you da one that got away


BS:  I think Max ends up with Liesel. I don’t think it happens right away, but as they grow up, I think he’s the only person that she’s got and she’s the only person that he’s got. Having gone through what the two of them went through, there’s a bond that’s unparalleled. It would be futile to look to establish something beyond t h a t between two human beings.

for dills

The Bioware fandom seems to be having a mental break down for a lot of reasons. One of them being the score the game took from multiple reviews by critics. Mass Effect: Andromeda got a pretty low score out of ten from a lot of companies. And this seems to push people away- yet I remember when DA:2 got some pretty high scores and it’s one of the least favorite games out of the series and for the fans. So maybe just watch some gameplay before you let critics choose for you. Since DA:2 was a flop with large scores, this may be the opposite. I don’t know, I haven’t played it yet, but I’ve actually heard some great feedback from friends who are playing it now.

It feels different and it’s fun, and that’s how it’s supposed to be. We’re not Shepard anymore, we’re Ryder. A new protagonist. Of course you’re not going to get the same feeling from the original trilogy. The main subject of the game is finding a home, exploring, and stopping this big bad. In the original games you were under constant pressure because of the Reapers. It only makes sense this game would feel different.

Anyways, I know the whole fiasco of love interests is the least compelling part of this game, I can’t say I’m happy about it either, really dissapointed actually. Hopefully that will be fixed soon enough. (Considering this game seems to lean towards straight men, with all that soft porn, I mean damn). But other than that, I’ve heard it’s actually really fun and complex. Despite it’s issues. Personally, I’m going to wait a bit, but I do plan on buying. I just hope the fandom gives Bioware a short break to sort itself out- I have a strong feeling EA forced them to release this game before they were ready.

And they had a small budget- if you compare it to other games, it really is. That, and they tried pushing the date back multiple times. I don’t think a lot of it is really their fault, especially considering how nice it looked in early development when those sneak peaks came out. The emotions and facial animation was just breath taking.

I really don’t think they meant for this happen. It’s a huge game and was pushed for a release. I think they needed more time but wasn’t given it. Anyways, I just had to get this out there, because the freakout is understandable but also a little early. Wait. See what happens. Bioware usually listens.

Have a good day ya’ll, hopefully things will change, I have faith in that.

So I just learned what a “closed specie” is. And I got to say. What. The. Hell. Can’t stop laughing now. So instead of paying artists to draw your oc, artists pay you. Sounds like one of those lame “In Soviet Russia” jokes. ………………………………………….. So I just had to make one

Called them Curlyhorns because horns. And they are curly.
3rd horn for da magikz. Too much magikz make it (horn) fly away, but not too far.  Some of them learned how to use it as a ranged weapon and poke far away stuff.
Also magic wings made of magic.
Amoun of legs: 5-6. Can run at 100mph, but who needs running when you can fly. Probably.
Butt feathers for showing off
It glows (all good ocs glow)
Has no mouth, but still can talk. With it’s mind. Creepy af if you don’t expect it
Has a size of a small american car. And just as ugly You prabably can ride it. If yo want that is.
Their personality depends on their eye color (that’s how it works in cartoons, right?)
Will sell for your soul, like… 1 DA point maybe?
But donut steel it. It’s copyrighted, parts of it are copyrighted and even color schemes are. So you can’t design your OCs based on this. No no no. NUUUUUUUUUUUUU. Unless you paid a whole 1 da point that is, then it’s ok.

Design turned out a bit less parody like than I expected, but I guess that’ll do
Seriously tho, if you still didn’t understand that it’s a parody, it is

I Don’t Like Freshmen

Author: Shrewdie (das me)

Description: As a senior in high school, did you ever get tired of the annoying freshmen who always made out and did unspeakable things to each other in the hallway, and during lunch? Then stay tuned! Our favorite archangel Gabriel is on our side.

Warnings: If you’re offended by me disliking the couple that does this lame stuff in school, you should turn away, dudes. That’s all I got for a warning.

A/N: This is my second full story. I had one submitted to the gabrielxreader blog, with the name of Shrewdie (an anagram of my names). Tagging my Gabe friends. Would love any feedback!

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Exo’s reactions to you having a sex chamber in your basement

Lay: “Da shit? Is she for real? Don’t tell me you’re for real”

Luhan: “Oh god… this is gonna hurt…”

“EH?! I can be the dominant one?!”

Kai: “Ehh why has she got so many dog leads? She doesn’t even have a dog…”


Chanyeol: “Fuck yeahhh, my girl’s a freak!”


