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Kitzom: You gotta bring out the gun show Coran my man.

MBTI Types as Enzymes (and Proteins)

ISFJ - Ferritin, stores iron in red blood cells to help maintain eurythropoiesis

ESFJ - G-actin, makes up the cytoskeleton and gives support to the cell

ISTJ - Centriole, required in the process of mitosis

ISTP - Autolysin, breaks down tissue from where it was produced and therefore preparing cell for mitosis (specific to bacteria)

ESTP - Myosin, transports vesicles through the cytoskeleton

ISFP - DNA polymerase II, replicates and repairs DNA in prokaryotes

ESFP - Pol α, essential to the replication of DNA in eukaryotes

ESTJ - Hemoglobin, what facillitates the transport of O2 to cells for cellular respiration

ENTJ - aPKC, an enzyme that directs what type of cell a stem cell should differentiate into.

INTJ - NgAgo, an enzyme capable of editing the genome of any given organism

INTP - Mst3b, important to the regeneration of axons and other nerve fibers

ENTP - Phytase, breaks down phytic acid into minerals for the body to use (doesn’t actually digest food)

INFJ - Sucrase, the enzyme that breaks down complex sugars

INFP - Insulin, important to maintaining cellular respiration by facillitating transport of glucose through cell membranes

ENFJ - Nmnat, an enzyme important to the maintenance of nerve fibers and neuroprotection

ENFP - Pectinase, breaks down pectin from fruit

The Writing Prompts Theme (Happy Birthday!)

So, it’s @writing-prompt-s​ FIRST BIRTHDAY, and I saw there was a bit of a theme going around, so I thought I’d throw my hat (or voice) into the mix.

It’s loud and it’s poorly sung, but I’m proud of it.



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firstly, feel free to request more french masterposts. 
flirting in french; god, how i would love to be smooth in any language.
seriously, if i could neal caffrey my way through france, that would be great. so, this is a masterpost on how to flirt in french. - i’d like to think this is pretty important - as this is part of socializing in any language. flirtation is a very different thing than “picking up.” picking up is a kind of hunting game with a very pointed and invariable goal: to be making out as soon as possible! think barney from how i met your mother challenge accepted. flirtation, at least in france, is a totally different thing. it’s a different culture, a different lifestyle. it’s a way of being in everyday life, and unlike picking up, it has no defined goal. sometimes the french flirt because it’s just delightful to do so. think salt to pepper relationship. allowing each one to check, and at different levels, if he or she still has some charm operating. 

i would say that simple is always best: merely walk up to your chosen girl or guy and say je vous trouve absolument charmante (I find you absolutely charming / beautiful. be classy and to the point. with that and mind, read on!

let’s learn some classic phrases to become a regular femme fatale, shall we?

so; why flirt in french?

  • well, french is a sexy language. not going to lie. 
  • it’s the planet’s most-hyped language of love.
  • reaching that level of fluency feels amazing.
  • it gives you that confidence. social confidence.
  • becoming a smooth talker feels nice. i want to be one, anyway. 
  • tired of searching for love in english? 

french learning and french flirting 

  • let’s face it: in france, (or in any country for that matter), nobody speaks like a textbook, the president, or a language learning site (i’m looking at you, duolingo). it’s great for memorizing the fundamentals, but lacks that extra step that stands between you and complete fluency. 
  • flirting is part of socializing - and linguistically (i don’t know, it helped with me) it improves retention. it’s also just interesting to learn! 
  • flirting is just well.. fun. even if it doesn’t go anywhere.
  • a bit of verbal charm isn’t always necessary : but in my opinion, it helps you sound more natural / at ease / friendly. 
  • i somewhat lack verbal charm (i’m very, very awkward in social situations) so i probably need this masterpost as much as anyone else (: 

the classics: make love last. 
this is based upon what i’ve heard at school / restaurants / bars. 
okay fine: it’s based on the movies i’ve watched too. 

