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The Barn

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Sakura honestly hadn’t expected to find herself in the situation she was in, bundled up on the edge of Providence, Road Island with the attorney to her Great Aunt’s will. There were eighteen other family members, all closer in relation to the deceased, that the property should have gone to. The old woman had died little over a year ago and still the house was in a trust, unclaimed by anyone.

“Why I am here?” Sakura asked again, already knowing the answer Kakuzu would share with her.

“It’s your turn to try and see if you will be the one inheriting these lands. The will stipulates six months residency in the property to complete the transfer of ownership. So far, none of the other relations have managed to last longer than a month.”

“Why?” Sakura turned to face the impossibly tall and imposing figure who was supposedly as old as her great aunt.

Kakuzu looked down at her over the edge of his scarf. His eyes were obscured by the shades but that didn’t help the shiver she felt in her bones. She knew his eyes were on her and she refused to flinch or back down. He intimidated too many people, Sakura would not be one of them.

“If you would like to know the details of each member’s choice to disqualify themselves then you may ask them directly. I am not at liberty to discuss such confidential matters so carelessly.”

“I don’t think you discuss much of anything carelessly, old man,” Sakura scoffed, glaring at the shoulders of the long tan coat he wore over his three piece suit.

Kakuzu didn’t turn back around to face her and didn’t make any indication he had heard her comment, but Sakura felt it in her bones again, the sensation of something unseen, and knew he was laughing at the idea of her.

She cursed at him again in her mind, just because she didn’t like him. She cursed at the cold too, just because she didn’t like the way her ears stung with each breeze. Today might have been the wrong day to tie up her hair in a messy bun.

“Are you coming?” He barked over his shoulder.

Sakura grunted and hiked her own shoulders before following him up the long driveway, bracing against the wind.The smell of salt was in every breeze, even if the river filtering into the sea was several miles away.

Kakuzu stopped at the door and Sakura paused a moment to watch him work on the realtor’s lock box for the key.

The housed was less house and more barn with a brick exterior and large green doors that might have once split open for cows and tractors, not houseguests. Off to the side there was a smaller green door used for main entry that Kakuzu finally opened and swept wide for her.

“It’s a one bedroom one bath studio, but the square feet is what makes it impressive,” Kakuzu begins.

Sakura ducks past him into the house and sees what he means about it being one room. From wall to wall there is the kitchen, living room, and bedroom all without walls or divisors. Towards the back there is a ladder that leads up into a loft area that had been used as storage. Sakura could see several seafaring trunks and crates stacked up and set aside.

Kakuzu led her on a short tour that seemed unnecessary considering the open lay out of the house. Sakura could see everything and guessed why some of the stuffier family members chose to pass the house over if the stipulation was that they had to live out of it for six months. It wasn’t the most luxurious of places, but for someone like Sakura, it was perfect and really suited her well.

“Total property value is about 320,000. Or at least that is what it was estimated at last fall. You might be able to attract the right sort of buyer with more targeted advertising. Regardless, this may be yours per meeting the requirements of the will. See it here.”

Kakuzu led her to a box on the wall next to the door that was small enough for a simple keypad. From his front pocket he produced a card with her name and a number on it.

“This is your code. Type it in every day for six months to validate the contract. Special circumstances such as vacations and overnight trips must be prior approved so that the code may be manually entered off site by the executioner of the will, which is myself.”

“It seems like a lot of bother, but okay,” Sakura hummed.

She reached for the card and Kakuzu relinquished it gladly. Turning it over she saw her name in gold ink as well as her birthdate month and day. The four digit number would be her code.

“Any last words of advice?” She asked, looking up.

Kakuzu was already packing up his briefcase after leaving some documents for her on the kitchen table. “My number is listed on all these documents for when you want to bow out. Good day to you then, Ms. Sakura Haruno.”

He left without a word further.

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Do you ever have scenes where you can see two (or more) completely different, but valid, paths for the way things should go? How do you decide which way you like best? If you've written a good chunk of a scene one way and then decide it should be different, do you completely delete what you've written, or do you ever save it elsewhere?

I actually have scenes where I can see like around 10 different ways things should go.

I think I’d be lucky if it was like, only two? Heh. :D (And sometimes, the magical scene, where I only want to write one way and my brain doesn’t bother throwing up any options).

The Golden Age that Never Was has been excellent for throwing up a thousand different scenarios per scene, because Jack and Pitch - particularly in like the first 30 chapters liked to escalate their fights, or went from zero to sniping at each other really fast. A lot of the time this meant like, 8 options where they’d say something or do something irreversibly damaging or just really damaging to their growing connection to each other (and some of those I did let through), and two where they weren’t likely to do that, and I usually didn’t know until I’d written at least five options out and deleted four of them.

