Tony and he helped me install security cameras in your room”. I took a stride forward, ready to pound him into the ground.

“You had no right Steve!” I seethed. “You invaded my privacy and lied to me!” Steve shot his hands out, desperately trying to calm me down,

“No! No! That’s not it at all! We had them rigged so they were only activated when someone who’s not you entered your room!” he explained. “Me and Tony made sure that FRIDAY was clear on that”. Lowering my hands I took a step back and leveled my gaze on him,

“That’s better I guess, but….” Steve interrupted me before I could finish,

“I know, I know. It wasn’t good that I didn’t tell you but I knew you wouldn’t like it and I just wanted to make sure that we were covered in case HYDRA came for you again.” He finished, sheepishly. Shaking my head, I rolled my eyes. I loved this kid, honestly he was as good as my brother but sometimes I just wanted to strangle the Punk.

“And!” Steve continued, throwing his arms up with an excited expression on his face, “now we can see who came into your room and left you that!” he said, pointing to the iPod that I still held in my hand. Grumbling, I nodded and started to stride down the hall. It was a few seconds before Steve caught up to me, staying silent for a few seconds but I could tell he was curious and the silence wouldn’t last long.

“Sooo…where are we going?” he asked, dodging a couple of agents as he tried to keep up with me.

We”, I said, “are going to find Tony to get him to show me who was in my room last night, and you are going to go with Tony after this and uninstall all the hidden cameras you’ve placed in and around my room”, I finished, casting a half-hearted glare towards my best friend. Steve reached up and started scratching at the back of his neck again,

“Yup, yeah, you got it pal,” he sighed, “Sorry”. I looked over at him before punching him not-so-lightly in the arm, grinning smugly when I saw him wince.

“It’s okay Punk, just don’t do it again”, I said, seeing him nod out of the corner of my eye. Steve and I continued to walk down the halls in silence for a few minutes before he spoke up again,

“So who do you think gave it to you, if it wasn’t me?” he asked, pointing down at the silver iPod that I still held in my hand, red headphones wrapped around my fingers. Looking down, I traced the outline of the painted star on the back before answering,

“Honestly punk, I have no idea.”

30 minutes later, Steve and I were sitting in the camera room, searching through the recorded footage FRIDAY had saved from the night before. Sitting in one of the chairs in the room, I watched as Steve ushered Tony out of the room thankful that he had realized that I wouldn’t want anyone to be asking questions about this; not about something as personal as the gift someone had left me. Tony had tried to stay and see what we were looking for, stating “it was his tower so he had a right to know” but Steve had just pushed him out of the room, telling him to go uninstall the cameras in my room. Tony had grumbled the whole time but I could tell that Steve trusted him to mind his own business when it was needed.

Shutting the door, Steve walked back towards be and grabbed the chair I had pulled up next to mine. Reaching forward, I started fiddling with the controls, fast forwarding through the activated video footage of the last couple days before slowing it down to real-time. Early in the morning, a couple hours after midnight I noticed, my bedroom door opened and in stepped…

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57: “ Is that my shirt? ” for Gibbs?

“Jethro, I know you’re probably mad that the power’s out. But it’s really not my fault.”

You gave a small smile when the Marine’s gaze switched over to you, glaring slightly. “Is that so?” He demanded tightly.

After a moment, you gave a small nod. “Yeah. I mean, it’s not my fault the powerbox is so complicated. There’s a lot of wires and buttons and switches; it’s very easy to get confused.”

Gibbs let out a deep sigh, just about to let the matter go because there was nothing he can do to change it. But then he noticed something. And you shied away under his frown. “Is that my shirt?” He asked. “Pretty sure that’s my shirt.”

After looking down and looking back up to Gibbs, you shrugged with a small smile. “Well, after the power went out, I couldn’t wash any laundry…” You trailed off when Gibbs rolled his eyes, walking away towards the basement, so you followed. “I’m only borrowing it!”

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Proceed With Caution

Group & Member(s): BTS’ J-hope ft. best friend Yoongi

Genre: bad boy!au(requested)gang!au/angst

Word Count:  7.5k

Summary: Your best friend tries to warn you to stay clear of his mysterious yet alluring friend Hoseok. But sometimes the things you should stay away from end up being the things you want the most. 

a/n: this plot line branches a bit off of the story in Two Fold 

You never really know when that moment is going to happen. That split second you lock eyes with someone and just know.

He sauntered in like he owned the place, his hair pushed back and his lip slightly curled. His look said dangerous but his eyes said deadly.

One look - one split second and you were in

And there was no going back after that.

