you could sell me anything looking like that

How will the 104th Cadet Corps advertise AoT
  • Eren: Full-blown action! Titan killing! Blood everywhere! You won't regret watching! Instead, your heart will be crushed to the tiniest bits!
  • Mikasa: Know the life of Eren Jaeger as he goes through a lot of bullshit ever since he was born.
  • Armin: The show has an intriguing plot, and... a male reaching a higher note than Mariah Carey.
  • Jean: My family members have a big part in this anime show! All of you should come watch!
  • Marco: I guess you can learn about a little about human anatomy... you know, like what part of the body could you strike to fatally damage your enemy.
  • Reiner: You can look at naked people without it being censored... because there isn't anything that can be censored to begin with!
  • Bertolt: The characters are MYSTERIOUS. You never know if they will die, or are complete assholes. It can serve as a good guessing game for viewers like you.
  • Historia: Trust me, we have the best memes. You won't regret selling your soul to the devil.
  • Sasha: The only thing regrettable about this anime is that there is no such thing as pizza. If that wasn't the case, then this would be the best anime.
  • Connie: It's taking action to a whole new level. After watching this, your sanity can be compared to the hair on my head: a.k.a none.
Backpack Guy

(It’s a bit lengthy and I’m so sorry)
Another fun story from the red office supply store that everyone hates apparently. Just another casual night closing the store. We close at 9pm, but sometimes there’s a few stragglers who come in at like 8:55 and browse the store. So my manager usually sends me to sweep the aisles and check the store for any remaining customers so I can send them up front to the register and we can finally close. As I was doing this one night it was going okay, I had approached a younger couple and gave my infamous line of, “Do you folks need help finding anything? We’re closed, but you can still take your items up to the front to be rung out.” and they were pretty chill with the whole thing and casually made their way to the front. Then I find this asshole in the next aisle. So I go up to him and lay on the same line with the same fake but nice sounding customer service voice. He had a backpack in his hands and asked me how much it was. I asked him where he had found it(because most people ignore the price tag to begin with) and he tells me he pulled it down from our mid stock. Mistake #1 asshole. I calmly explained to him that since he had pulled it down(messing everything up for me) I wasn’t sure of the price since we were in the midst of sending things back to the warehouse and it could have been a clearance bag or just one that wasn’t meant to be sold in the first place.(this apparently pissed him off) and he asked if anything was wrong with the bag and I told him probably not, we just send old product back to the warehouse if it isn’t sold in months so we can make room for new items. He asks if we sell any luggage sets and I informed him we don’t because WE SELL OFFICE AND SCHOOL SUPPLIES YOU DUMB ASS. He asks where else he could go for luggage and I told him to go to walmart(even after he said he didn’t like theirs.) He then looks at me and asks, “are all of the workers here as retarded as you?” This instantly pissed me off. I normally NEVER fight back with customers, but since it was after close and I didn’t even have a name tag on I said fuck it “that was rude and you can take your item and go to the front to purchase it or you can just leave right now” He huffed and took the backpack up to the front to price it and possibly buy it. Karma got the bastard because when they scanned it it rung up $255(it’s a backpack meant for fucking technology or cameras not clothing and travel.) He ended up throwing the bag at the cashier before storming out the doors(hitting them because they were turned off and he didn’t wanna wait for one of us to open it for him) Probably the most satisfying thing in the world for me.

Let me go..

This is Part IV to the Seth Rollins series. You can find the Masterlist here: Masterlist

Seth x Reader
Fluff, Angst, Smut
Y/N = Your Name
Word Count: 2,799

Tagging some awesome readers: @alexahood21 @little-miss-naill @reigning-in-manhattan @blondekel77 @ridingmoxley @rainbow-unicorn-pony @panic-angel3314 @m-a-t-91 @wweshield-imagines @1dluver13xx @thehardestbuttontobotton

Seth woke up to the sunlight shining through the curtains. Slowly he opened his eyes, still dizzy from sleep. He needed time to adjust his vision, wondering where he was. It was sometimes confusing being on the road, every morning you wake up somewhere else. He remembered memorizing Y/N’s face before falling asleep last night. He caressed her face, softly touching every inch of her, as if he was never going to let her go. He felt funny thinking like that about a one night stand. After all, that is all she was, wasn’t she? He is not sure anymore. He buried his face into the pillow, smelling her scent on it. Everything smelled of her. 

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gelkets  asked:

Agh! I wish I could buy all of your mafia works as prints or in a book type thing. They're so adorable! Do you by chance have a Society6 or a Redbubble or something like it? I'm not all too familiar with Patreon, or else I'd be supporting you there!

Oh, I am in the middle of trying to figure out how to sell things online XD
Thinking of maybe doing an etsy???
really unsure, will look into things to see what works best for me and my art :3
So, currently nothing set up online, sorry ^^;;
And no worries, don’t feel you have to pledge or anything! :D
Patreon is something where you pledge a certain amount of money, and that money goes to the artist every month :3
At certain tiers you get different rewards!
For example, if you pledge 1 dollar to my patreon then you are able to view works in progress and uncensored NSFW work :D
But, as for the mafia works, I’m thinking that when I am done, I’ll make a PDF artbook and have it available for purchase ^w^
thank you for your message! :D

Maybe Someday

A Kwon Jiyong Story

Summary: She was a rose, and he was the darkness that should have killed it…but when a rose is made of enough light to penetrate even the deepest darkness, sometimes the two are able to become one…

Genre: Fluff, Smut.

Chapter 5.5

How could he make slurping a milkshake look hot?

You move your attention to look out the window as he continues drinking his drink, feeling your eyelids begin to dip as you take in the rays of light just creeping over the horizon, signalling the oncoming of dawn toward the tired rundown café the two of you had found yourself at after your night of fun.

After dragging you around the funfair, making you try all the rides until it turned into you pulling him toward the next metal structure of death with excitement foaming from every word you spoke, he’d decided to lead you out of the park and back to the car, before driving you to the riverside, and finding a late night hire shop so that the two of you could bike-ride along the pathways. Although, after you’d been out for 5 minutes and he almost fell into the river, you quickly talk him into taking the bikes back and walking the rest of the pathway, at some point turning to him to say something witty and being surprised to see him staring at you, only to then feel his hand suddenly slipping into yours once more.

You hadn’t said anything, too nervous to think about what it meant, and too deliriously joyful about the way his fingers seemed to link so effortlessly with yours, that the words simply seemed to seep away into the smile that broke out across your face, his answering grin shining brightly through the darkness before he pushes for you to continue what you’d been saying before he’d distracted you.

It had only been 30 minutes later that the two of you had stumbled into the café, Jiyong’s gaze finding the advertisement for milkshakes before you could even spot the shop, and so you could only laugh as he’d dragged you over, wrapping his arm playfully around your waist when you’d started protesting, but the move was enough to have your chest cavity rioting with butterflies, and your will power becoming too slippery to hold onto with the sweeter than sweet pleading expression he’d flashed you.

…apparently your self control was non-existent around the likes of Kwon Jiyong.

‘You’re staring at me.’

You blink dumbly as you see him smiling amusedly to himself, stirring the dregs of his drink around the bottom of his glass mock-absentmindedly, before glancing up at you and letting out a small, quiet, chortle.

‘Are you that stunned that I can drink a whole 2 pints of milkshake in under 2 minutes?….or are you thinking about…something else?’ he asks, a whole load of meaning being hung on those last two words, but you weren’t sure you were thinking the same thing if his dark expression was something to go by.

‘Why did you hold my hand?’

You don’t know where the question had come from, why you’d suddenly asked it, or why you’d subconsciously wanted to ask it. But the second it leaves your lips, Jiyong is glancing up at you, confusion set into his gaze, before a slow smile begins to creep at the corners of his lips.

‘…well…because….I wanted to know what it felt like.’ He explains in a murmur, the words causing your burning face to cool a little as you become confused yourself.

‘You wanted to know what my hand felt like?-‘

‘I wanted to know what it felt like to hold your hand.’

