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The time spent in the Order passed on. I soon came to a point where I didn’t know whether my smiling face was a lie or not.”  | ✩ Lavi Bookman ✩ | Black Order Exorcist | ヘ(= ̄∇ ̄)ノ ★
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‘In all these parts, I get to reach quite far from my central self. They’re all in corners of my unconscious, my subconscious, the envelope of my experiences and my sense of self. I get to explore what the world feels like in all these different ways because, in all of these characters, there’s some part of me in there.’

Happy birthday, Bertie Carvel! | 6 September 1977



From a boy wizard to an fbi agent going undercover as a white supremacist, Daniel has demonstrated what a dedicated and passionate actor he is and has become. He’s shown us that he’s not only defined by one single character, but that he can expand and portray as many different roles! Happy 28th Daniel Radcliffe! ✨


every time lexa says clarke’s name: 18/?

Bad Girls Have All The Fun (Harry Hook x Reader - Smut)

You knew you were in trouble the moment you saw them. You were exploring a different side of the Isle of the Lost when you saw a ship that doubled as a restaurant. Intrigued you entered. You walked into Ursula’s Fish & Chips only to regret it instantly. Everyone’s heads snapped up to survey you; a stranger on their turf. They gave you a once over and went back to work. However, Uma did not. She held eye contact with you and you eventually blinked ending the staring contest. Finally, someone broke the silence; “So, what brings you here, darling?” asked a man with a thick Scottish accent. He sounded close, really close. You scanned the room but could not locate the owner of the voice. He spoke again, closer this time; “I asked, what are you doing here?” His voice harsher this time, and right behind you. You spun around on your heels, accidentally whipping him with your thick hair. “I was taking a walk, but I’ll be leaving now.” you uttered carefully, not wanting to cause anymore trouble for yourself.

“That’s right go back to the rats, the ones who’ll be stuck on this island, powerless for the rest of their miserable lives,” chided Uma. “You’re just like the rest of them!“ she spat. “Excuse me? I am not weak!” you bellowed. She jumped out of her chair so fast she knocked it down. She whipped her swords out ready for a fight, her crew not far behind her. “Prove it,” she challenged you. She charged ready to slice your head off with both her blades when someone blocked her swords with a hook. It was her sidekick. “Before you kill her-,” he interjected “-consider this. She could be useful. We need to gather followers. She can help us fight.” Uma took a moment to ponder her first mate’s idea. She seemed to agree slowly nodding her head. “Fine, I won’t kill you. On one condition. You join us in our fight to regain power,” she offered. You thought it over and really didn’t see any drawbacks to her proposal. Finally something that will show the world what you’re capable of. You nodded your head and shook Uma’s hand. Everyone rejoiced and welcomed you to the cause. The last to do so was the first mate. “Welcome aboard, I’m Hook. Harry Hook, and you are?” he inquired with a stunning smile and sparkling blue eyes. “(y/n y/l/n)” you responded nervously. He smiled, that dazzling smile. “I’ll show you to your new room then,” he stated.

He lead you down a few steps in the back of the restaurant, down a corridor, and opened a door. You stepped inside examining its contents. Against the left wall was a double bed with a porthole right above it, a desk stood against the opposite wall, and against the right wall stood a dresser. You heard the door close behind you and you spun around realising that Harry had left. You flopped onto the bed with a sigh. You crawled under the covers and dozed off, deciding that you would go fetch your things at home tomorrow. You drifted off to sleep listening to the sounds of waves crashing against the ship.

Over the past two weeks you had been with the crew you grew really close with Harry. You talked about your parents and complained about them always telling you to be the baddest you can be. You’d be lying if you said you didn’t have a crush on him. He made you laugh which no one had done in a long time. Whenever he told you stories his father had told him as a young boy, you listened intently. You were in love with his accent, and his eyes, and his smile…and everything about him. When he was around you, you always had a smile plastered on your face.

You were currently in your room, listening to Harry tell you a story you were no longer paying attention to. You were preoccupied with gazing into his eyes. He suddenly stopped talking and moved to sit next to you on your bed. “Do you know why I stopped Uma from killing you the day we met?” he asked out of the blue. You thought for a moment and answered; “You needed numbers, you knew that you needed more people to join you in the fight to regain power,” He laughed at your response, which earned him a glare from you. “No, love. It’s because I was intrigued by you. And if I’m being honest, I’ve developed feelings for you over these short few weeks,” he confessed. You were shocked. Did Harry just admit that he had a crush on you? Holy shit! You realised that you’ve been quiet for far too long and spoke; “Well, I sort of have feelings for you too,” you mumbled. He smirked and smashed his lips against yours. Your lips molded together perfectly. The kiss was slow but passionate. Your lips moved together in perfect harmony. He lightly nibbled on your bottom lip asking you for entrance. You decided to tease him and denied him access. He moved his hands down to your butt and squeezed making you moan. He took the opportunity to push his tongue into your mouth and explore it. Your tongues mangled together fighting for dominance. He won, and further explored your mouth. His tongue gently glided over your teeth, and softly brushed against the roof of your mouth, then twisted with yours again.

His lips abandoned yours only to travel down your jaw, and along your neck, leaving butterfly kisses along your jawline and collarbones. He lightly nibbled a spot near the back of your ear making you moan. He smirked against your skin obviously pleased with himself for finding your sweet spot. He sucked on this spot leaving a mark that would be hard to cover in the morning. His fingers tugged at the hem of your shirt wordlessly asking for your permission. You lifted your shirt over your head and took off your bra along with it. Eager to explore the freshly exposed skin he pulled you onto his lap.

You straddled his lap and he immediately attached his lips to one of your breasts, his hand kneading the other. You moaned at his touch gripping onto his shoulders. You slid his red jacket off his shoulders and he took it off along with his shirt. You had to stop yourself from drooling at the sight of his abs. You’d seen them before when he was practicing sword fighting or training new members of the crew how to fight, which he decided to do shirtless. You pushed him down onto the bed and started leaving a trail of open mouthed kisses down his neck and chest, all the way down to the waistband of his pants. You started to grind against his hard dick, drawing deep throaty moans out of him. He slipped his fingers into the waistband of your pants and snapped it. “These…off, now,” he breathed out.