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If I may, ma'am, you seem troubled. I remember watching Miss Guthrie go through this experience. Learning to bear the weight of her authority and the awful and lonely compromises it demands. Would you like to know the advice I gave her then? In such an office, anyone who tends to your needs is going to ask for more in return than they give. But if you do not have these needs met, you will never survive the experience. Best to make sure that whomever you choose to have tend to you, all you owe them is a fee.

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i loved those pillow scenarios!!! perhaps you could continue with hibari getting rid of the body pillow and his s/o reaction pls? and if you want you could continue another character if you want PS im so happy to read your writings again


You looked at the bed, confused, suspicious, and slightly annoyed at the calm manner of Hibari.  “Where is my pillow?” you asked.  “I spent fifteen bucks on that, don’t tell me you threw it away.”

“I did,” Hibari responded casually, not bothering to look up from his paperwork. 

“Why?” you asked, still standing in front of the bed, your anger growing.

“Because I didn’t like you cuddling it,” Hibari stated matter of factly. 

“What the hell is wrong with you?” you asked, grabbing a nearby pillow and smacking Hibari with it.  “You…owe…me…fifteen…bucks…bitch!” you shouted in between hits.  

Yanking the pillow from your hand, Hibari discarded his paperwork and stood up to face you.  “I was mad you cuddled it more than me, okay.”

“You’re hopeless,” you huffed.  “Does this mean you will actually cuddle me now though?”

“I’ll try,” Hibari said, gathering his files.  

You threw your hands up in exasperation.  


“I’m not getting that back am I?” you asked the dog as he curled up on your body pillow.  He let out a bark in response.  “Takeshi!” you shouted at the top of your lungs.

Running up the stairs like a mad man, apron whipping around him, gun in one hand, sword in the other, he was immediately alert, looking for the enemy.  Seeing none, he looked at your angry face and the dog behind you.

“Oh,” he said, putting the weapons down.

“Oh is right, what is this about?” you demanded.  

“I ugh, got jealous of you cuddling that pillow so I gave it to Jirou since he needed a new bed,” the assassin laughed awkwardly.

“I should shish-kabab  you with your own sword,” you glared.

“Please don’t,” he responded weakly.

Preference: Throwing You A Surprise Party

Author’s Note: This was a request and I hope you all enjoy this! Just a quick warning I proofread this twice but it was longer than my other ones so I might have missed a couple of mistakes. If you want you can let me know and I’ll be happy to fix them c: Enjoy!


Darry assigns everyone a job to help out. He’s nervous that you’ll figure out what he’s been planning since the first time you asked him if you would see him on your birthday it took him a minute to come up with something so you had your suspicions but still when you walked into that room with all your friends just for you you were taken aback. It was way better than what you had imagined in your head.

Darry and you sat side by side on the couch. He had his arm around your waist and you were eating your cake, giving him a few bites along the way.

“You’re sure you were surprised?” he asked you for the fifth time that night causing you to roll your eyes fondly.

“Yes I was, Dar, now stop worrying.” You demanded and gave him another bite. You stayed in that position for a while, even after the cake was gone, just watching the boys messing around and playing cheesy party games. “You know this is the best birthday I’ve ever had.” you told him.


“Yea,” you grinned “My hero.” you said before kissing him lightly.

Sodapop’s been buzzing with excitement ever since they started getting ready for the party. He’ll lay up at night talking to Ponyboy if he’s awake making sure that they’ve remembered everything. He even practiced for a week to make sure he could neatly write your name on the cake in frosting.

Ponyboy was chatting to you about nothing as you parked out front of the Curtis’s house. It was Friday night the day before your birthday and Sodapop asked if you would bring Ponyboy to a doctors appointment out of town because he and Darry had to work. The appointment was in the morning but Ponyboy had begged you to stay out a little bit insisting that you pick out your birthday present there for him to buy you since the shops were better. You insisted that he didn’t have to get his brothers girlfriend a gift but he smiled and told you that you were like his sister and he wanted to. So for a while he walked you around until it was finally time to go. You pulled up to the house and were surprised to see the cars there.

“Didn’t Soda say he had to close tonight?” You asked Ponyboy who just shrugged.

“Come in and ask him yourself.” He said and so you got out of the car and walked up to the front door. You gave Ponyboy a funny look as he held the door open for you but you went inside and immediately your eyes found your boyfriend who was standing there holding a chocolate cake with your name and ‘Happy Birthday’ written in pink frosting. Suddenly you saw everyone else at the time that they all yelled ‘Surprise’.

Immediately you grinned and looked around at everyone. They all rushed up to hug you and you thanked them when all the excitement died down you made your way over to Sodapop to kiss him softly. He had set the cake down but after you pulled away you swiped a bit of frosting to taste. “You’re the best.” you said to him and he immediately hugged you close.

