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I know Grumpmeister Fenris is a popular characterization but consider these canon Fenris facts:

-Fenris is a nerd who laughs at Hawke’s dumb jokes

-Fenris is very eloquent when speaking, rarely uses contractions, and swears like, once

-Fenris is an introvert

-The very first time Hawke flirts with him, he’s awkward and shy

-”If I seem bitter, it is not without cause”

-Varric once asked Fenris what he did in his old mansion all day, and Fenris claimed (completely deadpan) that he dances through the place.

-Actually he makes a lot of jokes in banter. They’re just very deadpan.

-This one is a favorite:

Fenris: I thought all dwarves had beards. Where’s yours?
Varric: I misplaced it, along with my sense of dwarven pride and my gold-plated noble caste pin.
Fenris: I thought maybe it fell onto your chest.

Oh and this one:

Varric: You know, if you need advice on how to lay low I can give you some.

Fenris: Being short would make for an excellent start, I suspect.

-Fenris plays cards regularly with Varric and Donnic

-Fenris: I disavow any knowledge of gambling occurring in my house.

-seriously just read his banters with Aveline. 

-He has a lot of snark:

Carver: You’re very different from other elves.
Fenris: Oh? You know them all?

-He ends up being rather fond of Bethany, if she survives.

-Also this, in regards to the Qun:

Fenris: I didn’t escape one form of slavery only to become slave to myself.
Isabela: Er, what does that mean?
Fenris: I’m… not sure. But it sounded profound, didn’t it?

Idk where I was going with this

yay Fenris!

Who is Sehun?

♡ *Chokes*

♡ You:oh!

   Me:You mean Oh Sehun

♡ He was only 22 when he saved all of us with his dance in lotto

♡ E X O

♡ Maknae

♡ Dance line

♡ His instagram deserves to be in a museum

♡ B E S T  P O S T S  E V E R

♡ The lost one

♡ Owner of iconic lines that will always be remembered

♡ Shawty imma party till da sun down

   Never don’t mind about a thing

   That’s right my type

We actually love SM for giving him lines

♡ His line in sing for you got me crying

♡ An angel indeed

♡ Sang Baekhyun’s part in cloud9 

♡ We were all proud

♡ #Givesehunlines2k17

♡ Innocent af

♡ Doesn’t really understand dirty jokes and stays away from that stuff but who knows

♡ When he and kai-also the maknae- went to a chinese mukbang show,he didn’t understand a dirty joke 

♡ and stood there like an innocent baby while kai was laughing his ass off

♡ Is a fluff ball

♡ He isn’t the aegyo type 

♡ but his presence itself is cute

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♡ He is so loved

♡ not just by members but by the staff as well

♡ All of them love him but

♡ He has a special bond with The “shopping crew”

♡ Sehun+chanyeol+suho+vivi

♡ Suho loves him aaaa llooooott

♡ and he loves him back

♡ sehun basically grew up with suho while suho was taking care of him

♡ Wants to join “THE BEAGLE LINE”

♡ but age matters only in korea

♡ Has a lovely relationship with every member

♡ Plays with baek’s hair

♡ laughs with xiumin

♡ Makes fun of people with d.o

♡ Chanyeol is his partner in crime

♡ Learns chinese from yixing

♡ Runs in the concert with chen

♡ Him and kai are basically two hoes

♡ His relationship with suho is just adorable

♡ he also learned how to roast people from suho

roasted suho countless times

♡ which proves that he’s an angel sent from above

♡ He grew up a lot

♡ After Luhan left,he got more mature as he said

♡ “With luhan,i learned the true meaning of friendship”

♡ Is a soft baby

except when he dances in the water



♡ He can be an angel but he’s also a sexy god

♡ He can literally beat anyone with his sexiness

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Why do fuck my life

♡ He is handsome

♡ really handsome

♡ I’m pretty sure he could be a model if he weren’t a member of exo


♡ He is seriously no joke

♡ He was chosen as the best dressed in LV Paris show


♡ *proud tears*

♡ Goes to fashion shows a lot

♡ SEBOOTY who we all worship

♡ This mans body is no joke

♡ His face

♡ His abs

♡ His arms

♡ His legs

♡ Especially his booty

When did a get in such a perverted fandom

♡ I have no regrets

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♡ Looks good

♡ while eating

♡ while walking

♡ while existing

♡ Looks hella good in glasses

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♡ Looks good in anything

Would look better without

♡ Also rocks every hair colour

♡ Sehun in black is hot

♡ Blonde sehun is god

♡ The rainbow hair

I hear people cringing 

♡ We don’t say thathe doesn’t look good but

Why rainbow?

♡ Is a big meme

♡ A really big one

♡ He is a living meme legend

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♡ Got embarrassed and was shocked when jhonny called him sunbae

♡ He thought he was talking to jhonny from nct but you never know

♡ He soon found out that the person was jeonghan from SVT 

Jeonghan spilled all the beans to monsta x

♡ Is still embarrassed 

♡ In paris,manager told him to stop doing the peace sign

♡ Did it inside his pocket

♡ His vlives are a meme itself 

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♡  V I V I

♡ There’s a rumor saying that if you say vivi 3 times

♡ A worried sehun will appear behind you and ask

♡ “WHERE?”

♡ His biggest passion in life

♡ His love

♡ His will to live—->

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I ship them

♡ He is the type of boyfriend that will let you drown when he goes to save vivi

Vivi is a dog and knows how to swim

♡ I feel sorry for his future wife bc his first love isn’t her


♡ he has the most sass on earth

♡ I ain’t joking

♡ There’s a korean joanne the scammer  in his soul

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♡ We all know where this convo ends

♡ Suho said that he used to cry a lot since he misses his family

♡ His acting in exo next door was priceless

Why do they all act like they never filmed it?

♡ He has this upcoming movie called “dear Archimedes”

♡ S U P P O R T  H I M

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♡ He is a soft fluff ball who needs protection and love and more lines


From Bath to Bed

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Words: 3,024 (i got carried away, whoops)

Prompts: My personal sickness / anon: “Can you do one where billy and the reader are friends w benefits and something good comes out if it pls” / anon: ”BINCH THE SMUTTY PART OF PAPA DONT PRRACH HAS ME SHOOK YOU SHOULD WRITE A FULL SMUT WITH BILLY OKAY BYE”

Warnings: Swears, NSFW (Smut, you’ll be warned before it starts, and told when it ends, male receiving oral, choking, unpotected sex (wrap it before you tap it))

Pairing: Billy Hargrove X Reader


It was only five minutes after your parents left when you heard a knock on your front door. You grumbled and cursed the plight of testosterone as you padded through the house, wrapped in several blankets. You opened the front door without even glancing at the guest before walking towards the kitchen to grab a glass of water to soothe your throat.

“You okay, Y/N?” Billy Hargrove asked, following you into the kitchen and taking a seat at your dinner table. He stacked the newspapers that covered the table neatly and put them under the glass bowl which he had put his own car keys in beforehand.

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Getting Somewhere

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Summary: You and Sigrid have a very in-depth conversation about your past with Thranduil and the King tries to apologize in his own little way.

Pairings: Thranduil x Reader

Words: 2,063

Warnings: Mentions of Loss of Family Members; Slight Mentions of Hatred from Parents.

