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hey love u probably have already gotten this request but if and when u get time could u write the apartment neighbor au for bts hyung line?? thanks a billion!! i love u and ur work so so much! 🌷💗

i got a couple requests for it, so here it is the hyung line x neighbor au!!
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  • lives like a recently graduated student,,,,,meaning he has barely any actual furniture in his house aside from bookshelves, a bed, and a desk
  • but namjoon likes the minimalist vibe,,,like he doesn’t need much just his essentials at his desk, maybe a couple signed photographs he’s hung up near his computer and dried flowers near the window
  • more than anything he likes having a lot of space to move around because he likes to walk in circles when he thinks and he doesn’t like it if he ends up like slipping on something or walking into a table 
  • plus the more furniture there is,,,,,,the more a safety hazard he is 
  • but one distinct thing about namjoon is i think he’d have a really good smelling apartment,,,,,,like he’d light candles because no matter what anyone says he’s a soft romantic at heart. like it’s deep down, but he is
  • has a habit of brushing his teeth at the morning sink and not in the bathroom because he falls asleep at his desk and not actually in his bed LOL
  • he’s the buildings library. if someone mentions that they’ve been meaning to buy a book namjoon probably already has it and will lend it to them,,,,,,,,,,,but he’s like “please,,,,,,,,,,,,,,bring it back”. he’s emotionally connected to his books
  • and everyone is like “he looks so smart and so,,,,,upright and stoic” when in reality namjoon is a clumsy guy who tries to hold steaming hot coffee, a philosophy anthology, a notebook, and some bread all at once and you can imagine how that ends (very. badly)
  • and in reality he wishes more of the neighbors would see him as a down-to-earth kind of guy,,,,but then like he’ll tower over them and have this apathetic look on his face and they’re like “oh,,,,,oh my ,,,,,” and he only realized later when he’s alone that “i should,,,,,,smile more shouldn’t i”
  • but you’ve never been put off by him, if anything you’ve always really admired how Intellectual he seems and when you talk to him you always feel like you learn so much
  • and you’re always like “namjoon, tell me a cool fact!!” and he’s like “well did you know aristotle thought he could tell if a goat was female or male depending on which way the wind was blowing” and you’re looking at him like ,,,,,,,,,,,,amazing and he’s just like sORRy,,,,,it’s not cool right but you’re like no omg every time you manage to surprise me it’s fantastic
  • and you and him get along,,,,namjoon is really grateful for you because you’re always telling the neighbors that he’s fun even if they think he’s kind of stuffy
  • and so you would consider yourself friends by most standards,,,,but how close well you’re not sure
  • but what you do know is one night you’re walking back home from a hangout with some friends and you’re alone and it’s dark and you can hear footsteps behind you and you look back and there’s,,,,,,some dude???? who you’ve never seen before
  • and he speeds up and passes by you with a smile and you’re like huh. weird
  • but then,,,,,,the next day you see him again. and this goes on for a couple of weeks and all your friends are like ‘dude you have a stalker you need to tell someone’ and you’re like not sure because he’s never,,,,,,like he’s never spoken or touched you
  • but it scares you ofc and you decide that you shouldn’t go out alone at night,,,,,,but it so happens that you’ve run out of toothpaste and you’re like grumbling about having to go down and walk the alley to the nearest convenience store
  • but you remember your stalker and you get kind of panicked,,,,,so you decide to see if namjoon can help
  • and when you tell him he’s like “of course ill go with you,,,,,,but,,,,,,im not intimidating at all” and you’re like “namjoon,,,,,i think you’re a sweet person but you’re like hitting six feet and have a jawline that could cut someone. i think,,,,,,,you’ll be really helpful” and namjoon kinda tilts his head and he’s like “some people have told me i give off a scary vibe”
  • and you’re like no no not scary,,,,,but im pretty sure people don’t want to mess with you and it’d just make me feel safe to have you there
  • and namjoon gets up and gets his keys and he’s like let’s go
  • and it’s chilly in the night air, but you and namjoon are talking about how your week has been when suddenly from the corner of your eye you see that freaky dude and you instinctively step closer to namjoon who reads the panic on your face
  • and he leans down and is like “is he here?” and you’re like “yeah,,,he’s over there by that building” and namjoon flicks his gaze over to see the guy staring you two down
  • and namjoon doesn’t like the way his eyes are glued to your figure even from far away and so namjoon decides he should do something before that creep gets any ideas
  • so he flings his arm around your shoulder, pulling a surprised you into his side and speaking a bit louder he goes “you came out without a jacket, yah as a good BOYFRIEND i should keep you close so you’ll be warm!”
  • and you look up at the word boyfriend, but namjoon is still glaring over at the stalker who instantly tenses at the word boyfriend and namjoons narrowed, pissed off gaze
  • and before you know it the guys turned the corner of the building and disappeared and namjoon safely gets you to and from the store
  •  and the whole elevator ride up he’s like “that guy is really weird, you should tell the police” but you’re like,,,,,,,,thinking about the warmth of namjoon’s broad chest,,,,,,and how,,,,,your heart almost melted when he called himself your boyfriend
  • and namjoon has to wave his hand in your face for a bit to get your attention and when you snap out of it he gives a soft laugh and he’s like “i was worried you went into shock.” and you’re like “ah,,,,,”
  • and he’s like “i really should accompany you more often, that guy was looking at you like some kind of animal i don’t want to let you go anywhere al-” and you’re like “i want that too, i want you to,,,,,” and you kind of clam up and namjoon is like hmm and you’re like under your breath you’re like “like,,,,,a boyfriend,,,,my actual boy,,,friend,,,,”
  • and you think he can’t hear you, but he does and his ears go pink and he’s like “ah- i ,,,,,i,,,,,,,,,,i can do that,,,,,” and you’re like wait really
  • and namjoon is like “this is going to sound really corny, but i didn’t want to let you go after pulling you into my arms. i guess you only feel that way with people you like?” and he smiles
  • that rare, beautiful smile and you like reach out and lightly take his hand and he feels your fingers lock and he’s like ,,,,,,,,,, and you’re like ,,,,,,,
  • but it’s cute you’re just standing there holding hands like two kids in love
  • also that stalker doesn’t even dare come around anymore. he accidentally ran into namjoon alone at the bus stop and namjoon ever so casually was like “you get near my s/o again and you won’t see the light of day. cough cough”


  • specifically asked for the basement apartment so he wouldn’t have any noisy neighbors and more than anything he likes having his apartment dimly lit. bright lights aren’t his things 
  • didn’t bother buying a tv, splurged on having a second monitor and good soundboard for when he makes music
  • spends a lot of his time sitting in his desk chair with his feet like pulled to his chest, chewing on the end of his pen and just thinking
  • unfinished cold coffee in really old mugs litter his kitchen, along with flyers for fast-food that he never throws out
  • has a pet cat named ‘clef’ after the sheet music symbol and who is slightly overweight and spends fifty percent of his time sitting on yoongi’s keyboard when yoongi is trying to work
  • sometimes he makes his bedroom into a dark room where he can make prints of the photographs he’s taken that he then hangs up on the walls,,,,but like two weeks later he gets sick of them and takes them down to replace with new ones
  • lives in comfy hoodies and basketball shorts and jimin comes over and is like “hyung, there’s no windows since we’re all the way down here - but you should go out and get some light!!! right clef?” and yoongi and his cat are both like,,,,,it’s ok. we’ll sit here in the dark we like it
  • clef likes to bury his cat toys in yoongi’s bed so when yoongi does sleep like in his actual bed he always finds some kind of stuffed mouse or a bundle of feathers under his pillow and he’s like “clef,,,,,,,,again?”
  • you’ve been bestfriends with yoongi for as long as you can remember and you’re not really his “neighbor” because you live like 5 floors above him but you hangout at his place whenever
  • and you also run errands for him because you know how busy he works so if clef needs cat food or yoongi needs human food you’re there for him if like jin or jimin can’t do it
  • when you do stop by most of the time you lay on the couch with clef purring on your stomach as you read a book and yoongi works on his music. stopping every now and then to play something for you and ask how it sounds,,,,,like you’re not high maintenance friends who need to blab about anything. you two are content in each others silent presence
  • but this is not the same,,,,,,for yoongi’s other friends. like jin gets his whole Leave me In Peace thing going on but jimin and taehyung and hoseok are all like “yoongi,,,,,,let’s get you a social life”
  • and yoongi is like “pass” but these three,,,,,,you can’t like,,,,,you can’t stop them
  • and so when yoongi calls you with a please save me you end up sitting in his living room squished between jimin and hoseok and yoongi is like “for hells sake i don’t want to go on a date with someone I DONT EVEN KNOW”
  • and taehyung is like “here hyung, borrow my tie it might be too big tho,,,” and yoongi is like “im not going. blind dates never work out”
  • and you’re like “guys, let him not go.” and they’re like “NO he needs to see the sun. talk to people. clef is not your significant other yoongi, that person is out there! waiting ! for ! you!” 
  • and yoongi grunts and falls back into his desk chair like “clef is fine. he understands me”
  • but as usual, three against one never works out great and somehow you end up watching yoongi walk down the street, pulling at his collar and grumbling as his friends shout that he’ll have tonight, they promise
  • and when yoongi looks back. dressed for the first time in actual dress pants and a dress shirt, hair slicked back you’re like,,,,,,,,holy shit my bestfriend is hot
  • but all he says is “take care of clef. ill be back soon”
  • and you sit in his apartment, clef nuzzling against your face as you think about all the time you’ve spent with yoongi, how well you know him, how well you guys get along without that much communication and you pick up clef and you’re like “meow if you think i like yoongi” and clef is like “meow” and you’re like “meow again if he likes me,,,,,,” and clef just sticks his tongue out and you’re like gfhbklsjfds but two minutes later you hear the gentle “meow” and you’re like,,,,,,,sighs,,,,,i should have told him when i had the chance
  • and yoongi gets home pretty late, like midnight and when you open the door he’s like “,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,it was horrible”
  • and immediately like leans forward into your arms and you’re like !?!??! because he’s never been big on skinship and you’re like “yoongi?”
  • and he steps inside, pushing you gently backwards as he buries his head into your neck and he’s like “,,,,,,,peoplemfsoannoyingmf”
  • and you’re like “i can’t hear you???” and he let’s go, looking into your eyes and he’s like “people are so annoying.” and you kind of awkwardly chuckle like “yes i thought you knew this”
  • and he’s still looking at you, more intense than ever before and you’re like ????? and he’s like “not you though. you’re never,,,,,,,annoying. i want you around all the time.”
  • and you blink a bit, feeling your face heat up because like WHAT is he saying but yoongi just keeps looking, letting his fingers trail lightly down your cheek before he buries his face in your neck once again
  • and you’re like “yoongi,,,,,what does this mean?” and he whispers, letting his lips press to the skin of your collarbone and he’s like
  • “it means that i don’t need blind dates. i don’t need to find someone for me, i already,,,,,,,,,,i already have you,,,,,,,”


