you could tell how genuinely regretful he is

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Hello! Can I request RFAS reactiion to a MC that tend to not shine through her negative feelings. Like of she feels anything positive, she will let it through. But if shes sad/angry or something else negative she will just bottle it up. (And sometimes the bottle can spill over).

This one took forever for me to write. I hope this is still okay. I’m gonna put this under the cut, so if it doesn’t work, use the link in my masterlist to read it.

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The unfaithful Wife ( Jimin * OC)

Chapter 10

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“The samples all taste absolutely perfect. You’ve outdone yourself.” Jung Kook smiled wide and I felt relief flood through me.

“I’m so glad to hear that. I can tell your fiancé isn’t very forthcoming with opinions. I was very worried about disappointing him.” I grimaced and Jung Kook chuckled.

“Yoongi tends to scare people with his grumpy face but he’s actually a pretty nice guy. I’m glad you didn’t make any of the cakes pink, that may have made him explode.” He grinned.

“You guys seem so different from each other. It’s amazing that you’ve made this work. “ i shook my head, genuinely puzzled. Jung Kook hesitated and then gave me a little smile.

"I won’t lie that it was easy. We both had to change a lot of things about ourselves to fit in with each other. But I don’t regret it. I mean, sure I could have taken the easy way out, dated someone similar but something tells me that just knowing how hard we’ve worked to make our relationship last, is going to keep us happy for a long time.” He smiled.

I didn’t say anything.I felt oddly inexperienced to comment on relationships, seeing as I’d somehow messed the only one I’d ever had.

“I heard about you and Jimin hyung.” Jung Kook beat me to it and I hesitated.

“Yeah, that was a long time ago. We’re… working things out now I guess.” I said softly, still thinking of how Jimin had left without saying goodbye the previous night.

“I’ve known Jimin hyung for a long time and well, honestly we’re a lot alike, him and I. We both think and fully believe that we don’t really deserve a perfect love.”

“Jung Kook…”

“Yoongi cheated on me. Once, early in the relationship.” Jung Kook said bluntly and I shut my mouth in shock.

“I’m so sorry…”

“No. It’s alright. We were very early in our relationship and I guess hyung never even considered it as cheating so it was totally not the same thing as you and Jimin but… I think I know where Jimin hyung is coming from. I mean, I used to think that only a couple who aren’t really in love would break up over cheating. I mean, if you really love someone you should be able to forgive them right? You should be able to look past your own hurt and try to work on the relationship. But when it happened to me, I realized it’s actually the other way round. The more you love someone, the harder it is to get over infidelity. I know that because, six years ago, I took Yoongi back even though he slept with someone else. Today, I wouldn’t be able to forgive him that easily… ”

“Why are you telling me this…"I said miserably.

"Because hyung loves you, very much. and you should know what it was like for him. I used to meet him sometimes, in those days. He didn’t enjoy himself after sending you away, Minnie. He crumbled in on himself and became a walking shell of his former self. But he sent you away only because he would have likely done something very stupid and irrevocable if you’d ben around. ”

“I never cheated on him…” I protested weakly.

“He didn’t know that, did he? The thing is, Jimin always believed that you were too good for him and when he found out you were cheating, he actually felt relieved. He had spent so much time, fully convinced that he was enjoying something he was never meant to have in the first place that , you cheating just proved it to him. That you didn’t love him. That you wanted someone better. In a way he thought he was setting you free, giving you what you wanted. What you deserved. ”

I sighed and looked away.

“I don’t think hyung will ever stop loving you.” Jung Kook said finally and I felt my throat close up.

“I won’t stop loving him either, Jung Kook. It’s just that, after five years, it isn’t so simple anymore. ”

“It could be.”

“Jung Kook…”

“If you want it to be, it could be just that simple. But you have to let go of the past. Stop letting it ruin your future.”

“When did this turn into a love consultation?” I teased, eager to change the subject. He laughed embarrassed.

“I guess when you find happiness, you sort of wish everyone else does , as well. ” He laughed.

But it didn’t work the other way, I thought thankfully. when you experienced heartbreak, you wouldn’t really wish it on anyone. Not even your worst enemy.

