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Hi! Can you write one where Y/N is a firefighter or in the police and she gets hurt? Thanks!

“You know, my offer still stands.” Harry said as he sat on your bed, watching you put your hair in a low bun.

“Harry, I told you a million times before, I love my job and I don’t want to work as your personal assistant.” You sighed, standing in front of him as he wrapped his arms around your waist, bringing you closer to place you on his lap.

“It’s just,” Harry began.

“I know. My job is dangerous, I could get hurt, someone might hurt me, so-”

“Someone might threaten you.” Harry finished.

You chuckled, cupping his face in your hands, “I’m a police deputy, I love my job and it has been my dream job ever since I was a little girl. I’m saving lives and I’m seeing more and more of what life has. Please support me in this,” You sighed. “I know our jobs are completely different but that doesn’t mean I’m not happy for you, Haz.”

“No, no, baby, of course I’m happy and so proud of you. I just can’t help but worry.” He admitted, leaning to peck your lips.

“I worry about you, too. All the time. But I really have to go.” You smiled, leaning down to press your lips to his. Harry hummed before you pulled back, “Gotta go. See you later tonight. Love you!” You stood up, pecked his cheek before running outside.

Harry sighed, “Love you, too.”

You hid behind the wall, nodding your head to your colleague before you, him and 4 other officers moved inside the house, guns in your hands, pointed in front of you. You were faced with the 2 guys in face masks and guns, between them a teenage boy tied up in a chair, squirming.
“Put your hands up!” You shouted. In a moment of panic, one of the guys fired before throwing the guns on the ground and attempting to escape. You let out a scream before looking at your leg, bloodied as you felt the pain. With the last bit of your energy, you managed to limp towards the teenager and untying him before losing consciousness.

When Harry received a call from your unit, he was sure he probably died for a minute.

“I told her, I told her.” He kept mumbling to himself, hitting the steering wheel as he drove towards the hospital. With his blue crew neck sweatshirt clammy on his skin and grey sweatpants, he runs inside the hospital.

“Excuse me, Y/N Y/L/N? Where’s her room?” He panted, leaning on the receptionist’s counter.

“102, level B, sir.” The woman answered. It didn’t take one more second for Harry to bolt running towards the elevator, pressing B. He rushed past the rooms, his eyes falling on the officers standing in front of a door.

“David!” Harry rushed, putting his hand on one of your colleagues’ shoulder that he knew after you introduced them to each other in a small get-together that you had.

“Calm down, she’s okay. Got the bullet out of her leg. She’s fine.” David said reassuringly.

“I can go inside?” Harry asked with hopeful eyes, smiling slightly when David nodded. Harry patted him on the shoulder before nodding towards the other two officers and knocking on the door before opening it gradually.

“Come in.” When he heard your soft voice, he walked inside, closing the door behind him before looking at you. Your leg wrapped up and held by some sort of rope upwards. You smiled sheepishly.

Harry stood with his hands on his hips before he chuckled, shaking his head. “You realize that you’re going to be the death of me, right?”

You giggled, “Come oooon, it’s not that bad.”

Harry’s eyes widened, “Baby,” He chuckled in disbelief, “Baby, you got shot! What’s worse?” He gestured towards your leg before approaching you and sitting on the chair beside you.

“I could’ve got shot in a more lethal place.” You tried to reason with him.

“Don’t even talk about this.” Harry frowned, slumping in the chair.

“I know you hate my job,” You said quietly, looking at him. He let out a sigh, closing his eyes, “But I’m still happy. I love it. And I’m seriously thankful that it was just my leg.”

“What if,” Harry gulped, “What if someone goes after you? Or what if that fucking bullet really hit you somewhere else? Your heart, your head, anywhere else. How am I going to live without you, Y/N?” Harry frowned, holding your hand in his.

“Then guess it’s a good thing I’m taking a month off? So you can protect me and take care of me?” You smiled, trying to lighten the mood.

Harry’s face brightened, a dimpled grin showing on his face. “Really?” You nodded. “I’ll do whatever you want me to do. I’m sorry I give you shit for your job. You know I can’t help but w-”

“Worry. I know, baby.” You smiled warmly.

“I love you so much, deputy Y/L/N.” He kissed your knuckles.

“I love you, too, Styles.” You giggled.

“Roger that!”

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Sans, this will probably make me sound insane, but I have to ask. Are the themes that play around important characters actually there, can you hear them? Or did we just create them because we could?

Sans snorted, impassive as he sat on the edge of his bed, doing up his shoelaces.

“you have fox to thank for those little ditties. he made us, assigned us tracks, so yeah, we could hear our themes. once the hunger took us, though… the music all stopped. it was deafening, almost… the silence. there hasn’t been any music down here for a long, long time. our souls just won’t play it anymore.”

He paused, thoughtful.

“…except for aliza. i’ve been consumed with a lot of things… but i think i’ve heard her soul playing music. huh.”

The Message Pt 1

Season 2 Masterlist

Michael Scofield x Reader

Word Count: 1,109

Warnings: Language, Angst

    Linc and Paul came back before you could follow them.

   “We’re done,” Linc said, staring down at Terrence’s dead body.

   “There’s no other way out of here. Next time you decide to hold a press conference, so it from a room with a back door,” Paul chastised, glancing out the curtain.

   Michael sat you down on the edge of the bed and put his hands on his hips, “Just let me think.”

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Dunno if you're taking prompts but someone on here got me round to the idea of Selina/Harvey, so twocats fic mayhaps? Maybe Selina seduces him then robs him.

I am THRILLED to oblige!! Selina Kyle and Harvey Dent is a good ship my guy xx

“I know you understand how serious this is if I am coming to you for help,” a scarred hand tapped impatiently on the heavy wooden desk which sat in the centre of the small room, “given our history.”

“Aww Harvey,” placing a hand across her chest in mock forgiveness, Selina gave him a false smile, “that is all in the past! I had almost completely forgotten about that misguided attempt you made to dunk me in a bath of acid. I mean, what’s a little attempted murder between friends?”

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From the give word prompts: "Do it. I dare you." - Phichit.

Five Word Prompts - Any Fandom

Headed to Be My Chef, Yuuri AU for this one, because this screams sous chef Phichit to me. Wise, the best friend Yuuri could ask for, and the original darer of Yuuri to kiss Victor. Ah, sous chef Phichit, how I love you!

It was a quiet Monday morning. Yuuri sat at the breakfast table sipping his coffee while flipping through his tattered recipe book. He wanted something different for the chef’s special in the upcoming week and he couldn’t quite decide what to choose.

“Where’s Victor?”

Coming out of his concentration, Yuuri looked up to see Phichit filling his own coffee mug. The hamster pajama pants paired with the t-shirt sporting a giant pickle saying “I’m kind of a big dill” made Yuuri chuckle into his own cup before answering. “Upstairs, still asleep I believe. He was a little restless last night.” The dreams had been coming again and Yuuri had spent most of the night waking a distressed Victor with soothing kisses. If Victor could sneak in some extra sleep on their day off, it would certainly be good for him. Checking the time on his phone, Yuuri figured another thirty minutes and he would prepare breakfast to deliver to Victor in bed.

“Restless, huh?” Phichit leaned back on the counter eying Yuuri across the kitchen.

Yuuri knew that look. It was the look Phichit had immediately before collecting the ingredients for his famous turducken. It was the same look that had come with the sentence “hey, Yuuri, I bet we could win this pole dancing contest, dare you to try.” Most famously, it was the look that had dared Yuuri to kiss Victor on the night of JJ’s bachelor party. “Don’t,” Yuuri warned, returning to his recipe book and refusing to look at his best friend.

“Are you going to take Victor breakfast in bed?” Pushing from the counter, Phichit retrieved the tray used for that purpose and placed it on the kitchen island.

Willing himself to keep his head down toward his book, Yuuri nodded. There were soft bangs and clangs from the main part of the kitchen and Yuuri’s grip on his coffee mug grew tight. The sound of Phichit humming to himself had Yuuri’s resistance straining and finally losing the battle he turned to face his best friend.

“Ta da!” Phichit waved an arm proudly over the tray on the island. “Breakfast!”

The proud smile was Yuuri’s first hint that the tray needed to be closely examined. Rising from his chair to approach the island, his jaw dropped at the contents in front of him.

Phichit Chulanont, world class chef and sous chef, inventor of beautiful pastries, and foodie extraordinaire had stacked an entire tray with nothing but whipped cream, chocolate sauce, syrup, peanut butter, and hot sauce. Lifting the last one from the tray, Yuuri slowly let his gaze land on Phichit’s face.

“In case you are feeling spicy,” Phichit winked, very obviously proud of himself.

