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I just wrapped up another delightful Twitch stream with some of you fine human beings- the result is that Ballaw De Quincewold- Head Hare of the Rambling Rosehip Players from Martin the Warrior is here to put on a show those rotten corsairs won’t forget in a hurry!

I love Redwall and specifically Martin so much- it’s been a blast bringing some of my favorite childhood characters to life. They’ve been living in my head for decades ^_^ 
I’m really excited about how this came out- hope you enjoy it, and come tune in to future streams over at:


if you’re ready, ch 1 (a klance fic)

words: 2.2k
read it on AO3!

“Why was I wearing a wedding veil?” Lance asks, eyes narrowing in confusion.

“Oh wait..wait, shit! Shit! Did I marry a hot babe last night? Talk about a wild birthday!” Lance crows, waving his arms with glee.

“No,” says Keith. “You married me.”

In which the paladins visit Las Vegas for Lance’s 21st birthday, Keith and Lance get married, Allura goes missing, Pidge gets arrested, and Shiro goes to the spa.

a/n: I have no explanation for this other than the fact that I was listening to Marry You by Bruno Mars on the radio and this idea struck me like a bolt of lightning. And it’s going to be a wild ride, friends. Enjoy!

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Dearest I think my ask might have gotten eaten and I'm so sad because I wrote a poem but I didn't copy it down anywhere and I can't remember it. But it basically boiled down to "You are a wonderful, delightful human being who's existence I am very much grateful for". I hope things are going well for you. All hail the wolf Hale. (PS I'll try to remember the poem if I can).

WHAT?!!!! OH NOOOOO you stupid STUPID tumblr inbox [ Punch ] HOW DARE YOU Give it back!!!  [ COMBO PUNCH ] [ K.O PUNCH ] 

Thank you so much for your blessing ( And for writing me a poem!! waaaa I’ve never gotten one before al;ghkfaga;fg -Hugs- ) My inbox need some discipline for eating notes all the time!!!! I am so sorry it happened :(  

Awww I should be the one saying thank you, You always spoil me with countless warm support and compliments (●´∀`●)ノsob. I was actually having a difficult day today but I feel much better now ; - ; Thank you, you and your loveliness! -Tight hug-

              CAN  YOU  SAY  THAT  TITLE  10  TIMES  WITHOUT  STUTTERING  ??  well  !!  i  just  reached  a  milestone  &  i  decided  to  SPREAD  SOME  LOVE  because  everyone  deserves  it  !!  i  am  honestly  so  humbled  to  be  part  of  this  &  i  want  to  begin  by  saying  that i  love  every  one  of  you  from  the  bottom  of  my  heart.  now,  onto  the  list  of  people  .  .  .

 @cansprainpeople  &  @toldabetterstory    you  bet  im  gonna  take  you  two  as  a  whole  because…  hello  ??  ACTUAL  MOTHERS  HERE  ??  honestly  i  love  you  two  so  much,  have  loved  you  two  from  the  very  beginning  of  time  and  i  will  keep  on  loving  you  forevervore.  (  or,  as  satine  kindly  put  it,  i  have  loved  you  .  .  .  always  or  something  like  that  ).  the  two  of  you  are  simply  the  most  wonderful  people  i’ve  had  the  pleasure  of  meeting  on  this  hellsite,  even  when  you  ground  me  or  yell  at  me.  i  probably  deserve  it  too.

 @zokliitsos  —  BONES,  OH  BONES  .  .  .  no  matter  what  blog  you’re  on,  no  matter  the  character  you  play,  i  will  follow  you  to  the  end  of  the  line  because  you  are  just  that  much  of  an  INSPIRATION  for  me,  both  as  a  human  and  as  a  writer.  i  love  you  so  much,  no  matter  what,  no  matter  when  you  are  simply  one  of  the  most  DELIGHTFUL  human  being  i  can  call  my  friend  &  i  wouldn’t  trade  you  for  anything  in  this  world.  because  you’re  just  THAT  great.

 @jedicoded  /  @chaied  —  KYLIE,  MY  LOVE,  you  are  my  sunshine,  my  moonlight  &  all  the  glistering  stars;  i  am  so  honoured  to  actually  get  to  write  with  you  because  lisTEN…  you  are  such  a  great  writer  with  such  a  MARVELLOUS  grasp  of  any  character  you  touch  and  im  just…  constantly  in  awe  ???  from  angst  to  fluff  and  the  occasional  crack  thing,  there  is  NOTHING  you  do  that  does  not  scream  perfection  and  i  just  cry  all  the  time  about  this  ok.

