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Stressed (CEO harry)

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let’s all imagine harry looking like this because he looked fine af in this suit. 

rated ma (mostly smut)

Being the girlfriend of a CEO can be vexatious. It requires you putting up with your boyfriend’s moody attitude and traveling. He can be pretty oblivious at times due to the amount of work that consumes him. You’ve been dating for about a two years now and you practically live with him in his luxurious penthouse. 

There are days where you’d feel off and he wouldn’t notice because of how tired he is and there are definitely days where his mood would be off but you’d notice because he makes it pretty obvious. Some days he’d have to cancel dinner or lunch dates because of a meeting or staying in the office too late which would make a hefty sigh blow past your lips. Other days, he might have to travel out of the state or country since his company is international and there’d be problems only he could fix by going there. 

One of the most aggravating things would be when your boyfriend is stressed. His patience would be very thin and one would talk to him like they’re walking on thin ice that could break easily. He would shut people out and make them leave him alone due to frustration. Sometimes he would yell without noticing, his vein in his jaw protruding, his eyes blazing with anger as they would become a shade darker. His jaw would clench tightly, making the bone more prominent and sharp.

However, there are some people that Harry can be around when he is angry or stressed. Like you. You’d talk to Harry like he’s fragile china and he’d snap at you but calm down, apologizing for using such a rude tone because you would give him a stern glare. Other than his mother or sister, you don’t put up with Harry’s rude and annoyed demeanor either. 

When he’s home, you’d see him screaming through the phone at one of his employees, his face red in anger, chest heaving slightly but as soon as he hangs up and looks at your face, it all disappears and he’d give you one of his warm smiles as if he wasn’t just screaming on through the phone. You’d actually found it quite comical if you’re honest. It’s like seeing Harry go from an angry lion to a cute little bunny within seconds.

Currently, you were in the elevator of his building, going up to his office to visit him. You had received a call from his assistant about how stressed he was and how he didn’t eat lunch yet which made you grunt because how many times have you told Harry to eat lunch on time? You knew that his assistant wouldn’t dare to ask him since he might just scream at her considering stressed he was, therefore, she called you because she knew you can get him to calm down and eat. 

When you got up to his floor, a bag of lunch in hand, you walk out of the elevator and to his assistant’s desk. You greet her with a polite smile and receive a grateful one in return. 

“Thank god you’re here!” His assistant sighs in relief, causing you to chuckle. 

“How bad is it today?” You ask her even though you already know, considering he didn’t answer any of your calls or texts.

A bleak facial expression is etched on the assistant’s face, her tongue clicking against her teeth to make a hissing sound. “He yelled at four employees today and broke the small vase in his office.”

You purse your lips in wonder, looking towards his office door and you could hear him screaming through the phone. Your eyes go wide when you hear him say do you want me to fucking fire you? really loud and you look back at his assistant who ushers you towards the door with a knowing and hopeless look.

Dammit Harry. 

“Good luck,” you hear his assistant whisper, causing you to snort.

You open the door slowly, sticking your head in first to see what he was doing. You could see him facing away from you, sitting on his chair behind his desk as he holds a phone in his hand, staring out at the view of the city through the large window. He doesn’t hear you when you shut the door, his voice far too loud and angry, speaking through the phone. 

You set the bag of food down on the coffee table where there is also a sofa set up and you cautiously walk towards him.

“No, dammit! S’not what I wanted! I told yeh that ‘ve been wanting t’ sign a contract with tha’ company fo’ a while now!” He seethes, gripping the phone in his large veiny hands tightly. 

You stand behind him, your hands coming down to rest on both of his shoulders making him stiffen even more but quickly relax when he notices the promise ring he gave you, sitting on your finger and he turns his head to confirm it is you before looking back out at the view. You slightly massage his tense shoulders to calm him down as he talks on the phone, his voice not as angry as it was before but it was still angry. 

You feel one of his hands come up to rest on yours to acknowledge you and you smile at the gesture, leaning down to kiss the top of his head. He runs his thumb across your knuckles as you dig your thumb into the back of his neck with your other hand. 

“Look,” he miffed, his tone condescending, “I don’ wanna have t’ come over there just ‘cos one o’ my employees screwed up and couldn’t do their job like they were told to. I cannot lose this contract and ‘f I do, I promise you, you won’t have a job startin’ tomorrow if yeh don’t fix this.” And without letting the person on the other end speak, he hangs up the phone, chucking it onto the floor and you click your tongue together at his anger. He doesn’t greet you, pinching his forehead together with his hand as he shuts his eyes, lips set into a firm line. 

You roll your eyes but keep quiet, knowing that he’s irritated and needs to relax so you lean down to wrap your arms around his neck from behind, crossing over his chest. You feel him let out a sigh, intertwining his ring clad fingers with yours, silently. 

You bring your lips to his neck, pressing soft kisses against it to unwind him from his angry state. You feel the skin move beneath your lips as he swallows thickly  and you love how you still have this affect on him even while he was angry. You bring your lips below his ear, puckering it against the soft skin and you know how much it affects him considering that’s where he loves to be kissed. 

“You okay, baby?” You whisper in his ear, scratching a hand across his chest of the area where his shirt is unbuttoned. 

“‘m fine,” he mutters. 

You purse your lips, narrowing your eyes at him, “Didn’t sound fine. I heard you broke a vase again.”

An annoyed sigh emits from Harry’s lips, “Who told yeh tha’? Told them not t’ tell yeh but they still do. Stupid fucking employees never listen to me an’ now ‘m gonna ‘ave to–” You don’t let him finish, interrupting his angry rant. 

“Doesn’t matter who told me. You need to relax, sweetheart. This is like the fifth vase you broke. And you skipped eating again when I told you not to!” You move back from the chair when you feel him let go of your hand and spin his chair to face you properly. 

His eyes scan your body, enjoying the view of you wearing a white sundress that reaches mid thigh. His green orbs linger on your cleavage that is visible from the criss cross at the chest. Your lips curve at the corner, knowing you’re already going to be a distraction from his anger.

“Was gonna eat once I finished yellin’ at this employee ‘f mine who can never do his fucking job right,” His voice goes from calm to bitter again, his eyebrows knitting together in annoyance. “Gave him a chance t’ prove himself an’ he screws up a deal with one o’ my most important clients an’ now ‘m gonna fucking fire him ‘f he doesn’t–” You interrupt his angry rant by moving forward to straddle either side of his waist on the chair, sitting on top of his lean thighs, your hands grabbing each side of his face while his hands grip your hips. 

“Shh…” You stroke his hair, causing him to involuntarily close his eyes at the feeling, throwing his head back against the chair. “You’re not going to fire anyone. You’re just stressed yeah?” You cup his face again, leaning forward to kiss his slightly parted pink lips. 

Harry hums, opening his eyes to gaze at you. His right hand moves down your hip slowly until he feels the smooth skin of your thigh. You feel him push the fabric of the dress up to slip his fingers beneath the waistband of your panties, letting his fingers drag against the side teasingly. 

You try not think too much about it, swallowing the small lump in your throat. You could feel your body become warmer, the area between your legs tingling with sensation. “Harry,” You clear your throat.

“Hm?” He responds, pulling you closer to him so he can kiss the exposed area of your skin through the criss cross ties at the top of your dress.

“You didn’t answer my calls,” You point out, your eyes shutting when you feel his tongue drag against the side of your neck. 

“Told yeh I was angry,” He grunts, “Yellin’ at m’dumb employee.”

You sigh, tilting your head to the side as he kisses your neck, “I brought you food.” You say lamely even though that’s not what you want to think about right now. You notice how easily his mood has changed from angry to horny within seconds. If this was going to be a way for him to calm down, then you might as well get something out of it too. 

“Mhm,” He hums in appreciation, “Thanks, love, but ‘ve got a taste fo’ something else right now.” He whispers, sending chills down your body and between your legs and you can feel the area dampen at his words and touch. 