D.O: “Act natural Kyungsoo, do not show your fear. Just be happy for her hobbies…”

Chen: “Heh heh lalalalalalala”


Sehun: *gif explains it all*

Xiumin: “I’m ready! I’m ready! I’m ready! I’m ready! I’m ready!”

Suho- “Oh god..oh GOD….OH GOD!”

Baekhyun- “Don’t tell me them beads are what I think they are.”

Kris- *walks away*

da girls body language + kisses

boy’s version here

Sera leans forward at the waist to peer at you, head tilting mischievously. She pops your nose with a finger and bounds away, laughing when you flash a fake scowl. When her arms cross, she’s angry, but if the fingers of one hand land at her chin she’s contemplating her next prank. Hard to keep still, she slips through your hands when you try to hug her one day. Later she returns it, when you least expect it and when you most need it, surprising you from behind with her chin settling on your shoulder. Her body sways with the breeze and she takes you with her, the beginning of a dance. One day everything changes - she no longer touches you, withdrawing. When you ask her what is wrong, she feigns nonchalance, but you can see the tension in her shoulders. Then when you confess, she tangles her fingers in your clothes and pulls you to her. You can feel her laughter from your lips to your toes.

Josephine’s smiles are gentle, the subtle flutter of her eyelashes when you pay her some compliment she automatically denies. Nonetheless it brings her clipboard higher to her chest, to hide behind and begins to write. Always busy, her eyes light up when you visit her, doing more than she needs to keep as much paperwork off of your desk. She sits close to you at dinner, and brushes your hair out at night, always turned towards you and open. You notice when the clipboard isn’t in her hands, it seems she doesn’t know what to do with them, fumbling with the fabric of the other sleeve, or fingers pressed against her lips. When she hides her smile, you wrap your hand around hers to pull it away. She almost turns away from you, not knowing, but you don’t let her go. Asking permission first, she says yes. Your nose glides along hers as your lower your lips slowly, to place a tender, chaste kiss at the edge of her mouth. 

Cassandra is deceptively no different than usual, at first glance. One night you sit together talking long after everyone else has gone to bed. Once the chill sets in, she drapes her blanket over your shoulders, lets you twine your fingers with hers. Neither of you speak on it for days, maybe for weeks. Until you’re injured and she paces outside your tent. You can hear the metal of her greaves scraping against itself, slightly muffled by the fabric walls. When she thinks you are sleeping, she takes your hand and holds it until the fire dies down. It is longer waiting still, when you tuck a flower behind her ear, and her eyes soften and lips smile even as she berates you. A hand on the back of your shoulder until she realizes someone noticed, you return the gesture with a hand resting on her knee in front of everyone at camp. No one makes fun of her, and her reservations slowly fall away until you can press your lips under her ear in passing and it doesn’t phase her.

Leliana is much more than meets the eye. One day you hang out in the rookery long after she’s given you reports, listening to her hum and the scratching of her quill on parchment. She never dismisses you, neither does she speak to you but - somehow it is comfortable. This continues for some time, until one day she tells you a story of a bard turned chantry sister and her love. Shoulder leaned against the window, she gazes out over the mountains and snow, instead of at your face. You return each day for more, and the two of you grow into close friends. After Adamant, despite being distressed over the new information about the Divine, she sees your exhaustion-hardened eyes, and invites you to sit near her. Fingers stroke away your headache as she lulls you to sleep with her voice. She tells you, sometime later, she never wants to see what happened to her during the Blight to happen to you. Having your heart protected is like being cherished by the older sister you never knew you needed.

Vivienne is a mentor, guiding you with gentle hands and gentle words. It is a game she plays at first, one that humors the fledgling upstart noble, one that you don’t notice might have been a facade at all until Halam’shiral. Well, because it didn’t stay that way. She flashes you a small smile as you sit in one of the chairs near her chaise, where she reclines, reading. Instead of speaking, you lift the book you brought, and open it to join her. When anyone else comes by, she sits up straight as an arrow, schooling her expression into the aloof indifference so known of her. When you find someone to love, she lets you tell her your woes, pouring wine into a glass and pressing it between your fingers. Sitting next to you closer than before, her presence brings you comfort, her wine swirling in her glass as she listens intently, openly concerned. Her approval consists of a hand on your forearm, her pride an arcing brow and a smirk. No, this isn’t a game anymore; she asks something of you, and allows you to fold her into your embrace when she mourns. Only the one time. Only you. 

