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Bring It On, Winchester.

Written for @celticfire21​  for donating to my Supernatural Seattle 2017 gift!

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Word Count: 3,437

Warnings: sexual harassment, language, rough sex, squirting, overstimulation, edging, biting!kink, slight pain!kink, oral sex (male receiving), dom!Sam, dirty talk

Summary: The reader is a badass hunter that oys have run into many times over the years. There has always been a certain spark between her and Sam. While they flirt shamelessly nothing has ever come of it… until now.

Author’s Note: the biting kink thing is me dipping my toes in the water about writing a/b/o.

It had been a little over two years since you’d seen the Winchesters.

The last time you’d met up was on a witch case in Wisconsin, and that had only taken a couple days. You’d parted ways on a cold, stormy night, and since then you’d only spoken on the phone a few times, twice with Dean, once with Sam.

Now, there was a werewolf wreaking havoc in Hamden, Connecticut and the boys had called you to help out.

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Imagine meeting Dean in a bar.

Title: The Good Girl

Pairing: Dean x Reader, Sam, (briefly), Jayden, Rae, Dani, & Bailey (OFCs briefly mentioned)

Warnings: pre-smut, language, fluff

Word Count: 3.8k

A/N: So, this story is rooted in my own personal experience at 25. Obviously the guy wasn’t Dean fucking Winchester, but oh if he had been. *whew* Thank you Mimi and Erin for helping me see the issues and get them resolved. I know that a lot of you have been EAGERLY anticipating this fic. I REALLY hope it doesn’t disappoint you. It got lengthy and a little out of control and WILL have one more part. - I know it’s an HOUR LATE. SORRY!

Summary: You were a good girl. You went off to a private Christian college because  you knew there was a bad girl waiting to be set free. You wanted a career, so you made a choice. You went away. You didn’t smoke. Didn’t drink until you were 21. No bars until you were 23. Didn’t have sex until you were in love, or at least you thought you were in love. You’ve always liked who you are, but there was a pretty distinct shift when you were 25. Five friends. One guy. One piano. One drink. One bar. Everything changed. You’re different now, and you’re certain you’ll never forget that leather jacket or those green eyes. Jan. 24th, 2012. The day Dean Winchester rolled through town.

Dean Bean Lovers Tags Below, Bitches


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Damsel in Distress- Auston Matthews

Originally posted by austonmatthews-34

I literally have nothing witty to say here. Anon, I totally understood your request so don’t worry! I hope y'all enjoy it!

Warning: creepy stalker dude

Anon Request: Do you think you can do one where you are at a store and some like creepy dude won’t leave you alone and you are like wtf and creeped out and you see Auston (and like you don’t know him also by Auston I mean Matthews Auston Matthews) and are like dude can you help I don’t know this guy and he’s following me and blah blah blah and i don’t know this sounds confusing but I’m bad at explaining things. I’m sorry


              You had had better ideas in your life.

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does this make sense? | 01 (m)

 pairing: min yoongi x reader , college! yoongi
 genre/warnings: smut, future drama, future angst
• words: 11,310
summary: you meet the mysterious Yoongi at a house party and no matter how uninterested you tell yourself that you are, you can’t say no to him. Can you end up changing his playboy ways, or will you just end up getting hurt? 

» playlist | 01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05 | 06 | 07 | 08 | 09 | 10 | 11 | + | ✓

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Creep (Mitch Marner)

Anonymous said:

Can you please do 87 from the otp drabble challenge list with auston matthews or mitch marner? I love your writing!

#87: “That’s my ex-boyfriend/girlfriend.” - “Well, kiss me so they see.”

Word count: 1002

Originally posted by mttymrts

You and Mitch had been friends for a while, but you had only become good friends a few months ago. Now, it almost seemed like, wherever one was, the other was close behind. You were always going on impromptu adventures with him, he was always sending you funny videos from practice; if you weren’t together, you were sure to be talking with him on the phone. You and Mitch had such a good thing going, in fact, that you often had to ignore the raging crush you had on him.

You weren’t sure when you had developed feelings for your best friend, but you were sure that, once you had discovered that you liked him, you fell hard. Sure, it was difficult not blushing every time he grabbed your hand, or whenever he paid for something, much to your chagrin, but you managed. For one, you didn’t even think that he liked you back and, for another, you couldn’t ruin your friendship.

You had heard all the horror stories of best friends who dated, found out they were better as friends, broke up and then discovered that things just weren’t the way they were before they had started dating. You couldn’t bear the thought of Mitch not being in your life in some capacity, so you just decided to not deal with all of the very non-platonic feelings bubbling at the surface.

Today, Mitch had dragged you out to go walk around downtown Toronto with him and Auston, his other best friend. You really weren’t in the mood to go out, but Mitch had insisted, saying that he wanted to hang out before the team left for a couple of games. He also said that you need to get out of the house, since you were ‘recovering’ from the flu. You knew he was right, but that still didn’t mean that you were going to admit it.

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Image (Taehyung/Reader)

Prompt: Hey they~ can I request an angst scenario where reader and taehyung are both idols and are forced to date for public. It’s up to you on how you want to end it. Thank you! 😊