A/N: I’ve been hella tired lately so I haven’t been doing anything. No writing no nothing. I think that’s how the weekend is going to go too. Sorry guys. Also this was hard to write. I wanted like a lot of angst, but I couldn’t find a way to fix it so I kinda f’ed up lol

Master Lists: Drabbles/Imagines, and Completed Series   - Part 1

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Dorian comes to stand by his side and turns attention to the sculpture. Together they are always affected by its presence, although Felix would never pretend to be as burdened. There is loss for them both but more so for his father, grief dredged from a long well of memory when his is but a teacup in comparison. He has often wondered if it is a blessing or a curse that there was such little time shared before treachery tore them all apart.

“He would be proud of you, just as I am.”  A hand drops upon his shoulder, squeezing with reassurance. It is a difficult thing to refrain from shrugging away - not from the touch but the deep emotions coating the sentiment. He tries for levity to break away the lump inside his chest.

~Bloodlines chapter one (ao3 | tumblr)

You have no idea how long I wanted to commission @badasserywomen and I finally got the chance! And the result is breathtaking just as expected. Anyway have Dorian and Felix standing before Vaxus sculpture. 

the-real-sans-the-skeleton  asked:

I had a really hard day today (got harassed at school and then got yelled at) and I was wondering if you would do a request The request is (this might be long sorry) reader find out they are pregnant with Gabe's kid and then before they can tell Gabe the news he is presumed dead and so the reader goes on with their life and has the child then Gabe comes back as reaper and goes to find the reader and then funds he has a family now sorry if it was too long sorry!

((I’m so so sorry you had a hard day hon, those people that yelled at you suck. I hope that things get better!))

“Estoy em-bara-za-da”, you practiced, saying each syllable carefully before licking your lips and nodding. You were playing a short recording over and over, making sure you were saying it right and not butchering the Spanish phrase. “Estoy embara-zada…Estoy embarazada! There we go, I got it!”

You spun in a circle, smoothing your hands down your ‘bloated’ belly, giggling softly and happily. You were pregnant. If you hadn’t taken five pee tests and one blood test, you wouldn’t be sure if you actually believed that it was true but it was. You and Gabriel had talked in passing about having a family; of running away from Overwatch and Blackwatch, finding a home and starting over from scratch. New identities, plenty of money and enough human comforts that you’d never have to look back. You’d never be the ‘Jones’, with their white picket fences and ‘perfect American dream’, but you could be happy and free from all the bureaucratic bullshit that was intrinsically tied up with Overwatch and Blackwatch.

Especially now since things were looking so bad. Between the sensitive leaked information about Overwatch, deaths of prominent Overwatch agents, the reveal of the existence of Blackwatch and the witch hunt the world was on, it was time to get the hell out of dodge. Jesse had left first with Gabriel’s blessing, but his protege couldn’t convince the Blackwatch leader to leave himself. He had wiped records of your existence and moved you to Aix-les-Bains, France; explained that it was safer to be out of Switzerland for the time being, the hour commute back and forth more than worth it to keep you directly out of harm’s way.  What that harm was, he hadn’t revealed to you.

‘It’s better you don’t know, amorcita. Keeps your hands clean of this bullshit.’

Still, maybe with this news he could finally go through with those fanciful ideas of yours. You jumped as you heard you phone begin to buzz, drawing you out of your inner mind and back into the real world. Pushing a hand through your curls, your brow furrowed as you listened to your phone’s nonstop buzzing from across the room, grunting agitatedly. Crossing the room, you grabbed the device and pressed a button to illuminate the screen. Your blood froze like ice in your veins as you read the emergency notifications that were filling up your screen.

‘Explosion at Overwatch Geneva Headquarters’

‘Gigantic Explosion Rocks Overwatch HQ, Unknown Numbers Dead or Injured’

‘Unknown Numbers Hurt and Injured after Explosion Hits Geneva’

“Oh god…”

It had taken three more months until Gabriel’s status was changed from missing to dead, Reinhardt bringing you the personal effects that been found in the debris. His hat, a tungsten ring you had given him and his dog tags; all burnt but still there. Your fingers traced over the letters of his name, a soft sob leaving your lips as you pulled the objects tight against your chest. He may have left the physical plane, but Gabriel hadn’t left you alone. Your hand smoothed down your round stomach, looking up at Reinhardt with a watery smile.

“Thank you…”

“Isabella”, you warned, the bright eyed two year old looking back at you. She had managed to climb halfway up onto the the kitchen table, you rushing and scooping the adventurous little girl into your arms. She looked so much like her father, you joked that she was his little clone, only picking up traces of your features. Big brown eyes framed with thick black lashes, soft copper skin covered in tiny freckles and a head full of thick, wild black curls that framed her chubby little cheeks. “Princesita, how many times must mama ask you not to climb up on the table, hm? You’re going to end up just like those little monkey and bump your head!”

You began to tickle the little girl, spinning her in your arms and smiling at her screaming laugh, peppering warnings and kisses to her head and forehead. You had tried to keep her father’s memory alive; teaching Isabella Spanish and using the affectionate terms you could imagine Gabriel using, showing her vids and pictures of her father and his friends to prove that he was a hero that had laid down his life to protect them. Isabella knew his face, would call him daddy and talk to his framed picture in those short toddler sentences. It was hard, admittedly, to raise her all on your own but you loved your daughter and you know that Gabriel would be happy to know how you both were living.  

“Mama”, Isabella said through giggles, her own chubby little fingers stilling at trying to tickle you. She tilted her body backwards as she looked at the door frame that led to the front door, making you grunt as you took a half step forward to catch her. You shifted your daughter to your hip, the little girl grabbing onto your shirt to steady herself before pointing. “The doorbell mama!”

“Good ears mi amorcita”, you complimented, gently ruffling the child’s hair and bouncing her on your hip with each step. You were expecting a few packages for Isabella’s owl-themed birthday; a colorful owl plush, a dress, umbrella and rainboot set with the same type of owl and a new book featuring the same, sweet cartoon-y creature. The doorbell rang once more making you scoff in annoyance, Isabella yelling again to notify you that the doorbell was in fact being rang. “Thank you little one. I am coming!”

You tried to keep your voice singsong-y, a small tick of annoyance pulling at your neutral smile. Rude ass postman rushing you when they knew damn well you had a child and they didn’t have that many houses to go to in that area. Shifting Isabella on your hip, you put a sweet yet annoyed smile on your lips, undoing the locks before throwing the door open.

“Sorry for ma–”

You jumped startled, arms wrapping tightly around your daughter as you caught sight of the person on the other side of your screen door. It was a tall man that was dressed in all black; black cargo pants, a black hoodie and black boots. Something tickled in the back of your head, there was something…familiar about that silhouette.


Your eyes jumped back to your daughter, the child less scared than you were but more curious as to why you were squeezing her so tightly. Shooting a sweet smile down at her, you took a small half step back, prepared to hit the lockdown button near the door.

“I don’t know who you are but you should go”, you said, voice steely and serious, eyes darting between your daughter, the button and the stranger. “Now.”

The stranger chuckled softly, the sound low and gritty and solemn but familiar, your stomach flipping nervously. Your hands hovered over the button but you still couldn’t find it in yourself to press it just yet as the stranger began to turn, pushing the hood they had up off of their head.

“Cautious as ever mi reina”, the man said before locking eyes with you, a melancholic smile playing on those ever familiar lips. Gabriel Reyes stood in front of you, scarred and pale but alive and you froze. It felt like all the air had been knocked out of your lungs as you stared your dead lover in the face, your heart thundering in your chest.

“Gabby”, you breathed out weakly, tears immediately rolling down your cheeks. Your mind couldn’t process this. Gabriel shouldn’t be here, they hadn’t found a body but there is no way that he could be here…and alive. You hiccuped, adjusting Isabella on your hip again before wiping hardly at your face. “H-how?”