He drags his hand to the front of your panties, rubbing your clit over your panties and you instantly moan at the action, throwing your head back while gripping his shoulders so you don’t fall. You feel his nose drag up your neck, his mouth pressing hard kisses against the skin. 

“Already so wet fo’ me hm? You’re soaking, princess,” He baits, sliding his fingers to feel the wetness. His fingers slide your panties aside, making you moan out loud when you feel his ring clad fingers drag up your dripping cunt. The tip of his fingers drag up your folds and you gasp, gripping his neck tightly when you feel yourself become unsteady. He teases his forefinger into your entrance, sliding only a little bit of out before sliding back out making you whine. 

He chuckles hotly, bringing his other hand up to grip the back of your head and push you forward to press your lips against his in hunger. You feel your lips move in sync with his as you make out. He parts his lips to bring out his tongue and tease it against your lower lip and you open your mouth to grant access. He immediately shoves his tongue into your mouth, playing with your tongue as he fucks you with both of his ring clad fingers. You moan in his mouth when you feel his fingers go in deep, feeling his knuckles against your spongy walls. 

You bite down on his bottom lip, emitting a low groan from him and you grip his hand from your head to bring it to one of your breasts. He runs his thumb of your nipple back and forth before going in circular motions, making you grip the hair at the back of his head tightly in your fists. 

You feel some of your juices slip down your inner thighs while he thrusts his fingers into you at quick pace, the both of you breathing heavily. He rubs his thumb against your clit, emitting another moan from you which he quiets with a kiss. 

You feel him pull his fingers out of you slowly, your wetness covering his fingers and sliding down his hand. He brings them out from underneath and your skirt and you watch him bring his fingers up to his mouth, liking his fingers to taste your sweetness. You watch him with a clenched jaw, your chest heaving at the sight. You press your lips against his roughly, wanting to taste yourself on his lips as you slide your tongue out of your to lick at his lips. He grips your ass in his hands, picking you up from his thighs and causing you to wrap your legs around his waist while you still kiss his lips. 

You move your lips down from his mouth to the neck, sucking and biting at the skin on his neck. He locks his forearm around your hip, clearing every thing from his desk without a care before placing you down on it. You pull back to look at him with wide eyes but he only gives you a hot smirk before kissing your lips. His hands skim the bottom of your sundress, pulling it upwards to remove it from your body and you put your arms up, allowing him to drag it up your body. He carelessly throws it somewhere in the room.

His eyes darken when he notices you only wearing a pair of white lace panties which he also removes from you by having you lift your hips so he can slide them down your legs. You push his blazer off of him, your hands going for the buttons on his shirt. You press kisses down his chest with each removal of his button and he groans when you lick up his stomach. He fists your hair in his hand, pulling you back up to look at him. 

He gazes you with lust filled eyes, the shade two times darker. “’m gonna fuck you.” He growls deeply. 

You gulp at his tone, feeling your skin sweat at the rising temperature in the room.

“Someone might come,” You whisper against his lips, dragging your hands down his chest, to the waistband of his pants. 

“Tha’ just makes it more exhilarating dunnit?” He responds back, kissing down your neck, sucking marks into your skin. You undo his belt slowly, pulling his slacks down while he drags his tongue up between your breastbone. He helps you pull his pants along with his boxers down his legs until it reaches his ankles. 

You see his erection slap against his abdomen, the pink tip leaking with its pre cum. You drag your tongue across your lower lip at the sight of his cock. Harry’s hands push you back slightly to kiss at your breasts. You feel his tongue swirl on your peaked nipple, biting and sucking before giving it a kiss. You feel him do the same with the other breast and you throw head back, eyes shutting in pleasure at the feeling of his lips on your chest. 

“Baby…” You moan, your mind and vision becoming blurry. 

After giving attention to your breasts, he pulls back with blood red lips, his chest red and heaving for breathe. He looks at your pleased face, smiling cheekily when he notices your eyes on his cock. 

“C’mon, I need to fuck yeh,” He breathes out, setting his hand on your lower back before shoving you against his chest. 

You nod, kissing his lips again. Both of his hands grabbing to feel your thighs as he massages them in his hands. His eyes drag over your naked, sweat covered body that he couldn’t resits or go without touching. 

“So perfect, love,” He coos. His caresses the soft skin of your thighs, his fingers dancing on them and towards your dripping pink core. You moan softly when you feel his two fingers part your folds again, pushing his fingers in afterwards. He parts his lips at the feeling of your wetness. He slowly pulls them out and brings them up to your lips. You stick out your tongue to suck on them, swirling your fingers around the digits and Harry’s Adam’s apple bobs up and down at the sight. 

“Gonna take my cock like a good girl hm?” He asks, situating himself in front of you, pushing you flat on the desk while you whimper desperately at his words. “Are you baby? ‘m askin’ yeh a question.” He growls. 

“Yes–fuck, yes please,” As soon as he got your reassurance, he spreads your thighs apart, making you sit up on his desk before moving forward. He grips his cock in his hand, teasing you with the head. He rubs your clit with the head of his cock and slides it down your slit, causing you to mewl out loud. You finally feel him at your entrance, his shaft finally deep inside of you. Your eyes immediately roll to the back of your head in reaction when he wastes no time picking up his pace and pounding into you mercilessly. You moan breathlessly as your skins made a connection together, his pubes tickling and brushing against your clit with each stroke, the sensation causing you to whine. 

Harry groans, gripping the skin of your thighs and helping himself into you, hitting you with tight and long strokes. You weren’t able to comprehend a thing as your eyes flutter, blinking up at the ceiling. Harry was so stressed and horny that he immediately pulls you up, asking you to stand on your feet. He swiftly turns you around and bends you over his large desk, your chest skimming across the cold surface of his desk.

You giggle softly when he starts kissing at your neck, placings his hands on your back as he slips back inside of you. 

“Doing so well, pet,” He breathes out.

You hear Harry hiss as he smacks your ass, holding onto your soft hips before thrusting hard and fast. You turn your cheek and place it flat against his desk, Harry taking your arms and pinning them behind you, his left hand holding the side of your waist, your back arching as he slows down, fucking you slow and deep so you can feel every inch of him within your body. You were able to feel every ridge of his cock and you must’ve moaned his name many times, seeming like that’s the only thing you could say at the moment.

He leans against your back, his teeth grazing your earlobe with heavy breaths, whispering dirty things in your ear. 

“C’mon baby, push back on m’cock,” He mumbles, feeling you slam back instantly on his bottom half as he thrust forwards. 

“Feels good huh?” He manages to ask. 

You nod vigorously, gasping when he pulls out, feeling empty without him. He runs his hand through the waves of your hair, caressing your head softly. His forearm wraps around your waist as he pulls your body up from the desk to press against his chest. He sits down on the sofa which he carried you to before he sat you on him, pushing his length back into you, his body shuddering as he gave you open mouthed kisses on your arching back. 

“Ride m’cock, princess, tha’s it,” He whimpers in your ear and you moan softly, moving your hips in figures of eights. His chest heaves against your back as he thrusts into you. 

He turns your head to the side, grinning and biting your lip as he runs his hand through his hair, licking his lips as he watches you ride his cock. He watches you like a prey when he sees you pull your body up a little, slowing your pace teasingly. He becomes aggravated, picking up his pace again.

“Stop playing,” Harry grunts, pulling your head back so you could look at each other. His eyes are dark and he was out of breath and panting for her movement in desperation. 

“Fuck me then,” You tease, leaning closer into his face. “Know you can.” And you kiss him roughly, gazing into his eyes and he looked like he wanted to wreck you and you wouldn’t mind at all. His hands hold your waist, almost clawing on it, holding you down further until he was balls deep in you. Your chest was burning at this point, him panting hard and you almost forgot your name for a second. 