  • j’ai envie de t’embrasser / embrasse-moi - kiss me.. annouce it - make your intentions known! i’d like to kiss you’ - okay, you could just kiss someone instead of letting them know. but i don’t know.. there’s something romantic about it? best with a longing, meaningful stare. 
  • je t’aime: i’m pretty sure we all know this one. best with someone you care deeply for, i wouldn’t say this on a first date - but if you’re the direct type : this can help you get from a to z pretty quickly. 

the simple compliments: short and sweet
using these with a flirty look / tone of voice (as i’ve seen amongst my friends) can do wonders. play with your expression while practicing these: it makes a difference, trust me. you can begin with (oh putain) to make it sound authentic. it’s not (really) a ‘swear word’ and people use it often. best used in an informal setting. example: putain, t’es toujours canon toi ou quoi?

you can also add trop ( = too). example: trop belle, trop mignon(ne).
you can also add tellement ( = so) example: t’es tellement belle!
you can also add si ( = so) example: t’es si mignonne.
you can also use grave ( = totally) example: t’es grave belle. 

  • t’es mignon(ne).
  • t’es belle (/beau), toi. 
  • t’es canon. ( = you’re smoking hot). 
  • t’es con(ne). ( = you’re an idiot) - i’ve seen this used a lot flirtatiously.
  • t’es drôle. ( = you’re funny)
  • t’es magnifique. 
  • t’es charmant(e). 
  • t'es coquin / coquine! ( = you’re such a tease.)

the ‘social and the flirty’ 
inspired by my class facebook chat and group. some of them are direct quotes (:
these can be used as compliments / or flirtatiously. depends on your relationship with the person you’re giving them to. 

  • cette beauté chaton, tu m’ éblouie. ( = you dazzle me with your beauty.)
  • une beauté divine. ( = a divine beauty or: you’re so divine.)
  • ouloulouloulouloulou. ( = you really have to hear this one.)
  • tu brilles de mille feux.
  • j'te pécho. ( = like the equivalent of ‘to pick up someone’ in english). 
  • bg, or beau / belle gosse ( = hot guy, hot girl). 
  • une petite merveille. ( = a wonder, someone to be marveled at). 
  • une bombe. ( = bombshell, someone pretty - same thing as ‘belle gosse’.)
  • le petit côté mystérieux femme fatale je kiffe. - je kiffe means i like. 
  • la beauté à l état pur ( = beauty at its purest form). 
  • dingue! ( = crazy, as in crazy beautiful). 
  • j'ai pas les mots.( = i have no words). 
  • wahhh, la classe! ( = classy!)
  • c’est fou, tant de beauté ( = you’re so beautiful, it’s crazy.)

flirting at a bar or restaurant? 

  • t’as d’beaux yeux, tu sais? the phrase ‘you’ve got beautiful eyes’ pretty much works in any language (though, i think it sounds extra gorgeous in french). the phrase actually comes from a french film called le quai des brumes. fair warning: this is an extreme cliché, : it’s basically the english equivalent of do you come here often? it can be said ironically, if you’re not the cliché type. best with a wink and a devilish smile (; 
  • je peux t’offrir / vous (formal) une verre ? : can i buy you a drink?
  • vous êtes célibataire ? mais comment est-ce possible ? - you’re single? but how’s that possible? 
  • vous venez souvent ici ? - do you come here often? ha, classic.  a phrase that transcends cultural barriers: “ the sentence could be followed up by complaints — about the bartender, about the clients or about how the bar isn’t as good as it used to be. a french tradition is râler, a sort of complaining. finding things to complain about is a way that many french people choose to bond with new acquaintances. this is not true of anyone.
  • t’as une miette (you’ve got a crumb) as you pretend to stroke something off of someone’s face, first with your fingers, then with your lips.
  • tu m’excites ! ( = you turn me on.)
  • “j’ai une première édition de ‘à la recherche du temps perdu.’ tu veux le voir ?” -  i have the first edition of “in search of lost time. (written by proust). do you want to see it?” in france (for me, at least) cultural knowledge is sexy. in America, we often ask if you’d like a nightcap. choose something cultural and intellectual in france, and you’re far more likely to get a oui.
  • je veux te revoir. ( = i want to see you again.) 
  • alors, ça roule? ( = how you doin’ - joey, friends.)
  • excuse-moi. est-ce que t’embrasses les inconnus ? non ? donc, je me présente. excuse me, do you kiss strangers? No? then let me introduce myself.
  • excuse-moi, j'ai perdu mon numero de téléphone. est-ce que je peux t'emprunter le tien?“ excuse me, i seem to have lost my phone number. could I borrow yours? 