“I swear…” Yuuri hung his head, shaking it slightly. “There isn’t anything of substance on here Phichit, what am I supposed to do…” Laughter rolled from his best friend as Yuuri’s sentence came to a screeching halt. He was an idiot and Phichit… well, Phichit was Phichit.

Tossing a banana onto the tray, Phichit continued to giggle. “For potassium, so you don’t get cramps.” Thrilled with his own joke, Phichit hopped up on the counter, flipping the hot sauce into the air and catching it. Carefully replacing it on the ridiculous tray, Phichit looked over his shoulder. “Hey, Yuuri…”

Freezing, Yuuri knew what was coming. After all the years of friendship they had shared, Yuuri should have predicted it and should have run while there was still time. Hands balling into fists on either side of the tray, he braced himself for the unavoidable.

“Do it,” Phichit flicked Yuuri’s ear, happily swinging his legs, “I dare you.”

Never one to back down from a dare, Yuuri seized the handles of the tray, gave Phichit one last long look and headed up the stairs to give Victor a very surprising Monday morning.


Mona threw her arms around a distracted Rei. “You came,” He smiled weakly. “You actually came for me.”

The group was gathered and sitting in an outpost Mona had been keeping her eye on in her travels. For now, it was safe. But everyone knew that it would only last for a short while. They were safe now, but they wouldn’t always be safe.

Mona wrung her hands, because she could see in the man’s face that the one she loved was occupied by something or rather, someone else. Someone who couldn’t return his feelings. But, Mona always knew this. She released Rei and sat back down. “I’ll always come for you, same as you’ll always go to Harbor.”

Rei slipped his beanie over his head. “I’m that obvious? I can see it in her eyes…she likes someone here. She gets flustered around him.”

“I’m sorry,” Mona replied softly.

“I’m happy for her,” Rei replied. “I know we’ll never be together, I just want her to be happy. I’m sorry that we couldn’t make it work, Mona. You are an incredible person.”

Mona tried to fight back her tears as she stood. “Travelling with you has been great. Thank you, Rei. Your honesty means the world to me.”

Friends? Lifelong. (College!Dean) Part Two

Chapter Two

I walked into my speech class and looked around the room. About ten of us, but five of them were guys and one was looking my way. I smiled at him and waved slightly before the professor began to speak. I spun around and listened as our professor told us to pair up and create a debatable speech. We each have to pick our own side of the topic and argue for it. I turned back around in my seat to look around the room once again. Before I could get a good look the guy I waved to earlier stood behind me and motioned to the empty chair next to me.

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Cuddle With Me?

Request: Hi could you maybe do a cute Peter fluff where you guys are watching a scary movie and he’s waiting for his chance to put his arm around you and cuddle you? I love your fluff so much!

Requested by: anonymous.

A/N: Thank you so much love :) hope you enjoy this!

Pairing: Peter x Reader

Warnings: none.

Originally posted by tom-is-bae

Peter was nervous as hell as he sat in the cinema. It was his first date with you and he wanted so bad to impress you. He even went as far as going to a horror movies which he hated, but you loved them, so he made a sacrifice.

It was already an hour in M/T and he wasn’t even scared. Mainly because he was so focused on you. You were fully engrossed in the movie, slowly munching on some popcorn as your eyes reflected the large screen before. Peter had spent most of the past hour staring at you and your beauty, finding himself engrossed in you rather than the movie.

Finally, when the moved calmed, you noticed his eyes on you. You were oblivious to the fact he’d been doing it the entire time and turning to him with a bright smile on your lips. Peter’s eyes watched you closely as you took some popcorn and slowly placed in your mouth, grinning at him. “Thank you for taking me here, i’m having so much fun,” you whispered.

Peter snapped out of it at the sound of your voice, blushing slightly. He felt blessed that the screen had darkened and the theatre was quite that you couldn’t see how red his cheeks were. “Y-You’re welcome,” he stuttered, offering a goofy smile.

You giggled slightly, letting your hand fall on his arm. Leaning close so you could whisper to him without disturbing those around you, you mumbled; “I know you’re not a fan of horror moves. So seriously, thank you.”

“How’d you know?” Peter whispered back, genuinely confused on how you knew.

“Ned.” You smiled. Noticing his eyes still on you, you couldn’t help but laugh; “i’m gonna go back to the movie now.” You raised your finger, pointing towards the screen. Stumbling over his words, Peter nodded quickly, turning his head back to the screen for the first time this entire movie. Shaking your head, you allowed yourself to be absorbed by the movie once again.

Slowly Peter’s eyes turned back on you, and seeing the back of your neck, he took a deep breath. He raised the arm rest next to you, shifting closer as he placed his arm around you. Peter watched your face for a reaction but only found a smile. Taking your chance, you also scooted closer to him, nestling into his side.

Peter smiled, glad that worked. Finally, he focused back on the movie, content with having you in his arms.

Negan’s Match Part 119

Originally posted by ximaginingkaiparkerx

I followed him in to what I assume is his living room. He had a fire in the fireplace and he sat down in front of it. He licked his lips and smiled at me which sent a chill down my spine like I hadn’t felt in so long. Hader was unpredictable. One of my many gifts was reading people and yet, I could never read him. He was charming, sadistic and conniving but he was also genuine. Being around him exhausted me. I never knew what his next move was. 

“Here is the deal. I don’t want you to go, I understand you have this other community.  You don’t want me there, hell, I can’t say I blame you for that but letting you go means I will lose you again. So we need to come up with some solution.”

I sat there for a minute and took in his features.  Even after all this time he still knew how to look at me and me flush. I shifted in my chair and he noticed flashing a devious grin that I knew all to well. I rolled my eyes and it grew bigger. I sighed and smiled back. “I am going to be as straight forward as possible, I can’t stay here, I need to go back. I have someone there that is very, very important to me that depends on me.” I swallowed and hoped like hell I didn’t just fuck up in a big way.

His face changed “Like who? This guy? I thought he wasn’t important.”

“It is not him, it’s hard to say this because I didn’t think it could ever happen, but it did. I have a child. I thought after our training that I would never be able to have children, but I did. He’s my whole life. If you love me like you say you do, you will let me go back to him and forget about all of this. We will never come back and that is a promise. You will never have to see or hear from me again. Just please, let me go. I cannot live without him.”

His eyes almost seemed to darken and his expression was stone cold. Everything was silent except for the fire crackling and the sound of my heart beating in my chest. He finally opened his mouth. “How could that happen? I thought everyone was sterilized.” He shook his head taking it all in. “You were not suppose to have children. You knew better than that. You cannot be attached to anyone. None of us are. How the hell did that happen?”

I looked down, “I don’t know. Trust me, it was shocking. No one is more shocked than me that it happened but it did. He is gentle and pure. He is a light for me in this dark, sadistic world.” I moved down in front of him on my knees and grabbed his hands. I knew this was my only shot. “Please Hader, let me go back. He needs me. I cannot breathe without him.  Please have mercy and let me go. You loved me once, you told me you would do anything for me, please do this. Please Hader. I am begging you.”

He shook his head and looked deep in my eyes. I almost saw a flash of warmth. He pulled his hands out of mine quickly and I laid them on his thighs and rubbed them. “I have been through hell Hader, you don’t have any idea what I have been through. I have been beaten, raped, kidnapped, almost eaten, beaten again and again. I have lived through it all. Now I have this wonderful gift. He’s all mine. I am his mother and he needs me. Please.” I could feel a tear roll down my cheek and he lifted his hand and gently wiped it off. He sighed and bent over to kiss my forehead. 

“Out of everything I thought you were going to say to get me to let you leave, this one came out of left fucking field. I never thought that it was possible. One of my girls has a child. No one else, just you. I knew you were special. I knew you were something different than the rest of us. The man who knocked you up must have super sperm or something.” I chuckled at the thought and imagined Negan’s head exploding at the thought that he has super sperm. I felt a pain in my heart at the thought of Negan. He was probably making it back right about now. I thought of Dwight and what he was going to do to him when he finds out I am not there. I thought about my baby looking for me and finding me not there. I stood up and looked down at Hader. “I have to go Hader. I need to leave now. I need to get back to him.” I turned to walk and I heard him get up. 

“I will take you there. I will let you go back but I want to be the one to take you there.”

Shit. Now what was I going to do. If Negan sees Hader and Hader sees Negan, it will not end well. 

“No, I can’t have you know where I am. You know you will never let that go. Just let me leave.” I sighed and turned back around to leave. He moved faster on me and I reached the door. He reached me and wrapped his arms around me. I felt him breath in my hair. “I don’t want to let you leave but I will. But I cannot make any promises that I won’t try to find you. You and I have a connection. I know you feel it too. I can feel the way I make you feel. I can hear your heart beat faster when you talk to me.” He rubbed his hands all over me, like he was feeling me for the first and last time. He growled a little and kissed my neck. I pulled away from him. 

