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Harry and the little sleeping boy. 💛 

“We’re gonna sing, very quietly, You & I.”

Monsta X reaction to you being short and not being able to reach something

Request: “Can you do a mx reaction to you being short and not being able to reach something?” -anon

Hey guys, I hope you guys like this! I’m sorry if it’s kinda meh but yeah…. Anyways, credits to the owners of this gifs :)


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/chuckles/ Hey babe, do you need some help?

You were in the middle of packing your lunch when you ran out of tupperware to use. Remembering that there were a few more at the topmost cabinet, you placed your right foot up on the marbled counter as you tried to lift yourself up but you couldn’t since you were too short. Shownu was about to tell you that both of your stuff were already packed when he sees you struggling, making him smile at the sight. You were cute in his eyes. After offering you his help, he’d actually hug you really tight before planting a kiss on your cheek.

You’re really cute, babe.

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Are you sure you don’t need any of my help, huh?!

Wonho offered you that he’d be the one to get your beanie on the upper most part of your closet but you declined and told him that you can do it by yourself. He knew you couldn’t reach it but he still made you do it since you insisted. You were already on your toes when you heard a click sound. You looked back and saw Wonho holding his phone up with a big smile. You would tell him to stop but then Wonho would just smile at you and tells you to continue, to which you would just give up and make him do it. Before he’d get your beanie, he’d give you a quick peck on the lips and chuckles.

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Whatever makes you sleep at night, babe.

Being a cute little couple, there was a constant teasing between the two of you. Whenever it came to getting something from a high place, the two of you would be really competitive with each other. It was one of those days when the two of you thought of eating ramyeon for lunch, to which you both found it at the topmost cabinet, making the two of you look at each other. You told him that you can get it and he actually made you. By the second you started to reach for the ramyeon, he’d start laughing his ass out since you were already struggling. You immediately gave up and angrily told him to do it then, to which he fails in the end, making you burst out laughing and suggesting to just order Chinese food.

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Oh, babe, you’re so so so so cuteee! C’mere!

You were trying to put the picture frame on the wall when Minhyuk came in. He was in all smiles, seeing you, a shortie, struggling to reach the top. You were already in your toes as you tried to reach the hook when you were jerked backwards. You almost dropped the frame when you heard Minhyuk’s gleeful squeal. He had his arms wrapped around you, squeezing you tightly since he couldn’t control himself. He would really find it cute when you’re struggling to reach something high. In the end, you wouldn’t be able to put the frame on the wall since you’d be cuddling with Minhyuk…. since he won’t let go off you.

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You’re so funny, [y/n]! Now, move away and let me do this.

The two of you were putting up some decorations in the living room for Minhyuk’s birthday surprise. You were actually incharge of the small banners and you were actually having a hard time. You were on your toes as you continued to place the rope of banners on the hooks and you actually didn’t notice your boyfriend laughing at how cute you looked. You’d be startled when the banner was lifted up from your hands to which it makes you look up, only to see a smiling pepe Hyungwon. Hyungwon would pinch your cheeks and would probably finish your task in just a flash.

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Just tell me if you’ve finally given up, okay?

As much as Jooheon wants to help you in putting the groceries on their respective areas, you politely rejected his offer. He wouldn’t actually leave the kitchen as he would watch you do the whole thing while sitting on the stool, his eyes following your actions. You’ve finally placed everything on their places except for the ramyeon and other instant stuff. Jooheon just continues to watch you struggle with the ramyeon until you turned to him with a pout, making him smile at you. He’d ruffle your hair and grab the stuff off your hands and places the stuff in the cabinet. 

You do know that you’re short, babe, right? Let me help you when it comes to stuff like this okay?

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I knew something was up, lol.

Changkyun was peacefully lazing around at the couch when he heard some stuff fall on the floor. He immediately knew that it was you, trying to get something from the cabinet. Knowing that you were small and couldn’t reach things placed on high places, he got up and immediately went to you. He’d be trying his best not to laugh when he sees you on your knees as you were already on the marbled counter, trying to grab the packet for the pancakes. He’d smile and shake his head and walks towards you, grabbing the packet for you and carries you in his arms, making him kiss you on the cheeks because of your cuteness.

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How about Tyler x Mute Reader, I thought it'd be cute.