Genre: Angst

Words: 3.4k+

Author: Admin Meyg

Originally posted by bloodsweatearss

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{Special} College!AU JB
  • major: ancient history 
  • minor: latin 
  • sports: men’s lacrosse 
  • clubs: latin tutoring, classic film club
  •  looks cold an unapproachable because he’s always reading an intimidating looking book about the history of ancient greece and like he’s known as the hot older classman who can understand and speak latin fluently and apparently even a bit of Spanish?? And everyone whose ever had a class with him rants about how smart he is and how scary it is because how the hell does he know,,,,,,,,,,,,everything
  • jb in reality isn’t cold and he’s always reading because that’s his major: to read and learn about the ancient world
  • his friend youngjae tried to explain it to jb that like jb just knows all this stuff normal people probably don’t even comprehend and jb just frowns like “understanding the roots of modern day politics and society all stem from learning about ancient empires-“ and youngjae is like “see! when you talk like that it’s scary…….”
  • jb was still like ???? because to him knowing random dates and historical events that defined the renaissance is like casual small talk but apparently that isn’t true to everyone else (which is a shock to him, amazingly)
  • but aside from people not wanting to approach him because of his demeanor there’s also the fact that he’s Hot and the entire campus knows it
  • like he’s super smart, sophisticated, and also……handsome beyond words
  • the whole silk black button down shirt unbuttoned at the top and slim framed glasses + one long earring and simple silver rings that he wears he like 
  • looks like he came off the pages of a high class fashion magazine not…….the campus library………..
  • but yet you become acquainted with him through kind of uncomfortable circumstance see you’re sitting, minding your own business probably sobbing silently to yourself about an upcoming project in the quiet study part of the library 
  • when suddenly this person keeps trying to grab your attention
  • and when you look up you can only roll your eyes because it’s the gross dude that’s been chasing after you since you set foot onto campus like he saw you at orientation and tried to get your number blah blah and like you’ve turned him down countless times but he like Does Not Get It and it’s annoying
  • and like you really don’t need this now when you’re stressed enough as it is
  • so you’re like “please, go away.”
  • but ofc this douchebag doesn’t listen and keeps trying to whisper something at you and like suddenly he starts saying really…….Creepy things and honestly you’re getting scared
  • and like you don’t want to cause a scene because you’re in the silent study room and like already some students are throwing you glares because the dudes being loud
  • but also you don’t want to get up and leave because he’ll just follow you and soon enough you feel like crying a bit because now he’s like moved to sit beside you and you’re like leaning away in your chair, so much so that an inch more and you’ll fall out
  • and like you seriously can’t believe this is happening to you right now when suddenly you hear an unfamiliar voice go “come here.” and like you look up to see this tall, striking student standing in front of you
  • in one hand he has a copy of “The Rise and Decline of Macedonia” and he’s got this piercing stare that basically makes the creep that was bothering you jump up in his seat 
  • and for a second you’re like ,,,,he’s not talking to me is he?? but the boy just motions to you to get up and you’re like
  • my mom taught me not to trust strangers but trusting this (very handsome) stranger seems 100% better than staying with this creep who just won’t let up
  • so you like gather your things and stand but then the creep like grabs your arm and you wanna wrench it away but mysterious hot boy who is your savior now i guess literally puts his hand on the creeps arm and he’s like “ i will break every bone in your body if you don’t let go of them right now.”
  • and the creep like huffs like “yEAh right like you co-”
  • and the boy leans closer and he’s like “i know medieval torture techniques, wanna test me?”
  • and in that moment you swear you’ve never seen anyone look as terrified as the creep who wouldn’t leave you alone and he literally like melts into a puddle of fear while the mysterious boy just straightens up, takes your hand, and walks you out of there like nothing just happened
  • and outside you’re like “um- um tha-thank you i - um your name?” 
  • and he doesn’t look back, just tugs you along the campus and answer in this low voice; “jb.”
  • and you’re like “thank you jb, but um where are you takin-”
  • and he turns around all of a sudden, so fast you practically walk right into his back and he’s like “that creep, he’s been bothering you for a long time right?” and you shift back and forth and you’re like “yeah, but it’s ok-”
  • but jb like clicks his tongue like “is it ok? because it don’t look ok back in the library. if i wasn’t there would you have been able to do anything?” and you’re kinda like at a loss for words because like yeah you wanna be like of course!! i can fend for myself!! but at the same time in that moment when you were being harassed you’d frozen up and like if jb hadn’t put an end to it-
  • but you like look away and jb kind of sense he wnet to far with his tone and he’s like “im sorry. it’s just, ive seen him bothering you before. i have lacrosse campus outside of the english department and i see you come out and he’s always hanging around you and it annoys me because i can see you don’t like it.”
  • and you kinda like you’re like ,,,that’s true but also your heart kinda skips because like has ??? he been like watching you??? someone as handsome as him……….is this a dream
  • but you shake it off and you’re like “i don’t like it, and ive reported it but no one does anything so i just put up with it.” and jb frowns and you kind of try to force out a laugh because you don’t want him to worry
  • but jb is like out of the blue like “how about this - how about i walk you from class now on?”
  • and you’re like ?@??@!? wHA ??? and jb looks dead serious he’s like “no really, that asshole irks me the way he won’t lay off and i really think the only approach left is for someone to be there to scare him off.”
  • and like you agree, but you’re also like “jb i just met you, we aren’t even friends, what would make you want to do such a big favor like that for me?”
  • and jb just clams up a little and like you swear you see some pinkness in his cheeks or soMETHINg and jb is like !!!!!!! “ i just…..i just…….my friend junior is an ethics major and he’s always going on about how wrong the world is and seeing that creep think he’s entitled to keep bothering you like it got me thinking that i could at least maybe help stop that-”
  • and he’s rambling now and his dark, stern cold eyes are darting back and forth in cute embarrassment and you’re like ,,,,, wELL if you INSIST 
  • and that’s how you get hot, aloof mysterious ancient history major jb to kinda be like your bodyguard
  • and you tell him that your class ends at like 6:00 tomorrow and he’s like ill be there and you say your goodbyes and when you’re like in your dorm your roommate’s like so whats up
  • and you’re like “do you know a guy named jb?” and your roommate’s eyes widen like “oF COURSE I KNOW JB he’s in my archaeology of rome class and he’s sOOOooOO dreamy!!! WHY??” and you kind sink into your blankets like “…..he’s offering to walk me from my classes……” and your roommate close to like jumpS on you like WHAT TELL ME THE DETAILS 
  • and so like you go to your class with butterflies in your stomach and you’re like @ yourself like calm!!! down!!! this doesn’t mean anything jb is just a nice person
  • and when the time reaches 6 you shyly like wait outside on the corner near the building and you look up from your book to see jb there and instead of his usual jeans, button down shirt and glasses he’s got his lacrosse uniform on and his sweaty hair is in his face and he’s like “hey, sorry i just came from practice. is that creep around?” and you’re like sohidgdvjfla jkjkjk you’re like “nO!!! haven’t seen him!!” and jb smiles and you’re like holy shit am i looking at god
  • and he smiles and like a group of girls off to the side probably start screaming and you’re like ??? and jb’s like “they’re always there. idk how to get rid of them.” and you’re like omg jb you have a fanclub and he’s like what no way and you’re like smile. and he’s like what and you reach up to like pinch his cheek and be like smile!! and jb kinda reddens and you’re also like oh - oh my god im sorry i didn’t - i - and jb’s like no no it’s ……ok 
  • and you two shyly like look down and the fanclub is probably like seething but whatever this is you and jb’s au moving on
  • and so jb picks you up from class for the rest of the week and everytime all your friends gather at a distance to gwack at him and you’re like guys dont!! but they’re like DUDE YOU GOT THE MOST UNATTAINABLE GUY ON CAMPUS TO bASICalLY PROTECT YOU and you’re like ahdf SHHHH
    and each time jb just becomes more and more handsome like once he was early and was just leaning against the wall with earphones in, sipping an iced coffee and he looked like a movie star you couldn’t believe he was a real person
  • and then the youngjae accident happens
  • as in jb comes to pick you up and next to him is this smiling cute boy that excitedly introduces himself as “jb’s bestest best friend” and his name is youngjae and like before you get to your dorm youngjae is like “hey, let’s all go out to eat!! mark and jackson texted me that they’re already at our usual place, what you say?” and he’s like leaning over to you and you’re like ??? you’re inviting me and he’s like oF COUrse silly, let’s go!!! and you’re like UM and jb is like yOUNGJAE I SWEAR
  • but somEHOW you end up eating dinner and you meet the rest of jb’s friends who are all much more colorful and loud minus the english major mark who sticks to just eating the whole time LOL
  • but as you’re going back to the campus, and mark is trying to carry a tipsy jackson on his back and jb is apologizing to you for his friends youngjae is like
  • “hey, jb you should invite your significant other more often!! they’re so cute and funny!!” 
  • and you and jb are like : SIGNIFICANT OTHER????
  • and youngjae’s like yEAH ive never seen jb so in love with someone and you’re like WHAgjsedfw and jb is like youngjae. you’re dead. im gonna smother you in your sleep. say goodbye- and probably starts chanting some curse in latin
  • but not the point
  • after what youngjae says jb actually finally gets the guts to ask you out on a real date, like you know after he picks you up from class
  • and it’s cute you guys go to a museum screening of a  documentary on rome and jb chats excitedly about it and you might not know half the terms he’s using but seeing him smile so much literally melts your heart into 23124 pieces
  • and after that well you know ITS HISTORY (i couldn’t resist)
  • you still get walked from class by jb except this time he gives you greeting kisses and like you have his hands around your waist while you two walk
  • and the entire campus is up in flames over you two
  • but you and jb just like enjoy each others company
  • and jb gets into the habit of comparing you to beautiful art pieces from the past and you’re like oh my god and i swear jb probably refereed to you as like an ethereal being once to youngjae and like youngjae never lets him live it down
  • at the campus Halloween party yall went as a mythical couple flower crowns, togas, you know all of it and it was literally the cutest couple costume ever (you guys made the college newspaper)
  • and jb loves just having you listen to him study latin out loud and you compliment how beautiful he sounds and he’s like what no;;;; and you’re like “jb you sound like a young scholar from the past” and he’s like aG?hfkow but he loves the praise. he loves it
  • jackson: “cupid really got you jb, didn’t he???” 
  • jb: “jackson you have three seconds to run.”
  • you and jb staying in to watch old movies but also jb takes you out dancing to one of the clubs in town and boYYYY  does he know how to GRINDDDD 
  • you and jb plan a study abroad to greece because it’s been his dream since he entered college and im not saying anything but you two + a hotel balcony + some wine + you know where im going with this 
  • jb getting you roses the morning after and also sneaking past the teacher whose supposed to be on guard duty LOL
  • but yes you and jb just cuddle together and you’re always in his lap with your hands around his neck, he loves when you kiss up his jawline
  • and that creep? the one that was bothering you from before? well one look at jb and he RUNS the opposite direction at the speed of light
  • and not even jb, the rest of college!got7 like corners him one day and is like: if you touch the love of jb’s life of jb - we will make sure to end you.
  • in conclusion: you and jb sharing eskimo kisses as mark makes a gagging face in the background GOODNIGHT 