“I cannot lie, I felt that once, but I only care about one thing left in this world. My child is my only concern. Do not come after me. If you do, it will be the last time you draw breath. I will kill you. That’s a promise.”

I opened the door and walked out. He didn’t follow me. He just stood there and watched me from the doorway. Ashley was in the courtyard near his house waiting. I walked over to her. “I need a car, I need to leave.”

She looked perplexed and looked over to Hader’s house where he still stood in the doorway watching. “He is letting you leave? Just like that? What did you say to him?”

I nodded. “He is letting me leave and it doesn’t matter what I said to him. I am leaving and there is nothing left to discuss. Now show me to a car. I will have it returned along with some other things to show my appreciation.”

She looked back over and Hader nodded at her. She crossed her arms and shook her head. “Fine, follow me, I will take you over to the garage.” She walked and I followed closely behind her. She seemed irritated. She walked in to a garage where there was a few cars parked. She opened the door so I could get out. She walked over and pulled some keys out of a drawer and threw them at me. They fell on the ground and I looked up at her. Her face was red and her muscles were taught and tense. 

“What power do you have over him? I want to know, really. I just don’t understand. You left and I stayed, and still, he chooses you over me.”

I shook my head and picked up the keys. “It’s no power, I just begged him to let me leave. He’s letting me go. He’s over it. So am I. He’s yours, I don’t want anything to do with any of this.” I walked over to the car she pointed at and opened the door. 

“You are stupid if you think he is letting you go free and clear. You and I both know that he is not like that. He doesn’t just give up on things he wants. Or people he deems his property. You should know better than anyone. He will come after you. You know it deep down.”

I started up the car and put it in drive. I looked at her and she just glared at me. Deep down I knew she was right. This was all to easy. I pulled out and took off. I watched out the rear view mirror and saw him standing there, with his signature devious grin spread across his face.

This was not over for him, not by a long shot.


The glass shattered and the siblings tumbled out of the second floor window. Probably not the smartest idea, as Tanner and Harbor both curled up in pain. “Fucking hell, let me come up with the plans next time,” She muttered, looking around. She had no energy to get up. But where were the guards after them? No one was looking out of the window, and no one was approaching them. This was strange.

But then she heard the snarl and it all made sense. Zombies. But…how?

She felt a hand grab her arm and she struggled to see who it was. “Hey, relax,” His voice was low. “It’s me.”

“Gabriel? Where is everyone?” Harbor sat up with his help and noticed that there were several zombies walking around.

“No time! We gotta run. Can you walk?” Harbor tried to stand but fell. She had taken the brunt of the fall as Tanner, though a bit wobbly, could stand. Gabriel noticed the handcuffs. “Ok, that won’t help. Stay close to me Tanner.”

worries ~ zach herron

warning: mentions anxiety

dude what i’m about to write about is basically what i was just thinking about and i’m still very shook by it omg

i picked up my phone that was previously resting on my thigh as i sat straight up with my legs crossed, staring at nothing. i opened my imessage app and clicked on zach’s name before typing a short message to him. 

‘i need you. come over please’

i tossed my phone to the end of the bed before resuming my position of sitting up straight and staring at the wall as millions of thoughts and possibilities ran through my head. my phone dinged more times than i could count, and no matter how many times it did, i chose to ignore it. 

“y/n! baby!” i heard zach call throughout my house, finally snapping me out of the trance i was in but not entirely. i stared at my bedroom door without responding to his calls that bounced off of the empty walls of my house. 

“y/n,” he sighed in relief once he finally saw me sitting on my bed. “why didn’t you answer me? are you okay?” he asked as he walked towards me, worry evident on his face. i stared at him with a stone cold expression before slowly shaking my head as a stray tear fell down my cheek. i didn’t even realize that i was crying until i tasted the saltiness of the tear hit my lips. 

“oh no, baby. you aren’t okay,” zach said hurriedly before rushing over to my side. “and it’s okay to not be okay,” he assured me, pulling me into a big hug. i wrapped my arms around him and held him tightly, scared that if i let go that he would disappear into thin air, so i just didn’t let go. 

this is what i love about zach. he is here for me as a shoulder to cry on, literally, and he doesn’t even have any idea as to what is going on in my brain. 

“did you know that i love you?” i whispered into his chest as i held him tighter. i felt his heart beat speed up. he was clearly taken aback bt my words since we had never shared those words with each other. 

“i do now,” he whispered back. “and i love you too.” i smiled as another tear slid down my cheek. zach pulled me up onto his lap and wrapped his arms around me  even tighter as he rocked back and forth a bit while running his fingers through my hair as he hummed softly, since he knew that his voice always calmed me down, no matter the circumstances. 

“you’re gonna die one day,” i mumbled, causing zach to pull away from the hug and hold me a little closer than arms length away. 

“what are you talking about?” he asked, clearly very confused at my sudden statement.

“we’re wasting our lives, zach!” i exclaimed, jumping up from the bed and pacing back and forth while biting my thumb nail. he stared up at me, waiting for me to continue my statement so he could get a better grasp on my thought process. “we don’t know when we are going to die. it could happen tonight! we aren’t spending enough time with the people we love and we are wasting it all on things that don’t even matter! if we don’t tell the people we love that we love them now, they’ll never know. you have to tell them as soon as you feel it! so many people are wasting their lives away, not appreciating the world, themselves, or the people around them. it’s dumb!” i rambled on and on, basically talking to myself at this point but zach was still hanging on to every word. 

“oh my god, what if i die tonight?” i gasped suddenly. “holy shit, i have to call my mom and my dad and my grandparents and my brother and alison and-” i rambled, looking for my phone in the comforter of my bed. 

“you’re not going to die tonight, baby girl. i promise you. stop worrying,” zach informed me, placing his hands on the sides of my neck with his thumbs just above my jawline, forcing me to make eye contact with the man of my dreams. “wanna know what else i can promise you?” he asked rhetorically. “that all of the people you listed already know that you love them. so just take a deep breath and lay down with me, alright?” he suggested, taking his hands off my face and lying down in my bed before patting the spot next to him. 

“if it would make you feel better, i can stay the night,” he whispered into my hair after we had our limbs all tangled together, clinging onto each other like our lives depended on it. 

“please, don’t ever leave,” i mumbled just before i fell alseep

a/n: this made me emo

them: hey :)
me: oh my god they’re talking to me?? for real?? holy shit wow. what should I say ?? I need to make a good first impression, this sentence will define me as a person, be clever, be clever,, don’t say something stupi-
me: have you seen lego batman

  • lover: why did you just shout that?
  • me: do you really want to know?
  • lover: yes
  • me: well, when I sat down in the truck, the seat cooler was on
  • me: I thought, that's pretty high-tech. It made me think about how the Camaro's seats get so hot and what it would take to cool them
  • me: I thought, you could take ice packs
  • me: I thought, no, you could WEAR ice packs
  • me: then I thought of that Crystal Cave in Mexico that is 190 degrees or whatever
  • me: and how to explore it the scientists have had to build special suits with cooling built into them to reduce the temperature to just 100 degrees around them and allow them 30 minutes of exploration time
  • me: I thought, wow, those really are super suits
  • me: that reminded me of that guy from the Incredibles
  • me: then I said WHERE'S MY SOOPAH SUIT
  • lover: no
All I’ve got II pt. 1

Jungkook x reader

genre: tattooed!jungkook, badboy!jungkook, angst, contents of smut, violent actions, slight fluff

word count: 12.1k

Jeon Jungkook was a tall guy, handsome with all those ethereal artwork tattooed on his arms..and your best friend. He was by your side whereas you faced a painful heartbreak, caressing your hurt soul for as long as you needed him. But how much can a friendship withstand if one of the two develops feelings?

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“Why don’t you tell me I’m pretty?” Elain said.

Azriel looked up from his book. She was standing in the doorway to the library—frustrated, unsure.

“You never tell me I’m pretty. You never compliment my dresses or the style of my hair.” She crossed to him, hands fisted in the skirts of her cobalt dress. “Why not? Why don’t you give me compliments like the other males?”

Azriel blinked and put down his book. “Because… because compliments are just words, and you don’t need words.” He stood and walked until they were an arm’s length apart. His voice was soft, low. “When you feared for your life, I gave you a knife so you could defend yourself. When you were lost, I asked you to teach me to garden so you would have purpose, and a place. When you were too sad to move or speak, I sat with you so you’d know you were not alone. And when you are happy I am content to sit in silence, to watch and to be, and to not waste those moments with silly observations about your appearance.”

He took a step toward her. And than another.