There’s silence for a moment, the two of you watching each other with too many questions and not enough answers pouring from your eyes. But as your brain computes what he’d said, you feel your heart beginning to pick up its pace in your chest, and at the same time you see his fingers twitch on the table in front of him, before he slowly reaches out to touch yours.

‘I wanted to know if it would feel how I thought it would-‘

‘And how did you think-‘

‘Warm.’ He cuts you off, ‘…but warmer than warm.’ 

He watches your hands as he speaks the words, his expression looking as if his head was elsewhere, a gentle smile pulling on his lips, but before you could recover enough from the stunning sight, he’s already continuing to speak.

‘I thought it was just going to feel like holding a hand…but it felt more like I could feel you, and like you could feel me too.’ He says, talking as if he couldn’t stop even though he wanted to, but the brightness in his eyes and the way he gripped your hand continued to fascinate you, and you found yourself never wanting him to stop speaking.

‘Ever since that first time I saw you, when you brought that file to me- there was something about you, something so effortlessly, importantly good, that spoke to me, that I couldn’t help but keep an eye out for you whenever I’d walk through the YG building, getting asked by people who passed me who I was looking for, but never being able to tell them it was you.’

‘And then I found you outside Yang’s office and you seemed so distraught, yet determined in your mission to tell him that you were going against his orders….that your passion ignited a fire in me, and I just couldn’t help but stop to watch it burn, wanting to talk to you like I’d imagined in my head for days before then, and finally finding myself doing so…only to discover it was so much better than anything I could think of.’

‘And don’t even get me started on the moment you thought I’d called your song rubbish and you’d stormed out of the room.’ He chuckles quietly, still watching your knuckles as he spoke, as though he were scared to look up and see your reaction to him. ‘I thought I was going to have to hold you still until you understood that I meant that your song was the most idyllic, siren-like lullaby that I’d ever had the pleasure of listening to; the way you sang that first time…I wanted to sell my soul to you- even when I was walking past in the corridor, none the wiser to who was in the studio…somehow I knew it would be you.’

‘…when you grabbed my hand on the top of the roller coaster earlier…that moment was so perfect that I wanted to ask you then, I wanted-…I wanted to know if you felt the same…but I was too scared,- I’m terrified even now-‘


‘But I don’t think I can go one more day without being able to have the freedom to hold your hand when I want or need to, to be able to kiss you when you say something cute, to be able to hold you when im scared something might take you away from me-‘


‘I just need to know-‘

You pick up his hand quickly and press your lips firmly against the back of it, the move silencing him as you close your eyes in your fear of what was going to happen; of the moment shattering and revealing that you were dreaming as usual…

…and when you feel his hand slacken in its grip on yours, and shift slightly out of your grasp, you think you really have messed up…

But the second you drop your hand to the table and sigh in embarrassed defeat, you hear his chair scraping back as he shifts around the table, a second later cradling your face in his hands, and before you can open your eyes-

-he’s pressing his lips to yours.


DeanCas: El Dorado!AU

Castiel’s palms sweat as he climbs the steps to the Archangels’ apartments, heart pounding uncontrollably as he keeps his head bowed. Alastair was clear in his instructions: do not look upon them, do not speak unless spoken to, and most importantly, do whatever they askanything, Castiel.

So, Castiel had been washed thoroughly—hair scrubbed, feet soaked, his nipples and mouth and groin anointed with eucalyptus oil… he’d been dressed in a tunic belonging to the Church, a white veil placed of his head as a symbol of his purity, and draped in gold jewellery. On his head, he carried a tray full of their choicest fruits.

He only hopes the Archangels will accept him, the youngest Angel, as their first tribute.

But when he gets to the door of the apartments, Michael and Lucifer are arguing. Torn between wanting to give them privacy, and being terrified of getting turned away, Castiel freezes in place. Surely, the Archangels will know he’s arrived and give him some sort of direction.

“Are you kidding me?!” Michael hisses, pushing at his brother’s chest. “You were the one going on and on about lying to these suckers and now you want to, what, frolic in the streets with them!?!”

Castiel frowns. Lying to…?

Lucifer rolls his eyes, arms crossing over his chest.

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Not Your Dean (Part 10)

Originally posted by suckmywinchester

Summary: One day Dean shows up and moves back into the bunker. The only problem is he’s a demon and he’s hiding something…

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9

Pairing: Demon!Dean x reader

Word Count: 2,200ish

Warnings: language

A/N: Dean is so fluffy…

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Jack Johnson and Cameron Dallas - Friendly Feud

So I got a request, but I don’t have it because I answered the requester privately, and I didn’t save the request before it (because I’m a dumbass), but it was about Jack J and Cameron and she asked for a longer one, and basically this is like three times longer than my usual imagines. I hope it’s enough! And I hope you had something like that in your mind dear requester!


What could go wrong if I spend a week with a bunch of Vine stars?

This is what I thought when I said I would do an article about five boys who earned fame through social media. I had been working at this magazine for a year and I was waiting for the opportunity to get a big story, and this was it, so there was no way I was going to give it to anyone else. I needed it so I could get bigger stories later. I wanted to show what I was capable of and if it meant that I had to follow Jack Johnson, Cameron Dallas, Jack Gilinsky, Nash Grier and Hayes Grier for an entire week, then let it be! I was ready to do anything. Even make some trouble accidentally.

Monday, 8:02 am, and I was late. I was running down the street I had as the address where I had to meet with the boys. When I reached the right house and I succeeded in getting in, I run up the stairs, because I was too stupid to use the elevator and finally reached my destination. I rang the bell and waited for them to answer it while trying to catch my breath.

The door opened and revealed a half naked guy with the bluest eyes I have ever seen, and one second later another bright blue pair of eyes met mine.

“Y/N? Come in!” The first one greeted me and held the door for me.

“Sorry for being late, I had a rough morning,” I said fixing my hair and looking around. This apartment was at least two times bigger than mine and it was more than obvious that boys were living there. Boxers on the floor, lonely boxes of cereals everywhere and different type of consoles were on the table.

“It’s okay, take a seat wherever you want,” he said escorting me in.

“Can we all sit down to a table? It would be the best,” I suggested and he nodded.

“Guys! Diner, everyone, now!” he shouted and three more guy appeared. Everyone went to the diner where there was a big table. We all sat down, I took out all my papers and when I was done, I looked around.

“I will sound stupid, but can you all introduce yourselves? I don’t know you that much yet,” I said smiling , and feeling a bit awkward.

“I’m Nash,” the taller, blue eyed one said.

“And I’m Hayes,” the other one said.

“I’m Cameron,” continued the one sitting next to Hayes. He had brown eyes and hair and such beautiful skin, any girls would have been jealous of him.

“I’m Jack, but call me Johnson,” the blonde waved at me.

“And I’m also Jack, but call meg Gilinsky,” the last one said smiling widely at me. I knew a lot of information about them and now I could tell them apart.

“Okay. Thank you. My name is Y/N and I will be the annoying stalker that will follow you this week,” I said laughing, because it was true. They grinned at me, but didn’t know that I was serious about it. I was 100% that they will have enough of me by the end of the week.

“What we have to do now is to check out if everything is good in our schedule and then the fun can start, okay?”

We went through every event we had and discussed every question and problem we had. They were surprisingly serious about this whole project. I thought they would just make a joke out of everything but I was wrong. As long as we were talking about serious things, they all were paying attention to me.

“Does anyone have any questions?” I asked when we got to the end of everything. No one said anything. “Good. Now I’m all about to see what you guys do when you are not out there in front of everyone.”

I had the chance to see what happens when you have five Viners in one apartment and they all got their phone. I watched them make their new videos, they filmed some Vines and then a YouTube video, while I was doing my job and wrote down everything I saw and experienced.

I had a call from my boss, so I went into one of the rooms. She just wanted to know how everything went with the boys and I was proud to say everything was more than okay.