let me know if you’d like to know more! you can never be too charming (:

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Jimon “Must be a day ending in y."

(special thanks to @sonhoedesrazao for helping me with gift ideas. <3)

Jace has never really had a serious relationship before. He’s been with a lot of people, but he never sticked around any of them for more than a month. Not letting himself get emotionally attached to other people was one of the hardest lessons he ever had to learn, still, it was one that stuck with him.

Despite his best efforts, despite every precaution he ever took to separate sex from feelings, this nerd still managed to waltz his way into his heart. With his bushy eyebrows and stupid glasses. Who smiles big and bright, unguarded. Never holds back about anything. Who wears his heart on his sleeve like he’s not afraid someone will pluck it out of him and destroy it.

For the first time in his life, Jace felt like he couldn’t let go.

So, no. Before Simon, Jace had never done the long term relationship thing. Never had to remember birthdays or anniversary dates or any of that corny mundane stuff. Never had to worry about buying a gift, which is why he’s freaking the fuck right out about this. 

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My sweet girl, I am living today in yesterday. I was in a complete fascination all day. Write me ever so few lines and tell me you will never forever be less kind to me than yesterday. You dazzled me. There is nothing in the world so bright and delicate. You have absorbed me. I have a sensation at the present moment as if I was dissolving.”

Night on the town, part 7

Pairing: Leonard McCoy x Reader

Word Count: 1947

Warning: Language, implied sex, fluff

Part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5, part 6

You settled into life easily aboard the Enterprise.  During alpha shift, you worked alongside the medical staff as though you had known them all your life.  Working beside Leonard, you learned all his quirks and ignored when his temper flared. Honestly, you found the grumpiness adorable and made sure you told him whenever he directed it towards you. That usually made it worse then he would huff and walk away.  The crew let you know of the positive influence you had on Leonard.  While he still had his moments, his whole demeanor was altered.  There were far more smiles and less of the attitude, especially if you were near. It all blended together with what was now your life.  You were happy plain and simple.

It had not taken long for you to move to share quarters with Leonard.  Just over a month, really.  Your nights had consisted of making love as though the galaxy would end in the morning and sleeping between whose ever quarters were closer at the time.  It got rather annoying after a while and it was Leonard who actually made the suggestion first.  The pair of you were lying in his bed, curled up, with you just moments from falling asleep.

“Move in here with me.” He had whispered into your ear. You were still in that in between place of almost asleep but not quite there yet.  So you were not sure you had heard him correctly.


“Just move in here with me. This goin’ back and forth between places and not havin’ all of your stuff in one place.  Plus, I love you, damn it.  I want you with me all the time.”  The speech had woken you fully.  Rolling over to face him, your surprise was apparent.  

“You mean that?  I’m not going anywhere, Leonard, I promise. I’m yours.  We don’t have to rush it if you aren’t ready.”  His past haunted your mind often.  Not that you talked about it with him much, but you did not want to scare him away.

“Darlin’ it isn’t rushing. We haven’t slept a night apart since you got here.  Well except when we get stuck workin’, but you know what I mean.  It would make things easier just bein’ in one spot.  As I said, I love you.  I want this to last with you.  Someday on an even more permanent basis.”  You understandably agreed after that.  The mere thought that he wanted to marry you someday caused you to crawl on top and show him how happy you were.  Of course, he did not mind in the slightest.