“‘m gonna fuck yeh so good,” He promises, bringing his around to palm your breast, fondling with it as his mouth latches onto your neck. “Gonna take it all?” He growls. 

“Mhm, all,” You manage to breathe out. “Please,” You whine. 

He complies with your wish by brutally thrusting up into you hard and fast which made you feel an unexplained amount of pleasure. His whole office was being echoed by the sound of your skins slapping and the wetness of your arousal dripping down both of your thighs. You arch your back, him still holding your hair as he pants against your back, moaning with his rough, raspy voice that you loved so much. You lean your head back to rest again his shoulder as he fucks you into oblivion. 

You felt your body go weak as you were on the verge of your orgasm. Harry grunts behind you, the sounds that you were making setting him off as he repeatedly hits a certain spot into you. Your body was shaking at this point and you could’ve fallen off but but he pulled you close and slowed his pace, rolling his hips up, going deeper. You manage to bring your breathing down and you close your eyes, trying to focus but you felt so dizzy from his hard movements. 

The sound of his phone starts ringing and you open your eyes to see another phone on the coffee table. Harry groans and you widen your eyes when you see him move his arm around you to grab the phone and answer it. 

He continues to thrust up into you, placing his hands back on your hips while he holds the phone between his ear and shoulder, speaking through the phone, “Wha’ is it now?” 

You wanted to protest because it didn’t seem right to fuck while he was speaking through the phone. You were already pissed with the fact that he had the nerve to even answer when you were fucking. But at the same time, he didn’t seem to care, multitasking between fucking his girlfriend and speaking to an employee on the phone. 

“Keep going baby,” He grunts, biting his lip as he watches you. His lips lift up into a smirk when he goes a little faster, the sound of your skin clapping was getting louder. He hisses, leaning forward as he runs his hand down your chest, metal rings touching your clit and making you shudder. He rubs his fingers in circular motions, picking up his pace again as he rams up into you again.You accidentally let out a loud moan but he quickly slams his hand across your mouth, making you laugh a little while he narrows his eyes at you. I mean it was his fault for answering the phone in the first place. 

“No, this isn’t a bad time,” He grunts and you rolls your eyes, “I want to know wha’ you’ve done to fix the problem. Have they agreed to signing the contract?” He manages to ask. You cry out into his hand when he taps your sensitive bud with is full hand, rubbing it as he continues his rhythmic thrusts. “Well ‘f yeh didn’t fix it then why the fuck did you call?” You slow him down, pulling yourself up until the tip of his cock was only inside and then you slam down onto him again, making him groan in surprise. 

He didn’t even care as held you down on him, letting you whine and cry out, muffled by his hand as he snaps his hips up, grunting in your ear. 

“I can’t come there right now ‘cos ‘ve got more things to worry about already an’ yeh couldn’t do one thing fo’ me,” He yells through the phone before asking you, “You gonna come baby?” Seriously, Harry, What the fuck. 

You felt your heart thumping against your chest, legs quivering, feeling the pulse of his cock inside of you, notifying you that he was close to the edge too. You just wanted him to hang up the phone because this wasn’t the right time when you were about to reach orgasm. 

You had enough of his talking, not in the mood for games as you reach behind you to grab the phone from between his ear. “He’ll call back later,” Is the only thing you say before hanging up.

Harry stares at you with disbelief because of what you just did. You pull yourself off of him, immediately feeling empty when you stand up and then sit down on your knees in front of him.“What the fuck, love? Tha’ was an important call.”

“Oh shut up,” You roll your eyes, staring at his glorious skin that was inked with art. Your hand cups his chin, making him look at you, his jaw slacking when your free hand grips his shaft and stroked your hand up and down, having a firm grip on it as you stare into his eyes. His raspberry pink lips part when your thumb runs over the tip, eliciting a moan. His green eyes look at you as if he’s helpless and at your mercy, pleading you to go faster. You grin at him, knowing that he just wants to wreck you.

His hand suddenly reaches to grab your throat, your other hand holding his wrist. Harry grins back before smacking your hand away and lifting you on top of him again, wanting to fuck you. His hand grabs the flesh of your ass, spanking it, sending a wave a pleasure up your spine. 

“Wanna be bad huh?” He chuckles, your jaw clenching in annoyance.

He pulls your face closer to his, lips touching but not moving, just gliding across each other. He makes sure to hold you down on him, gliding his forearm around you hip to keep you still, gripping his cock and lifting you a bit until his cock is back inside of you, fucking into you at a fast and hard pace. You get choked up as you moan into each other’s mouths. You close your eyes, moving your hips back to go with his rhythm.

You rock back more, his hand still on your throat, gripping it firmly. You cry out and lean your head down into the crook his neck, feeling overwhelmed with everything. You felt your orgasm approach as your body starts to shake when he took a last, deep thrust into you, you clenching around him as you reach your climax. 

“Fuck, baby,” He drags out breathlessly, pulling out of you and coming hard on your stomach. You ride out your orgasm on his thigh, Harry doing the same, thrusting hips slowly as his cum paints your stomach and core. You see him rest back against his sofa again, head leaning back as his chest heaves, breathing heavily. 

“Tha’ was so good,” He moans, making you giggle against his neck which he laughs at. You kiss his neck slowly and sensually, your hands going to his hair  to intertwine in his messy curls. 

“Feel better?” You grin as you stare at each other for a second, you pecking him on the lips.

“Mhm,” He hums, kissing you back. “But don’t hang up the call next time.” 

Your jaw is agape as you pull back, looking at him in disbelief, “You shouldn’t have answered the call in the first place!”

Harry shrugs, eyes lingering over your body. He brings his hand to your stomach, dragging his hand down your core that was covered with his cum. He lifts it up to your mouth and you part your lips to suck on his fingers. He parts his lips at the sight of you with his fingers in your mouth. 

You swirl your tongue around the tips of his fingers, licking the cum clean of his fingers and swallowing the sweet and slightly bitter taste of him. 

“’m glad you came,” He chuckles, pulling you towards him again to kiss your lips. 

“Glad I came too,” You emphasize, literally and figuratively speaking. 

He chuckles against your lips, wrapping his arms your body tightly while you straddle his waist, arms latched around his neck. 

“Now eat!” You command with a stern look. 

“Think ‘m full,” He teases and you smack his arm, blushing red. 

“Love you, angel,” He mutters against your lips, gazing into your eyes with his that were filled with love and honesty. 

“I love you too, bastard,” You both chuckle, kissing each other one last time before you lift yourself from his body to grab him the food from the table. 

At least he’s not stressed anymore. Well, for now.

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170922 Aladdin Fansign w/ Jungkook

Jeon Jungkook’s manual written by Jungkook

1. Tell me “what you do” once a day
2. When I’m feeling down, feed me banana milk!
3. When I’m bored, give me a video game console ㅋㅋ

bolded = JK’s answers


BTS reaction to you and them sharing a bed together

Jin: i feel like jin would be quite touchy and cuddle in bed with you if you were close. he would cover you up with the blanket and wrap his arms around you, asking you many questions about how comfortable you were, if you were cold, things of that nature. he would probably just be adorable and cuddly

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Suga/Yoongi: I personally think that with his S/O Yoongi would be adorable and cuddly so that would show when you sleep next to him. You would lay your head on his chest and wrap your arms around him and he would plant butterfly kisses all over your face, making you giggle. then he’d place his hand either on your shoulder or tangled into your hair and would whisper how much he loves you before drifting off to sleep.

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J-Hope/Hoseok: Hobi would be all giggly when you two sleep next to each other for the first time. he would be very playful and would probably tickle you just to see you smile before he sleeps. He would play with your hair and kiss your forehead after you fall asleep, admiring how angelic you look when asleep.

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Rap Monster/Namjoon: Being the cute little sh*t that he is he would be all smiley and adorable when you came into the room, his face lighting up when you lifted up the sheets and laid down next to him. he would kiss you, mumble something about how beautiful you looked before you buried your head into his neck to fall asleep.