“Okay, good, I’m looking forward to see what you are capable of,” she said and I couldn’t help but smile.

“I will email my first notes tonight.”

“Perfect, talk to you later!” And with that she hung up on me.

I turned around to go back, but I bumped into someone. It was Cameron.

“Oh, sorry, is this your room?” I asked looking around.

“Yeah,” he smirked and walked to his nightstand grabbing his phone from it.

“I didn’t mean to walk into your private space, I just…” I started, but he waved at me in dismiss.

“No problem, it’s not like I have anything to hide other than my dirty clothes here.” He smiled at me and then watched something on his phone.

“You know, I could just steal one of your boxers and sell it online,” I chuckled. I was sure I could get a couple of hundreds of dollars for one used piece.

“Believe me, Nash already tried it, but people ask for verification, which you can’t have unless you film as you take it off me.” He put his phone back to the nightstand and walked over at me with his hands in his pockets.

“That’s crazy!” I said mentally noting to write this story down later.

“It is, but you can’t do anything against it,” he shrugged. “Not like I complain, my job is amazing, it’s just hard sometimes, when you want to do something normal, But it has its upsides, for example I get to spend the week with a beautiful journalist,” he said winking at me. I was used to it, half of my partners already hit on me and I got it every time I was working with different people. I smiled at him throwing my hair through my shoulders.

“Are you trying to get more parts of the article of you by flirting with me?” I asked in a bit provocative voice, just to keep it interesting. If I wanted to know everything about them, I had to get to them as soon as possible.

“No, I was just admiring you.”

“Oh, hush. Now let’s go, we have a lot to do today!”

Later that day I went to the studio with the Jacks to get some details of their work. The other boys had some private things to do that didn’t include me. We went to the studio and they immediately started to work. They let me hear their newest songs and I could watch them record.

Gilinsky was behind the mic, rehearsing some lines, while I was sitting on the couch next to Johnson.

“How much time do you spend in the studio in a week?” I asked turning to him.

“You mean together with Jack, or alone?”


“We come here every other day, for at least four hours, but I’m here every day for as long as I can. Sometimes I even sleep here.” He said that like it was a casual thing to basically live in the studio, while it definitely wasn’t.

“Why do you spend so much time here without Jack?” I asked curiously.

“I make more parts of the music and he has Madison now. But he is always here when he needs to be here.” He smiled at me leaning back on the couch, watching as Jack did his part of the work.

“Doesn’t it feel bad that he has now other things in his life? I mean his girlfriend and stuff like that.”

“Having a girlfriend is not the end of the world. And I totally understand him, I would spend time with my girlfriend if I had one,” he chuckled turning towards me.

“I’m sure you will find someone soon. There are plenty of girls who would die for you,” I encouraged him smiling.

“See, that’s the thing. I would prefer a normal relationship. Don’t get me wrong, I love our fans, they are sweet and everything, but when it comes to dating, I want it to be normal. I would date a fan, as long as she is totally normal around me. Because that’s what I need. Do you understand?”

“Yes, I do. I feel the same, just in a different way,” I said sighing.

“What do you mean?”

“I don’t have much time because of my work and now I only have chance to date my colleagues, which is not healthy. I have enough of my work daytime, I don’t need it at home.”

“Yes, that’s exactly what I feel!” he snapped smiling widely. “We need some time to do something else.”

“Yeah, but it’s hard to find the right person.”

“This is why I don’t bug Jack about Madison. He found someone important and I don’t want him to give up on her because of me. We can make it work, we just have to work hard.”

“That’s really mature,” I smiled at him. “And don’t worry, your time will come.”

“I hope. And yours too, any guy would be happy to be with you.” He looked like a little boy as he looked up at my through his lashes.

“I’m not that easy to date,” I said laughing at myself, remembering my last relationship. It was a disaster, and sure, he was an asshole, but I was kinda bitchy too.

“Don’t say that, I have only known you for a day but you are that kinda girl every guy want to be around.”

It was nice from him to say that and it actually made me feel better about myself.

“Thanks.” I smiled at him, he returned it and then both of us went back to work.

I spent the next day with Nash and Hayes, they had a little meet&greet and after that we met with all the other guys for dinner. By that time I had so many notes of them, I just could have written that damn article right then, but we still had a couple of days left.

“Y/N, you know everything about us, let us get to know you!” Hayes said while eating his fries as we were sitting at the restaurant.

“There’s not much to know about me.” I said shrugging and taking a sip from my drink.

“No, don’t bullshit us!” Nash spoke up. “Just some basics!”

I eventually gave in, and told some things about myself to calm them down. The asked about my job and what I did before I became a journalist. Johnson and Cameron seemed to have a lot of questions, but I answered every each of them, because that’s what they were doing since they met me.

The dinner went well, I get to know them even more and I really liked them, as friends. They all were funny and outgoing. I had a good time while I was actually working.

The next day they had a photo shoot for a website and of course I was with them. It didn’t seem like work, they made it into a party with their pranks and goofs, you couldn’t not laugh at them, while some seriously good shots were taken of them.

I had to make a few calls in the break so I went outside of the building. As I was going through my phone Cameron came out and joined me eating a big ass sandwich.

“Hey, watcha doin’?” he asked with his mouth completely full.

“Just work, as always,” I sighed typing a text message to one of my colleagues.

“Do you actually have free time?”

“Yes, when I sleep,” I said sarcastically.

“You mean you don’t do anything for fun?” He furrowed his eyebrows and stopped eating.

“Yes, I do, just not that often,” I shrugged.

“And what about we go out sometimes after we get through this article?”

“I’m not sure if I will have the time to do anything,” I said giving him an apologizing look. Also I wasn’t sure if I wanted to go out with him, I wasn’t up to get into anything with anyone at that moment. He seemed like a nice guy, but maybe not for me.

“It’s okay, I get it,” he replied looking a bit sad.

“Don’t get me wrong, you are sweet and nice, I just don’t think it would be a good idea. But we can still be friends,” I suggested hoping he wouldn’t get hurt.

“No, I get it, and you are right,” he nodded. “Shall we go back?” He smiled at me nodding towards the door.

“Yes, let’s go.”

After the shooting I went to Gilinsky and Johnson’s fitting and after that we had to meet with the boys at Cameron and Nash’s apartment.

The Jack’s were having the fitting for an award show and I have to admit they looked in their outfits.

“How do I look?” Johnson asked turning around.

“Hot, the girls will die seeing you,” I said smirking at him.

“You think?” he smiled checking himself one more time out in the mirror.

“Yeah, I love the glasses.”

“Then I’m keeping them.”

I smiled at him looking down at my phone checking out the time.

“Hey, I wanted to ask you something,” Johnson said stepping closer to me. I looked up at him and waited for him to continue. “What are you doing on this Saturday?” He looked kinda nervous, but it looked good on him. It made him adorable.

“Are you asking me out?” I asked feeling awkward, that he was the second boy asking me out that day and I had to turn him down as well.

“Yes, I think I just did it.”

“That’s sweet, but I don’t think it’s a good idea,” I said almost the same like I said to Cameron earlier. “We both so busy now, and I don’t think it would work, I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be, I just wanted to take a chance, but I guess you are right,” he said nodding.

“But we can meet as friends sometimes after this.” I smiled at him and rubbed his arm gently.

“I would love that.”

Later, before we met up at the guys’ apartment I had to run home, so I joined them a bit later. When I got there I was expecting to see just the same that was going on last time I was there, but it was different now. The atmosphere was tensed but I couldn’t say why.

“Hey guys, what is up?” I asked sitting down on the couch. Hayes was on his phone, Nash and Gilinsky were in the kitchen, and Cameron and Johnson was literally in the two ends of the room, looking like two grumpy kids.

“You don’t want to know,” Hayes said in a low voice, so only I could hear him.

“Yes I do, I’m here to know everything,” I protested.

“It’s just that someone is totally out of his mind,” Johnson spat looking right at Cameron and I immediately felt it was all about something in connection with me.