Her breath grew heavy the closer he got. When at last they shared breath, she whispered, “And what if I w-wanted silly observations?”

He stroked a knuckle down her cheek, to trace her jaw. She stilled, the world so quiet she measured the moments by the pounding of her heart.

“Then I would tell you that no ode to your beauty could ever do justice, and it would not have driven Truth-teller into the Hybern king’s neck.”

He stroked that knuckle down the line of her throat, to the neckline of the dress, trailing it over the tops of her breasts.

“I would tell you that pretty words about how the color of your cobalt dress brings out the warmth in your eyes would not have helped ground you in a new life nor give you purpose.”

He twirled a golden curl around his finger, then slowly tucked it behind her ear.

“I would tell you that nothing could be gained from knowing how a loose curl, hanging near your neck, drives me mad beyond belief with wanting—to touch, to taste—because it would not have gotten you out of bed all those months ago, nor made you feel any less alone.”

He leaned in and every ounce of focus went to what he might do next, where he might touch her next. The entire world balanced on a razor’s edge… his hand found the side of her face and he leaned in. She stopped breathing.

“And I would tell you that I have been in love with you, Elain Archeron, for a very, very long time.”

Azriel gently pressed his lips to hers. It was quiet and strong and light—a silken caress. And it was a beginning of something she had no words to describe.

Wish You Were Here (Tom Holland Smut)

request: i think it was kinda? someone wanted phone sex w tom so here we are i’m too lazy to find it but anon one’s for u babe <3

short summary: tom was a little shit this whole week about the fresh cut and it got u all hot and bothered when he finally posted a pic so u know seeing as u can’t see him phone sex will have to do

length: 1.6k words

warnings: smut

A/N: i’m sorry i know i said i was working on 2 angsty peter fics but i knew i needed to write this as soon as he finally stopped being a snake and showed us that dope cut bc goddamn it looks fucking NICE i’m so s o r r y 
pls forgive me

You toyed with yourself as you paced around your bedroom. Not knowing what exactly to do, you were at a loss. You didn’t want to cave, but at the same time you were beyond caring. The reward would be too great if you would just succumb to your wants.

Tom hadn’t only been messing with his fans all week, but you too. What started as a simple joke tweet had amassed into hysteria in his fandom. He’d initially planned on only waiting a day before showing the world a simple selfie of his new hair cut, but after seeing everyone freak out he decided to take it a step further and mess with everyone for a few days.

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Patience -Tom Holland (smut)

A/N: I wrote smut and I’m not even sorry because I’m trash and this is garbage. In which Tom is your boyfriend but he is an impatient little shit. Tell me what you think. Enjoy!

You put your phone between your shoulder and your ear while putting on your shoes.
You heared him groan on the other end of the line and smiled to yourself.
“Come on Tom. I’m gonna be there in two days.”, you said and put your foot back down and took the phone into your hand.
“Yeah two days too long.”, he said and his voice was muffled.
“I know. I miss you too.”, you said while fixing your hair in the mirror.

“I’m home for two months and you’re not here. That’s not fair.”, he whined and you chuckled.
“You mean like how you are always away for promo and I’m home? Yeah buddy, been there, done that.”, you teased him and put him on speaker. You looked at your outfit and tried to fix your blouse but you were not statisfied.
It was quiet for a couple minutes and you only heared weird shuffling noises until he spoke up again.

“I miss you.”,he said but his voice was suddenly deeper and kind of breathy while you took off your blouse to put something else on.
You looked at your phone in disbelief and took it into your hands.
“Babe what are you doing?”, you asked now but it took him a few seconds to answer again.
“I really need you right now.”,he said and this time you could hear his belt being taken off.
“Thomas Stanly Holland! You promised me to wait until I come back.”,you scolded him and felt turned on immediatly. You could picture him how he was lying in bed rubbing his own cock over his jeans while listening to your voice. His eyes closed, head leaned into his neck exposing his throat. Thinking of you.

Your cheeks were burning and you felt a known wetness between your legs and got pissed.
“Tom I don’t have time for this right now! I need to go.”, you whined and pressed your legs together.
“Baby I just need to release the tension. I’m gonna explode otherwise.”, he says slightly moaning while doing it and you huff.
“I don’t like you getting off on your own.”,you complain. You like to be all over his mind when he comes. No place for other thoughts. Only you. You went to the drawer and pulled out a bright red lipstick. You put it on quickly and took off your bra. You shook your hair out and pulled it together on to one shoulder. You took a picture of yourself, the need of release rising in your own body, and sent it to him.

“I want you to look at the photo I sent you.”,you demanded and put your bra back on.
“Oh god!”,he moaned and you could hear how he pulled down his jeans.
“You’re gonna look at me while coming. Alright babe?”, you said into the phone while wiping away the lipstick and putting on the blouse. You didn’t have the nerve to pick something else. Thanks to Tom who left you all hot and bothered.
“I love you.”, you said and took your bag and your keys.
“Don’t hang up!”, he said desperatly and you chuckled triumphantly.
“I have to go now. And when I come back home we need to practice patience with you.”

“I love you too.”,he only managed to say and sounded chocked up. He wouldn’t last long. Knowing this you hung up and went out the door to go to your meeting.

The thing you didn’t tell Tom was that you’d be home earlier. You wanted to surprise him so you went into your apartment as silent as possible. You did not hear anything and wondered for a second if he was home at all. But walking towards your bedroom you heared his voice. His moaning.
You let everything fall out of your hands and stormed into the bedroom just to find him on your bed, fully naked while your picture from yesterday was on the big screen on the wall. He stopped in his movement and your mouth dropped.

“Shit. I’m starting to hallucinate.”, he cursed and pulled you out of your shock.
“Oh buddy you have no idea what you got yourself into.”,you said while taking off your clothes one by one and walking towards him.
You turned off the TV and stood at the end of the bed.
“Come here.”, you demanded and he sat up right infront of you.
“Two days in a row Holland? We will have a patience session right now.”, you told him and pulled down your panties. You sat down on his lap and put your hands on his cheeks while he put his hands on your hips.
“I missed you.”, he exhaled and placed wet kisses down your throat. You pulled his face gently back up and placed your lips onto his kissing him passionatly. You let your hand trail down his body and laid your hand around his cock. Going slowly up and down.

“Here are the rules.”, you said and looked him into his eyes still pumping his member.
“I’m going to sit down on you. We are not allowed to move. You don’t get to do anything unless I do. If you move you’re not going to get off for the next week and you know that we only have the next week together until you come back from your promo. Understood?”
You sat up on your knees and aligned his cock at your entrance and he nodded.
You let yourself down on him and put your head into your neck enjoying the sensation of him filling you out. As soon as he was completly in, you felt his hips twitch and held him down immediatly and looked down.

“Do you wanna go on without me for another two months?”, you asked looking him into his eyes and he shook his head.


“Good. I don’t either.”, you smiled and kissed his shoulder. His hands were still on your hips and you could feel him twitching inside of you.

“So how was the time without me?”, you asked and sat up. That slightest movement made him close his eyes and groan in pleasure.
“We’re not going to talk about that right now.”,he growled and opened his eyes to glare at you. A lustfilled glare which sent shivers down your spine. You tightened your walls around him and then let go again which made him furrow his brows.
“You could’ve been fucking me sensless if you were patient enough to wait for me.”,you told him and he cursed under his breath which made you smirk.

“You were the one-…to sent me the photo.”,he swallowed hard and closed his eyes. Hardly concentrating not to move.
“You were getting off without me.”, you pouted and adjusted your legs by wrapping them around his hips. Which was again a tiny movement. But enough to drive him crazy.
“Darling I don’t know how much longer I can hold this up.”,he hissed under his breath and his grip on your hips tightened.
“Alright. You can move your hands. And you can kiss me. But keep your hip steady.”,you allowed him and he did not make you say it again. His lips crashed onto yours then moved down to your collarbone and he started sucking and biting slightly where your skin was especially sensitive. His hands moved up to your boobs and were massaging them. Your walls clenched around his cock involuntarily and a moan escaped both of your throats. When you felt the familiar knot build up in your stomach you grabbed his wrists and stopped him from going any further.
You leaned your forhead against his and closed your eyes with a big smile on your lips.

“I love you.”, you told him and he placed a butterfly kiss on your nose.
“I love you too, darling.”
You let your hands trail down his abs and up again to his neck. You leaned in and stopped right next to his ear.
“I want you to fuck me hard.”, you whispered and with that said he flipped you around and was immediatly hovering over you.
When he pulled out for the first time and pumped back in you dug your nails into his back and arched your back. Because of waiting for so long with his cock inside of you the movement felt ten times better than it would normally feel. All your senses went nuts and you couldn’t controll your body. He kept up a fast and hard pace which made you moan his name.
“You feel - so good!”, he chocked and lifted your legs around his back to have a better angle. He was hitting exactly your right spot and your walls started tightening around him as you felt the sensation growing in your lower stomach.