- You have a text-to-speech app on their phone, and also a little pocket device incase your phone dies, so that you can talk with people
- Some people get really weirded out by the computerized voice and that makes you feel awkward but Tyler’s never made you feel bad about it
- You both take a sign language class and get to make signs for your names
- (You really want his sign to be “Stone Face” but he refuses)
- He likes looking at your hand writing and when you ask him why he says it’s kinda like the visual equivalent of what your voice would sound like
- Sometimes you feel self conscious because you can’t talk and you think that Tyler would rather be dating a “normal” person but he says that he loves you just the way you are
-Tyler makes sure that if you guys are hanging out with Teamiplier that you get to be part of the conversation
- Everyone is super impressed at how fast you can type to keep up with the conversation
- When Tyler first introduced you to Teamiplier they all took turns listening to how the text-to-speech app pronounces their names. Mark and Ethan get you to do their intros and then make you do the “I’MMMM TYLER”
- Sometimes when just you and Tyler are chilling and cuddling you like to rest your hand on his neck so that you can feel the vibrations of his vocal cords when he talks and laughs

49. pictures of you

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Title: pictures of you

Pairing: Kwon Jiyong/Reader

Summary: For when the nights are lonely, she had pictures on her phone of her adorable boyfriend Kwon Jiyong. However, he doesn’t seem very fond of them.

Request: When Jiyong finds cute pictures of himself in your phone.

Spending time with Jiyong was almost impossible, at least, on a regular basis. The man was busy almost all the time and his usual need of achieving more and more and the thirst that people had to have him in the spotlight left around one hour for them to see each other every day, whether it was over the phone, video call or simply walking past each other when going to work. Surely, she was incredibly supportive of Jiyong, because his artistic needs and talents were in no way something she despised, rather a characteristic of him that always amazed her; but it was toughening having to see Jiyong from afar, seeing how stressed he was and the tears that came with success, because he was successful but sometimes that could take away the human part of him, the part that made mistakes.

She will always be there for him, that’s for sure.

That night, however, Jiyong had finally gotten some time off and decided to spend the night with his girlfriend. Movie nights were occasionally something they liked to do, it was laid back and they could have conversations about anything and everything, but that night, Jiyong was incredibly clingy. His hands were wrapped around her waist, one of his legs interlocked with hers as they sat on the couch, Jiyong looked down at his phone with her, showing her several pictures that his group mates had sent him within the week and explaining the context behind them. Turns out, the life of a leader consisted in being bothered by his younger band mates and friends.

Well, not only the younger ones, Youngbae and Seunghyun were really bothersome too.

She loves to see him smile, the way his cheeks lift up slightly and his eyes shine brightly; she also loves when he’s breathless from laughing, clapping slightly to motion his state of happiness. There were many things she adored about Jiyong, but she loved him when he was his happiest more than anything else. That’s the time when she gets her phone out, sneakily trying to capture a picture of Jiyong laughing at one of Daesung’s text, but sadly, once her finger landed on the button, it made a huge sound that startled Jiyong, making him look at her at the speed of light.

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8 jamilton! (These Oneshots are so cuteee)

here you go :D

ask more things here :)

How many children do they want/have? – jamilton

“Alex are you awake?” Thomas whispered, sliding a hand over his soulmate’s side.

“No,” Alex replied in a muffled voice, and Thomas chuckled lightly, kissing his shoulder. Alex groaned. “What do you want?”

Thomas smiled, moving his lips to Alex’s neck. Alex sighed and rolled over so that he could face his soulmate.

“Why on earth are you keeping me up when you know I have to be at work early…”

“Do you want kids?” Thomas asked suddenly, and Alex’s mouth snapped shut.

“What?” Alex breathed, and Thomas began to stroke his hair gently. “We’re not even married yet.”

“I don’t mean now,” Thomas laughed lightly. “I mean like… eventually?”

Alex rolled onto his back, staring up at the ceiling of their bedroom pensively. He fiddled anxiously with his engagement ring, trying to figure out how he really felt.

“Eventually… maybe…” Alex muttered after a long silence.

“You don’t sound so sure,” Thomas noted, propping himself up on one elbow and trailing his finger along his fiancé’s stomach. Alex closed his eyes, furrowing his brow.

“Sorry… You don’t have to answer,” Thomas added hurriedly, biting his lip.

“No… I guess we should talk about it,” Alex nodded. “I mean… I’ve always wanted kids, but…” Alex bit his lip, trailing off.

“But…?” Thomas questioned, ceasing his finger’s motions and laying his hand flat on his soulmate’s stomach.

Even in the dark, Thomas could see Alex’s face flush. It wasn’t his shy or flirty blush, however, it was his expression of embarrassment and shame.

“Darling, you can tell me,” Thomas whispered, beginning to play with his fiancé’s hair again.

“I kind of thought that… I wouldn’t really be a good parent,” Alex whispered softly, and Thomas’ heart clenched.

“Alex… Why would you say that?” Thomas inquired, rubbing his soulmate’s stomach again to soothe him.

