you cried during this scene

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- Jeff should’ve lived
- you cried during the suicide scene
- you wanted clay to confess his love for Hannah
- wanted Bryce to go to jail
- Courtney was a bitch who shouldn’t have spread lies
- Jessica and Alex shouldn’t have kicked Hannah out of the group
- Justin shouldn’t have let Bryce send the picture to the whole school
- Clay took YEARS to listen to the tapes

I cried watching Moana

And I would probably cry again no matter how many times I watch it.

It’s the final scene with Te Ka that gets me. You know how it goes. Moana looks at Te Ka across the ocean, realizes the truth, and lets Te Ka come to her. She sings as she walks onwards to fulfill her destiny as Moana of Motunui. There’s a chorus reminiscent of the previous scene with her Grandma and that is powerful on itself.

But then Moana says they have stolen the heart from inside you. And you see Te Ka rushing towards her with so much anger, desperation, there’s something in the way Te Ka moves, along with this line of the song, that speaks to me on a personal level. Something that makes the broken parts of myself that I’d hidden away so long away resonate. I watched as Te Ka kept going and I felt the knot on my throat.

I might have been able to hold on.

And then; but this does not define you

I cried. I cried during the rest of the scene and I couldn’t stop crying and it was somewhere in between cathartic and terrifying, but it was good. It felt so good.

Because Te Fiti stops. As if this entire time she had allowed an external perception of herself to define who she was. Like the pain and sorrow and fear and anger of losing her heart had swallowed her whole leaving nothing but ashes and anger behind, until in that moment, Moana, with her understanding and forgiveness and acceptance, lets Te Fiti see beyond it.

This is not who you are.
You know who you are.

I cried.

Because it might not have even been their intention, but as someone who has struggled with anger and terror and something terrible inside of me due to the actions of others, as someone who was shaped by someone else’s actions, that scene was one of the most powerful things I’ve seen in a long time.

I didn’t even know I needed it. I cried and smiled, and when Te Fiti appeared again in all her marvelous glory, it was like seeing hope in front of me.

I don’t know. It was a very poignant song for me, and I needed to let it out somewhere.

About Cole's acting in ep 12

We all saw how amazing or boy was during the entire episode- the entire season- and I’m sure that, like me, many of you cried because of him. There were so many emotional scenes during the last couple of episodes, and in all of them, Cole Spouse was simply perfect.

Still, there’s one scene that simply killed me, and he didn’t even have to say a single word.

The scene I’m talking about is the one where he’s talking to his mom and she’s basically telling him not to meet her. He starts the scene supposedly hopeful, but as the conversation goes on, Jughead starts breaking down until he gives up. That was definitely one of the most beautiful scenes I’ve ever seen, but not only because of his facial expressions…

I’m talking about his fingers.
(yes, I have a problem with Cole’s hands!)

Yes, his fingers… Just look at how hard they’re pressed against the phone. They’re turning white due to the pressure, as a sign that he’s holding back all his emotions so his mother won’t notice how he’s actually feeling. Just like Betty does with her nails, Jug was doing it with his own fingers.

He was holding onto that phone as if he depended on that not to break.

And when it comes to the whole acting behind the scene, I think it’s safe to say Cole Sprouse made an excellent job.