Ponyboy is all about the decorations for this. He takes whatever he can get his hands on and tries to turn it into something he can hang up around the house. It’s not everyday they throw parties and he wanted it to be as big as possible. There are streamers covering every inch of the walls and everything was perfect until the day before your birthday when he went to your house after you didn’t show up for school and only to find out that you were sick. Ponyboy was absolutely heartbroken when he got home and his brothers were shocked when they got home from work that night to see everything been taken down. They tried to cheer him up but nothing worked until the next day when he got an idea. With the help of the gang Ponyboy gathered as much as he could from the party and made his way to your house. If you couldn’t come to the party he was determined to bring the party to you. He got sick a couple of days later but for him it was worth it.

You were a bit grumpy the morning of your birthday when you still woke up with a sore throat and a fever. You were even more annoyed when your mom made you get ready for the day anyways. All you had wanted to do was spend the day in bed so you could hopefully be well enough by night time to enjoy your birthday for a couple of hours. When you finally came downstairs dressed your jaw dropped open as you saw the streamers, balloons, and group of guys standing in your living room.

“Surprise.” they all said and immediately you ran up to Ponyboy to give him a huge hug.

“You didn’t have to do this.” you said as he held you close.

“It was my pleasure.” he replied.

The others didn’t stay to long but Ponyboy did. You and him sat on your couch watching cartoons. He rubbed your back while you slept and even gave you a quick kiss when it was time for him to go.

“You’re gonna get sick.” You teased and he just shook his head.

“Happy Birthday, Y/N.”

Two-Bit threw a party for his little sister a couple of months before and so he had been wanting to throw another party for a while since that one was so fun. He used the left over decorations from his sisters for yours and it wasn’t much but to him decorations didn’t matter all that much. It was all about the food and the people. You play games all night. Even after everyone left you and Two-Bit stay up until morning playing card games with each other and it’s the most fun you can ever remember having.

“Jeez,” you said when a glare of sun hit your eyes from the window behind Two-Bit. “We stayed up all night. The sun is rising.”

Two-Bit turned to look.”Hell I ain’t even tired.” he grinned.

“Me either,” You murmur and started dealing a new game. “Thank you by the way. It was the best night ever.”

“Well I’m glad you enjoyed it. I expect the same thing on my birthday.” he joked and picked up his cards with one hand while his other hand reach out to take yours. “Happy Birthday, baby.”

You had befriended the gang a few weeks after moving into town and you soon began developing feelings for Dally. You two had a couple of dates and your birthday was coming up so Dally decided to help you celebrate with a party. He was secretly nervous that you would hate it so he tried not to let the boys in on how much he wanted to get it perfect. He had never had a birthday party or even gone to one before so he planned on just bringing you all to Buck’s but Ponyboy made some small suggestions to him about what would be better than that. On the day that they all got together to decorate they all expected Dallas not to show up but he did and when the other boys slacked off he would get angry with them for not taking this seriously.

Dally was standing up on a chair as he pinned streamers up onto the wall. Behind him Two-Bit, Steve, and Sodapop were all sitting on the living room floor sucking the helium out of a balloon. They were all laughing hard as Two-Bit told them a joke, although they found his voice funnier than what he was saying. Dally turned around to glare at them.

“Will you knock it off? Those things ain’t cheap.” he snapped and swore at them before turning back to what he was doing. Their laughing took a few minutes to finally be able to die off and once it did Two-Bit stood to stand by Dally.

“Jeez, Dal, party’s are supposed to be fun why are you taking this so serious? What are you in love or something?”

“Shut up.” Dally frowned then swore loudly as he stabbed himself with the pin he had been using to hang up a streamer. “I’m allowed to care about someone. Jeez, man, be serious will you?”

“Alright alright.” Two-Bit said and backed off. The boys all went back to helping and soon everything was done.

Dally was the one to go and pick you up to bring you to the party and you were genuinely surprised when you walked in. The party was still going on at two in the morning but Dally and you snuck out onto the front porch for a moment.

“Sorry I didn’t get you a real present, doll.” He told you looking briefly apologetic as he lit a cigarette.

“This party was the best present I could have asked for.” You replied smiling as you both sat down on the steps. “Thank you.”

“Yea well I was thinking that maybe you could start wearing my ring,” Dally said casually. “You know like go steady, babe.”

“I would love that,” You grinned and he wrapped an arm around you to keep you warm after he handed you the ring. “Best birthday ever.” you stated, putting it on.

You showed up to the DX one day on your way to work and heard him and Sodapop talking about balloons. When they saw that you heard he had to tell you that they were planning the surprise for Ponyboy since your birthdays were close. You were excited and asked for a job so they put you in charge of keeping Ponyboy away they day of the party while they set everything up. You didn’t expect a thing and so when you showed up to the Curtis house with Ponyboy and they all shouted your name you started crying.