“Let me come in cariño”, Gabriel said, his hand lightly pressing against the glass of the screen. Now that he was closer, your eyes studied what you could of his facial features. His large brown eyes were now the color of fresh blood. His warm undertone was now gray, making his brown skin appear duller. There scars you had never seen before on your face, but you knew somewhere in your heart of hearts that this was the love of your life. His eyes kept darting between you and Isabella, his expression communicating unbelievable longing.  “I will explain everything, just please let me in.”

“Papa! Mama that’s papa? Mama look! That’s papa?”

“Yes baby”, you said softly, voice cracking as you tried to keep it together for your little girl. “That is your daddy…should we let him in?”


Your hands shook as you unlocked the door, your senses suddenly filled by the scent of his cologne and pomade, his arms wrapping tight around you as he pushed through the door. You unconsciously squeezed your arm tight around him, the feeling of completeness filling your body. He broke away from the hug, a real smile on his lips as he looked between you and Isabella once more before bending slightly so that he could be eye to eye with the two year old. The little girl smiled wide at him, her hand reaching out to actually touch his face, bursting into a fit of giggles when Gabriel kissed her palms.

“Hi there ángel”, he said, his voice unbelievably soft as he stood up to full height.

“That’s not my name”, the toddler corrected, brow furrowing at the ‘name’ her father had imposed on her. “My name is Isa-bella Ale-jan-dra Reyes!”

She slowed down on her own syllables to make sure she said each of them correctly before grinning wide at the man, her father. Gabe’s eyes lifted to look at you, shocked that you had given her his last name before looking back to the little girl, pure love and adoration in his eyes.

“Hey there Isabella…”

I Won’t

Episode tag for 19x08 - Intent. I see this taking place right after the road trip before the trial starts. 

Rafael looked up at the knock on his door and frowned when he saw Carisi standing in the doorway, immediately going back to scribbling on his legal pad.

“Hey, you got a minute?”

“No.” Rafael didn’t even bother glancing up, but felt Sonny step into the room and heard him close the door behind him despite Rafael’s response. When Sonny just stood there, hovering near his desk, he huffed a sigh and dropped his pen. “What do you want?”

“I, uh, I almost kissed Rollins.” Sonny ran a hand over the back of his neck. “In West Virginia.”

“And why do you think that would be of any interest to me?” Rafael tried for unphased, but Sonny could tell by the set of his jaw that he was anything but.

“We were out drinking at this bar that, no lie, had freakin’ deer heads on the wall. You would have hated it. Anyway, we get in this fight.” He waved a hand when Rafael’s eyes widened. “It was fine. So we kick some ass, and we’re tipsy, and we go back to the motel and we’re standing there at her door and there’s something happening, you know?”

Rafael sighed, running a hand over his forehead where he felt the beginnings of a headache. “Sonny, why are you telling me this?”

The hurt in his voice was almost enough to make Sonny stop, but he couldn’t. He had to get this out. “And we’re leaning in and we both kind of just realize it’s a mistake. Nothing happened, but on my way back to my room all I can think about is how I wished it had been you.” Sonny looked at him, blue eyes full of longing. “I wished it was me and you, tipsy at some backwoods motel in the middle of nowhere, where no one knows us, where I could kiss you and it would just be between us.”

Rafael’s heart shattered all over again because even with this revelation, even with the knowledge that Sonny still cared for him, the root of the problem was still there. Sonny was still coming to terms with who he was and what it meant for his faith, what it would possibly mean for his family, for his standing in the department. He’d loved Rafael with everything he had as long as they were behind closed doors and for Rafael that hadn’t been enough.

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Red Jamie and the White Lady - Part 24

I’m so pleased to have been able to write and polish this chapter in time to post it this week! Thanks to my AMAZING helpers @diversemediums and @outlandishchridhe who have helped me map out these Gifts and figure out how all this works. I’m still so amazed at the responses I’ve gotten from all of you for this series and can’t wait to take you on the rest of the ride with me!

Catch up on chapter 23 HERE and make sure you’ve read the letter Willie wrote Jamie just before he died, which you can find HERE

Claire began drawing invisible patterns on Jamie’s chest, trying to decide how to bring up her next topic.

“What do you plan to do with Fergus?”

“Keep him wi’ us.”

“We’re keeping the orphaned pickpocket?”

Jamie sat up to get a better look at her, studying her face.

“Weel I canna set him on the streets of Paris. That’s no’ fair to him. And… I promised that I’d take care o’ him. He’s a child, Claire.”

“Yes, but you caught him while he was following me. How are you so sure we can trust him?”

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(requested by anon)

Kai Parker x Reader
word count
: 5 223
warning : smut
summary : It’s Reader’s birthday and after four years, she finally gets to spend it with Kai.
note : anon, hope you had a great birthday 😉🎂🎉🎈 and that you will like your belated b-day present !🎁
* gif by me