You got up and kicked off your shoes and took off your pants, then got back on the bed, just in time to watch him strip out of his pants. You licked your lips, and with a smirk he asked; “Like what you see, darling?” You only nodded pulling him back onto the bed. He lied down on top of you his elbows at your sides so that he doesn’t crush you with his weight. You wrapped your legs around his waist as he pushed himself against your center. You couldn’t control the moans that escaped your lips. Harry dipped his head down to your breasts and continued down your body leaving sloppy kisses. When he got to the waistband of your panties he pulled them down with his teeth. You kicked them of when they reached your ankles. He pressed a soft kiss against your clit, making you shiver. He pressed kisses up and down your folds making you squirm. He held down your hips and went back to work. He licked a stripe up your folds causing you to breathily moan his name. His tongue delved into your folds and you screamed his name. His tongue started moving faster making the pleasure inside of you build. “Yes, Harry. Just like that. Shit!” you moaned. You buried your hands in his hair tugging slightly which made him moan sending vibrations to your clit. Your orgasm was building and you started to shake, you were so close to the edge but he pulled away. “Not yet, love. I want to feel your tight pussy clenching around my dick,” he whispered. His words sending jolts of pleasure straight to where you needed him the most. He removed his underwear and his dick sprang free. You got even wetter anticipating him inside of you.

He got back on top of you, and positioned himself at your entrance. He slowly pushed in and you both moaned at the immense pleasure you were receiving. He continued to gently push into you until he was in all the way. He pulled back out almost completely and pushed back in. You found a steady rhythm and he started to thrust into you faster each time. He started to pound into you, deep, hitting your g-spot each time. At this point you were screaming his name along with a string of curses. You didn’t care who heard you, it felt too good right now to care. He was slamming into you, both of you nearing your climaxes. “Fuck, (y/n)! You’re so tight!” he growled. His thrusts started getting sloppier indicating that he was close to the edge. “Shit, I’m close, love,” he huffed. “Me too,” you breathed. “Together,” he said and you nodded. He continued to thrust into you, pounding into your g-spot. “Now, love. You can let go,” he groaned. You both came hard screaming each other’s names. He pulled you close as you rode out your highs together. He rolled off of you as you both caught your breath.

When your heart rates returned back to get normal, he pulled you closer. He laughed and you gave him a confused look; “What’s so funny,” you ask. “I guess what they say is true-,” he said with a smile “-bad girls have all the fun.” You giggled and replied; “Yeah, especially with you.”

You fell asleep with your head on his chest listening to his steady heartbeat, feeling content.

flirty, caring friend tom

by not-so-popular demand, I give you, flirty, caring, borderline fuckboy friend tom

pls send me compliments and stuff bc I need Constant Validation™

  • tom’s definitely very flirty all the time like it doesn’t matter the situation he just always is flirting with you
  • and you lowkey love it but you’ll never tell him
  • but you never stop him either so he knows you like it
  • he comes over without any warning
    like he literally doesn’t knock
  • one day you got out of the shower and walked in the living room in a towel to find tom sitting on the couch
  • “my dreams are finally coming true.” he smiles at you all cheeky and winks at you and you just roll your eyes and grab your laundry from the dryer
  • you’re wearing tight jeans and tom groans a little behind you and when you turn around to look at him he’s biting his lip
  • you’re sitting on the couch together watching tv and he just looks at you for a second and you ask him what’s wrong and he’s just like “you know being friends with you is really hard, i mean have you seen how attractive you are? of course you have, you see yourself everyday, but i mean like look at you! you’re so damn beautiful, how has nobody snatched you up yet?”
  • “i’m not sure, tom.” you laugh
  • “oh yeah that’s right, i’ve been trying.”
  • you push him but he barely moves away from you in fact he hold you closer, nuzzling his head in your neck
  • “what the hell, y/n you always smell so good.”
  • he always makes a comment about how good you look no matter where you are
  • you visited him on set one day while he was filming spider-man: homecoming and he was in the suit
  • “you know they made this suit just for me, wanna know what it’s made of?”
  • “what?” you roll your eyes already knowing the answer was going to be something cocky
  • “…boyfriend material.” and he giggles a little and you blush bc he for real is boyfriend material
  • he snapchats you all the time, like it’s his favorite form of communication he will barely text you bc he’d rather see your face
  • always having an excuse to stay over at your house
  • “but your couch is comfier than mine”
  • and one night tom and you watched a scary movie before bed biggest mistake ever and you were scared to sleep alone, so you asked tom to sleep in the bed with you and he jumped at the chance
  • “but, one issue, i can’t have you wearing all these clothes, because how can i comfortably cuddle with someone who’s wearing so much clothing”
  • “can you carry me?” you ask as tom stands from the couch and he groans
  • “you’re too lazy to walk to your room?” he pauses and just looks at you and he rolls his eyes. “fine, you’re not much to carry anyways.”
  • he lays you down on your bed over the covers and he leans over you for a second and then goes “i’m gonna go raid your fridge for a second, so you get ready and cozy for bed, and i’ll be back” he leaves the room in a rush but then pops his head back in the doorway and is like “don’t miss me too much.” and winks which makes you bLUSH SM
  • he comes back with a sandwich and a gatorade to see you haven’t moved
  • “seriously? you’re too lazy to get undressed? guess i’ll have to undress you myself then.” he laughs a little and wiggles his eyebrows.
  • he takes off your shirt and winks at you cheekily, “nice bra” he says as he eyes your bright blue bra with a pink bow in the middle and you roll your eyes again but you also feel your face heat up
  • “how do you get these pants on? they’re so tight.” he laughs as he struggles to peal the jeans from your legs.
  • “you know this is the life, just eating a sandwich with a pretty girl laying in bed, what more could i ask for?” he laughs laying next to you in bed, eating the food he made himself.
  • after he finishes eating, he curls up next to you and nuzzles his face in your neck and you just smile bc tom feels so nice with his arms around you
  • after a while, tom thinks that you’re sleeping and says, “whoever ends up with you, darling, is one lucky man you know that? obviously i hope it’s me, but even if it isn’t, i just want you to remember not to put up with anyone’s shit. you’re too amazing for anyone to treat you otherwise. you deserve to be treated like a damn princess.” he kisses your shoulder
  • you’re not asleep
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Hello! Can I have a BTS reaction of them cheating on their s/o and breaking up and her moving on and them trying to get her back? Something angst! Thank you!!😘

Yes yes~ I’ll make it super angsty. 

Also, I tend to make (Y/n) a girl, since I-myself-am a girl. If y’all fellas have a request please don’t be shy~ Tell me you would like a request where (Y/n) is a male, I don’t want y’all to feel left out. 

BTS: Reaction to cheating on you and breaking up with you. You move on and they try to get you back. But they can’t have you back because… (aka the longest title in history)

♥Jin: What was wrong with him? How could he do such an awful thing to the most beautiful, genuinely sweet person in the world? He betrayed the definition of perfect. How could he ever convince you to come back to him? After a long hard day of work and overthinking, he headed to the apartment you shared many memories in. The same “Welcome” mat was in front of the door, and he almost immediately cried. He thought of all the times he’s tripped over that thing, and the times you’d cutely stomp your wet shoes on it before walking inside.