You were completely overwhelmed when you saw everyone jump out and yell surprise at you that the tears immediately started flowing. You didn’t even realize it until Steve came over to hug you tightly.

“I’m sorry, baby. Do you hate it?” He asked.

“No!” You cried and hugged him tightly. “I’m just surprised.”

“Yea well that’s kinda the point.” he teased and you shoved him lightly though you smiled up at him. He reached his hand to wipe your tears away. “Happy Birthday, babe.”

Johnny was proud when the idea came to him. He didn’t want anything to make it huge. He wanted all of his money put towards the best present he could save up for-which he had been ever since you started dating. The boys helped him out with a cake and some other small things and a few of your friends came over. When you walked inside and everyone yelled surprise you laughed and kissed Johnny hard. It was a nice night just talking with all of your friends and Johnny gave you your present on the walk home. It was an old charm bracelet from a second hand store in town. He felt bad that the metal looked a bit old but you absolutely loved it.

“You threw me a party, Johnny Cade, you did not have to buy me anything.” You said in surprise as your boyfriend handed you a small, messily wrapped, box.

“Just open it, okay?” he asked, slouching a bit nervously and so you did. You stopped walking as you pulled the bracelet from the box.


“I know it ain’t that fancy. And it’s kind of dirty but in couple weeks I’ll have saved up enough to get it cleaned for you.”


“They said if you don’t like it they’ll take it back and you can pick out something else.”

You lean forward to kiss him quickly and stop his ramblings. “Will you help me put it on?” you smile at him and so he did.

“You don’t mind it?”

“Don’t mind it? Johnny, this is the nicest thing I have. It’s the best thing in the world and I love it and I love you.” You rush out. Hearing your confirmation made Johnny stand up straight again more confident. He took your hand in his and both of you smiled at the feeling of the bracelet on your wrist.

“I love you too you know..”

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Jamilton for the prompt?

Yeah, I’m using this as an excuse to write more jamilton. This one is based on the post I just reblogged and a fic I read on Ao3 that was called something along the lines of “Of Gold Tipped Canes and Mascara”. I wanted to link it but it’s been deleted since the last time I read it, sadly. So if the author happens to see this, I just want them to know that it’s still my all-time favorite jamilton fic. This will get a part two eventually because I hate to leave something without a happy ending.

Warning for mentions of blood.

“You know, you’re not going to win him over by insulting him all the time.”

James brought a bowl of macaroni over to the couch in his living room, where Thomas was curled up in a ball. Thomas always came over to James’s house after debate club, but today James hadn’t gone to school and Thomas had arrived at his door in tears.

“Come on, don’t cry,” James said, sitting down next to his friend. He tried to hand him the bowl, but Thomas wouldn’t take his face out of the pillow he was sobbing into. James sighed and put the bowl on the coffee table. “So what exactly happened?”

Thomas mumbled something into the pillow.

“I can’t hear you, Thomas.”

Thomas sat up, revealing just how much of a mess he was. His mascara was running and blood was streaming from his nose.

“Oh god, Thomas, my mom’s pillow,” James exclaimed, grabbing the pillow from his friend. He would have to wash it before his mom got home.

“I’m sorry,” Thomas muttered, wiping at his face, which only served to smear the makeup and blood together.

“It’s fine,” James said. “Now give me details.”

Thomas leaned his head on James’s shoulder.

“He punched me,” Thomas said, his voice shaking.

James sighed. Thomas had been antagonizing Hamilton for years. James knew it was because Thomas had a massive crush, but to Hamilton it seemed like Thomas hated him. Being friends with both of them, James had to listen to both of them talk about the other, but he was powerless to tell Hamilton that Thomas didn’t know how to express his feelings without being an asshole. He knew it was only a matter of time before Hamilton snapped, and of course it was on the one day he wasn’t there to stop it.

James ran his hand through Thomas’s curls, something he knew Thomas found very comforting. “Maybe if you tried actually talking to him…”

“I don’t know how,” Thomas wailed, turning his face into James’s shoulder. The smaller boy tried not to wince as Thomas’s mascara smeared onto his shirt. “And besides, he hates me. He told me so himself, in no uncertain terms.”

Thomas hiccuped as Hamilton’s earlier words resurfaced in his mind. They were so cruel. Thomas knew he deserved it, as he wasn’t kind himself, but Hamilton’s words had so much pure hatred in them.

He just wanted Alexander to like him.

James looked at his friend with pity. The poor boy was a wreck. James came to a decision.