thatoneyoulove  asked:

Idk where you want requests... Sorry, here goes: I thought you were my best friend so I jumped on you, but it turns out your just a really famous singer trying to get some shopping done without being noticed. Sorry? Or I'm a cop and you hate it, cause you're always worrying about me, but I love that I get to help people, and we try to work it out. Fluffy and worrying. Idk, those were bad, I'm sorry! But love your writing!!! And thank you, sorry if this is the wrong place.

A/N Thank you so much for your requests!! They are both awesome! This is exactly where they should be sent. I decided to go with the first one but may revisit the other at a later date because it seems pretty cool. Thank you for reading my stuff, I hope you enjoy this!


Thirty minutes late. I sighed, pulling out my phone and verifying the time. I should be used to this by now but it was still frustrating. It sucked to be always on time, to stress about punctuality, and then get rewarded for my promptness by waiting for everyone else to arrive. My best friend, Oliver, was the worst offender. Knowing him he’d found some hot guy on his way into the store and was currently chatting up his latest conquest, oblivious to the fact that I was haunting the home goods store, circling the aisles in a random pattern and avoiding the workers.

“Where are you?” I texted him, considering 30 minutes enough time waiting to not be considered a nag. And really, to be fair (to me), it was 45 minutes. Like the neurotic freak I am, I had arrived 15 minutes early. The sales people in the store probably thought I was nuts.

I did another circle of the lighting department, staring at the ornate lamps on display and fingering the delicate tassels on the shades. There was a blue Victorian inspired one I was especially fond of. I was ogling the intricate embroidery on it when I finally spotted him. His back was to me but I recognized his slim build with surprisingly broad shoulders. His dark hair was covered by a baseball cap.

Sneaking up behind him, I put my hands on his shoulders and jumped on his back. “Finally!” I said, “I’ve been waiting for you for ages.”

“What the fuck?” I instantly went stiff, sliding down his back and stepping away, my eyes growing wide. Fuck! Oliver didn’t have an Irish accent.

“Oh my god, I’m so sorr…” I started to apologize, absolutely mortified. The words died on my lips as my poor accosted stranger turned and I was confronted by the bluest eyes I have ever seen. His forehead was creased as he looked at me, obviously annoyed by my assault. He was fidgeting irritably with a phone and water bottle in his hands, shifting them from one to the other as he took a deep breath.

“Look, I woulda taken a picture with ya. You didn’t need to jump on me.”

“I’m sorry?” I asked, confused. A picture?

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Vincent Bauer x Reader - Feeling you Part 1[SMUT]

My first fanfiction’s about Norman Reedus’ character in Air (2015).

Maybe this won’t be the only one fic about him I’ll write.

Hope you like it babies ♥

WARNING: EXPLICIT SEXUAL CONTENT (Oral [Reader receiving], a little bit of daddy kink because I’m an horrible person)


Originally posted by reedusnorman

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Not Yours to Keep (John Wick x Reader)

Pairing; John x Reader

Warnings: Cursing and a weirdo who stalks you.


200. “Please pretend to be my girlfriend/boyfriend.”

Tags; @nostalgic-uncertainty


“Oh no, oh no. Shit, shit shit!” You cursed as you ran along the sidewalk, looking for some man, of course you did pass many men, but he had to be handsome and look like he could murder someone.

“(Y/N)! (Y/N) wait! I just want to talk, come on.” Well, your ‘ex’ boyfriend didn’t seem to respond to your running away and instead, he was chasing after you. It was… well, it was freaking you out because he was a stalker of sorts… and wouldn’t leave you alone, kept hounding you for the name of your boyfriend, he knew where your flat was. Yet he didn’t know the phone number to your phone because you had changed it.

Crap, this older looking man and his dog would have to do, you quickly latched onto the man’s arm, fear playing in your eyes as you whispered to him, “Please pretend to be my boyfriend.” The man, of course didn’t get a chance to respond, he was tense, however and looked rather upset as he glared down at you and then glared up at your ex that slid to a stop in front of you.

You were nervous, your heart was pounding, not just from the running, you were scared of your ex even though he appeared harmless, he could get angry in a split second.

“H-hey (Y/Ex/N).” you stuttered out his name a bit awkwardly as the man, this dude who still hadn’t said anything, or relaxed, shifted in his spot and puffed his chest out a bit.

