you decided to dip but now you wanna trip cause another brother noticed me

Wanted (5)

Oh dear. A continuation of Wanted, huh? 

Well, you guys are hella amazing to love this AU so much to wait out 6 months for me actually get part 5 up. But here it is~! Yaaay! And it’s kinda long. So I do hope you all enjoy.

AU: Wanted
Pairing: Rhack, Rhysothy, Jackothy, Rhackothy

After his ‘episode’ at the airport, the dark burdening curse of his unexplainable dilemma resumed its macabre existence beneath his skin. It was as if it gave off a perfectly recognizable scent solely through his pores - only detectable by the frightening, broken minds that constantly attempted to seize him for their own.

Sleep had been impossible to find, up until it wasn’t.

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Ok. This requires a bit of background. so.
Conan does this gimmicky 360-degree thing where as the video is playing you can maneuver the camera around to see whatever you want to see. 

The quality is shit and normally this is entirely pointless - however, I HAD to record Jared’s “dancing” and share it with you all because it literally murdered me.

Like everyone is getting the fuck down to whatever song they were blasting, and like, if you pan the camera just over about 5 or 6 feet - there’s jared. Just… doin’ his own little thing - decided to dip and now you wanna trip cause another brother noticed him - oh sorry, where was I?

He’s just being awkward af and killing me softly with his adorbs.

Please keep a lookout for his sassy mumbling of “so much screaming” before awkwardly moving in to slow hug Conan - only illustrating how petite he is.