“I feel like I’ll just be going along and then… panic attack. Or the baby’ll start crying or break something and the loud noise will scare me… Worse, what if I… just…” Alex trailed off again, shaking his head.

“If you what?” Thomas breathed, staring intently at his soulmate.

“If I… can’t. Anymore,” Alex brought a shaky breath through his teeth, and suddenly Thomas was at his side, pulling him into a warm embrace.

“I think you’re forgetting that I’ll be with you the whole way…” Thomas murmured, rubbing his soulmate’s back soothingly. “You wouldn’t be doing anything alone.”

Alex nodded and Thomas began to stroke his hair again. “And… I think you’d be a great father, for what it’s worth… You’ll understand when the kids need space… you’ll be accepting of them. Like your dad.”

Alex looked up from Thomas’ chest with wide eyes, and his soulmate smiled down at him.

“Thank you, Thomas,” he whispered.

“Now… we don’t have to talk about this now,” Thomas muttered, placing a kiss on his fiancé’s head.

They stayed cuddled together, starting to drift asleep. They were quiet for several minutes; Thomas was sinking deeper and deeper…

“Maybe just one would be nice,” he heard Alex say quietly, and his lips turned upward in a small smile, squeezing his fiancé tighter.

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Hey J, I know you'll probably be full of fix it asks but... Would you do something with Alex and Maggie being the best queer moms ever? I'm not out to my family, but just hearing what they say sometimes makes me sick. Besides, Adrian is one of the best OCs I've ever read. Thanks for being such a great person.

He’s never been drunk before.

He’s never been drunk before, but god, is he drunk now.

He’s drunk and he thinks he might be seeing double, but he can’t be sure because he can’t exactly count.

He thinks he might need to throw up, but he can’t be sure because – no. No, definitely sure.

He needs to throw up.

He makes it to the bathroom and he texts Maggie from his knees.

It’s incoherent because looking at the screen makes him throw up more.

He nearly drops his phone in the toilet when it starts to vibrate.

Maggie’s picture shows up on his caller ID, and he grins faintly and mutters her name mildly and spits into the toilet.

“Detective Sawyerrrr,” he slurs once he figures out how to put his finger on the green button thing.

“Where are you?” she asks, and he thinks he might throw up again, because she definitely knows.

“Maggie, don be mad! Don be maaad, Maggie, is Latinx night and I didn’t mean to have this muchhh – I don’t even think I had that much, just – did you know you’re not supposed to drink super fast? Or mix drinks? I think you’re not supposta do those things.”

“I was gonna teach you to drink, Rodriguez, you couldn’t tell me you wanted to before this?”

“Well you coulda told me you were gonna teach me!”

“Adrian.” He can’t tell if she’s frustrated or smiling or worried or all of the above, but he definitely here’s Alex in the background.

“Hi Alex,” he calls, trying to wave before he remembers they can’t see him.

And suddenly the phone is out of his hands, and he looks up, and a friend he met through the queer center, Mateo, is crouching over him, running a damp paper towel over his lips with one hand, holding his phone with the other.

“Maggie?” he asks, and Adrian tries to grab the phone back, but Mateo shrugs him off easily.

“Mateo? Is he okay? Where are you guys?”

“Maggie, I’m so sorry, I lost track of him for just a few minutes, I thought only one beer couldn’t hurt him, but you know how cute he is, some people must have bought him drinks – “

“Mateo, you have a boyyyyfriend, don’t let Jordan hear you call me cuteee.”

“It’s okay, Mateo, it happens. Just tell me where you are and we’ll come get him. And get him some water, okay?”

Jordan greets them both outside the club when they roll up in Maggie’s car – which she bought exactly for situations like this – and she flashes her badge when someone says they can’t double park, and she flashes her badge when the bouncer asks for ID, and when he balks, she says something to him in rapidfire Portuguese, and Alex can translate enough to know that it’s something about letting underage kids in, letting underage kids drink, and don’t think she won’t be checking back in if they don’t take this warning very, very seriously.

Jordan and Alex exchange raised eyebrows before Jordan leads them to the men’s room.

“Lady, you can’t – “

Maggie doesn’t even bother, on the warpath, just flashing her badge again, but she’s kneeling on the ground next to Adrian and Mateo in an instant, and her eyes are suddenly so, so, so soft, and Alex is so, so, so wildly in love with her.

“Hey, bud,” she greets softly, her hands running over his hair, his collared shirt, after squeezing Mateo’s arm in greeting, in gratitude.

“Maggie,” Adrian slurs, barely awake, and Maggie nods and grins.

“He throw up more since I called?” she asks Mateo, and he shakes his head as he shifts to let Maggie take over holding Adrian somewhat upright.