Your ex looked from you, to the man you were clinging to, you wanted to start shaking but you didn’t you held completely still and tried to swallow your nerves, “Who is this?” He asked slowly, cautiously as he eyed the taller man.

The brown haired man looked down to you with cold eye and then looked back to the person you used to call your boyfriend, “I am John, (Y/N)’s… fiance.”

Of course, that came as a surprise to you when he said that because you wanted a boyfriend, not a man who was going to marry you, that was when John got down on one knee, “(Y/N), I can’t stand knowing you could be swept away by another man… I would have done this tonight, but I couldn’t wait any longer, would you marry me, (Y/N)?” He pulled out a plain, gold ring that clearly belonged to himself, then offered it to you.

Come on, you were a woman, what did anyone around you expect, you were crying. More or less from shock, but crying nonetheless as you had to keep this up in front of your ex, “Y-Yes, John, I will marry you.” Your voice was thick with a stutter as he put the ring on your finger and pulled himself up to peck your cheek and hug you.

You were still in a shock from this man, who was an incredible actor, but also a savior, and you were so glad that he had been here.

You ex boyfriend looked really pissed as well as shocked as he stared at the two of you, both looked like a very happy engaged couple.

“Wow, alright (Y/N), good luck with John.” The man sneered just slightly as he then turned and walked away with his hands clenched into fists as rage seeped from him. Yet once he was gone, you felt yourself grow a bit weak as you shook your head and laughed a bit.

“Holy shit, thank you, so much for that. You are an amazing actor.” You groaned and put your hand on his chest in relief that your ex was gone, but there was a nagging feeling that said he wasn’t gone for good, “Alright…”

“I need a place to stay.” He suddenly spoke up, taking a step away from you and taking his ring back, and you would be lying if you said you didn’t miss it.

“I can get you a hotel room-”

“Your house, I can protect you from that creep, he will be coming back.”

You swallowed nervously and crossed your arms, unsure about this man… but, he had a dog. And dogs knew the good people, so… you’d let the man stay the night… of course never knowing what would happen to you…

And yet… John knew he would be at fault for what was going to happen next.

The Sun and Moon (Harrison Osterfield)

Originally posted by starkquinzel

Pairing: Harrison Osterfield x Stan!Reader, Sebastian Stan x Sister!Reader

Warning: Cursing

Summary: Y/N is Sebastian Stan’s little sister, who he decided to bring on set with him since he and his sister are inseparable. And while on set, Y/N finds herself falling for Harrison, her new friend Tom’s best mate, and can’t help but think he doesn’t notice her.

Author: Dizzy

A/N: This cute fic was requested by anonymous who said, “oooh 😊 can you please do a fic with Harrison where maybe the reader is the younger sibling of one of the avengers cast and she doesn’t think he notices her ? thank you 😊😁💓”

Masterlist Request a Prompt

“You know, it’s rude to stare.” Sebastian stated from behind you.

You pulled your eyes away from the boys that stood far before you and looked at your older brother.

“I wasn’t staring.” You replied. “I was just observing.”

“Well, then you were doing some creepy and rude observing.” Sebastian mocked. “Just go talk to him, Y/N.”

“No, no way. I’m not talking to him. He doesn’t even know who I am.”

“You sound like you did when you were in high school.” Sebastian said with a shake of his head. “Just go up and talk to him. I mean, Tom’s with him and you guys are friends aren’t you?”

“Well, yeah but-”

“But nothing. If you want Harrison to notice you, you just have to talk to him or make an ass of yourself like you always do.”

You gasped and playfully slapped your brother’s arm. “I have never made an ass of myself!”

Sebastian arched an eyebrow and gave you a look, a devilish smirk on his lips.

“Oh, really? What about that time you tackled the school mascot-”

“That was a dare.”

“Okay. What about the time you got wasted and projectile vomited-”

“You’re the one who got me drunk!”

“Ugh, fine. What about the time you took a nose dive down the stairs and-”

“You tripped me and I broke my nose!”

“Quit making excuses!” Sebastian exclaimed.

“Quit getting me into trouble!” You replied.

“Just go talk to him! My god, Y/n, if you don’t talk to him sooner or later I’ll just tell him about the little crush you have on him.”

“You wouldn’t dare.”

“Oh, but I would.” Sebastian remarked.

“You are the worst.”

“But, you love me.” Sebastian chuckled. “I got to go film, but you have to talk to him. You just have to.”

“Why do you keep pushing this?” You asked with a raised brow. “Is there something I don’t know?”

“You’ll never know if you don’t talk to him.”

“But I like admiring him from afar.”

“Y/N, you creep, just do what you’re told. I’ll see you later.”

“Bye, Seb.” You sighed, placing your chin in your hand as you watched Tom and Harrison joke around, debating on whether or not you really wanted to talk to them.

“Y/N!” Tom hollered, his voice pulled you from your train of thought.


“Come here!” He replied, motioning for you to come to where he and Harrison were standing.

You arose from your seat and ran over to them.

“What’s up, Holland?”

“Nothing much, Stan.” Tom said, wrapping an arm around your shoulders. “Harrison and I were wondering if you wanted to go get dinner with us.”

“Oh, I don’t know, Tom. Sebastian said something about wanting to go get take out and watch movies with Chris and Anthony.” You replied, your eyes not on Tom, but Harrison.

“Come on, Y/N, we never hang out and you always hang out with the guys.”

“Well, yeah. Cause they’re my brother’s friends. I’m better friends with Chris than Anthony, but you know what I’m saying.”

“Can’t you ditch the guys for one night and hang out with us? I want to get to know you better.”

You thought about it for a moment, you really didn’t want to hang out with the guys and Tom and Harrison were good guys. You also thought about Sebastian telling you to talk to Harrison and not make an ass of yourself, but your stubbornness was definitely making you seem like an ass.

“Okay, fine. I’d like to get dinner with you guys.” You agreed. “Besides, it’s not like the guy’s will miss me that much. We hang out all the time.”

“I bet Chris will miss you.” Harrison spoke up.

“What makes you say that?” You asked, wondering why he was bringing up Chris.

The first time you’re going to hang out with the guy you have a thing for is the first time he asks you about another guy.

“Well, you guys are dating, aren’t you?”

You laughed. You laughed hysterically.

“What? Me and Chris? God, no! He’s like my brother. Hell, he acts like my brother!” You exclaimed with laughter. “Me and Chris aren’t dating.”

“Oh.” Was all Harrison had to say.

“I should go tell the guys that I won’t be having dinner with them. I’ll be right back.” You stated.

“I’ll come with you. I need to talk to Sebastian about a scene were doing tomorrow.” Tom said, following you away from Harrison and towards your brother’s trailer.

You two walked in silence before Tom spoke up.

“I know about your crush on Harrison.” He said softly.

“Let me guess, Sebastian told you?” He nodded. “Figured. He can’t keep a secret to save his life.”