And yeah, if I’ve written a good chunk of a scene… if it’s fanfiction, I tend to delete it. If It’s original fiction like Fae Tales, I might keep it. Game Theory and The Court of Five Thrones each had huge sections that were removed, along with just smaller snippets of dialogue. Over the years I’ve shared those usually after the story is published as like, alts/alternatives.

Sometimes what happens is like against what I’ve predicted in the chapter plan as well, which usually means I’ve tried something different and liked it better, or what I picked no longer works.

That being said, I make it sound like more tedious than it is. A lot of the time I can see different options before I sit down and start writing, and then as I write, the one that works best naturally rises to the surface (idk, like panning for gold). The process of writing the sentences down just leads me to mentally discard what I feel might be too extreme, not interesting enough, *too* interesting (rest chapters need to stay rest chapters lol), and so on. So it’s a very instinctive process for the most part.

But if you see me starting to complain about writing a particular chapter in a story, it’s because I’m writing things out and don’t realise another option is clearly better until like 500-1000 words into the option that won’t work, lol.

As for rules I follow, how I decide beyond just the uselessness of ‘instinct.’ I think my instincts work on these rules:

* What would I most want to read if this were fanfiction / another author? (This will remove most options immediately).

* What is most helpful to the story right now? (This is hard to determine, but is usually a combination of knowing which reveals are okay to hold back, which you can reveal early, what will take your characters off track - it’s good to know where they’re meant to be headed because that does a better job of illuminating the track in the first place, what you can reasonably resolve if it’s a new plot point, relevance to story (and if not relevant, then is it something you’d enjoy as a fanfiction reader - like fluff or hurt/comfort), characterisation and speed of character growth and so on).

And that’s it. Those two things will usually get me to where I need to get to. It’s rare that I feel I should have written a scene differently. Like don’t get me wrong, I’m not a great writer, I’m an okay writer. And I still have a lot to learn. I will always have a fuckton to learn. But if I agonised over choices all the time I’d never put up content, and I have a rule to not really regret old words (or to try not to), because every word pushes me towards becoming a better writer in the future. So wondering ‘what if I did the scene this way though?’ outside of just idly curiosity is not useful to me, once the chapter is put up.

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Ahh "Nocturnal Animals" -- I've been meaning to watch this soon. I like Tom Ford very much although I find his aesthetic a little too strict for my taste. How did you like the movie?

I loved it. He did a terrific job out of it; he always has such a concrete vision but quite frankly…I don’t know how he does it! He personally fascinates me: it’s as if he’s all like: “I’m going to take you on a journey,” & I’m like: “Take me, Tom, take me on that very journey. I trust you and I know you’re not going to fuck up that trust.” And so far, yeah, he just…excells, what can I say? I understand where you’re coming from regarding his aesthetic but to me his transitions are the epitome of flawlessness; I find that he understands pure motion itself; he has such an eye for movement/stillness and the show-case of that very juxtaposition. Total & absolute perfectionist, of course. Ugh, I hope you get to see it. It’s intense & it’s masterfully shot & I promise it’s nowhere near pseudo-artistic or boring.

