you dapper man

hello i am here to jump in the dapper wagon, woop woop 
And congrats on 17 million subs, Jack! 

(click for better resolution and a message!)

If you saw this you’ve been cursed by the Dapper Man himself. You have to pay him or he’ll take your soul, and throw it right into Villainous trashcan fandom, where you’ll never enjoy fresh air or rl friends.

sometimes i think I’ll never be happy until i own a well-tailored victorian era suit

It’s not the best but I wanted to do something to commemorate 17 million subs for Jack!
@therealjacksepticeye if you ever get the chance to see this, I just wanted to let you know how amazingly thankful I am for you and your videos. Your positivity and bright attitude are catching even on my darker days. Keep being amazing and inspiring!

(Sams on the shirt are Anti, Schneep, Chase, Marvin, Jackieboy man, and Dapper Jack 😄)