Boyfriend Series; Seungkwan

- seungkwan is honestly going to be that type of boyfriend that makes you go like wtf am i dating someone or raising a child
- for your first date, seungkwan takes you to a nice little restaurant and pays for everything because who said jisoo’s the only gentleman in seventeen
- he’s honestly so easy to talk to and he’s so funny too, you really do feel like you can be yourself around him
- after dinner, he takes you to karaoke and it starts off normally with both of you taking turns singing solos and cheering for each other
- but then you both start singing duets
- and it is CHAOS
- you’d think seungkwan would take this opportunity to show off his singing skills but NO YOU’VE BOTH TURNED IT INTO A CONTEST OF WHO CAN SING THE LOUDEST
- so you’re both screaming the songs together and it gets really competitive but then you look at each other and start laughing and you’re both unable to complete the song because the two of you are laughing too hard
- and while the karaoke machine plays the instrumental of a beautiful ballad, you and seungkwan look into each other’s eyes and share your first kiss
- you two are always arguing and having sass battles for fun which makes people wonder if you guys are actually dating
- when he takes you to jeju island, he takes you everywhere and by nighttime you guys aren’t even tired
- he was worried that you’d get bored going around jeju but you LOVE IT and you want to keep exploring his hometown and he’s just staring down at you with sparkling eyes and the widest smile ever
- when it’s movie night you guys always watch disney movies and sing the songs together and neither of you realize how LOUD you both are because you’re too into it
- jihoon gets so pissed because he’s trying to sleep so he barges into the room and pulls the tv’s plug because EFF YOU TWO HE’S TIRED
- wears 173247 layers of clothes in the winter and probably wears three scarves to protect his throat
- “…you’re wearing all that?” “YEAH YOU WANT ME TO GET SICK??”
- when he gets sick he acts like it’s the end of the world and you’re like seungkwan stfu it’s just a cold but he’s like “i’m DY IN G CALL MY MOM”
- you could be tying your shoelaces and he’s in the background singing about shoelaces and reaching notes so high they reach the sky
- tbh inside you’re impressed by how quick he can come up with lyrics but outside you’re like just stop
- he always discovers the most random things and wants to try them out with you and he doesn’t shut up about it until you guys try it out
- the type to make seventeen song title puns
- “nice” “AJU nice”
- loves it when you praise his singing and when you call him handsome, his face literally lights up and your heart goes BOOM BOOM
- seungkwan loves the rain so sometimes you two just walk around sharing an umbrella
- you’re always stealing his sweaters and one day he realizes he’s out of sweaters so he goes out and buys you a bunch so that he can get his back
- you don’t realize until later that the sweaters he got you are a bunch of those seventeen merch sweaters in different styles and colors that say “SEUNGKWAN” in the back and you’re like are you kimbap kidding me
- you guys actually have matching sweaters yet you still steal his and his face turns so red when he sees you with sweater paws
- super fun to watch k-dramas with because he gets really into it and his reactions are so funny and he probably gets second-lead syndrome
- probably tries to act out the scenes you find cute in the dramas you watch together but they never go as planned like once he bent down to tie your shoelaces and you accidentally kicked him in the face
- NEVER orders the same thing twice on the menu, he’s the type who wants to try all the food and drinks on the menu, basically he’s the perfect person to go out to eat with
- screams “OHHH SO GENIUS” when you come up with a good idea
- bike rides around the park!!
- and by bike rides i mean seungkwan’s pedaling and you’re sitting in the back seat JUST LIKE IN DRAMAS ISN’T THAT CUTE
- always does something super cute like cupping your cheeks then kissing your forehead but then gets embarrassed after lmao
- his kisses are short and quick because he gets embarrassed, but because of this, he gives PLENTY
- long kisses are rare, but they’re heaven
- he often tells you how much he loves you and how much you mean to him because saying it once isn’t enough
- face masks together while contemplating the meaning of life
- made you a customized glowstick so he can spot you in the crowd during concerts lmao
- the type to scream during scary movies and he’s the one hiding behind you, also the one who cries the most during sad scenes
- asks his mom for advice on everything because he wants to make sure he’s treating you right and making you happy
- when he hasn’t seen you in a while, he runs up to up and screams “I’VE MISSED YOU” and you’re just like “seungkwan it’s only been a day”
- he calls you boo and then proceeds to laugh really hard
- also calls you my love and my darling, anything with “my” really because he wants you to remember that you’re his
- he’s so spontaneous and you never know what he’s thinking or what he’s going to do next, but you love that he’s full of surprises and you love that he’s always up for anything
- but as seventeen’s mood-maker, seungkwan always has to have a smile on his face even when he’s sad to help the other members cheer up and feel better
- he’s stressed and homesick and lacking sleep; he’s as tired as the other members, and sometimes, faking smiles gets tiring too
- but when he sees you
- his smiles are real
- “(re-enacts an entire k-drama confession)”
- “seungkwan, i’m already yours”


Dear Professor Hill,

For twenty-five years I’ve been a cashier. All that time my boss has treated me like his personal property. I never said anything, not even to my husband. It’s been really scary and lonely, but watching you this week felt like I was watching someone standing up for me. So thank you.


