you cute little bunny


-Smiles with his cute little bunny teeth
-Will ignore you while playing video games
-Playful little shit, especially when you’re busy or in a hurry
-Likes being tied up/submissive
-When you untie him he tries to be dominant but you keep laughing at him
-”Kook, you look ridiculous”
-He’s the little spoon 
-He’s a cheeky little shit that gets away with everything
-Tickle fights which end in one of you crying
-He moans during sex and makes the cutest little whining sounds when he gets close
-He laughs when you fall over and then falls over himself
-You like to whisper kinky stuff in his ear in public to see his bluff and get all nervous
-Constantly teasing him in front of the guys
-Puts his head in your lap and whines until you play with his hair
-Soft moaning sounds when you pull his hair slightly
-Always ends in a major makeout session
-He gets embarrassed afterwards and acts all cute and shy
-Makes faces behind your back and tries to pretend nothing happened when you turn around
-You catch him making a face and you looks at you with wide eyes 
-You steal all of his tshirts and hoodies
-”Jagiya, where is my-? Oh. Okay. You can keep it.”
-Wow i need to stop, the fluff is unreal

#sinful imagine below
#Bad bunny

Boyfriend Series: Jimin Yoongi Jhope Taehyung Namjoon Jin

so i was gonna finish S1 before starting my liveblogging for S2,, but then i realized that i can’t watch anything and keep myself from commenting. so here we go, my MHA dub commentary for episode 1 of S2

  • tbh i’m not too impressed with the opening?? i feel like it’ll grow on me tho, but it doesn’t get me all pumped like the last one did
  • okay seriously Toshi did you have to send Gran Torino a 5 page essay on why you made Izuku your successor
  • like i get it he was your teacher but you don’t have to send him essays explaining why you did what anymore
  • (i know it’s for recap but it makes me laugh)
  • it is really cute how proud he is of Izuku tho, i love that. what a proud dad
  • so that’s how the anime watchers find out about Toshi’s real name? is that how it was in the manga?? when did we learn about his real name anyway, i don’t actually know
  • so does Gran Torino just hang out around his run down apartment in his hero outfit even tho he’s retired, or
  • that was a 6 minute long recap, which is pretty hefty. but it is the first ep of S2 after a long hiatus, so i’ll let it slide
  • “Men in their 20′s or 30′s” so that’s the age range they assume Shigaraki’s is at… i always assumed he was a little over 20 myself tbh
  • also sorta belated, but once again i love All Might’s dub voice
  • i enjoy Snipe’s weird cyborg voice thing
  • Blood King’s voice reminds me of a bulldog. which. well he has a pet bulldog i think??? it fits
  • “He has the personality of a spoiled little brat. a man-child” this just makes me laugh

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First Time With Them: SF9 YOUNGBIN

| InSeong || TaeYang || DaWon || Zuho  || JaeYoon  |


  • It kind of frustrates me how many fluff-balls the Kpop community has
  • But yeah, there goes another one
  • I do think that he’d like rough sex, tho
  • Like… He’d kind of woe you into it
  • Like…
  • “There’s nothing to be afraid of…”
  • “Don’t be uncomfortable, it’s me after all…”
  • You get what I’m saying?
  • Like, he won’t be pushing you into it but try to relax you instead?
  • But then whenever you’d let your guard down BAM!
  • A rough YoungBin comes out
  • And that’s when you realize that your cute little bunny of a boyfriend YoungBin has a whole another side
  • So he’d have a couple of kinks
  •      Though he’d be low-key even more turned on if voyeurism was involved
  • But nothing severe
  • Body worshiping, or smth in the lines of
  • He’d be rough in his thrusts and giving you no mercy- as in it’s up to him to control the flow of the sex
  • So maybe the right word to describe him during the intercourse would be controlling

I love you, I love your art, I love your comics, I can’t draw skellies but have all your little angels together. Sorry if it sucks *jumps back into trashcan*


You simply are too kind, my uber talented friend!! You have no reason to jump into the trashcan!! Because I simply LOVE THIS PIC TO BITS!!!

Thank you!! ; — ;

Gentlemammal pt 1 (suggestive but sfw)

“Hopps, Wilde you’re going undercover in the rainforest district. Report to my office for a rundown once we are done here.” Bogo tilted his glasses, waiting eagerly for Nicks usual remarks, only to find Judy desperately trying to smack him into action as he lay his muzzle on the table, Snarlbucks in hand, evidently not even awake enough to compute that he had been spoken to.

“Remind me again why I hired him, Hopps?”

Judy’s ears flew up and burned red in embarrassment as she gave up shaking him and opted instead to pinch her partner’s thigh. Hard. Much to Bogo’s hidden delight, Nick shot upright and let out a high pitched yelp before scrambling into action

“Undercover, Rainforest district, report to your office, got it sir!”