“Well, neither can I because I had to tell him a secret to get that secret out of him.” Tom explained.

“Well, what was the secret?”

“I can’t tell you because it’s a secret.”

“But you told Sebastian! And we have the same DNA, so we’re like the same person.”

“I won’t tell you the secret, but I’ll tell you this,” Tom started, “You look at Harrison like he’s the sun and he looks at you and thinks you’re as beautiful as the moon and it’s a fucking tragedy cause you both think the other is looking at the goddamn ground.”

You internalized Tom’s words for a moment, too shocked to know how to respond as you approached Sebastian’s trailer.

“Wait, so Harrison likes me?” You asked. “How? I thought he didn’t notice me.”

“It’s cause you both don’t talk to each other! You’re both a couple of pansies let me tell you.” Tom exclaimed, annoyed.

“Goddammit. I’m an idiot.” You shook your head before you opened the trailer door and climbed in.

Sebastian and the guys were seated on the couch in the trailer, all three looking at you expectedly.

“So, are you going to hang out with Tom and Harrison?” Sebastian asked.

“Yeah, how’d you know?” You looked between Sebastian and Tom.

“They’re in kahoots.” Chris spoke up. “Come on, kid, did you really think this was all an accident? They’ve been planning this shit for a week.”

Sebastian jabbed Chris in the ribs with his elbow. “You weren’t supposed to tell her all that.”

“Sorry.” Chris mumbled, rubbing his side.

“You guys should probably go, wouldn’t want to keep that boyfriend of yours waiting.” Sebastian said.

You crossed your arms over your chest and blushed. “He isn’t my boyfriend.”

“Not yet.”

“Let’s go.” Tom said, grabbing a hold of your arm and leading you out if the trailer.

You walked in silence, lost in your own worlds until you made it back to where Harrison was waiting for you.

Tom coughed as you guys approached Harrison. “You guys should go ahead. I’m not starting to feel well.”

“You bastard.” You whispered so that only Tom could hear.

He stifled a laugh as he coughed again. “Yeah, I’m just going to go lie down or something. But, please go on without me.”

“That’s an awful impression, mate.” Harrison said. “I thought you were an actor.”

You laughed as Tom’s expression changed from a look of fake pain to a look of insult.

“Well at least I don’t have a crush on a girl who I just got the guts to talk to today.” Tom countered before turning on his heel and running.

“Don’t mind him, him and my brother are the reason we’re going to get dinner now.” You said, looping your arm around Harrison’s, a new found confidence washing over you.

“We’re getting dinner?”

“Hell yeah, we are. I didn’t just go through all that to not go to dinner with you.”

“You’re amazing.” Harrison said softly.

“And so are you.” You blushed. “Now, let’s go before all the good places get busy.”

Sirius Black x Reader- Not Like Other Girls

Request: “ hi could you do a sirius x reader where shes the first girl he’s actually really liked and the marauders tease him cause he’s know to be a player ?? also your writing is really good !” - Anon

Warnings: none

Word Count: 1261

A/N: This is in Sirius’s POV. I just wanted to switch it up a bit, hope you don’t mind. Thank you again for the request babe! -Em (the other admin)

Originally posted by nellaey

  Sirius was confused. It was a baffling mystery that left him stumped. He didn’t understand why he started getting nervous when you entered the room. Maybe he found you intimidating… yeah, that had to be it. With your playful smile, stunning eyes, and your charm, he found it a bit overwhelming. But, he understood. He was very much like that. He decided to talk to you, one gorgeous person to another. He swaggered over to you.

  “Hey, Y/N” Sirius said, his nerves beginning to act up again. “Hi, Black” you smiled. Oh no, he was losing confidence. “U-um…What’s up?” he stuttered. He silently cursed himself, what was wrong with him? “What’s up?” More like, what’s up with you Sirius Black? This is what it feels like to be Peter then…

  “Oh, nothing really. I’m actually just waiting for a friend,” you answered “You?” This was the perfect opportunity to seduce win her over. Maybe an “I’m actually lost… lost in your eyes!” or how about a “Currently, I’m just falling for you.” It worked on a ton of other girls, except unlike other girls, you managed to “intimidate” him. 

  So before he could manage out any words, your friend appeared beside you. “Y/N, Let’s go,” she said. “Okay,” you replied, “See you later, Black.” You gave him a wink and departed. “…bye” he mumbled after you left. He gave a sigh and frowned. Why couldn’t he talk to you normally? He walked over to where the other Marauders were. 

  He was met with a laughing James, a smirking Remus, and a chuckling Peter. “I don’t get it!” Sirius cried. “Sirius, oh god mate… you looked so nervous!” James snickered. “Shut up,” Sirius muttered, “She’s just incredibly….“ “What? ” James teased “hot, sexy, pretty?” Sirius frowned. “I was going to say intimidating.”

  “Huh. Yeah sure” Remus scoffed. “What do you mean by ‘yeah sure’?” Sirius questioned. “He means that he thinks you… like her.” Peter said. “And what exactly is that supposed to mean?” Sirius, now getting worried. “Sirius, you have a crush,” Peter said, a smile creeping onto his face. 

  Sirius has been living with this information for two weeks. That meant two weeks of avoiding you, not flirting with other girls, and MERCILESS TEASING FROM THE MARAUDERS (thanks, James.) But he was okay with it. Is this what it feels like to be in love? This terrifying fuzzy feeling that made him crazy… he liked it.

  “Hey loverboyy…” James said, interrupting his thoughts. “Oh, shut up.”  Sirius retorted. “Sirius, stop staring at Y/N” Remus said appearing beside him. “Was I staring at her!?” Sirius asked, completely horrified. He really didn’t want to come off as creepy or desperate. He had to keep up his “heartbreaker” reputation which was falling apart ever since he laid his eyes on you.

  “Just ask her out.” groaned an exasperated Remus. “But… I can’t just do that!” sputtered a flustered Sirius. “Yes you can,” Peter said in a matter-of-factly “You’ve asked out a ton of girls. What makes her different?” “Oh god… ‘What makes her different?’ You’ve got to be kidding me,” Sirius cried in disbelief “Look at her. She’s amazing. She, she is unbelieva-” 

  “Ok, we get it, Pads,” James rolled his eyes “She’s a goddess.” Sirius pouted and glanced over at you. You were laughing. He took note of the way your eyes crinkle when you laughed, your smile making the room seem a bit brighter, and how cute your laugh was. Her friend must’ve told a funny joke. He looked over, expecting to see one of your closest friends.

  But, you were talking with a guy. A guy? Sirius had never seen you with another guy before. Was he your boyfriend?!? “Jaaammeeess,” Sirius elbowed him. “That hurt,” he said frowning “What do you want?” “Look at Y/N” he said urgently. James turned and looked at the two of you. “Who is he?” he muttered. “I don’t know. All I know is that I don’t like him” Sirius seethed.