You grabbed on to the sheets and formed your hands into fists while leaning your head back.
Right before you were about to come you decided that it wouldn’t end like this. You changed positions so that you were on top riding him so he could be the one only enjoying. “I’m close…”, he moaned and you smiled to yourself. You yourself were not far away either.
“Open your eyes for me baby. Look at me.”, you said and looked into his beautiful brown eyes which were begging for release.
“Y/N!”,he moaned while coming and you came with him, your walls clenching around him increasing the sensation.

You both rode your high out and were left a breathless mess when you rolled off of him. You snuggled yourself into the crook of his neck and he put his arm tightly around you.
“I really should have waited.”,he said after both your breathings were normal again.
“Like Cap says: Patience pays off.”, you said and he groaned.
“Did you have to mention him? You’re killing the vibe.”, he whined and you chuckled.
“Jelaous much?”, you teased him and he huffed sarcastically.
“He isn’t the one who just had the most amazing sex ever, is he?”

“No.”, you chuckled and he placed a kiss on your temple.
“You know we were supposed to talk about normal stuff while we didn’t move. Should increase the intensity or something. That’s what soaking is all about.”, you told him while drawing small circles on his chest and placing a kiss here and there.
“Soaking, is it? How about we try round two in the shower?”, he joked and you playfully hit his shoulder.
“Shut up. I’m really tired and jetlagged.”, you chuckled and he laughed out loud.
“It did not feel like that. I can’t imagine what would have happened if you were not tired and jetlagged.”, he said and you rolled your eyes while pulling away. He grabbed your wrist and prevented you from going.

“I’m joking.”,he smiled and you placed a gentle kiss on his hand.
“I need to take a shower and clean myself up. Do you want to watch a movie or something? ”, you asked him while walking towards the bathroom.
“Sure.”, he yelled after you and you smiled to yourself.
“And I’m hungry!”, you yelled back and heared him laugh.
“I’m on it!”, he said and you closed the bathroom door.
You were absolutely in love with this impatient dork you were lucky enough to call your boyfriend.

The Night We Met - Peter Parker

Originally posted by spderman

word count: 5568
warnings: swearing, super adorkable peter
a/n: this is my first posted peter fic so go easy on me?
also this is really low key based on this song, but the sound of it not the words so much if that makes sense? idk i’m at a loss

[ i am not the only traveler who has not repaid his debt / i’ve been searching for a trail to follow again / take me back to the night we met ]

The facility was quiet as you padded through it, though it was common for it to be so silent when the sun had set hours ago.  It was late, one am, you presumed.  But this was the ideal time to go wandering around the building you lived in.  It was dark, only the moon and star’s light shining into the rooms, and the living space and kitchen were surrounded by windows, which casted shadows and small pools of light on the floor that you liked to dance around on your tiptoes in.  Wearing your pajamas and silently leaping short distances and twirling around on the cool tiled or hardwood floors.

You had lived in the facility for the whole past year that it had been built and functioning, and before that you’d lived at the tower for most of your life.  All but the first three years of your life, when you were stuck in an orphanage.  Before Tony Stark adopted you.  Why had he? You were never entirely sure.  You never understood why a man with his wealth and success needed a daughter to add onto his list of priorities but you’d never thought to question him.  Besides, you liked having a Mom and Dad.  Pepper was more of the parental figure, and Tony was mostly there to… well he used to get you into trouble but since you turned fifteen a year ago he became more protective.  You weren’t his little girl anymore, you were a teenager, blossoming into womanhood.  And when you turned sixteen his overprotectiveness only increased.

It hadn’t really mattered, you weren’t really an avenger.  At least, not one out on the battlefield.  No, you preferred working in the lab with Bruce, designing new suits, lighter weapons, deadlier weapons, faster engines for the jet.  But your favorite thing was creating new costumes, as you liked to call them.  Though the rest of the team wouldn’t prefer the term.  Sure, you worried for your Dad, and the others that had just as easily become your family, but you also knew that they were a special set of people.  Trained assassins, super soldiers, even Clint was… important.

(you never missed an opportunity to tease him, much to his displeasure)

So as you twirled around gracefully in the moonlight, your eyes closed as you enjoyed the silence, not even needing a tune to dance to, and found your peace.  You loved these secret nights of yours.  Your own special thing.

[ and then I can tell myself what the hell I’m supposed to do / and then I can tell myself not to ride along with you ]

You were working today, your hair pulled up into a high ponytail and your eyes focused on the sketch in front of you.  You tried not to rock on the stood you sat at while your hand moved swiftly over the tablet, the rubber tipped stylus creating lines of maroon on the screen.

“You know,” Banner spoke, making you jump slightly, and creating a long line throughout the entire design of Wanda’s new and improved outfit.

“Thanks a lot” You rolled your eyes, carefully hitting the undo button and making Bruce roll his eyes right back at you.

“Calm down you fixed it with a push of a button”

“Did Bruce Banner just tell me to calm down?” You asked, quirking an eyebrow at him.

“y/n just- just shut up.  God when did you become a teenager?” You chuckled, going back to your sketching with a smile on your face.

“You don’t remember? Because I do.  Vividly”

“That’s only cause Tony gave you the body talk” Bruce said, and you felt a chill go down your spine at the memory.  “Anyhow, I was going to say that that new recruit is coming here today”

“New recruit?” You asked, sitting up and abandoning your art now, your curiosity peaked.  “Why wasn’t I told?”

“You designed his suit, the uh… the bug one”

“Ant Man?”

“No, the other one”

“Wasp?” You asked again, Bruce shook his head.

“No no, the one from Berlin” You squinted for a moment, trying to remember.

“Bruce, just cause my Dad’s sorta a snake sometimes doesn’t mean he’s a bug, that’s rude” You chuckled, and Banner rolled his eyes, again.

“Seriously y/n stop being all sassy what happened to your pigtails and pink overalls?”

“I grew up” You stated, wasting no time in getting back to your work.  Bruce frowned sadly at your back.  You were right, you had grown up.  And while you still may only be sixteen, the world you lived in had forced you to mature much faster than you should have.  But nonetheless, he let you get back to your work while he went back to creating a new prototype for Bucky’s arm.

“And no, it’s Spider-Man”

“Alright kid, this is a big deal now” Tony said, clapping a hand on Peter’s back as they made their way into the facility.  “Whole team lives here, my whole family” He told him.

“Wow” Was all Peter could think to say as his eyes looked around.  They landed on everything, quickly, wanting to take it all in at once.

“Okay okay, slow down, you’re one of us now, you’ve got plenty of time to make googly eyes-”

Tony was cut off mid sentence as Peter had crashed into something, sending the box in his arms and the papers in the other person’s arms flying as his victim stumbled backwards onto the floor.

“I’m sorry! I’m so so so sorr-” He stopped abruptly upon seeing you there, gathering your things as quickly as you could.  He couldn’t help his wide eyes as he watched your every movement.  Before he shook his head and began helping you pick up his papers.

“It’s fine I’m just- I’m super late” You spoke quickly, stacking your sketches in your arms messily and in a rushed fashion.  You didn’t even look up at him until he seemed to be staring at the paper in his hands.

“You-you drew this? Wow” He said in amazement, but you snatched it away.

“That’s what y/n does here” Tony said, not being able to take the awkward tension anymore and scooping up most of your papers in his hands and giving them to you.  “Geez are these all Wanda’s?” He asked you as you held what was probably a hundred designs in your arms.

“Yeah, yep, I didn’t know what exactly she was looking for she just said something new, so..” You trailed off, trying to straighten out and align all of the papers in your arms.  You shot a glance over at the boy who had picked up his box, full of typical teenage boy items.  Until you looked more curiously and could tell instantly he was  a very studious boy.  “You must be Spider-Man?”

“Parker Pete- Peter Parker.  I’m Peter Parker that-that’s me” He stammered, making you send a goody glance at your father before looking back to the boy that seemed your age.  He had adorable puppy brown eyes and the same colored curls on his head.  He was adorable, cute, it was the only thing you could think of for a moment.

“Well hello Parker Pete” You said with a small laugh as you stuck your hand out while carefully maneuvering your stack of papers.  “I’m y/n” You introduced while he shook your hand, a bit too long but you didn’t really want to pull away either.

“She’s also my daughter, and off limits, so let’s keep walking” Tony said, grabbing Peter by the shoulders and steering him away.

“Wha- she-you have- you’re his-” Peter couldn’t even get a full sentence out as Tony directed him farther away from you, leaving you to stand in the hall and watch in amusement as your father dragged the poor boy away.