He had the balls to knock on that door. He tapped his foot as he counted the seconds it took for the door to be answered. Staring at the ground he thought of running, but it was too late when he saw light in front of him. He lifted his head and went to speak, but there he saw a shirtless man, running his fingers through his hair.

“Babe? Who is it?” Your voice sounded from the kitchen. Jin’s heart shattered to pieces. 

“Uhmm… Just tell her this is for her.” Jin said in a soft voice before lifelessly blowing a kiss. He then turned and walked away.

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♥Yoongi: He knew he messed up. He knew from the start that it was a bad idea. But he was possessed by another woman, and intoxicated. It’s been months since he’s seen you and with each passing minute he felt himself breaking apart from the inside out. He needed you, he craved your sweet sweet smiles and kisses. He knew how you’d react, he knew he’d only get pushed away but he had to try. He missed you, and he still loved you.

He walked up to your front door, but there was a vacant sign. He went on a crazy hunt for you, asking all your friends and parents what couldn’t happened to you. But all they did was give him dirty looks. 

“Why don’t you check the bone-yard? You filthy dog.” Your father responded to him. But what Yoongi didn’t understand was, the truth in that statement. His last destination, the graveyard, is where he fell to pieces. A tombstone that had your name was the last thing he expected. You were killed in an accident. Yoongi felt as if he truly did betray you. If he didn’t leave you, maybe this wouldn’t have happened. Or maybe you both would’ve gotten killed and he’d still be happily with you wherever you ended up. 

Hey laid next to your grave and cried silently, occasionally letting out whimpers and slowly falling into a deep sleep.  

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♥Namjoon: It all started with that party. He remembered clearly, the words you spoke to him before he left. “Be careful Joonie~ Don’t drink too much. Call me when you need to pick me up. And no other girls ok?” Your voice was so sweet, how could he promise you he’d stay loyal to your words, but break it so easily? He met a tall, blonde girl at the party. Nice legs, nice breasts, how could he resist? After that night, it slowly became more than just sex. And he told you about it. He felt so right but so wrong. And after a month of not seeing you, he realized he seriously fucked up.

He was in deep emotional shit. Staring at his lifeless self in the mirror. Scruff outlining his face and the scent of alcohol lingering in the air. He felt petite arms wrap around him and he felt angry. It was her fault that he left the most wonderful woman in the world. He threw her arms off him and ran outside. White t-shirt, red boxers, and no cares in the world. He wanted you back.

He drove to your house, crying and thinking of what to say. His mind was scrambled. He got to your house, and eyed you as you pulled fresh oranges out of the orange tree you raised together since you were kids. He smiled big, but his smile completely went away when he saw a man come up behind you and hug you tight. He was squeezing you and spinning you, and you were genuinely laughing. You moved on. His heart broke into the tiniest pieces and he watched you for a long time before driving up a mountain, somewhere he went with you all the time to forget the bad things in life.  

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 ♥Hoseok: You were his hope. And that’s saying a lot, considering he WAS hope himself. You’ve helped him through so much, the good and the bad, and you never left his side. But he left yours. A 3 month long tour, and he met a girl in Jamaica. God was she beautiful. But no matter how beautiful he thought she was, his mind kept wondering back to you. He loved how happy and bright you were all of the time. How shameless you were, and how you were just yourself all of the time.

His Jamaican girlfriend moved to Seoul to be with him, but he felt wrong about it. As he laid in bed with her arms wrapped around him, he thought of you, sleeping all cute and cuddled up to that teddy bear he bought you when you were sick. He started to smile and noticeably, he started crying. He kissed his girlfriend to try and forget. After a ton of perfect kisses, he made his decision. “I don’t love you.” He told her honestly. He stood up and got dressed. He had to see your beautiful smile even if you just rejected him. He stopped at a store for flowers, where he strangely ran into you. “(Y/n)…” He whispered and grabbed your hands, tearing up. “Baby it’s me-it’s Hobi-” He was cut off when a man wrapped his arm around your neck. 

“Is this guy bothering you darling?” The man spoke to you in such a way that made Hoseok want to strangle him. Of course, he wouldn’t go to such measures.

“No, I think he’s just confused…” You gave Hoseok a sympathetic look, but you couldn’t forget what he did to you. So you shook his hands off and wrapped your arm around your boyfriends torso. “Let’s go.” You walked off with him, not even caring to glance back. You left Hoseok there, wrecked as if he’d just been hit by lightening. 

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♥Jimin: It’s like he was being haunted. Every time he slept, or had sex with his girlfriend, or ate a meal… anything he did, he thought of you. He thought he was over you. So he decided to go to see you. He wanted to tell you how he felt, and that he wanted you to get out of his head. But the second he saw your gorgeous face, he started remember. He was so, helplessly in love. “Oh, Jimin? Do you need something?” The way you spoke to him as if nothing happened between you hurt him so much. 

“(Y/n) do you hate me?” He asked, his voice cracking. You just smiled in response.

“You know I don’t hate anyone. I… I hate what you did. But, Jimin I’m over it. We just weren’t meant to be is all.” You said while putting potted flowers on shelves in your flower shop that you once owned together. He panicked as you spoke. You were over him?? 

“No, (Y/n) I still love-” He was cut off by the bell, letting you know a customer entered the building. 

“Oh~ Hi baby!” You said with the cutest tone that drove Jimin crazy. Only this time, the crazy it drove him was negative. He saw you run into the arms of a guy he’s never seen before. He was so heart broken.

“I’ll leave…” He said quietly, in his deep accented voice before storming out of the building. 

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♥Taehyung: He tapped his pencil against his lined paper gently, getting more furious as time passed by. He was writing out a list. he was hoping that writing out a list of all the bad things you’ve done to him would help him forget about you so he could go along with his new girlfriend. He couldn’t think of a single thing. All he thought of was positives. The time you picked him up from dance practice with Boba tea, and all the times you stood backstage just to hear the same songs over and over again, all for him. Every sound you made, every step you took. Every time your soft lips touched his own.

He started melting into his thoughts, and he laid his head on his paper that had a single word on it, “(Y/n).” He started chuckling every time he thought of a cute memory. His eyes filled with tears, and soon his paper was soaked. He could no longer write on it. He grabbed his phone and chewed on his lip roughly. He stared at your contact, which still had that cursed picture of you two kissing. He hesitantly but surely clicked the call button. 