  You said your farewell to the mystery boy. “Good,” Sirius grunted, his scowl not leaving his face. Then you hugged him. You HUGGED THAT BOY. That boy with the ugly face, stupid hair, disgusting slimy smile. He was absolutely despicable. No, he was-

  “Sirius, you need to calm down” Remus pointed out “You literally radiate anger” Sirius looked down, his jaws clenched. His fist was around his wand, ready to use at any moment. He took in a deep breath to calm himself. “I’m fine,” he lied. Jealousy. He never felt so jealous of someone in his whole life.

  Remus raised his eyebrows, then a devious smirk appeared on his face. “What are you doing? I don’t trust you with that evil smil-” Sirius started. Remus walked across the room over to you. He began to talk to you. You nodded and followed him back to where the rest of the Marauders were. As soon as they were approaching, James nodded “I guess that’s our cue to leave.” 

  The three of them left him alone… with you. “Hey Sirius, Remus said you wanted to talk to me?” You said. He wasn’t mentally prepared for this. “Um… yeah, sure of course.” he said awkwardly, “I was just wondering who was that guy you were talking to” You smiled “That was my older brother, Daniel. Why?” 

  She had a twinkle in her eye like she knew exactly what was going to happen next. This girl was going to be the end of him. “Oh, my,” Sirius paused “friend likes you” Why did he lie? It was such a bad lie…. She probably knows he’s lying.

 “Really?” You raised your eyebrows, obviously unconvinced “tell me about him.” “Well, he says you drive him crazy,” Sirius said, not paying attention to what he was saying. “But, he thinks you’ve got a great smile, you’re funny and just incredible. He feels that he… loves you ” That earned a smile from you but soon your smile turned into a smirk.

  “Hmmm… I’m glad you think I’m incredible” you said, unable to hold your grin back. “Wait, how did you know?!” he said shocked. “I didn’t but you just confirmed my suspicions. Thanks, Black.” you laughed. He stood there, completely taken aback, meaningless words spewing out of his mouth. “But… you… I …and” he muttered.

  You found this adorable but nevertheless expected something. This boy just confessed his love for you. After a few seconds of shell-shocked Sirius, you rolled your eyes and said: “Just shut up and kiss me.” Now, it was Sirius’s turn to smirk. He’s been waiting for two weeks to hear those words slip from your lips.

  He brought your lips quickly to his. You were a bit surprised but relaxed into the kiss. Your eyes fluttered shut. His lips were soft and tasted like honey. His hands ran up and down your body. Your hands were tangled in his hair. He smelled of mint, hair product, and the faint scent of cigarettes. The kiss was full of impatient waiting. The wants from both sides made the kiss fierce and passionate. 

  The two of you stopped and looked at each other breathlessly. “Sirius,” you began. “Yes?” “I love you too.”


This oneshot idea has been written in the notes of my phone for literally forever, so last night I started writing it up.

Fluff ahoy. Post-Tokyo.

Exhaustion didn’t even begin to cover what he was feeling as he trudged towards the main room, doing so as quietly as he possibly could. Such a skill wasn’t usually difficult for him considering his level of stealth.

But when fatigue was thrown into the mix, his footsteps were a little louder and stealth kind of went out the window.

Robin yawned as he moved. His legs felt sluggish and his signature red backpack was weighing heavy on his shoulders, even though there wasn’t that much stuff inside. He had a feeling his mask was slightly askew too but he wasn’t too bothered considering he’d be taking it off soon enough.

As the doors opened with a whoosh, Robin couldn’t help but smile as the familiar scent of home filled his senses. The faint aroma of pancakes with the smallest hint of tofu in the air, the slight burn smell from the game station running throughout the day, whiffs of the girls’ respective perfumes.

It always hit him harder when he’d been away for a while.

“Rob!” Came a surprised but upbeat voice.

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Shy (Ch. 4)

Summary: When Ian and Mickey are having heated and jealous sex, Terry walks in and forces Mickey to do something he does not want to do.

Word Count: 3382

Notes: This chapter is so much longer than the others, but here it is :)

Chapters:1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

For the past two days, Mickey had been pestering Ian about coming to a party with him on Thursday night. People in the school were finally starting to accept their relationship, other than Rick, but no one cares about him. Mickey was obviously still getting invited to all the big events, but now they were telling him to bring his boyfriend along as well. “Please, Ian. It’s one party,” he begged. “It’s at Katie’s house, she’s nice to you. You like her, she likes you— friends. You guys are friends. Friends go to their friends parties.”

“More like lab partner,” he scoffed. Yeah, him and Katie were friendly with each other, but they weren’t anything other than classmates. “Anyway, Mickey, you’re gonna want to hang out with your dumbass friends when we get there. Why do I have to go?” He complained.

“I just fucking like it better when you’re there,” Mickey crossed his arms. He never gave a pouty look, but right now his eyes were piercing through Ian’s and practically daring him to go.

Shrugging and letting out an annoyed huff, Ian replied. “Fine, whatever. I’ll fucking go. If it ends in another fagbash though like last time, I’m gonna kill you.” His tone was stern.

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Daryl x Reader - Stressed out [SMUT] (Request)


Anon: hello, your fics are great ! i was wondering if you could take this small request of mine:D basically a small smut darylxreader in the prison BUT they get interrupted by Daryl’s brother , complaining for the too much noise and then making fun of them so daryl would get all over protective maybe? thank you already for listening to me –

Daryl and Reader are together since the farm (season 2) so Merle doesn’t know they’re together.

Warning: SMUT


The hot sun of Georgia was tiring.

Today I’m on fence duty with Carol and Maggie, killing walkers get to close to the prison.

“Take this you son of a bitch” I say while I stab the walker on its head.

That elicited a laugh from Carol: “Someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed”

“ Yeah, and I need to let my anger out or I’ll explode” I answer while killing another walker violently.

“Why are you this angry? What’s happened?”  asked Maggie, worry about my behaviour.

I stop and turn toward the other two women: “Today I was supposed to stay with Daryl…it’s been a while since we spend some time together … But of course Rick needs some baby stuff and sent him on a ran early in the morning” I finish angrily, stabbing another walker.

Carol and Maggie laughed at that

“Girls, that’s not funny at all! I’m so stressed out you have no idea!”

“ Well you should…” Carol didn’t finish her sentence because all of us were interrupted by the sound of a bike getting close to the gate.

“Oh my God he’s back!” I say with a bright smile.

Maggie put her hand on my shoulder “Go to him, we take care of the walkers”.

I hug her and then run toward the prison’s entrance.

Once I arrived there, Daryl was handing over to Rick all the baby supplies he found.

“Hey stranger” I say to make him notice me

He smile and get off his bike, opening his arms.

I run toward him and almost knock him down: “Hey sunshine, I’m sorry about the ran but the little ass kicker needs some food and diapers”

Snuggling into his chest I mutter: “It’s okay”.