What if the Ancients Could Posses Their Children's Body for a Day? Part 2
  • (Remember: Britannia is in England, Gaul is in France, Scandia is in Iceland, Aestii is in Lithuania, Rome is in Italy, Iberia is in Spain, and Germania is in Prussia)
  • America: Yo, England! It's weird to see you so early to a meeting!
  • England: oh, yeah, I just felt like it... erm... A... A...
  • China: *face palms* his name is America...
  • England: oh yeah! Little brother America!
  • America: ... y-y-you forgot my name???? And what's with the cheery attitude all of a sudden??
  • England: I'm not that cheery? And don't worry, it was on the tip of my tongue.
  • America: ... C-Canada... bro... England's freaking me out!
  • Sealand: The great Micronation Sealand is here! Heya Jerk England, I'm here to enter the meeting so you could recognise me as a country- desuyo~!
  • England: hm? Oh, okay. By the way, Sealand, you're so cute~
  • Sealand: ...
  • Canada: ... okay... now he's scaring me.
  • Hungary: what's wrong?
  • America: an alien took over England's body.
  • Hungary: well... that's not convincing at all! Though... why is Prussia just sitting there??
  • Prussia: hm? Good morning, Hungary, Austria.
  • Austria: y-y-you called me by my name???
  • Hungary: What?!?
  • Monaco: talking about weird, France, what happened to your hair?? You always took good care of it.
  • France: ... that's a good question...
  • Monaco: ookaayyy... let me fix it!
  • Poland: Liet! Liet! You like the pink sweater I bought?
  • Lithuania: hm? Oh, it looks super cute! Can I have a matching set~?
  • Poland: ... what.
  • Germany: okay everyone, settle down and take your seats! We're going to begin the meeting now. Let's start of talking about the economics in ur country, and maybe possible ways we could help each other with our problems. Other than Greece, any other countries that has severe problems with their economy- HEY ARE YOU TWO SLEEPING??
  • England: hm? W-what. Oh sorry, Germany, but your speech was so boring that we fell asleep.
  • France: y-yeah, what England says. So let's talk about something more interesting!
  • America: d-did they just agree with each other...
  • Germany: e-erm...okayyyyy...
  • Iceland: Let's talk about the weather and how nice it is for fishing!!!
  • Norway: I-Iceland...?? What-
  • Iceland: of course I'm Iceland you silly! Plus, I think you're an even better brother than someone I know... *stares at Prussia*
  • Prussia: ... I'll hurt you.
  • Hungary: P-Prussia???
  • Iceland: gah! He's being super scary again!
  • Norway: his speech... the way he talks... He's been corrupted by Denmark!?!?
  • Denmark: CORRUPTED??? I like to call it, influenced!
  • Norway: ... no... it's corrupted.
  • Italy: guys, why don't we all calm down and continue the meeting? I think that to solve Greece's problem we should look at the initiative and reform the government and the system of handling the output of money before anything else~
  • Everyone: ... what... the...
  • Romano: Italy... since when did you know those vocabulary... and the concept of good ideas?????
  • Italy: Since I'm smart like the awesome Grandpa Rome~
  • England: hmph! Yeah right.
  • Spain: that's funny~
  • France: are there any truths to that~?
  • Italy: ... well... at least I'm more classy than the idiot duo in front of me~
  • England: *stands up* oh... you are~?
  • France: *stands up* really now...
  • Italy: *stands up* of course~
  • America: w-wait... THE FUCK IS HAPPENING???
  • Romano: I-ITALY???
  • Germany: w-what...
  • *fight breaks out*
  • England: *throws his and France's chair towards Italy* FUCK! I can't believe how hard it is for me to throw simple chairs!
  • Italy: *throws a chair* Ow! Did I strain or break something??? Italy, you need to work out!
  • France: *dodges flying object* Ow! Wait... that hurt??
  • Spain: nah~ This is interesting to watch~
  • Romano: WHAT THE???
  • England: DAMMIT WHY CANT I BE STRONGER- *punches table and breaks it* Oh... wow...
  • Italy: Well, I can do better! Italy Kick!!
  • Germanya: w-why me??
  • Switzerland: this is your home. You made us hold a meeting here. FIX. IT.
  • Germany: f-fine...
  • Prussia: no wait, I'll do it, West. Spain, you too.
  • Spain: Awww, but it was just getting better~
  • Prussia: *grips England's and France's shoulders* Stop.
  • England and France: eep! ...okay...
  • Spain: *holds onto Italy's shoulders* Stop~. Oh dear, I think I accidentally made him foam on the mouth~
  • Netherlands: ... when did he learn to do that??
  • Belgium: I-I don't know... But if you need me, I'll be hiding behind Romano...
  • Lithuania: Nice job Prussia~
  • Prussia: hm.
  • Estonia: wait- since when were those two in such good terms??
  • Sweden: he's sounding a lot like... me...
  • Iceland: that was so cool!! Though I wish I could've joined too!
  • Norway: Iceland no. Please don't break my soul by being 'Denmark 2'...
  • Hong Kong: Erm... Sensei... what are you doing repeatedly banging your head on the table...?
  • China: *bang* oh *bang* it's a new meditation *bang* technique I made. *bang* It's *bang* called *bang* 'Trying to get beck into reality' *bang*
  • England: IMA HUNGRY!!! Let's have lunch! This puny body of needs all the MEAT I can fit in my mouth!