Ring… ring… rin- “Hello? Taehyungie?” You answered the phone in a tired. voice.

“(Y/n)… I uh, I know it’s late… But I wanted to talk to you…” He mumbled.

“Yeah sure, hold on just a sec. Hey baby, I’ll be right there let me just take this call.” You spoke away from the phone, but Taehyung clearly heard you. His breath hitched and he thought he lost himself for a moment. 

“Baby?” He carefully asked.

“Yeah, I’m going out tonight for my 2 month with my boyfriend. Anyway, what was it that you needed?” You asked through the phone. He couldn’t answer. He quickly hung up the phone and started to slowly hyperventilate. How could this happen to him? He officially lost the best thing that has ever happened to him…

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♥Jungkook: He was paralyzed. Standing in front of a woman he thought he loved, and holding her hands, his voice caught in his throat. The audience waited a whole minute before his wife-to-be cleared her throat at him. He refocused, and immediately said, “I can’t marry you.” He let go of her hands. He knew the real love of his life was probably laying on her couch, watching some sad movie like she did the past 2 months after the breakup.

He knew he cheated, he knew he did wrong but he needed to get you back, he was determined. He walked into your work, remembering your exact days and hours. As he stood in front of your office door, his soul left his body. There was a table set up with pictures and notes. Flowers even. His voice became uneven and he asked one of your coworkers where you were.

“You didn’t know? Well she… she died a few weeks ago. I heard it was suicide but I’m not too sure.” She said nonchalantly and shrugged. She then continued on her day, not caring about the boy who was having a practical mental breakdown in the office. He cried in front of the table, staring at a specific picture of you and him. He couldn’t believe that picture even still existed. 

“Gone…” He whispered to himself over and over again as he slowly realized that he truly lost you for good. He let his world slip right through his fingers. When he went home that night, he sat in front of a candle in the middle of his room, that being the only light source he got. It was your favorite scent. “I’m sorry (Y/n)… I’ll see you soon.” And a trigger was pulled.

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That IG story of Link belting out Peach Picking Time in Georgia got me thinking..

I need to hear Link sing more. But in a completely raw, genuine way. Not silly, not in character. Pure Link. Maybe a country song, one that he has a connection with, that he knows by heart.

That voice of his has changed over the years for sure. It’s stronger, control is on point, and hot damn those lil yodel-y notes! I just..f*ck I adore my smol country boy and his precious voice💙

Illegal (Part 3)- Park Jimin Racer!AU

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Genre: Fluff/ Comedy/ Angst

Pairing: JiminxReader

Word count: 6.336k

Summary: During your staying in your grandmother’s house you meet Jimin and discover the night life that’s beyond the calm appearence of the town.

“I said, where the hell is Park Jimin?” The middle one yelled again, looking all around the café for him.

Everyone stayed quiet, and even some of them stepped back, scared by the sudden outburst. Yoongi, who was sat beside you, leaned in against the couch and simply watched the whole scene, almost like he was expecting for this to happen.

“Easy there, I’m here” Jimin said, stepping away from the darts and walking towards him. “So, who wishes my oh so grateful presence?”

You couldn’t understand how he could be so calm and collected at a time like this, especially when the man looked ready to hit him right in the nose.

“You” He said with a red face, pointing at Jimin “Who do you think you are?”

“Well, according to my birth certificate, I am Park Jimin, twenty one years old, and-”

“Don’t you dare mocking me!” The man yelled, with the vein in his neck becoming more and more prominent. Yet, Jimin still seemed unfazed. He stepped away from the man and walked towards Jungkook, taking a few arrows out of his hand.

“You and I have some things to take care of, don’t you think?” The man said. Jungkook gulped, nervously as did the rest of them, but Jimin simply smiled at him.

You didn’t know how to react and your emotions were all mixed together. Who was the man and what did he wanted to talk to Jimin about? Either way, things didn’t seem to be good between them, and by the looks of it, they never were.

Jimin took a step back and threw a dart that he had on his hand, which the man caught, in between his fingers, right before it touched the board.

“C'mon man! That was a perfect one!” He whined, moving his arm dramatically.

However, after that, there was a sudden silence. The air was heavy and you bit your bottom lip in anticipation, not knowing what was going to happen next. Jimin must have looked at you and at your nervous expression because he sent you a small smile, as some sort of reassurance that everything was going to be alright.

“Her” The man said, pointing at you. “Who is she, Jimin? I saw you with her on the other night. I wonder if she-”

“Don’t you even dare-” He started to say while walking after him. The man raised his arm and signalled with his fingers for his men to stop him. They grabbed Jimin by both arm and pulled him back, not allowing him to move.

This was the first that you have ever seen Jimin both nervous and angry, and you sure didn’t want to see him like this more often. He had a red face and bawled his hands in to fists, not to mention that his cheekbones were more noticeable from gritting his teeth so hard.

The man walked, slowly, like he was teasing him, until he was in front of you. He then got on his knees and grabbed your face in between his fingers, with a perverted smile on his face.

“Let go of her” Jimin said, while trying to break free from the other men’s grip.

“You know, darling” The man continued, completely ignoring him. “I think that you would look even prettier like this” He said putting a strand of your hair behind your ear. “See.”

His hands were raspy and you turn your face away from him at his touch. He smelled like nicotine and cheap booze and that made you want to throw up.

“I said, let go of her” Jimin repeated, this time a bit louder.

“Or what?” The man said, getting up “What are you going to do?”

Jimin was gritting his teeth in anger when the man stood in front of him, laughing.

You could see that Jimin was trying his best to control himself by biting on his bottom lip,  but the minute the man mentioned you again he just couldn’t handle it anymore. Jimin kicked him right on his stomach, making him fall down, groaning in pain. You stayed back, with a shocked look on your face.

However, you weren’t the only one, as all of them were looking at him with their mouths hanging open.

“Dude, you just looked like James Bond!” Jungkook said, way to excited, and Jimin laughed.

“You little bastard.” The man said. By the time he finally got up Jimin had dodged away from the men’s grip and stood behind one of the counters chairs, lowered.

You looked at Yoongi in hopes of convincing him to get up and stop all this madness, but he simply stood back and watched.

“Let them be”. Yoongi whispered to you “He can deal with them all by himself.”

The man walked towards Jimin and lifted him you by the collar of his shirt, furious, forcing him to stand up.

“Well, hide and seek and never my forte” Jimin laughed stepped away from him.

If his goal was to piss him off he sure as hell was doing a very good job. The man tried to punch him again but failed miserably as Jimin dodged his face away from his hand and run away from him.