“Well, I look like crap….” i said firmly, staring at myself in the mirror and wrinkling my nose. It was Jung Kook and Yoongi’s wedding , in a few hours and I’d finished making all the arrangements. All i had to do was get dressed and show up. Mrs. Min had been kind enough to hire other people to take care of in-house complaints or issues at the time of the wedding. Jin Hee was watching Jin Soo for the night and i was looking forward to having a night out on my own.

Jimin had been out of the country for the past few weeks, finishing a deal in Japan and he’d called me everyday. But it had been a formal, stilted conversation at best. He was busy stressed out, clearly not sleeping or eating right, from the tired tone of his voice and I had been too concerned to be annoyed. In the end I’d just begged him to take care of himself but he’d been almost absentminded and not really listening.

But now, I had bigger things to worry about, like not looking like a clown at the wedding. I was now twenty two weeks pregnant and my stomach was big enough to be more than a little distracting. I was always wary of knocking against stuff and it didn’t help that it looked way too big on my slender frame. The dress I’d picked out for the wedding was a simple sheath dress but it looked ridiculously awkward with my belly sticking out. i groaned. I had never learnt to take pride in my pregnancy body the way some women did. I felt like an awkwardly waddling duck and nothing more.

But then, there was nothing else to be done.

Sighing , I finished putting the last touches to my makeup. I stumbled a little trying to get into the low heeled pumps and by the time i made it down, the car was already waiting. Jimin had sent his chauffeur to pick me up, although i didn’t know if he was back in Korea yet or not. I wondered if that was a good thing or a bad thing. We were both busy of course, him maybe a little more than me.

Sighing, I finished adding a nice chic jacket over my dress, the front opened to accommodate the curve of my belly. Sighing I picked up the small jeweled clutch and quickly smoothed some gloss over my lips as well.

The ride to the posh hotel took a little more than ten minutes and when i stepped out, i realized that I felt awkward and out of place. Most of the people were famous and rich, evident from the jewelry and expensive dresses. I quietly slipped through the back to the catering party. Once I went through the whole menu and the arrangements ( for the fiftieth time, really 0 I ran into Seokjin, busy bending over a tray of chocolate truffles, with white-cream frosting. He glanced up at me in genuine delight.

“Oh, there you are!! How are you, sweetheart?” H said fondly, talking through a mouthful of truffles. Io rolled my eyes.

“You shouldn’t be stealing that. Those are for the guests…” i scolded laughingly and he whipped out his invitation from inside his jacket.

“i promise I’m not a wedding crasher, babe. You’re looking real nice. Much better than the bimbo hanging off jimin’s arm. ”

I blinked.

“I’m sorry, what?”

Seokjin shrugged.

“I met her earlier. She apparently is here, all the way from Japan because she’s ’ curious ’ about how someone so ’ young ’ as Jimin could be so very ’ smart and successful’ in such a cutthroat industry. Poor jimin is stuck chauffeuring her all over town. Although i doubt he’s complaining. The woman is rather too pretty.” Seokjin wrinkled his nose.

I just stared at him, too many different feelings churning around inside me in a thick, tangled web of emotions and I realized that it would be impossible to sort through them right now. So I shook my head rapidly.

“I didn’t know he was back here…” I said calmly.

“He is… Anyway, I’m dateless for the night. Mind accompanying me in so I look less like a loser. I won’t mind if you leave me afterwards. ” Seokjin said brightly and I laughed at the awkward doctor. His old-school , awkward charm was rather adorably endearing. So i quickly linked my arm with his and let him lead me into the wedding hall through a side entrance. We met a few of Seokjin’s friends and ten minutes later, Kim Taehyung appeared, looking undeniably handsome in a perfectly tailored white suit.

“Hi there, Minnie ssi…” He grinned cheerfully, mouth stretched in his signature boxy smile. I smiled back, gaze snapping a little when i caught sight of a familiar figure, just over Taehyung’s shoulder.

Jimin saw me the exact moment i saw him and his gaze went very wide. I watched as he carefully removed the hand on his arm and i finally glimpsed the girl on his arm.

My mouth went dry .

The woman was breathtaking.

Feeling worse than a potato, i had a sudden huge urge to just run.

But it was too late, Jimin mumbled something into the woman’s ear and she frowned briefly before nodding and then the two of them were making their way over to us. i gripped Seokjin a little harder than necessary and Jimin gave Taehyung a nice long glare before coming to a stop in front of me.