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Jimin: Jimin would be all shy and a bit nervous when you walked towards the bed. not knowing what to do or how to react. when you laid down next to him and scooted towards him he would blush. “you’re too cute” he would say before wrapping his arms around you give you a big hug.

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V/Taehyung: He, like Hobi, would probably be all giggly when you decide to spend the night. He would probably hold you as you fall asleep, kissing you from time to time to make sure you know how much he loves you.

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Jungkook: This cute little bunny would love when you slept with him. he would love how you looked when you slept and how you never started sleeping so close to him but when he woke up your head was on his chest, and had one leg wrapped over his legs.

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sorry if this sucks. i’m still trying to figure out how some of the members would act in certain situations. at least i’m out of school in a few days
 - liv

BTS React to S/O giving them a cute pet name :)

@notmoose23 :  Can you do a bts reaction to their s/o giving them a random embarrassing cute pet name? Like Minnie for Min Yoongi Or Squishy B(utt) for Jimin

This is such a soft request, I love it. 

I just used ones I thought were cute, and that most of the fandom would know. 

- Admin Crys



When he hears the pet name fall from your lips, it’s around the other boys, and he understandably becomes a little embarrassed, face going up in flames. 

“Minnie? Like Minnie Mouse? Wtf?”

He would try to brush it off and change the subject quickly, hoping the others were too distracted to latch on to what you said. 

They pick up on it immediately, laughing and giving Yoongi such a hard time. 

“Well, all you need is the ears and the pretty polka-dotted dress Yoongs, and it would be a perfect impersonation,” chimes Taeyhyung. 

“Yah, Tae you wanna die?!” He throws himself at the other boy, smacking him on the head all the while. “Respect your hyungs!”

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‘Squishy Butt’ aka ‘dat ass’

It’s no secret that Jimin has the best ass you’ve ever seen, and no one can blame you for being obsessed with it, always wanting to get your hands all over it. From stuffing your hand in his back pocket and getting a lil squeeze in while you stand side by side, to when you’re both cuddling and you have both hands full of his beautiful plump ass. 

Butt touches are something Jimin has had to grow very accustomed too, and when you start throwing names around like “Squishy Butt” or asking ‘Where’s dat ass at?’ he takes it in stride. 

He honestly really likes it, and it makes him happy that you think so highly of his body. 

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It would make him so flustered every time you say it. He acts all tough and hard on stage but Joonie is nothing but a big softie and everyone knows it. 

It would make his heart flutter, to hear his cute S/O being so affectionate and comfortable enough to give him a pet name. 

“I like it when you call me that.”

“It makes me feel good, makes me love you even more, if that’s possible.”

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J Hope:


Hoseok is all for cute and cheesy things, and that includes pet names. 

The one you’ve chosen is taken from a song “My Only Sunshine’, and whenever you’re alone together, whether you’re cuddling or just doing your own thing next to each other, you have a tendency to sing or hum that sweet little tune. 

“Why do you always sing that song?”

“Because you’re my Sunshine, you make me happy no matter if I’m sad or hurt or angry.”

“Oh, well I’m glad to know that.”

It would make him smile so wide to hear that from you. 

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He would be a little irritated at the moniker you chose. 

“Jinnie! Jinnie!? Isn’t that a girls name? Why are you calling me that?”

“Are you making fun of me, huh? Just because everyone calls me the eomma of BTS doesn’t mean you can get away with this.”

“You’re supposed to support me and build me up Jagi, not tear me down.”

*wipes away fake tear

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He thinks it’s adorable. 

He is used to the abundance of nicknames from the other members, and fans; from ‘Kookie’ to ‘Golden Maknae’. He likes the attention, and the affection those names suggest. 

So you calling him your cute little ‘Bunny’ would make him so soft and sappy. 

“Bunny? Why that?”

“Cause Kookie, you have cute teeth and that nose scrunch you do makes you look just like one.”

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‘Tae Tae’

Taehyung is always calling you pet names. Have you honestly ever heard your real name pass through those lips? Nah. It’s always “Princess’ or ‘Honey’ etc. 

So when you finally grace him with his very own pet name, he almost weeps tears of joy. 

“Jagi! stop, and come here.”

You go to him, and he places his hands on your shoulders, staring deeply into your eyes. 

“We need to preserve this moment in our memories, so it can last forever.”

*lowkey refuses to let any of the BTS members call him that anymore (it’s only reserved for you now). 

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-Smiles with his cute little bunny teeth
-Will ignore you while playing video games
-Playful little shit, especially when you’re busy or in a hurry
-Likes being tied up/submissive
-When you untie him he tries to be dominant but you keep laughing at him
-”Kook, you look ridiculous”
-He’s the little spoon 
-He’s a cheeky little shit that gets away with everything
-Tickle fights which end in one of you crying
-He moans during sex and makes the cutest little whining sounds when he gets close
-He laughs when you fall over and then falls over himself
-You like to whisper kinky stuff in his ear in public to see his bluff and get all nervous
-Constantly teasing him in front of the guys
-Puts his head in your lap and whines until you play with his hair
-Soft moaning sounds when you pull his hair slightly
-Always ends in a major makeout session
-He gets embarrassed afterwards and acts all cute and shy
-Makes faces behind your back and tries to pretend nothing happened when you turn around
-You catch him making a face and you looks at you with wide eyes 
-You steal all of his tshirts and hoodies
-”Jagiya, where is my-? Oh. Okay. You can keep it.”
-Wow i need to stop, the fluff is unreal

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#Bad bunny

Boyfriend Series: Jimin Yoongi Jhope Taehyung Namjoon Jin

I love you, I love your art, I love your comics, I can’t draw skellies but have all your little angels together. Sorry if it sucks *jumps back into trashcan*


You simply are too kind, my uber talented friend!! You have no reason to jump into the trashcan!! Because I simply LOVE THIS PIC TO BITS!!!

Thank you!! ; — ;

Pet Names

Derek is ignoring Stiles’ texts.  Well, technically he’s reading them-he’s just not responding to them.  Even though he’s upset, Derek still can’t quite resist seeing what Stiles has to say.

His phone beeps again for the fifth time in the past minute.  “What’s wrong,” the text says.

“Tell me,” the next message reads, less than 3 seconds later.

Then, “I can’t fix it if you don’t tell me.”

Derek continues to not respond, and his phone finally goes quiet for a few blessed minutes (for the first time in an hour). He puts it on the coffee table as he sinks back against the couch and closes his eyes, trying to shut out the sadness that’s been creeping in since earlier that day.

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bts jungkook as your boyfriend

• frequently playing overwatch/video games together

• stolen kisses to distract you omg

• “y/nnnn! i let you win!”

• movie nights watching anime or studio ghibli films

• would be the type to cry during ‘your name’ but keeps it inside, of which you would relentlessly tease him about

• ice creams dates where the weather is sunny with a cool breeze

• “you’ve got a little something on your mouth. want me to kiss it away?”

“you’re so cheesy stop.”

• ok but road trips

• he would take you somewhere far away where the stars would flicker above you

• “they’re beautiful.” you would say, and he would smile that cute little bunny grin in agreement whilst secretly glancing at you

• he would write so many songs about you

• but this idiot would insist that they were about something stupid because he knows you’ll call him names again

• you’d know anyway

• he would show you off to the members allllll the time

• “i miss y/n.”

• “jungkook shes literally just gone to the bathroom calm your balls.”

• cuddles at night

• the kind where he would wrap his arms around you, his breath tickling your ear as he traced circular patterns on your tingling skin

• you could feel his heartbeat, thumping against his chest, fast and loud

• “promise you’ll stay with me? always?”