Lisa Nelson 

Midna's Sacrifice
Twilight Princess
Midna's Sacrifice

Midna’s Sacrifice - Twilight Princess


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Favorite Character: It’s Billy, but Emma is such a close second that they might as well just share the podium and have both their national anthems play at the closing ceremonies. I’m sure they’ll do it. They’re classy. 

Least Favorite Character: ….Is anyone going to throw rotten fruit if I say Faraday? I don’t dislike him, I just have the least interest in him out of everyone else. (I have this theory that it’s because he’s the most like a traditional Hollywood cowboy, and I don’t like westerns when they only feature that guy)

Favorite Scene: Emma proving to be an excellent shot after we see what terrible marks men all the men in Rose Creek are. 

Scene That Made You Cry: I don’t think I cried during this one. 

Scene That Made You Laugh:  Goodnight passing an empty water canteen to Billy, and Billy just slamming it back into his chest. 

Favorite Line: “Then just shoot him in the head, hell I don’t know, avenge me!” - Sam Chisolm, being 100% done with everyone.    

Favorite Kill/Death: When Billy yanks the knife that was pinning a dead guy to a beam, and the guy just falls right to the ground. 

Favorite Villain:  Bogue. He’s so fantastically over dramatic! He can’t just tell everyone “give me your land or I’ll kill you”. He’s got to give a three minute speech that invokes the United State’s sociopolitical belief system, and scare a small child. Dude’s got style. 

Favorite Song: “ Lighting the Fuse”. Good use of horns.  

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Method Man: Andrew Lincoln

Been wanting to write this post for awhile now. I have mentioned it before but I figured it deserves its own post;

So I watched this video on YouTube

Fact 47 is my favorite and may look familiar to a lot you. Beth’s death was pretty traumatic and I cried during Beth’s death scene. I was pretty fucked up. I can’t say I cared about Beth up until the hospital episodes and then I was Team Beth and couldn’t wait for her to be reunited with Maggie…and then…

R.I.P Beth

Anyway watch Rick AKA Andrew Lincoln during this scene. According to this video the death scene was a very traumatic scene to film and everyone had an emotional reaction to it. This video says Andrew actually turns away from the camera to wipe a tear. I think for this scene everyone is mostly supposed to be stunned/horrified more than sad and that’s why no one was supposed to cry. Norman Reedus actually cried beforehand so he wouldn’t cry during the scene.


To me that’s quite a powerful moment because it’s not an acted or rehearsed reaction. It’s seeing someone have a moment…I can’t describe it. I just loved that moment of pure vulnerability.

Also have never seen AL do this on the show until this moment…and then in 6B, East, when Abraham tells Rick, after Rick inquires on the whereabouts of Michonne, that she still isn’t back yet we get this moment.

(@alwayssodramatic gif)

People immediately proclaimed it was Andy wiping away a tear and I was like nah uh. Ok I was totally wrong and I am basing that on his mannerisms in hiding said tear in Beth’s scene.

Which I love this moment for all the same reasons as I loved the Beth scene but this moment isn’t anywhere near traumatic as Beth’s scene.

So why the tear? I have heard Andrew mention in an interview with Chandler Riggs that he is nearly driven to tears (I am paraphrasing) for some scenes.


Bonus Video: So here is the video, where Andy mentions his famous method acting. My favorite moment from this whole interview is when Andrew asks Chandler about seeing Danai for the first time as Michonne. You should just watch it. It happens around mark 3:25 and its amazing. 


So besides the whole method acting, is there another reason he is so sad? Rick doesn’t know Michonne has been kidnapped. She could be totally fine as far as he knows.

I chalk it up to the method acting. :D I happen to love that Andy’s so emotional for Rick. Romantic vibes are always my fave.