“Go get cleaned up,” James said. “My sister’s makeup remover is in the top drawer under our bathroom sink and the washcloths are in the closet.”

Once Thomas had left the room, James picked up his phone and texted Hamilton.

Hey can you come over? We need to talk.

Hamilton’s reply came only a few seconds later.

Is Jefferson there?

No,James lied.

Ten minutes later, Hamilton was at James’s doorstep. Thomas was still in the bathroom, so James led Hamilton to the living room. Hamilton eyed the bowl of macaroni on the table suspiciously as he sat down, but he didn’t say anything.

“So what happened with you and Thomas?” James asked.

Hamilton studied the couch cushions. “He called me… Well, he called me a name that really wasn’t okay, and I kind of snapped. I just let go of all the anger I’ve had because of him and then… then I punched him.”

James could guess what the name was and made a mental note to admonish Thomas for that later. At the moment though, he only checked to make sure Thomas was still in the bathroom.

“Okay, look,” James said, as quickly as he could. “I know Thomas seems like a jerk, and he says things that he shouldn’t, but he’s really not like that. I really shouldn’t be telling you this, but the only reason Thomas acts like that around you is because he has a major crush on you, and he doesn’t know any other way to act.” James checked around him again and let out a sigh of relief when Thomas was nowhere to be found.

Hamilton was stunned. “He… What?”

“He’s like, in love with you dude.”

Thomas chose that moment to emerge from the bathroom, still wiping at his eyes with a towel. “Hey James, do you think I could borrow your sister’s mascara? I don’t like not wearing any makeup.”

“You have a crush on me?”

Thomas snapped his head up to see Hamilton sitting next to James. His gaze flickered between the two of them, his expression one of horror when on Hamilton and one of betrayal when on James.

“James, what the hell?” He finally asked.

Hamilton didn’t give James the chance to answer. He was already crossing the room so he could be face to face with Thomas.

“Answer the question,” Hamilton demanded. “Do you have a crush on me?”

“I-I… N-no!” Thomas stuttered, his cheeks burning. He didn’t know why he would say that. But how could he justify being such a jerk if Hamilton knew he liked him?

Hamilton scoffed. “Asshole.” He turned on his heels, glaring at James as he walked towards the door. “Thanks for nothing, James. I thought we were friends, but clearly, everyone just wants me to feel like shit about myself.”

“Alexander, wait,” James called, but Hamilton had already slammed the door shut.

Thomas burst into tears the second the door shut.

“Why would you do that?” Thomas asked in between sobs.

“Why would you do that?” James demanded. “I gave you the perfect opportunity to tell him how you feel and you just convinced him even more that you hate him.”

“I would’ve told him when I was ready,” Thomas shouted. James highly doubted that, but he wasn’t given the chance to say so, because Thomas was already storming towards the door. “Now he’s never going to like me. Thanks a lot.”

Thomas slammed the door and James threw himself down on the couch with a groan. This was what he got for trying to help his friends.

A few minutes later, his mom walked through the door.

“James Madison!” she exclaimed. “What in the world did you do to that pillow?”

“I’ll take care of it,” James sighed.

In The Beginning-Part 2

Vampire!Luke AU

Summary: He finally figured it out. The key to his unhappiness was in the beginning of their story and Luke wants nothing more than to finally have a chance at a happy ending with you. You have spent a century running from a truth you thought you knew. But when you finally decide you’ve had enough, will Luke be the savior you need to rescue you from yourself?

A/N: This is the second and final part of my Vampire!Luke series. Stay tuned for more halloween themed imagines coming soon!
This imagine contains violence and gore, please read at your own discretion.  I hope you enjoy and thank you for reading!

|Part One|


Buenos Aires, Argentina 1979

Luke had been searching the entire world for you since that fateful night in Sydney. Finally, after a century of despising you, he had found a reason to love you again only to have you slip through his fingers once more. He had been to countless countries around the world, following lead after lead that never gave him any closure. You didn’t want to see him and so you made sure he would never find you, thus never staying in any city for too long. Although, his various leads had brought him to Argentina this time, and he was sure this would be the time he finally caught up to you. He had already found where you were living and had used his superhuman agility to break into your small cottage on the outskirts of the big city. Now, he lie in wait hoping that you would come back and he could explain everything. You had to know the truth. If he could just tell you what really happened then maybe you would be able to love him again and he would finally be with the girl he had spent more than one lifetime loving.


He was dangerously close, that much you knew. You didn’t know what game he was playing trying to catch up to you. He usually kept a safe distance, but over the past decade he seemed to be relentless in catching up to you. Perhaps it had something to do with the way he had looked at you back in Australia. His eyes had been full with something you had only ever seen from him back when you were both still human, a look you had since become unfamiliar with. His hand had still been wrapped around your throat, but his eyes said it all. Something had happened for him back there, and as much as you wanted to figure out exactly what had changed, you were too scared to face him now.