  • home is where the heart is,,,,,,,,and the heart is most pleased by food so guess who has a mario themed rice cooker and pan set ? THIS BOY (jin. i mean jin) 
  • but yes of course he’s the grandmaster chef who all of bangtan adores to and goes running to when they all remember they could probably set their own apartments on fire if they as much as tried to boil water
  • but like,,,,,,jin doesn’t only keep bangtan Fed,,,,,,he’s always like @ his neighbors like “i baked some cookies. i made some chicken. i actually bought too much lettuce once so i decided to hell with it and made a 5 course meal for 16 people you want to come over and have dinner with me?”
  • an actual angel is what im trying to get at here
  • but also an actual DORK his bedroom is just a bed full of mario plushies and he spends half of his days off laying upside down off his bed playing games on his phone like an actual child
  • like the most grown up thing about him is yes he can cook and actually has a first-aid kit and learned how to fix his fire alarm
  • but everything else is just,,,,,,,,,,him being as cozy as possible under his mario blanket in his mario pajamas playing a mario game on his old as hell gameboy that he begged the guy at the gamestop to fix for an obscene amount of money
  • like i don’t think jin goes out of his way to try and decorate his place or cater to an aesthetic, like his kitchen is stocked full of supplies and food and he has a stainless steal oven
  • but other than that it’s just,,,,,,,,,mario toys and a big sofa for him to enjoy said games and food on
  • he hates crumbs though. like taehyung came over and used his computer and the crumbs that go inbetween the keyboard literally made jin want to strangle him
  • oh how could i forgot: pink bath curtains 
  • and you don’t know him all that well, just that he’s unbelievably gorgeous and sweet and has a really loud laugh that you heard from an open window once and that you swore was the cutest thing in the world like how could someone laugh like that??? what purity
  • anyway you wish you could be his friend,,,he seems so positive and happy but you’re like ,,,,,,,,, he isn’t interested
  • until you get a knock on your door and it’s ???? jin and he’s like “heY do you know anything about acting?” and you’re like “i watch dramas?” and he’s like “good enough, i need some help”
  • and you let him in and you’re a bit confused but jin just sits on your carpet and hands you what looks like a script and he’s like i just graduated with an acting major and got a minor role for a friends performance,,,,,,,do you think you could read through the lines with me
  • and in your head you’re like,,,,,,,why ask me of all people
  • and jin like he basically can read your mind is like “i was going to ask namjoon to help me, but he couldn’t stop stuttering over the first three lines and i almost died,,,,,,sorry if this is random!!”
  • and you’re like no no it’s fine and so you look down at the script and your eyes nearly fall out because the first stage cue is literally ‘get on top of him’
  • and jin opens his arms and is like ‘come here so we can get in position’ and you’re like EXCUSE ME but you’re also like,,,,,,,he needs help he just graduated lsadfgjlefkt
  • so you like scoot a bit closer to him and jin is like “i know this is horribly awkward, but im gonna lay down and you can just like,,,,,pretend you’re doing a push up over me”
  • and you’re like ,,,,,,what in gods name,,,,,,,,,,,,but he’s so handsome and nice and you’re like let me try to do this and not DIE
  • but when you like put your hand on either side of his head and like try to keep yourself up you look down and there,,,,,is jin’s beautiful face and he’s like “this is a good workout”
  • and you can’t like you can’t help but burst into laughter and your arms go weak and you manage to like not fall onto him but like roll off onto the side and jin is like “pleASE,,,,i need to get through these lines” and you’re like “i can’t im sorry” and he’s like ;;;;;;; it’s ok i understand how this is like,,,,,,,,,,so weird
  • and you’re like “how about i just read through them with you”
  • and jin says that he’s thankful you haven’t kicked him out of your apartment yet for asking for something so crazy,,,,but you’re just blushing and trying to laugh it off 
  • and you get through the script but jin stops before a kiss scene and is like “thank you i think you really helped”
  • and you’re like “,,,,,,,i hope the performance goes well” and jin gives you his gummy smile that makes your heart skip a beat and he’s like “i do too”
  • but before he leaves he’s like “im sorry again,,,,,about the whole do a push up above me thing,,,,” and you’re like ,,,,,,,,, covering your face because you two were so close but it was so,,,,,,,so ,,,,,, funny
  • and he’s like “it’s gonna be hard not to think of you when i do that on stage though,,,,,,” and you’re like huh and he’s like “you looked so cute trying to hard, i really am sorry”
  • and your face heats up again because ok you were embarrassed before from the Situation and now he’s just being really Cheesy but like you’re loving every moment of it
  • and jin catches himself and is like “you probably think im weird, ill go” but you’re like “,,,,,,,,,,no it wasn’t bad it was fun”
  • and jin perks up and he’s like “does that mean i can come and ask for your help again??” and you’re like “s-s-ure,,,,” and jin is like !!!!!!! “thank you so much ill be sure to bring some food as a gift next time too, see you then!”
  • and you close the door and have to like steady your breathing and you’re like he’s so cute whilst jin is just like,,,,,,,,standing in front of his apartment with his head pressed against the door and he’s like ‘i made a fool out of myself,,,,,,,,,but i think they like me??’


  • best neighbor award??? it is he 
  • the person who carries your sick grandma up the stairs, the person who entertains your kids if you have to run and check if you didn’t double park, the person who tells creeps to piss off if they start whistling at high school girls, and the person who you find telling others that he’s really grateful for being alive on this day
  • just like,,,,,he’s such a positive force it’s amazing
  • dances while brushing his teeth, dances while making eggs, dances while checking the weather, dances while locking up his door
  • you can usually find him with headphones in his ears and he rides his bike just about everywhere,,,,,,,and like
  • when it’s summer the tanktops come out and it’s a Blessing upon as all
  • he is the type to own like an inflatable pool that he drags out into courtyard when it’s super hot and at first it’s just for him but then all the kids come out and their parents and of course peoples dogs
  • and he probably just started a block party without even trying
  • likes to keep his place pretty clean, but he really likes the color red. like i see him having a lot of it in his home because it’s so loud and kinda sexy,,,,,,,,,,,,like him what no i didn’t say that
  • always has fresh fruits on his kitchen table because he’s conscious of what he eats as he’s an athletic person
  • and if like taehyung or jungkook spends the night he’s like “Eat breakfast. It is so important. The most important.”
  • drys his laundry by himself on his balcony but once he noticed his jeans went missing and he was like ????? there’s a thief in my house i need to find him
  • turns out they just fell down onto the floor below,,,,,,and he Overreacted LOL
  • cannot kill bugs. has to call over jin 
  • and hoseok is always helping people you know it’s in his nature like when he sees you one afternoon struggling with your groceries, he bikes over and is like “give me your bags!!” and piles them onto his handlebars and he’s like “hop on, ill give you a ride”
  • and at first you’re like hdglfvsd um how????? and he’s like “stand on the back of my bike” and you’re like “i think that’s too muc-”
  • but hoseok is shaking his head like “no no no i can handle it, come on”
  • and you try to balance yourself and he’s like “put your hands on my shoulders!!” and when you do you’re like oh,,,they’re big,,,,,
  • and he’s like “ok let’s go!”
  • and he manages to go really fast even with you and all your groceries 
  • and once you get to your building you get off and hoseok laughs a little and you’re like ?????
  • and he leans over and is like “the wind got to your hair!!!! let me fix it-”
  • and he gets so close that you can smell this kind of ,,,,,, slight cologne off of him and you’re like shouldn’t he be sweaty????? but he’s like fine 
  • and his fingers gently brush your hair back into place
  • and he’s like “we live across from each other, so let me carry your bags all the way!” and you’re like “hoseok, no you have to carry your bike let me-”
  • but he’s insistent and so are you
  • and you’re bickering back and forth over whose going to get a hand on the bags
  • and some old ladies pass by like “oh, young love always playfully getting on each others nerves”
  • and hoseok and you both stop like,,,,young,,,,,,,,,,,,,,love
  • but you’re just like UM,,,,,give me the bags
  • and hoseok is like “ill carry them. if you try to grab them, ill-”
  • and he pauses and you’re like ?????? you’ll what
  • and he’s like “i’ll,,,,,,,,,,,,,i’ll kiss you that’s what!”
  • and you’re like PFFT what are we in the 3rd grade and you reach over to get the bag, but hoseok is the faster person here and he puts his hand behind his back and tilts his face just in time to press his lips to your cheek
  • and when he pulls back you’re both wide eyed because oh my god ,,,,,he did it,,,,,,,,
  • and hoseok is screaming in his head like: OH MY GOD I DID IT
  • and you’re like “,,,,,,,,,,,,,,i,,,,,”
  • and he’s like “im so-”
  • but then you move forward and grab the bags from his startled hands and you’re like “got them!” and he’s like dhgkszds you,,,,,,,,,
  • and you’re like “well - aren’t you going to kiss me for real REAL this time??”
  • and hoseok is like “wELL Do YOU WANT ME TO?”
  • and you’re like “YOU SAID YOU WOULD”
  • like actual children you two
  • but hoseok finally is like ok. since you asked
  • and you feel his lips against yours,,,,,,,so suddenly that you almost lose a grip of yourself and fall backwards
  • and when he pulls away he grabs the bags back from your hands and he’s like “AHA”
  • and you’re like touching your lips and you’re like,,,,,,,,,
  • it’s silent for a bit but you’re like
  • “hoseok,,,,,,,,,” and he’s like “yes?” and you’re like “i have a feeling we’re gonna kiss again” and he’s like “don’t bother stealing the bags im really carrying them the whole way up-”
  • but you just shake your head and you’re like “no,,,,i mean we’ll kiss again after we get upstairs”
  • and hoseok gets a little red in the face, but boy the whole elevator ride up he’s practically jogging in place
  • because the minute you open the door the bags are forgotten in the hall and hoseok is like “really? do you want to do this?”
  • and his body is against yours, as you’re moving slowly toward your sofa and you’re like “yes, seriously just kiss me again!!!” 
Heart Race [George Weasley x Reader]

A/N: I’ve literally posted this like six times because I can’t figure out how to italicize on mobile because the mobile version is trash lmao  I’m so mad rn ugggh. I tried that stupid but I didn’t work but it works when I test it out and ugghhh I hate this app

Word Count: 3,340

Warnings: mild language like twice. Not proof read. Possible ooc characters. 

Summary: (Name) met George in her third year after being pushed down. After another year, what will happen when George has to find a way to keep his feelings for her in check?


To say she was shy would be an understatement.

She had a quiet voice, but a loud mind. That loud mind of hers was full of brilliant facts and opinions, but the quiet voice that she had held everything back.

And to say that it bothered George would be an understatement as well.

No, George was almost offended that she refused to speak your mind. He couldn’t really understand why (Name) felt the need to hide all of her wonderful thoughts, but that didn’t mean he didn’t respect it.

George and his twin met (Name) when she came to Hogwarts at the age of eleven. At the time they were second years who in all honesty didn’t care much for her.

It’s not like they disliked her, they just didn’t know her well enough to care.

However, that all changed when they witnessed her being pushed down in her third year by some fourth year jerks.

She was walking by the windows, admiring the snow falling outside. She looked so dazed and intrigued with the winter scenery that she didn’t even realize she had bumped into rude some Ravenclaws. The duo of twins happened to be walking by at this time, only stopped to watch a prank they planned out unfold.

Time seemed to stop for her when she was told to ‘watch where she was going’ followed by two hands forcefully shoving her to the ground, causing her to drop two books and shatter the small potted plant she was holding.

(Name) looked as if she was about to burst into tears at that very moment, pitifully trying to sweep over the shards of pottery that used to make up an elegant plant pot.

The Weasley twins were very easygoing. That much was obvious. But they were also kindhearted, and they sure weren’t going stand by and let some innocent girl get pushed down right in front of them.

The two agreed that George would comfort the girl and Fred would ‘take care of’ the Ravenclaws.

George bent down after watching his brother run after the students to (Name’s) level. He put on a sweet smile and offered to help her.

“Hello there. Are you okay?” He questioned as he picked up a piece of coral colored pottery. The girl shook her head and sniffled. “M-My… Uh, my plant… It’s ruined…” She frowned at the small branches that had begun to sprout which had broke off the trunk of the growing plant. A few flower buds in the midst had fallen off and been stomped on as well. George smiled sympathetically. “I’m sure we can get you a new one!”

(Name) shook her head again. “Th-They don’t grow here… My mum sent it to me… The buds were supposed to, um, let you visualize your happiest memories when consumed…” He could tell that she was trying her hardest not to start sobbing at that very moment. Her lip was quivering and her voice was cracking.

“Oh… I’m terribly sorry… Those guys were a bunch of dirtbags anyways,” George chuckled, holding up a handful of soil for comedic effect. (Name’s) eyes widened a bit and she looked at him, almost surprised.

“They just need to leaf if they’re going to act that bitter.” He smiled and held up a tiny green leaf that had fallen off of a branch.

(Name) started to smile the tiniest bit, her forming tears drying up.

“They must have some pretty nasty roots if they act like that!” He cracked another pun, gesturing to the plant’s root. His smile widened when he noticed (Name) was starting to giggle lightly.