  • Italy: *comes back to life* Did somebody say food??? I wanna eat too!! I need all the nutrition I can fit in this thin body!
  • Norway: my soullllll...
  • Germany: erm... I think we should take a break...
  • Russia: and... fix the mess you all made...
  • Monaco: and p-possiby call the ambulance... so many nations are traumatised...
  • America: my happy place... where is my happy place... *twitches* HAPPY *twitches* PLACE!
  • Greece: I-I think I discovered the true meaning of 'dysfunctional'...
  • England: hm? You guys okay?
  • Lithuania: wow, everyone looks pale... I wonder why...
  • Italy: huh? You all should have tough guts like me!!
  • France: good thing it's break time!
  • Prussia: They look so sick.
  • China: I WONDER WHY-ARU???????? My head's going to explode...
  • Spain: I wonder what I should eat~?
DR2 characters as GPS
  • Except for Hajime, he's testing them.
  • 1. Komaeda
  • Komaeda: I'm so lucky to get to give you directions. After all I'm just worthless trash.
  • Hajime: You are useless at everything, Komaeda.
  • 2. Teruteru
  • Teruteru: What a fine man I'm giving directions too, but the airport is a boring place. How about I take you somewhere more interesting. Somewhere with hot people.
  • Hajime: How about no.
  • 3. Chiaki
  • Chiaki: Straight...Left...Right.
  • Hajime: You could, I dunno, tell me sooner Chiaki.
  • 4. Peko
  • Peko: Take the next left. …You did not take the left. Did you misunderstand? This is not a negotiation. It is an order. Take the next left, or all of your friends will die.
  • Hajime: This is a one way street, You do know what a one way street is right? Please don't kill everyone.
  • 5. Fuyuhiko
  • Fuyuhiko: You want the SHORTEST route? The SHORTEST route huh? I don't like your attitude.
  • Hajime: This GPS has height issues, great.
  • 6. Nidai
  • Nidai: Service station in 2 miles where you can take a GOOD SHIT!
  • Hajime: That is the 6th time it's shouted that so loudly that the other cars give me weird looks.
  • 7. Akane
  • Akane: Driving is boring. Wanna fight?
  • Hajime: For some reason I'm pretty sure the answer to that is "no".
  • 8. Kazuichi
  • Kazuichi: Let me drive the car for you.
  • Hajime: You can't you're a GPS.
  • Kazuichi: This GPS has been modified, let me drive the car for you.
  • 9. Sonia
  • Sonia: I'm gonna give you some hella awesome directions.
  • Hajime: I like this one.
  • 10. Gundam
  • Gundam: Your route is 47 miles, if the will of causality allows it you will arrive at your destination in 2 of your mortal "minutes".
  • Hajime: How fast are you thinking I can drive?
  • Gundam: Re-calculating for lack of demonic power.
  • 11. Mahiru
  • Mahiru: I will take you down the route with the best scenery and oppurtunities for photos.
  • Hajime: As long as I don't miss my flight that's cool.
  • 12. Mikan
  • Mikan: Oh, I'm very sorry, I’m sure you know how to get there better than I do! I mean, I don’t actually have a very good sense of direction. I'm so sorry for being useless.
  • Hajime: I hope it doesn't do this every time I miss a turn.
  • 13. Twogami
  • Twogami: You missed the turn, you are a dissapointment to the esteemed Byakuya Togami. The only thing you can do now is wallow with the other peasants that get lost.
  • Hajime: I swear Naegi said his GPS said the same thing... Maybe...
  • Hajime: Or you could give me another route?
  • Twogami: I do not give second chances to peasants.
  • Hajime: KNEW IT.
  • 14. Hiyoko
  • Hiyoko: You missed ANOTHER turn? I'm turning off, I don't give directions to IDIOTS.
  • Hajime: Why do these things keep telling me to turn on one way streets?
  • 15. Ibuki
  • Ibuki: Ibuki thinks you should go left.
  • Hajime: Yeah? Well Hajime thinks you should learn what a one way street is.
  • 16. Izuru
  • Izuru: This is boring.
  • Hajime: Don't say that using my voice!
  • Izuru: What?
  • Hajime: What?
Lana Del Rey Roleplay Sentence Starters! (possible triggers)
  • Feel free to change around pronouns to suit your character!: .
  • "I'm taking off my wedding ring."
  • "He hit me and it felt like a kiss."
  • "Loving him was never enough."
  • "Mimicking me is a fucking bore."
  • "I miss you so much."
  • "Will you still love me when I'm no longer young and beautiful?"
  • "If I get a little prettier can I be your baby?"
  • "Do you think he'll buy me lots of diamonds?"
  • "Could be kissing my fruit-punch lips in the bright sunshine..."
  • "He says to be cool but I'm already coolest."
  • "Yeah my boyfriend's pretty cool, but he's not as cool as me."
  • "God, you're so handsome."
  • "I wish I was dead."
  • "Every time I close my eyes it's like a dark paradise."
  • "I just wanted you to know that baby you're the best."
  • "Kiss me hard before you go."
  • "I know if I go, I'll die happy tonight."
  • "I promise I won't hurt you again."
  • "I get high on hydroponic weed."
  • "I heard that you like the bad girls honey, is that true?"
  • "I'm trying hard not to get into trouble but I've got a war in my mind."
  • "Let me kiss you hard in the pouring rain."
  • "Sometimes love is not enough and the road gets tough, I don't know why."
  • "Be a good baby, do what I want."
  • "He knows I'm wasted."

