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Happy Singles Awareness Day, everybody! (hoorgh)

As a totally self indulgent project, I made a Sanster-themed phone wallpaper. This one fits Samsung Galaxy S4, but it should fit most of that line. Might be squished a little in on the sides. Let me know if it’s not working out for you! It’d be most helpful if you told me what specific phone you have, so I can match the screen size. <3

download link, just in case

GFs out for a walk

more or less

and you’re so much cuter 💗💗💗

Imagine Kirk Throwing A Homecoming Dance On The Ship For You, One of the Younger Crew Members

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“But Keptin,” Chekov walked alongside Kirk down the corridor, “what do you mean ‘homecoming’ celebration? We will not return to refuel on Earth for another three months.”

“It’s a rite of passage, Chekov,” Kirk said, “and I know Y/N went to Starfleet kind of young, you two were in the same class, right?”

“Yes, Keptin.”

“I know she doesn’t really act like it, but I know she kind of regrets not doing some of the normal teenager things, I think she’ll have fun. Besides, you deserve a homecoming, too.”

“But Keptin, we did not-”

“And you two better win homecoming king and queen, if Spock and Uhura pick that up, I won’t hear the end of it from Bones until we actually do get home. Good thing you two will make a cute date pair.”

Chekov didn’t know whether to pale or blush; he’d had a crush on you since the Academy, and he had no idea how he’d hide it during Kirk’s little homecoming affair, but if it would make you happy, he’d be glad to spend an evening with you.

(A self-indulgent imagine because today is homecoming for my school and I felt like if I never got the chance to write anything about it this week then I’d explode)

Yogi and his bracelet :)

At the very beginning of Karneval Gareki won for Yogi violet bracelet, and even if so many time alraedy passed from that moment Yogi seems to never get bored of this bracelet and he wears it a lot. Really a loooooot. ;) 

So here little collection of Yogi with his beloved bracelet- gift from Gareki after all. :D And believe me it’s only tiny part of this. :D Yogi just is sooooooo in love in Gareki this bracelet that he got from his boyfriend Gareki that he almost not take off this. :D OMG, Yogi you are too adorable. :*