Jungkook tried to help Jimin out but the men stopped him, each one grabbing him by his arms. The pink haired girl and Peyton were in the corner, hugging one another, with a scared look on their faces, not daring to make a single move.

The man got down, supporting himself on his legs, trying to catch his breath from running after Jimin inside the café. However, soon his expression turned from a tired one to a blank one, and then his mouth started to slowly show a smile, like had just had one of his most brilliant ideas ever. You recognised that look from your father’s face when he remembered something, and it usually wasn’t a very good thing, since that, most of the time, he ended up injuring himself.

You were expecting that he would call his men and then they would go after Jimin or something, but instead he started walking towards you and you froze in your place.

“Get her out of here” Jimin yelled at Yoongi, as soon as he realized what he was about to do. “Now!”

“Why would you do that? The three of us were going to have so much fun!” The man said, with a fake tone of disappointment in his voice.

“Let her be, she has nothing to do with any of this.” Jimin said, putting himself in the space gap that there was between you and the man. “You can do whatever you want with me, punch me or whatever, but don’t touch her.”

You were now standing up and Jimin was holding you securely behind him, protecting you from him.  At that moment, everyone stopped moving and all eyes were focused on the three of you.

“Well, you just left me even more curious, Park Jimin. I wonder what there is about her that makes her so special.” He said while reaching out to touch your arm.

Jimin slapped his hand away from you and pushed him back, making him loose his balance momentarily and fall down.

“I said, leave her get out of this” Jimin repeated in an angered voice. He had his head down but by the way that he had his hands bawled in to fists you could tell that he want very happy. He swung his arm back and punched the man right on his nose.

“You little piece of fucking shit.” The man said, in pain, while covering his face.

“C'mon I didn’t even hit you that hard.” Jimin rolled his eyes.

“Boys” The man got up and pointed at you. Jungkook, Jin and Yoongi held the men back, not allowing them to go after you.

Meanwhile, the man and Jimin were still fighting, him throwing punches all around and Jimin dodging them. However, in the middle of the confusion, Jimin got distracted and the man hit him right in the abdominal area. He looked back at you, to make sure that you were alright, before falling down on his knees. He was getting more and more tired and the man took that to his advantage by trying to punch him again. He tried to escape but he wasn’t quick enough and the man was able to leave some scratches on his cheek.

In a moment lf impulse, you get up from your place on the couch and launch yourself over Jimin’s body, trying to protect him. You feel a small pain spreading all over your knees from landing on them, but the adrenaline of the moment made you completely forget about it.

“Stop, that’s enough!” You say.

The man slowly lets his arm down at the sight of you and you take a deep breath.

Jimin was heavily breathing from underneath you, and his face is contorted in a painful expression. His eyes were closed, like he was still expecting for the man’s fist to touch his body, and his arms were embracing his stomach in hopes of numbing the pain.

“Stop, please.” You beg him, with some tears starting to bream from your eyes.

“As you wish, sweetheart.” He says. You didn’t know why he was acting so comprehensive, but honestly, you didn’t care, you just wanted him to stop. He adjusted his jean jacket and walked towards the door, mentioning for the men to follow after him. He cleans his face that had a little bit of blood on it before sending all of you a mocking smile.

“Well, this has been fun. Hope we can repeat it someday.”

“Likewise.” Yoongi answers, closing the door on his face, making it collide with his nose. All of you hear a loud groan in pain from the other side and Jungkook laughs lowly.

Everyone is quiet for a while, not moving a single muscle. You were still on top of him and you could feel his heart beating fast from beneath you and his breathing on your neck. You jolt when you hear someone clearing his throat followed by a touch of someone’s hand on your shoulder.

“They are gone. You can get off of him now, Y/N.” Yoongi says and you blush.

“This sure was something else.” Jungkook says and Jin nods.

You get up and a put a strand of hair behind your hear. Just thinking that the man had done that moments earlier made you want to throw up and take three cold water showers.

Even though you knew you weren’t the one who started this mess, you couldn’t help but to feel a bit guilty about it all, as if what had happened to Jimin had been your fault. Maybe if you had insisted in not going with him, nothing of this would have happened and Jimin wouldn’t be laying on the floor, with a painful expression and scratches all over his face.

He slowly got up and cleared his throat, as a sign for everyone to stop staring at you two. You reach out your hand to help him but he refuses it, and stands up on his own. Stubborn.

You could tell that he was feeling a bit guilty about what had happened and you were afraid that he would start shutting you out like everyone else did when something went wrong. You weren’t ready for it, and especially not now, right after you realized you had feelings for him. You weren’t ready to get hurt again.

“We need to get you to a hospital.” You say to Jimin.

“There is no need for that.”

“Are you kidding me? Jimin, you just got punched!” You sounded a bit too harsh, but it wasn’t your intention, you were just worried about him. However, he didn’t seem to care so much about himself as he sent you a smile and walked away.

“How about we just get out of here?” Jungkook suggests and everyone hummed, agreeing with him.

You run towards Jimin to help him walk better but you feel someone’s stare on you. You were expecting it to be Yoongi’s, like he was analysing your every move (that seemed like something the he would do), but much to your surprise it was Peyton’s. She had a sad expression on her face, and you didn’t know if it was because of the state Jimin was in or because you too seemed awfully closer then she thought that you were.

You felt sorry for her, and you couldn’t help but to imagine that if you just walked away from everyone, right now, that everything would be instantly better. Jimin wouldn’t be all beaten up, him and Peyton could start dating, and everyone would be much happier.

“Guys, I think I will-” You start, but Jimin quickly interrupts you.

“What about you all go first? I still need to disinfect some wounds, don’t I?” He said and looked down at you.

“Do you need any help? My mother is a nurse and I-” She tried to say but got interrupted by him.

“Thank you Peyton, but there is no need for that.” He says as Jungkook secured the door open and everyone got out. “By the pond, right?”

“Yeah, see you later.” Jin says and closes the door behind him.

The café that once had been so agitated was now calm. The interior started to get darker as the sun went down, and there was no sound other than Jimin’s breathing and the tilting of glasses against each other.

“I’m very sorry for all of this.” You say to the man that was behind the counter. He was cleaning up some glasses that had fallen down during the fight, and putting the chairs but on its original place.

“It’s okay. Just make sure the next time this happens no one gets hurt. And boy,” He says, his tired face turning to look at Jimin “You need to accept that sometimes you won’t be able to help everyone.”

Jimin face fells at his comment but still he smiles at the man. You hold the door open for him and Jimin walks pass it.

“I’m really sorry about all of this. I promise I will find a way to repay you.” You say to the man again before leaving the café.