“Drink that coffee fast, Slick, you have to wake up” Judy rolled her eyes as he stumbled to catch up with her on their way out of the bullpen “and why are you so tired anyway? You were supposed to be having an early night last night!” He downed the last of his cup and expertly threw it over the balcony and into the bin in the lobby, trademark smug grin finally gracing his face “You should know me by now, Carrots, I party hard. Whisky, cocaine, hookers - the usual.”

“Did you forget about the report you were supposed to hand in today?”


Violet eyes rolled as she shook with laughter “Slick, who gave you the impression you’d be good at police work?”

She tried to keep a straight face as clawed digits flew to his chest and his muzzle gaped in mock offence. Instead, she ended up snorting, loudly.

“I’ll have you know I was valedictorian of my class, and I’ll think you’ll find it was your idea Fluff - you don’t get to pass that blame off. You did this.” He grinned, prodding her face.

“I wonder what we’ll be undercover as?” She pondered, this was their first time doing undercover work and she prayed it didn’t involve any of those awful sheep costumes.

“No idea, we’re a pretty odd choice as a duo to do undercover work - not many cute little bunnies like you are exactly friendly with foxes.”

“Stop calling me-”

“I know, I know. ‘Ferocious little bunnies like you’ any better?”


Nick rapped on Bogos door before they were grunted an invitation inside. Kneeling to offer Judy a paw up onto the oversized chair he tried to ignore the temptation to stare at her tail, his mother had raised a gentle-mammal after all.

Nope, not going there. You are not ogling your best friends ass. Even if it’s really, really nice.

“Hopps, Wilde. We have 4 missing girls, all of them apparently worked in ‘Club Noir’ in the rainforest district. This is a gentleman’s club, so Wilde you are now assigned as a new member, you’ll get your ID and any other information needed in the file - do you own a suit and tie? Or do you need one from the Special Investigations Unit?” Bogo mentally sized Nick up, hoping that they would own one small enough.

“I have one sir, not a problem.” Nick nodded as Judy tried not to laugh.

“Good to hear you have clothes outside your Pawiian shirt collection, partner” she smirked.

“Hey, don’t diss the shirts.Those are-”

“Shut it, Wilde. Moving on. Hopps, I hear from Clawhauser that you can sing?”

“I, uh…” Judy stuttered, nervous as to why that was of any importance to the case and desperately not wanting to even look at Nicks reaction to this revelation. “Yes, I’m okay at singing sir but why is this relevant?”

Nick’s eyes widened in amusement and surprise, “You sing?” he grinned, raising an eyebrow.

“Perfect, you’ll be a new girl for the night then. Clawhouser can accompany you to get a costume. Your ID is in the file.” Bogo slid the file towards them “Any questions should be answered in the file, now go get ready - the club opens at 12 am. Reports on my desk Tuesday.”

Judy grabbed the file reluctantly, knowing there was no use in arguing now the chief had made up his mind. The pair hopped down from the chair and made their way towards their office - a small room that had previously been used by a larger mammal but suited them perfectly they preferred using the same desk and although they had been given two smaller, separate chairs, opted to continue using one larger one. While neither admitted it, they both enjoyed the closeness.  

“Let’s see then…” Nick took the half of the file and the documents Judy placed on his side of the desk before wandering over to the coffee machine with them “So for one night only I am eligible bachelor ‘Jack Savage’ yeesh that’s one hell of a name… I’m from Tundra town, I gamble professionally and I have a- wow. Very funny.”

“What is it?” Judy looked up from her own papers, confusion clear on her face.

“I bet you any money Wolford wrote this damn thing” he glared at the paper “decided to add ‘has a well-known fetish for does’ har-har. Asshole.”

Judy’s whole body crumpled as she struggled to breathe through her laughter. Suddenly she was being dangled in the air by the back of her top.

“Yeah, yeah. Hilarious.” He poked her with a claw on the nose “How does one find something so adorable sexy? C’mon! You guys are like little stuffed animals!”

Judy smirked playfully and looked at him through half-lidded eyes “Oh we’re plenty good at being sexy when we want to be, how’d you think we multiply so fast?”

“Yeah, I’ll believe it when I see it” he barked with laughter and set her back down on the chair. “What’s your name for the night then, Carrots?”

“Cynthia Snow apparently”

Nick took one last look in the mirror and adjusted his emerald tie before heading out the door of his apartment, it wasn’t a long walk to the club from his home so he arrived at the doors in 15 minutes. The Door was hidden down an alleyway and guarded by two smartly dressed Panthers who, after seeing his platinum membership card, quickly nodded him in.