He held out his hand for a handshake despite it being covered in dirt.

“I’m George, by the way. George Weasley.”

She looked at it for a while, hesitating. Finally, she shook it, her hand as equally dirty. She offered him the smallest of smiles. “(Name). (Name) (Last Name)… W-Was, uh… Was that your brother, George?” The ginger nodded eagerly, as if showing off his older twin.

“Yeah. His name is Fred, but trust me, I’m the cooler one.” (Name) laughed at this, causing George to grin brightly and offer her a hand up.

“Let’s go!” (Name) looked at him, confusion evident in her expression.


“I’ve been saving a stash of sweets my mum sent me over the years. I think now is a good time to crack it open, yeah?” George smiled, watching her face light up.

“Y-Yes, please..!”

“Come on, then!”

George smiled at the small memory. She hadn’t changed a bit. She was still timid, still sensitive, and still somewhat of an emotional crybaby.

Not that it was a bad thing, though. In fact, George found it quite… Well, for a lack of better words, cute.

And with this thought, the younger Weasley twin recalled the very moment he started falling for (Name).

It was no surprise that he found himself blushing and becoming nothing more than a flustered mess around her. She was kind, selfless, and cared for almost anyone no matter how rude they were to her.

He remembered the day Malfoy made something of a harsh insult to her and she smiled sadly and just said, “I’m sorry you feel that way”.

It was a cold day in December. Snow fell and decorated the entire castle with glistening white flakes.

Fred, of course, had caught on to the little hint that George was infatuated with the shy fourth year. Him, being his brother, always teased him about it. Internally, he was happy his younger brother had found someone that he knew would be good to him.

The three were heading outside, snow clothes equipped.

All of the sudden, Fred excused himself saying that “he had something dreadfully important to take care of”. George had discreetly stomped in his brother’s foot, followed by a grunt of pain from Fred and a sarcastic smile from George. (Name) had no idea or even acknowledged what was going on as she had been gazing at the snowflakes fall to the ground with a dreamy smile.

As Fred snuck away with a mischievous chuckle, George stared longingly at (Name) with the same dazed look in his eyes.

There she was, nose and cheeks red and eyes sparkling with interest. Her soft exhaling crated puffs of air in the wind. She looked as if she was in an entirely different world than anyone else.

Soft crystals landed in her hair and eyelashes, them it shimmer. Her lips were curled up only in the slightest.

(Name) turned her head, staring at him with red cheeks. He couldn’t tell if it was from the cold or from embarrassment. “Ah… Sorry, I was being weird…” Her voice, like always, was soft. It sounded as if it could break like glass at any moment.

“You weren’t being weird!” George sputtered out. He looked down, knowing that must’ve come out way too fast for his own liking. “I mean, uh… What I meant is that you’re not weird. You were just admiring the scenery!” He kept out the part that he was also 'admiring the scenery’, but it wasn’t the snow


The two walked side by side out to a clearing. The snow was about three inches, barely above their ankles. It crunched under their feet, creating a satisfying sound.

“H-Hey… Where did Fred go?” (Name) looked around, hair moving with her head. She just realized he was gone? “He had to… Uh, finish homework…”

Wow. That’s the best he could do?

However, (Name) didn’t protest his reasoning. “Oh… Well that’s good, that, um.. He’s getting his work done, that is…” she said meekly. The strong wind made her quiet voice sound almost silent.

“Are you disappointed he isn’t here?” George asked sheepishly.

(Name) shook her head slowly. “Um, no… N-Not that Fred is bad, though..! B-But I do enjoy spending time with just you, George…” she mumbled with a small smile on her face. George felt his heart pound.


How was he supposed to respond to that? She probably meant it platonically, anyways…


She sighed, looking at the sky.


“It’s so pretty… Each snowflake is made differently from the other…” she said airily. George just happened to take notice of how bright and innocent her eyes were, how soft her skin looked, how her smooth lips were almost begging to be touched.

Bu-dump! Bu-dump! Bu-dump!

He cringed, feeling his heartbeat quicken.

Bu-dump! Bu-dump! Bu-dump!

She looked at him with a sweet smile, light pink colored lipgloss shining. “George, are you happy?”

Bu-dump! Bu-dump! Bu-dump!

Happy? He was ecstatic. How could he not be? She was here with him. She was here with him alone, a smile only he got to see. A voice only he got to hear for the time being. Eyes that were purely focused on him and him alone.

Bu-dump! Bu-dump! Bu-dump!

“Of course…” He felt himself getting shy and flustered. But boy, was it hard when she looked at him with such a face. All he wanted to do was pull her close to his body and press a chaste kiss to her forehead, her body much smaller than his towering form. He wanted her to wrap her dainty arms around him, snuggling into his chest.

Bu-dump! Bu-dump! Bu-dump!

“(Name)… I just…” he started. She looked at him with curious eyes. “Yes, George..?”

“I just have to tell you… I—”


He felt a stinging burn on the back of his head. It dripped down into his coat, making his shoulders tense up and his toes curl.

“Ronald! What did you do?!” Hermione scolded. Ron chuckled, tossing a snowball up and down.

George turned around to see his younger sibling, being smacked by Hermione.

He would have to remind himself to beat Ron up later.

Oh, how he regret that day. He should’ve told her everything he felt, despite being hit with a snowball.

From that day, his feelings only continued to grow. He was basically suffering.

And Fred noticed this. He felt bad for his brother, but he didn’t exactly know how to help him.

The two brothers were currently in a courtyard, George pacing a bit and Fred standing against a brick pillar.

And (Name)… Well, she was probably off doing something with plants or books. Either that or napping.

“And did you see the way she looked at Neville? Neville! Neville Longbottom!” George fumed. Fred laughed and crossed his arms. “I think your overreacting. Those two have been friends since the moment they stepped foot onto the Platform.”

George sighed, feeling bad for getting partially mad at Neville, someone who had nothing to do with his deathly brilliant love for (Name).

“Listen, Georgie,” Fred started. “Just ask (Name) out, yeah?” He walked over to him and slung an arm over his brother’s shoulders.

“You’ve been friends for what..? A year and a half or so…?” Fred smiled sincerely. George lowered his head and nodded. “Man up, then! If not, she’ll be snagged away by some other tosser.” Fred twirled his finger before shooting a finger at (Name), whom they had been looking for, shying away from a fifth year Slytherin. She didn’t seem interested, much to George’s joy, but the guy didn’t seem to want to back up.

George stopped halfway through trying to get to (Name) before Fred had placed a hand on his shoulder, as if saying 'Let me handle this’.

“Oi, Robinson! I’m a beater for a reason, yeah?” Fred’s unexpected shouting startled (Name), obvious from the jump she performed and her widened eyes.

Andrew Robinson looked scared almost, starting to back away before breaking out in a full sprint with Fred hot on his tail.

(Name) watched as the two boys ran down the hall, one screaming for the other to 'piss off’ and the other laughing. She sighed, looking around until her eyes landed on George who was looking right back at her.

“Oh, hello Georgie… I should’ve figured if Fred was here you would be here too…” He nodded once in reply.

“Was that guy bothering you? What’s his name…? Andre Robbins?”

“Andrew Robinson… We were partners in Potions once, and since then he hasn’t really left me alone… But I don’t know how to tell him to stop,” she muttered, clutching the end of her robe’s sleeve.

“Well in that case, we’ll just have to stay together! Fred and I will scare him off!” (Name’s) face lit up. She hesitated before wrapping her arms gingerly around George. He recoiled in shock, causing (Name) to immediately step back. “I-I’m sorry…! That was a stupid thing to do..!” Her entire face was red and she was waving her hands wildly. George looked at her, and frankly she looked like a nervous mess. He smiled softly at her and gently hugged her, ceasing her rapid movements.


He tried not to think about how warm she was, despite the cold weather.


He tried not to think about how the faint scent of peppermint and coffee rested on her.


He tried not to think about the feeling of her snuggling comfortably into his chest.


He tried not to think about how perfectly their bodies fit together like a puzzle piece.


He prayed that she couldn’t hear his heart beating wildly.

She could, but it drew a sweet smile to her face.

She tried not to think about his large hands caressing her back in soothing motions.


She tried not to think about how incredibly right it felt to be pressed against him, as if this was the thing she had been missing her entire life.


His head was lowered, savoring the feeling he’s been longing for for what seemed like forever.

“Go out on a date with me…” George mumbled, arms tightening slightly around her. She doesn’t move. Her voice was muffled, but still distinguishable. “What?”

“Will you go on a date with me..?” His voice was soft and mellow. She pulled back from him, cheeks rosy and a smile on her face. “Okay, George… I would love to…” Her voice was shaky and sincere.

Admittedly, (Name) had never been on a date before. She had 'experimented’ with some guys, but nothing ever got serious because she wasn’t comfortable.

She was beyond comfortable with George, but that only made her more nervous.

'You can’t screw this up, (Name)…’ She thought.

Looking in the mirror, she exhaled and smoothed out her navy blue skirt.

She wore a blue skater skirt that stopped at her mid thigh, along with black leggings underneath and black boots that came up an inch or two under her knee. A gray sweater and a white collared shirt underneath wasn’t too tight, nor was it too baggy. She didn’t do much to her hair, leaving it down and brushed.

Her makeup was natural, only having foundation, eyeliner, and her signature pink lipgloss.

… Was this too much..? Surely not… Well, at least she hoped not.

It was around seven o'clock when she left for the spot George told her to meet him at. It was right beside the courtyard. When she left, George was already there waiting for her. She eyes his outfit, internally relieved since he was as dressed up as she was.

“Oh, hey!” He smiled and walked towards her. His eyes gleamed in the moonlight and widened. “You look… Uh…” She panicked, lowering her head.

“I-I’m sorry..! The truth is I’ve never, um, never been on a date before.. I-I didn’t know how to dress and—!” He stopped her rambling.

“You look amazing, (Name),” he breathed. She calmed down, mildly embarrassed that she had freaked out. “Don’t be so tense, yeah?” He smiled and rubbed her arm reassuringly. “It’s just me.”

'Just me.’

Yeah, 'just him’. The 'just him’ that had made her stomach turn, cheeks brighten, and heart pound for months now.

She took a deep breath, nodding. “Thank you…”

“Of course.. Now…” He dug around in his pocket for a bit before pulling out a white ribbon. “I’m going to need you to close your eyes for a bit.”

She looked at him with a weird expression. It’s not like she didn’t trust him, but she was just curious as to what he was doing.

“I won’t try anything sketchy,” he laughed. She nodded slowly and complied, letting him tie the silk ribbon around her eyes.

She didn’t know where she was going, having George maneuver her around. All she felt was the wind against her and George’s warmth, as he had instructed her to hold onto him.

The wind stopped along with her. She was nudged onto some solid platform.

“Okay, I’m going to take the blindfold off now.” He did so, the ribbon falling on the ground below her.

Her breath hitched in her throat, taking in the scenery around her.

She was in what had to be the tallest tree in the forest, a flat branch that had evidently been carved to be shaped like an everyday housing hardwood floor. It was like an 8x8 wooden platform. She noticed that there were a few glass bottles of pumpkin juice and a wadded up blanket, indicating someone was up here.

But that wasn’t even the cool part.

In front of her was a dark blue sky, shining stars dotting the sky. The moon illuminated the scene nicely, creating a dim white light.

George watched with interest as she absorbed the landscape.

They were feet up off the ground, but neither of them seemed to be scared of heights.

“George, is this stuff yours..?” She asked, pointing towards the objects on the platform. He nodded once. “Fred and I come up here sometime.” He grinned and sat down, resting his back against the trunk. She sat down next to him after he gestured her to a seat next to him. The blanket was draped over her.

“This was really sweet of you… I love stars…” She beamed. He nodded with a grin. “I noticed… You love natural scenery, don’t you? Like snow and trees…” (Name) nodded in response.

“I do… I spend a lot of time looking out the window…” He noticed that as well. She was always dazed looking at the window, no matter where she was.

The two were staring at each other with a smile, shoulders touching and a blush forming on their cheeks.