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Hello! Just 😘 sendi😘ng yo😘u some sm😘ooch😘es beca😘use you😘 are m😘😘y favourite😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘 person😘 [Continues to pepper your face with smooches] 🌹❣🌹

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look i know i should improve the amount of effort i put into my celebration banners, but i’ve been using this trashy text format since 1k and now i’m emotionally attached, so i apologise. thanks as always to @anxiouspineapples for letting me use her amazing art for these, i am forever thankful that meg decided to draw annabeth in a banana costume (x).

to every single person on this list: thank you for filling my dash with your incredible fic, art, headcanons, meta, text posts, graphics, everything. it’s because of all of you that i love tumblr. the fact that i can log on and see your amazing creations is so comforting. 

and the fact that i can consider so many of you my friends??? that’s absolutely mind blowing!!! so this is my official thanks. i’m sorry that it’s not nearly as grand as any of you deserve, but please know that it is sincere (though not quite alphabetical, sorry)!!


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#CelebrateMercy -— Rabiʾ al awwal 1438: Never seen anyone comparable to him (ﷺ)

ʾIbrāhīm‎ ibn Muḥammad, who is from the grandchildren of ʿAlī b. Abī Ṭālib reported that when ʿAlī used to describe the Prophet (ﷺ), he would say, “The Messenger of Allāh was neither very tall nor very short, but of a medium stature amongst the people. His hair was neither very curly nor completely straight; rather it was in between these two description.”

He (ﷺ) did not have a fleshy body or a fully round face, his face was slightly round (ﷺ). His skin was colour white with some redness. He had extremely black eyes with long eyelashes (ﷺ). He has large joints and broad shoulders (ﷺ). There was no hair more than normal on his body and he has a thin line of hair running from the chest to his navel (ﷺ). He had think hands and feet (ﷺ). When he walked, he lifted his legs with vigour and his steps were firm and strong as if he was descending down a slope (ﷺ). When he wished to look behind, he would turn his whole body, and not just the face (ﷺ). The Seal of Prophethood was situated between his shoulders (ﷺ). He was the seal of Prophets, and he has the most generous of hearts and the most truthful tongue (ﷺ). He was the most kind-hearted and tolerant person ever (ﷺ). He was the best to spend time with due to his awe-inspiring character and kind treatment; anyone who came across him unexpectedly would become awestruck; and whoever came in close contact with him would love him (ﷺ).

One who describes him can only state, “I have never seen anyone comparable to him (ﷺ).”

Shaykh Ḥamza Yūsuf, “One of things about the ʿulamāʾ they say maḥabba (love) for most human beings arises out of three things. The first is the physical love. You see something beautiful and your heart inclines towards it. So He put the love of beauty in the hearts of human beings. If you see something beautiful, you incline towards it. Your eye delights in it, if you see a human being that is beautiful, you can fall in love, it can happen just from sight. The ʿulamāʾ have maintained the physical description of the Prophet (ﷺ) because that is a level of maḥabba – to actually hear how beautiful he was (ﷺ). He was the most beautiful human being. He was more beautiful than Yūsuf.  One of the gifts of this ummah is that we have an exact description of the Prophet (ﷺ), it is as if you are looking at him (ﷺ). There was a desire to keep the description of the Prophet (ﷺ) so people could have a physical attraction to him as well as the first stage of love.”

Beautiful, Subḥān’Allāh!

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Hi, I'm just here to remind you that you're a delightful human being, a wonderful friend, and a skilled artist. 100%, absolutely, without a doubt would smother in hugs and smooches. Oh mannnn I'm so happy that I know you!! ^^

Ho Ellie chérie ;///; don’t make me blush like this !! You’re too adorable to me, maker. I don’t deserve this hu. ❤️

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psssstttt, have i ever told you that youre a wonderful human being who im very delighted to call my friend?? if i havent, i gotta do it more often. bc whenever u post a selfie, i point at it and tell my sis: that beautiful person? yes shes my friend.

I really wish I could see me like that. In my point of view I’m a stupid, unlikeable person who fools herself into thinking that she has worth.


Anon requested:  “ Can You make imagine where reader is youngest Mikaelson and make friends with Katherina (when she was human and Klaus wanted to sacrifice her) so she gives her some blood and helps her runaway, but Klaus finds out and daggers her?”

Part II is here

“Hello, little one.” you say when you first meet her. Elijah was right, she really is Tatia’s doppleganger. The resemblance makes you feel scared.

“Milady,” she bows down and you help her get up. “My name is Katerina Petrova.”

“Yes, Nik told me about you.” you smile. “How old are you, Katerina?”

“Eighteen.” she answers.

“How beautiful you are.” you comment and she tries to hide her smile. “Don’t hide that sunshine, Katerina, me and my brothers need such a glamour in our lives.”

You ask her about her life in Bulgaria and she tells everything she wants to tell. After some time you two spend together, you actually like her.

“I’m so glad to see you two getting along, sister.” Niklaus says. “She won’t be afraid of us anymore, that’s good, I think.”