It abruptly dawned on Nick exactly what kind of club he had just walked into when a young vixen wearing nothing but a sequined underwear set greeted him and took him to his ‘reserved’ seat.

“Any special kinda girl for the handsome tod?” she winked, pushing him gently down into the armchair. That’s when it dawned on him that he had no idea where Judy was and Bogo had asked if she could…he asked if she could sing. Surely they wouldn’t put a bunny undercover as a -

“Don’t ask stupid questions Cherry, this is our newest member if I’m correct - Jack Savage, yes?” a voice boomed from behind them, Nick turned to see a rather imposing old Jaguar smiling down at him, Cigar hanging from his teeth. He quickly smirked and raised an eyebrow.

“That’d be me, and I presume you’re the owner of this rather delightful place?” He gestured around him, not that he could make much of his surroundings out from beneath the stage smoke.

“That I am, Stephan Blackpaw.” he reached out a large paw and Nick felt himself crushed by his handshake. “Our boy here has an enjoyment of does If I’m correct?”

“I like them small, what can I say?” Nick leered, cursing Wolford with every swear he could think of.

I have never felt this creepy in my life.

Not even the time you zoogled Fox on Rabbit -

Yeah, that’s plenty.

“The new girl for our guest, sir?” Cherry stuttered, trying not to buckle under the stern stare of her boss. The panther pulled a small photo from his jacket pocket and lay it down on the table for Nick to inspect.

“This doll do for you, eh Savage?” Nicks’ stomach sank to see the headshot of Judy, but realising this was exactly what Wolford had put the bunny fetish comment in for - to keep Judy in his sight - made him feel a little better.

“Aint she a sight for sore eyes” Nick laughed, loosening his tie a little “What’s her name?”

“Oh she’s Snow, it’s her first night - if you decide you really like this one we can make some…arrangements, after her show” The old Jaguar smiled, stubbing out his cigar and lighting another “Cherry, go get the girl.”

“Yes sir, right away sir.” Cherry rushed through the door backstage.

Cherry tied the last of the new girl’s corset and smiled, turning her chair so the bunny was facing her “So, he’s a red fox like me - but that doesn’t seem much of an issue for ya, you’re rather a brave little bunny round me. Rules are simple, you can touch him but he shouldn’t touch you unless you ask for it - if he does, shout for Louis. That’s the bouncer he’ll help you out if anyone gets too frisky with ya. If you fall, get up and keep going. If you hit a bum note, giggle and wink then keep going. If anyone spills a drink on ya, buck up and keep going.”

Judy giggled at the Fox as she rattled all this off at the speed of sound, fussing over Judys outfit. Not that there was much to her outfit, and Nick was going to see her and she was in no way whatsoever prepared for this but by God, she wasn’t going to mess this up. Two reasons; one, she wasn’t risking a whole investigation because she was so embarrassed she felt like puking and two she was 100% not going to let Nick think he was right that bunnies couldn’t be sexy.

I can be sexy. I can do this.

Nothing at all to do with trying to impress Nick.

“I got it Cherry, amma big girl darlin’ don’ you worry. Plus, who’d be scared of a pretty little thing like you anyhow?” She winked, praying her fake confidence would inspire some real confidence before she went and did a damn burlesque show. Ready for killing Clawhauser for getting her into this mess, she stood, did a twirl for Cherry and took a deep breath.

“Break a leg!” Cherry waved after Judy who missed the Vixens face falling as she walked through the door. “Just don’t do too well…I like you.”

Nick’s heart raced, his cute little bunny partner was not cut out for being a dancer in this kind of place - much as he wasn’t remotely ready to admit to himself that the thought of Judy dancing for him actually had him a little excited.

That’s when the curtains of the small stage in front of him opened slowly to reveal Judy with her back to him, her tail twitching slowly in time with her hips as she swung them.

Who do you think you’re even kidding, “a little excited”?

Shut up!

Judy turned and smiled with half-lidded eyes at her partner below, stroking one paw up the microphone stand.

OHGODOHGODOHGOD I’m actually doing this.

Okay, you can’t stay scared long when the look on his face is so darn funny. Focus on the dumbass look he’s giving you. Ignore how good he looks in a suit entirely.

You’re supposed to be singing.

Oh shit!

“Your cruel device, your blood like ice. One look could kill, my pain, your thrill.” She swayed, dragging small claws into her thighs and up over the deep green corset she wore. Her voice rang through Nick’s ears as though she was an inch away and he shivered, remembering to lean back and try and act like this wasn’t a completely alien experience to him.

“I wanna love you, but I better not touch. I wanna hold you but my senses tell me to stop” The stockings climbing up Judy’s legs were suddenly very distracting. “I wanna kiss you but I want it too much, I wanna taste you but your lips are venomous poison”

I am a gentlemammal.