• spooning until twelve because he just can’t get enough of the warmth you radiate
First Time With Them: SF9 YOUNGBIN

InSeong // TaeYang // DaWon // Zuho  // JaeYoon  // HwiYoung // RoWoon /


  • It kind of frustrates me how many fluff-balls the Kpop community has
  • But yeah, there goes another one
  • I do think that he’d like rough sex, tho
  • Like… He’d kind of woe you into it
  • Like…
  • “There’s nothing to be afraid of…”
  • “Don’t be uncomfortable, it’s me after all…”
  • You get what I’m saying?
  • Like, he won’t be pushing you into it but try to relax you instead?
  • But then whenever you’d let your guard down BAM!
  • A rough YoungBin comes out
  • And that’s when you realize that your cute little bunny of a boyfriend YoungBin has a whole another side
  • So he’d have a couple of kinks
  •      Though he’d be low-key even more turned on if voyeurism was involved
  • But nothing severe
  • Body worshiping, or smth in the lines of
  • He’d be rough in his thrusts and giving you no mercy- as in it’s up to him to control the flow of the sex
  • So maybe the right word to describe him during the intercourse would be controlling
Imagine: FaceTiming Jungkook

Jungkook’s V App Live got me feelin’ some feels. So, I did a new thing. 

Imagine being in a relationship with Jungkook and FaceTiming him every night when he’s off traveling with the boys, not home with you. He would always be so happy to see you, even through the screen. His eyes would light up and he would flash you his cute little bunny smile. Every time, he would get a little close to the screen and make sure you could hear and see each other. 

His favorite thing to do would be to listen to you talk about your day with him: all your ups and downs while he’s not there to share them with you, especially the small trivial stuff, the normal stuff. He would want to hear about how you had to wait too long in line to get a damn hot coffee or how you accidentally stepped in too many puddles and got your socks wet. And every single FaceTime, he would make sure to eat so that you wouldn’t worry about whether or not he was properly taking care of himself. (Plus he would know that you secretly like to watch him eat. He’d have noticed the way you look at him when he’s happily filling his stomach with your cooking back home). 

Then, it would be his turn and you would ask about how his day went. He would re-enact almost every part of his own day for you, and you would love seeing him so animated to talk about it. It would make you so happy for him that he is living his dream, and it would make you forget about the distance between the two of you. He would sing and be a goof and serenade you from across the world.

Surely, every once in awhile, there would be pauses in the conversation as you just shuffle around at your desk, idly organizing papers or something, and Jungkook would just sit there and admire you and tell you he loves you. Just randomly.

When you have something to show him, he would get all up close to the camera and make sure to pay attention to what you’re talking about, whether it’s the latest project you’ve just proudly completed or you’re asking his opinion on what lipstick color you should buy next. He would hang on to every word that you speak, and value anything you have to say. 

Jungkook would even tell you all the terrible jokes that Jin said that day and try not to laugh, but end up laughing anyway at how bad they are.

Finally, when it’s time for one of you to go, he would hold up the camera real close and try not to be too sad. He would say goodnight and give the camera a kiss and quietly tell you he misses you before ending the call.

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Could I get a Jungkook roommate au where he likes you but you dont know? Thank you so much for considering ❤️❤️❤️

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Hey love~ Sorry for the long wait!! The thing is that I liked your idea a bit too much lol. I wrote a bit too much and I’m thinking of making a part 2 ;) Thank you for this amazing idea and I hope you’ll request again in the future~

Genre: romance/fluff/love
Pairing: Jungkook/You
Length: 2363 words
Summary: Jungkook is your campus roommate who has a huge crush on you. He’s been hiding it for so long and you’re still clueless about it.




“Jeon Jungkook.”, you stared at his framed picture as you tilted your head,  patting the frame of your nerdy glasses “The ultimate mystery man”

You were working on your literature assignment as you decided to chose Jeon Jungkook as your inspiration. Who was he? What kind of person was he? Those were things you didn’t knew about him. People might have thought you were crazy due to the fact that you were clueless about a man you’ve been rooming with for over a year and a half.

You  heard the door click as you turned your head to look at the culprit. Jungkook probably came back from his last class of the day.

“Welcome back, Jungkook!” you waved your hands at him

He stared at you, completely startled as he nodded at you and smiled awkwardly like a shy school boy. You grabbed onto his arm as he wanted to disappear in his room once again.

“Wait wait wait!! ”, You stood up

“What’s the matter?” he stared at you as he dropped his bag on the floor

“To tell the truth”, you kicked the ground with your feet

Jungkook couldn’t help but to freeze on the spot. What were you about to say? What was going on this time? Had he forgotten to put the toilet seat down, again? He seemed distant, from the way you saw it, but  always cooperative, no matter what. What could’ve had happened this time? What had he done this time?

“I’ve been working on my literature project. You know… I have to write a poem and I thought you’d be a great topic”

“M-Me?” he pointed at himself “You’re writing a poem about me?” he raised a brow “Why me?”

“I don’t know! I mean, you’re very interesting for some reason and I want to know more about you! You’re always so silent and that intrigues me”, you smiled at him

“What does this have to do with me being your topic?” he looked dumbfounded

“Just be my topic, will you?” you smack edhis arm in a very friendly manner

“Sure…whatever pleases you”, he nodded before disappearing in his room

“This little!” you shook your head in disagreement “Why does he always have to hide in his room”, you pout and took off your glasses

His door slung open again as you noticed his  new outfit. A tank top and some shorts. He was going to the gym and you knew it just by looking his attire and his sports bag.He ruffled his hair as he passed by you

“Leaving to the gym again?” you sighed as you stared at him

Jungkook nodded at you as his heart softened , seing you pouting over the situation.

“ I’m in no position to say this, since we’re only roommates”, you suddenly said “ But it feels really lonely when you’re not around”, you poked his shoulder as he   stiffened up. He shivered  as your finger came in direct contact with his warm skin

“Come back early, will ya?” you tip toed as you ruffled his black hair" It’s dangerous out there"

Jungkook’s immediate reaction was to grab your hand and remove it from his silky strands of hair.   He was astonished.

“I-I’ll be back soon”, he nodded as growing flush made its apparition across his cheeks

He skipped out through the door as he stumbled  like an adorable bunny.

“This cute little bastard”, you chuckled to yourself before closing the door.

The more you looked at him, the manlier he became. He kept on getting taller and manlier by day and you couldn’t help but notice all these little things. He was also   the ultimate Boyfriend Material. After  living with him for a while and you couldn’t help but dream of having a husband as responsible and amazing asJungkook.

Jungkook  was the kind of boy that did  his laundry on his own.There was no way on this earth where he would’ve  left you in presence of  his dirty clothing  or even worse , his underwear.The idea of getting his laundry mixed up with yours scared him to its fullest, but you didn’t know this tiny detail.

He was probably cleaner than you,  his room was a perfect example, as it was always so tidy and amazingly clean.You never dared stepping  inside his room, but you went in a few times in the past .It  smelled like hair products and strawberry chapstick.

You probably didn’t know, but there was this one time where your underwear got mixed up with his shirts. The boy felt  like dying the moment he saw that red and black lacy bra dropping on the floor.

“Well..Jeon Jungkook…. congrats, you’re F*cked now”, he ruffled his hair in frustration “How in the world did it got here?!”

He tried his best to avoid such a situation, yet it still happened. What if you caught him ? He didn’t want you to think he’s some closet pervert that steals underwear!

He didn’t wanna touch it either, what if you’d see him? Well he did wanna touch it, but he was afraid to do so. He had to pick up your bra anyway since it was on the floor. He closed his eyes before his fingers touched the soft fabric and his face was getting redder by the second.

He was basically touching your bra, which implied a lot of stuff in his brains

“W-Wait…if I just touched this…doesn’t it mean that I-I-I indirectly…. OMFG…what the F*ck have I just done?” he dropped your bra to the floor before burying his red face in his hands

“You succeeded Jeon Jungkook, Y/N is going to think you’re a pervert”, he wanted to die “No…you actually are a pervert, since you just touched your roommate’s underwear”

You were away for the day with your friends, so he was safe, but still, the boy was feeling disgusted by himself. What had he done? You were such a nice girl and he just touched your bra as if it was no one’s business. How was he going to face you now?