“What are you talking about? I didn’t do anything wrong!” He stated looking quite angry.

“Guys, everyone calm down, and tell me what this all is about,” I said trying to solve the problem.

“Did you turn me down because of Cameron?” Johnson asked me impatiently.

“What?” I was now confused.

“No, the right question is did you turn me down because of Johnson? Did he say anything about me?” Cameron spat staring at Johnson. It was like they will start fighting in any minute.

“I didn’t say anything, but if you have thoughts like that it is maybe because you did it! What did you tell her? Admit it Dallas!”

“Okay, calm the hell down, guys!” I said looking at them. “Let’s sit down and talk about it, okay?”

“I don’t want to sit down with this backstabber.” Johnson was like a furious bull, ready to jump on Cameron in any minute.

“Will you do this for me, please?” I tried, and it finally worked. The sat down across the table and I sat half way through them. “Okay, tell me what is going on.”

They started to talk at the same time, and I didn’t understand anything, I tried to shut one of them up, but they were so into throwing shade on the other, they just didn’t listen.

“SHUT THE FUCK UP!” Nash shouted finally, and they went silent. “I will tell what happened, and you two will hear it out and then listen to Y/N!”

I nodded in agreement, it seemed like a good solution.

“So the thing is,” Nash started, “ that Johnson and Cameron developed a little crush on you in the past few days. And they even talked about it and agreed on asking you out. The one you choose kinda wins, and the other will accept it. But now they think you turned them down because the other said something shitty about them. And now they want to kill each other.”

When Nash finished I couldn’t help but laugh. I have never had two boys fight over me, and it was ridiculous due to the fact that they could have had any girl they wanted.

“Okay, chill down guys, you are making a big deal out of nothing.”

Both of them looked confused to me, so I continued.

“I turned down both of you because what I said to you. And if you are wondering, it was the same for both of you. It wouldn’t be a good idea to date any of you, since we work so much and I think that you found me attractive, because I was normal around you. You both wanted someone who can treat you like an ordinary guy, and I was the first one who did this to you.”

It seemed like they started to understand what I was talking about.

“We had a great time, but you don’t want me, just someone that treats you like I did.”

I hoped they would get what I was saying. It was cute of them to fight over me, but it was also stupid.

“I think I get it now,” Johnson mumbled.

“Yeah, me too,” Cameron added.

“And one more thing,” I said holding up one finger. “Don’t fight over a girl. Never. Your friendship is more important than any girls, believe me.”

I smiled at them and watched as they looked at each other and finally got up, walked towards each other and hugged.

“Aw, now that’s what I’m talking about!” I laughed walking over to them, and then everyone joined the hug. “So are we good now?” I asked when we pulled away. They both nodded smiling at me and then each other. “Good, now, let’s get back to work!”

Mike mignola answered my questions about dealing with anxiety as an artist with “haha im still 90% anxiety” and went on a long tangent about it and i got a selfie with him and he signed my books and when i showed him my portfolio he was like quote unquote “ YOURE 19??!? i couldnt do JACK SHIT when i was 19” and he looked me dead ass in the eye as he shook my hand and told me im amazing at my passion

He also told me most of his ideas are bullshitted and he makes up half of everything he does if its “stupid enough to sell”

Also we have similar ways in thinking, he did art bc he couldnt do anything else and he cant even drive a car, and similar ways of drawing things out bc u dont know what theyre gona look like…
Tfw your childhood hero looks u in the eyes and tells you youre amazing…..i cant even comprehend what just happened to me…i told him that he inspired me since his work on atlantis when i was little and he was just like DAMN IM OLD….
Uhm im so happy i could die? I never ever thought i was ever going to meet him..and i made new friends too…WOWOWOW

anonymous asked:

Hi! I have this huge problem in the DDLG community that I can't buy anything like stockings, dresses, girly stuff ya know? Because I'm 5'9, chubby and my shoe size is 13 in women's! Do you know any websites that sell all that fun stuff but in sizes that could fit me? I've looked everywhere ;-; Thank you!

Just search it on google then links may come up

Hope this helps ☺️

Part 7 - Here to Collect

Pairing: Luke & Y/N

Words: 1.545


Copyright © 2015 DestielHolmes.  All rights reserved.

PART 1 ●○ PART 2 ○● PART 3 ●○ PART 4 ○● PART 5 ●○ PART 6

“You know what they will do to you?” Dylan screamed putting his hands on his head.

“I’ve heard somethings…” I whispered.

“Jesus Christ Y/N. You have no idea where you’re getting into.” He said more softly.

“I really don’t…” I whispered again.

“You know, you’re the first girl I ever liked for real.” He said seriously.

“Dylan I’m so sorry. I didn’t want to hurt you. It just happen I-” I felt bad as shit.

Everything was great before Blondie appeared. Dylan was what I wanted! Why did that change so fast?

“No it’s ok. I guess I deserve it for what I’ve done to other girls.” He breathed out.

“Dylan…” I breathed. “I’m sorry… You’re amazing but-”

“He’s better.” He cut me out.

“What? No! I didn’t say that. Dylan you can’t compare yourself to someone, like that. You have everything that I want in a guy. He… he hasn’t. I think that was what caught me off guard. I- I can’t exactly explain it.” And I really couldn’t. Everything happen no fast. I’m not sure of what I’m feeling anymore.

“I get it. He’s the town’s bad boy. Danger is exiting.” He said with a bored tone rolling his eyes.

“I don’t get why everyone says he’s from town but he actually isn’t.” This was always happening.

“He just ran off to his parents other house but he leaves here. I mean he’s not here but he grew up here he’s just being rebel.” He explained fast like that didn’t matter.

“So the big house… it’s not theirs?” I asked trying to figure out Luke.

“Nop. But can we focus on you? How the hell are you going to hide this?” He started to scream again.

“There’s no ‘this’ Dylan.” I don’t know anything about Luke. I know what people tell me. Are his parents rich? Cause that was a big ass house. Does he as siblings?

“Yeah but if they see you with him… Sabrina already went to talk to you.” I know he is concerned about me and that just makes him sweeter but why can’t I feel what I felt for him before?

“I don’t know. I need to think this out. I don’t know what I want anymore.” I’m so confused.

“If you stayed with me Y/N no one would harm you. He’s just going to bring bad stuff to your life.” He said coming closer to me his voice calm and sweet.

“He promised he would take care of me.” I whispered.

“How is he going to do that? He’s not here!! He’s not in our school!! How is he going to protect you?” He started screaming again.

“I need to go.” My voice was weak. I turned around and went to the door.

“Y/N I’m sorry.” He said as I closed the door.

“Hello?” I said as I picked up my phone.

“Hey princess.” His low voice was unmistakable.

“How did you get my number?” I stood up from my bed.

“I already had it since you got into town.” He said I could swear he was smirking right now.

“How did you get it?” I repeated.

“You’re new, this town is like mine, I had to have you.” He sassed.

“This town? Are you here?” I don’t know why I was smiling.

“Look through your window.” I ran to it and opened it looking down to a Blondie, back against a tree with a smirk on his face waving at me.

“Are you crazy? Someone could see us!!” I scream whispered through the phone.

“Come with me.” He whispered through the phone a smile now on his face.

“Where?” I chuckled a little.

“Trust me.” He responded looking at me.

“No you’re crazy.” I really don’t know why I’m whispering my mom was downstairs she wouldn’t hear me.

He chuckled. “Come on princess.”

“Ok… See you in a few.” His smile grew wider as mine did.

I manage to get out of my house without my mothers knowledge.

I ran to the tree I saw him against but he wasn’t there anymore.

“Blondie?” I whispered.

I felt two arms surround me from behind.

“Hey princess.” He hummed in my neck. “I missed the way you smell.” He said breathing me in.

I turned around in his embrace and pushed our foreheads together.

“I missed you.” I whispered and he smiled bumping our noses together.

“Come on I’m going to show you around.” He interlaced our fingers.

