you cry and its aweful


He woke tho

My Love for You Is Bigger Than the Moon

For @might–just–die:

Imagine a pocket-sized you petting the damp face of Taehyung as you lay next to him. Both of you were tired, but Taehyung was too scared to fall back asleep so this is where you are.

You slept in your dollhouse that night, but a tap on your roof woke you out of your dream. Rubbing your tired eyes, you sat there wondering if you dreamed it, but there was another tap and a very low shaky whisper of your name from outside. Getting out of bed, you walked over to the window to see who it was. When you saw his state, your heart instantly wanted to cry with him. Trying not to make matters worse for him, you kept yourself from crying and walked outside of your house to ask Taehyung what was wrong. Sitting in his trembling palms, he told you about the terrifying nightmare he had. He told you that in the dream everyone hated him; his family, his fans, the boys and you. The tears that were threatened to fall finally did. Feeling your heart break, you stood up and held your hands up from him to bring you closer. Hugging his nose, you told you loved him. Everyone loved him and that nothing would change.

It took a lot of convincing and telling him you would stay up with him (he apologized a million times for waking you, but you didn’t mind) until he went to bed. You tried everything to get him to sleep. Telling him stories, watching anime, even playing a couple videos games on silent. If Seokjin found you two up this late playing video games, he wouldn’t have been so happy and would’ve given you two a lecture. That’s when you get an idea. Already lying close to his ear with your handkerchief pulled up to your chest, you start to lightly stroke his face and softly sing to him.

I’m lying on the moon….

The sigh from him is a sign to you that he’s finally relaxing, but you continue to sing.

There’s no thing I’d keep from you….

Stopping, you whisper Taehyung’s name to see if he’s still awake. When you don’t receive a response, you sit up to see that his eyes are shut. Laying back down, you snuggle back into the pillow, pull your blanket up to your chin, and finish the song before you doze off yourself.

Making sure that I’m okay and we’re a million miles away.


The perfect two


agents of shield season two extended scene: agent skye in quarantine

You wanna be my Friend?
We are, We are on the cruise!

One day I’m gonna meet Seb and I’m gonna give him a colourblindness test and if he passes I’ll just slap this in front of him like THEN EXPLAIN THIS YOU MOTHERFUCKER


A rooftop wedding where Sam straps on his wings and steals Steve away, carrying him over the threshold while complaining about how heavy he is. Y/Y??

signs as an average tumblr horoscope
  • aries: gentle but u got ur shit dont worry. generally most boring on the list lets be honest here
  • gemini: twins
  • cancer: maybe u yell but ur a cinnamon bun and more sensitive than you show u w u *
  • leo: lion. you little lion you. fire lion.
  • virgo: nice mum who looks after everyone nice calming influence its ok u dont have to do it all by yourself its ok find a shoulder to cry you on you awful mum
  • libra: bouncing off the walls but maybe ur ok
  • scorpio: asshole
  • saggitarius: pick up ur bow and arrow if at first u dont suceed try again saggitarius
  • capricorn: HONK honk :o) unpredictable
  • aquarius: stick in there you know you mean well its ok let people in i know you can do it
  • pisces: fish