Suddenly Daryl separates from me: “Why don’t you wait in our cell while I talk to Rick for a sec?”

Nodding I walk inside the prison, finally I can have some alone time with my man.


I was sitting on our bed for some minutes now, wondering what Daryl and Rick were talking about.

My thoughts were interrupted by a kiss on my temple that makes me jump a little

“Sorry! I didn’t want to scare you” Daryl scoffed

“I was thinking about something, you shouldn’t creep up on people!” I answer, pushing him lightly on his arm.

Daryl shakes his head and sits down next to me.

He hide his face onto his hands, that makes me worry: “Hey baby, what’s up?”
“Nothing, I’m just stressed you know? People counts on me and always makes me do things…it’s suffocating because I need to have some  free time but at the same time I don’t want to let them down”

I nod at that, I know that feeling.

Before the apocalypse I had to take care of my siblings because my mother was really busy and we didn’t have a father… I wonder if they’re okay since I got separated from them.

I kiss his shoulder and then I lay a trail of kisses from his shoulder to his neck, until his jawline, stopping between kisses to talk to him: “What do you say…If I…fuck the stress out of you?”

Daryl growled while I straddle him, sitting onto his hips.

I start to kiss and bit his neck while I grind on him slowly.

“Oh god, keep going” Daryl moaned, gabbing my ass and moving my hips.

I keep that up for awhile until I bit his lobe.

Daryl push me away, making me stand up: “Take off your clothes, now!”

“So demanding” I say grinning.

While I take off my clothes he was doing the same quickly, until he was naked and I had just my underwear on.

Teasingly I reach behind me, and undo the hook of my bra, however I don’t take it off immediately.

I take each strap down my arms slowly, while Daryl stare at me, stroking his cock.

Seeing how he’s horny for me makes me moan.

Finally I take off my bra and I throw it at him.

He laughed at that “You little tease”.

After he stops laughing, I turn around and slowly take off my panties, giving him a good view of my back, making him moan.

“C’mon here baby girl”

That pet name made me wetter and made me want him more, so I stroll over him, and I take his cock in one swift move.

We both moan loudly at that.

I start to bounce on him fast while he start to play with my bouncing breast.

“Look at this beautiful tits, they’re all mine” he says before taking my nipple into his mouth and pinching the other

“ah yes, they’re yours, they’re all yours”.

Apparently that makes Daryl hornier since he started to thrust hard and fast against me.

The more he thrust the more I scream, I really don’t care if someone hear us, Daryl is so good.

Daryl leaves my breast for my neck, biting and sucking, making me scream more.

“Daryl I’m going to…”
“Well…well…well look at that”

Daryl abruptly stop while I gasped in surprise.

I forgot that Daryl brought Merle, his brother, to the prison.

I’d like to say that he’s sweet like his baby brother but nope, he’s just a creepy asshole.

“I’ll be damned! So Darylina has balls after all…and damn look at those tits, she’s an hot piece of chick brother”
At that, Daryl clenched is jaw, he throw his shirt at me and stand up: “Don’t talk to her like that you asshole”
Merle laughed at that” ooh, I’m sorry brother, I didn’t know you became all sentimental”

Daryl just push Merle out of our cell, he was really pissed off.

After he made sure his brother went away, Daryl walk back to our bed.

I hug him and take him down on the bed with me: “Thank you for defending me”
Daryl looks down and smile at me: “Nobody talks like that to my girl”

We stayed like that for minutes, looking at each other smiling.

“So…” Daryl interrupted the silence and start trailing his hands up my leg and toward  my centre

“where were we?”

“Really Daryl? We’re just been cockblocked by your brother” I giggle

“Yeah but seeing you with my shirt on and nothing else made me hard again”

Laughing he starts to kiss me again, ready to finish what I’ve started.


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you give me something to think about (chapter 1)

Read on ao3

Summary: Trini has no plans for the future, no idea of what she’s going to do after she leaves school. All that’s left is to enjoy the last year she has left.

And oh, what a year it will be.

The Slowburn Hogwarts AU that no one asked for.

Trini stifles a yawn behind her mouth as she steps onto the pitch. It was early enough in the morning that the sky was barely lit, and Trini shivers a little at the lack of the sun’s warmth. She closes her eyes for a moment, breathing in the smell of grass and the dewy morning air. She loves Hogwarts, but sometimes the Hufflepuff dorm was too… crowded wasn’t exactly the word for it, but it didn’t always feel right. She always found it ironic that even in a world full of witches, wizards, and magical creatures, she still somehow felt out of place. Taking another clearing breath, Trini mounts the broomstick and kicks off. She lazily circles the pitch, more focused on brooding and enjoying the sunrise than she is on actually flying.

She’s seventeen. In her last year at Hogwarts, and even though she was more or less a loner at school, she still thought of the castle as home, more so than the house her family lived in. While she is excited to be back, she still can’t quiet the anxiety she feels when she thinks about the future. Shaking her head, she leans down and picks up speed, starting to weave patterns around the goalposts. She’d always dreamed of flying as a kid; it was an escape, a chance to get away from the heavy expectations of her parents, the stares and comments from the other kids at school, the bullying, all of the confusing emotions that she always tried to bury. Flying was easier than thinking about the real world, and it was something that Trini always turned to when stressed.

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Sassy!Stark Part 7

Pairing: dad!Tony x daughter!reader, Nat, Sam, Steve

Warnings: Angst, anxiety tw

Word count: 1,901

A/N: My encounter with the rude creep who forced me to go park somewhere else and opened the door to my car after I had already gotten in and the subsequent panic attacks inspired this. Don’t read this if you get upset by reading about stuff like this!

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6

Originally posted by fighting-myown-demons

You hated driving in New York. The traffic was fucking insane, people ran across the streets without even bothering to look left and right and the parking situation was the worst of it all. Just finding a parking spot took forever. It had taken you a solid half an hour until you had finally found one - there was no sign declaring that it was a private parking spot, so without giving it another thought, you got out of the car and rushed into the hair salon.

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rustedrobonerd  asked:

hiya~ just passing by and thinking about reaper76 (no reader insert) and their pretended marriage au 😏 whatcha' thinking 'bout that love? p.s. just wanted to tell you that your writing always bring smile on my face, the way you have with words captivated me from your first posts and i don't think i will ever forget your style (just really love your humour the jokes in it work every time) (although i find your blog only when you started writing overwatch fics i wish i found you sooner)

(my jokes work, thank god. You have no idea how long I’ve been chewing on that one, waiting for someone to tell me if my attempts at humour land. This really made my day <3

Also Fake Marriage, yes pleas.
Because just, hnnngh. Gabe more or less reluctantly teaming up with Overwatch after it turns out he’s been set up/lots of misunderstandings/shenanigans. But he and Jack have been drifting apart for so long and even though both technically know they’ve been played out against each other, knowing it and acting accordingly are two very different things. 
They fight, they argue, they can’t stand being in the same room and it’s worse because both remember they used to be inseparable.