Y/N rolled to her side, reaching for her boyfriend, flashes of images from everything that had happened last night flooding in her mind. Her birthday celebrations had started long before the clock had even struck midnight, right after she and Kai had come home from the swimming hole. Ever since he came back from Hell a little over seven months ago, they had a hard time keeping their hands to themselves and it seemed the longer they spent together the more this ‘problem’ grew. Neither of them could get enough of the other and the mornings when they woke up in each others arms were one of the moments they shared she loved the most. Her hand kept searching for him on his side of the bed, but all she found was wrinkled sheets. A quiet groan of frustration left her lips and slowly she opened her eyes, just in time to see him walk in through the door with a food tray in his hands. His hair was a little messy, he was wearing a black t-shirt/boxers but what made her heart skip a beat was his smile and the glow in his eyes.
    “Hi.” she smiled, watching him leave the tray on the night stand. He leaned in, pressing his lips gently onto hers and she cupped his face, pulling him onto the bed with her. He tried to pull away but that only made her hold him tighter against her. Thunder rumbled outside and rain drops gently started to hit her window but she didn’t mind the rain on the darker morning light. She had her own sun right there in her arms.
    “Hi.” he smiled, brushing his nose against hers. “Someone woke up hungry.”
Y/N laughed and nodded, watching Kai roll off her sitting on his knees just as she pulled herself up into a seating position untangling herself from the sheets and ran her fingers through the mess her hair was.
    “You look so hot with your hair messed up like that.” he grinned at her expression and held out his palm right before her eyes. “Happy birthday, sweet cheeks.”
A blink of an eye later a chocolate cupcake showed up before her yes with a birthday candle that lit up with a snap of his fingers. Only it wasn’t just this – her room filled with multi coloured balloons and twinkling lights hung from the ceiling. There were scented candles lit up here and there and from somewhere quiet music started to play. How hadn’t she noticed any of this earlier? Perhaps because she had been distracted getting lost in everything they had done or maybe it was seeing Kai first thing in the morning. There could be a fire in the house and she wouldn’t notice, that’s how big effect he had on her.
    “Aren’t you going to make a wish ?” he asked, looking at her expectantly. Y/N didn’t answer, her gaze kept drifting from the cupcake to the decorations and back around. “What’s wrong ? Y-you don’t like my surprise? Is it the rain ? Don’t worry. It’s just a few clouds, it will clear up soon.”
    “No, no. It’s not that. I actually like the rain and the thunders. I just –” she smiled, closing her eyes before making a wish and blowing out the candle. “I didn’t know what to wish for. I have everything I could ever want right –” she placed her hand over his heart. “– here.”
Kai beamed at her, leaning over to kiss her gently while she swiped some of the frosting from the cupcake and tapped his nose with her finger before licking it clean. He laughed, wiping frosting off his nose and she couldn’t help but laugh too. Being with Kai still felt like a dream, having him back felt like a dream but it wasn’t. It was real and there was nothing else she needed, nothing else she wanted or could ever want but having him by her side always.
     "I have so many things planned for today. I am going to make sure this is the best birthday you have ever had! I’ve missed four birthdays already and I have so much to make up for.“ he said excitedly. “Oh, don’t give me that look. I promise not to go overboard, though if it depended on me I would’ve thrown you a parade.”
    “Not going overboard huh ?” she raised her brows for a second, looking around at the flowers and balloons. “Don’t see how that’s going to happen but okay, cuz it might be my birthday but its just another ordinary da–”
    “What ? No, no.” he protested, letting her take a bite from the cupcake. “It’s anything but an ordinary day. It’s the most special day of the year. My favourite day, actually.”
    “I thought that was Thanksgiving.” she pointed out, while he wiped frosting from her nose.
    “It was, but not anymore. Come here.” he smiled at her, their lips meeting in a gentle kiss.  He brushed his palm against her cheek, lovingly gazing into her eyes. “And look – breakfast in bed. I made your favourite nutty chocolate chip pancakes and – ” he grinned, waving his hand over the food tray. “Ta-da. I even got you your favourite brand of maple syrup. Had to go to the other side of town but it was so worth it to see you smile like that.” he pinched her cheeks.
    “Wow. I’ve been awake for 15 minutes and this is already the best birthday I’ve ever had.” she smiled. “Want to know why ?” her lips pressed against his for a long moment before pulling away. “Because you are here. Although … there is one thing missing.”
    “What ?” he looked around, trying to remember if he had forgotten something. Meanwhile Y/N reached for the maple syrup, grabbed a pancake from the plate and poured a little directly onto the pancake in her hand. “What are you doing ?”
    “You forgot the fork.” she said as if its obvious, taking a bite from the pancake while some of the maple syrup dripped on her thighs. Kai couldn’t tear his eyes away, watching the syrup drip slowly on her bare skin and instantly his mind got flooded with thoughts about her. Something told him she was beyond impatient about unwrapping her present because he was absolutely sure there had been a fork. “How else am I supposed to eat those ?”
    “You are hilarious.” he said amused, catching a glimpse of the ‘missing’ fork on the floor on the other side of the room. How had that happened? he wondered, already knowing the answer. “Was it really that hard to say ‘can I please have a fork’? If it wasn’t your birthday I probably would’ve gotten upset with you for getting maple syrup all over my favourite t-shirt.”
Y/N winked at him. “We both know you would’ve torn it off me at some point.”
Kai laughed under his breath, watching her fingers reach to wipe the maple syrup off her thighs when he gripped her wrists, took the pancake off her hands and leaned in, swirling his tongue on her thighs slowly licking up the syrup off her. Instantly her heart rate increased and her breathing turned shallow. He looked up at her with a devilish spark in his eyes and pushed away the food tray pulling her onto his lap, their lips crashing together in an instant. Y/N crossed her elbows around his neck, trying not to get any of the stickiness on him while he continued to suck the air out of her lungs, holding her towards him as if his life depended on it. He backed her against the bed, his crotch lightly grinding against hers making her moan into the kiss. His lips moved hungrily against hers, not wanting to part with them until he had left her demanding mouth to mouth.
    “You naughty, naughty girl.” he cooed, gazing into her eyes. “You did this on purpose, didn’t you?”
    “Oh that ?” she smiled innocently at him, shifting on the bed. “That was a complete accident.”
Kai smirked hearing the change in her heart beat. “Sure it was.” he cooed, trailing his fingertips up her bare thighs while listening to her heart rate increase. “You had no ulterior motive?”
    “None.” she lied again as he gripped her wrists, licking her fingers clean. Her eyes fluttered closed for a second, listening to him moan quietly and she pushed her hips up at him at the same moment he grinded against her.
    “Liar.” his lips almost touching her earlobe as he spoke. His hand slipped between their bodies to her heat, lightly brushing his fingertips against her clit and he hummed in her ear realising she was already wet. Gently he moved his fingers in a circular motion listening to her moan in his ear and pulled back, resting his forehead on hers without taking his eyes off her. “So wet and I haven’t even touched you yet. Hmmm – I planned on waiting until later tonight, though I have no idea how I would’ve made it through the day, but now… I can’t wait to get between your legs and have you for breakfast.”
    “And you said I am the one who woke up hungry.” she teased, playing with the scruff on the back of his head, her hand reaching for the bulge in his boxers. It took her a moment to realise he had probably woken up with a hard on, seeing how the bulge in his boxers appeared to be bigger than she had expected, growing larger still. Her hips pushed down on his fingers but they vanished almost instantly. Y/N looked at him confused, noticing his eyes had started to darken and instantly a tingly feeling spread through her body. There was something about the way he looked at her when he was hungry for her that turned her on like crazy.
    “I didn’t wake up hungry, sweetheart.” he cooed. “I woke up starving.” he smirked devilishly and his lips smashed against hers sucking the air out of her lungs, leaving her completely breathless.

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What would i do without you ?

Pairing: Finn Balor/You

Summary: Could you please do a Finn Balor one where the reader is afraid of thunder and lighting and Finn trys to calm her down??

Notes: @ambrosegirlforever One Finn Balor story hot off the press. I tried my best, as always, to fill the prompt as accurately as possible. I hope you like it. If you (or anyone else for that matter) wants to drop another request in the box, please feel free ! - Dani 

You’re in the closet. Which isn’t a joke or a confession, you have literally, physically crammed yourself into your wardrobe. There’s a storm raging outside and as far as your concerned, the only safe place for you to be is inside your closet being suffocated by winter coats.  To you at least it’s a perfectly logical thing to do.

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Hyde and Jackie as parents headcanons, part 2 of 2.

PS: I did these a while ago but somehow got lost in my other blog (poetdameron), so I re-write them here.