He didn’t had the choice, but to pick up your bra and bring it back to the laundry basket, so that you won’t notice.As he was walking to put it there, he couldn’t help but feel his body heat up.What was wrong with him? He didn’t knew what was wrong with him either. This was the beginning of his hormonal tragedy.

That was the event that made him avoid you at all costs. He couldn’t help but think about that bra and how it would look on you, since it’s obviously yours. He felt disgusting and hated himself for thinking that way, when you were so sweet and nice to him. You were such an innocent cute girl and he felt like shit for acting like this. It wasn’t his fault, he never wanted his hormones to act up, they just did on their own. What could you expect from a 19 years old teen anyways?

Second thing you ignored, was you were driving him insane with each and every little gestures of yours. The way you tied up your hair, the way you bent to get something, the way you applied lipstick or then again how you’d pull your hair to the side as it revealed the side of your neck. Every  time you’d nudge his arm and his skin would be in contact with yours. He could also add up the fact that you’d enjoy wearing revealing clothes a bit too much, which was why he avoided you like pest during the summer. His only way to decompress and to get his stamina focus onto something else was to hit up the gym with his buddies and forget about you.

“Why does she have to stick like glue to those shorts?!” he growled in annoyingly to his friend “Why can’t she let me live”

“Don’t blame her bro, she can wear whatever she wants. It’s up to you if you can keep it in your pants”, Taehyung nudged the latter

“Take it easy man…take it as a challenge! A competition! You’re good at competitions!!Show her you can win”, Namjoon encouraged his dongsaeng

“You can’t understand hyung”, Jungkook shakes his head “This is another level, in which I’m unable to fight back… I can’t… I just can’t”, he kept on running on the treadmill

“Damn, that girl be making you sexually frustrated for real man”, jimin chuckled nonstop like a perverted ahjussi

“Calm down, Ahjussi”, Taehyung laugh at jimin “We all need girlfriends tbh”, he pouted before looking at jungkook “ At least you’re sharing a room with a girl”

“Kim Tae, I promise you. There’s nothing great about rooming with a girl, if you want my opinion, unless you want to be alert 24/7 ″, Jungkook rolled his eyes

"That must be what torture feels like, huh? So close yet so far~” Hoseok added

“What about when she showers, man?” Namjoon raised a brow

“Don’t even start talking about showering…” Jungkook hung his head low “I feel like I’m going insane every time, she comes out with that flower-like aroma…ugh…and her hair”, he buried his face in his hands

Jungkook still remembered how you’d come out of the shower with your wet hair and goodly scented body. He was drunk with feels every time you showered. He always  felt nervous around you.

You could say he was physically attracted to you for sure, but as the time passed by, he couldn’t help but get attached to you and your little affectionate gestures. How you’d make sure to prepare a share for him when you made breakfast.You weren’t forced to make him food, yet you still did, because you adored the boy so much.

“Jeon Jungkook!” you smile before grabbing his arm “I made food and I need your feedback!”

He stiffens under your touch and slowly removes your arm politely before nodding and giving you a slight smile

“Are you sure? I can eat this? I-I mean… I don’t want to steal your food”, he walks with you to the small table

“Yah~ I made this just for you, Jungkookie!” you made that cute expression “I mean… you’re my one and only roommate, right?!” you shoot him a wink and he feel his cheeks heating up as he sits to taste your food

It tasted damazing and his eyes couldn’t  help but widen

“You like it?!” your eyes widen

Jungkook nods before smiling at you for the first time ever

“It’s amazing”, he stared at you

Jeon Jungkook complimented your food?!

The boy was slowly warming up to you and you knew he was a very adorable boy hiding it behind a shy mask. Jungkook was also a sweetheart with you. He’d randomly throw his jacket over your shoulders when you’d be complaining about the cold weather.  He even covered you up with a blanket the times you ended up sleeping in the living room. He also helped you many times with your calculus assignments and even  bought you drinks when you got tired during the finals.

“Hey..Jungkook”, you say with your eyes halfway open

“H-Hey”, he nudged your shoulder “You shouldn’t be sleeping here. You’ll catch a cold”

“Awww…you worried about me?” you smiled weakly “I’m ok …I’ll be just fine…I still need to finish this”

“No you’re not”, jungkook replied and it was the first you heard his firm manly voice standingout “Y/N, get up and go to bed, we can always study tomorrow for the test”

“No, I promise. I’m totally fine”, you pushed his hand away

“I’m not fine about this”, he said in a stern tone “You’re exhausting yourself! You better get up or I’ll bring you to bed”

You  were already too tired and your brain couldn’t seem to function, so you couldn’t get the was the last part of his sentence

“Jungkookkkk…. I’m fine!” you patted his toned arm

He lifted you up bridal style with no difficulty. You were like a feather in his arms. Working out quite frequently for the past months did pay off.

“Yah…what’s going on?” you blinked

“Just sleep, I know what I’m doing”, he commented without even staring at you as he went up the stairs, laying on the bed

“Woooahh…seems like you’ve been working out, nowadays”, you pocked his toned arm

He stepped back as he  slowly removed  your girly fingers from his arm

“Yeah… I did ,a bit”, he commented before bringing the bed covers on top of your small body

“Then that means, you’ll be able to protect me, if there’s a bulgar”, you chuckled cutely

You were drunk with tiredness and Jungkook couldn’t help but find this side of you amusingly adorable.

Jeon Jungkook was indeed there to protect you whenever you needed it. You may have shared a roommate kind of relationship, but you both unexpectedly were bounded to also share a bed-kind relationship in a few hours ( I see y'all dirty minded ppl lmao).


Jungkook finally came back after his work out with the other boys was done.You could clearly notice his moist looking skin and the wetness that his hair was giving out.

Drops of sweat sliding along his jaw and neck, like a boy that was posing for a sports magazine. You could also notice how his forearms were still toned from the work out he just had done.

He was kind of hot, you had to admit. He was getting hotter as the day passed by and you couldn’t help but feel yourself flush as your eyes wouldn’t budge away from his amazing body.

Jungkook went to shower like he usually does. He came out wearing his black and white hoodie that seemed so fluffy you could die.

Jungkook sat on the living’s room couch and started changing channels, till he found this one horror movie that was showing especially for the night.

You thought this was the perfect occasion for you to know more about him. Did he really liked horror movies? What kind of boy was he? You needed to know for the sake of the poem you’ll write on this cutie pie.

Little did you knew that shit was going to go from 0 to 100 real quick, just because of a horror movie.


FF-German for beginners

To all the Gerita, Germancest, PruAme, Snowrabbit, etc fans
please stop translating the nickname “love” with “liebe”
because germans would never say this!
Yes love means Liebe but this is not a pet name for us ^^°
we use:
“Süßer” -sweety
“Schatz”- treasure
“Liebling” - darling
and if this isn’t enough you can use cute animal forms
“Hasi” - bunny
“Bärchen” - little bear

And don’t forget, that we write nouns with a capital letter :)
if you have a question about this or any other german word, or sentences or saying or what ever you can ask me everytime :)

awilik  asked:

Don't know if someone already asked but here we go. Maybe Sombra, Lena, or Widowmaker run into S/O and find them very cute. S/O is kinda oblivious and doesn't think much of it (because these girls are REALLY HOT and s/o is kinda shy) anyway. S/O talks to other people and in which case sombra,Lena,or widow get jealous >:D. Idk I just kinda like this idea (you don't have to do these girls I just really like them :]). Thank you for reading my idea chèrie 😘

This request has me weAk. Also the requester is such a lovely person so yes! I sprinkled a bit of hella references in this one. The reference in Sombra’s is pretty obvious since I mention a character name and the company behind where he’s from, but the one in Tracer’s is a little more subtle. Hope you enjoy it and have a fantastic day! ~ Mod Lottie


“Hm, what do we have here? A cute little bunny for me to play with?”