“Alright Ade, I know this is gonna be awful, but you’ve gotta throw up a little more now.”

“I don’t wanna – “

“I know, Ade, I know, but you gotta.”

“Are you mad at – “

But he doesn’t get the words out, because he’s suddenly rigid and retching violently into the toilet, and Maggie just holds his hand, rubs his back, nods softly, sympathetically.

“It hurts,” he whispers hoarsely, and Alex kneels behind Maggie.

“I know it does, Ade, but I promise it won’t hurt forever. Trust me, I know. When I was your age, damn, I got much worse than you are right now. I know how you feel, and you know what? I promise, it’ll feel better.”

“Alex! You came too. I’m sorry. I’m sorry, I messed up your night, I messed – “

He vomits again, and Maggie kisses the back of his neck when he spits.

Alex takes the small bottle of mouthwash she’d grabbed from the apartment out of her back pocket.

“Here, Ade, swig this around your mouth. Don’t swallow it, okay?”

Adrian nods faintly as Maggie smiles at her girlfriend, opening the little bottle for him and guiding it to his lips.

He swishes and he spits and he leans his forehead on Maggie’s shoulder.

“Mateo, could you please – “ Maggie starts to ask, but he and Jordan have already come back with new glasses of water.

“Thank you,” she says, pleased with their thoughtfulness, with the concern and regret in their eyes.

“How you feel, Ade?” Jordan asks, and Adrian gives a mock grin and a weak thumbs up.

“You think you have more in you, buddy?” Maggie asks, and he shakes his head as she offers a straw to his lips.

“I know the idea of water hurts, but just a few sips. Just a few sips, okay?” Alex coaches, and she praises him when he forces some down, his face a tight grimace.

He whispers something that sounds a lot like thank you, and he remembers nothing else.

He wakes up in Maggie’s bed, jeans unbuttoned, top buttons of his shirt undone, shoes off. He wakes up with water, a banana, aspirin, coffee all next to his bed. With the curtains all drawn so the light doesn’t hurt his eyes, and with Alex and Maggie tiptoeing around in the kitchen, being as quiet as they can.

“Ey,” he tries, and even though it’s a whisper, they both spring to attention, spring to either side of the bed.

“How you feel, soldier?” Alex asks with a grin, and Adrian groans.

“I passed out?”

Maggie nods. “We only just got home a couple hours ago.”

Adrian’s brow furrows as he accepts the water Alex is giving him, accepts the help Maggie’s giving him with sitting up slow, slow, slow. “But it wasn’t that late when I called.”

“I figured you wouldn’t want us to carry you to the car, so we let you sleep it off in the stall until you could kind of walk. It’s okay if you don’t remember. Nothing bad happened. And Mateo and Jordan send their love, and their said they’re sorry they didn’t watch you closer. I’m pretty sure they blew up your phone with texts.”

Adrian blinks.

“So… so I get into a club illegally, and I drink illegally, and you just… let me sleep on you on a gross bathroom floor for hours and then take me home and take care of me?”

“What else should we have done, Ade?” Maggie asks with narrow eyes and a tilted head.

“I don’t know… yell at me? Arrest me?”

“Well, arresting you wasn’t gonna happen. That’s not what the law… But I did made it very clear to the club that if I ever catch them serving underage kids again… And yell at you? Why would I yell at you?”

“I was stupid.”

Maggie smiles, and she kisses his forehead, and she nods.

“Yep. But Adrian, you called me. Or, well, you texted me. You reached out when you were in a bit of trouble, and that’s all I can ask. I can’t ask you to never make mistakes. I can only ask you to make sure you call me – or Alex, or your parents, or all of us – when you’re in trouble so we can help you.”

“So… you’re not mad?”

Alex snorts. “Oh, she’s hopping mad. But we figure we’ll let you come down from the hangover before you get lectured, Sawyer Style.”

“Not helping, Danvers.”

Alex just winks at him, and Adrian lets out a groggy giggle, and Maggie can’t help but melt.

Because he’s home, and he’s safe, and he’s growing up, but god, he’s still their kid, and he always will be.

And she can’t ask for anything more.

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Remember the black cat from owaranai seraph, that guren snuggled with? headcanon, that guren adopted it and everyone loves it, the kitty is like a mascot. its super cute and fluffy and adorable. It mewls really cutely at them. noone knows that the kitten is saying stuff like "give me food, you Bastard." "where did you get this crappy food from,you little piece of shit?!" in cat language

im actually cackling so hard right now, you deserve a gold star for this.

cat: mew mew

yuu: awww look, she wants cuddles *cuddles kitty*

what the cat actually says: dumbass bitch go fix your hair, have you seen yourself in a mirror?