“Sweetheart, should you be standing around right now?” He said worriedly and the woman looked very surprised and very curious as she stared back and forth between us.

“Uh.. Hello… I’m Min Hee…” i said awkwardly, holding a hand out.

She didn’t take it.

Instead she gave me a lofty stare and then turned to Jimin.

“Is she one of your employees , Jimin ssi?” She said icily and Jimin blinked a bit at the vehemence in her tone. I fought bacvk a smile. If the woman actually expected Jimin to understand her jealousy and reassure her, she was sorely mistaken. Jimin didn’t recognize petty jealousy for what it was, which was one of the reasons he displayed it so often himself.

“Oh, no.. She’s my wife. And those are my kids in there…” Jimin said with a grin, before reaching out and curving his palm around the curve of my waist.

“Park Jimin!!” I hissed in disbelief while Ms. Ice Princess looked downright mortified. But she stuttered an awkward congratulations and then moved away. I elbowed Jimin lightly.

“What are you doing?”

“Let’s go out into the garden.. Excuse us gentlemen… ” He said but both Seokjin  and Taehyung were too busy holding a passing waiter hostage to notice. I let Jimin lead me into the balcony and then to sit on one of the marble benches in the corner.

“I’m sorry. I… I wanted to apologize for the way I behaved that night when we last met. I didn’t have the right to be so jealous…. It wasn’t right… it just…” Jimin was leaning against the parapet wall and I felt a pang of affection shoot through me. He was very handsome and very familiar and still very much the man i’d always loved and cared for. I supposed we’d gone past the stage of holding grudges, because most of my resentment melted out of me at the sight of him in the moonlight.

“Why didn’t you tell me? That you’d suspected me of cheating.” I said bluntly, patting the bench and watching as he carefully made over to sit next to me. i snuggled up close to him and he opened his suit jacket, letting me rest against his chest.

“I… I don’t know. I guess i was afraid you’d break up with me so..”

“So you broke up with me instead?> That doesn’t make any sense.”

“ I know. But then, none of it made sense to me back then. I was just… i don’t know, relieved almost, that it was over. I was never meant to have you anyway and once you left I felt almost, at peace…” He said softly.

 I sighed in defeat.

“Do you still feel that way?” I said finally.

He looked up surprised.


“Do you still feel that you aren’t meant to have me…” I whispered.

“No. No, I… now i feel like… like if it isn’t you , it can’t be anyone else. It has to be you. only you…” His voice cracked a little on the last phrase and i felt my breath speed up.

“Why don’t you trust me?” I whispered, moving closer and lightly pressing my palm to his face. He shut his eyes at once and relaxed against my fingers, eyes fluttering a little as he bent down to capture my lips with his. I sighed, relaxing into the kiss deeply. 

I felt my joints come unloose, suddenly aware of how tense I’d been all these weeks. I sighed and let him kiss me some more, selfishly enjoying the way he used his mouth against mine, his tongue licking into my mouth and offering me a sweet taste of him. I’d forgotten how good it felt just to kiss jimin, the way his hands pressed against my waist, the way he lightly traced circles with his thumb. 

The way he framed my cheek with his palm, the way his fingers stroked my chin before moving up to tangle in my hair.

I gripped his shoulders a little harder and tried to steady myself, laughing a little when the added weight of the babies nearly made me tip over and jimin grinned, grabbing my waist softly and laughing against my ears, his breath warm ont he curve of my neck.

“I’ve got you…” He chuckled and i grinned back catching sight of the bright smile on his face, the soft curve of his smile and the way his eyes crinkled into half moons.

“I miss you.. All the time… ” I choked out, my throat suddenly closing up. “ Even when you’re here…. i miss you.. Does that make sense…” I sniffled.

“Shush.. It’s okay… i’m here.. for as long as you need me…” He said gently. I took a deep shuddering breath.

“I’m tired of running from this…” I whispered and Jimin sighed, kissing the top of my head.

“i’m sorry..” He said and I wondered when that had become the default status of our relationship. just constantly apologizing to each other . It didn’t feel good.

“And I forgive you.” I said loudly , firmly. “ For everything. ” I said softly . Jimin blinked.


“I’m serious… it’s so hard, and draining, trying to hate you all the time. I don’t want to do it anymore. Apparently my entire system is wired to love you no matter how much of a jerk you tend to be sometimes. So i’ve decided to just accept it now..” i sighed. “ We’re just stuck with each other for life. ”

Jimin started laughing suddenly and i grinned grudgingly till i felt something soak the top of my head. I pulled away surprised.