Such a gentlemammal you’re trying not to pant at the thought of her touching you right now?

… I’m just too warm.



Judy resisted the urge to grin and opted instead for sliding her small frame down the mic stand, holding it between her thighs. “You’re poison runnin’ through my veins, I don’t wanna break these chains”

He’s panting.

He’s probably just acting, bunny fetish remember?

He’s not that good an actor, is he? I mean nobody’s even watching him right now for him to be faking it for.

“Your mouth, so hot”

Is she…?

She’s licking the pole.

That’s not fair.

“Your web, I’m caught. Your skin, so wet. Black lace on sweat” Bringing herself back to her paws she spun away from him, arching her back and bending slightly to shake her rear.

This is far more fun than I expected it to be.

Smiling down at Nick she ran her paws up her arms “I hear you callin’ and it’s needles and pins, I wanna hurt you just to hear you screaming my name” Nicks claws dug into his legs as he desperately tried to will himself into calming down and failed dramatically. “Don’t wanna touch you, but you’re under my skin. I wanna kiss you, but your lips are venomous poison”

Don’t think about her screaming -

Too late.


“You’re poison runnin through my veins, you’re poison, I don’t wanna break these chains, you’re poison”

Think about anything else. Have a fag. Don’t even look at her.

But she’s…

Ignore her paws running over her thighs. Ignore that look she’s giving you.

“One look could kill. My pain, your thrill”

Ignore the urge to bite her. She’s your friend, she’s acting. This is an act remember? You’re not really supposed to have a bunny fetish.

“I wanna love you, but I better not touch, I wanna hold you, but my senses tell me to stop. I wanna kiss you, but I want it too much.” Nick lit a cigarette and tried to adjust his position subtly. “I wanna taste you, but your lips are venomous poison”

Do I mess with him?

When do you ever decide against messing with him?

Good point.

“Yeah, well I don’t wanna break these chains. Poison.”

She dropped slowly from the stage and her violet eyes met his own, that was the moment he realised he was completely and utterly doomed. She walked straight to him, hips swaying sensually to the music and his heart suddenly felt as though it was trying to rip a hole in his chest. She reached him and he prayed she wouldn’t notice the kind of arousal he couldn’t manage to have faked.

Stupid bloody-please go down, please go down, please go-

suddenly she was breathing in his ear and slipping something between his teeth.

“Wouldja hold this for me, mister?” her paw stroked across his muzzle and down his neck “Jus’ bite it real hard” before the look of confusion had managed to settle on his face it suddenly dawned on Nick exactly what he was now holding in his mouth as she walked slowly away from him, her corset slowly loosening as she giggled and lifted her arms.


“Runnin’ deep inside my veins, burnin’ deep inside my veins”  Judy turned to point at him as he sat, still transfixed by her small form, now only covered by her stockings and the rather skimpy black lace bra and panty set Clawhauser had insisted would suit her. “Poison… I don’t want to break these chains” blowing a kiss, she laughed and curtseyed before returning backstage.

You are so screwed.

“Haha! So did you enjoy your show, Mr Savage?” the Jaguar reappeared from nowhere, slamming a paw into Nicks’ shoulder and practically knocked the cigarette from his muzzle.

“Yes, wow she was… something else” He took a draw, not really wanting to maintain eye contact with the larger mammal who gave him such a strong dose of the creeps. “You said something about arrangements? You can have her be my girl any time I’m here?”

“Well, I can do one better if you really liked her so much” white fangs flashed from behind a greasy smirk “At a cost of course. Come, come we shall discuss it in my office friend!”

One better? I’m fairly certain I don’t like where this is going… might get an answer about the missing girls though.

“Of course, lead the way.” Letting himself be lead through the smoke into a gigantic back office had Nicks fur on end, memories of bad run-ins flooding his mind, but the grin stayed on his face. He had to be excited about this offer, no matter how sick it made him he had to take it. Once they were settled in two large armchairs the Jaguar turned to him and grinned.

“We provide an extra little service for our patrons if they have such…particular interests as yourself. If you would like to keep this girl, you may buy her from us on a more permanent basis.”

“Keep her?” Nicks eyebrow raised, claw pressing down on the record button of the matching carrot pen Judy had insisted on buying for him. “As in, have her only dance when I am here?”

“Oh no no no” the Jaguar laughed loudly “Dear friend, you may keep her as your own… pet shall we say. You may take her with you, do as you will with her after that.”

Oh, Christ, they’re selling girls off as sex slaves? He wants to sell me Judy as a…

Pretend you want her already don’t have time to feel sick!

“How much?”

“For you, since it’s your first time here, I’ll give you her for ten thousand” Pulling out his wallet, filled with fake ID and thankfully the credit card ZPD provides undercover cops with in case of emergencies, Nick smiled.