So, shit happens and they have to pretend to love each other. They have to dig deep under all the baggage to find that affection they used to hold for each other, and what’s scary is that it’s easy.
The first morning Gabriel shovels six spoon fulls of sugar into his coffee cup, hesitates, then just upends the whole damn sugar bowl into his coffee, Jack doesn’t have a problem hugging him from behind and kissing him good morning.
And when Jack loses horribly at some video game because he’s too busy admiring the scenery (”look at those trees, Gabe, they’re all handcrafted. Every one of them. Look at the trees.” “Will you please look at the giant venomous spider instead?”) Gabriel laughs like he hasn’t in ages.

I will go down with that trope tbh, and because I have no restraint, I wrote just under 2k words which may or may not be the beginning of a multichapter fic I’ll be putting on AO3.

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Deranged: Part 4

Originally posted by taehyungifs

“Sometimes human places, create inhuman monsters.” -Stephen King

Warning: Contains violence and tense situations in some chapters

Teaser  Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 5  Part 6

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Wings [Part 5] || Taehyung


Pairing - Kim Taehyung x Reader

Genre - Fantasy, Fallen Angel! AU, Fluff, Smut, Angst

Summary - As your day progressed with hues of blues, (another) cute guy comes along, making you feel your life wasn’t all that boring.

Next morning dawned like nothing happened the day before. The sun shone bright, birds chirped, cars honked, everybody was alive.

You got up, half asleep, searching for your phone to deactivate the alarm that was ringing annoyingly. Finally finding it under your shoulder, you switched it off and almost fell back asleep when you heard a soft knock on the door.

‘Y/N?’ You heard Jin’s voice.

You were pretty pissed at him to say the least. It was childish, definitely, but you felt he, as your best friend, had a duty to encourage you through your social life as you were very bad at making new friends.

'Are you awake?’ He asked again, this time louder.

'Yeah.’ You almost whispered, but you figured he could still hear you.

'I’m going for my class. It’s earlier than usual today. I’ll see you in the evening. Love you and take care, alright?’ You heard him say in a defeated voice as his footsteps retreated from your door.

Sighing, you picked up your bag and put on your shoes, the toast still in your hand.

For some reason, you had no appetite today, but you were also slightly looking forward to attending work.

“Thanks, Taehyung for making me look forward to work for the first time ever.” You silently thought, but the next thing what happened had you whipping your head around.

“You’re welcome, Y/N.”

You stopped at the door, 'What? Who? Who said that? Who’s there?’ To say that you were surprised and shocked, would no doubt be an understatement. You were more than just shocked; You were scared beyond belief that you almost shouted for Jin.

But you stayed quiet and strained your ears for any more noises. When you heard none, you hurriedly grabbed your keys and ran out of the door, almost forgetting to lock it.

Meanwhile, Taehyung face palmed so hard that it sounded like a thunder clap.

He couldn’t believe he had been extremely stupid to actually talk to you telepathically. It was by reflex, as far as he could reason.

'That was kind of what was expected of you, Kim Taehyung,’ Taehyung whipped around, almost bumping into the black haired man.

'Shit. Min Yoongi, you need to stop creeping up on me like that.’ He said before turning back, just in time to see you walk out of the gates of your apartment complex.

'But why? It’s fun.’ Yoongi said, keeping a smug look on his face, also watching you walk in the other direction.

'You could always just seem to appear out of no where and offer her a ride,’ he said again, as he exchanged glances between Taehyung’s eager gaze and your retreating figure.

'I don’t want to seem like some creepy stalker to her.’ He said, giving him an annoyed look. Taehyung just wanted some peace of mind, and Yoongi’s presence was not helping at all.

'Like what you are doing isn’t creepy enough already. You spoke in her head and are keeping a very “keen” eye on her. I’m sure she doesn’t think any more lowly of you now.’ Yoongi retorted, smirking at what he considered was the best burn of the century.

'Why are you even here?’ Taehyung stood up from his crouched position and turned to look at him, his height towering over him.

’Keeping an eye on you, doing my job, you know - things you never do?’ He replied, looking to his side so he didn’t have to look up to make eye contact with Taehyung.

’You’re right,’ Taehyung began, moving backwards as he prepared to leave, ‘I would never do the job of staring at a bleached face.’ He smiled sweetly before disappearing into thin air, leaving a frustrated Yoongi behind who had his hands mid air as he had gone to grope for Taehyung’s neck, but failed.


'Hoseok, I know, but please, can you like not follow me?’ You said, an exasperated sigh leaving your lips as you quickened your pace.

'Don’t be stupid, Y/N. I’m not following you, I’m just walking in the same direction as you,’ He said as he gave you smile, him already having caught up with you.

'You’re just giving a sentenced synonym for the word follow.’ You said, not even bothering with trying to shoo him away at this point.

'Can I come with you to your work place?’ He asked you innocently, but you knew he would mess it up.

'Why? So you can take a picture of me in my maid’s attire and make it viral?’ You looked at him, stopping in your tracks and crossed you arms over your chest.

'Oh, you mean, this?’ He took out his phone and searched his gallery, making you unfold your arms in panic.


'I didn’t think you knew about me taking your picture in your maid’s attire though,’ he said, as he continued to scroll through his phone, not letting you see it.

'No! Wait, Hoseok, let me see, what did you-’ You began but then he looked at you, trying to hold in a laugh but failed miserably.

'Ha! You actually thought I had a picture of you?’ He asked, his body still racking with laughter.

You huffed and stamped a foot on the ground, clearly pissed with how all the boys you knew in your life were treating you. Instead of smacking his head, you glared at him accusingly before deciding it was just pointless to let out your pent up frustration on him, since it wasn’t his fault anyway.

You walked away from there and went into your class, which, thankfully, you didn’t have to share with Hoseok.

You walked into the café through the back door and placed your bag in your locker before putting on your dress.

'I can’t believe we have to wear this.’ You muttered under your breath.

Once you were ready, you walked out and saw your manager talking to a man, who kept nodding at what the manager was saying.

'Hey, Soo Young, who’s that?’ You asked your co worker, nudging her shoulder as she arranged the money in the cashier.

'Oh that cutie? He’s new here, starting today.’ She told you as you both eyed him from head to toe, scanning him critically.

'Girls! Come over here, I want you to meet someone.’ The manager called you both and the rest of the staff.

As you all walked towards them, you heard people muttering things like how cute he looked and how he is going to be the first guy in the staff.

You approached first, smiling at him. He smiled back at you, showing off both his very deep dimples. He’s cute, the thought being the first positive thing you had thought of the whole day. Still, you knew your day would only get better with the appearance of that one man who was beginning to turn your world upside down.

'Why don’t you introduce yourself?’ The manager urged the silver haired guy. He looked around at everybody before his gaze settled on you.

'Hi-’ he said as he stretched a hand towards you, 'I’m Kim Namjoon.’

[Part 6 on Sunday]

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