Outside the air was a bit chilly and you rub your hands up and down your arms. The sun was starting to go down and there was almost no one on the street, with the exception of a little boy and his mother who were walking their dog.

“Can you walk by yourself or do you need my help?” You ask Jimin.

“I got this, don’t worry.” He smiles and starts walking. You felt a huge need of asking him about the man, but right now wasn’t the most appropriate time, besides you two had more important things to do, like cleaning his bruises.

“Why did you say no to Peyton? She knows how to take care of injuries like this, she could have helped you.”

“Because I wanted to be alone with you.” He says, but keeps walking straight ahead. “Besides, I already know someone who can deal with stuff like this.”

“Oh.” You simply say, rubbing the back of your neck.

“You should have gone away when I told to.”

“And leave you there so that you could get all beaten up with no one to help you?” You say “Not an option. I have run away from everything all my life, it was time for me to start changing that.”

He stops right in front of you and runs a hand through his hair as a sign of frustration.

“Do you know how I would feel if he had done something to you? Do you?” Your heart started to accelerate inside your ribcage and your palms started to get sweaty. “You know, sometimes I think that it would be better if I just pushed you away. You wouldn’t have to deal with stuff like this and you would probably be much happier. But there is this part of me that always keeps pushing me towards you.”

“And which part do you like the best?”  You whisper.

He puts a strand of your hair behind your hear and you lean against his palm, involuntarily, smiling.

“What do you think?” He says and smiles. However, he doesn’t even give you some time to process as he walks away from you right away.

He always does this. Says something meaningful and deep, and then walks away like nothing happened, leaving you back blushing and confused. He was hard to understand, but these small gestures made you think that what Yoongi had said to you, hours earlier, was actually true.

“Well, Y/N, are you coming or not?” He says. You run until you can finally catch up to him and then stop, trying to catch your breath.

“So I was thinking-”

“Oh boy.” You say.

“Hey! What do you mean by that?!”

“Normally when you think nothing good comes out of it.” You shrug your shoulders and laugh at his reaction. He had his hands over his chest, theatrically, like you just said the most awful thing in the world to him.

“Well, I’m offended, Mrs. Y/N. My ideas are the best ones!” He says.

“Whatever you say, Park Jimin” You roll your eyes at him. “Where are we actually going?”

He doesn’t respond and keeps walking, only stopping five minutes later.

“Here.” He says and points to the house on your right. It was not very big and the outside was similar to every other house on this town, filled with yellow flowers all over the front yard.

Connected to the house there was a garage and a small basketball field, where there were some children playing with a ball.

“Jimin!” One of them yells and Jimin waves at them.

“Is this your place?” You ask.

“Yeah.” He nods his head and opens the small gate, mentioning for you to come in. “Normally before bringing a girl home, I usually pay her a dinner. But I guess that you are an exception.”

“I still accept the dinner.” You say and he laughs.

His front porch is very different from your grandma’s. There is a small table with a few metal chairs and some cigarettes packs spread all over it.

“You live here alone?” You ask, curious.

“No, I actually share this place with Yoongi and Jungkook.” He informs you while opening the front door.

The interior was just as you were expecting it to be. The walls were painted a dirty white and there was packs of food spread all over the couch that was on the living room. There was also a big television attached to the wall, along with a fireplace and a big dining room table that, by the looks of it, has never been used. The kitchen had a small table on the middle and the sink was full of dirty dishes, probably because no one ever got the trouble to actually wash them.

There was a pair of wooden stairs at the end of the hall that connected the bottom to the top floor similar to those that you had in your house back at your hometown. Suddenly the longing for it starts to settle in and you can’t help but to sigh at the thought.

“Wasn’t it better if we went to a hospital?” You say once again.

“I said that it wasn’t necessary and it still isn’t. You learn what you have to do after a while of watching other people doing it.” What did he mean by that?

“You can follow me, you know?” He laughed, walking up the stairs.

“Hum… Okay.” You felt nervous about being in his house for the first time, and besides that there was no one around.

“That’s Jungkook’s and Yoongi’s room.” He said pointing at the first two doors that came up in your sight. “And this is mine.”

He opened his door to give you an insight of his bedroom. There was an unmade bed on one corner and a big window on the wall that let the sunlight come and light up his room. There was a small bookcase on the other side, filled with tiny action figures, some drawers and a closet that were filled with clothes. The mirror that was next to the closet reflected your appearance, and you noticed that your hair was all tangled and out of place. Jimin notices you looking at yourself and nudges your arm with his elbow.

“Hey, don’t worry about that.” He smiled “You look beautiful.”

“T-Thanks” You say, and look down, blushing.

He goes inside the bathroom and you stay in the little hallway, not knowing quite what to do.

After a few minutes of just standing there looking at the white walls, you decide to knock on his bathroom door and ask if he needs any help. After all, if you came all this way with him, you should at least do something helpful.

“Hey, do you need any-” You said, while opening the door that he had left slightly open, only to find him on the other side, shirtless, putting some betadine of his abdominal area. You quickly shut the door behind you and rest your back against it.

“Y/N, if you wanted to see me that bad you could have just asked.” He says, from the other side, and you freeze. The image of Jimin comes surfing up to your mind and you can’t help but to blush at the memory of him without any shirt on, his hair all sweaty and sticky on his forehead, and his muscles contracted from the contact between the cotton ball with Betadine and his skin.

“I-I…” You try to say but nothing comes out.

“Relax I was just joking, unless you don’t want me too.” He says and you roll your eyes, still blushing. “But, Y/N, can you do me a favour? Can you go to my room and bring me a new shirt?”

“Of course, I don’t want your tiny muscles to catch a cold, do I?” You tease, walking away.

Suddenly, the door slams open and Jimin stands there with a fake hurt look on his face.

“Excuse me? Tiny muscles?” He said. He starts walking towards you and you try to run away from you but he blocks your way with his arm.

“What?” You said, your voice trembling a bit.

“Are you by any chance, ticklish, Y/N?” He asks, changing the theme of your conversation. You tried to ignore the fact that he still didn’t have any shirt on but he was not helping at all, by taking more steps closer and closer to you.

“N-no. Why are you asking?”

“Are you sure? Because you sound a bit unsure of yourself.” He says, trying to catch you, but you dodge his arm. You run to his room and hide in the corner between the wall and his bookshelf, hoping that he doesn’t find you. You see him getting inside from the corner of your eye and you press your back against the wall behind you.

You tried to breathe little lower and when you see him walking away from the door you take that has an advantage to run away from him. However, you were not too quickly since he was able to grab your forearm and push you back, making you collide against his chest.

“Y-You shirt…” You try to say, as an excuse while trying to break free.