“Well, who could say no to an ass like that?”

“Indeed! She is a good girl, isn’t she? I am sure she will behave well for you”

You’re going to have to treat her like a pet until you get out of here, you do realise.


And you’re seriously lucky this guy gave you the creeps so much that boner went down, but it’s probably going to come back the moment she steps foot anywhere near you.

Real professional, Wilde.  

Grabbing the phone from its hanger, Stephan called down to Cherry. “Bring up the girl…yes, Snow. Make sure her collar is on tighter than the last one and tell her that if she doesn’t play nice Mr Savage here I’m sure can use her in other ways that aren’t so enjoyable…yes, leanedyes, hurry up.”

“So how do I make sure this doesn’t come back to me?”leant onto the desk, tapping his credit card nervously.

“Oh, we put it down as a very old bottle of wine - we have a store of very old vintages that cost a pretty penny”

So Judy’s worth the same as a bottle of wine to this guy?

“I’m so sorry Snow, I’m so, so sorry…” Cherry tried not to cry as she fastened the collar around Judy’s neck “but they’ll hurt you real bad if you don’t go, please don’t fight ‘em”

“‘S okay Cherry, don’t cry - iI'ma big girl remember? I’ll be okay” tears threatened to spill down Judy’s face as she realised exactly what had happened to those girls.

I hope Nick has some darn good proof to show for this.

He’s a good cop, he’ll do just fine. Worry about yourself first, you’re getting led by the neck into a slave trade deal where you’re the slave.

The guys in the office are never gonna quit making jokes about me being Nick’s pet bunny after this. Crap.


SO! that’s the end of the first half of my fanfic for @mama-sally I hope you guys enjoy it even if it is a little longer than i intended haha. second half will be out soon :) (warning, it gets pretty nsfw in the second half) 

@cloudyloudy I hope you like it too! :)

Imagine: FaceTiming Jungkook

Jungkook’s V App Live got me feelin’ some feels. So, I did a new thing. 

Imagine being in a relationship with Jungkook and FaceTiming him every night when he’s off traveling with the boys, not home with you. He would always be so happy to see you, even through the screen. His eyes would light up and he would flash you his cute little bunny smile. Every time, he would get a little close to the screen and make sure you could hear and see each other. 

His favorite thing to do would be to listen to you talk about your day with him: all your ups and downs while he’s not there to share them with you, especially the small trivial stuff, the normal stuff. He would want to hear about how you had to wait too long in line to get a damn hot coffee or how you accidentally stepped in too many puddles and got your socks wet. And every single FaceTime, he would make sure to eat so that you wouldn’t worry about whether or not he was properly taking care of himself. (Plus he would know that you secretly like to watch him eat. He’d have noticed the way you look at him when he’s happily filling his stomach with your cooking back home). 

Then, it would be his turn and you would ask about how his day went. He would re-enact almost every part of his own day for you, and you would love seeing him so animated to talk about it. It would make you so happy for him that he is living his dream, and it would make you forget about the distance between the two of you. He would sing and be a goof and serenade you from across the world.

Surely, every once in awhile, there would be pauses in the conversation as you just shuffle around at your desk, idly organizing papers or something, and Jungkook would just sit there and admire you and tell you he loves you. Just randomly.

When you have something to show him, he would get all up close to the camera and make sure to pay attention to what you’re talking about, whether it’s the latest project you’ve just proudly completed or you’re asking his opinion on what lipstick color you should buy next. He would hang on to every word that you speak, and value anything you have to say. 

Jungkook would even tell you all the terrible jokes that Jin said that day and try not to laugh, but end up laughing anyway at how bad they are.

Finally, when it’s time for one of you to go, he would hold up the camera real close and try not to be too sad. He would say goodnight and give the camera a kiss and quietly tell you he misses you before ending the call.

Gif Credits: @mylordae @sweaterpawsjimin @fyeahbangtaned

FF-German for beginners

To all the Gerita, Germancest, PruAme, Snowrabbit, etc fans
please stop translating the nickname “love” with “liebe”
because germans would never say this!
Yes love means Liebe but this is not a pet name for us ^^°
we use:
“Süßer” -sweety
“Schatz”- treasure
“Liebling” - darling
and if this isn’t enough you can use cute animal forms
“Hasi” - bunny
“Bärchen” - little bear

And don’t forget, that we write nouns with a capital letter :)
if you have a question about this or any other german word, or sentences or saying or what ever you can ask me everytime :)

awilik  asked:

Don't know if someone already asked but here we go. Maybe Sombra, Lena, or Widowmaker run into S/O and find them very cute. S/O is kinda oblivious and doesn't think much of it (because these girls are REALLY HOT and s/o is kinda shy) anyway. S/O talks to other people and in which case sombra,Lena,or widow get jealous >:D. Idk I just kinda like this idea (you don't have to do these girls I just really like them :]). Thank you for reading my idea chèrie 😘

This request has me weAk. Also the requester is such a lovely person so yes! I sprinkled a bit of hella references in this one. The reference in Sombra’s is pretty obvious since I mention a character name and the company behind where he’s from, but the one in Tracer’s is a little more subtle. Hope you enjoy it and have a fantastic day! ~ Mod Lottie


“Hm, what do we have here? A cute little bunny for me to play with?”