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36 . . fetus lilo obviously

36. “I wish I could hate you.”

“This is a dream,” says Louis faintly, head swiveling back and forth between the two boys in front of him.  “This is not real, and I’m going to wake up in a few minutes and we can all laugh about this.”

Liam - actual Liam - looks apologetic, face pinched with stress.  “Not a dream,” he says, “but I know what you mean.”

Louis crosses his arms and huffs, trying to wrap his head around this.  “How did he get here, then?” he asks, nodding at the other boy in the room.

The one that, coincidentally, bears an uncanny resemblance to Liam at 17.

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5h during interview [@keep-staring]
  • interviewer: hello beautiful ladies! so, i've got some questions for you..
  • camila: what are they?
  • dinah: *stares at camila*
  • i: could you wait?
  • camila: yeah i'm sorry hahaha
  • i: okay so this first question, do you love your fans?
  • normani: oh my god that's an obvious question of cour-
  • ally: respect moni, respect!
  • normani: *frowns at ally* oh yeah of course we do. we love our fans so so much, without them, we won't be here. they're like family *smiles*
  • lauren: *gets bored*
  • i: okay so the next question, when is your album coming out?
  • lauren: it's coming out soon! *points at the camera* really soon!
  • girls: yeah!! stay tuned!!
  • i: what are some titles of the song?
  • ally: we can't say it but we'll say anyways..
  • normani: we have this song called "floats your boat"
  • dinah: "bah felicia" it's bonus track!
  • lauren: "delusions" damn i love this song.
  • camila: "aye papi" you will love it!
  • ally: "in the elevator" *winks*
  • c & l: "never coming out" *smiles*
  • girls: ohh this one "if only you knew" *shows thumbs up*
  • lauren: well there are 20 songs in this album!
  • i: wow okay by hearing those titles, i could say the harmonizers will love them already! okay um yeah
  • camila: yeah
  • ally: okay
  • dinah: okay
  • normani: this is not the fault in our stars interview..
  • everyone: ...
  • lauren: okay
  • camila: okay
  • dinah: i guess okay will be our always *shrugs*
  • ally: yeah okay
  • normani: *so done with this band*
  • girls: We love you mwuah mwuah
  • camera man: *stops video*
This is the type of relationship/marriage proposal I need:
  • Penny: I need to start making some smart decisions.
  • Leonard: With your career?
  • Penny: With my life.
  • Leonard: Like what?
  • Penny: I don't know. We could get married.
  • Leonard: Come on, be serious.
  • Penny: I am.
  • Leonard: Why? 'Cause I'm a smart decision?
  • Penny: Well, yeah.
  • Leonard: So I'm like a bran muffin.
  • Penny: No, that's not what I'm saying.
  • Leonard: No, that's exactly what you're saying. I'm the boring thing you're choosing because I'm good for you.
  • Penny: What does it matter? The point is, I'm choosing you.
  • Leonard: It matters a lot. I don't want to be a bran muffin. I wanna be a cinnabon, ya know? A strawberry poptart. Something you're excited about although it could give you diabetes.
  • Penny: Sweetie, you can be any pastry you want.
  • Leonard: No, no. It's too late. I'm your bran muffin. Probably fat free and good for your colon.
  • Penny: You know what? Forget it, I should have never brought it up.
  • Leonard: You know I want to marry you but you're only doing this because you got fired and you're feeling sorry for yourself.
  • Penny: Okay, it may look that way but getting fired from that movie was the best thing that could have happened to me, okay? I finally realized I don't need to be famous or have some big career to be happy.
  • Leonard: Then what do you need?
  • Penny: You, you stupid poptart!
  • Leonard: Oh.

imagine Connor falling asleep with his head in Troye’s lap. And Troye is softly running his hands through Connor’s hair while softly singing one of the songs on his album. A few minutes go by and Troye finds a permanent marker on his jacket’s pocket. Connor wakes up to a horribly drawn mustache and side burns. “Troye!” “yeah, con?” “you did say you had a thing for hairy men, huh” And next thing Troye knows Connor is running from the bathroom to him. Before Troye could move out the way Connor had pinned him down on the sofa. leaning down close to troye’s face so that there was little to no space between them. “I’m going to make you regret that” Troye laughs. With a mustache on his face, Connor is anything but intimidating