“Nik, do you have to?” you ask poorly. “I mean – you are already powerful enough, do you really think we need to sacrifice her?”

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Title: Kiss and Make Up
Fandom: Harry Potter
Word Count: 1,225
Characters: George Weasley x Reader, Fred Weasley
Reader Gender: Not specified
Warnings: Arguing + a few swear words
Notes: Requested by anon on my old blog.

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       You couldn’t even remember what started it. But for the past two weeks, you and George had practically been at each other’s throats. The two of you barely spoke to one another, and when you did, it was nothing but false politeness. You didn’t want to think about how badly your heart hurt, seeing the man who held your heart so angry with you.

       You were a Gryffindor like the twins, and you three did everything together. Being that you were a year younger than them, you didn’t have any classes together, but your time outside of class was always spent with them. Until two weeks ago.

       No matter how hard you tried to remember, you couldn’t recall what had started the bickering. George had done something petty that had pissed you off, and he refused to apologize for it, which only made you more angry. It only escalated from there.

       A few days ago, after a solid week of bickering and making snide remarks toward one another, you both snapped.

       “Why are you acting like such a bitch, Y/N?” George inquired, his voice filled with annoyance. You were sitting in the common room, helping Fred with his homework, acting perfectly normal toward him, but George kept trying to get under your skin. He was sitting across from you and Fred, and he would not stop tapping his pencil, knowing it annoyed you. He also kept hexing your quill so that it wouldn’t write what you wanted it to; instead, it would write something such as “George Weasley is gorgeous,” or “George Weasley is a positively delightful human being.”

       “Me? You think I’m being a bitch? You’re the arsehole who won’t leave me alone,” you said, crossing your arms and glaring at him. You heard Fred give a faint sigh next to you.

       “Yes, you are being a bitch. You have been for the past week. Actually, I think you may have been for your entire life and I just never noticed until recently,” George said, smirking slightly at his revelation, clearly thinking himself to be hilarious.

       “Go to hell, George Weasley. You’re not funny, and you never have been,” you snarled, gathering your books and standing. George stood too, clearly furious at your insult.

       “You’re an absolute bitch, and you always have been. I’m shocked that I was ever friends with you. I’m shocked that you have any friends, actually,” said George, his voice rising with anger.

       “Just go straight to hell, George. Maybe then you’ll leave me alone.”

       “Is that what you want? You want me to leave you alone?” George yelled.

       “It’s what I’ve always wanted; you’re so bloody annoying. You’ve just always been too full of yourself to notice.”

       “Well consider your wish granted, Y/N. I’ll never so much as acknowledge your presence ever again,” George said bitterly, storming off in the direction of the boys’ dormitories.

       “Then I shall consider myself the luckiest person in the world!” you yelled at him, stomping your way up the stairs towards the girls’ dormitories.

       Five days had passed. You and George never even looked at each other- well, not while the other was looking. You would sneak glances at George while he was occupied with something, the pain in your heart growing stronger with each passing day. You felt bad for the things you had said to him, but your guilt lessened when you remembered the things he said to you.

       Little did you know, when you were busy with something, George would gaze over at you, his heart growing heavy when he thought about the things he had said to you. He regretted every word of it, yet at the same time, he was far too stubborn to apologize.

       On the sixth day, Fred had had enough.

       You entered the common room and made your way over to Fred, planning on sitting with him, but you stopped when you saw George next to him. The two of you glared at one another, then you turned and walked off towards your dormitory. Before you reached the steps, you heard Fred snap.


       When you turned, eyes wide, you saw that George was staring up at his brother with the same expression- along with everyone else in the room. Fred had stood, and his hands were in fists at his sides. He yanked his brother up into a standing position and shoved him towards the couch in front of them, and motioned for you to come over, looking infuriated.

       “Sit,” he said sharply, pointing at the couch. You and George shot disgusted looks at one another before sitting on opposite ends of the couch. The two of you crossed your legs and arms, then looked at Fred.

       “This fighting is bullshit, and it’s going to stop right now,” Fred said sternly, sitting down on the couch in front of you and George. “Y/N, you’re my best friend, and George, you’re my brother. You two used to be best friends. Hell, you two used to be practically in love, although neither of you would admit it. So for the love of Merlin, just kiss and make up already!”

       “She started it,” George said at the exact same time you said “He started it.”

       “I don’t give a damn who started it. Just end it,” Fred said earnestly. He then eyed the two of you for a few moments, before standing and walking off towards his dormitory.

       You and George sat in silence for a few minutes, both of you far too prideful to apologize first. You glanced in his direction, and saw that he was already looking at you out of the corner of his eye. Each of you gave a defeated sigh and turned towards each other. You raised one hand and silently counted to three, then you both spoke at the same time.