“I remember the day I met you, George…” she mumbled. “I couldn’t have been more grateful… No one seemed to care when I got pushed down, you being the first…”

The two found themselves leaning in, only an inch or two apart.

“Yeah..? I don’t know who wouldn’t take notice of you..”

“You’d be surprised…” Her eyes were half lidded when George placed a gentle hand on her cheek and pressed his lips on hers, barely touching.

“(Name)..” His voice was airy and his heart felt like it was about to explode.

Finally, his lips fully connected with hers, closing his eyes. She did the same, cheeks burning.

Everything was silent. (Name’s) heart was swollen, almost crying at how happy she felt at that exact moment.


His hands were cupped around her cheeks, pulling her closer.

They parted gingerly, gazing at each other with the same mutual look filled with nothing but passion.

He smiled and intertwined his fingers with hers, warmth spreading through this body.

His heart continued to beat rapidly, pressing his forehead to hers.

“I’ve wanted to do that for so long now, (Name)… You have no idea…”

(Name) smiled softly, closing her eyes gently. “I’m so glad you helped me that day, Georgie… I’m so glad I met you…”

He pulled her in for another kiss, this one being shorter and less shaky.

Bu-dump! Bu-dump! Bu-dump!

The two stared into each others eyes, relishing in the fact that they would never let the other one go.

Photographs (Josh Dun)

Originally posted by jcsephsdun

Pairing: Josh Dun/Reader
Words: 1500+
Warning(s): Self-concsiousness
A/N: more josh dun? More Josh Dun. sorry if this seems all over the place, Idk were I was going with it. Alsoooo I made a reference to one of their old vines :3c

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Caramel Macchiato [Taehyung x Reader]

Genre: Coffee shop AU Fluff?
Words: 1.3k

A new, awfully cute boy becomes a regular at the coffee shop where you work. Just to mess with him, you keep writing his name wrong- until one day.

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Day #168: Blueberries

Twilight hasn’t gotten many weird cravings so far, which is probably a blessing. She could be eating hay! But no, just blueberries. Can’t tell you how many times Sunset’s had to take the bus down to the grocery store in the middle of the night just for a couple packs of these. Oh well, at least it’s healthy. (Sorry for the sketch, busy week ahead)

Late. [Bucky x Reader]

summary: bucky’s late to everything and maybe you’re starting to feel like he has no time for you anyways. (very) loosely based on Cleopatra by The Lumineers and look i strayed vv off point.

warnings: death, funeral. pre war bucky? 1940s bucky? people being late? shitty writing?

a/n: this is literally one of the weirdest things i’ve written and it’s been edited so many times pls tell me if it’s okay

“Y/N where are you going?” The voice didn’t even make you jump, It was always calming, always so soothing to you.

“Home,” you answered stoically, turning your head around after your short answer to leave.

“Do you want me to come with you?” He asked in vain, watching as your jaw clenched tightly.

“No. Just leave me alone.” You didn’t even turn to give you another look, leaving him in the dust again. The dull ache in his heart magnified significantly, the burn of embarrassment and helplessness consuming him whole.

How had it gotten to this point?

“I’m not leaving you alone. Not in this state,” he blurted out, propelling his feet to follow you, “you’re not going to be alone.”

Your head turned to give him a steely look, one which would rip the light from the beautiful night sky, freeze the crystal clear lake. But it didn’t deter him.

“I don’t need you.” It shattered his heart; it really did. But it was something he unfortunately he deserved.

“You don’t have to. But you need someone to talk to, and I’m here,” he smiled painfully, taking your hand.

It was like a blow to him personally when you let go of it not even a few seconds later.

How did it get to this point?

The world suddenly seemed a little darker, a little colder. His smile dropped bitterly, looking down as he pinched his lips together in a straight line.

“I don’t need anybody,” You spoke harshly before walking away faster than before, leaving him to stare after your disappearing silhouette.

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Amare. [M]

Pairing: Taehyung X Jungkook X Reader

Genre: Smut, sort of fluff too?

Word Count: 2.6K

Sequel to Omertá, only with Taekook. A Jin sequel may or may not will follow :) [Do not fret kids, I will make sure Midnight writes this!] 

Originally posted by thetaekooks

Adjusting the straps of your bag, you took a deep breath bravely. Around you, life continued, with people excitedly tittering about, grins adorning their bright faces, seemingly the exact opposite of how you were feeling. It’s not that you were missing either Tae, Jungkook or Jin right now, there was no way. You were just…worried about going back to college, that’s all.

As you walked forward, you lamented on the fact that there was no one clinging at your arm, to assure you, no fingers carding through your hair to hold you still, no arm slung around your waist to provide comfort, nothing at all that could anchor you.

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Distractions pt 11

Pt. 1 || Pt. 2 || Pt. 3 || Pt. 4 || Pt. 5 || Pt. 6 || Pt. 7 || Pt. 8 || Pt.9 || Pt. 10 || Pt. 11

Yoongi x Reader x Jimin

Genre: Angst/Fluff

Word Count: 4856

Originally posted by yoonmin

Yoongi laid in bed as the noon sun pierced through the blinds painting glimmering golden stripes across the bedroom. It’s already been a whole week since he collapsed and finally, he seemed to be recovered but he chose to stay home for one more day to make sure that he had fully gotten rid of his illness. He didn’t want to get you or anyone else sick at Music Box.

After hours of just laying in bed, Yoongi’s stomach finally decided to make a desperate call for help. All this week he had no appetite because his brain just refused all ideas of eating while he was sick. Now that he was better, he felt like he could eat an entire grocery store or something. 

The dorm was empty as expected. It was already afternoon and everyone would probably be out doing their own thing, but Yoongi was surprised to see Jimin in the kitchen eating lunch. He thought that he’d be out with one of the others, but that obviously wasn’t the case. Yoongi could sense that there was something up with Jimin. After living together for so long, he had grown accustomed to the way Jimin acted. Just by the way the younger poked at his food and zoned out, Yoongi could tell that there was something wrong.

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  • Hi my name is Melchior Gabor and I have short messy brown hair and icy blue eyes like limpid tears and a lot of people tell me I look like Austin Mckenzie (AN: if u don’t know who he is get da hell out of here!). [[I’m not related to Goethe but I wish I was because he’s a major fucking good writer.]] I’m a radical but my teeth are straight and white. I have pale white skin. I’m also a student, and I go to a school called Knochenbruch's Lutheran Academy in Germany where I’m in the ninth year (I’m fourteen). I’m a atheist (in case you couldn’t tell) and I wear mostly black. For example today I was wearing a black school boy uniform with a black tie, black suspenders, a white shirt and black shoes. I was walking outside the hayloft. It was raining and I could smell the hay and hear Wendla Bergman's heartbeat which I was very happy about. A lot of adults stared at me. I put up my middle finger at them.
Business and Pleasure - Part 3

Summary:  Bucky AU. After a major deal falls through, your father’s business almost falls apart. In a desperate attempt to save his livelihood, he seeks the help of his oldest friend, George Barnes, who happens to be the CEO of one of the most influential businesses in New York. He agrees, but on one condition. You have to marry his son.

Word Count: 2,123

Warnings: Swearing

Originally posted by ohevansmycaptain

You stared at the ring on your finger, chuckling in a mix of disbelief and hopelessness. Mr. Barnes practically had to force James to give it to you. There was no romantic proposal that you had been dreaming of since you were a little girl. No magical date or walk along the Hudson at sunset. No carriage ride through Central Park. Why would there be? After all, this proposal, your impending marriage – all of it was all nothing more than a business transaction.

Today, two weeks after the dinner, you had met with Mr. Barnes and James again. “To formalize the engagement,” he had said. You met Mr. Barnes and James in the late afternoon at Barnes Enterprises, after most employees had headed home for the day. You sat in the small but lavishly decorated lobby outside his office, like a client waiting for a meeting. When the secretary, who seemed much too chipper for your taste, finally ushered you in, James barely spoke. In fact, he barely even glanced in your direction. He had simply handed you the box, leaving you to put the ring on your finger, and that was that. You were now engaged.

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Originally posted by out-in-the-open

Pairing: Death x infant!daughter!Reader, War x niece!Reader, Reader x adopted parents, Reader x Cage (OC, Brother)
Word count: 1,675

Part 1 of Death’s Daughter

Being who, and what, he was, Death had no paternal desires. Nothing in him urged him to be a father. So, when the woman he was seeing came to him, pregnant, there were no joyus exclamations, no outbursts of love, and no hopes and dreams for his child’s future. All he could see, was a short life, followed by death and decay.

When his daughter was only two months, he was left your sole caregiver. With no desire to be a mother, the woman he’d once shared a bed with, walked away. As he looked down at the sleeping infant, he sighed, knowing that she would need protecting.

With that, he opted to give her a better life, and watch from afar.

At three years old, you laughed as you slid down the slid to your awaiting father. Just like every other weekday, your older brother, Cage, would be dropped off at school, and your father would bring you to the park. You’d play for half an hour or so, and then walk home for a morning snack. It was almost like clockwork, and rarely changed, giving him ample time to pass by, unnoticed.

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No Love (III) – Jeon Jungkook (M)

Pairing: Sugar Daddy!Jungkook x Reader

Genre: implied smut, angst and fluff

Word Count: 2,578 words

Summary: It’d been a few months since you’d seen Jungkook, but you weren’t happy. The regret of letting him go, was finally beginning to sinking in. Jungkook was trying to drown himself in his work instead of thinking about you, you’d left him for good and that was hurting him, but it was hurting you too.

Previous Parts: No Love (Part I) | No Love (Part II)

Originally posted by life-ruiners

It’d been a few months since you’d seen Jungkook, but you weren’t happy. The regret of letting him go, was finally beginning to sinking in. Jungkook was trying to drown himself in his work instead of thinking about you, you’d left him for good and that was hurting him, but it was hurting you too.

With the help of Jungkook you had managed to pay off most of your student loan and your rent for the next few months so it was no worry, for now anyway. But you needed to find a job again.

You remember from your first few encounters with Jungkook, he’d said you could quit your job, there was no point in having one when he was paying you every month more than any job could give. You’d given yourself a week to get back on your feet and get a job, but that was harder than you had expected.

“Mr Jeon?” Jungkook raised his head, tiredly, as he saw Jisoo standing in front of him with a clipboard in her hand and a pen in the other. “Sorry to bother you Sir, but Mr SooMan would like these papers sighed and handed back to him before the end of the day so he knows you’d like to join the two companies together,” she began, placing the papers in front of him.

“His old ass is only after the money.” Jungkook muttered picking up the pen in fury and signing it quickly. “Anything else?” She only shook her head back at him as he handed her back the papers and pen. “You should get some rest Sir. You look awfully tired.” She said softly and gave him a small smile before walking out of his office and closing the door. Jungkook placed his head in his hands – he needed someone else to replace you.


You were running for work that day so you had skipped breakfast, deciding you could just snack on something once you got to the café. It was a simple job and it didn’t pay very well, but, something was better than nothing right? You had your head down looking for your phone so you could call your roommate and tell her you’d make her some breakfast and it was in the microwave, but you crashed into something hard which had sent you falling to the ground, landing on your butt.

“O-oh gosh I’m so sorry that was my fault I wasn’t looking where I was goin-” you already began speaking out excuses and apologies, but you hadn’t noticed who had sent you to the floor until they held out a hand for you to get up and spoke, “it’s fine.”

There was no way you could forget that beautiful, deep voice in a million years.


You finally looked up at him. He looked the same, except for maybe the hair, it was styled down naturally instead of being in the gelled back hair he’d always have for work and it gave him a more boyish look. You liked it. You took his hand and he helped you up, a smile on his lips as he looked back at you, but his eyes spoke a different story. They looked hurt, dead even, they didn’t give off the happy feeling you knew when you were with him…

A smaller figure stepped forward from behind him and it was then when you realised it was a young women, probably a little older than you. “Are you okay sweetie?” she asked, a hand over her heart as if she had done something bad. You nodded back, “I-I’m fine, thank you.”