  • Kitty calls every day, even when they see each other. She calls to ask how the baby is doing and when the kid grows, she calls to talk to her/him. Baby Zen (1) loves to talk to Kitty, especially once she is older and she can gossip about school and the stories her mom told her, while Baby Boy Zen is more shy but likes to talk to grandma too, Baby Zen (2) doesn’t like phones because like dad, she thinks the goverment may be into something with the phone lines and Jackie wants to kill Hyde. 
  • They also enjoys spending time with Red. When Baby Zen (1) was a newborn, she cried when passed to someone’s arms that weren’t her parent’s, but she never cried even once when given to Red. He won’t accept it, but the sight of it warmed his entire self and he pretended to be bothered by having to carry the baby when Hyde or Jackie were needed in the kitchen or somewhere else, but Kitty knows better. Eventually, the kid got used to everyone else and the crying stopped.
  • Jackie’s bedtime stories are always about her, and her favorites to tell are the ones that involve Steven. Once their little girls are older, they will ask for these stories about their parents and then go to their dad and ask about it. The first two or three times, Hyde told them the truth: “I went to jail for her because she was too young, had a future, I just couldn’t let her that way”, “Uhm, well… I wanted your mom to caught uncle Kelso because he and Laurie were annoying…”, but then he would listen to what Jackie is telling their daughters and would discover that maybe his chick isn’t making anything up, maybe all that time he did have feelings for her that then leaned to romantic feelings too. Now, every time their daughters tell him what Jackie said, he smiles and “that’s how it was, kiddo, all of it” “you punched a nasty guy because you liked her even before you were together?” “yup, all those years without she even knowing it. Actually, i did it twice, there was this moron who was bothering her and he was dressed as this ass of a dog…”
  • And of course Hyde is scared shit of not being a good father, so he low key talks all the time with Red about it. Once Eric becomes a dad too, he starts feeling better about himself when he can give his friend advice and finally notices he isn’t a bad father at all. In fact, he does it pretty good, is almost natural to him. Jackie says is because he has too much of a good heart, and he is sweet, it was obvious he was the perfect man to become a father.
  • Baby Zen (1) also adores her da, she is totally a daddy’s girl. And is so obvious Hyde spoils her, everyone teases him about it, and Jackie is proud of it because “she make Steven J. Hyde a good daddy”. Hyde kind of agrees secretely. Their boy is a big mama’s boy in a cool way, he will do whatever Jackie wants and have a more open relationship with her, always listening to her advice and so, but he wont’ be on her tit all the time. He is truly a very zen person, but can get bitchy very easily and over protective with both his sisters. Baby Zen (2) is… a mess. She is okay with both her parents, but prefers uncle Eric’s advices, she’s kind of a nerd and a rebel at the same time. Kitty says she is just searching for her identity, Hyde says she will conquer space one day since she wants to be an astronaut and first person to pee on Mars.
  • He always talks to their sons in third person: “Okay, now please don’t make a fuzz while your pa makes breakfast”, “Your ma is going to work today, so you will go with pa to Grooves”, he only does it when nobody is around. Jackie has catched him a couple of times and doesn’t understand why he gets blushed for it, she thinks is adorable.
  • She loves dressing their kids, she takes them for shopping every time she can and tries to pass her knowledge on fashion and so to them. There is no way her daughters will ever been seen dressed like poor girls, they are always looking freaking cute and nice, while there isn’t most adorable and then handsome boy than hers (as a matter of fact, Baby Boy Zen is handsome, everyone jokes he got the best genes from his parents put together into one not pretty, but actual handsome boy).
  • “YOU ARE NOT PUTTING THOSE ON OUR PRIN– STEVEN!”, there was this one time Hyde buy himself a new pair of sunglasses and found the same model but for kids, so of course he buy them for his older daughter, who’s his little princess no matter how much time passes. Worst part is, the girl loves those glasses because it make her look like da, so she won’t put them away, and Jackie can’t argue against that. Hyde enjoys the little victories of life, that’s for sure.
Just a couple miles away...  Wyatt Oleff X Reader Drabble

Summary: Ever since you and your best friend Wyatt were born you had been never separated. Until one cold fateful day in November that all changed. His dad got a new job outside of your hometown, and he sadly had to leave. Now everything has changed. Until..In your teen years you get a surprise visit. 

Song: Memories By Shawn Mendes and Lost Boy by Troye Sivan


Requested: Nope just handwritten pure fluff :D

A/n: HEEEYYY lmao im sorry @lovertozier

Originally posted by pietromanofff

                                                   *          *          *

            You were still obviously upset about Wyatt moving away but now you had somewhat recovered. You still got your daily texts and what not. Today had kind of worried you considering you received no text replies to your normal “Gm” in the group chat Finn had made that involved; You obv, Wyatt, Jaeden,  
Jeremy, Sophia, Chosen, and Jack. Sighing you got up from your bed and ignored your attire, which included a knit grey sweater that had a lace-up-front (I own this top lmao) from Charlotte Russe and a pair of black yoga leggings, you started heading downstairs but stopped your tracks when you heard a large vehicle drive into your drive way. “What the hell” you muttered to yourself. 

     You quickly ran downstairs and burst open the door to see the familiar mini van. Not thinking you didn’t know what to do you suddenly realized who was in the car. Wyatt. Finn. Sophia. Jack. Jaeden. You couldn’t comprehend words considering it had been like 7 years since you had saw each other. He opened the car door immediately when he saw your familiar face. He ran up to you and hugged you till the moon hid itself. “Wyatt” You yelled in joy of seeing him. “Y/N/N!” (your nick name) “Oh stop it love birds!” Sophia said jokingly as she started unpacking her stuff to bring inside. You giggled while you had to unfold yourself from Wyatt.  The rest of the day felt to perfect… And to real…

wanna one as members of a symphony orchestra.

A/N: as a classical musician myself, i had so much fun doing this! i apologise beforehand if i’ve made errors with any of the instruments.. i would like to think i know enough about an entire orchestra to write about it… but one can never be too sure! (do let me know if there are errors anywhere, please! i will appreciate you iMMENSELY)
+ purely based on my imagination.

yoon jisung - violin/viola
the conductor literally couldn’t find enough viola students in the music institute so he rang up his pal yoon jisung, who is in his final… and i mean, final year of study. jisung was originally a violin player, but could easily adjust to the viola in a short amount of time. it worked out well though, because he really needed the extra orchestra experience/credit points in order to complete his degree. he’d be the responsible one - constantly helping out the other two younger, less experienced violas players. das right you know he’d be flirting with the cello girls much to minhyun’s disgust

ha sungwoon - french horn
ok why is this guy still here? the conductor was pretty sure he’s already got his bachelor degree last semester but… voila - he turns up to the first rehearsal like nothing’s changed. uh. i mean.. not that the conductor is complaining or anything, sungwoon’s literally the best french horn player in the entire music institute, so it’s great he’s not already whisked away by the marching band or the rowdy jazz bands. a loyal h*e to the symphony orchestra. grown attached to the younger frenchies so i guess that’s why he’s still sticking around. challenges freshmen to do cover battles with him. everyone loves him (who doesnt tbh)

hwang minhyun - cello
he’s nearing his final year of study, but is very lowkey about everything. everyone basically knows him and he basically knows everyone too.. but?? they don’t know much about him apart from the fact that he’s pretty amazing on the cello? super handsome and all the girls and boys lowkey highkey have crushes on him. probably the reason why there’s been an influx of cello players in the orchestra. if only some could pick up the viola smh. is gonna make it to julliard one day. you bet you’d see him in the julliard symphony orchestra on the television one day. y’all just wait and see. secretly in a rock band with the other nu’est boys. but even in a rock band he still plays the cello. yes, an electric cello. 

ong seongwoo - trombone
literally friends with everyone!!! the guys, the girls, the strings, the woodwinds, the brass, the conductor… e v e r y o n e !! always makes trombone jokes 25/8. “what do you call an arrogant trombonist? … a brass-hole”. makes the trumpeters laugh though, which is bad because they would go on the laugh for a long time after everyone else stopped… and everyone would know seongwoo was at fault so… he’d be in trouble. but not really. because everyone liked him too much? would attempt to befriend all the freshies, but sometimes scares them away with his jokes. bffs with daniel!! always the one to cover for kangdan’s lateness and missed rehearsals. sometimes want to throw his trombone at his best friend (but obviously doesn’t. it’s too precious to him). named his trombone but tells everyone it’s a secret “of course i can’t tell you!! tina only has eyes for me. oh wait - ”

kim jaehwan - tuba
the cool af dude who has a psychopathic scream, plays the one irreplaceable brass instrument of the orchestra!! literally the only tuba in the orchestra after the other tubist graduated last year… so .. he’s on his own!! not that anyone’s complaining.. because he’s skilled af. the conductor discovered him playing simple scales in one of the practice rooms during his freshman year, and decided this boy had potential to go Big, so he personally invited him to join the orchestra (sans audition!!). he wasn’t wrong about jaehwan’s talents. ;^) the marching band had their eyes on him for the longest time but like sungwoon, he’s Loyal™.