The moment you were in range of your small house, you sensed him. You could hear his footsteps pacing back and forth in your room, smell his musky scent even from here. Suddenly, the sound of his footsteps stopped and you heard him take a sharp intake of breath. He knew you were here. Before you could move, his broad form appeared in the window and his piercing blue eyes met yours and once again you saw that same look of adoration written clear as day all over his chiseled features.

“Y/N!” You heard him yell, snapping you out of your trance. Your entire body kicked into survival mode at the sound of his voice and as quickly as you had come, you were gone without a trace.

You didn’t know hot much longer you could keep up this game. It was mentally draining you and no amount of blood was making you feel any better. You couldn’t shake the look of sheer hope and determination in his eyes just now, and for the first time in a century, you felt the familiar prick of tears behind your eyes, falling down your face as you left the metropolis, and a broken hearted Luke, behind yet again.

Dublin, Ireland 1986

You sat alone in the dead of the night waiting for the pain to subside, your only shred of light produced by a small candle placed at your side. Once again, you had narrowly escaped Luke just barely avoiding him for the second time since your encounter in Sydney. Your head pounded at the lack of blood in your system. He had gotten to you just before you were about to feed, descending upon you like a ghost without any warning whatsoever just as you had caught your meal for the night. He knew you would be distracted during your hunt, focused solely on catching your prey, but he had also severely underestimated your will to evade him. You had barely made it out in time, your only option having been to leave your victim behind and use it as a distraction. Luke would never be able to resist fresh blood and your diversion had led him astray just enough for you to escape his grasp once more.

This is what you wanted, right? You wanted him to leave you alone and never to see him again. So why did it feel so wrong to leave him behind? You hated the conflicting emotions. Hated how you wanted two things that were mutually exclusive. You tried to picture the old Luke that you knew, with his floppy blonde hair and gangly appearance. Even back then he was radiant, and you remember being so excited when your engagement was announced. You had always pined for him with the way he would stare at you as you worked in the garden and how he never failed to tell you how beautiful you were even with the grime of a day’s work all over your face. You remembered the stolen kisses beneath a clear sky untouched by pollution and the midnight excursions alone together under the shadow of the trees. You remembered the fiery passion you shared on the birth of a new year, just you and he and nothing in between on a bed woven of grass and wool. And of course, the secret glances you kept hidden from the rest of the unsuspecting village, the way you looked at him through your eyelashes as he worked the land and he returned your coy glances with stolen kisses. He used to write you letters that he would nail to the tree you made love under for you to find when you ventured out alone. Those letters, written on any scrap of paper he could get his hands on, were the only keepsake you kept with you had as you traveled the world.
It was a simpler time back then, a time when you knew nothing of the violence and bloodlust of that came with being what you were. You hated killing, but you hated the idea of dying even more so you persisted with the nonsensical violence despite the emotional setbacks that came with it.

And so now, alone and in agony you made the decision you never thought you would. It was time to turn off your humanity. Closing your eyes, you made the transition, burying your emotions deep inside you only to be revived by the strongest emotional trigger.
Glancing down at your small knapsack, you pulled out the small stack of letters bound by a cord that had long since begun to fray. With a smirk, you toyed with ripped edges of the old paper, teasing the stack over the candle before it caught fire, the flames spreading and eating your once precious letter whole.

“Goodbye Luke Hemmings.” You whispered to no one but yourself as you left the ashes on the dirty floor of the cabin you had taken refuge in before disappearing into the darkness. The only evidence that anyone had been there at all was the small curl of smoke emanating from stationary, the small burning flame eating up the final words written in his beautiful penmanship.
Forever you and I.

Hong Kong, China 1992

The crunch of bones under your foot sent a wave of pleasure through your body as you snapped the leg of your victim as he lay helpless of the muddy ground.

“Sorry, dear. Can’t have you getting away can we?” You laughed as the man tried to haphazardly crawl away from you. You had clearly broken not only his leg, but his ribs as well as blood began sputtering from his mouth, filling your nostrils with the heavenly scent.

“How can something so beautiful…be so deadly.” The man wheezed. It had been all too easy to lure him in, just like it had been with the rest. Even the strongest of men would fall to your beauty. Ever since turning off your humanity, you had not one care in the world. You thought not of old memories laced with sweetness nor could even fathom the idea of fear. The only thing on your mind now was when your next meal would be and you reveled in the power you held over the humans who were so much weaker than you.