“Bye Parker Pete!” You called before heading off to Wanda’s room.

You liked Peter Parker.  He was a stuttering, adorkable mess.

[ i had all and then most of you, some and now none of you / take me back to the night we met ]

You were sat at the kitchen breakfast bar, sketching away as always.  Sometimes you just liked changing your setting.  Working in the lab could get loud, or stuffy, and it was good to have a little change of scenery.  Plus, the best things happened in the kitchen.

For instance, right now, everyone was trying to arm wrestle Steve.  Which was a very amusing sight to watch.  Currently, Natasha was flexing her arms trying to prepare herself for what everyone knew would be a failure.

“What’re you working on?” You heard a familiar voice, and turned to see Peter slipping onto the high chair next to you.  You smiled at him almost instinctively.  He’d been living at the facility for a week now, and at this point you were pretty good friends.  Being the same age really did help, seeing you were both the youngest ones there.

“Hopefully a new bow for Clint” You told him, showing him your design.  “I’m hoping he won’t break this one” You added with a chuckle.  Peter stared at the paper, genuine interest on his features.  You loved that about him, even for the simple things he always admired your work like it was the coolest thing he’s ever seen.

“Neat” He said, still staring at it even as you slid it back to your part of the tabletop.  “What’s uh… what’s happening over there?” He nodded off to where Steve was dangerously close to slamming Nat’s hand on the table.  You were a little worried about the Black Widow’s well being, but even more so for the table.  It wouldn’t be the first time Steve had broken the dinner table over an arm wrestling tournament.

“Steve’s daring people to arm wrestle him” You said, watching them again, just as Natasha lost.  She groaned in frustration, shaking out her sore hand.  “He only does it when Tony’s not around to scold him for it”

“Scold him?” Peter asked curiously.

“He usually breaks stuff.  Tables, vases, bones” Peter’s eyes widened with fear, making you chuckle.

“Calm down Spider-Boy, he won’t attack you” You said, putting your hand unconsciously on his forearm.  “It’s just a little competition he likes to do to show off.  No one’s ever beat him” You shrugged.  “Kinda like how Thor tests us to lift his hammer, we all know that thing won’t budge, but we try anyways” You said.  Peter’s eyes were trained on Steve and Wanda’s current match.  You took his distracted moment to admire his features, his starry eyes, gelled but soft looking hair, thin pink lips.  You smiled at him, and only then noticed your hand resting on him.  You removed it quickly, busying yourself with your design again.

“Hey new kid!” You perked up once more when you heard Steve’s voice ring out, catching Peter’s attention.

“M-me?” Peter pointed to himself, unsure if the Captain America was talking to him or not.  You giggled to yourself quietly.

“Yeah you, you wanna try and go a round?” He asked.  Your eyes went from gleaming to wide with worry in a matter of seconds.

“Peter you don’t have-”

“Yeah sure” Peter shrugged before you could give him a way out of it.  You watched as he hopped to the ground and walked over to the opposite side of the table as Steve.  All of your focus was on the two.  Sure, Steve would never heart him on purpose but Peter wasn’t like the other avengers, he was sixteen, and you were worried he’d get his arm broken or something.  You stared as their hands latched together, neither of them doing anything yet.  “Look, I-I just wanna say sorry about like- attacking you at that airport” Peter said, and you blushed slightly at his cute awkwardness.  Apologizing for the fight, no one had really done that yet.  Most of you just tried to look past it.

“Yeah, no hard feelings” Steve winked, and like that, you could see their arms struggling slightly as they put all their strength into it.  Your lips parted slightly when you realized Peter wasn’t losing.  He was actually doing really well, completely focused on Steve’s arm.  “Wow kid, you got quite a grip” Steve commented, and you could hear the struggle in his voice.

Well that was new.

“But hey, I’m still the strongest one here” Steve said, slamming the kid’s hand down onto the table.  Peter sighed, shaking his hand just as Nat had earlier.  You clapped while the others began to leave the room, tired of Steve’s party games.

“Wow! Parker Pete!” You rushed over to him and hugged him before thinking about it.  “Just- wow” You laughed, and Peter gave a short laugh with you, rubbing his now aching hand.  “No one’s ever done that before! Just how strong are you?” You asked him, and his face went red.

“I-I don’t know” He stammered out, and you hugged him again.  You felt him slowly wrap his arms around your waist, tugging you a little closer as he held you.  It was quiet for a moment, and your heart began fluttering as you lingered there together.  Somehow, it wasn’t just a hug, and you could both feel it.

“Hey hey hey, watch the hands there” You sighed quietly when Tony came in, pointing accusingly at the both of you, and you pulled away from Peter.  “Break it up” He said, snapping his fingers as he went to the fridge for a bottle of beer.

“Peter almost beat Steve at arm wrestling” You bragged, trying to ease up your father’s current mood.

“God dammit I told him no more of those” He grumbled, heading back out of the kitchen, the popped his head back in.  “Break it up!” He called loudly again.  “Both of you! Separate rooms pronto!” You rolled your eyes as he left, but squeezed a hand on Peter’s wrist before gathering your materials from the counter.

“Night Parker Pete” You said sweetly, then headed out the door and towards the elevator.  Peter slumped onto one of the chairs, staring at the doorway you just exited.

“Goodnight y/n” He said to himself.

“You like her?” He heard an accented voice and turned to see Wanda standing there.  The boy’s heart nearly leapt out of his chest, he hadn’t even realized there was another way into this room.  “Yes?” She questioned after not having received an answer.

“Yea-yeah I mean yeah y/n.. y/n’s great she’s a great-amazing friend” He said, all the while nodding his head and blushing like a fool.  Wanda chuckled, using her powers to snatch an orange off the counter, but opted to use her nails to peel it.

“I can read minds” She told him.  “I know you like her” She told him, winking a brown eye.  Peter opened his mouth but no words came out for a few moments.

“I… she’s great” He told her, unsure of what he could say.

“You also think she’s beautiful” Wanda continued, putting a slide of the fruit into her mouth.

“Well I-”

“Are we discussing Peter Parker’s feelings towards miss Stark?”

Peter fell of his chair, definitely not having expected Vision to simply face through the wall of the kitchen, joining the conversation abruptly.  Wanda nodded as she chewed, and Peter attempted to stand and straighten out his sweater.

“Well I think it’s… pleasing” Vision said.

“Pl-pleasing?” Peter stuttered.

“Yes, it is nice to think of you becoming romantically involved with miss Stark” He said with a nod of his head.  Peter’s eyes widened with fear.

“No, no no no no, y/n and I-I we- we aren’t- she’s my friend”

“Yes, and Wanda is my friend” Vision said, and the witch’s head snapped towards him.  “But that is no barrier to love”

Peter almost fell just from standing up.  He could feel his knees wobbling and his heart was pounding incredibly fast in his chest.

“Vizh…” Wanda said slowly, coming over and putting a hand on the android’s arm.  “Let’s go talk” She said, and he nodded again, allowing her to guide him out of the room.  “But if you want my advice,” Wanda turned to Peter before she could fully leave the kitchen.  “Go for it, y/n looks at you a lot, the way… the way I remember Pietro looking at his love” Wanda said.  Peter couldn’t even find the right words to say before she left the room.

Shortly after, he went running out, making his way as quickly as he could to the weight room.  It was nearing ten o’clock, but he needed a stress relief, and working out seemed much better than sitting in his room with his anxiety all pent up.

He practically burst through the doors, not even noting Steve dragging a punching bag to it’s hook as he tore his sweater off, leaving him in a tee shirt and khakis.  Not really the best chosen attire to work out in, but he didn’t care.  He needed to… to run, to punch something.  He stepped up onto the treadmill, setting it on a higher setting before just sprinting.  Racing over the spinning rubber sheet until sweat dripped down his forehead.

“Kid? Hey Parker?” Steve called, catching Peter’s attention but he didn’t stop running.  “You aren’t stress running cause I kicked your ass earlier right?” He asked, and Peter shook his head, his breathing ragged as he put the treadmill on a higher setting.  “Alright, then why are you stress running?”

“I’m not stress running” Peter grunted.

“Yes you are.  Why?” Steve said, his voice stern so that he’d open up to him.  Peter let out a sigh, but was still reluctant to stop running.

“Because” He huffed.  “I’m in love… with y/n… and she’s Tony’s daughter… and doesn’t like me back… deserves better than me anyways” He said in between sharp intakes of breath.  Steve chuckled, putting his hands on his hips.

“Alright, alright turn that off you’re gonna kill yourself” He said, and Peter didn’t even argue, just slowed it down before stopping it completely.  “Listen closely to me, alright?” Peter nodded shakily, and stepped down off the treadmill.

He walked over to Steve, and they sat down together on a bench.