[trans] Onew, Grazia (April 2016)

*Do not re-translate

You pose well. I didn’t appreciate your true value during last photoshoot as it was mainly group cuts. You should be familiar with cameras by now right?

O: Really? I actually have a hard time when taking pictures. Out of the things I have to do, it’s on the difficult side.

Then is taking videos more comfortable than pictures?

O: Ah. That’s more difficult. It makes things worse. Haha.

We received some questions on our Instagram. There was a suspicion that you don’t own any filter apps on your phone…

O: No. I don’t have any. I don’t take selfies that often and well, I can just live as how I appear to be. Haha. Even if the picture came out better what would I do with it.

So that difference doesn’t really matter that much to you.

O: No. Selfies are just for my own enjoyment. Although there are some people who take them to show it to other people, but for me that’s often not the case. Even my phone screen is very simple. Here, look.

Wait, you haven’t even filled up your home screen?

O: Oh yeah, three spaces are left. Haha.

Have you been watching the live airing of lately?

O: Yes. I have been going home every week to watch it with my mum. Rather than being anxious on my own I think it’s better to watch it with someone who can comfort me.

So what are your thoughts on it?

O: It is really interesting so I’ve been watching anticipating for next week’s episode like other viewers. But it felt strange at the same time. It felt good in one moment and a little sad in another moment and it also reminded me of the time back then. Also thought ‘Ah. That part came out like that’. I have never seen the edited version of it before. Even after shooting my parts, I didn’t monitor it so I’m watching it for the first time during the live broadcast.

During the scene when you wept in the previous 6th episode, that scene was the highest rated moment of that episode.

O: I was very surprised when hearing that news too.

I think you must have had a hard time when shooting that scene. It was a scene of such a high explosion of emotion.

O: I think I had to take that scene for two or three hours due to the (camera) angles, I really did cry a lot. I cried not only during the times when they were taking shots of upper half of my body but also when other actors’ upper half of body shots were being taken too and also during the scenes when I was in the background. I thought I needed to carry that same emotion all throughout the scenes so after taking that scene I drooped like seaweed because I cried continuously. All my energy was drained out and I had a dull headache. I actually don’t cry often and I don’t get startled by something easily either. But that character gets surprised by little things and cries often so I made a great effort trying to be immersed into the character. During those times I read the script after taking one scene and read the script again after taking another scene, I really did only that.

You didn’t do only acting work when shooting the drama, how did the ‘on-off’ switch of an actor mode go?

O: I still don’t think it’s working well. To be honest, I am going back and forth (in emotions) these days. When I watch the broadcast, the times back then pop up so I feel empathy too… So my emotions go back and forth several times within a day.

Even though it’s a fictional character, what are the similarities and differences of the character Lee Chi Hoon and the real Onew?

O: Um. I am pretty wealthy in there also a dad. It’s very different.

What are the similarities?

O: I actually have no idea. But I think perhaps his qualities are one of the things that exist within me too. No matter how rare it is for me to cry but having to act such thing I might be a person who carries that side too.

When starting the shooting, did the director or the drama writer ask you to pay attention to a certain thing?

O: They rarely gave directions. On a very rare occasion they said ‘How about doing this in this way’ but for most of the time it was like ‘Do what you want. Come up with your own flow of walk too’.

That must have been more difficult.

O: When I practice on my own while imagining the scene in my head and go to shoot, there were times when it was completely different so I had a mental breakdown during the early stages of shooting. Later on, I practiced concentrating mainly on how to receive and give lines comfortably. You can adjust the flow of walk on site anyway. I think I practiced thinking a best way that could work well in the given situation.

Do you find out about the reaction of the viewers?

O: I always remained aloof from such things but since this work is something I bet my life and death on it for the past half year so I did want to find out during this time. Of course, I haven’t shown everything yet.

I think there were a lot more compliments. Of course, it takes only one bad comment to feel distressed.

O: I think I was like that since I was young. When I took tests during school days, we all try to guess our scores by marking answers on our own before receiving back the test. For the ones that I wasn’t sure about whether I got it right or wrong, I always marked wrong at first. That way, when you receive the result later on it feels like your average score has increased by few points. I think my mind was at ease by that way.

