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This user loves your userboxes and was so happy to see the shimadacest one...but not at the price of people harassing you for it. I just want to give you a big hug, you don't deserve people getting angry at you for what other people ship. You are an absolute ray of sunshine and deserve nothing but love, happiness and a tray of homemade cookies. =) please have a good day and try and ignore anyone sending hate, you're an absolute peach.

Aww, you’re such a sweetheart!!! ❤ Thank you so much, darling. I’m glad you liked the box but I’m even happier that you are such an absolute delight of a human being! (PS: If you want to send over those cookies, my address is……..)

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I don't understand why anyone feels so bitter about you that they need to clog the inbox of anyone who reblogs you with their hateful bullshit. Based on your Tumblr presence you seem to be an all around delightful human being.

Literally obsessed with me!!!

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I just wrapped up another delightful Twitch stream with some of you fine human beings- the result is that Ballaw De Quincewold- Head Hare of the Rambling Rosehip Players from Martin the Warrior is here to put on a show those rotten corsairs won’t forget in a hurry!

I love Redwall and specifically Martin so much- it’s been a blast bringing some of my favorite childhood characters to life. They’ve been living in my head for decades ^_^ 
I’m really excited about how this came out- hope you enjoy it, and come tune in to future streams over at:



If you watch the Psych Show, you may recognize this delightful human being as Brooke Miller, Ph. D. extraordinaire and UT Austin alum (okay, maybe a very small number of you would recognize that last bit). 

What you might not know about her is that she’s been doing stuff with YouTube for *quite* a while in a heavy-hitter capacity. She has Khan Academy and SciShow both under her belt, OH AND DID I MENTION that snazzy Ph.D.? 

Learn more about Brooke in one of this week’s uploads!

I don’t believe in karma anymore. Why? Because bad things happen to good people. Good things happen to good people. Bad things happen to bad people. Good things happen to bad people. Not even bad or good, just maybe people who don’t deserve it. My point is… Things just happen. And they don’t happen to you based on what you’ve done in the past necessarily. And I hate the idea that people are beating themselves up and think they’re an awful person because they get diagnosed with cancer, or get their wallet stolen, or lose a family member, or lose their job, or their house gets robbed or their car window smashed in. You know? You can be such a delightful human being and still have shit stuff happen to you. And you can also be a total asshole and be very lucky. And that’s why I don’t believe in karma. Shit just happens.
—  My 5am thoughts
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look i know i should improve the amount of effort i put into my celebration banners, but i’ve been using this trashy text format since 1k and now i’m emotionally attached, so i apologise. thanks as always to @anxiouspineapples for letting me use her amazing art for these, i am forever thankful that meg decided to draw annabeth in a banana costume (x).

to every single person on this list: thank you for filling my dash with your incredible fic, art, headcanons, meta, text posts, graphics, everything. it’s because of all of you that i love tumblr. the fact that i can log on and see your amazing creations is so comforting. 

and the fact that i can consider so many of you my friends??? that’s absolutely mind blowing!!! so this is my official thanks. i’m sorry that it’s not nearly as grand as any of you deserve, but please know that it is sincere (though not quite alphabetical, sorry)!!


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retail turns you into a horrible human being who can only find delight in fucking with awful people while maintaining a facade of friendly customer service