“I’m going to tell you a story about a woman named Peggy Carter”

[ i don’t know what I’m supposed to do, haunted by the ghost of you / oh, take me back to the night we met ]

You had just slipped out of your room, checking to make sure the halls were clear as you walked as lightly as possible down the hallway towards the kitchen.  You hadn’t changed into pajamas like usual, still wearing your simple white dress from earlier that night.  But you didn’t mind, you were just happy to finally be able to sneak out.  Earlier than you usually do, it was midnight and you often waited for one am to roll around but you were too eager to escape to your happy place.

After tiptoeing down the stairs, opting not to use the elevator because it made noise, you snuck into the kitchen, quickly and carefully closing the door behind you.  Even though it and the walls secluding it were glass windows.  You were a creature of habit.

“What’re you doing here?” You spun around, about to kick the owner of the sudden voice in the throat, but be caught your ankle.

“Peter?” You lowered your leg, smoothing out your skirt.  “What’re you doing? It’s late” He gave you a look before laughing.

“Well I can basically say the same thing” He said, and you blushed, looking down for a moment.

“I… I come here at night when everyone’s asleep.  It’s my way of sneaking out” You said with half a shrug.  “It was a secret until now” Peter’s face fell, and he could feel his stomach dropped.

Oh my god I ruined her special place for her

“No worries” You said with a soft smile.  “I’m happy you’re the first I can share it with” You told him, and began to walk off to the living area, in front of all the windows.  Peter scurried off after you, walking awkwardly with his hands behind his back as you were staring outside.  He looked over at you, awestruck by the way the moonlight reflected on your features, making parts of your dress look like it was glowing, but others hidden in a shadow.  “So Parker Pete,” You said with a smile as you turned your head to look at him.  “What’re you doing out here so late?”

“I- I was just… sitting” He answered lamely, making you chuckle and roll your eyes a little.

“Okay, but why sit in the kitchen in the middle of the night? Don’t you want your rest?”

“M-my rest?” You shrugged.

“I don’t know.  Everyone around here falls asleep so early when my Dad’s not throwing some big party” You told him.

“Does he have parties a lot?” You crinkled your nose and bopped your head side to side as if to say so so.  

“Not as much as he used to.  Now it’s just the small group of us, playing music, eating lots of food, dancing, it’s nice.  A good reason to dress up and have fun but kick back from the stress” You told him.  “I guess I like it better than they used to be.  Loud, lots of drunks.  I remember hiding in my room inside my closet until my mom would come kiss me goodnight and tell me he was shooing people out” You chuckled a little, leaning closer to the window and tapping your fingers lightly against the glass to a made up beat.

“As a rebellious teen, do you want more parties?” Peter asked, mocking a reporter’s voice and making you laugh, shooting him a quick glance.

“I wouldn’t call myself rebellious, but that doesn’t mean I’m a total rule follower” You said.  “For the daughter of Tony Stark, I think that says a lot about my adoption” You said jokingly.

“I didn’t know that” He said, stepping closer to you.  He wanted to look out the window, enjoy the view as you were, but he couldn’t tear his eyes off of you.

“Yeah you can’t really tell unless you look close enough.  We’re really close” Peter smiled gently.

“That’s good” You nodded.

“Yeah… to me he really is my Dad, I don’t go out of my way to use the term ‘adopted’ it doesn’t bother me by any means, he’s just more to me than that.  Pepper too, but she’s the busy one nowadays” You told him.  “Anyways, that’s my life story you wanna share now?”

“Uh, it’s sorta messy” He said, awkwardly rubbing the back of his head.  You shook your head, brushing it off.

“I don’t mind.  I’d like to hear it Parker Pete” He chuckled, and licked his lips while he thought of what to say.

“Well, uhm, my parents were killed” He said, clearing his throat.  “In a hijacked plane crash when I was seven… and uh… I’ve been living with my Aunt May and Uncle Ben since then” He told you, avoiding your eyes.  “And not long after I.. well became Spider-Man uh…”

You noticed the way he was kicking his feet into the carpet, a nervous habit, and your heart began to sink as sadness washed over your features.

“My-my Uncle he- he got shot because of me” Your eyes widened and you moved closer to him, your back to the window now and completely abandoning the view you loved as you stared up at Peter with crinkled brows and big wet eyes.  Your hand reached out to grab his without a second thought.

“I’m sure it wasn’t your fault Peter” You whispered, but he shook his head.

“No, no if I’d just been honest with him and had been back to him on time like I said I would he- I would’ve-” You placed your other hand against his cheek, turning his head up to look at you.

“It wasn’t your fault, Pete” You told him softly, keeping your voice steady.  “And I promise if he could see you now, he’d be so incredibly proud of you and all you’ve done” You saw his lips quirk up for a short moment, and you smiled at him.  “I’ve known you for all of a week and I am” You said, and his heart surely stopped in his chest, only to speed up again.

“Thanks, y/n” He said, and you nodded, dropping your hand from his face but kept your hands latched at your side.  “He would’ve liked you” He told you, and for some reason it made your cheeks heat up in a pink blush.

“Really?” Peter smiled as he nodded.

“Yeah, you’d remind him of May I’m sure” A giggle slipped past your lips before you could stop it.  Why did this make you all bubbly?

“Am I like her?” You asked, and Peter pursed his lips.

“You’ve got the same attitude but secret softie thing going on” You quirked up an eyebrow.

“I’m not a softie, I used to be out on that battlefield you know” You told him, crossing your arms over your chest as you’d released his hand.

“Really?” Peter asked, narrowing his eyes and smirking playfully.  “Because you were all worried earlier when I was going to arm wrestle Captain America” You jaw dropped open at him.

“Oh really? Say that to my excellent combat skills” You said with a wink.

“Excellent combat skills?” He asked, and you nodded.

“Uh huh, only reason I’m not out there is cause someone’s gotta make your spandex onesie” Peter looked at you with an offended expression.

“It’s not-!” He groaned, throwing his arms down at his sides.  You let out a laugh and shook your head.

“I don’t know… I mean, I designed it I think I know a onesie when I make one” You told him.  Peter opened his mouth and closed it a few times, and you began to laugh again, your smile bright and your eyes twinkling with delight.  Peter couldn’t even keep up his facade of a straight face.  “Alright, alright, what else? What do I and May Parker have in common?”

“I don’t know, uh, she used to dance with him all the time, when I was little they’d dance around to his old record player” You smiled at him, and bounced a little on your bare feet.  “What? What?” Peter asked as you just kept laughing and bouncing.

“Come on come on” You tugged on his hands, pulling him closer eagerly, and planting his palms on your waist.

“You want to dance with me?” He asked like he didn’t even believe it.  But you nodded, your grin still present as you crossed your wrists behind his neck.

“Yeah” You said, beginning to bite back your smile.

“I-I don’t have my phone so I don’t have any like-like music or anything” You shrugged your shoulders and noted how he panicked a little.

“It’s fine, we don’t really need it” You told him, and you gave him a comforting smile.  “Calm down Peter, it’s just me” You said.

How ironic, he thought.

“Why’s it ironic?” You asked, and Peter’s eyes filled with fear at the realization that he’d said it out loud.  He didn’t say anything at first, his brain still turning and his heart beating impossibly faster than it already was.  You could tell that he was nervous, so you rested your forehead on his chest so that he didn’t have to look at you.  “Peter?” You called when you didn’t hear any answer from him.

“Sorry I-I didn’t know what to say you uh y-you make me nervous” You pulled away, looking up at him with surprised eyes and raised brows.

“I do?” You asked, taken aback by the confession.  Peter nodded, looking from his feet to you and partially wishing that he could drop dead right this moment.

But then you smiled at him, an airy laugh coming from your lips.

“You make me nervous sometimes too Parker Pete” You told him, and a small smile pulled on his mouth, his face red.

“R-really I-I-I do?” He stuttered, and you nodded.  Peter let out a small chuckle, looking down again before back up to you.  You nodded again, your bottom lip tucked slightly between your teeth.  He let out a small laugh, really just a puff of air.

“Why do I? I’m not mean to you am I?” You asked, chuckling quietly and he did too, shaking his head.

“No, no not at all you’re-you’re nice, very nice- to me! To me anyways I’ve seen you have at it with Clint” You laughed again.

“We don’t fight it’s just banter” You told him, shaking your head dismissively and wringing your hands behind his neck.  “Well?” You said softly, still waiting for his answer.

“Well.. uh… well you see you’re very good at what you do- v-very talented” He started anxiously, and the swaying that has been your dancing, halted.  “And-and I think you’re really beautiful” Your cheeks flushed red as you bit back a grin.