There was an awkward silence filling the air as all three of you kept quiet, Jungkook and you stealing glances at each other. “I’m sorry about him, he’s a strong one,” she laughed a little trying to loosen up the awkwardness. “Yeah, she knows babe,” Jungkook spoke up.

Babe? Of course, why were you expecting him to still be single? All you two had was a sexual relationship, nothing more and nothing less, of course he would replace you. But…babe? He’d said it himself that he didn’t do serious relationships but here he was with a girl by his side (who was absolutely beautiful) and calling her babe.

“Oh, you two know each other?

“Yeah, we were…” Jungkook paused awkwardly, not knowing what to call you.

“Friends,” you finished. “Were friends?” she looked between the both of you.

“Ah well, we kind of drifted apart. I don’t know if she’d like to keep calling me her friend or not after all this time.” Jungkook let out a small chuckle, but you could only smile back a little.

“I’m sorry to ruin this moment, but I uh, I’ve got work to go to…”

“Oh! Sorry to keep you here for this long. Maybe you could come over and have dinner with the both of us one day?” The women smiled and wrapped her arm around Jungkook’s waist, “I’d love to get to know you…” she trailed off, realising she didn’t know your name.

“Y/N, it’s Y/N.” You said back, “and I’d uh love to come over, one day.” Jungkook’s eyes widened a little, you didn’t want to go over, not after all that had happened with you and Jungkook, but it would have been rude to decline. After all, whoever Jungkook was dating was so kind and beautiful.

“Y/N,” she smiled and held out her hand, “that’s a beautiful name. I’m Hani, it was nice to meet you.”

“You too, Hani. I’ll see you later then.” You smiled at them both quickly before walking away to the café, shaken up from that encounter.


“Hey! I’m so glad you could make it!” Hani grinned at you and gave you a big hug and let you into Jungkook’s place. “I’m not sure what your favourite food was but I hope you like lasagne.”

“Ah, I’m fine with anything really,” you smiled back. She was so beautiful and so caring, no wonder Jungkook went for her. “Dinner isn’t really done yet but if you’re looking for Kook, he’s upstairs on the right. He seemed to be really nervous about today. I don’t know why though. Maybe you could go and talk to him? Become friends again, yes?” if only she knew.

You couldn’t help yourself and your feet took you to his office, the one you’d been in so many times. The one you’d been bent over on as Jungkook took you from behind. Your hands got sweaty all of a sudden so you wiped them on your jeans, knocking on the door before he called out for you to come in.

“Hey…” he looked up before realising it was you, not Hani. “Oh, hey. I didn’t think you’d come today,” he spoke as he closed the paper work and put his pen down. “Yeah neither did I actually.” He couldn’t help but smile a little.

“How’ve you-”

“So you and-” you both spoke and stopped at the same time before laughing a little. “You go first.” Jungkook said as he got out of his seat and rolled up his sleeves a little. “I was going to say, you and Hani hey?” he shrugged back with a small smile. “You’re complaining?”

“No its just, I’m pretty sure I remember you saying when we first met, I repeat and quote, “I don’t do relationships, they are a waste of time”, isn’t that right Mr Jeon?”

“First of all, if you were trying to mock me with that voice, it was way off.” You and Jungkook both chuckled. “Secondly, a person changes I guess…” you only nodded back slowly. “Is she making you happy?”

“Yeah, she is, she’s beautiful.” Jungkook said back. Your heart broke a little on the inside, your smile faltering a little. “What were you going to say?” you asked, trying to change the conversation.

“Ah, I was going to ask how’ve you been…I see you got a new job to.”

“Yeah, I’ve been well, could be better but you know, that’s life.” It was his turn to nod back slowly. “No boyfriend?”

You shook your head. “Nope, I haven’t even looked at a guy after we ended,” you admitted.

“I thought you said ‘we’ didn’t exist.”

“Well I can’t go around saying ‘my sugar daddy and I went separate ways and now I’m trying to find a job so I don’t go back to starving myself’ now can I Jungkook?”

Silence filled the air after your little speech, you and Jungkook just staring at each other, “I’m going to go downstairs,” you turned on your heels before his hand came and grabbed your wrist, turning you around and before you could process what was happening, his lips were on yours.

You weren’t able to think clearly, maybe it was because of his soft lips. Maybe it was the sexual tension that was beginning to grow in the room. Maybe, just maybe, it was because you missed him. You missed his laugh, his smile, the way his nose crinkles up when he tastes his cooking and it’s disgusting, you missed his hugs, his warm chest, you missed his steady heartbeat. God, you missed Jungkook so much.

Your hand went up to his cheek as your other hand went up to wrap around the back of his neck, tangling in his hair slightly. He wrapped his arms around your waist, pulling you into him desperately. The kiss was messy and needy, but somehow, it was full of love.

You were the first one to pull away, in need of some air. Jungkook rested his forehead on yours, looking down at you while slightly out of breath. “Do you regret that?” he asked, his voice just above a whisper. “No,” you replied. The two of you stood like that, in comfortable silence for what seemed like forever until you moved away first, straightening yourself up and clearing your throat. “We should…go have dinner.”

Jungkook only nodded back before stuffing his hands in his jeans, following after you.


Your first meeting with Jungkook, replayed in your head.

“I’m here to see Mr Jeon J-”

“Jeon Jungkook, yes come this way madam.” The elder man who spoke to you wore a tuxedo with a pure white cloth placed on his arm as you followed behind him through the expensive restaurant, leading you away from most of the guests and into a more secluded part.

Jungkook came into your sight. He was wearing a suit too, hair slicked back, he looked so good, at least he wasn’t a middle aged man who was looking for sex. He stood up and walked towards you, smirking a little and holding out his hand for you. “Miss Y/N, yes? Jeon Jungkook, nice to meet you. You look even more beautiful in real life I must admit.” He kissed your hand lightly when you placed it down on his. He stood back and admired your figure and gave a small nod.

“Thank you…you too- uh, I mean you look handsome, not beautiful. You are beautiful though- oh gosh…” He only chuckled in response before whispering out a “you’re cute,” before pulling out your seat.

“I got here a little earlier so I hope you don’t mind, but I ordered red wine for us both.” He raised the glass to his lips before taking a small sip and placing it back down. “Ah, it’s fine.”

“Instead of beating around the bush, let’s discuss some of the terms of this, ‘relationship’ yes?” you nodded back at him.

“You do understand this should be no strings attached, absolutely no feelings otherwise I’ll let you go. I don’t do relationships, they are a waste of time for a busy man like me. When I call you, you’ll come over and aid me in anything I want but most of the time it’s sex. On board with me so far?” you gulped a little before muttering out a small “yes” as he continued to explain what were the basic rules until your dinner was served.

“So, what made you want to do this whole sugar daddy ordeal? You seem too innocent for something like this.” Jungkook hummed, looking up at you for an answer.

“I need to survive I guess? I need to pay off student loans and pay rent for the apartment my mum, sister and I live in. Sometimes the world is cruel to the innocent ones,” you smiled safly before continuing, “you’re lucky you’ve been born into a family of riches. You don’t need to worry about getting kicked out of a rundown place that you call home.”

“Is that supposed to be an insult to me?” Jungkook raised an eyebrow at you. You were different, really different. The other girls who had came crawling to him just wanted a whole lot of sex or the money. Yes some of them wanted to survive through life and pay off their student loans too but when Jungkook started paying them, they turned into sex crazed sluts who didn’t have any worth of self-respect.

“O-oh my gosh no! Not at all I didn’t mean to come across that way I just- oh gosh I’m so sorry,” you felt so bad for downgrading him like that but he only smiled back at you, but it didn’t really reach his eyes. “Just because I’m born into a family of riches doesn’t mean everything runs smoothly princess.”


You found yourself crying over the last week almost every day, the regret of kissing Jungkook playing over and over in your mind, but you didn’t regret it either. With trembling hands you texted Jungkook.

30/10/16 | 9:53 AM | You:

Hey, can I see you?

30/10/16 | 9:57 AM | Jungkook:

Why? What’s wrong?

30/10/16 | 9:59 AM | You:

I need to talk to you. Urgently.

30/10/16 | 10:01 AM | Jungkook:

Mine at 7pm sound good?

30/10/16 | 10:04 AM | You:

I’ll see you then.


“Have you…been crying?” He asked the second he opened the door, seeing your red swollen eyes.

“Is Hani home?” you asked quickly, fiddling with your hands due to you being nervous. “We broke u-” you didn’t even let him finish his sentence before you clung onto him, crashing your lips onto his and kissing him with a fiery passion, holding onto him tightly. It took him a few seconds to realise what had actually happened before he was kissing you back, holding you close.

Tears were rolling down your face, the taste of bitter saltiness being tasted in your kiss but neither of you cared. You pulled back and buried your face into his chest. “I’m sorry. I’m sorry for lying that day. I’m sorry for pushing you away. I-I’m sorry for saying I don’t love you, because I-I do, so damn much Jungkook. P-please tell me it’s not too late, please.”

He remained silent, raising your chin with his finger so he was looking down at you, a smile plastered on his face. “I love you, Y/N.”

“I love you too Jungkook, so much.” That night, there was no “daddy” no “baby girl” no fucking, it was love. Jungkook had made love to you, and you couldn’t be happier. The man you loved was back in your world again and you couldn’t ask for anything more.

Neither could Jungkook. Something that started out with no love, had turned into love, maybe that was your fate.

a/n: omg finally finished this mini series! i hope you all liked and enjoyed it as much as I loved writing it >.< feedback is appreciated! (p.s, i’ll be working on another part to camboy!seokjin tomorrow hehe)

Keep it or Leave it (Part 9)

Prompt: When an early bird and a womanizer are roommates, they come up with a scheme that favors both of them. But some things are not as clear as they seem

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: None that I can think of…
*If you do feel triggered by something, let me know so I can add here and warn other readers!

Word Count: 539

Author’s Note: As always, if you see any words that could/should be replaced or sentences that could be better put together please feel free to point it out! English is not my first language and this will help me improve ;)

Part 1 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10

You excused yourself, brushing your arm against your eyes to dry your tears, and went straight to your bedroom

Bucky kept looking at you, his gaze following you until you had closed your bedroom door. Only then he noticed Dot was close by

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Preference: You Ask Them To Be Your First Kiss.

Request:Preference of their crush asking them to be her first kiss? Or a friend, whichever suits the guy best. Thanks!

Sorry that some of these are a bit similar. I had trouble coming up with some of these 🙈 Also I apologize that I can’t hold their names to make it more clear when it’s a different guy. I’m on mobile because tumblr still won’t work on my laptop for whatever reasons and when I try to bold on mobile it’s messing up the whole format and blah. Anywaysss enjoy 💛

Darry gets really angry at first. He thinks the guys put you up to it because he had told them he liked you. He wasn’t going to do it afraid that it was a joke but then he saw how embarrassed you looked having to ask and he did it.

“Did my friends but you up to this?” Darry frowned leaning back. “Dammit I knew I shouldn’t have-”

You cut him off shaking your head. “Nobody put me up to it I just thought.. You know what? Never mind. Forget it.”

“No tell me.”

“You know it’s really embarrassing for a girl my age to have never have been kissed and I thought you would do it because.. you’re always staring at me. I just thought.. that you might like me or something.” you muttered shyly and with that Darry pressed his lips to yours.

You two had been on your way to a party where the guy you liked was gonna be and you were nervous because you’d never been kissed so you asked Sodapop to give you a kiss so you’d know what to expect. You thought he would do it because he was your best friend but you had no idea he had a huge crush on you.

“No way, Y/N.. You want your first kiss to be with someone you like. You want it to mean something..” Sodapop said to you shaking his head as you stood in the middle of an empty road. You were about two streets from the party you were both going to but you could already here the noise from it.

“Sodapop.. Who knows what will happen between me and this guy. It’ll be a lot more special if you’re my first kiss because we’ll always be best friends so at least I know my first kiss was with someone I care about.” You were practically begging him but you were desperate to know how to kiss so that you didn’t embarrass yourself in front of your crush if you were bad at it. And besides you were a bit nervous.