kang daniel - clarinet
one of the coolest kids in college but was dragged to audition by his high school buddy/best friend seongwoo. he obviously got in because he has them skills!! but when the pink sausage™ duo started goofing around in the first rehearsal, daniel almost regretted joining. stayed for seongwoo and more so because he needed those extra credit points. loves music too much anyway so he’s not complaining. also actually a bit of a goofball. on the Rare occasions when he would turn up to rehearsal on time, you know the clarinet section would be extra !! giggly !! cue kangdan’s Cheesy Pickup Lines™. tbh most of the other clarinet players are girls. i wonder why.

park jihoon - violin
freshman. scouted by the conductor during the official orchestra auditions. came in with his best friend woojin and insisted on playing a duet for audition. his request was sadly denied so he had to do a solo. blew the conductor away on the first note!!! played a violin rendition of a chopin nocturne!! wasn’t a tricky piece at all but dAMnMNnn bOII… the feels. the emotions. the passion legit made the conductor tear up. needless to say, he completely aced the audition!!! violin prodigy right here!!! directly landed the position of concertmaster / first desk and shares desk with woojin. often comes to rehearsal as a pink sausage™.

park woojin - violin
jihoon’s best friend and desk mate. entertains amazes the rest of the orchestra with their amazing duets. completes the pink sausage™ duo. yes, he comes to rehearsal as a pink sausage™ too. manages the sausages’ youtube cover channel. uploads crack vids of random orchestra members so watch out if woojin comes to rehearsal with a camcorder… he’s probably recording everyone… but mostly jisung tbh. substitute first violin if jihoon ever fell sick on performance days or if he missed rehearsal. the conductor secretly regret assigning them to the same desk. sometimes trolls the rest of the orchestra by tuning them to the wrong note. and gives poor daehwi a heart attack because he thought he broke the piano

bae jinyoung - flute/piccolo
that one super cute, tall, gentle freshman in the woodwinds section. blew the conductor away with his audition piece which was a mozart piece for flute. also managed to play a bit of piccolo in high school so guess who’s that one and only piccolo in the orchestra!! (literally jumped in and replaced the existing piccolo player because she’s too swooned by his perfection and talents… and couldn’t stop giggling during the first performance because jinyoung was That Close to her!!! smh. me tbh.) would smile so widely when the conductor compliments him and the violinists would literally grin with him (even if they’re in the strings section gdi) because his smile is just! so! contagious!

lee daehwi - piano
another freshman!! nobody expected him to rank first amongst 128374345 other talented pianists who came to the audition, but… he did, and showed everyone who’s boss. sight reading skills is A+++. amazes the heck out of everyone with how fast he learns music… because duhh… he’s lee daehwi, the one who won the hunger games, symph orch piano edition. loved by most of the people in the orchestra, especially the seniors who play the violin, sitting closest to the piano. obvs good friends with the percussionists as well but don’t really know what to do about guanlin tbh.. the freestyler…  daehwi is all about following the music sheet, keeping to rhythm and playing what he practiced. slightly obsessed with jinyoung in the flutes but what’s new tbh

lai guanlin - percussion
doesn’t really know why he’s here. confused most of the time, but is a super super fast learner. 1/3 of the percussionists. assigned to be on the timpani so he’s gotta be super on top of everything. in the first rehearsal he missed a beat so he was two bars behind for the entire piece. when everyone else finished, he still had more to play. basically earned himself a mini solo (which he aced and extended it into a five bar freestyle drum solo). almost made everyone deaf and sent half of the tension screws on the drum flying.. guess who had to clean up afterward!! on the conductor’s black list but literally everyone wants to be his friend. such swagger, much loved.

The lucky pirates are here and ready for your questions!
(This is purely for fun. They are one piece ocs.)
((No clue what im doing but screw it))
Lucky- this postive, happy go lucky woman is the captain of this crew. She spends her time picking fights, and laughing her butt off.
Flynn- this moody member is the cook. Its strange to find him in this bunch because of his hatred for humans. But lucky some how managed to convince this fishman that humans aren’t all bad.
Moi- the first and oldest member is old man moi. He was once the frst mate of lucky’s mentor, but after his death, moi promised to look after his captain prodigy.
Zuzana- this bossy, sassy, grumpy litte lady is a fantastic doctor. Her ability to to heal is just what this crew needs.
Toothpaste- not his actual name, a nick name that the crew gave him (its the hair) no one knows his actual name due to the fact he refuses to speak. But this giant is of the gentle kind. He loves small things. His favorite people are the twins.
Fey- this ex-marine has only two things on the brain. money, and guns. This sharp shooter is always ready to shoot first, so dont get on her bad side.
Riccardo- this charming fella is but an abandoned musician. His family kicked him out for “playing too loud” in fact the whole town thought so. But not this crew! his music is just right for this roudy bunch.
Samuel- this cocky fella is very strange. He spent most of his life wrestling animals, and still does. He observes every strange creatures he can find. even weirdo people like the lucky pirates.
Amelia- this sweet heart was originally hired to clean the ship. But she felt that she could be of better use. So she personally designed their cloths, she still cleans but with a womans touch things tend a lot better.
Marlo- this young scout was born on the ship. Sadly his parents were quick to leave him to the hands of pirates. Raised by lucky her self.
He wears the dark clothing because he thinks is makes him stealthy and look cool.
Da and Ta- twin tontattas. They were taken away to be sold to the highest bidder. That bidder would amelia! Fey was pissed that amelia would spend their gold but in the end they got two new members. Da is sweet and trys to be helpful in anyway Ta is quiet and a little dork.
Now are you feeling lucky?
Because they are ready for asks

For All Eternity - part 4

A/N: Finally! It’s done! I’m so sorry that it took so long but I haven’t had the time to write. But here it is anyways. Kind of long as well! You will totally hate me in the next chapter. This is not as bad as the next one though. I decided to wait with the extrem intensity to the next chapter. So enjoy for now! It is a bit sad though! But what isn’t on this blog;) 

Word Count: 1823

Part 3


Gwao hi - Go now  Man os lle? - What about you?  Ego - Go   

Amralime - My love  Hîr nín, Legolas - My lord Legolas

Maewado i Naug. Boe i nahd egeno. - Take your leave of the dwarf. You are needed else where.

You panicked when you saw the large barrier of wood and stone that trapped Fili in the house. Groans and tumbling wood could be heard from the other side. After a while it stopped and was replaced by an exhausted voice. “There is no way out! I’m trapped!” Kili tried to push his brother to find a way. “There is always a way! Try to move up in the house!” Rumbling could be heard and Fili’s groans echoed. “It’s no point, I can’t get out Kili!” “Sure you can, you must!” It was quiet for a while, then Fili began to speak again. “Tauriel, please save them! Take everyone out of here and bring y/n to safety!” “What? NO! We are not leaving him! Please Tauriel we can’t!” Bofur held you tightly so you wouldn’t run away. Oin did the same with Kili. “Get out of here!! Or we are all going to die!” Tilda and Sigrid were crying from everything that was going on. So were you. Bofur tried to calm you down but nothing worked. “Help him please!” Then Bofur whispered something in your ear. “There is nothing we can do love.” You shook your head and prayed to anyone who listened to save him. But the only person that answered was Tauriel. “I’m sorry y/n, but we have to go.” You sighed and felt truly defeated. You knew that you had done the same thing if you would have been in Fili’s position. Suddenly a flash of blond came jumping down from a rooftop. Tauriel immediately identified him. “Legolas! Where have you been?” He looked at our pained faces and answered. “I’ve been hunting an orc pack, you and y/n seemed to forget about that.” Tauriel rolled her eyes at his sarcasm. “Why is everyone crying?” Tilda pointed at the fallen roof and explained what happened. “So, master dwarf is trapped in there!” Legolas followed her pointed finger to the crumbles. He glanced at you and that was all it took. He saw the sorrow in your eyes. The same sorrow his father held. Loss. So he jumped onto the remaining part of the house and made a hole. Before he jumped into the destroyed house he turned to Tauriel. “Tauriel, Gwao hi!” She looked shocked. “Man os lle?” He looked at her and shook his head no. “Ego.” Then he disappeared into the building.