“I don’t think you’ll ever find out.” You leaned over him and smiled before sinking your fangs into his neck, draining him completely within a minute and dumping his body on a smoldering pile of garbage. Dusting yourself off, you began to discreetly head back to civilization before you felt a pair of unnaturally strong arms wrap around your neck and pull you into a hardened chest. You kicked and thrashed about, hissing and baring your fangs, but your captor would not let you go.

“Easy darling, it’s only me.” The smooth Australian accent eased its way into your ear, fueling your rage as he tried to cut off your air supply. But your recent feeding made you strong, the fresh blood coursing through your veins giving you enough strength to flip him over your shoulder where he landed on the pavement, his head hitting the concrete with a loud crack.

You turned to run, but not before he was able to reach out and grab your ankle, sending you tumbling to the ground. Though out of the corner of your eye, you could just see a broken broom handle sticking out of a pile of rubbish giving you the opportunity for a perfect getaway plan.

But Luke wasn’t going to let you go without a fight. His hand still wrapped around your ankle, he began dragging you backwards. “Since when did you feed so carelessly? Makes you easier to find you know.” He grunted as he hauled you up and pressed you against the brick wall of the alley.

“Since I stopped caring who saw me.” You grinned wickedly, the kohl liner underneath your eyes giving you a deadly appearance. You answer shocked Luke, and you could tell by the horror written on his face.

“You…You turned you humanity off?” He stuttered, his heart breaking in the process at the thought of you without a single emotion.

“What use do I have for emotions? All they do is hold me back.” You hissed, struggling in his grip.

“No…No you can’t. Turn them back on.” He demanded, but you only gave out a cold chuckle.

“Why? So I can go back to feeling lonely and weak? No thank you.”

“You don’t have to be alone anymore.”

“Oh? And who’s going to keep me company? You? That sounds worse than bathing in vervain.” You snarled, sneaking a glance to your right, your eyes landing on the splintered broom handle.

“Please, Y/N you have to understand, this is different than what we thought it was all a misunderstanding. We don’t have to be alone anymore. After all this time you have to understand, I can’t keep chasing you…”He was so lost in his monologue that he didn’t even notice you reaching for the wooden handle until it was too late. With lightning fast movements, you snatched the handle and drove it deep into his abdomen, stopping him mid-sentence as he groaned and loosened his hold on you.

“It’s over for you Hemmings. If I ever see you again I won’t hesitate to stake you. And next time it’ll be in the heart.” You twisted the stake into his stomach, as if to prove you point before callously kissing him on the cheek and speeding off into the night.

Vancouver, Canada 1998

“You can’t run from me anymore!” His voice sounded from close behind. He was gaining on you and fast. Someone must have tipped him off about your whereabouts because there’s no way he should have been able to find you here. The cold November air whipped through your hair as you ran through the dense forest, your feet barely touching the ground as you bolted away from him. “Y/N please! Just listen to me!” He cried, the sound of his footsteps thundering closer and closer. He always was a faster runner than you.

Suddenly, his entire body crashed into yours, knocking you off your feet and sending you tumbling into the dirt. You tried to get up but he grabbed your leg and dragged you back before climbing on top of you, straddling your waist and pinning you to the ground.

“Now you have no choice but to hear me out.” He smirked down at you as you bared your fangs at him, trying to appear threatening even from your feeble position underneath him.

“Thirty years I’ve spent trying to catch you and you can’t even muster a simple hello?”

“Hello Luke.” You sneered. Clearly he had forgotten about your previous threat. Either that or he had a death wish.

“There’s a good girl.” He teased as your wriggled in his strong grip.

“Have you forgotten what I said about you coming after me Lucas?” You mused.  

“Of course not darling, but you know I always love a challenge. Catching up to you and forcing you to turn your humanity back on when you refuse to see me? My biggest challenge yet.”

“You know why I don’t want to see you.” You growled.

“Yes, and I know why you think you hate me.”

“I don’t think I hate you, I do.” You showed him your fangs again, ready to fight to the death at any given notice. “I told you if I saw you again I would kill you and I won’t hesitate. You know I won’t.” You seethed, searching for anything you could use to kill him at this point. But his next words, something you never thought you would hear from him again, surprised you immensely. 

“Go ahead darling, rip my heart out. I’d still love you all the same.” He whispered, and you paused your thrashing, eyes wide at his declaration. “I never left you, I was taken. The vampire who turned me killed my whole family and forced me to go with her the night before I was going to ask you to elope with me. She turned me into this monster and she took me away from you. I wanted to come back for you, but I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to control my bloodlust. I didn’t want to hurt you. I could never live with myself if I did. By the time I regained my self control and finally came back for you, you were gone. I left flowers at your grave. I thought you were dead.” He rambled, and you thought you almost saw the glisten of a tear begin to form behind his eyes. “But then I saw you again in Budapest and I thought that maybe I would finally have a chance at happiness after all the agony I had been through. But then you tried to kill me and I didn’t know why. I wanted so bad for you to be the same girl I fell in love with back in the village. But I guess we both went through some things that changed us, didn’t we.” He sighed, leaning his head down so that his lips were brushing your neck. “All I’ve ever wanted is to be with you. That’s all I ever wanted. You’re it for me darling. I love you.”

