you cried during this scene


Dear Professor Hill,

For twenty-five years I’ve been a cashier. All that time my boss has treated me like his personal property. I never said anything, not even to my husband. It’s been really scary and lonely, but watching you this week felt like I was watching someone standing up for me. So thank you.


Lisa Nelson 

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i'm shrieking because my brother threatened to rat me out if I didn't get out of the bathtub and I looked at him and said "I'll tell everyone at school you cried during the proposal scene of Yuri on Ice" and he just got this terrified look on his face and yelled "You said that would stay between us!" and I basically just died because my brother is fandom trash and I can use it against him :)))


Method Man: Andrew Lincoln

Been wanting to write this post for awhile now. I have mentioned it before but I figured it deserves its own post;

So I watched this video on YouTube

Fact 47 is my favorite and may look familiar to a lot you. Beth’s death was pretty traumatic and I cried during Beth’s death scene. I was pretty fucked up. I can’t say I cared about Beth up until the hospital episodes and then I was Team Beth and couldn’t wait for her to be reunited with Maggie…and then…

R.I.P Beth

Anyway watch Rick AKA Andrew Lincoln during this scene. According to this video the death scene was a very traumatic scene to film and everyone had an emotional reaction to it. This video says Andrew actually turns away from the camera to wipe a tear. I think for this scene everyone is mostly supposed to be stunned/horrified more than sad and that’s why no one was supposed to cry. Norman Reedus actually cried beforehand so he wouldn’t cry during the scene.


To me that’s quite a powerful moment because it’s not an acted or rehearsed reaction. It’s seeing someone have a moment…I can’t describe it. I just loved that moment of pure vulnerability.

Also have never seen AL do this on the show until this moment…and then in 6B, East, when Abraham tells Rick, after Rick inquires on the whereabouts of Michonne, that she still isn’t back yet we get this moment.

(@alwayssodramatic gif)

People immediately proclaimed it was Andy wiping away a tear and I was like nah uh. Ok I was totally wrong and I am basing that on his mannerisms in hiding said tear in Beth’s scene.

Which I love this moment for all the same reasons as I loved the Beth scene but this moment isn’t anywhere near traumatic as Beth’s scene.

So why the tear? I have heard Andrew mention in an interview with Chandler Riggs that he is nearly driven to tears (I am paraphrasing) for some scenes.


Bonus Video: So here is the video, where Andy mentions his famous method acting. My favorite moment from this whole interview is when Andrew asks Chandler about seeing Danai for the first time as Michonne. You should just watch it. It happens around mark 3:25 and its amazing. 


So besides the whole method acting, is there another reason he is so sad? Rick doesn’t know Michonne has been kidnapped. She could be totally fine as far as he knows.

I chalk it up to the method acting. :D I happen to love that Andy’s so emotional for Rick. Romantic vibes are always my fave.


“Jenny! Let it go. It’s all right, Jenny. Honey, Jenny. Alright. We’re going to get you help. We’ll get you help, okay?”

Oh my God, I cried during this. Favorite scene of The L Word. Shane really cares about Jenny, and this scene is so beautiful and heartbreaking all at once.

I wrote a fanfic about it. (TW for self-harm).