“Are you crying?’ ” I said laughing. He shook his head.

“I don’t know… Am I? God.. You have no idea how fucking happy i am right now” He was laughing really hard, but there were tears in his eyes and i sat looking at him, falling in love all over again . Suddenly, fireworks rang out and i jumped a bit, turning around to look at the sky. i wrinkled my nose and blinked.

“I can’t see any of them.. where are they setting off the fireworks?” I whispered .

He didn’t reply.

“But the timing is amazing… almost like every single cliche scene from every mov-” i stopped when i felt his weight on me. 

Jimin had slumped forward suddenly with a grunt and I flinched.

“Jimin you’re crushing me!! What… ” I grabbed his chest and tried to push him up when I felt it. Sticky wetness all over his chest and on my palm. Something dull and roaring went through my head and my entire body froze in morbid realization while my brain struggled to catch up.

 i stared at Jimin… 

His mouth was open in shock and his eyes wide in surprise.

 I pulled my hand out of his jacket, stunned , staring stupidly at the red, dark wetness that was clinging to my fingers.


“Oh my God.. jimin what…” I stared at his chest and with a sudden sickening understanding as I realized that I hadn’t heard fireworks.

I had heard gunshots.

Someone had just shot my husband in the chest.

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I just thought of this scenario, and I'm so proud of myself. Yuri on Ice au where Todoroki's s/o is a figure skater, sorry if it's lame <3

No worries lovely, it’s entirely fine! <3 and I hope you don’t mind that I answered in headcanons, since that was the best I could come up with. Aside from that, I hope I could write it well enough and that you’re going to like it!

- Todoroki shows up to as many of their performances as possible. Should he be unable to make it, because something important happening at the last second, he’ll tell them and apologize, being genuinely regretful.

- He’s full of quiet praise for his partner. He tells them he admires their hard work and he likes how happy they look on the ice.

- If his partner has some free time, Todoroki learns to skate as well and joins them on the rink for a couple of easy, slow rounds.

- He likes to train together with them, be it going for a run or lifting weights, Todoroki enjoys spending time with them. They don’t even need to talk or anything of the sort; he’s simply and secretly happy and content to be around them or to have them around.

- Todoroki brings flowers or sweets to their performances if they like that. If his partner isn’t one for flowers or snacks, he takes them out for dinner or makes sure their favorite movie waits for them when they come back, so they can unwind and talk or rest up.

Billion Dollar Date

Characters/pairings: Sam x Reader, brief mention of Dean

Word count: 1561

Warnings: None

A/N: This is my submission for @super-not-naturall‘s 200 follower challenge (and it’s VERY late, I think.) My prompt was “This place is fancy and I don’t know which fork to kill myself with.” which is bolded in the fic. (Holy crap, never mind, I’m actually a day early, YESSSS.) Anyways, congrats on 200 and now 600, that’s crazy cool!

It had been months since you and Sam had been on a date, but that didn’t really bother you. It had always kind of been the norm.

Your mother moved you around a lot. Your life was one crappy motel to another, school to school, town to town. So, you never really had enough stability to even think about dating.

Then, years later, you found yourself in bed with Sam Winchester and suddenly more options opened up to you, you just never got use to taking advantage of them. You never thought he’d be around long enough to allow you to learn.

Now, Sam never had much luck in that department either. His father moved him and his older brother around all the time too, but you swore he was better at all of that normal life jazz than any hunter you’d ever met.

You and Sam met when you were kids through your parents, but considering he was raised by a hunter, Sam was shockingly good at… well, everything. You had no idea how, though. John Winchester was one of the best, but most obsessed hunters your mother said she’d ever met. Every time you would cross paths with the Winchester’s she’d tell you how she felt for his boys and it wasn’t hard to see why. John wasn’t the greatest father. Even you, who’d never even had a father, could see that.

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secrets - part 6


WARNINGS: none (harry potter spoilers???)

SYNOPSIS: Draco and Y/N are hiding their relationship from her father, who happens to be their new Defense Against the Dark Arts professor for their sixth year at Hogwarts. Her father incidentally finds out about the two of them and is not particularly happy about it…

PART 1 / PART 2 / PART 3 / PART 4 / PART 5 / PART 7

“So it was your body?” Luna said, taking a bite of her food. 