“Fine..” Sodapop breathed before leaning over to kiss you. It last a few seconds and when you both pulled away. You were grinning excitedly and you through your arms around him.

“You are the best friend ever! Thank you.. My crush won’t even know what hit him.”

“Don’t mention it.” he muttered wishing more than anything that you wanted to kiss him again as much as he wanted to kiss you.

Ponyboy has a crush on this girl but he has no idea she has a big crush on him. She comes up to him at lunch one day and just asks him to kiss her.

Ponyboy was staring at you nervously as you sat on the bench beside him. He had looked up at you from the book he was reading.

“Oh..” Ponyboy said in surprise and tried to sit up a little more confidently. “What are you doing over here, Y/N?”

“I came to see you..” You replied smiling a bit at him. “I have.. well a question for you..”

“Okay then. Go for it..” He murmured as he lit a cigarette.

You nodded and quickly found yourself babbling out an explanation. “Well the thing is.. Well you’ve always been a real cute guy, Ponyboy. And nice too. Ever since we were kids I’ve thought that. And.. well I made this list of things to do when I was eight. It was right after we were partnered on that field trip.. And well.. I wrote that I wanted you to be my first kiss. And.. well I know it’s silly.. and nearly insane. I mean you must thing I’m a real weirdo or something but.. I was wondering if you would kiss me.”

Ponyboy was staring at you, a bit wide eyed and you cringed to yourself. You stood to leave but before you could mutter out a quick apology you felt his hand on your wrist pulling you back down beside him. The next thing you know his lips were on yours and both of your hearts were nearly flipping in your chests at this.

Two-Bit and you are close friends. He kisses you at a school dance after pulling you away from your friends who were mad because you wouldn’t kiss a soc they set you up with. You ask to kiss him instead to piss them off, but you secretly really do like him.

“Don’t listen to them, Y/N. They’re not worth it.” Two-Bit said to you, patting your back gently, after you were far enough from your friends.

“I’m not to worried about them. Besides I have you.” You smiled slightly as you glanced up at them. Your friends were staring at you and glaring and suddenly you got an idea in your head. “Hey, Two-Bit.. Will you kiss me?”

“What?” he laughed and you two looked at each other.

“Kiss me.” you said again, a small smirk on your lips. He glanced over at where you had been staring moments before. When he sees that your friends are watching he smirks a bit too and then you two are kissing.

Dally had a thing for Two-Bit’s sister who was a year younger than Two-Bit but he would never go for it before because sisters of your friends are off limits. But she begs him to be her first kiss because she’s never had one before.

“No!” Dally snapped trying to shove her out of his room at Buck’s but she stood firm.

“Dallas Winston, I swear, if you don’t kiss me right now then I will go down to that bar and find the first guy who will. So unless you want me kissing some drunk creep then I’d just do it already.. Please.”

Dally swore to himself before leaning forward to kiss you roughly.

You asked Steve to kiss you because your friends had dared you to kiss the cute DX guy since you’d never been kissed. Steve doesn’t believe you at first.

“Can I help you with something?” Steve asked as he stepped over to where you were standing in the doorway to the garage. He wiped his dirty hands off on a towel as he approached you.

“Can I ask you to do something crazy for me?” You ask with a hesitant smile. He looks confused but he gets a cocky grin on his face.

“I guess that depends, girly.”

“I need you to kiss me.”

He seems surprised at this but he nods slightly. “Alright.. mind telling me why?”

You nod to your friends which were all standing over by the gas pumps. “They bet me five bucks that I couldn’t get me first kiss with the cute DX guy.”

Steve deflated a bit at that. “Oh well.. Sodapop, he’s in the store.”

Your eyebrows scrunch a bit and you shake your head. “I’m not looking for Sodapop I’m looking for you. You’re the cutest DX guy here as far as I can see.” You grin. Steve hesitates for a moment and glances around before leaning forward to kiss you, your friends squeals could be heard from across the parking lot.

You ask him to kiss you because your his neighbor and both of you have bad families. Sometimes you two sit on one of your roofs and talk and you’ve always dreamed about it so one night you just ask.

“Y/N..” Johnny sighed a bit as he looked at you. You were blushing. “Don’t you want your first kiss to be with someone special? Someone handsome and tough?”

“I want all of those things.” You whispered. “That’s why I asked you, Johnny..”

He was staring at you and you tried to move away to go back inside but he stopped you and kissed you gently.

Crowley’s little girl. Part III.

Characters: Demon!Reader, Crowley, Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Claire Novak (mentioned), Jody Mills (mentioned)

Parings: Demon!Reader x Crowley (Daughter and Father), eventually Demon!Reader x Dean/Sam Winchester (I think there is going to be a Sam x Reader angsty fluff at some point in a further part)

You are one of Crowley’s crossroad demons, but not any demon, no.. you are his daughter. A so called Cambion. Half demon, half human. When a girl named Claire summoned you, everything changed.


You popped up at the same crossroad that Claire has summoned you before. The sun was set and a slight breeze of wind was running through your hair, ruffling it up. There was a little farm house in the distance and a little forest on the other side. You stood there in silence and for the very first time in your life you realized how beautiful earth was. A strange noise coming from your pocket tore you out of your wandering gaze. The phone your father gave you a while ago rang loudly.

„Father.“ you answered the phone.

„Just a quick update, my dear. Their home is warded against any kind of evil. You won‘t find them as long as they stay there.“ Crowley explained. „Oh.. and by the way.. the Winchesters are quite shirty, be careful and don‘t draw to much attention to you.“

„But how am I supposed to find them then?“ you asked confused, just as the king of hell hung up on you, without any further information.

„Great…“ putting your phone back in your pocket, you tried to figure out how to start your manhunt. You remembered that the Winchesters came from the small forest when they wanted to stop the deal. You decided to take the little road that was guiding you towards the woods.

Some leafs were laying on the ground, crackling from your steps, while some where hanging on the trees rustling in the wind. You enjoyed your walk on this little gravel path, but soon the way branched-off. Taking the left branch you ended up on a road. A few street lights standing on each side. Indecisive you decided to follow the long road which seemed like forever, when suddenly a glare dazzled your view. A long black car passed your way and your senses told you exactly who sat behind the steering wheel. You stepped out to stand in the middle of the street holding out your right arm. The car lights started to flicker until they went out completely and the car broke down. You stared directly into the drivers eyes who sat there throwing an angry look your way, recognizing you again. You lifted one eyebrow and smirked at him before you disappeared with a flick of your fingers.

Dean got off the car and looked around, his hands on his gun, which was tucked in his pants. It took him a few minutes to make sure you were really gone. When he continued driving you appeared without a sound in the backseat „Hello, handsome.“

He hit the brake in shock, when he saw you in the driving mirror, almost causing an accident with one of the street lights. The car stopped and he turned around, pointing his gun at you, just as he realized that you were gone again. „Son of a bitch!“

„Why so naughty, Dean?“ you popped up at the passenger seat, smirking at him.

He quickly pointed the gun towards you. „It’s you!“

„If you try to kill me, I‘m gonna shorten the deal“ you said, using your abillity of telekinesis to turn the gun around pointing it at Deans forehead.

„You can not shorten the deal if I kill you first“ he said, with a face expressed in fury.

„Are you sure about that, Winchester?“ you asked amused.

„Oh, I am damn sure about that.“ Dean replied, quickly pulling out his knife, leaping at you, but you disappeared the moment he grazed you.

Dean crawled out of his car, when you popped up behind him. „By the way, it is not my decision to withdraw a deal, just FYI.“ you said, just as he stormed towards you, trying to stab you again.

You stood there not moving a muscle. When he got closer you lifted your arm, tossing Dean against one of the trees.

„You listen to me…“ you started lifting Dean up, choking him. „I will tell you this one last time.. you can not kill me.“ you told him enraged, watching him as he grasped for air.

You stepped closer to him, moving him down to the ground again. „I will end you.“ you whispered in his ear as you vanished again.


P.O.V. Winchesters/Bunker

Sam stood in the kitchen, making some food for Claire and Jody, when a loud bang of the heavy bunker door made him spill his ingredients in shock. He bowed down to clean the floor when his brother stomped into the room.

„What is it, Dean?“ Sam stood up, giving him an exasperated look.

„Here“ he threw some sort of device into Sams hands, who unintented dropped the ingredients, which he just cleaned up, to catch it.

„Really?“ Sam said annoyed as he looked into his hands. „Is that a tracking device?“

„I had a little conversation with Crowley‘s little princess and slipped that into her pocket.“ Dean said, grabbing a beer from the fridge. „Hurry up, Sammy. We‘ve got a job do to.“


P.O.V you

After your little discussion with the older Winchester brother, you popped up at a bar not far away, settling yourself down and getting a few drinks. Half-drunk you headed back out to find a place to stay, Demon or not, you were half human too and needed some sleep. It took you about one hour to find a place. You finally got keys to a little room and when you wanted to open the door you suddenly heard the click of a gun right behind you.

„You again?“ you turned around, facing Dean.

„Well, this time I am not alone.“ he shrugged, when all of a sudden you got hit in the head from a blunt object. Everything around you turned black as you fainted to the ground.

A massive headache woke you up. You looked up, your view was blurred. It took you a few moments to get clear again, when you wanted to lift your hand to rub your eyes, you felt something tight holding your arm down. As your view got clearer you saw that you were tied up to a chair. A table in front of you. Your ankles were fixed against the chair with some kind of belts, your wrists tied up with ropes and a heavy chain, connected to kind of a collar, was wrapped around your neck. A big demon trap was drawn on the ground around your chair. You tried to release yourself, but nothing worked. Suddenly the metal shelves, that were standing in front of you, opened up side to side with a loud creaking sound. The bright artificial light blinded your view. With squeezed eyes you tried to figure out what happened.

„Did you sleep well, sweetheart?“ Deans voice appeared in front of you.

The next thing you felt was a wet burning ache on your face. You shrieked out in pain „what was that?!“

„Holy water.“ Sams voice rang threw the room, as he stepped closer to you. „You have to undo the deal.“

Dean stepped right in front of you, bracing himself on the table, flinging out the demon blade, attaching it to your neck. „Cancel.. the deal..“ he yelled at you as he carved a little cut down your neck, which made you scream in eternal pain.

„I can‘t! My Da..“ you couldn’t even finish your sentence as Sam splashed the next round of holy water at you. The pain was so intense that it almost brought tears to your eyes, as you screamed out again. You started to breath heavily, grasping for air.

„Exorcizamus te, omnis immundus spiritus,“ Sam started.
„omnis satanica potestas, omnis incursio infernalis adversarii,“ he continued as you could tell he got nervous, „omnis legio, omnis congregatio et secta diabolica.“. But then he stopped.

„What are you waiting for, Sam!?“ Dean asked furiously.

„It is not working“ Sam tried to justify himself.

„What?“ his big brother asked doubtfully.

„It is not working, Dean“ he reassured him.

You looked up to Sam, he was staring straight into your eyes with a concerned look. „What are you?“ he asked calmly.

„Does that matter, Sam? We ..“ Dean started, as you cut him off

„A cambion.“ you stuttered.

„A what?“ Dean asked curiously.

Just as you wanted to explain your situation, Sam stopped you. „A cambion, Dean. She is half demon, half human.“

„Oh, great. Isn‘t that thing the most powerful kind of demon?!“ Dean questioned irritated.

„I could be“ you interrupted the discussion, both of the boys stared at you now. „My Dad.. well, Crowley as you call him, took most of my abilities. He thinks I am not trained enough. Right now I am just his stupid little crossroad demon until you guys showed up.“

„On which side are you? I don‘t mean to offend you, but to me you don‘t seem like a dangerous demon.“ Sam asked you and you could tell you could feel something you never did before. Sorrow.

„I grew up in hell, no one ever really cared or respected my human needs. I was born as Dad‘s weapon. I was born to destroy. He wants me to kill you two.“

„Like I said before, not if I kill you first!“ Dean lunged out to stab you with the knife, just as Sam held him back.