I think you are strict on yourself.

O: I think I tend to be like that for things I really want to do. For example, I don’t really like practicing singing in front of many people.

Because it’s not yet completed?

O: Yes, that’s right. But there are times when I have to do so even though it’s not up to my satisfaction. After making a debut, those kinds of moments seemed most regrettable. I thought about what if I practiced a little more. So for this time I tried my best taking the time out of my busy schedule. Even when I had a free time of one or two days by chance, I always read the script in my room. I got anxious when the script was out of my hands.

Your thoughts when starting the drama versus now when you’ve finished shooting and watching it live must be different right?

O: First of all, the script was so interesting it gave me goosebumps. Even as someone who acted that script, I anticipate the next broadcast and wonder how someone could write this well. Thinking back, I think I was full of confidence when starting the shoot. After starting, as I was a rookie actor I acted like the youngest and everyone liked it so it got a little comfortable shooting. There were scenes with Hyegyo noona a lot especially, she was considerate of me as we got close.

Ah, that ‘Woojoo Minam’ (T/N: Cosmic handsome man; the most handsome man in the universe) that was used as a call sign in the screen was actually your nickname.

O: Yes. The drama writer wrote it in the script. I don’t know how she knew because I didn’t ask.

What is your mother’s reaction as two of you watch the live broadcast together

O: She likes it. She cries together during the scenes I weep. She’s a person who doesn’t watch TV often and reads books everyday but she been keeping the TV on these days so I asked why. She said she’s trying to watch again since the re-runs are aired often too. My dad told me to do a drama (again) if the opportunity comes. Haha.

Did you find the fun in acting by now?

O: I think it gets more difficult as you keep doing it. But since it’s coming out as how I intended it to be, it’s been really interesting. It’s attractive that it’s not strictly structured and you can express differently depending on how you interpret the script.

I think you should have something you want to try acting after finishing one work.

O: During the very first episode, my scenes were edited and didn’t get aired. Joongki hyung sent me a text comforting me ‘Onew-yah, you must be disappointed. Hyung was like that too in the beginning. But let’s be at ease and enjoy’ which helped me a lot. After that and having conversations with Joongki hyung, I naturally thought it would be an interesting experience to meet again in another work in another role. Anyway, I want to do anything since I’ve only just started.

Were there any moments that you feel that you’ve grown into an adult or have matured?

O: No. I don’t grow up. I think it’s good.

I feel a sense of maturity since you’re the oldest in SHINee…

O: Um, I’m not like that at all… Maybe it’s because you haven’t seen me enough yet? Haha. I play jokes to our members a lot and I bother other people.

Do you listen well to other people’s opinions too?

O: I listen if it sounds correct. Words that are said because they truly care about me and them. If it’s not, I draw a line.

You’ve been working for a quiet some time, do you think you can now differentiate such things?

O: It’s still not yet easy. Everyone’ characteristics are different and their way of expression is different too. There may be parts of someone that I may never learn to like. But I acknowledge rather than trying to understand. I think it became like that at some point. I have turned 28 this year. But if a 14 year old prodigy who’s very good in singing and acting suddenly appears, I might not be able to win that kid. I live in part of that world. So rather than focusing on what position I have reached so far, I think about things that I can do and want to do in the moment. I really like simple things too. I took subways for three to four years before and the habit of going somewhere to eat alone grew back then. It still applies now too. If I have free time at one day I will go on a subway, if I feel like I’m in a hurry I can run, if I can go by car I’ll go by car.

I think you’re flexible.

O: I’m only acting as if I’m flexible.

Are there any things that you can never compromise on?

O: Yes. People who makes an objection thoughtlessly as soon as I say something. A situation that completely blocks me from trying to say my thoughts.

Something that looks fun even though everyone stops you from doing it or something more safe that doesn’t look interesting, which one would you pick?

O: It differs from time to time. Usually I would go for the fun ones. When I’m with my friends and someone says ‘Hey, let’s go to Jeju Island’ I would go. There are many moments like that but at the end it was all about trying to find something fun. But in terms of work, I think I would choose the second option. When I have to pick the latter one due to all kinds of situations, I think it’s up to me trying to make it more fun.