“Dylan already did that.” I said. I meant no harm but is facial expression changed at the mention of his name.

“Well I’m going to show you the best part of the town that I’m sure he didn’t show you.” He said as he opened his car door to let me in.

We drove in silence, a comfort silence. Sometimes he would look at me and smile. How can he be a bad boy and be so sweet?

“Did you talk to him?” He asked and I knew exactly what he was referring to.

“Kind of. He knew already something was up whit us.” A smirk made its way to his face.

“It’s over then?” He asked looking at me for a few seconds before looking back at the road.

“I suppose… We didn’t actually have something and we didn’t actually end it. But yeah…”

“Y/N you have to tell him it’s over.” He knitted his eyebrows.

“Why does it matter so much that I have to actually say it. He got the idea.” I crossed my arms.

“It matters because he has to know that you’re mine.” His eyes stayed on the road.

“I’m not an object.” I mumbled and frowned.

“You know I didn’t mean it like that princess.” He looked at me.

“That’s the thing. I don’t because I don’t know you.” I stated.

“What did he say to you?” I could hear the anger on his voice. Why didn’t they like each other?

“He didn’t say anything. I just- I don’t know anything of your life.” I tried to explain.

There was silence for a few moments until he started talking.

“I’m Luke Robert Hemmings, I’m 19. I sell drugs for living got out of home cause my parents are a pain in the ass. I have two older brothers, they don’t live here anymore. My family is the most rich in this town and that’s one of the reasons everyone knows me cause I’m a rebel…” He scoffed. “Just because I didn’t followed my family steps…” He shook his head. “Anyway I like rock and puck music, penguins and pizza. And I may have a crush on the new girl in town.”

I chuckled. “Should I do the same?”

“I know everything that I need about you princess.” He smiled sweetly at me.

“You like penguins?” I smirked.

“Seriously? That’s what you picked up?” We both laughed. “We’re here.”

“What’s this?” I asked confused. There was nothing here just trees.

“Come on.” He said holding my hand and bringing me with him.

We ran a little until he stopped in front of a tree and looked at me.

“What?” I asked confused.

“Climb.” He said motioning with his head to the tree.

I looked at it and when my eyes adjusted to the dark I could see some kind of ladders made of wood. I looked up, it was one big tree, I could see something.

I started to climb, Blondie fallowing behind.

A tree house.

“I always wanted to have one of these.” I breathed when we got in.

“Now you have.” He smiled at me.

“Is this yours?” I asked looking around.

“Me and my bothers made it when we were younger so yeah it is.” He said scratching the back of his neck.

“Oh my God…” I breathed out when I got to the window. “You can see all of the town from here.”

“I’m glad you like it.” He said embracing me from behind staring with me to our town.

“This is amazing Luke.” I whispered and he kissed my cheek.

“You didn’t even see the best part.” He whispered in my ear.

“Which is?” I asked moving on his embrace so I was face to face whit him.

He brought one arm up and moved back taking some kind of curtain with him.

My moth fell open. It was a skylight which meant we could see the stars.

“Blondie…” I breathed out.

He chuckled a little at my reaction.

“Lay down.” He whispered.

I did as he said staring up at the stars. He laid down next to me nuzzling into me.

One arm around my waist bringing me close to him. The other above my head messing with the strands of my hair. Nose running up and down my neck while I was facing up staring at the stars.

“Did I ever tell you how beautiful you are?” I chuckled.

“I don’t know did you?” I joked looking his way.

He smiled and looked me in the eyes. “You’re beautiful.” He whispered bumping our noses before kissing me.

“How can you be a bad boy if you are so sweet?” I said as we broke the kiss.

“You make me like this. You change me.” He whispered.

Copyright © 2015 DestielHolmes.  All rights reserved.

PART 8 →

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PART ONE (a.u)

or’: in which dumb7 like to think they’re the new local gang and should be considered badass just because they got a bunch of bikes off ebay that were on sale and now they pretend to take beatdown requests. careful though, hyung line doesn’t mess around,…or at least they hope so.

warnings: mentions of bars/paid violence, vulgar language, lots of crack, super brief mention of dead ppl but it’s indirect no worries, mentions of needles and tattoos? 

special thanks to @bangtanbrochachos​ once again for helping out w some of the ideas my angle and my devil 

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Originally posted by mayfifolle

•  signature items: gold ring 
                            + 24k gold chain 

• never reveals his gold chain because he doesn’t want to be deemed as the richy rich half of the tryhards™
• the type to quietly whisper ‘ay’ in the background while someone’s getting dragged
•  is actually the one with the highest credibility because he doesn’t really talk he’s just tall there are ready to stare everyone down saying nothing for like an eternity 
•  and he’s just staring them down like ‘are you really gonna do anything about it? are you’ and the person either backs off or gets into an existential crisis
• but listen if he starts talking it’s all fkin gone his vocabulary is way too eloquent for like fake bar fights and places in where broke ass people are giving leaves as gifts and
•  please stop this boy he’s too polite and cares about morals over money and all the fake shit they’re trying to sell like you could honestly go to him, slap some bills right on the table and be like ‘yo beat me up’ and he’d just look at you like you told him apples grow on trees and be like ‘now why would i do such a thing?’
•  not the one for conflict like ever and if his mates are trying to start shit he just stares @ them too and it’s game over 
•  him and yugyeom can’t always stand in the same room as the rest of the group if they’re having some closed off confrontation bc they’ll block all the light and there’ll be just weird ass smoke and darkness in the room while jackson is trying to hype everyone up and get the goddamn smoking machine to turn off 
• he’s sometimes getting shit like ‘please stop you’re scaring me’ while he was just standing there when he’s a walking puppy question mark pls (((ay)))))
•  the one who lowkey makes the group bow full 90 degrees by nudging their knees before they actually punch someone in the face and told everyone it was jaebum’s idea 
•  was told once that the reason the group wears sunglasses at night is because he’s too bright for them and that they keep him around bc his beauty is their ticket to heaven and actually made ppl reconsider their terrible intentions rip
• cue jackson getting #BornForTheSky trending #1 on twitter after that  n nobody was the same  
• also he is the one who usually appears in bambam’s pictures for ig which consist of him lying against a window w jaebum’s studded leather jacket looking at the lamp in the kitchen w the caption ‘the moonlight shines beautifully’ 
• even though it’s 4pm and the hashtag next to the caption is #happywednesday


Originally posted by kpoppabo

• signature items: fake piercings 
                           + hair gelled to the gods above

•*sigh*, this bitch
the half which is not a half but more like 85% of the tryhards™ or whole group if you will 
i don’t really care about this whole biker thing, says im jaebum at 3am searching fake septums on amazon and printing a whole how to look tough without real tattoos cause needles are scary wikihow article 
used to have a pretty hard time with speaking w strangers like he has his shit together but got more comfortable over the time  especially bc they let him be the leader
 so now everytime he’s speaking to some dude and he gives a good comeback the rest of got7 clap and aggressively holler & headbang while youngjae is filming everything w his nokia and jinyoung whispers to him ‘you’re doing amazing sweetie’
 usually moves p quietly and makes slides instead of steps when he’s in that  mood he’s just feeling smooth bro and he’ll suddenly hear ‘sappunsappun georeoga~~’ slouch and die inside a little when will im jaebum live tbh 
•  got a discount for lace chokers from the ebay guy he got the motorcycles off and got the middle aged mom mentality like ‘wow this is 3% off maybe it will come in handy i must have it ‘
the reason everyone gets to go even to the grocery store down the block on the motorcycle bc girls literally pay him to take them two streets to college and take selfies with him
you might think he doesn’t care for how they appear on social media either but he’s the one who changes bambam’s ig descriptions to my chemical romance
got shook when he first accidentally punched someone and apologised & told them that they can punch him back if they wanted + had regretful thoughts for like a week after
•  doesn’t let the members to make deals after 10 bc sleep is more important than punching ppl in the face 
catch tsundere bum who totally doesn’t care about anything getting his jacket manually studded and adding silver chains to his jeans because he wants to be one step ahead of his enemies mhm we see you boi
• when they first formed their ‘gang’ and he got picked the leader bc he paid for everything jackson suggested the name ‘hell dogs’ and jb wanted to censor it bc it wasn’t appropriate so he wanted to call it infernal poodles and almost put that on a jacket w neon purple writing and flames around it at yj’s prayers 
• he changed his mind though when he got hospitalised bc he was accidentally almost hit 
• by his members
 multiple times
 with a car


