you cute man :d

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Saitama and Genos and cooking!! Maybe Saitama gets back to the apartment after a really bad day or something and he's just met with gorgeous waifu Genos deep into his cooking in the kitchen and the sight of him just makes Saitama go ❤❤❤. Or just saigenos cooking haha

Law is frightening to children...

so anyway that’s my fan fiction

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OMG U CUTIE LITTLE CHILD UR JUST SO ADORBALE AND I WANNA SQUUIISSSH *ahem* hahah sorry. My question/comment/request, is that maybe you and connor and like appear together one day??? or maybe just say hi to all of us together??? You dun have tooo, Thankss!

“Hnnnnggg- I’m not a small child; I am a high school senior- gosh so many of you are calling me cute, thanks-”

((ooc: Man, I’d really love to, it sounds like a lot of fun! But sadly I hadn’t met the other cosplayers before we made these blogs ^^’ I’m not even sure where we’re all located so it’s probably going to stay just individual. Although, maybe we could figure out a way for you guys to talk to all three of us at once like through skype or a livestream if everyone else is up for it possibly and if we can figure out how to set it up? @askj-mankleinman @askirlconnormurphy))

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If Emil saw Alfred out with no coat on, he'd take his own top layer off and wrap it around his shoulders. The coat would certainly be far to small for him but it's the thought that counts. ~ little-gay-iceland

“aw, that’s so cute” Alfred smiled and nudged the smaller man. “you’d be cold too, then.”


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fljdflkj rey this shipping thing is so cute!! if you're not busy, i'd love a mans!! i'm gay and i'm pretty ambiverted??? i love going out and having adventures but i also love just chilling out at home. my biggest priority is like??? would they want kids??? please help me find a family man rey!!!!

I ship you with: Finn!

Finn would be up for a fun time whenever you felt like having an adventure, but would also be the perfect guy to have a relaxing, romantic night in with. You’re both rays of sunshine and would make each other smile and laugh all the time. He would DEFINITELY want to start a family and would be so excited to be a dad to some kiddos with you. 


         ❝ You’re so… Cute, man. ❞ Talking raccoon? Not the weirdest thing he’s ever seen. Dmitri kind of wants to pet him, but that seems pretty condescending. Is calling him cute condescending? Maybe. ( He hopes it isn’t. )