Do you think that’ll work even if you try it purposely?

O: To be honest, you’ll never know until you start. When I’m doing work I try to find the fun out of it and even if I don’t find it fun I try to make it to be. I was like that when I appeared on variety shows too. I make jokes when it just pops up into my head. Doing that makes me laugh. Then there were times when MCs asked me to do it one more time.

Your Tokyo Dome performance last year was exactly a year ago. Perhaps because it was a stage that you went on in a long time after recovering from your surgery you showed some tears on your solo stage, what were you thinking back then?

O: Regardless of the size of the stage, I was having heartache back then. To be honest, I couldn’t completely sing the first and second verse of the song before that stage. My voice was lost so I communicated by writing, I made jokes on phone so I was frustrated. The timing of my jokes weren’t in sync so members would write down the previous stories they were talking about and show it to only one person. Haha.

So your instinct of making jokes didn’t give up even back then too.

O: I mainly did a lot to Minho. Haha. Anyway, a lot of emotions were mixed during that time.

You are in the middle of Japanese tour, is there any change you feel while continuing with the tour?

O: As I gain experience I have a lot of know-hows on how I should do on certain points. It became more comfortable. What remains the same is that I try to make it fun. If I don’t get excited myself, I think the audience feels it too. I’m a person who considers self-satisfaction importantly.

So your throat has become better now right?

O: It has but I think I need to take care of it more systematically. So I’m looking for my own workroom too these days. I need a little space of my own to practice singing or listening to music loud or practice lines. I told that I don’t really like to show myself to others. That crying scene that was aired recently, I would close my script when someone came in while I was practicing. So I thought I really needed to search for my own space. I also have a small wish that I want to try singing a song with old friends who I can really share my heart with regardless of whether they can sing well or not. Playing piano as I like and recording together too.

Ah. I also received many reports that you like giraffes and chicken. Is there anything to add onto this list?

O: I eat chicken very well, I like giraffes because they are cool. They are so strong. Um, it’s a too broad question so I don’t have anything that pops up in my head. But there are times that I fall into something once in a while. It’s to the extent that few years ago I suddenly bought a book on human anatomy and read it. When I was in high school, I was into lucid dreaming. During that time, I always thought I didn’t have enough time but lucid dreaming, theoretically, was about flying or studying in a dream or something like that. In the end, I never succeeded. Haha.

I know there aren’t any specific plans on your solo album yet but have you ever thought about what to do?

O: No. I have never thought about it at all. I think I will think about it when it comes out because I don’t know whether I will still like the songs I like now even then. I think it’s better to do music that I find good during when the album comes out.

What is a song that you like and listen to the most now?

O: These days, I’m not listening to songs that much to the point that I only sometimes find and listen to classics. There is a classic that my mum used to play at home on cassette tapes when I was young. That song comes across in my mind. Ah, I don’t cry often but I sometimes cry when watching music films. I can feel so much in my heart. I also like going to shows too because of that feeling of being touched… I think perhaps that’s why I want to have my own workroom.

You’ve experienced so many areas from MC of a variety show, musical, sitcom and acting, is there anything you’d like to focus more out of these?

O: If there is a time that I can organize my thoughts and prepare on my own, I would want to do anything. Ah, but I really did a lot of things. But there were cases that ended early… but this time for since it was all pre-produced before broadcast I felt relieved when starting. Haha. If I could do what I wanted, I want to release the last 16th episode a month after the 15th episode gets aired but that would cause an uproar right?


You guys do not understand (I’m sure some of you do) how much I cried during this scene. This is how they decided to end it, and I loved it. 

I’m going to be honest, I am a hard core Korrasami shipper but I believed that because of LOK being a ‘Kid’s Show’ that they wouldn’t represent it….but they did. 

They didn’t kiss but this was better.

I really hope that everybody respects (doesn’t mean you had to love it) how it ended and we can all join hands just like Korra and Asami and be content with this series.