However, he doesn’t even move. He keeps you stuck between his arm and his chest and you try your best not to blush and keep avoiding looking at him. You keep your head lowered, facing the floor and you hear him chuckle from above you.

“Y/N, are you blushing?”

“What? No I am not…” You say.

“You don’t need to lie.” He says and smiles. “Everybody would feel intimidated by these.” He flexes his arm muscles and you laugh, throwing a shirt that was laying around his room at him, hitting him right on the face.

You walked down the stairs and wait for him to get ready. You went to the kitchen to get a glass of water and notice some pictures attached to the front of the fridge. There were three of them, were Jungkook, Yoongi and Jimin were babies, and it was very easy to tell them apart. On the Jungkook one, he was in a pool, smiling widely, between his parent; on the Yoongi one, he was on the beach laying on a towel, his mother was holding him, and his father was kissing her on the cheek; however on the Jimin one, he was only with his father, on his lap, on top of a motorbike.

“Hey, I’m done” Jimin says, appearing on the kitchen’s door.

“Okay, I was just came down here to drink some water. Shall we go now? They must be waiting for us.”

Jimin still had a few scratches on his face but now they weren’t so visible, only a few red spots.

You put the glass on the sink and walk with him out of the kitchen.

“Where is the pond?” You ask.

“Near the river. You know that they chose that place on purpose, right?”

“Why?” You raise your eyebrow in confusion as he opens the front door for you.

“There are ducks there.” He simply states.

“Oh” You laugh and remember what he had told when you two were walking towards the café. “So, is this when I get to assist to Jimin-and-the-ducks 2.0 version?”

“Very funny.” He rolls his eyes.

You walk pass his garden and in to the side walk. You aren’t planning on staying long with them by the pond, since you had your grandma home and you didn’t want to leave her alone for very long.

You walk side by side, however, this time the air was a bit more heavy, and  you had this feeling that it was because of that photos.

“I know you saw them” He suddenly says, out of nowhere.


“The photos. And I know that you want to know why my photo was the only one who didn’t have both of our parents on it.” He says, like he had just read your mind. At the mention of the pictures his tone changed, it wasn’t a funny and relaxed anymore, but more tense, yet soft one.

It was true that you were curious about that, but you knew better than to ask him. Because your mother had left you, you took this type of thing very personal and you knew how painful it was to make a person remind herself of that.

“She died, seven minutes after I was born.”

“Oh, I’m so sorry.” You say and look at him.

“It’s okay” He smiles, a sad smile. You feel this sudden need of pulling Jimin in to a hug, but you knew that if you did that he would probably just start crying his eyes out, and you didn’t want to make him suffer more than he already had.

“Mine left me and my dad when I was little. She run away with some guy.” You tell him. It was the first time you have ever said that to someone, you hadn’t even said that to Taehyung, he had discovered it because your dad had told him in one of his many visits to your house.

“I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay, you didn’t do anything.” You smile at him.

He gets besides you and puts one of his arms around your shoulder, making you walk closer to him.

“You know, sometimes I ask myself if the fishes are any capable of feeling thirsty.” He says, fitting the sky. What the hell.

“I don’t even know why I get surprised anymore” You laugh, pushing the hair off of your face.

“What? It is a very important matter.”

“If fishes get thirsty?”

“Yeah! Those types of questions need to be taken care of and approached in today’s society. The answer might even change someone’s life.”

“Okay, okay… You won. I have nothing to go against that.” You roll your eyes and he smiles, triumphant.

“Look!” He said, pointing at the tree that was a few meters away from you. He grabs your hand and starts running towards it. A blush starts to creep in to your cheeks because of his gesture and you can’t help but to smile.

On the tree there was a small swing made out of some rope and an old tire. Didn’t seem safe at all.

“No, I’m not doing that. The last time I went on one of these I fell off it and landed on the ground, on my butt. People were like “c’mon, play with us, it’s going to be fun”, well my butt can’t say the same thing. So, nah ah, you might as well play with yourself.” Oh. Oh.

“What?” He laughs “What do you want me to do?”

“No! Don’t take it to that side!” You say, and cover your face with your hands, trying to hide all the embarrassment that you were feeling.

“Well, Y/N, who knew that you were like that” He raised an eyebrow and smirked at you “But I always knew that you had it on you.”

“No!” You laugh, and start to walk away from him. “I didn’t mean it like that!”

“Are you sure? Because that plus the bathroom thing, makes me thing that you actually-”

“No! Don’t you dare finish that sentence. Oh my God.”

“But you have to admit that what you said was really funny! You should have seen your face the minute you said that! ”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah. Mock me all you want, but it isn’t me who is afraid of ducks!”

“Why do you have to put ducks in this conversation?”

“Because I love you.” You and Jimin widen your eyes at your statement, and you turn away, so that your back is facing him. Why don’t you know how to keep your mouth shut? “Because I love to… annoy you, yeah, that’s hum… why.”

Instead of what you were expecting to happen, Jimin’s face fell down at your statement, like he almost was… disappointed.

“Yeah” he simply said.

The both of you walk the rest of the way in silence. You thought about saying something but you were afraid that you might make things worse that what they already were, and by the looks of it, so was he. Your hands brush against each other and you could tell by his expression that he was debating whether to grab yours or not. You desperately wanted him to do so, you wanted to say to him that it was alright, that you even wanted for him to do that, but things weren’t that simple. No matter how hard you tried them to be.

After a while of simply walking, you two spot the pond and a few of Jimin’s friends.

“Hey!” You hear one of them yell at you. “Here!”

You start walking fast towards them but Jimin stops dead on his tracks, with a thoughtful look on his face.

“What’s wrong?” You ask.

“Nothing, nothing.” He shakes his head “I was just thinking… You know what? Follow me, they can wait.”

“What? But Jimin, we agreed on meeting them there.” You say.

“And we will, but first I want to show you something.” He grabs your hand and entwines his finger with yours. Jimin starts running and you have no other choice than to run with him, otherwise you would just fall face flat on the floor. You could see Jungkook’s confused face looking at both of you and Peyton’s sad one. Yoongi, on the other hand, was grinning like he had almost predicted that this was going to happen.

“Where are we going?”

“Wait, you will see.”

He starts to slow down and soon enough the both of you are in a place that looks exactly like the one that the others were, except this didn’t have the pond. There was a tree near the river and you sit underneath it, with Jimin’s besides you.

“This looks like the pond. You know we could have just stayed there, right?”

“He could, but I wanted some alone time with you.” Oh. Oh. Oh. I wanted some alone time with you too, you wanted to say but no words seemed to get out. “Besides there are no ducks in here.”