„DEAN! She is human too! We do not kill human beings!“ Sam tighten the grip around Deans arm, who was clearly pissed. „let her explain first.“ Dean wrested himself out of Sams grip.

“My Dad knew that I didn’t really wanted to lay a finger on somebody. I‘m just doing what I get told. Otherwise I‘ll get punished. I have to be tough in front of him and do what he wants me to do. You two are the first people I can tell about this. He watches every step I make and can hear every word I say, but now, that I am in your warded bunker, he can‘t.“ you explained.

„Give us a few minutes, I have to discuss something with my brother.“ Dean pushed Sam out of the little room, where you were held in and closed the shelves behind him.

You could hear them talk about how Dean still wants to kill you and how he didn’t believe a word you said. You started to get scared that they can actually kill you now. Maybe Sam just wanted information and that‘s the reason why he was so nice and calm. None of them released you off the chair, which gave you every right to think, that you‘ll either rot in here or die. An idea popped up in your mind, you might can‘t get rid of this chair by your own and can‘t call for help, because no demon would hear you down here, but you still had Diwo. The bond between the two of you was bigger than the bond between you and your Dad, and your hellhound had quite a few stronger abilities than normal hellhounds do. Diwo was created to keep you safe and help you in every situation, which made you believe that this warded bunker, won‘t stop him from making his way in there. You focused every last power you had to call him for help. Not a minute later he appeared through a drain, which was hanging on the wall.

„Good boy, can you get mommy out of here“ you asked him quietly, so the Winchesters couldn‘t hear you.

Diwo started to scratch the demon trap a tiny bit so its effect would vanish. After he could get himself entrance into the trap he broke the chains and the ropes by biting them in two. The chains fell to the ground with a loud jangle.

„Did you hear that?“ you could hear Dean from outside the room

You disappeared before they could see what was going on. Popping up in hell again, you found your father standing in your room, giving you an angry, blaming look. „Are you out of your mind?“ he asked you with a disgruntled voice.

„I.. I don‘t know what you mean, father.“ you stuttered.

He stepped forward to you, letting his right hand resting on your cheek. „Do you think I am foolish?“ he gave you a warm smile which soon turned to a vicious look, when he suddenly raised his hand and slapped your face. You fell to the ground trying to hold back your tears.

„I‘m sorry, dad! I was scared!“ you cried out.

„You are sorry? You fooled me all the time. You never wanted to kill. You just wanted to get out of here. I gave you everything, Y/N and all I get in return is disobedience?“ Crowley snapped his fingers, and you could feel your abillities dissolving. „You wanna get out of here? Let me tell you something”, he insisted.

„Get the hell out of hell.“ he flicked his fingers once again, sending you back to the crossroad.


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Braun Strowman/OC: “I hate the word almost. You were almost mine. We almost made it.” Angst.

I found this on a prompt list and had to do it. It was originally written and meant for Valentine’s Day, but that didn’t happen. So here it is now. 

Tagging the bbies: @lavitabella87 @omgmissmillie @screamersdontdance @everybodyfinnfreeze @shadow-of-wonder @laochbaineann @justtookawaii @sarrahcha @twiistedbliiss @hotspurmadridista @niazha16 @happelu970 @officialbroski10-blog @crowleysqueenofhell @lilmisscrisis @antigonemaia @imnoaingeal @littledeadrottinghood @imagineall-the-fandoms @hiitsmecharlie @macfizzle @bizclizbaybay @oraclegazes @welshwitch5 @wrasslesmut @actualamyautopsy @blondekel77 @meaganottiz02 @karaboomhower @valeonmars @squirrel666 @livingthestrongstyle @damnbuvky @caramara3 @abbie03d @roserae527 @superrezzy00 

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Pansy Parkinson was the type of girl to end her love letters in x’s and o’s.

Except her x’s were bones and her o’s were skulls and her love letters were always more like death threats taped to her lover’s locker.

She wore black lipstick and choker necklaces and was the kind of crafty, never-present student all the teachers despised, yet she managed to be top of the class ever single fucking time and it drove everyone mad.

She smelled of peppermint and looked like Persephone’s softest daydream. Her kisses were sweet and her punches were like cotton candy.

Pansy was possessive. Like the moon in the sky, desiring every eye to fall upon her precious being.

And when she wanted something, she would stop at nothing to ensure she was queen of it. All the boys were afraid of her and all the girls idolized her.

With her perfectly manicured midnight-colored nails and her ironed pleated mini skirt, she practically owned the school.


That is, until she works her way through an entire bag of exceptionally well-charmed licorice meant to bring tangibility back to the dead.

In her state, though—her very alive state—she transforms into a ghost.

 A fucking ghost.

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Hi Trish, it’s Photo Anon. I’m having flashbacks to the very first submission I made to you about camera angles. I saw your post today about the theory in which Cait regularly uses Sam as a support pole or for body heat and he’s basically just putting up with it. I thought the photos selected for this theory were interesting. I’m submitting one of the pics that was used (poor distracted Sam) and a different pic that was taken within moments of the other and from a different angle. Although the head positions and facial expressions are different in the second pic, note the arm positions and Sam’s sleeve (every crease and fold matches). So, a choice of two photos from the same moment - one in which Sam is said to look “distracted” and another that paints a picture so different it never could have been used for such a story.

~Hi Photo Anon, it is kind of a déjà vu moment isn’t it? I agree they tell very different stories. Correct me if I’m wrong but don’t shippers get accused of only using pics that fit our narrative? Seems the other side is guilty of what they claim they never do. Oh well I don’t see them abandoning that type of tactic any time soon do you? We will just continue to present the facts and their nemesis good old fashioned logic, a concept so alien and profound to them . Mind you “I got yer nose ” is probably beyond their collective ken😉~
Meddlesome Magical Cookies (Carlos/Reader)

Hi…. So I don’t know what to say other than I’m even deeper in this hole than I thought, so I found myself writing this and now I find myself posting it. I don’t know whether anyone could want any more of my rambling writing, but just let me know if you do, or if you have any ideas you’d like to suggest,

Summary: Mal’s revenge plot doesn’t go to plan, Carlos is the sweetest person in all of Auradon, you find the whole situation emotionally draining, and nobody deserved to pass Goodness 101 because they’re all evil masterminds.


Mal maintained that Carlos had it coming. That little shit had been ruining her and Ben’s dates all week for no apparent reason other than he was bored. She figured the least she could do would be cast a little teensy tiny spell on him in return. It was just your luck you got dragged into it.

Jay was an awesome person in your opinion, you hadn’t known him well a month ago, (hell it was only a week before that that you’d joined Auradon Prep in the first place), that was until you were paired together for a school project. You’d discovered he was a good guy and a great friend. It hadn’t mattered to you in the slightest who his parents were, and you had speedily become close friends with the Rotten Four, even declaring yourself their official parent after observing through their telling behaviour and rushed stories how awful their lives had been so far. You knew better than most that someone’s family had no effect on who or what they were, curtesy of your own parents.

You had been lifted out of school for the past week in order to visit Olympus and spend time with your parents (you really loved your parents, your Dad Hercules would relive you of your studies so you could spend the day together, and your Mother Meg would simply bail you out because she knew how much it sucked), and Jay had been nice enough to compile all the notes you needed. You were only annoyed at yourself that you’d forgotten to pick up the notes yesterday evening like you’d both planned and now had to drop by Saturday morning. It was comical really; how were you to know Mal had fed Carlos an altered batch of love potion cookies the night before, leaving adequate time for the spell to take effect by morning (it was a different recipe to the one she’d used on Ben, she had after all wanted different results). This one decreed whomever the affected saw first became the object of their unbridled affections. To put it simply, Carlos would fall in love with whoever he saw first that morning.

You knocked on the door.

You found yourself fidgeting as you waited, regretting not making more effort this morning, you didn’t care at all what Jay thought of your appearance, at least no more than anyone would care around their friends, but Carlos… Let’s just say you had a borderline unhealthy need for him to find you attractive. It was just, he always looked so goddamn attractive and his freckles were unfairly cute and his smile was lethally beautiful so you just, sort of hoped, that he might feel the same kind of way about you. Well. You thought that slim possibility was now nonexistent.

You knocked on the door again.

Jay, ever the heavy sleeper, didn’t emerge from underneath his mound of bedding. Carlos, ever the light sleeper, was unceremoniously awoken. He shuffled towards the door, opening it while rubbing his eyes and letting out the most adorable yawn fathomable.

“Hey Carlos- oh sorry, did I wake you?” You winced studying the boy’s sleepy disposition.

He watched your beautiful eyes scan his face, the concern for him in them making you all the more attractive. You were only wearing super causal clothes (in fact you’d slept in the shirt) but you looked incredible, mildly nervous at his prolonged silence and dark circles were visible under your eyes, but incredible nonetheless.

“Carlos? You okay there?”

He coughed. “Yeah. Yes, I am- I’m fine.”

You smirked dubiously. “You sound it,”

“So, uh, what can I do for you Y/n? I mean, how can I help?”

“I haven’t been here all week, and Jay had a bunch of notes to give me.” Your voice lilted at the end, the statement coming out as a bit more of a question as you peeked into the room.

“Well you can come in, if you- if you want? We can look for them, and, um, we can wake Jay up and make him help,”

“Awesome. Thanks Carlos.” He didn’t know whether his heart swelled at the smile of relief that spread across your face, or at the way you said his name. His heart always missed a beat when you spoke it, but now the effect seemed amplified somehow.

Your smile turned wicked at the sight of Jay soundly sleeping. You dropped your bag as quietly as you could on the floor, and crept forward. “Wake up Jay,” you exclaimed painfully loud, jumping on top of the slumbering boy.

The boy in question groaned loudly. “Y/n? Is that you?”

“Yeah, I’m really sorry I couldn’t resist.” You explained impishly.

“Don’t worry about it, it’s not a bad way to wake up.” Jay tugged down the duvet and grinned lewdly up at you, nodding at your straddled position over him.

You rolled your eyes at his innuendo, and moved to climb off of him when you heard a noise behind you.

Both you and Jay turned around curiously. “Carlos. Did you just, growl?” Jay asked disbelievingly.

“Don’t touch Y/n.” Carlos was stood with his fists clenched, his chest heaving and the rage practically rolled off him in waves.

“What did you just say? Did you just tell me not to touch Y/n?” Jay clarified bemusedly as you carefully slid off the bed.

The younger Isle boy didn’t cease to look distressed and you approached him, your confusion evident.

“Are you okay?”

“I don’t-” He stopped, stretching his hand out towards you. You took it immediately and then Carlos had his arms wound around your waist, and his face nuzzled in the crook of your neck. What. You looked at Jay, who was trying not to laugh and failing miserably.

The boy currently wrapped around you let out a noise between a hum and a sigh, obviously contented. You felt his warm breath fan your exposed collarbone and you tried really really hard not to blush as red as Ariel’s hair.

“Carlos?” You questioned. No response. “Honey,” you implored, the word rolling off your tongue far smoothly than could be expected, and he finally lifted his head with a dopey smile. “Have you been feeling… weird lately? Maybe because you drank something, or you met someone strange?” Jay nodded his head at your assumption something unnatural had happened to Carlos to make him act this way. He looked thoughtful.

“He wasn’t like this yesterday,” Jay offered, his lips twitching unbidden. You knew why he was fighting a smile. You could practically feel Carlos staring at you intently (read: lovingly).

“Carlos what did you do last night?” You probed but it fell on deaf ears. Carlos had began to fiddle with your hair idly and yet again you resisted the compulsion to let a rosy blush consume you.

“I want more of Mal’s cookies.” Carlos murmured absently but with surprising determination.

You and Jay shared a look.

“Mal’s cookies?” You both said in perfect time together.

“They were really good,” The freckled boy muses, more to himself.

You conspire silently with the older VK yet again and know exactly what you have to do.


“Mal.” Nothing.

“Mal!” Nothing again.

“Mal, open the door right now or I swear to Hades I will-”

The door swung open.

“Jay it is a Saturday, what is wrong with you?”

