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What If: Roy Harper x Reader

Little drabble based on a request for Outlaws!Roy~ the reader is a metahuman and part-time partner of the Outlaws.

writing music!

The waves lapped quietly on the beach, and you absentmindedly threaded your fingers through Roy’s, rubbing the calluses from using a bow for so many years. “Hey, Roy?”

“Do you ever feel tired of the whole superhero-mercenary thing?” you asked, turning on the sand to look at him. Roy stared up at the stars for a long time before answering.

“I guess so. Don’t know what I’d do without it, though, ‘cause making trick arrows isn’t exactly a skill I can put to use anywhere else.”

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didn’t expect that now did ya vhenan

i’m back from Disneyland so i can bother you all again with these tag games yay c: so ahem, the amazing @moonjjongie tagged me to do this, thank youuuu ♥u♥

Rules: Using only songs from one artist, answer these nine questions and tag ten people.

since i already did got7 and shinee i’ll go with b.a.p. next 

Artist: absolute best perfect

What’s your gender? Shady Lady

Describe yourself:  Save Me (or Wake Me Up)

How do you feel? Sexy n Special hahaha I’m SORRY i didn’t know what else to put here

If you could go anywhere? Coffee Shop (either that or Coma)

Favorite mode of transportation? Dancing in the Rain

Your best friend? Angel

Favorite time of day? Definitely Today (????? idk)

If your life was a TV show? What The Hell

Relationship status? With You

Your fear? Burn it Up

tagging: @mapibee, @fleur-de-jinki, @myonlyhopeisjhope, @yixseok, @mylifeiskpoptrash, @tiddieboys and @minghao-ah (don’t have to do these ofc)


The dark blue was pushed aside by the white and rising orange, but it could have been red fire and I would not have cared. I kept looking at the phone, nominally watching for another gate change but really waiting for the only thing I cared about. I was falling asleep with the suitcase between my legs when the ringing shook me from a better place. “Are you okay?” Ann’s voice came through with the sound of something moving in the background, “Yes, I’m taking the cab home now.”

Against my better judgment, I said what I was thinking. “We never should have left that room.” It was just the cab moving for a while. “No. But I’ll see you again. Won’t I?” I was looking somewhere in the terminal, and it could have been anywhere. “Yes. You will,” and I put up a smile with it. A flight attendant began to speak and I stood up, “We’re boarding the connect to Frankfurt now.” She breathed quietly, “Be safe.”

The flight was an hour and I slept through it. The long, spacious walkways in the next terminal were empty and I walked slowly into the bathroom. I didn’t look at the mirror when I washed my hands, I felt as gray and ambivalent as the coat on my back.

There was a fancy looking restaurant ahead, with sleek black walls and yellow lights, but not even food could make me feel like taking a detour and being happy about it. I just wanted to get where I had to be, and when I sat in the chair by the departure gate I called Ann. “I just got to the flat,” she said after she answered the call, and she sat down at the kitchen table.

“Are you having breakfast?” She nodded but did not reach for anything, just looked at me. Then her face got wet from her eyes and we kept looking at one another like that in silence. It was minutes and I suppose we were trying to feel like it was another table in Paris again until a flight attendant started talking. “Call me as soon as you get home,” she said softly. “I will.”

It was like that again, sitting with the car idling in the parking garage. “You should go out tonight. One of us shouldn’t be miserable.” I blinked, “What’s wrong?” She was lying in bed and shrugged, “It’s a Friday night and I have to wake up early tomorrow. And I’m miserable.” I nodded, “I don’t feel a damn thing, darling.”

“That’s worse.” I nodded, “It’s not some damp sadness or gloom, it’s just this dark gray or vague white fog over everything and I don’t care. Or if I do, it’s just in proximity to caring about you,” I said, stretching my back. “Oh, don’t get me wrong. I’m working on the parents and friends are well enough, I meet with them and I’m still trying to make new things. To stay sane, yeah? And there are moments where I feel something, but then they go and I feel nothing, it’s all got to do with you and you’re not here, and I don’t feel a damn thing.”

Ann smiled weakly, “Do you want me to cry?” I shook my head, “No, no. I’m just saying that I miss you every fucking day.” The smile got a bit more full, “I miss you every fucking day.” Then it was the wait before the flight home, and we looked at one another in silence with sirens and loud voices in the background, everything passing us by.