You get up and stand in front of him.

“I was reflecting the other day and I think that I may have chosen already a favourite colour already.” You say and his eyes widen.

“Really?” He asks and you nod your head. “And what is it?”

“I can’t tell you.”

“And why not?”

“Because I have a feeling that you are lnot going to like it. Besides, if I do tell you, you may not want to hang out with anymore since your mission is complete.” You shrug your shoulders.

“Well, first of all, that is not true. And second, you won’t know if I like it or not unless you tell me. But please don’t chose green I-” He starts saying but then notices the look on your face “It is green isn’t it?” He asks and you hum in response.

“How did you know?”

“The look of your face gave it all away. I swear you must pick your answers to not let me like you.” He says in a joking manner.

“And why would I do that?”

“Because if I didn’t like you, you wouldn’t have to bring me your grandmother’s cookies, and that was way less work for you.”

“That seems about right. But you are forgetting about something.” You say and he gets up.

“What am I forgetting about?”

He stars walking towards you but you run away from him.

“If I stopped talking to you I wouldn’t have anyone to annoy. And love to annoy you. But, since I don’t want that to stop, I may think about choosing another favourite colour.” You say sticking your tongue out at him.

He runs after you and you hide from him behind the tree. He soon notices were you were hiding and you run away from him, but you end up falling down because of a trees’ root during the process. You fake being hurt by groaning in pain, and he gets down on his knees with a very concerned look on his face.

“Oh my God, Y/N, are you okay?” He asks. You take the fact that he had let his guard down to your advantage, and you push him down in to the floor with your arms.

“That is not fair!” He whines.

“Too bad” You laugh.

The both of you stay there for a little while longer, laying on the grass, fitting the sky. You were probably all dirty right now, with tiny pieces of grass stuck on your clothes and your hair, like he had too.

However, suddenly, he rolls his body over till he is next to you and then gets on top of you.

“Aish, you are heavy” you say, trying to push him off of you. But he didn’t move, in fact, he even started making himself heavier than he already was.

“You were saying?” He said, raising an eyebrow.

“Alright, alright, you win.” He smiles and gets off you. He puts his two hands besides each side of your head, and lifts his weight off you, supporting all of it on his arms.

He brushes the hair off your face, and takes a strand of your hair that was glued to your lips.

“So, you love to annoy me, huh?” He says.

“I do.” You laugh and squish his cheeks on your hands “You get your face all read and your eyebrows does this funny thing where they raise and all.” You laugh and try to imitate him. “I am completely in love with annoying you.”

“Say that again” He gets his face closer to yours and you close your eyes as something instinctive. “Please.”

“I am completely in love with-”

“Oh My God!” You hear a voice besides you saying. You turn your head to see Jungkook covering his eyes with his hand and the others walking after him. “Control yourself people!”

You hide your face in embarrassment and Jimin simply chuckles, getting off of on top of you.

“That should have a PG-13 warning!” Jungkook went on.

“You make it seem like something bad was happening.” Jimin said. He sticks his hand out to you and helps you getting up.

You clean your jeans that were dirty with some pieces of grass and thank him.

“Why are you guys here?”-

“We saw you two running and we though that something had happened. And by the looks of it-” Jungkook starts saying but Jimin slaps him in the back of his head.

“Well, there was no need for you to worry. We are just fine.” He says and starts to walk away.

You keep yourself quiet during the walk back, too embarrassed to talk. You were still blushing and Jimin wasn’t helping anything at all by always looking back at you and smiling.

Suddenly, you feel Peyton touching your arm and stopping you, mentioning for you to walk slower and further apart from the group.

“Y/N” She says, brushing the blonde hair out of her face, once the two of you were alone, with no one around. “Can I ask you a question?”

“Yeah, sure” You smile at her. She takes a deep breath, like she was getting ready to say something really important, and looks at you right in your eyes.

“Do you… Do you like Jimin?”

Memory of a Dead Boy- Thomas Shelby

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Request// Hi, I see that you’d like Peaky blinder requests !! Could I have one please where the reader is new to the town and Thomas finds her interesting please ❤️-a-court-of-stydia

Request// If you’re taking requests, I would love something for Peaky Blinders where the reader and Tommy met and fell in love in France during the war (reader as a nurse or doctor or another patient, maybe and they meet in a hospital). Each thinks the other died during the war for some reason, and when reader takes a trip to Birmingham to meet his family/see where he grew up, each is shocked to see the other alive. Cue reunion. Please and thank you!

*Whenever I tend to not know exactly where to go with an idea, I just keep writing and writing. This one took me two hours and over 2,000 word (which is my longest ever). Also update about me: my sister and I are going through all of TW together and I feel like we’re really bonding because of it. I’m trying to get her to join the tumblr fandom community secretly mwhaha! xoxox*


As you exited the train in Birmingham, you couldn’t help but once again question if this was a bad idea. What were you going to tell people when they started asking questions? Admit that you were looking for a dead man? No, it just wasn’t that simple.

You had met him years earlier, when both of you were still children and had yet to be exposed to the horrors of war. You had been a new nurse and were already questioning if you were cut out for caring to wounded soldiers, as the smell of death always lingered amongst them. You knew the smell too well lately and didn’t know if you could ignore it much longer. It had been a shock to you when death had nearly shown himself in the military hospital as a small group of dirty and bloody men were rushed into the room.

“I need nurses over here. Now!” The head nurse roared across the room. You quickly finished wrapping the wound of one of the men nearby and rushed over to the new lot of broken troops.

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For who can remain angry with Mr Segundus? I dare say there are people in the world who are able to resent goodness and amiability, whose spirits are irritated by gentleness - but I am glad to say that Jonathan Strange was not of their number.

Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell, Susanna Clarke.

Canonical, textual evidence that Mr Segundus is a darling little jellybean who needs to be protected at all costs.

You don’t own me part 9

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And you. Well you didn’t move at all for a couple of minutes. Just starring after them while feeling your heartbeat slowly regulating itself again.

Is this love?

Word count: 2105 // I did my bescht 💪🤓

Warnings: Kinda angst kinda fluff but surely a bit of violence

Author’s note: I feel like we are getting closer to the end…maybe two or three more parts ;) Feel free to tell me your opinion

♥♥♥ @httpwyf @vicassa @byunbunniess @i-am-a-death-dealer @jookyunhoe @byunshim @galaxy99love @holymolydrrad @imbaekhyunstrash @shesdreaminginoverdose @princess-ellaxo @baekmuffin @dont-hyuck ♥♥♥

part 1 || part 2 || part 3 || part 4 || part 5 || part 6 || part 7 || part 8


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