“What did you do to Carlos?” Jay asks assertively, leaning against the door frame. Her smirk is delightedly cruel (some things never change) and she goes to answer him when she spies you. And Carlos. Who had refused to let go of your hand as you journeyed over there and now in addition held your waist and was he- Yes. He was now smelling your hair.

“Oh this is much better than I planned.” Mal sniggered, crossing her arms. “Hey Y/n.” You quirked an eyebrow. “Having fun?”

“Mal.” You said sternly ignoring Carlos’ breath which tickled your ear. This boy was going to be the death of you. “What the hell did you do to Carlos?”

“Well considering this turn of events, I’d say I’ve helped him act on his feelings.” You didn’t think to much on that, you weren’t sure you could handle that at 8:48 on a Saturday morning.

“Mal just tell us what you did.” Jay stood firm, crossing his arms and looking protectively over at you.

She sighed, “you’re no fun,” she strolled over to her bedside table, casual as you like and grabbed something from it. You all stepped into the room. “Here.” Mal tossed the item at Jay who caught it effortlessly.

“You didn’t.” He said upon seeing what it was.

“I didn’t. It’s a different recipe don’t worry.”

“What’s going on?” You asked.

The purple haired girl turned more somber as she caught onto how confused and unamused you were. “I’m honestly sorry you got pulled into it Y/n, I figured he’d see Jay and it would be really funny-” Mal actually looked kind of contrite and you squeezed her hand.

“Just tell me what you did,”

“I gave Carlos a love potion. One that worked by making him fall in love with whoever he saw first this morning.” Her face was mostly impassive but her eyes looked worried. Auradon was fast giving her a new moral code.

“Love potion?” Carlos himself questioned, his grip on you tightening.

“Why?” Jay queried.

“He’s been messing up my dates with Ben all week. For no reason. I thought this would get him to lay off,”

“Can you make an antidote?” You interjected trying not to seem too upset. It wasn’t because Carlos was now in love with you, that was pretty much a dream come true, but you wished it wasn’t induced by a potion and spell.

“Sorry, you kind of have to let it run its course,”

“And how long will that be?”

“I’ve no idea,” You glared at her. “Whoops?” She tried.

“You’re so lucky I love you.”


It had been a week. And you were an awful person. A truly reprehensible excuse of a hero and you parents should be ashamed. Why? Because you had loved it.

Carlos pretty much hadn’t left your side. He had arrived outside your room every school day at 8AM, accompanied by some kind of breakfast treat he’d been persuaded into buying at the bakery and, obviously, Dude. You had established a routine of him being adamant you couldn’t pay him back, and you trying to outwit him and sneak him the money at some point in the day. He always won (thievery and its trappings had been Jay’s speciality sure, but that didn’t mean Carlos was bad at it) and you always pretended like it wasn’t adorable.

He walked with you to every class and tried to meet you after every one concluded. On the few occasions he hadn’t been waiting for you when you got out, you only had to listen for thudding footsteps and know he was racing to arrive before your lesson ended and hadn’t quite succeeded.

He was glued to your side at lunch, and you were required to taste every single item on his plate to affirm it’s deliciousness, even when you had food yourself (“mines better, just try it”). Even in general he was very big on sharing things with you and didn’t care about displaying his affection for you in public. Thankfully, that eased up after the first day otherwise you would have gone round the whole time looking like a tomato.

Your friends thought the whole thing was hilarious. Evie would constantly coo and remark on how cute a couple you were which would have Carlos grinning like a fool and you shooting her deadpan looks. Jay was amused by the whole affair and hadn’t stopped teasing you for even a second. Ben (arguably your closest friend) was at once concerned about Mal using disruptive magic, confused by the strange dynamic, and oddly smug in his insinuations that hinted he knew how this would pan out. Lonnie and Jane had reactions that best reflected the general consensus at Auradon Prep. They hadn’t even realised Carlos was under a spell. On Tuesday Lonnie had made an innocuous off hand comment; “I’m so glad you and Carlos finally got together, the suspense had been killing me,” to which you had spluttered out an explanation before making a hasty departure. Jane had been the same, but this time you were calm as you informed her of the situation and she was the one sputtering. By the time a week had passed they all acted as if they knew something you didn’t. It was infuriating.

Mal’s reaction was… Bizarre at best. She had been avoiding you, you assumed out of guilt, but an inordinate amount of times in a day you would catch her staring at you and Carlos. Her expressions ranged from surprise to glee to mischief to amusement to worry. Whatever it was, you knew Mal wasn’t great at ‘touchy feely’ stuff, so you maintained you would wait for her to come to you.

As for everyone else, you wanted to scream. No one had batted an eye, not even blinked. And it wasn’t like Carlos was subtle, sure you wouldn’t let him kiss you (the lack of consent would make your skin crawl), but he had been fairly happy with finding other ways to be obscenely romantic and adorable.

You were incredibly shocked when nobody commented or seemed surprised as Carlos positioned himself half on top of you in the Cafeteria and tried to ply you with fries. Surely someone should be surprised by these developments? This wasn’t Carlos’ normal behaviour, he was under a love spell for crying out loud. But still, not a single person seemed confused by this turn of events.

All in all, you were in far too deep and didn’t really want to dig yourself out. However, your father had one of the best moral compasses in the world, and you knew what the right thing to do was.

Enough was enough. Despite how much you had guiltily enjoyed Carlos being in love with you all week, it was wrong. And you told him as much.

“Y/n, wait,” He pleaded as you all but dragged him to Evie and Mal’s room. “I don’t want to lift the spell.”

You faltered for a second but continued climbing the ornate stairs. “You’re not thinking straight. You don’t know what you want.” You could see the girls’ door at the end of the hallway and strode towards it.

Carlos ran ahead of you, walking backwards as he tried to stop you getting to the door. “I know I don’t want to stop feeling like this.” You avoided his eyes. “Y/n,” He tilted your chin up, forcing you to look at him. “I love you.”

This had started as a joke but it didn’t feel very funny now.

“No you don’t.” You said firmly and he tried to argue back but you kept talking. “Carlos. You have been so amazing to me this past week, and I’ve loved you loving me, but this isn’t right. There is someone out there who can make you feel this way, without a love potion, and I can’t keep you to myself and deprive you of being in love for real.” You felt stinging tears form and you willed them not to fall. Since when were you so emotional? God, this whole thing was so dramatic. You turned away from Carlos, who looked painfully crestfallen. Your only solace was that you weren’t the only one who’s eyes were swimming with unshed tears.

You rapped on the door twice.

Evie answered it, looking bubbly and chipper as usual. However she immediately seemed to understand how distraught the two people knocking on her door were and so sobered quickly.

“Are you two alright?”

“Is Mal here?” You asked insistently.

“Yeah she’s right- Mal, Y/n and Carlos are here to see you.” Evie interrupted herself, summoning her best friend.

“Well if it isn’t my favourite couple,” she smirked as you entered the room, emerging from the bathroom herself.

“Undo the spell.” You ordered.

“Y/n I need-”

“I know you said it wasn’t possible but there has to be an antidote or an anti spell or some vodoo pendant to make this go away, I mean half my family are gods I’m sure there’s someway we could-”

“Y/n, Y/n listen to me.” Mal cut you off, grabbing your shoulders and halting your rushed expulsion of words. Her eyes flicked to Carlos who was moping in the corner. “I have to tell you something about the spell.”

“What? What now, it lasts for a year?” You ran your hands through your hair before tossing them up in frustration.

“Does it?” Carlos said hopefully from the other side of the room. You glared at him.

“Carlos. Stop. You’re not really in love with me and you never could be. Stop fighting, we need to remove the spell.” You spat, aware you were being mean but you couldn’t bring yourself to retract your words. Couldn’t he see this was hurting you just as much?

“I don’t care about the stupid spell, I love you. Why can’t you understand that?” He surged across the room towards you, staring back at you fiercely.

“No you don’t. You only think you do.” You insisted, your faces mere millimetres away from each other at this point.

“Uh, guys?” Mal piped up from beside you. “I have a confession to make.”

“What?” You and Carlos snarled simultaneously.

“The love potion only lasted 24 hours.”


“What?” You whispered.

Mal scratched the back of her neck, torn between feeling remorse at how upset her friends clearly were, and pride at how this whole situation had turned out.

“We kind of found out on Wednesday, the recipe, the one I used for the cookies, it was only for 24 hours.”


“Everyone else knows,”

You gulped. “Let me get this straight: Carlos hasn’t been under a spell since Sunday morning?”

Mal nodded.

“All week, that wasn’t a spell, that was all him? All genuine?”

Mal nodded again.

“Carlos is really in love with me?”

“Maybe you want to ask him that. We’re just, we’re gonna go.” Mal backed out the room, only pausing to grab Evie who had been watching the exchange with glowing eyes, and would have continued to do so if she left her.

The door shut with a loud click.

“You love me?”

Carlos was now somehow sheepish, and sheer adoration coursed through you as he shuffled his feet and fidgeted. “Carlos?” You had stepped apart during the revelation but now you closed the distance.

His eyes locked on yours. They seemed, almost sad. “Yeah. Yeah, I do. I love you so much Y/n.”

“Well good,” you laughed shakily, tugging him forward. He awkwardly collided with you, the very definition of surprised. “Because I love you too.” You didn’t realise until you said it how true it was. You loved Carlos.

He smiled so sincerely and so widely you couldn’t help but mirror him. He linked his fingers with yours, studying your face carefully.

“Can I kiss you?”

“I would be offended if you didn’t.” You grinned, leaning towards him and kissing him on the mouth. It was a kiss of contradictions; it was all at once bruising yet tender, sweet yet lustful, soft yet passionate. One of your hands still awkwardly grasped his shirt, the other played with the hairs at the nape of his neck. Carlos’ hands didn’t seem to know where to rest so they travelled up and down your sides. Your noses brushed gently as you pulled away and you couldn’t help but smile dopily. Yet again he wore a matching expression and you rested your forehead against his.

“Hey, how come you were ruining Ben and Mal’s dates in the first place?” You asked curiously: in your mind it was the only happening left unexplained.

Carlos smiled, rolling his eyes, presumedly at himself, “I was sulking because you’d gone to visit your parents, and Ben and Mal seemed so happy and I was jealous so I-”

He didn’t finish because you started laughing. All of this was the result of Carlos’ intense moping. “I’m an idiot, aren’t I?” He sighed but there was an easy smile on his face.

“Yes you are.” You admitted as you chuckled and pulled him back towards you. You kissed him eagerly, intent on making up for lost time. You shivered, like an electrical current was surging through you, and it felt addicting.

Your love for Carlos (like his love for you) thankfully, wasn’t from a batch of enchanted cookies, or a mystical spell, but it sure felt magical.

Size Isn’t Everything 3/4

(Yes it’s 4 chapters now)

Summary: Kurt’s got a bit of a size-kink. Based on this prompt from the @prompt-a-klainefic blog.
Chapter: 2/3  Read Chapter 1 here, Chapter 2 here
Words: ~2745 (this chapter)
Warnings:  I guess? PWP, Size kink,

Many thousand apologies for the long delay in between chapters. Blink and weeks disappear. The final chapter should be up before the end of the week, and thanks for still reading!

forever thanks to @mshoneysucklepink for the beta!

“They’re a Black Sabbath tribute band, Kurt. I think they do country versions of all the songs.” Rachel scrunched her face at him. “I think it’s supposed to be ironic.”

“Rachel, we’re in Brooklyn, of course it’s supposed to be ironic.”

The bar was much more crowded than he had expected, with probably close to 40 or 50 people filling up the small space. The stage was low, but so was the ceiling and the band were already crammed up on the tiny stage when they walked in. He and Rachel bought drinks from the bartender and perched themselves near the rear.

“Are we staying for the whole show?” Kurt asked.

“Come on Kurt, Tina and Santana have been rehearsing for two weeks. We all promised to support each other in our creative pursuits.”

Kurt held his hands up. “I’m here! I’m supporting! But I fully expect you will all be there when my show opens.”

“Of course we will.” Rachel patted him on the shoulder, nodding. “I’m going to text Santana and tell her we’re here. I don’t need her to get all pissed off thinking we didn’t show.”

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