“O-oh, if you want to play something with me let’s make sure it’s not an online multiplayer game. I’m level 147 on GTA and I don’t want to get banned after all that hard work if you hack with it”

Sombra stands there, confused. She had been so obviously hitting on you and yet, there you were brushing her off, or at least that’s what she thought.

“I… You do realize that’s not the type of hacking I do, right?” She questions. You open your mouth to respond but she cuts you off, “Nevermind that, for someone who’s usually so quiet and shy, you sure know how to shut a girl down quickly. I can respect that.”

“I’m sorry?” You ask, legitimately confused to what she was talking about. She scoffs in response.

“I’ll leave you alone. I can take a hint cariño.” She leaves you to your own endeavours and wonders how she could read the atmosphere so wrong. You always blush and stammer around her which led her to believe you were into her just like she was into you.

It took her a while to over analyze the situation as she tends to do sometimes. Maybe it wasn’t attraction but fear? No it can’t be, you seemed to actually want to spend time with her when you thought she was asking to pl- Oh. OH!

She rushed around the base searching for you. You weren’t brushing her off, you were just oblivious to her advances. It all makes sense now. Maybe there’s still hope!

After a few minutes she finally found you, but with D.Va. You two sat in the common room, you with a controller in hand concentrating on a puzzle that Hana was trying to explain the solution to.

“Look, the note has the Sagittarius sign THEN the Scorpio sign. When you look at the walls you can see they are linked to the numbers 10 and 2 so you obviously add them together, so find the rock that has 12 on it.” Hana explains.

“No no wait, but what if it’s just the numbers by themselves? Maybe that old pirate guy put stuff behind two rocks.” You argue your logic. Hana gently takes the controller away from you, leaving you pouting as you watch her walk the character over to the rock with the Roman numeral of twelve on it. She pressed the button prompt and it triggered a cutscene.

“See? I told you! Nathan told you! Naughty Dog told you!” Hana gloats, causing you to huff in response. Suddenly the screen starts to glitch out and Sombra’s signature skull appeared.

“Hacking a single player game? That’s an entirely new low.” Hana whines. You turn to face Sombra, her face looked like she was half amused half pissed.

“I believe it’s my turn to play. After all, (Y/n) here did ask me to play with them first~” She says smugly as she sashayed over to sit next to you. She plucks the controller out of Hana’s hands and waves her hand over the screen to wipe away her hack to show the game once again.

“Ah… the um, the controls are um…” You stutter out. You felt the need to interact with her as much as you could since you felt you might’ve unintentionally offended her earlier which was still a mystery to you.

“Don’t worry your cute little head cupcake, I got this.” She smirked, patting your head while her eyes never left the screen. She got through the rest of the level without a hitch, there were no delays in her timing which made everything go smoothly and look like a movie instead of a game. Both you and Hana were in awe.

“Hmph, show off.” Hana grumbles.

“Oh? Is the gaming princess grumpy?” Sombra laughs at Hana’s reaction, “Look Hana, no hacks!”

“Did you just reword a meme at me?” She asks only to be ignored as Sombra picked you up bridal style.

“If you’ll excuse me, I have a date to go on.” Sombra sends a smile over her shoulder as she walks out of the room.

“A date? With who?” You asked, blushing because of the close proximity. Sombra laughed as she rolled her eyes.

“You’re more dense than I thought. I’m taking you out my cute little bunny.” She said. Your eyes widened as you finally connected the dots.

“Let’s play another game~”


Lena Oxton. Your first friend at Overwatch. The girl that you aren’t sure if she just wants to be friends or if there could be something more, and god knows how much you wanted something more of it. These types of uncertainties always felt like treading on thin ice and you always chose the safe way around it. You didn’t mind just being friends because at the end of the day, just being able to hang out with her and seeing her happy was contentment enough for you. The fear of ruining that prevented you from seeing anything as more than platonic.

Let’s take tonight as an example.

Lena asked you to watch a movie with her. Just you, her, a horror movie, and all your favourite snacks. The movie was actually scary, not just a sequence of cheap jump scares but actually a thrilling horror movie that lives up to its genre. Let’s just say you won’t be looking at turkey basters the same way anytime soon.