 After that Tauriel pushed the boat away from the house and started to paddle. “NO! What are you doing? We can’t leave them!!” She looked at Kili who had grabbed her arm in agony. “I was given a direct order; one I will follow.” Kili held a hurt look, almost pleading. You looked at him and he made his way over to you. He took you in his arms while you were crying. You kept repeating one name, Fili.


“He hit the Dragon! He killed it!” Everyone turned towards Bard and the now dead dragon. “That’s impossible!” “Well you better believe it elf!” You had regained some strength and decided to survive for now. You held Tilda in your arms and she was still scared. “Will we survive my lady?” You smiled at her and hugged her. “Yes we will Tilda.” Then you felt her shake and sob. “But my Da and Bain, are they dead?” You couldn’t answer that, you yourself had a loved one in the ruins of the town. But you wouldn’t give up hope. “From what I know about your father and brother, they should be alive and well.”  She smiled, but it fainted quickly. “What if you’re wrong?” You shook your head and held her small hand. “I’m never wrong.”

 Several hours later…

“DA! BAIN! Where are you?” The beach was full of desperate people, searching for their loved ones. You still held Tilda’s hand and after a long time of searching, you and Tauriel started to lose hope. Then you heard a commotion rising on your right side. “I wouldn’t turn on my own Alfred, not now.” Tilda recognized the voice as her father’s and ran to him immediately. “DA!!” “Come here!” The family was reunited once more. Bard walked up to you and put both of his hands on your shoulders. “Thank you, for everything my lady!” You nodded and placed your hand on his left hand. “Please don’t thank me, thank Tauriel, she was the one that got us out of there.” He turned to Tauriel and bowed. “You have my eternal gratitude, I will always be there, if help is needed.” Tauriel gave him an elvish gesture, a polite way to say thank you.

You limbed away from the group and looked out over the lake. “He would have been proud of you y/n! I saw you with Tilda, you never gave up.” You looked at Tauriel with tears in your eyes. “I blame myself for it, if he hadn’t held me in his arms, he would still be alive.” She put a gentle hand on your arm and smiled sadly at you. “But you wouldn’t be alive if he hadn’t. Besides he may still be alive.” You nodded and started to cry again. Kili came and started to talk to Tauriel. Their love for each other was evident. You felt bad for Legolas though, he loved her deeply. Probably had for centuries and now her heart belonged to somebody else. That is something you couldn’t relate to, because Fili was yours the moment he saw you. “Come with me. I know how I feel; I’m not afraid. You make me feel alive.” “I can’t” You smiled when you heard Kili’s declaration. “Tauriel, amralime” “I don’t know what that means.” Kili smiled lovingly at her. “I think you do.”

“Amralime” Fili stroke your cheek lovingly while you looked out over the blue mountains. “What does that mean?” He smiled at you and took your hand in his. “It means ‘my love’” Your eyes widened and your cheeks heated up. You dropped your gaze to hide your face. He laughed at your nervous behavior. He placed one finger under your chin and made you look at him. “Yes, because I love you and you will forever be my amralime.”  

You sighed at the memory, it was your most precious memory of Fili. The first time he said those three words. One last tear fell from your face into the water. It created small circles that became larger and larger until they disappeared. Tauriel smiled Kili but stiffened when she felt a familiar pretense behind her. “Hîr nín, Legolas.” You turned around at Legolas’s name in hope of seeing Fili. But he was nowhere to be seen. “Maewado i Naug. Boe i nadh egeno.” You couldn’t understand what they were saying but from Tauriel’s disappointed face, it was not beneficial. You turned back around to the lake and sat down. When you put weight on your injured leg it was a lot of pain that came with it. But the pain of losing Fili was even grander than what a wound would ever be.

Tauriel came to your side and sighed when she saw your wound. “I will help you heal, you won’t be able to wait for it to heal naturally!” “Why not?” She gazed over the lake and her eyes landed on the mountain. “Because another evil is coming, a more powerful one than the dragon.” Her gaze was now on you. “We need you y/n, we are riding to Gundabad and so will you!” You frowned and threw a pebble in the water. “What’s the point anyway” She tightened her fists and looked at you intensely. “The point is that Fili saved you because he knew that you were special. Now you need to prove that you were worth saving, for him!” Those words made you think clear again, he wouldn’t want you to stop living if he died. He would have want you to stay strong, otherwise he sacrificed himself in vain. That’s when you decided to keep on hoping. You stood up and dried your tears. “Alright, so be it!” You and Tauriel walked into the woods were Legolas had two horses prepared for the journey. “Now, let me see your wound!”


Kili walked up to Legolas when he saw your pained face. Tauriel gave him a look of, ‘I got this’. Then she walked over to you. “Alright elf, where is my brother?” Legolas turned to Kili and told him about how they escaped. “So, your brother is currently walking towards this spot. When we could hear the screams and cries, he told me that he would walk the rest of the way. He motioned me to ride along and see if everyone survived. And so, you all did.” Kili was confused by this. “So he survived. But it doesn’t make any sense, y/n is here, her well-being is everything he cares about! Why would he want to tarry?” Legolas nodded knowingly. “Yes he told me this, if that isn’t a good enough explanation for his actions, then I don’t know what is.” Kili was still confused and waited on Legolas to explain. Legolas looked over his shoulder to see you and Tauriel walk away. “A great battle is coming to the mountain. I’m not sure when, but it is inevitable, evil forces is drawn to Erebor. Therefore y/n will travel with us, because…” “…then she will be far away from the battle. If she knew I was alive she would never agree to leave.” The voice who continued to explain did not belong to Legolas. Kili turned around and was relieved to see who it was. There stood Fili, alive and well. “Hello brother.” Kili’s eyes widened and he stepped forward and hugged Fili. “You’re alive! But wait a second, y/n, she is heartbroken, now that you’re alive she’s hurting for no reason.” Fili shook his head. “No, the battle for the mountain will be the toughest yet and what if I would die? To put her through the same pain one more time would kill her.” Kili took a step back. “So you’re basing this on a ‘what if’?” Fili looked at the ground. “Brother please understand that this was a hard decision.” “It shouldn’t even be an option! I held her in my arms when she wept and called your name in the boat. That pain is not worth it!” “Kili stop-” “No Fili I won’t, yes you could die but so could she. Every moment that you have together is precious and I hope that we all survive this. Other wise you just threw away your last moment with her.” Kili turned around and walked aboard the boat. Fili sighed and turned to Legolas. “Take care of her!” Legolas placed his hand over his heart and extended it to Fili. “I will, she won’t be harmed!” Fili nodded and walked onto the boat. “I’m sorry y/n.”   

sassybratt9791  asked:

Hey, Ms. Librarian! I'm in need of some Inuyasha fanfiction to binge read, but I don't have time for any multi-chapter fics right now. Any chance you've got some good one-shots for me? ^.^

Hey hi hi!! Okay first off I’m sorry this took so long. I’ve been cross referencing your favorites list to make sure none of these are on you list. XD

First. I found you don’t have any of Gypsyn’s work on your favorites list. And I thought I would maybe recommend her everything. I can’t even begin to tell you the amount of love I have for her writing. Her most popular fic is by far The Half Breed’s Wife which I highly recommend. My personal favorites are A Story for Shippo (the running commentary has me in tears) and Split (cause what’s better then one Kagome? Two Kagomes that’s what.) 

