you create reality


                                    You have to create a reality where only you and the fish exist.
                       Your lure is   t h e   o n e   t h i n g   h e   w a n t s, despite everything he knows.
                                                            I’m a good fisherman, Jack.


6 Signs You’re Manifesting Your Dream Life

1. Coincidences - everything happens for a reason. You are noticing the meaning behind each interaction - every person you meet, every step you take & everything that happens in the world. You create the reason for why things happen and use it to help you create the life you want to live.

2. 11:11 - number sychnroncities. Noticing repeat numbers like 11:11 or 22:22 is a sign that you’re in sync with that which you’re trying to manifest. These number synchronicities are a wink from the universe - you acknowledge these and continue on your path knowing that you’re on the right track.

3. Deja Vu - a glitch in the matrix. When you notice the feeling of “I’ve been here before” - this is a clear sign that you’re creating your reality. These are known as glitches in the matrix because you’re no longer a victim of circumstance - you’re using your power to create your reality.

4. Feelings - your inner GPS. You know that you how you feel is directly impacted by what you do - so you choose to do what makes you happy. You feel more at peace with yourself, the conflicts of the past and future that once plagued you have settled because you’ve released all resistance to them.

5. Positivity - the glass is not half full, it’s overflowing. You know that you create your reality - impossible is nothing. Your cup is overflowing with positive energy because you know you have the power to create the life you want to live. This attracts others who want to drink from your abundant fountain and you welcome them because you know you get what you give.

6. Results - your dreams are becoming reality. You know that how you think & feel creates your world so you pay more attention to the inside than the outside. Physical manifestations such as money, relationships & material things are signs that you’re creating the life you want to live. However the most important results are the ones that cannot be seen - your inner peace, mental health & emotional state.

Create your dream life with your actions.

Peace & positive vibes.

It is all within YOU! Love yourself and the rest will follow… Love is the foundation of life. Love your body, your soul, your mind, your life, you are this way for a reason! Embrace it. Nourish yourself with proper foods, go for a nice walk every day and take in the nature you see all around you! Connect yourself to Mother Earth, to Gaia, to the sky… You will start to realize how everything is connected✨ you will see the beauty in everything… It will take practice, awaking to your truth is a journey, but in the end you will feel so free and full of Light, Love and Oneness💗 I want to share this way of Being with everyone… It is truly liberating✨
It all starts within YOU!✨🙏🏼🌟 🙄☪👁💜👁

Do not contradict yourself. If you believe anything is possible, then you should also believe that you can become massively successful. If you know that you create your own reality, then you should also know that you can create a spectacular one for yourself with ease. The question is, what can you do to begin?


8 Questions To Ask Yourself To Get Motivated Right Now

1. What is your dream? - build a picture of what it looks like. How does it look? What are the smells, tastes, sounds, feelings you can imagine in this vision? This will help you clarify what you’re trying to achieve & begins the process of manifestation.

2. Why do you want it? - what’s your why? Why is it important to you? Having a strong why will help you to push through the times when you don’t feel like working or lack inspiration. Your why will be the reason you succeed.

3. Why haven’t you got it yet? - check yourself. It’s easy to say “I’m not good enough” - but have you even tried? Did you stick to something every day for a year and then decide it wasn’t for you? Or did you think about the enormous amount of work you need to put in and get put off?

4. When do you want it by? - a goal without a date is just a dream. Set a date, even if it’s a rough one, to have achieved your goal by and work toward it. Even if you don’t achieve the goal by the date - you would have made significant progress. Change the goal posts, not the goal itself.

5. What are your excuses? - excuses sound best to those making them. You can feel sorry for yourself all you want - it’s not going to help you manifest your dream life. Throw your excuses out the window and start being honest with yourself about why you aren’t where you want to be.

6. What are you willing to do to win? - there is no try, there is only do. When you decide you want something - you will either have it or you won’t. There is no half pregnant & there is no “I’ll try” when it comes to living your dreams. Make a decision and do everything in your power to create the life you want to live.