“Yeah,” Cho piped in before I could answer, “it was so intense.”

“How peculiar.” Luna said.

“Guys, can we please not talk about it?” I asked. I hadn’t been able to let go of the image of the boggart, let alone what it did to Draco yesterday.

I was suddenly startled when I felt a large hand on my shoulder. I jumped and whipped my head around, and was shocked to see my dad, looking down at me with a weary look on his face.

“Can I talk to you? In my office?” he said.

I swallowed. “Okay.”

As I was standing up, Cho mouthed good luck. I gave her a small smile in return. I slowly followed my dad all the way from the Great Hall to his office, awkwardly walking behind him.

When we walked in, my heart rate doubled as I saw Draco’s blonde head turn around to face us.

“What is this?” I asked, cautiously.

“Don’t worry, you’re not in trouble. Sit down.” my dad said before taking a seat behind his desk.

I planted myself in the chair next to Draco, and was vividly brought back to that night my dad found out about us. I was hit with a startling sense of déjà vu.

I glanced at Draco, who gave me the tiniest of smiles. I could tell by his face and his long, twitching fingers that he was feeling quite anxious.

My dad exhaled before saying, “I want to apologize - to both of you.”

We both looked over at him, clearly surprised.

“Okay.” I breathed.

My father’s eyes moved to Draco. “Malf- Draco, I should not have accused you and your family of those dreadful things. I really shouldn’t have judged you, at all.”

I pressed my lips together and looked over at Draco, who just nodded in response to my dad.

“And Y/N,” my dad said, causing me to turn back to him. “I really should not have called you… what I did. I feel… terribly awful, and it will never happen again.”

I could tell he was being genuine, from the tone of his voice to the wrinkles in his forehead. I knew that he truly regretted what he said.

“It’s okay.” I said, barely above a whisper. 

“No, it’s not okay. I don’t expect you to forgive me, but I need you to know that I am deeply, truly sorry.” he said.

I nodded, not really knowing what else to say.

“And, the events of yesterday,” my father continued, “have helped me realize just how much you care about my daughter, Draco. Just how much you both care about each other. And… I’m sorry that I judged your relationship so quickly.”

Draco nodded, again. I swallowed, and felt the corners of my mouth curl up very slightly. Silence ensued.

My dad sighed. “What I guess I am trying to say, is… I’m terribly sorry for how I acted. I’m learning to be okay with this. I just want you to be happy, Y/N.” he said and smiled at me.

“Thank you.” I said. “I’m sorry for hiding this from you for so long.”

“I understand why you did.” he replied. 

A short silence followed, before Draco finally spoke.”Thank you, sir.”

My father smiled. He stood up, and Draco and I followed. My dad held his hand out, and Draco took it, shaking it and curtly nodding.

“And if you’re able to, we’d love to have you over sometime during the Christmas holiday.” my dad said to Draco.

I smiled.

“I’d like that very much, sir.” Draco replied.

My dad walked around his desk and gave me a hug. I wrapped my arms around him, soaking up the comfort I’d missed in the past few months.

“I’ll let you guys go now.” he said, after pulling away.

A huge breath escaped my lips once Draco and I were out of my father’s office and back in the quiet halls.

Draco ran a hand through his blonde hair and audibly exhaled as well.

“Are you alright?” I asked him, a small smile on my lips.

His eyes met mine. “Yes. I’m fine. Are you?”

“Yeah.” I said, nodding. “It’s finally over.”

Draco gulped. “Is it?”

My eyebrows scrunched toward one another and I asked, “What do you mean?”

Draco leaned against the stone wall. “Your dad apologized for accusing my family of being Death Eaters. But…”

My lips parted as I understood what he meant.

Draco Malfoy didn’t have to finish his sentence, because the mark branded onto his left forearm said enough.


PART 1 / PART 2 / PART 3 / PART 4 / PART 5 / PART 7

Day 4: Fake Dating

This one is just shameless fluff tbh; I have no excuse. I hope you’re having a great day! <3


In Dean’s defense, he didn’t mean to lie to her. It’s not like he woke up that morning and concocted an elaborate plan to deceive his mother or anything. It’s just that, well, Ellen Smith could be a formidable woman, even just over the phone. So when she started chiding him (again) for spending too much time on his job and not enough time on his personal life, he panicked and might have just told her that she didn’t need to worry about him because he was in a perfectly happy romantic relationship, thank you very much.