It took the Enterprise six weeks to get back to fully functional after the damaged caused when the ship had been out of communications.  There had been many long shifts of repairs and for you treating injuries sustained during those repairs.  One evening when Leonard was pulling a double shift to help M’Benga, you were sitting alone in the mess hall, contemplating how you would stay vertical if you were to stand now and head back to your quarters.  Exhaustion had seeped into every fiber of your being and you truly just needed sleep.

“You look awful.”  The voice causing you to look up with half lidded eyes.  Nyota took a seat in front of you with her dinner tray.

“Thanks.  It’s a new look I am going for.  I call it ‘drained doctor.’  Think it will catch on?”  She laughed as she took a sip of her tea.  Truth be told she did not look much better.

“I think it already is. The whole crew is running on fumes now. We need a break, badly.”  Nyota sighed as she began to eat.  You winced as you tried a bit of your coffee, it was ice cold.  Damn, how long had you been sitting there in your delirium?  

“Did I hear someone say needing a break?”  Jim took the seat beside you.  The aroma of hot coffee hit you.  In one quick motion, you stole his coffee cup, setting your cold one on his tray in trade.  “Hey, that’s mine!”

“Sorry, I need hot coffee if you want to live another day without ending up in the sickbay.”  Jim frowned but started on his meal.  Since you had come aboard, you and Jim had become fast friends.  Leonard thought he would hate the two of you joking or drinking together on a regular basis. However, it had the opposite effect. His two best friends had become friends and it made him smile.  While many times you and Jim would joke about Leonard, far more were the times you would gang up on Jim.  “What were you saying about a break?”

“Oh yeah that…”  Jim finished chewing the large mouthful before he continued.  “We have to dock at Earth anyway.  The ship has to be evaluated to make sure everything is running perfectly and within regulations before we are allowed back to deep space missions.  Seems it’s going to take several weeks or so.  I think it’s time we actually get a shore leave.  A real one, not the abbreviated one, like last time.” Both you and Nyota looked over at him, excitement on your faces.

“Are you serious?  Or are you trying to see if we break and mutiny?” Nyota asked wide-eyed.  Jim laughed as he finished another bite.

“I’m serious. Everyone is a mess.  The crew needs it.”  In your excitement, you downed the rest of the coffee, kissed Jim’s cheek and ran off towards sickbay to tell Leonard.  A whole month off on Earth would be wonderful.  Leonard could meet your grandfather and maybe you could meet his family as well.  Leonard was not quite as excited as you were but he was happy at the prospect.  He messaged his mother then Jocelyn and Joanna to make sure everyone would be around.  Begrudgingly Jocelyn said Joanna could spend the time in Georgia.  His mother was ecstatic and promised there would be endless peach cobbler for everyone during your stay.

You made contact with your grandfather and he said he would have the house ready for you and Leonard the latter half of the trip.  He was happy to finally be able to meet Leonard and to have some time with you.  All the plans were falling into place.  You and the crew would just have to make it another week without major incident.  

The patient load had lessened since the completion of the ship’s repairs.  Far less injuries, which made for an easier time for the medical staff. Now there was actually time to write up the reports, take stock in what the sickbay needed, and straighten up the mess that had accumulated since everything had begun.  By the time the ship had made it to Earth, the entire crew was on edge with excitement.  The last night before leave, a party was planned, since most everyone would be scattered across the planet.  You had never seen so much alcohol on board a ship.  Obviously, the crew had been able to hide their stashes in craftier ways but had brought them all out to enjoy.  

The cargo bay had been cleared and then set up like a makeshift bar.  Loud music heard from the comm system and many bodies packed tightly dancing in the middle.  Nyota found you first, dragging you across the room towards where Jim and Spock were standing.  Spock looked unimpressed by the gathering but his face relaxed a bit when Nyota wrapped her arm around his waist.  Jim handed you a cup of something purple lifting his cup at you as he downed it.  “What the hell is this?”