       “I’m sorry I acted like such a bitch, but you had no right to be so rude to me in the first place,” you said, as George said “I’m sorry I acted like such a prick and I had no right to call you a bitch.”

       Not having expected him to admit that he was wrong, you silently stared at George. He looked away from you and continued.

       “I started acting like an arse because I got angry that you were spending so much time with that brunette boy in your year. You started acting rude back, and eventually I forgot why I had been upset in the first place, but my anger was still there. It just sorta escalated from there,” George confessed, his voice barely above a whisper.

       You gawked at him, thinking that what he had just said was perhaps some sort of twisted joke. When you saw how nervous he looked, you realized that he was completely serious. A soft smile found its way to your lips.

       “You idiot,” you said softly. George kept his head down, fully expecting you to unleash a rant upon him. When you scooted closer to him, placed your hand underneath his chin, and gently tilted his head up, he looked at you with wide eyes. “You lovable, gorgeous, incredible idiot.”

       “So you think I’m gorgeous, eh?” George said, wiggling his eyebrows.

       “Don’t ruin it. Just shut up and kiss me.”


13 Nuggets of Advice Before 2013 Ends

I’m not an expert on life. I’m not a Buddha statue. I’m just a girl who has gone through some life experiences in 2013 that is going to pass on these wisdom nuggets to you like it’s that videotape from The Ring. Take it or leave it, but this is what 2013 taught me, and I think I’ll have a better 2014 for it:

1. The next thing will be better. It always is. Jobs, relationships, apartments, whatever. Your next chapter is going to be better than this one. Don’t worry that it’s ending.

2. People show you who they really are. If someone left a bad impression 6 months ago, and they are crawling back into your life now, guess what? You already know what’s going to happen, because they showed you their true colors. People change a bit, sure, but typically not overnight, and typically not without going through some THANGS. Don’t settle for the familiar because you’re hoping it changed for the better.

3. The moment you give up is the moment it all was going to go your way. I swear it, I SWEAR IT. Make goals and do not give up. The last big push you give is going to change your life.

4. Don’t lower your standards. Don’t settle. If you want to be treated a certain way, if you have a perfected image in your mind, don’t lower your standards because it’s easier. Wait for the right thing, you’ll know it when you see it. 

5. Good credit is better than cash on hand. If you come into money, pay off your credit cards/student loans. When you need the good credit for a new laptop, trust me, it’ll be better than having half the money in cash to have a decent credit score.

6. While we’re talking finances, save your receipts. Taxes are a real whopper once you hit mid-twenties.

7. You’ll survive. I had some of the best and worst days of my life in 2013. Truly. And guess what? The world didn’t stop for either. Take a deep breath. Drink a hot beverage. You’ll make it. 

8. Sleep is of the utmost importance. I’m realizing now that nothing exceptional ever happened at 3 a.m. on a Wednesday. Sleep can ease depression, reduce inflammation, and generally make you happier. Don’t waste it because you think you’re missing out. You’re not.

9. Be with someone who loves you–not the way being with you makes them look. This was a BIG LESSON this year. If you’re a talking point, an entry point, or any other point besides just being a delightful human being to your significant other, then you should move on. 

10. Failing makes you a better person. People who haven’t worked hard for anything in life never appreciate anything and ultimately will never be happy. It’s true; there are people who have had it too good, and will never see what they truly have because of it. Those setbacks will make your little victories so much sweeter.

11. Only compete with yourself. When I stopped caring about other peoples’ benchmarks, I saw what I had to offer the world and figured out how to share it. Be the very best version of yourself, and work to be better every day.

12. Take your time. I’m still so impatient. I don’t drag things out–it’s just not my style. However, a lot can be saved or improved simply by slowing down and giving yourself an extra hour or day. 

13. Let people help you. I don’t care if it’s not a friend, if it is your best friend’s enemy, if it’s someone you’re not sure you want to be around–if they offer to help, they are doing you a favor. Don’t say no unless their help will stop you from reaching your goals. Anybody willing to give you their time is a blessing. Treat it as such and accept it.

Happy New Year. Prepare to have an incredible 2014.

I don’t believe in karma anymore. Why? Because bad things happen to good people. Good things happen to good people. Bad things happen to bad people. Good things happen to bad people. Not even bad or good, just maybe people who don’t deserve it. My point is… Things just happen. And they don’t happen to you based on what you’ve done in the past necessarily. And I hate the idea that people are beating themselves up and think they’re an awful person because they get diagnosed with cancer, or get their wallet stolen, or lose a family member, or lose their job, or their house gets robbed or their car window smashed in. You know? You can be such a delightful human being and still have shit stuff happen to you. And you can also be a total asshole and be very lucky. And that’s why I don’t believe in karma. Shit just happens.
—  My 5am thoughts