During the movie, she hesitated but Lena ended up putting her head on your shoulder. Your heart raced so much, Lucio and Tracer both would have competition with how fast your heart was beating. Lena obviously knew that her actions were nowhere near platonic but you were having trouble with the idea. You thought it was because you wanted it to be romantic that you were thinking it might be so you brushed it off as if she was just being a gal pal. A brit being a mate.

“Say (Y/n), do you maybe wanna go out with me?” Lena worked up the courage to say. Yet again, your oblivious self courted it off as your mind playing tricks on you.

“Of course! You’re my best friend! Where do you want to go?” You asked. Lena’s face dropped when you referred to her as your friend and she took it as a sign to just back off with the advances. She managed to throw a random place for a suggestion despite her disappointment and for the rest of the night, everything felt off.

The next morning, Lena gave herself a pep talk to not be so down in the dumps about what happened. She decided to get you a nice breakfast from a café you like. Food in hand, she blinked to your room.

“Heya lo- I mean (Y/n), are you awake yet?” Tracer called from the other side of your door but got no answer.

“Can I come in?” She continued, still no answer, “Alright, I’m comin’ in.” She opened the door and saw you weren’t in your room. She wandered around the base in search of you. She looked everywhere only to find you in the med bay. You and Mercy were sitting down, facing each other. She saw her getting very close to you, raising her hand to your flushed face. She couldn’t take much more of it.

“Oi! What’s goin’ on here?” She asked immediately as she blinked into place. Angela retracted her hand away from you as she looked up at Tracer with a confused expression.

“Lena, what’s wrong? Just tell me and I’ll tend to you right after I’m done with (Y/n) here.” She explains.

“No, I’m here to… What’s wrong with them doc?” Lena asks.

“I think I might have food poisoning.” You say sadly.

“Might? You do have food poisoning! Be more considerate next time.” Angela lectures, causing you to pout.

“Oh I see. Well, I guess I’ll be on my way then.” She turns around only to be stopped by someone holding her by her forearm.

“Now now Miss Oxton, no one bursts into my office just to say hi.” Angela tuts. Lena started to look around for a way to get out. “Lena, what did you really come for?” Angela motions her to sit in an extra chair next to the door, meant for people who were there for moral support or because they were the cause for an injury and needed to be scolded. That being said, the chair is usually meant for Reinhardt since he loves to swing some of the smaller agents around like a Dad would with his toddler.

“I just, was worried about (Y/n) yeah?” Lena said as she sat.

“Then why did you look so angry?” Angela retorted. Lena started shifting uncomfortably in her seat, laughing nervously. Angela could only sigh.

“I know exactly what’s going on here. (Y/n) was explaining how much they like you and kept thinking you were just being friendly when you were obviously, at least in my perspective, making romantic advances.” She explains. A ‘huh?’ and a ‘what?’ came out of you and Lena as you made eye contact with each other.

Angela went into therapist mode as she made both you and Lena talk about your thoughts and feelings and, finally, come to a solution.

“I really like you (Y/n). I don’t know how you hadn’t figured it out!” Lena says.

“I really like you too Lena. I just, kept thinking that it’d be too good to be true if you like me back you know?” You admit. She shakes her head and hugs you, muttering about how silly you were.

“Ahem” Angela breaks up the moment, “Now that that’s out of the way, my patient here needs to get their bedrest.” Angela says.

Once she was finished saying what she had to say, she found that both her visitors had vanished in the blink of an eye. The doctor can only sigh in defeat.


Being a new recruit meant you had to go through training for all possible fighting styles in order to evaluate what you’d be best at. Today was your day to evaluate how you’d do as a sniper. Unfortunately, no one told you that the person helping you out in this department would be a sexy French woman with a piercing gaze that could mesmerize you into a trance for days. No one told you that you would be her prey.

To be fair though, no one told her that you would be so clueless to her advances.

Here you were, shaking and anxious, holding up the rifle and looking through the scope at your target. You could hear her sultry voice chuckle behind you.

“Go on chèrie, shoot.” Her voice smooth as silk whispered behind you, causing a tingle to shoot up your neck. You positioned yourself to make sure you’d get the shot, held your breath to steady the reticle, and pulled the trigger and…

Nothing came out.

“Um? It’s supposed to shoot… right?” You lowered your weapon as you looked over your shoulder to look at the woman known as Widowmaker.

Her expression changed from amusement to curiosity. She walked over and plucked the rifle out of your hands to inspect it. She hums as she figures out what the problem is.

“This one is jammed. I’ll find a better one for you, my dear. You deserve only the best I have to offer.” She lightly brushes her finger under your under your chin and struts away.

You hold a hand to your chest and sigh. “Be still my beating heart.” You joked to yourself to slightly ease some of your tension.