7. How would you feel if you never achieved the goal? - are you ok with settling? So many of us settle for less than we’re truly worth and this builds resentment toward the person, job or relationship we settled for. Don’t spend the rest of your life wondering what if - put in the work now.

8. What’s stopping you? - your mindset. You have to believe in yourself. You have to recognise that you create your reality. You have to work to get what you want. You have to be persistent, patient and resilient to get what you want in life - if this is too hard please save yourself the effort and watch some TV.

Stop wishing and start doing.

Peace & positive vibes.


How do you catch a fish who isn’t hungry?

You have to change tactics. Use live bait that moves and excites them to action. Gotta make him bite even though he’s not hungry. You have to create a reality where only you and the fish exist, where your lure becomes what he wants most, despite everything he knows.

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The 3 Levels of Creation

We are always creating our own reality. However, there are three levels from which we can be creating.

1. Unconscious and Conditioned Creation: Creating without knowing that you are creating. This happens when you attract what you mostly think and talk about, without the knowledge that you are attracting it. It is sometimes repetitive because of conditioned limiting beliefs and patterns. Tip: Think and speak mostly about what you do want.

2. Conscious and Conditioned Creation: Becoming aware that you create your own reality and noticing patterns. This happens after you have gained the knowledge that you create your own reality and you begin seeing how you attract what you mostly think and talk about. You also begin noticing limiting beliefs and patterns. When you do, you realize that you can change them. You start to retrain yourself. Tip: Choose beliefs that make you feel happy and empowered. Choose to do and focus on what brings you joy.

3. Conscious and Unconditioned Creation: Being aware that you create your own reality and creating with ease. Your beliefs and actions are no longer conditioned. You now have full control over what you believe and over your choices. You experience joy and freedom more than ever before. Tip: Sometimes it takes a while to go from level 2 to level 3, and that is perfectly okay! Getting rid of limiting beliefs and patterns is usually a gradual process. Just keep going.


7 Reasons Why You Need To Chase Your Dreams

1. Regrets - how many do you want to die with? They say discipline weighs ounces, but regrets weigh tonnes - I know which one I’d rather carry. There’s nothing worse than having regrets because you can’t go into the past and change anything.

2. Self-talk - what’s it like to live in your head? When you ignore the desires inside you and don’t express your true self - it becomes a lot harder to have a positive headspace. This can lead to poor mental and physical health the longer you neglect your true feelings.

3. Settling - did you settle for your life or create it? When you create your reality you know that you can have whatever you want in your life, when you settle - you just accept things for the way they are. Instead of being a victim of circumstance - reclaim your power & create the life you want to live.

4. Fulfilment - are you nourishing your soul? There are some things that can’t be bought from the external world - love, happiness & fulfilment. Feed your soul by doing what you love every single day and you will feel something that money can never buy you.

5. Love - who do you have in your life? You attract what you are and if you’re not doing what you love - you will attract others who are doing the same. The people in your life will reflect truths about yourself & you will experience a lot of conflict in all areas of your life until you decide to change something.

6. Death - we’re all gonna be out of here in the blink of an eye. The human experience is temporary - so how can we take ourselves so seriously? Through everything we go through we need to acknowledge that we’re here to have fun & if you’re not having fun you’re wasting your time.

7. Change - lead by example. If you want the world to change - you have to start by being the change you want to see. If you want others to behave in a certain way - you have to lead by example. Through doing this you will see others around you change because of the way you live your life.

Create the life you love or settle for one you don’t - the choice is yours.

Peace & positive vibes.

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I don’t feel that pressure, maybe because I have always been a firm believer that you create your own reality. No one gave me the acting job. I had to go out and learn my craft and audition and fight for it. It’s the same way with anything I spend time on and try to learn. When I realize the amount of opportunities out there, I sometimes get so excited that I can’t sleep at night. You just have to see those opportunities and reach for them. My dad instilled in me at a young age that your dreams are only as big as your vision, so why not shoot for being the best version of yourself, the highest potential you can possibly get to? Even if you don’t get there, I believe you’ll get very close.