Which brought Dean to his current predicament.

“A boyfriend?,” Ellen exclaimed, surprised but pleased. “Since when?”

“Uhhh, let’s see…,” Dean drummed his fingers on his desk and tried to get his story straight. “I guess it’s been around four months, maybe? Yeah, that sounds about right.”

“And where did you meet this mystery man?”

“Where did I meet him? We met….here. Here at work, I mean.”

“An office romance? How scandalous,” Ellen teased. “What’s he like?”

And that…was actually a very good question. What was his non-existent boyfriend like?

Right as Dean’s mind screeched to a halt, a familiar figure walked by to chat with someone right outside his office and Dean was greeted by the leggy form of the cute IT guy, Sam Wesson, that he’d spoken to a few times before.

“He’s…tall,” Dean blurted out before he could stop himself. “Really tall.”

“He’s tall? Gee you’re really painting me a picture of this guy. C’mon Dean, give me something to work with here,” Ellen prodded.

“Well, let’s see…he’s smart. And handsome. And uh,” he looked around his office for some sort of inspiration, and his eyes were once again drawn to Sam standing outside of his office, his head thrown back in laughter at whatever someone just told him. “He has a great laugh and gets these dimples whenever he smiles that drive me crazy. He has long hair that should look goofy but suits him really well, and he has the most beautiful eyes I’ve ever seen.”

Okay, maybe he was babbling there at the end. And maybe he should stop describing the IT guy that wasn’t actually his boyfriend.

“He sounds lovely, Dean. And what was his name, again?”

“His name?”

Don’t say Sam, don’t say Sam, he thought to himself frantically.

“It’s…Sam. Sam Wesson. Yep, that’s him. We’re totally in love. With each other.”

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The Bet // Luke Hemmings (Part 2)

Requested: Nope

Warnings/Rating: language, smut (not yet), alcohol, and drugs oops

Word Count: Idek why I put this here

Synopsis: College fratboy Luke Hemmings makes a bet with his friends concerning an innocent virgin named Roselyn; he has to take her virginity by the end of the month.

A/N: I would just like to say that this is kind of short and really bad yikes lmfao and it’s the F A S T E S T I have E V E R updated something lol, and also thank you all very much for all the feedback, it motivates me to write and I just love you all very much and there’s going to be at least 4 or 5 parts to this okay you can read now


Slamming my car door shut, I could feel goosebumps raise on my bare legs at the chilly breeze, immediaty regretting my decision to wear shorts as I trudged up the steps towards the large white familiar doors of Luke’s frathouse, backpack on my back and my Calculus binders and textbooks in my arms.

Knocking lightly on the doors, I waited impatiently as they opened, revealing a very shirtless Luke standing in front of me, unruly blond hair covered by a snapback, and his long fingers wrapped around a bottle of Corona.

My jaw nearly dropped, suddenly at a loss for words and unable to help myself as I stared at his body, unable to deny how attractive he was.

Swallowing thickly, my eyes traveled down his pale chest, and down even more so to his navel, following the faint line of hair into the waistband of his sweatpants that hung perfectly off his hips.

“You’re drooling, babe.” Luke quipped, flashing his perfect teeth in a cocky smile as he stepped back to let me in.

“No, I’m not.” I spat, shoving past him straight through the kitchen and into his living room. It seemed that nothing had changed since I was last here in freshman year; there were still empty beer bottles everywhere, and random clothes were strewn all around the place, leaving it a constant mess.

“Whatever you say, Mary.”

Ignoring him, I set my textbooks and binders on the table situated in between the two couches in the room, before placing my bag down, and taking a seat on one of them, watching Luke as he took a seat opposite from me, and propped his sock clad feet on the table.

I sighed, pursing my lips and deciding to break the awkward silence first, “So, what do you want to start with?”

“Why do you wear that ring?”

Taken aback by the sudden question, my mouth closed and opened, not knowing what to say as Luke stared at me, blue eyes locked boldly with mine as the corners of his lips lifted up into an attractive smirk, eyebrows raised at me.