Amelie, walking back with a smirk, was met with the image of Hanzo teaching you archery. Needless to say, her smirk faded away. She briskly walked over to you two and glared at Hanzo.

“You are intruding Lacroix.” Hanzo says simply, but Amelie refused to be brushed off so easily.

“Non, you are the one who is intruding.” She says sharply.

“I am showing them true skill, something you lack.”

“Archery is a primitive excuse for a weapon. Heh, primitive weapon for a primitive man.”

All you could do was stand and watch, trying not to do anything that might bring attention to yourself.

“I’m not seeing a lot of guidance going on here.” Ana enters the room to break up the argument.

“Merde…” Widowmaker rolls her eyes and Hanzo turns his attention to Ana stoically. “If none of you will teach them then I will.”

Amelie does something no one expected. She grabs you by the arm and runs away with you. It wasn’t as graceful and seductive as she wanted but it got them away from those two and she couldn’t be happier.

“What’s going on?” You asked cautiously.

“I want to have you to myself.” Amelie brushes her hand over your cheek

“Oh, um, thanks?” You didn’t really know how to respond and you were trying not to hyperventilate. She scoffs and pulls you into a kiss. Gentle, with a slight nibble from her. She pulls away and smiles at your flustered state.

“I hope you got the message chèrie.” She whispers in your ear.

“Y-yeah, loud and clear.” You manage to say. Suddenly, everything seemed to be even more interesting than they already were.

A sort of a Fruits Basket AU where if any of the brothers hug they turn into animals, and so they kind of act distant and like assholes to each other to try and keep it from happening.
Ichi and Jyushi aren’t as careful with each other because neither of them minds being a dog or a cat.
Todo only sometimes isn’t as careful, cause you get a lot of nice attention when you’re a cute little bunny rabbit. But he doesn’t like it all of the time because he doesn’t like being useless and defenseless like he gets.
Choro hates it because he thinks his horns are too unruly and his hooves tear up his magazines and the others tease him about the wool so he hates stays well away from the others.
Oso is indifferent cause its kinda fun being a red panda except he doesn’t like it too much because you can’t play pachinko or drink beer as a red panda.
They all tend to keep their distance from Kara mainly because they’d rather not have a FULLY GROWN TIGER in their house. He also prefers not to deal with it because he can’t leave the house (tigers aren’t exactly subtle and common on Japanese streets) and everything is just too small, so he doesn’t put up too much of a fuss about being ignored.

You’re Like a Butterfly

Character: Jungkook (BTS)
Word count: 634
Summary: 5 year old Jungkook likes three things for certain; ice cream, slides and his pretty babysitter  | #fluff #babysitter!au

He watched shyly from around the corner as you fluttered around the kitchen. It was like watching a majestic butterfly fly from flower to flower. He’s not quite sure why he thinks that but he does and it’s something he’s always thought whenever he looks at you – fluttering as free as a butterfly. Or maybe, more probably, it’s because when you hugged him the other day, he caught sight of something down the back of your top, on your right shoulder blade.

It was dainty and small but was seared into his memory for eternity. A tattooed butterfly, wings spread in flight. Just like how he’d always seen you.

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“When’s the last time somebody touched you, Darling?” And it catches Y/N off guard, he thinks because she thought they were having an unspoken agreement to not bring up how hot n’ bothered he’d gotten her without touching where it counts.

“S'been a while…” she trailed off, coming back with a, “…like a year, maybe.”

The car swerved under Harry’s hands, head snapping to her, “A year?!”

“Watch the road you idiot!” She cries out, and Harry looks out the windshield with a look of desperation on his face.


Y/N is Harry’s personal assistant 

part 1

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Something That Finds You, Chapter 9

Fandom: Zootopia
Pairing: Nick Wilde, Judy Hopps
Rating: T
WC: 3418
Summary: “Love isn’t something you find. Love is something that finds you.”

In a time of tension in the land of Zootopia, Nick Wilde and Judy Hopps are arranged to be married as a symbol of peace and unity. The only problem? They can’t stand each other (the 8 year age gap doesn’t help either). A series of vignettes following Nick and Judy growing up together, through all the good and bad.

[A/N]: While writing this chapter, I was heavily inspired by the song “Hunnie Pie,” by Zella Day. It’s so fluffy and romantic, if you’re interested you guys should totally check it out!

Chapter Selection: [1][2][3][4][5][6][7][8]-9-

Judy was tucked away in the shade of an apple tree, the same apple tree she’d practically grown up under. Her lessons were over for the day and she’d wanted to find a nice spot to read; this seemed like the perfect place. When she’d first approached it, she couldn’t help but remember that this was the same tree Nick had kissed that vixen under when he was 16, then immediately hated herself for remembering that, let alone caring at all.

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