“O-oh, if you want to play something with me let’s make sure it’s not an online multiplayer game. I’m level 147 on GTA and I don’t want to get banned after all that hard work if you hack with it”

Sombra stands there, confused. She had been so obviously hitting on you and yet, there you were brushing her off, or at least that’s what she thought.

“I… You do realize that’s not the type of hacking I do, right?” She questions. You open your mouth to respond but she cuts you off, “Nevermind that, for someone who’s usually so quiet and shy, you sure know how to shut a girl down quickly. I can respect that.”

“I’m sorry?” You ask, legitimately confused to what she was talking about. She scoffs in response.

“I’ll leave you alone. I can take a hint cariño.” She leaves you to your own endeavours and wonders how she could read the atmosphere so wrong. You always blush and stammer around her which led her to believe you were into her just like she was into you.

It took her a while to over analyze the situation as she tends to do sometimes. Maybe it wasn’t attraction but fear? No it can’t be, you seemed to actually want to spend time with her when you thought she was asking to pl- Oh. OH!

She rushed around the base searching for you. You weren’t brushing her off, you were just oblivious to her advances. It all makes sense now. Maybe there’s still hope!

After a few minutes she finally found you, but with D.Va. You two sat in the common room, you with a controller in hand concentrating on a puzzle that Hana was trying to explain the solution to.

“Look, the note has the Sagittarius sign THEN the Scorpio sign. When you look at the walls you can see they are linked to the numbers 10 and 2 so you obviously add them together, so find the rock that has 12 on it.” Hana explains.

“No no wait, but what if it’s just the numbers by themselves? Maybe that old pirate guy put stuff behind two rocks.” You argue your logic. Hana gently takes the controller away from you, leaving you pouting as you watch her walk the character over to the rock with the Roman numeral of twelve on it. She pressed the button prompt and it triggered a cutscene.

“See? I told you! Nathan told you! Naughty Dog told you!” Hana gloats, causing you to huff in response. Suddenly the screen starts to glitch out and Sombra’s signature skull appeared.

“Hacking a single player game? That’s an entirely new low.” Hana whines. You turn to face Sombra, her face looked like she was half amused half pissed.

“I believe it’s my turn to play. After all, (Y/n) here did ask me to play with them first~” She says smugly as she sashayed over to sit next to you. She plucks the controller out of Hana’s hands and waves her hand over the screen to wipe away her hack to show the game once again.

“Ah… the um, the controls are um…” You stutter out. You felt the need to interact with her as much as you could since you felt you might’ve unintentionally offended her earlier which was still a mystery to you.

“Don’t worry your cute little head cupcake, I got this.” She smirked, patting your head while her eyes never left the screen. She got through the rest of the level without a hitch, there were no delays in her timing which made everything go smoothly and look like a movie instead of a game. Both you and Hana were in awe.

“Hmph, show off.” Hana grumbles.

“Oh? Is the gaming princess grumpy?” Sombra laughs at Hana’s reaction, “Look Hana, no hacks!”

“Did you just reword a meme at me?” She asks only to be ignored as Sombra picked you up bridal style.

“If you’ll excuse me, I have a date to go on.” Sombra sends a smile over her shoulder as she walks out of the room.

“A date? With who?” You asked, blushing because of the close proximity. Sombra laughed as she rolled her eyes.

“You’re more dense than I thought. I’m taking you out my cute little bunny.” She said. Your eyes widened as you finally connected the dots.

“Let’s play another game~”


Lena Oxton. Your first friend at Overwatch. The girl that you aren’t sure if she just wants to be friends or if there could be something more, and god knows how much you wanted something more of it. These types of uncertainties always felt like treading on thin ice and you always chose the safe way around it. You didn’t mind just being friends because at the end of the day, just being able to hang out with her and seeing her happy was contentment enough for you. The fear of ruining that prevented you from seeing anything as more than platonic.

Let’s take tonight as an example.

Lena asked you to watch a movie with her. Just you, her, a horror movie, and all your favourite snacks. The movie was actually scary, not just a sequence of cheap jump scares but actually a thrilling horror movie that lives up to its genre. Let’s just say you won’t be looking at turkey basters the same way anytime soon.

During the movie, she hesitated but Lena ended up putting her head on your shoulder. Your heart raced so much, Lucio and Tracer both would have competition with how fast your heart was beating. Lena obviously knew that her actions were nowhere near platonic but you were having trouble with the idea. You thought it was because you wanted it to be romantic that you were thinking it might be so you brushed it off as if she was just being a gal pal. A brit being a mate.

“Say (Y/n), do you maybe wanna go out with me?” Lena worked up the courage to say. Yet again, your oblivious self courted it off as your mind playing tricks on you.

“Of course! You’re my best friend! Where do you want to go?” You asked. Lena’s face dropped when you referred to her as your friend and she took it as a sign to just back off with the advances. She managed to throw a random place for a suggestion despite her disappointment and for the rest of the night, everything felt off.

The next morning, Lena gave herself a pep talk to not be so down in the dumps about what happened. She decided to get you a nice breakfast from a café you like. Food in hand, she blinked to your room.

“Heya lo- I mean (Y/n), are you awake yet?” Tracer called from the other side of your door but got no answer.

“Can I come in?” She continued, still no answer, “Alright, I’m comin’ in.” She opened the door and saw you weren’t in your room. She wandered around the base in search of you. She looked everywhere only to find you in the med bay. You and Mercy were sitting down, facing each other. She saw her getting very close to you, raising her hand to your flushed face. She couldn’t take much more of it.

“Oi! What’s goin’ on here?” She asked immediately as she blinked into place. Angela retracted her hand away from you as she looked up at Tracer with a confused expression.

“Lena, what’s wrong? Just tell me and I’ll tend to you right after I’m done with (Y/n) here.” She explains.

“No, I’m here to… What’s wrong with them doc?” Lena asks.

“I think I might have food poisoning.” You say sadly.

“Might? You do have food poisoning! Be more considerate next time.” Angela lectures, causing you to pout.

“Oh I see. Well, I guess I’ll be on my way then.” She turns around only to be stopped by someone holding her by her forearm.

“Now now Miss Oxton, no one bursts into my office just to say hi.” Angela tuts. Lena started to look around for a way to get out. “Lena, what did you really come for?” Angela motions her to sit in an extra chair next to the door, meant for people who were there for moral support or because they were the cause for an injury and needed to be scolded. That being said, the chair is usually meant for Reinhardt since he loves to swing some of the smaller agents around like a Dad would with his toddler.

“I just, was worried about (Y/n) yeah?” Lena said as she sat.

“Then why did you look so angry?” Angela retorted. Lena started shifting uncomfortably in her seat, laughing nervously. Angela could only sigh.

“I know exactly what’s going on here. (Y/n) was explaining how much they like you and kept thinking you were just being friendly when you were obviously, at least in my perspective, making romantic advances.” She explains. A ‘huh?’ and a ‘what?’ came out of you and Lena as you made eye contact with each other.

Angela went into therapist mode as she made both you and Lena talk about your thoughts and feelings and, finally, come to a solution.

“I really like you (Y/n). I don’t know how you hadn’t figured it out!” Lena says.

“I really like you too Lena. I just, kept thinking that it’d be too good to be true if you like me back you know?” You admit. She shakes her head and hugs you, muttering about how silly you were.

“Ahem” Angela breaks up the moment, “Now that that’s out of the way, my patient here needs to get their bedrest.” Angela says.

Once she was finished saying what she had to say, she found that both her visitors had vanished in the blink of an eye. The doctor can only sigh in defeat.


Being a new recruit meant you had to go through training for all possible fighting styles in order to evaluate what you’d be best at. Today was your day to evaluate how you’d do as a sniper. Unfortunately, no one told you that the person helping you out in this department would be a sexy French woman with a piercing gaze that could mesmerize you into a trance for days. No one told you that you would be her prey.