Jim shivered as the drink went down. “I don’t know.  I probably don’t want to know but it will get you drunk.  Where is Bones?  He actually let you out of his sight longer than five minutes?  He better not be in sickbay.”  You shrugged at him, downing the drink just as he had.  It tasted awful at first then left you with a sweet twist as an aftertaste.

“He said he had something to do real fast and he would meet me here.  He has been acting weird all day.  Maybe he is just exhausted or needs a moment without me around.  Being stuck with me all the time has to be draining.” Jim moved close and put an arm over your shoulder squeezing lightly.  

“That man loves you to no end.  I know for a fact, he wants you around all the time.  Bones is just Bones and he does things in his own special Bonesy way and time.  Like chasing me around with the fucking hypoes.  He enjoys it a lot more than any man should.  But it’s just him.  So don’t worry so much.”  You laughed as he drunkenly tried to make you feel better.

“Hands off my girl, Jim.” Jim removed his arm on your shoulder, as you turned to look at Leonard.  He leaned down to kiss you lightly brushing a piece of your bangs out of your face.  “Told you I wouldn’t be long.”  You smiled brightly up at him wrapping your arms around his waist, before looking back to the group.  The rest of the night went on without further issue.  Leonard had refrained from drinking so it was no surprise when he had to throw you over his shoulder to get you back to your quarters without a fight. You giggled the entire way about how hot his ass looked, even pinching it a few times for good measure.  He settled you into bed with a hypo to help prevent a major hangover in the morning.  That man loved you.

In the morning, the ship had docked on Earth.  Leonard had to kiss you awake so you could shower and pack up for the month shore leave. Thanks to his care the night before you felt just fine and it did not take you long to prepare.  The whole time though he was acting odd.  He would look as though he needed to say something then stop or stare at you for several minutes before looking away quickly. When you asked him about it, he brushed it off saying it was just his distracted mind, and it was fine.  You let it go and went about your morning. Later when were about to step off the ship, Leonard grabbed your arm stopping you.

“[Y/N], can I ask you something?”  You looked back at him with a smile.

“Of course.  What’s going on?”

“I’ve been trying to talk to you since last night.  It just wasn’t a good time or I felt like the words wouldn’t come out or you just flat out dazzled me with that smile.”  His tone was difficult to gauge and a group had started to gather around you.  

“Leonard, what’s the matter?”

“Nothing is wrong, baby. It’s right actually, very right. I didn’t want to go back home without asking.  And now here we are about to step foot back on Earth and I haven’t gotten to ask you.” The group had grown larger now; you were feeling weird with all the eyes staring at you.

“Come on Bones, you are rambling.”  Leonard ignored the remark from his friend as he continued.  However, now he had gotten down on one knee.

“It’s been seven months today that I met you.  Seven months of me being happy and wanting to spend every moment with you.  You are the star in my life that keeps everything bright. I don’t want to go another day without you being mine.  [Y/F/N Y/M/N  Y/L/N] will you marry me?”

Part 8 

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One Sentence Stories ( I am a bastion of creativity. Shut up)

joharvellism. I warned you. I warned you that these were stupid. Please don’t say I didn’t. But here have a few one sentence stories based on some of our mutual favs.

“You wear too many of these” Scott said, using the ends of Isaac’s scarf to pull him in for a kiss.

“Nice weenie hat, dork.” the hat made him look even cuter,but there was no reason to let Samandriel know that.

Sam was always surprised that Gabe’s mouth tasted nothinglike chocolate.

The archery range wasn’t the most ideal make-out spot in Beacon Hills -she could list at least 13 more suitable places off the top of her head- but, even with the grass stains, Lydia was pretty ok with the whole thing.