You don’t have enough of Mustard Yellow Sunshine in your life cause HAVE YOU READ HER STUFF? It’s da bomb. Her newest fic Just Want To Hold Your Hand will blow you away with the fluff. And she’s got You Are My Shelter and The Journey Home and To Protect as ongoing multi-chapter fics!! 

Have you read Double Take by The Commitee?? Cause I will never not recomend this fic. Multi-chapter (sadly incomplete but I still have hope that one day they’ll finish it) And as someone who I know likes Kikyo as well I think you would enjoy this as much as I do! 

I’m surprised to see that Sachi by Quillwing717 isn’t on your radar! Cause it’s amazing and very detailed. With lots of intense scenes and mystery! If you like this you’ll love her other stuff too! She writes very long chapters. 

Okay for your multi-chap needs I would suggest L.M. Avalon she’s got things on lock. Like her little Dashed Hopes series that has two sequels (Aftermath’s Destruction and  So This Is How It Happens?)has me in love. I mean there’s a part where he kisses her to distract her from the fact he’s stealing cookies! That’s my kinda fluff right there!! If you want to drown in fluff read the one-shot Never Too Late

We Were Young by bluedragon03 the writer is a sweetheart and the fic is an absolute fluff ball of fluff. So much sugary cuteness I squeal every time. (She also writes Fairy Tail stuff so that might also intrigue you!~) 

I recently read through a lot of King Baka’s stuff and I really enjoy his writing! Separation and The Way You See Me are excellent! 

A writer that I really love and wish I could see more of is Rochoa. I really REALLY want you to read Home. Oh gosh. I love Home so so so much. Warning it’s incomplete but it’s. So. Good. 

Want to know one of my favorite oneshots? His Hands by Quickening

I hope something here is new and interesting for you! 

Afraid (Frank Castle x Reader)

Summary: You’re a nurse on duty when Frank is strapped to his hospital bed.

Word Count: 500ish

Warnings: couple of swears

A/N: I don’t really know what this is, my friend told me I should try and write for Frank so I tried.


“(Y/n) we have people coming in with gun wounds and knife wounds. Someone has to go in there and give him his meds and everyone else has got their hands full right now so it has to be you.” Your colleague said as he walked past wheeling along a man who was bleeding profusely.

“C'mon (y/n), he’s strapped to the bed. He’s not gonna hurt you.” You said to yourself as you took a deep breath and walked into the room

“How are you feeling today Mr Castle?”

“Like shit.” He grumbled.

“Well, these meds will kick in soon enough and hopefully you’ll feel better.” You smiled at him.

“I could see you giving yourself a pep talk outside. You’re scared of me. But c'mon, look, I’m strapped down to this bed, I ain’t getting out of this any time soon. You don’t have to be scared.”

“Well can you blame me? You came into this hospital not a week ago and started shooting.” You looked at him accusingly.

He looked away and said “Well I didn’t hurt no one who didn’t deserve it.”

“But you scared a hell of a lot of people too Mr Castle.”

“Frank. Call me Frank.”

“Okay, even though I’m still kinda scared about what happened the other day, I do believe in what you’re doing Frank. Daredevil’s great and all, but those guys just get back up and carry on doing what they did. But with you, they’re not gonna come back from what you do the them.” He didn’t reply.

“Do you want anything, food or water?” You asked.

“A glass of water would be nice, I guess.” He shrugged.

You walked to the table by the door and poured a glass of water and came over to him and put it to his mouth.

You kept it in your hands and sat down in the visitor chair.

“So what made you become ‘The Punisher’?” You asked after a minute or two of silence.

“I came back from the war, only to have my family killed right before me.” He said bluntly.

“Oh, I’m so sorry. Are the people responsible the ones you’ve been going after?”

“Yeah, along with a bunch of other shitheads who think they can get away with doing the things they do.” He spat.

“You know, one of my friends from college was murdered a few months back. Daredevil found the guy and beat him to a pulp, but he was fine, he just got up and killed again as soon as he healed up. He was one of the guys you shot up in the bar. So I guess I have to thank you for that.” You smiled at him, and saw a glimmer of a smile back from him before his expression went cold as the DA walked in.

“Why are you talking to Mr Castle?” She snapped at you.

You turned around to face her, and showed her the glass of water in your hands, “I was just giving him a drink, Ms Reyes. Nobody’s been in here for hours, he was parched.”

You put the glass on the side and walked towards the door, “I’ll bring some more meds for when these wear off later. Goodbye Mr Castle.”

“See you around (y/n).” He said with a small smile as you left. ‘How did he know my name? Oh wait, he must have looked at my pass.’ You thought to yourself as you went to go clean up the people caught in Frank’s crossfire.

Starters of Things I Have Said During Episodes of Gotham (According to my Friends)
  • “I just wanna take their neck and hug it til it snaps.”
  • “You know you’ve been flirting correctly when it ends with a restraining order.”
  • “Hello, did someone order an I’M HERE TO FUCK EVERYTHING UP?”
  • “Oh, suck an ice cold cock.”
  • “The more hopeful you are, the more likely you are to die.”
  • “Am I the only one who is mildly creeped out by children’s entertainers?”
  • “Fuck me with a hammer in my eyesocket.”
  • “Ta-da! Murder!” *does jazz hands*
  • “Something about the way he moves makes me want to punch him.”
  • “Why does nobody run away? He can’t walk that fast.”
  • “Fuckin’ told you so, cockmunch.”
  • “Wouldn’t it be great to be haunted by a dog?”
  • “Okay, we get it, you’re edgy.”
  • “I stand by everything he has ever done, because he is literal perfection.”
  • “Everything hurts. I think I just got fucked in the feelings, and there was not enough foreplay.”
  • “I hate it when you’re craving for someone to be dominant and then they turn into a snivelling little worm.”
  • “EVERYBODY SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS–oh, fuck, who invited you?”
  • “I think that only seven people have properly died.”
  • “Okay, I need you to grab your dick and FIND YOUR SENSE OF DIGNITY.”
  • “Oh, that is it. I have tried to defend you to everyone, because I thought that they were wrong. But that little shitshow just proved to me that they were right.”
  • “Do you think his cum is freezing? Does it come out as ice?”
  • “We should really stop wondering about the average dick size of the police force.”
  • “Why doesn’t anyone use condoms?”
  • “Have you ever gotten laid in the history of ever?”

I’m sorry this took so long! I’ve just gotten slammed at work honestly and I haven’t had much creative time or energy…

This doesn’t follow the prompt exactly and it’s a bit short but I like where it went! Thanks to my drug dealer @curlyhairclub for the loverly prompt! Also I always need/appreciate prompts.

Just another random idea, not sure if you need any! What about the Jack and his lady trying out new foods with the baby? i’m sure your interpretation will be a lot better!

No one does it like Mummy Jack/Reader
Warnings: None

“But ye liked peaches yesterday, lad!”

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