To be fair though, no one told her that you would be so clueless to her advances.

Here you were, shaking and anxious, holding up the rifle and looking through the scope at your target. You could hear her sultry voice chuckle behind you.

“Go on chèrie, shoot.” Her voice smooth as silk whispered behind you, causing a tingle to shoot up your neck. You positioned yourself to make sure you’d get the shot, held your breath to steady the reticle, and pulled the trigger and…

Nothing came out.

“Um? It’s supposed to shoot… right?” You lowered your weapon as you looked over your shoulder to look at the woman known as Widowmaker.

Her expression changed from amusement to curiosity. She walked over and plucked the rifle out of your hands to inspect it. She hums as she figures out what the problem is.

“This one is jammed. I’ll find a better one for you, my dear. You deserve only the best I have to offer.” She lightly brushes her finger under your under your chin and struts away.

You hold a hand to your chest and sigh. “Be still my beating heart.” You joked to yourself to slightly ease some of your tension.

Amelie, walking back with a smirk, was met with the image of Hanzo teaching you archery. Needless to say, her smirk faded away. She briskly walked over to you two and glared at Hanzo.

“You are intruding Lacroix.” Hanzo says simply, but Amelie refused to be brushed off so easily.

“Non, you are the one who is intruding.” She says sharply.

“I am showing them true skill, something you lack.”

“Archery is a primitive excuse for a weapon. Heh, primitive weapon for a primitive man.”

All you could do was stand and watch, trying not to do anything that might bring attention to yourself.

“I’m not seeing a lot of guidance going on here.” Ana enters the room to break up the argument.

“Merde…” Widowmaker rolls her eyes and Hanzo turns his attention to Ana stoically. “If none of you will teach them then I will.”

Amelie does something no one expected. She grabs you by the arm and runs away with you. It wasn’t as graceful and seductive as she wanted but it got them away from those two and she couldn’t be happier.

“What’s going on?” You asked cautiously.

“I want to have you to myself.” Amelie brushes her hand over your cheek

“Oh, um, thanks?” You didn’t really know how to respond and you were trying not to hyperventilate. She scoffs and pulls you into a kiss. Gentle, with a slight nibble from her. She pulls away and smiles at your flustered state.

“I hope you got the message chèrie.” She whispers in your ear.

“Y-yeah, loud and clear.” You manage to say. Suddenly, everything seemed to be even more interesting than they already were.

you’re so pretty

request:  Can I request a fic where Y/N is insecure about her body and her and the boys go to the beach and they notice something is up? I’m hoping this okay ^~^

pairing: bts x reader

genres: angst + fluff

warnings: unhealthy body image, negative view on weight gain. pls don’t read this if it might affect u negatively!!

author: admin m

It wasn’t that you hated your body, no, in fact, you and the skin and bones you resided in had become rather well acquainted over the years. But you still had days when your body felt more of a cage than a form. You likened the feeling to seeing the light at the end of a tunnel but never quite making it. You knew you were beautiful, knew you could feel good about yourself, but it seemed so far away.

It was as though you had been cursed. It was a Saturday morning, the boys of BTS were coming over for an impromptu trip to the beach after a long promotional period. You hadn’t seem them in what felt like forever, and god, you were excited to see them. You had become friends with them after moving to Seoul, a chance meeting that had led to almost 4 years of friendship. You knew each other inside out, upside down, round and round. However, they had never seen you like this. Over the previous years of knowing them, you were doing well, dieting, exercising, taking care of your skin. You weren’t sure where you’d slipped up, it was sometime after they left, and you were lonely, sad, and you just wanted to stay in bed, so that you did. The pillows of chub against you cheeks that hadn’t been seen since high school was visible once again, and your thighs pushed together a little more. Sure, you didn’t look bad, but you felt it. Every ounce felt too heavy.

The sound of a doorbell distracted you from your self loathing, and you swung open your door, greeting seven boys who were glowing with obvious happiness. All of them were dressed in tshirts and shorts, a stark contrast to your jeans and hoodie. They stepped inside, offering greetings, moving to the couch. You nestled between Jeongguk and Yoongi, grinning at the two boys. Yoongi furrowed his eyebrows in return, making you look away. Did you have something on your face? You fingers palmed against you face, touching your chubby cheeks, making your head dip down. He had noticed. Your hands dropped to your lap, and you gazed back up, shaking your head and focusing on the conversation at hand. Namjoon was laughing with Hoseok, before turning to you. “We missed you, Y/N! Are you ready for the beach? It doesn’t look like you’ve changed,” Namjoon motioned towards your less than ideal attire. You pursed your lips, before smiling. “Ah, I think I might just stay out of the water today.” The boys paused in their separate conversations, eyebrows raising in sync, and you’d remind them later to stop doing that, because it could be really fucking creepy. Taehyung shuffled closer, propping himself on his elbow. “Y/N, what’s wrong? You love the beach,” you laughed, brushing off his comment with a ‘I feel a bit sick today.’ The boys obviously didn’t buy it, but acted otherwise, and for that you were grateful. “At least change, maybe your hoodie?” You nodded at Jimin’s words, slipping out between Yoongi and Jungkook, making your way to your bedroom. You slipped the hoodie off of your body, staring dimly at your reflection in the mirror. It was as though you weren’t connected to the person glaring back. A sudden crash of your door, and seven boys pilling inside pulled you away from the mirror, as you scurried to cover yourself. “What the fuck?” The boys were silent, staring open mouthed at you, as though you had just barged into their room while they were having a pity party. You felt gross, embarrassed, and it wasn’t because they had walked in on you changing. You’d established long ago that changing in front of each other was okay. But it was different, you liked yourself, no, loved yourself then. You didn’t like the body you were in control of right now, and you felt no one else would either. “It was Yoongi hyung’s idea I-“ Yoongi stopped Tae, moving forward, sitting on your bed.
“Y/N, angel, what’s wrong?” Pet names were a common occurrence, none of you had the time for a relationship, so affection was beneficial to you all. Hearing the words slip from Yoongi’s mouth made your heart clench as you faceplanted into the bed in a sobbing heap. “I- I-I p-ut on s-s-o much, weight, an-d I d-d-d-o-n-t like i-t, everyone noticed, how much w-w-weight I put on,” The boys shook their head, Yoongi leaning down and rubbing circles into your shoulders, coaxing you out of the tight ball. Jin opened his arms, enveloping you snuggly while the boys sat close. “Y/N, don’t cry, we didn’t think you looked bad, actually, you look gorgeous,” Jeongguk blushed at his words, kissing your forehead softly. Jimin nodded in agreeance, adding on. “Your cheeks are so cute!! The second little bunny in our family!!” You smiled warmly, the boys cooing at the subtle blush that dusted your face.

“You look so pretty, Y/N, you always do. You look all soft and cuddly.” Jin pulled you closer as he spoke, making you grin even more. Hobi was the next to speak, kissing the sides of your face. “Your cute lil’ smile!! I love it, I always will.” Namjoon grinned, flicking your forehead, the action though so childish, soaked in affection. “You’re hot, okay? I said it.” Namjoon seemed embarrassed by his statement, settling on the ground in front of you. Taehyung blew a kiss your way, pointing to Jimin’s cheeks. “Look at Jiminie hyung! His cheeks are soft like yours, and we love him so, so much! You, a little more but, ah well.” Jimin glared at Tae, muttering the word ‘brat’ under his breath. Yoongi moved closer, softly removing you from Jin’s arms. “You’re so perfect, to us all. Even on your worst days. I hate cheesy shit like this, so don’t tease me. Just, know I adore you.” The boys cuddled in further, suffocating you slightly, but the weight on your shoulders was lifted, and you realised you could rest assured that the world would not end if you missed a bit of cardio.