Realistically speaking, there was too much blood and not enough time, and even with his advanced intellect the most he could think do was cling tightly to Morgan’s shirt and pray- pray to something he didn’t even believe in.

Lassiter was surprisingly okay with the fact that everything he owned now smelled like pineapple.

It was destined to go south from the start- Hunters and Vampires went together like oil and water -but that didn’t mean they couldn’t enjoy the ride down.

It was mid-summer and Derek’s body temperature was about a billion times that of the average person, but even so Stiles couldn’t bring himself to move.

It had been countless centuries- countless because he had stopped bothering to keep track- and the loneliness still went so bone-deep that it stuttered his breath and stalled his steps without warning.

Castiel was eons old, He knew the difference between need and love, and even if he hadn’t there was no soul in the universe he could read better than Dean Winchester.

Bonus happy endings:

To Morgan, being on bed-rest for two weeks was worse than actually being shot, but having pretty boy as his own personal candy striper was almost enough to make up for it.

Merlin…?” Tears ran down Merlin’s face as he raced down to the shore of the lake, throwing his arms around the confused, sopping wet blond on the ground.  

So I made you a thing and it’s ridiculous and unoriginal, but I hope you like it bc you were sweet when I was having a bad week (month) and you listened to me complain, so… here you go. . Don’t look at me


Happy Birthday my handsome, darling Wonwoo ♥

Even though we don’t know
When our last will be
Even if something happens
And we can’t see each other

Lean on me

My darling WONwooI know I say this about pretty much all of my biases.. but you really did take me by surprise.. honestly, I was so set on having Dokyeom as my bias.. but deep down something did not feel right and as soon as I changed biases - everything kind of just fell into place, I have never had this happen before, it was amazing. 

Going from basically the last member I noticed (him and Dokyeom, for that matter XD) to my bias of SVT and also one of my ultimate biases (SERIOUSLY  - HE’S THIRD ON MY BIAS LIST. THIRD. IT TOOK DAE 4 YEARS TO GET TO 2ND AND YOONGI TOOK ABOUT 3 YEARS TO FINALLY KICK SEUNGRI OFF HIS THRONE. I JUST ><) - if that’s not an impressive feat than I don’t know what is haha.  

… you’re my answer
When things get hard, let’s hold hands
I’ll pat your shoulders
Sometimes, when you get tired from life
When things are hard, come to me

I love and adore everything about you. Your smile, your laugh, your grin, the way you rap, your singing, your sweater paws XDD, that little duck pout you do, the way you yawn (oh my lord, that was literally the only thing I remember about him from the first time I watched OFD - was the way he woke up and yawned- my little lion XD), when you become playful with your members, your figure (i mean seriously.. the last photo.. look at him - cue Shape of You by Ed Sheeran :P .. wonwoo stans, watch this at your own risk ISTG), how you basically look good in everything but OH MY GOD, YOU LOOK SO GORGEOUS IN RED ♥, how you have this wonderful dorky side regardless of how “cold” you may look and how that look melts away every time you smile anyway, how hard you work and how willing you are to better yourself - you are improving by the day and I couldn’t be more proud of you. 

It’s insane how simple it is for you to melt my heart and make me weak ><

You just entered my life with that gorgeous voice of yours (and he’s been singing non-stop this year, I love it ♥) and have turned my life upside down so much these past six months, you’ve brought such a beautiful light into my life and I’m able to find so much comfort and ease in you but also at the same time, you just drive me crazy XD and I couldn’t be more thankful for that and for you. 

Happy birthday, my beautiful love ♥ May it be as wonderful as you. ^^

Put ‘wow’ in my ask box | ACCEPTING

You are my;;

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I think you’re;;

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We should;;

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[] Text
[x] Watch films Go to the opera


[x] Like You
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[x] Think you’re: a loyal friend to my master

I secretly;;

[] Hate You
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[] Dislike You
[x] Think You’re: one of the most beautiful maiden I have ever come to know.

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