Luke was exhausted. He was tired of chasing you, tired of hating you and most of all, tired of not being able to call you his.

You shouldn’t have cared about his words. Shouldn’t have cared that the only boy you had ever been in love with was professing his undying love for you. It shouldn’t have mattered that his lips were inches from yours and that he smelled exactly how you remembered and that his eyes bore into yours with such intensity that you could feel it in your very soul. You could feel it. You could feel.

All of the emotions you had hidden away inside your blackened heart came rushing in all at once, covering you like a tremendous wave. The echo of his voice telling you how much he loved you covering you like a blanket of warmth, soothing the horrible feelings that came with the territory of being a vampire. Memories of his boyish grin and calloused hands smoothing your skin came flooding back to you in a flurry of raw feeling.

“Luke.” Your voice was small and timid as his name left your lips. You took a deep breath, embracing the familiar feeling of affection. His body was off of yours in a flash, dragging you along with him and pressing your back up against a tree, his leather jacket soft against your bare arms.

“You’re back.” He smiled and you could feel the beginnings of a blush form on your tinted cheeks as his long fingers traced your jawline.

“All this time. You were searching for me just to tell me you loved me.” You swallowed a lump in your throat as the realization of all the time you wasted hit you like a brick wall. “I wasted so much time.” You wailed, but Luke only wrapped his arms around you and pulled you close, kissing the top of your head. It had been almost two centuries since he had felt you in his arms like this but it seemed like only yesterday as he kissed the top of your head that was so familiar to him.

“Don’t worry about it darling. We have forever to spend making up for it.”

New York, 2015

The morning sun streamed through the window of your penthouse apartment, reflecting off of your daylight ring and giving it a glorious sparkle. You got up slowly, trying your best not to arouse the blonde vampire silently sleeping beside you. Wiggling out of arms that were carefully wrapped around your waist, you padded over to the refrigerator taking out a pre-packaged blood bag that you and Luke had discreetly taken from the local hospital, and squeezing it into two crystal glasses. You had both long since given up feeding on humans, opting to steal extra bags of donated blood instead. Over the years with him by your side, you had come to terms with what you were and now you couldn’t be happier.

Returning to your shared bedroom, you sipped on your drink and stared out the large, bay window that overlooked the entire city of New York. Luke’s old band tee shirt fitting you like a dress over your cotton underwear that you often used as pajamas.
It had been seventeen years since you and Luke had settled your problems and finally gotten together and you had never been happier in your hundreds of years of life.

“Starting breakfast without me baby?” Luke’s sultry voice rasped in your ear, the scruff on his jaw tickling your ear as he came up behind your and wrapped his arms securely around your middle.

“Well if you’re going to sleep all morning you give me no choice.” You teased, nestling yourself back into his embrace.

Luke took his glass from your hand, downing it in one gulp before gripping your shoulders and turning you around, the coolness of the daylight ring adorning his pinky finger evident on your skin.

“I still can’t believe you pierced your lip.” You giggled, fiddling with the small, black ring that sat atop his smooth, pink lips.

“I had to get with the times darling. We’re not as young and hip and we used to be so at least one of us has to blend in.” He chuckled and you rolled your eyes, before pecking his nose.

“You were never hip Lucas. And besides, I don’t look a day over twenty years old and I’m going on two hundred and thirty this year. I’m vintage chic.” You laughed, sending him a flirtatious wink and this time it was his turn to roll his eyes before he gripped your hips and pulled you in, colliding his lips with yours and sighing into you.

“I love you Y/N. From now to eternity.”



Housemates!NCT Part 7

Your university runs out of dorm space, forcing you to find a last minute living arrangement with some international students. In other words, you’re basically screwed.

Warnings: alcohol, drugs, sex, profanity

Word Count: 1,598

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10

Also check out my College! thing too to help you tide yourselves over as i’m a shit head :)

College!Jaehyun | Ten

LOL so I was reading some tags for the last part of this and lol this one person said something like there’s too much profanity in here and i honestly i was LMAO U RITE and honestly that’s this next chapter’s done.

 (btw im not calling you out, don’t worry, i honestly started cracking up when i saw it and i didn’t take it personally or anything <3 <3 <3 )

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