Originally posted by jypnior

• signature items: abercrombie and fitch cologne
                            + the honda he drives

• the one ‘assigned’ to beat ppl up but wow listen violence is the only thing he hates more than clothes
•  has v strong morals and absolutely refuses to even attempt to touch badly someone who has a child or 
•  ‘the wild in wild and sexy man doesn’t mean acting like a fool that’s just wrong man’ like listen do not do that to jackson bc he’ll turn to jackdaddy and give u the scolding of ur lifetime +  gets offended if u give attitude after so one should rlly prepare themselves if they wanna fight with that
• otherwise he’s like ‘yeah man no worries i’ll take care of it - jackson like a puma!!!’ 
•  wears abercrombie cologne not because he is extremely aware that the members don’t like it, but because ‘only good looking people can wear abercrombie’
•  is known as the bad man to the kids around the neighbourhood he lives in even tho he literally loves them all and wants to protect everyone (’why is he bad again?’ ‘shh son he drives a honda’) basically no one lets him live bc of that but he likes it so it’s all a-ok 
• accuses the members of trying to sabotage him if they tell him to slow it down w the cologne and tells them how ‘the rich musk will attract all the attention they need to make this work you guys are just haters’ 
• a dress code was made for this whole thing believe it or not but he never follows it he just randomly shows up in coats and insists they have ‘a meeting’ to decide if this is a problem when all the members are standing there in their ripped denim and leather jackets like ffs
• pleads to the victim to just walk funnily out of the location or something bc he rlly doesn’t want to do this 
• if the person says ok let’s so this he’s all giddy like omg!!! thank you so much you just made my life so much easier i’d totally treat you to ice cream if we weren’t in some shady ass bar place
• but if they don’t agree he’s like well son do you see tHESE GUNS HMMM  and he gets in their face and aggressively flexes and you know what he can do with them HMMM 
• he prides himself on his honda and is the only one who drives one but listen,,, he doesn’t know anything about motorcycles 
• like he could honestly tell you about a quad core 16 inch motor and to the person it might totally sound fancy but lisTEN,,,,,,
• either the mood setter w his intimidatingly arched furrowed brows or the mood ruiner
• cue jackson saying ‘to defeat the huns’ immediately after jb says ‘let’s get down to business’ like all the time
•  yet jaebum and literally everyone ELSE never learn


Originally posted by d-efsoul

• signature items: pear chapstick 
                            +  hubba bubba bubble tape 

• he was the one who rlly came up with the dresscode like he literally pulled all  the members aside and was like ‘now listen here if we’re gonna do this we’re gonna do this the right way’ hence why there were seven pairs of jeans and leather jackets checked on jaebum’s card
• also he’s the one who takes the jackets and ripped jeans to the washer once a week and they’re not allowed to wear normal clothes while riding (it’s the dress code yugyeom shut the fk up)
• catch dumb7 riding their motorcycles to buy garlic sauce for jinyoung and his ma during that time
•  his street name used to be junior until the group got a group call from jinyoung’s parents and told them they won’t let jinny play gangsters w the boys unless they call him by his real name
• a straight up bitch and who knows whether that might be the only straight he is 
• the only violent thing about him is the death glare he has which can 100% box with the actual dead trust me on this this,,,is,, science 
• the real savage, the one you should really fear the most like 96% of the time and he doesn’t even try to fight he just smiles @ you and u suddenly have the desire to run to church and beg for forgiveness,,, that is ,, a thing
• never allows the members to go past the speeding limit so they always end up late to any ‘business’ they have, blames it on the red lights and no one dares to correct him 
• has a ‘seriously strawberry’ bubble tape pack which he takes out of his pocket and opens it like he’s about to throw a damn grenade and literally bites off the roll (jackson: that man is a savage) after he parks his yamaha sr500 to feel more badass 
• except that one time when he bit onto empty air bc youngjae ate all his bubblegum the day before and stuffed it back into jy’s pocket and tbh everyone should pray for whoever dared to anger him that day (yg: so should he run or should he run now)
• the one who makes all the deals, was supposed to meet with two dudes who requested their services in some bar in the middle of nowhere but only one arrived in time and jinyoung was discussing wtv was needed w the dude and when jinyoung makes deals boi does he get into it 
• and the other dude arrived some time later and opened the door and jinyoung’s head turned almost 180 degrees w the most bitter look and was like ‘that was really fkin rude was i speaking or was i speaking’ 
• sometimes mark or jaebum accompany hin to these kinda meetings and sit in the back to guard 
•  but they’re not guarding jinyoung. they are guarding said people. from jinyoung

hope you enjoyed reading and please look forward to the part II of this au which will highlight maknae line and will be posted as soon as possible!

paintedimaginings  asked:

Raspberry, Strawberry, Grape & Coconut

Raspberry: Favourite flower?

I don’t really have a favourite flower. I like to look at flowers but I don’t know anything about them or names or whatever. I like bursts of colour like flower beds or hanging baskets. Lots of colours.

Strawberry: Favourite desserts?

I like an apple sponge or apple crumble alot. I love a good chocolate cake. A shop near me sells Toblerone cheesecake and it is truly the sex.

Grape: If you could take a vacation anywhere in the world, where would you go?

I’d take my best friend @thesmallguys to Disneyworld because I know she would just die of happiness there and it would be so much fun. Also I reeeally want to go to Mexico.

Coconut: Favourite perfume?

I don’t like perfume at all. I don’t like strong smells and I don’t think I have ever in my life smelled a perfume that I liked. I hate smelling perfume from other people too. If I have to sit in close proximity to you, like on a plane or something, and you’re wearing perfume, rest assured I am wishing death upon you.

Thanks Em! :)

I'll Get Over This in a Lily Bit

@inell | AO3Hey inell! Just wanted to let you know that I love your work and I think you’re super awesome! I was thrilled to see you were my secret santa. I really hope you like your gift! Happy holidays :) - @voubledision

So Derek has been Stiles’ number uno enemy since like day ONE okay nothing aggravates him more than seeing Derek’s dumb jock pretty boy face every morning of every day of high school. In fact, Stiles hates that fucker SO much that he’s been on a quest to give Derek the most fucked up flower bouquets for his girlfriend that secretly mean “I hate your guts” or “you smell like a toilet” or whatever.

So here’s the thing. Stiles hates Derek Hale’s guts.

And no, not “hate” his guts where he could probably (probably not?) learn to be civil and talk to him about the weather and shit and pass the time this way until they graduate to never see each other again. No, Stiles HATES Derek Hale. Hates him and his merry band of jocky cocky assholes he calls friends. Hated him since the day he and his moronic band of friends broke into his mother’s flower shop for kicks and ruined her hydrangeas. That shit was hard to grow alright? His mother LOVED those things and when Stiles had walked into the shop the next day he had to stare in horror at the dirt left on the ground and the crushed flowers that were left on the ground by Derek Hale’s ugly gigantic feet.

(It was at this point in the story that Scott stopped him to make an UNNECESSARY comment about the size of a man’s feet and Stiles had to kick Scott to stop him from laughing so hard.)

There was nothing more that he wanted than to walk up to Derek Hale’s face and stuff a Venus fly trap down his tight pants. Would he even be able to fit anything else in there??? How did he walk in those things anyway—

Keep reading

yellowfeather84  asked:

Jamie and Claire go furniture shopping. While the sales lady is showing them around Jamie can't resist whispering into Claire's ear the dirty things he'll do to her on their new couch, new kitchen table, new mattress...