Lace is a person you wish you could spend more time with. You look forward to seeing her out on the field, you worry about her well-being, but each time not only is she fine but she’s several steps ahead. You start to slip compliments in here and there, and each time her weight shifts from one foot to the other. With a tilt of her head and the curl of her lips, sheepishly she replies only to gently divert. She gestures more with her hands when she’s anxious, or when the mission worries her more than usual. Once she relaxes around you, her hands clasp behind her back and your forward flirting garners you a laugh and the shake of her head. There’s a day where you find her in Skyhold, and as she crosses her arms across her chest, asks you of your intentions. When you tell her that you’d like to see more of her, she grins, only half surprised. You’ve been flirting for months, after all. She lets you wrap an arm around her, to lead her to the tavern, spending much desired time to know her more at last. 

anonymous asked:

*the paper is a bit crumbles and the writing is sloppy and large like a child just learning to write.* Dear Anders, Ma said she would send this to you, cuz I wanted to write and say thank you. Cuz Da said you were the one that helped kick start the war that made mages free. And I wanted to say thanks, cuz I get to stay with my family cuz of you, even though I got magic in me like Nana did. I gots to hold my new baby sister for the first time! And I get to teach her lots of stuff as she gets

older now cuz templars wont take me away. And I still get to eat Ma’s stew, and help Da with his wood work, and sleep with my dog cuz you helped make mages free. Thank you for helping me stay with my family. From, Johnny.

Ohhhh my god this makes me so emotional. Because you know what Anders would do upon reading this letter? He would bawl. He would cry like a fucking infant from happiness. Because this is what he’s been fighting for. Kids like this are the ones he sacrificed so much for. He was literally willing to give up his own life so that mage children would be able to actually know their families. So that they’d never have to be dragged away in chains, screaming, from their crying parents. So that they could still be allowed to be children, and not seen as nothing more than monsters.

And had there been any doubt or regret left in his heart about whether his actions were necessary, it would’ve died right there. Because this, this, is what really matters, and no amount of hunters who wanted him dead or angry comments from those who disagreed could ever take it away.

AN: This was supposed to be a 5 minute drabble challenge thing, but I kinda got carried away…and well, ta-da. (I made the gif.)

Pairing: Pietro x Reader? (Not sure yet.)


All your life you’ve been chased. Nothing seemed safe. No one seemed trustworthy.

You knew exactly why and who was, to put it lightly, hunting you. A not-so-secret organization has been trying to recruit you for your abilities. You’ve countlessly disagreed with their intentions and refused to work with them.

No matter where you go they always manage to find you and throw their offer at you more aggressive each time.

“Hey lady! Are you going to buy something or not?”

“Uh, I’m sorry.” You quickly looked up, making your way to the rundown gas station’s exit.

“Freaking weirdo. Been standing there forever, not even gonna buy a thing.” The clerk mumbled to a customer.

You stopped in your tracks, squeezing your hands into fists. Side effect to having the abilities that you have: unstable emotional roller coasters. It’s like a carnival nightmare trap. Once you get on, you’ll never be able to get off. You’re just stuck being tossed around and forced to suppress the screams in the back of your mind. I know…not the best mental picture, but the truth can be brutally dark.

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Listening to her voice his heart feels like it going to jump out of his chest.
But the expression on his face didn’t change,he just smiled more.
Looking at her from up and down he feels suddenly embrassed.
Idiot,what are you doing ,really you checking her out.“
He thinks to himself.
Then he remember that she asked him a question. Reaching for his cup of coffe that the cashier gave him he thinks about what he should answer.
Like yeah i just saw you and damn i totally felt for you.
He shake his head and a chuckle escape his lips.
“I just thought we could get to know each out better.”
Stupid stupid,you going to scare her away.
“I mean i…we’ll nevermind sure you got a boyfriend,of course you got one,who wouldn’t da..”
He just shut up,because he knew he was talking nothing but no sense.
Turning his head embarrassed away he bite his lowerlip.
If they wouldn’t be there ,if he would have met her somewhere else he would proably grab her kiss her,make her his.

A brown eyebrow arched on her forehead when the boy so shamelessly eyed her body, but the gesture didn’t make the smile on her lips disappear. Sure he had showed a glimpse of playfulness with that look he gave her, but soon enough he was spilling broken words and phrases with a notorious nervous ring in his voice. ‘ Could he be any more adorable? ‘ Mary asked herself. An amused giggle pushed past her red lips when the boy silenced himself, returning the look he’d given her before as she let her sight wander from the tip of his shoes to the crown of his head before looking at him in the eye once more.

 “ I’d love to get to know you better. “ She said with the same soft voice, red lips curled upwards at all times. “ But not here, this place is too… crowded. She really wasn’t going to give him a choice, if he wanted to be near her, he had to prove it. Her body shifted away from him, and she took a few steps forward, her heels clicking on the floor as she walked towards the door, before glancing back at him from over her shoulder. “ And, are you coming? “