“I-I just…that’s none of your business?” I frowned, and furrowed my brows at him, shaking my head in disbelief as I grabbed a random textbook off the table to start with, “Okay, so since you’re taking too long to decide what you want to start with, we’re starting with Linear Functio-”

“Have you ever been touched before?” Luke interrupted me once again, getting up slowly off the couch to sit beside me, my bare thighs and knees touching his as he looked at me intently, leaning forwards to rest his chin in his hands and waiting for my answer.

“Luke, I’m not here for an interview, I’m supposed to be tutoring you.” I swallowed uncomfortably, suddenly feeling nervous at how close he was.

“Okay, sorry, just answer this, though. Have you ever kissed anyone before?” He breathed, icy blue eyes wide and seeming genuinely curious as he awaited my reply.

“No, I haven’t. Are you done now?” I spoke through gritted teeth.

Luke’s jaw dropped in disbelief, a laugh that I would’ve found absolutely adorable under seperate circumstances bursting from his mouth as his amused gaze traveled up and down my body in awe.

“You haven’t even kissed anyone before?! What the fuck?! I knew you were a prude but I didn’t know you were that virginal!” He continued to laugh at me, and I furrowed my brows, feeling my cheeks flush with slight embarrassment.

Tears of humiliation and frustration welled in my eyes when his laughter didn’t cease. There was no way this was ever going to work if he was going to act like a jerk the whole time, so, swallowing thickly, I slammed the Linear Functions book closed, and placed it in my bag along with my other binders, quickly standing to my feet.

“Wait, wait–where are you going?!” Luke immediately stopped his laughing fit, standing up from his couch and trailing after me as I made my way through the kitchen to the front door.

“Why are you and your friends so mean to me?!” I spun around, my voice sharp despite the tears now rolling down my cheeks.

Luke froze, a frown etched on his perfect features as he looked at me in surprise once he saw the wetness on my flushed cheeks.

“I don’t know what I did to deserve this from any of you, and honestly
it just bothers me that you have the audacity to make fun of someone’s choice to lose their virginity to someone who actually cares about them. So whatever you have against me for that choice, just tell me, otherwise just please leave me alone.”

And with that, I turned to leave, but before I could grasp the doorknob I felt Luke’s cold fingers wrap around my wrist, stopping me in my tracks.


Squeezing my eyes shut, I took a deep breath, before turning back to face him, a surprised squeak escaping my lips as I realised how close he was to me.

“I never realized how much of a dick I was to you. Please don’t leave, I’m sorry, baby, I promise.” Luke mumbled lowly, voice ringing with regret, and his expression seeming to be one of genuine remorse as I gazed up him through my lashes.

Baby. Even though that was hardly an apology, I couldn’t deny that the pet name he’d just used nearly had me on my knees, and once again, I was rendered speechless.

My eyes trailed along his face, following the line of his jaw, to lock with his, and the grip he had on my wrist loosened as he took a step closer, his bright blue eyes unreadable as he pressed me against the door. His bare upper half radiated warmth, his chest pressing into mine each time he inhaled.

“Let me make it up to you.” He breathed, ducking his head to press soft kisses along my jaw, my lips parting, and breath hitching at the nice feeling before I momentarily found my voice again.

“Luke, w–what–”

“–Shh, just let me make it up to you, please?” He cut me off for the gazillionth time that afternoon, his warm lips literally feeling like fire against my cold skin, my hands squeezing into tight fists to stop them from shaking so much, nails digging into my palms as they hung awkwardly at my sides.

“What’re you gonna do?” I mumbled weakly, flustered at his close proximity and the fact that he could probably feel my boobs against him.

I felt him smirk against my neck, and his hands placed themselves on my hips, squeezing them as he pressed himself against me.


“Let me be your first kiss.” He stated, after a few seconds, his head pulling back slightly so he could look at me, our noses brushing.

“No,” I replied quickly, yet my voice trembled with uncertainty, my face involuntarily moving closer to his, our breaths mingling.

“Are you sure?” He chuckled, his thumbs slipping under the fabric of my hoodie to rub soft circles into the skin on my waist, his touch nearly sending me into a frenzy as I resisted the urge to moan.

“Mhm,” I croaked, before my resolve dissolved completely, and I brought my hands up to pull his snapback off his head, tangling my fingers into his soft, unruly, blond hair I’d undeniably wanted to feel since forever, and slamming my lips against his.