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giorno “glamour” giovanna 

Accidentally Married: Not just for fanfic anymore!

Housemate Xed works for the Secretary of State, in the bit that registers businesses and, for a few years and for somewhat convoluted political reasons, domestic partnerships. 

Yesterday their office received the… complaints? Of a somewhat distraught pair of people (notice I do not say ‘couple’) who, at some point in the last few years, had decided to go into business together – a nail salon or something, I think – and been advised that they should form a Partnership. Pretty standard for a small business with two owners.

…except they didn’t understand and formed a Domestic Partnership instead. 

Washington State legalized same-sex marriage in 2012, and as part of that, this June ALL non-senior domestic partnerships became marriages automatically.

These two business partners accidentally married each other.

And now they’re trying to figure out how to undo it.

…short of divorce.


Gravity Falls Dance Party! (complete with the snadger and everything!) 

I’ve been working on these for a looong time, I basically grabbed a few dancing videos and drew poses and since I really like how those sketches were looking, I added color :D 

To all my overachievers who don’t get praise from parents and loved ones anymore because it’s just expected of you to do well: I’m proud that you passed that test, I’m happy you graduated with honors, I love that you try your hardest all the time.

I know sometimes the lack of support and encouragement from those whose opinions matter the most to you can be disheartening, but keep pushing through and being the amazing person you are.

EXO as Classmates


  • the only one who actually studies and turns everything in on time
  • lines his pencils up at the top of his desk before every class
  • super healthy lunches and refuses to trade food with anyone (except Chen)
  • tbh a teacher’s pet but he’s so cute n nice that you can’t even hate him
  • senior who everybody thinks is a freshman


  • the class clown but like the super lowkey one
  • laughs at his own jokes which then makes the teacher laugh which then makes everybody else laugh
  • always asking to borrow pieces of paper
  • wears snapbacks to school but then has to take them off anyway bc dresscode


  • not even a class clown just straight up obnoxious
  • really attractive though so most people just deal with it (excluding Xiumin)
  • flirts with basically everybody because he thinks its rly funny 
  • once streaked across the school football field on a dare
  • “are you gonna eat that?”


  • overreacts to everything the teacher says because he literally can’t help himself
  • has 61 different colored pens and like 4 pencils
  • probably still doesn’t know how babies are actually made
  • friends with everybody in the school


  • exotic foreign exchange student that’s super sweet
  • sincerely cares about what the teacher is teaching about/talking about
  • always shushes students when they’re being too noisy in class
  • somehow became the class president without even campaigning
  • gives half his food away at lunch because he feels bad for people that forgot to pack/dont have money to buy lunch


  • super quiet mysterious boy who actually is just really shy
  • stares out the window a lot (and at Chanyeol a lot)
  • always asking for more assignments for extra credit
  • gets asked to homecoming by like 10 people but declines all of them (except Chanyeol)


  • “miss teacher, may i just say you look wonderful today”
  • he’s that kid
  • thinks he’s hilarious but honestly just kind of annoying because nobody likes puns
  • gets voted as “most likely to become president”


  • super childish but so cute that nobody can even act annoyed
  • likes hanging out with shy or new students because he wants them to feel welcomed
  • doesn’t study and still aces tests
  • his notebooks have dogs all over them


  • fancy rich freshman who has a really dorky personality 
  • wears super fashionable clothing to school and acts like its normal
  • packs actual silverware with his lunches
  • hangs out with seniors because “nobody else is as mature as me”
  • only uses mechanical pencils

anonymous asked:

could you do headcanons for the chocobros with a s/o who is just. so savage. or just really snarky and sarcastic all the time and they just always have a hilarious and witty comment to make (dude I LIVE for sassy humour omg)

sure thing, anon! sassy, witty humor is my favorite kind of humor (even though I’m the least sassy human alive), so I had a lot of fun with this request. thanks for sending it in, and I’m sorry I took so long! I hope you like it <3


  • Okay but he loves it
  • He doesn’t always join in, but he always appreciates the little contributions you make to different situations
  • Lets you lead everyone into battle, just to hear what will come out of your mouth
  • Thinks about that one time you called Ardyn a “walking thrift store” a lot
  • When he doesn’t want to deal with certain people, he makes you handle them
  • Never knows how to respond. Is it sarcasm? Are you serious? He isn’t sure
  • He loves taking you fishing with him
  • Not because you actually fish
  • Not because you like fishing
  • But because you always have the best commentary while you watch
  • Who needs the Ring of Lucii when a couple of words from you could send a man to the mountains in shame
  • When things get out of hand, do not expect him to know how to defuse the situation. You can, however, expect to find him right there by your side
  • Because even if your humor carries you away sometimes, Noct will always have your back

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So I’m irritated at the SJM fandom right now. Specifically over the ACOWAR criticisms.

And before you jump down my throat screaming about how I supposedly think people aren’t allowed to be critical about a series I enjoy, let me say something. Y'all are allowed to be critical all you want over ACOWAR. Hell, I agree with a lot of it.

But. You guys keep shitting on the way Mor came out, and that it was only to Feyre, and that it was “cringy,” “rushed,” and wasn’t “realistic.” And, you have a right to that opinion. I’m not going to say you can’t think that. However, I have not disagreed so much over someone’s opinion of a fictional character as much as this one.

Mor came out to one person, one she knew she could trust, would more than likely keep it secret until Mor was comfortable, and wouldn’t have told anyone until Mor told them first. That’s incredibly realistic. Like I’m not gonna come out to a random friend. I’m going to come out to someone who I know without a doubt wouldn’t walk into a room ten minutes later and shout “Hey, look! She’s gay!” Feyre is that person to Mor. She’s not comfortable tellling Cassian and Rhys for reasons I can’t quite figure out yet. She can’t tell Amren because she’s sealed herself inside her tent. She’s not comfortable telling Azriel for obvious reasons. So she tells the one person she can.

And for those of you saying the way she did it was cringeworthy and unrealistic, please stop. Now. Like I’m begging you to please stop. Why? Because it’s damn hurtful. Like I see people saying it and it kind of makes me want to cry. I came out to several people in a similar fashion. It had been after a major argument. I told them the reasoning why I had stayed closeted for so long.

Not all coming out talks are happy, or between all your friends – no matter how close you are to them – at once. Not all people have families who’d accept it (granted this is a common known fact).

And as someone who came out as bi like Mor, and someone who knows even more people who came out similarly, you guys saying shit like “Mor’s coming out was so horrible and unrealistic,” is hurtful and horrible to anyone who relates to that.

Yes, it was a bit rushed and a bit unexpected, and yes be critical about it that way, but don’t claim that the way Mor did it isn’t realistic. Because I guarantee it’s plenty more realistic than you think.

Anders’ Darktown Clinic was to help the refugees, yes, to heal the poor that couldn’t afford to go to the Chantry or a healer on their own.

It was also to show both the city of Kirkwall and common people that has had no other exposure to magic except for the Chantry’s scary stories, that the magic could be a force of good in the world. It can heal people and save them from death.

It wasn’t just a clinic, it was a statement.