I’ve seriously been dying ALL DAY to write this!!! I’m not totally sure which AU it’s in, but oh well. :)

“Are ye sure, Sassenach?”

“Yes. We’re getting married and moving into a new flat. We should have new furniture.”

“Alright. Then lets go.”

We drove down to the furniture shop and were greeted by a friendly saleswoman.

“Hello, dears!” She said cheerily. “What is it that I can do for you?”

Jamie smiled at her and shook her hand.

“I’m Jamie, this is my fiancé Claire. We’re to be married next week and have decided to look for new furniture.”

“Oh! My congratulations to ye both! Lets have a look then!”

They moved to the mattresses first, Jamie and Claire laying down on a few. The saleswoman bustled off to find some information booklets for them to read.

“I like this one,” he said, moving so they both bounced a little.

“We don’t have to sell mine. The one in your flat is barely big enough to fit you, let alone me. But mine is big enough.”

“Aye, but I dinna like yours.”

“You don’t?”

He shook his head.

“It’s too firm. Makes me sore most mornings.”

“Why haven’t you said anything?”

He sat up a little. 

“Och. Ye look so bonny when I see ye, I didna want to tell ye. But this one…”

She nodded, waiting for him to continue.

“This one… I could hold ye down, wi’ yer arms above yer head. Yer breasts offered up to me. I could ride ye until ye screamed for me.”

She gasped as he moved away from her ear, taking the papers from the nice woman.

“Weel, we’ve a few options for ye, ye ken.”

“This one,” Claire blurted. “We want this one.”

Jamie smiled as the woman made note of the mattress they wanted. 

Next was living room furniture. They sat on a few couches until they found one that was comfortable for both of them.

“And wi’ this one… I’d sit here and watch ye for a moment as ye touch yourself. Then I’d put ye on my lap and hold yer hips. I’d control ye, the movements ye made, until ye begged me to take ye,” he growled low, licking the bottom of her ear. “And then, I’d flip ye on yer back and put ye on that wee table. I could serve ye properly then, wi’ ye all sprawled out afore me.”

“J-Jamie,” she breathed. “She’s watching us.”

“I am no’ doing any o’ that now, am I?”

She looked at him, eyes glowing with lust.

“No, you’re not. I’d rather it if you were.”

“How does that one suit ye both?”

“Verra well, mistress,” Jamie said. “I think we’d like this.”

“Verra good! I’ll just go and make sure we have the one ye like in the back. If ye like kitchen tables, follow the path to that corner back there.”

They got off the couch, Jamie smiling as Claire stumbled a little.

The kitchen tables weren’t overly exciting, but he was drawn to one in particular. It reminded him of the one at Lallybroch, the one he’d grown up with.  Without thinking, he began to run his hands over it, feeling how smooth the wood felt.

“Do you like that one?”

“Aye. It reminds me of Lallybroch.”

“Yes,” she smiled. “It does. It’s rather beautiful.”

Looking at her, he noted absently that it came about to her hips. She wasn’t wearing tall shoes, either.

“There’s another reason this is a good table, Sassenach,” he said softly.

“Oh no. Not this one too.”

“I’d bend ye over, ken? Press ye hard to the surface an’ take ye from behind. I could hold yer sweet round bum in my hands as I took ye. I’d take ye hard, my Sassenach, until ye melted into me.”

“Oh God…” she moaned, her eyes closed. “Oh Jamie… Please…”

He wasn’t even touching her. He’d aroused her and he hadn’t touched her, save that lick on her ear.

“Aye? What is it?”

“Take me somewhere. Please.”

“I canna. We must speak wi’ the woman about the furniture we want.”

Her eyes burned up at him with frustration and lust. The saleswoman came back then, brimming with excitement.

“Weel ye are both in luck! It looks as though everything ye’ve wanted is in stock!”

“I’m sorry,” Claire said sweetly. “Would you excuse us for a few minutes? We have a few things we need to discuss before we make our final decision.”

The woman’s face fell.

“Och. I’ve no’ been to pushy, have I?”

“No,” Claire smiled. “Not at all. Jamie and I just need to talk a bit. We’ll be back in a few minutes.”

“I’ll go and put the pages together for ye, then?”

“Aye,” Jamie said. “That would be verra kind.”

Claire took his hand and yanked him out of the shop. She pulled him around the side and to the back of the building, where no people frequented. Panting heavily, she put both her palms on the wall and speed her legs about shoulder-width apart.

“Take me,” she said.

“Here? Right now?!”

“Yes,” she reached. “Please, Jamie. I need you badly.”

Jamie glanced around quickly. No one was here and he wouldn’t take long.

Pushing her skirt up, he moved her panties out of the way and rammed her hard.


“Hush woman!”

He couldn’t stop himself. It was almost a habit by now. He reached forward and gripped one of her swinging breasts, pinching her nipple until she squeaked. She was crying out, her hands curling into fists as he continued. Then her body began to shake and he felt her body grip his.

“Oh Jamie!”

“Aye! Cry for me, Claire!”

He’d reached his own conclusion by then, shuddering and muttering in Gaelic. Spinning her around, he kissed her hard and stole her breath. When he pulled back, she smiled.

“Come on, my lad,” she said, after a deeply contented sigh. “I’m sure that nice woman is wondering were we’ve got off to.”

Pulling a handkerchief out of his pocket, he offered it to her. She cleaned herself off a little and he got himself tucked back into his jeans.

“Aye. Lets go get the new things for our new life, Mrs. Fraser.”

“Not yet, Mr. Fraser. But soon.”

Often, Ladybug is the leader of their little band. She is the head and makes the decisions. But I don’t think anyone would question that Chat Noir is the heart and passion. He’d never question her on a strategy or a plan, but this arena? Self down and needing comfort? Oh, that is his domain.

And he KNOWS she needs logic. Previously he pointed out a concrete and logical fallacy that she was making by literally showing her where she had succeeded.

But he goes one step farther here. After she gets done looking at Chloe, he has her look at what is behind Chloé and he says very important words.

“Without us, they won’t make it.”

(emphasis mine)

Marinette/Ladybug has been taking all the errors and mistakes onto her own shoulders. Blaming herself. But Chat simply refuses to see it this way.

They are a team. And they are going to do this together. He’s not going to leave her alone and he’s not going to blame her and he refuses to let her consider what they’re doing as ANYTHING OTHER than a joint attempt as saving Paris.

And look, he does it again.

We’re gonna prove it to them.”

Not you by yourself.

Not me by myself.

Together like the muskateers. Me for you and you for me.

and honestly, who could look at that sweet sunbeam child’s face and not immediately buy what he is selling???

Thirteen pointers on being an Artist and staying there

A good friend recently told me I should procure some of my experience and-dare I say-wisdom,about being an Artist. I’ve often wondered what it is I possibly could have to say that would be of interest or worth, simply because most of us will agree that being an artist, feels akin to being a Guppy flopping around in a Tsunami, and I am certainly no exception.
Except she insisted that what I have to say would be inspirational, so if it helps my other creative journeymen and women to stay honest and continue the course, then who am I to argue.

1. How to be an artist when you have a day job.

The truth of being an artist, is that you’ll likely be juggling multiple jobs for a living wage from the offset and possibly for the rest of your life, leaving you drained and unmotivated by the time it comes to your first brush stroke. Start picturing yourself doing the art throughout the day, make your day about getting through it as a necessary evil to your goal. Carry a small-even concealable-sketch book everywhere with you-use your breaks, your lunch, your bus journey to flesh out ideas, and once back home, don’t turn on the TV, disconnect from your social media because these things are distractions and your enemy.
Make a light snack, enough to stave off hunger and not put you in a food coma, have your work place all ready, your palettes already set out, your surfaces already primed the night before, there’s nothing more off putting to yourself than not being able to just jump straight in. And then give yourself a set of hours in which to frame what you want to accomplish. If you want it badly enough then you will find that second wind, just be prepared for many late hours, long nights and weekends.
And when people ask you what you do, tell them you are an artist-say it enough times to others to convince yourself- always remember, your minimum wage job isn’t who you are, but the self funding you use to support your next creation.

2. Everyone has to start somewhere

From pop up tents on dodgy street corners to library foyers, crusty village halls to seedy bar walls, I’ve exhibited my art through them all. So, regardless of how immensely talented you think you are, you are deluding yourself if you are looking to get an in as a heavy hitter straight off the bat. Only the the trust funded, circle jerked or God given will get instant admission on that prestigious gallery wall.
More importantly,after you’ve built your reputation, grafted and finally gotten to that place, remember that humble pie still tastes the same wherever you are, so don’t use the people who help you along the way and don’t be a dick to those coming up once you get there.

3. You can do it all yourself.

You think you have pursued every avenue for that show you want to mount, book you want published, but all you see before you is an avalanche of rejection or total indifference. Was a time when that meant the death knell for a creative project,  or an artist falling by the wayside into eternal obscurity.
Except the days when the traditional go-betweeners such as agents, gallery’s and publishing houses were the single gateway to your audience is diminishing. The new gatekeepers are the ones that provide a platform to crowd source a rented space, an on-line publisher to print on demand, a network to build to advertise in-it’s easier in a way than ever before to do what you do yourself and put it under peoples noses. No one is waiting to discover you, so create art not excuses not to.

4. Don’t pay to play

Seriously, don’t do it-there is absolute zero impetus for the curator/editor/institute to represent you or any of your cohorts once you have-of course there are overheads for the gallery, but go ahead put your money down, the house always wins, whether you sell or not, and you are enabling bad practice, one that exploits creatives.
Remember, a good partnership is one where you both are invested in the gamble, not one where you walk away poorer.

5. Have no expectations for the outcome of what you do other than for yourself

That way lies madness and a cycle of disappointment.  Do your best work, say what you wanted to say but accept that anything that comes beyond that is a bonus, so always remind yourself that If one person in the world other than yourself and your Mum gives a flying fuck about what you create, then you’ve already accomplished something.

6. Ask yourself,what constitutes success as an Artist to you.

Conjure an idea of what ultimate success from your Art looks like.
Is it fame, fortune, the respect of your peers, that cover of some self appointed Art Bible, some perversion in the back of a limousine?
Or is it for the love of it, a quest for personal and technical betterment and a lasting legacy to be proud of?
Whatever the reason, its up to you to decide which is more likely to happen, and which will leave you plagued by a feeling of failure and disappointment.

7.Don’t half ass it

Whether it’s some tossed off sketch on a dive bar napkin, or a commission that you are only going to make a few bucks on, do your absolute best ,other than children, this will be your most precious legacy.
And always follow through no matter what-in 2010 I almost cut my fingers off with a hedge trimmer a month before I was having two solo shows. I allowed myself to heal for a week, before gritting my teeth,Vicodin and Red Bull became my friends, and I made deadlines just short of delivery date. Don’t let anyone down, especially yourself. Remember-laying bad eggs will leave an stench that will linger.

8. All Art has cachet which means nothing does.

Because there are no rules as to what Art is, it might seem like a great democratic qualifier. Except don’t fool yourself, snobbery and elitism exist as much in the industry as it does anywhere else, and you will quickly discover yourself categorized by the established order as one thing above or beneath another. Don’t buy into it, and definitely don’t perpetuate it, those boundaries exist to justify exclusion and price fixing, so do what you do regardless, don’t be a pretentious arse and don’t take yourself too seriously, you will be a better human being for it.

9. Enjoy the moment

I once did a live-painting show at a nightclub, and so immersed was I in it not helping to put food on the table or advance my cause, I spent the entire night feeling like some mere anecdote. Later when I was raging in the car about how pointless it had all been, my wife quite rightly reminded me that I had completely missed the point, that a large legion of friends and fans had traveled to come and watch me, that the piece was raffled for charity, and that people had been there to win it. It’s all too easy to get lost when seeking the endgame, enjoy the moment and don’t be blind when looking for stars in the night sky.

10. Always be looking to the next thing.

So the shows over,the canvas is complete, the tools are downed and the palettes dry. That’s when it hits…the aftermath, the empty studio that echoes with post Art frenzy and after show blues. You grieve when its over, because you’ve spent days, weeks, months and years besotted with your muse and working to this point, for what? Over the years, I’ve learned that the bipolarity of what we do, is the balance between an incredible series of highs and debilitating lows. Look forwards not back. Find something to fill the space again, you’ve climbed a hill, but the work is never over, revitalize that back burner project, sift through those unfinished sketches,work towards another show, go see an inspiring exhibition, just find a reason to fall in love and begin again, this is your chance at creative rebirth.

11. How to stay inspired

Chances are at some point, you’ll reach a wall. That paralyzing terror of a blank sheet, but this a great opportunity, a virgin territory to explore, a chance to express something, anything. Think, even the feeling of not being able to say something can be cannibalized and become inspiring in itself. So find your visual language between the pages of old illustrated books, find an alchemy and make nursery rhymes of your existence, find your pictographs in the lines of sonnets, ancient mythologies and historical cultures, find signifiers in museums and in the descending melody lines of songs, unravel your personal biography in mysterious back alleyways, desecrated churches and the twisted forms of nature. Take the essence of those feelings and make totems and props of them, look to your idols but never copy anyone else’s work directly-you are a conduit not a clone.

12. Whats the point, its all been done before and no one ever buys anything anyway?

Throughout the journey, you are going to find a million and one reasons daily to give up. Believe me, I do this at least five times a week. It could be because you feel like you’re not getting anywhere, or because nothing is selling, or because of something shitty someone said on Facebook, whatever the reason you feel like you’re done.
Except its likely the reason you wanted to create in the first place, came out of a need to express something , possibly when you were depressed, completely on your own and on the bones of your arse.  Which means you’d do it anyway, no matter what, right? Don’t be defeated by peripherals, let the work itself be your goal.

13. What you’ll get from staying the distance.

Your Art will be a marriage full of turbulence, a religion full of doubts, and some of the greatest triumphs you will ever have. It will open up a world of personal discovery, give you a set of friends you would never of had otherwise, and admission onto the walls of strangers, who have found something to connect with you, something that bled from your soul, something you put out into the world and people invested in. Legacy is something for arbiters to decide over after you are gone, but the worth is the meaning you get from your Art in this life. Don’t stop until you fall down. Art.

Final Addendum 14. Armchair Criticism is the easiest job in the World

Think long and hard before you bestow your ‘expert’ opinion.


atlasblizzard  asked:

Interesting to hear you're a storyboard artist. I've been working as an animator but would like to move into storyboarding. What advice could you give me?

If you’re an animator, then you’re honestly already most of the way there! Since it’s a lot easier to jump from one job to another already in the industry. And hmmm…

- Get comfortable with drawing anything and everything badly. There’s no time to make it look nice, but you just have to make it clear. You can get across your idea with just stick figures or blocks of color, everything after that is just plusing up the boards to sell them better.

- The most important things for boards are clarity, composition, and acting/camera movement. Getting used to speedy gesture drawings helps with all of that…and naturally if you’re doing animation, you’re doing that anyway. 

- Get comfortable with having lots and lots of your work scrapped, tossed out or drawn over/edited by another boarder. There’s always a little pang of disappointment that your idea didn’t work, but you can get used to it and move on to much better ideas. 

- Get comfortable with having to get up and pitch your idea to others, sometimes in a “present to the class” fashion. Nowadays with everything being done digitally I think the “get up front to present” is less of a thing, though. 

- Use whatever resources you have! Draw yourself a map, draw alternate versions, draw motion arcs, draw out where the cameras are and how you plan to move them, watch a scene that’s similar and see what you can do the same or different. (And with that, watch a lot of different movies and TV…it improves your film vocabulary!) 

And that’s just what I can think of right now. I hope that helps!