“Y-yeah well yeah” Peter said simply.  “And you’re- you’re a genius I mean you’ve got this capability to work with Dr Banner, and you’re my age I-I’d say that’s pretty neat” You let out a soft giggle, your eyes wide with adoration for this boy in front of you.  “Truth is y/n I… I like you, a lot, as-as more than a friend” Your heart stopped in your chest.

“I like you too Peter Parker” You whispered out softly.  I smile quirked on his lips, that turned into a grin within seconds.  You caught his eyes flicker down to your lips, and you licked over them subconsciously.  Your hands slid to his shoulders, resting at the base of his neck and you stepped ever so slightly closer.  His eyes kept looking from you to your lips, over and over and it made you chuckle.  “Well are you gonna kiss me or not?” You mumbled, your stomach flipping over repeatedly.

“Not! He is most definitely not!” You sprung away from Peter, your back and head hitting the window.  “Parker what the hell do you think you’re doing!?” Peter spun around to see your Dad standing there, his arms crossed angrily.

“I-I uh I-”

“y/n, go to your room it’s time for bed” He said, his tone frustrated.

“Dad I’m not six you can’t send me-”

“Bed” He gritted and you stood a little straighter.  You nodded your head, and looked to Peter quickly, waving a short and quick goodbye and rushing out of the room.

[ when you had not touched me yet / oh, take me back to the night we met ]

Peter was pacing in the hallways, contemplating whether or not he should go  back to his own quarters, like Mr Stark had so… kindly… told him to.  Or if he should knock on your door.

He liked you, that part was obvious now.  He liked you so much it hurt to not be with you.  If he’d known what love felt like, he could almost say he was in love with you.  He could sit down and talk to you all day about anything, he could go to sleep at night wishing he’d had just five more minutes.

Maybe if you weren’t Tony’s daughter, maybe if the entire team of Avengers weren’t standing guard over you, like they were all your protective older brothers, he would’ve told you sooner.  Maybe.  Peter Parker was never one for having confidence, in fact, before the suit, he was the shy nerdy kid that no one really knew the name of.  He wasn’t popular, or very out going by any means, but ever since Spider-Man, he had a higher self esteem, pushed himself more.

And he really, really liked you.

So, he knocked.

[ Take me back to the night we met ]

“Peter?” You said quietly as you opened your door.  You had changed into a tee shirt and sleep shorts for bed, your hair hanging down in loose waves hanging over your shoulders.  You wrapped your arms over your chest, trying to preserve the warmth you’d lost when you got out of bed.  “Hey what’re you doing he-” You were cut off when his hands flew out, cupping your cheeks and pulling your lips against his.  While at first you were surprised, you sunk into it instantly and wrapped your arms around his neck, completely melting against him.

When he pulled away you were a smiling blushing mess and all you could hear was your heart pounding in your chest.

“I’m sorry”

“Why?” You chuckled.  “I mean, I’m not apologizing” You said again, and he smiled back at you.

“I just- might not get the chance to do that again” He said, and you nodded, biting down on your lips slightly.  “So-so I had to… just once” You nodded.

“Yeah I… I’m glad you did” You said softly.  He hugged you before saying goodnight.

You would both be okay.

idk the ending makes me feel eh :/
it’s been a long couple of days so i’m sorry about this
but this is for @high-functioning-fangirl02 bc of our love for parker pete

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Tom Holland - Four Simple Steps

this wasn’t requested this was my own idea and i hope you like it there will be a part two and I’m super excited to write it!!!

requests are open:)) i now take tom/peter chris/steve and seb/bucky requests

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“harry this summer is gonna be amazing” i smiled as we walked with locked arms down the busy streets of london. there was only a month of school left which meant the end of the year peprally and a school dance. i could tell he looked over at me and just smiled.

“what?” i asked. i looked over at him and he just shook his head but his body was vibrating with laughter.

“harry! tell me what” i stomped my foot like a child, this gained the attention of a few pedestrians walking near us. this just made harry’s laugh louder and made my cheeks flush with red due to the embarrassment.

“well i mean if you really wanna know” he looked over at me with a mischievous glint in his sparkling brown eyes.

“you gotta beat me in a race back home” he rushed out as he began sprinting. i let out a loud laugh and began running quick after him. harry’s house was probably five or so minutes away walking so this shouldn’t take long. yeah sure he longer legs then me but i was the star sprinter on my track team.

i moved my little legs as fast as they could possibly go, passing harry i could hear him let out a groan as i took the lead and i just let out a loud bark of laughter knowing i won.

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Days of the week: Sunday

Words: 1157

Reader X Jungkook 

Days of the week l Monday - Jin l Tuesday - Yoongi l Wednesday: Hoseok l Thursday - Namjoon l Friday - Jimin l Saturday - Taehyung l Sunday - Jungkook 

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*knock knock knock*

The knocking on the door made you jump. You looked at Tae as if you were asking him what it could be but his face was more confused than yours. Any of the boys who were there knew you both were fucking.

  “Get off, I’m busy here” he yelled at the person in the other side of the door.

You had barely rested, and so had Tae. You both were busy. You wanted to sleep. The knocking kept going and Tae got up angrily.

 “Cover yourself” he said before opening the door.

“Jungkook? What do you want? Can’t you see I’m kinda busy here?” he said, hiding himself behind the door. Jungkook?

You couldn’t hear what Jungkook was saying. But what could it be?

 “No, she is tired. However, it is still Saturday. Wait for Sunday” Tae said. You still couldn’t hear Jungkook’s answers, but you heard steps appearing and then, he was gone. Tae closed the door and went back to bed without saying a word, not telling you what Jungkook wanted. You would ask, but before you knew, you fell asleep.

 Wake up. Wake up, baby girl. You have slept enough.

 A sweet, deep voice was echoing through your asleep mind, pulling you to your hot reality. Your eyes snapped open and you were blessed with a sight of Taehyung beside you, full dressed, waking you up. You smiled at him. Gosh.

  “You slept all day. It’s night already, look” he said, pointing to the window. The sky was dark. Shit, have I slept this long? The college. Oh my

 “Huh…I… I gotta…” you tried to say. Shit, I’m so

Your phone buzzed.

   *Where tf are you? Shit, you can’t disappear like this, Y/N! You missed another class, for fuck sakes*  

  This was just one of 6 messages from your friend. Well, sorry but I am busy.  

  “Why don’t you take a shower and come have dinner with us?” Tae said. You looked at the clock.

 “Huh… It’s almost midnight. I have slept for almost 1 day, it’s almost Sunday. I really have to go home” you said.

You really needed. You weren’t sleeping at your dorm and were skipping a thousand classes. Besides, you had slept for almost 1 day, you were freaking tired and needed some time to yourself.

 “We’re leaving this town on Monday. We would like to spend this last day with you.”  He said simply. Your heart almost stopped.

 “Oh… right. Ok”  that’s all you could say.

   “This pasta is really good, Jin. Oh my God” you said. Jin really cooked well.

Everybody was there, just talking while you were eating, except by Jungkook who was taking a shower.  It was Sunday. Jungkook’s day. Honestly, you weren’t expecting much. He was a god in stage, his hips didn’t let him lie, but in personal, he was so shy. He had barely talked to you in that whole week. Actually, you hadn’t seen any dirtiness in him. He would be…vanilla? Or was he just letting you think he is something he wasn’t just to make you surprised?

 You wanted to keep thinking about but the next sight made you stop everything and look. Jungkook left the shower and walked to the living room – where everybody was – only with a towel around his waist, water drops falling on his entire body, his wet hair falling on his forehead. Shit. Shit shit shit. Your body reacted by the sec you saw him that hot. He looked straight into your eyes and then looked away.

 “Hyung, where’s my facial mascara?” he asked.

 You couldn’t hear anything. All you could think was about how much you wanted to lick all those drops out of his perfect abs. When he left, the boys talked again but you were still amused.

  “Try not to drool, Y/N” Yoongi said, noticing your amusement. Bastard. You came back to your pasta but before you could eat, a voice called you.

 “Come here, Y/N” Jungkook called you from your room. What? No way. You stood up slowly, still confused. Did he really call you?  You got closer to the bedroom he was and knocked on the door. “Come in and lock it” he said.

  He was standing a few centimeters away from the bed, still naked except by the towel. Your heart started to rush, your blood started to burn and your core was screaming for that towel to fall.  

  He walked towards you and suddenly, randomly, he picked you up getting up as well and pressing you against the door, your legs around his waist. Unhappily, the towel doesn’t fall off.

 “I know you think I’m shy. But I’m not. I just like to proof things at the right time, which is now” he said. You were still in a hoodie and underwear only, and you could already feel his huge bulge pulsing against your clothed pussy. Cheesus Christ. He kissed you, his soft lips moving against yours in a delicious way. His kiss was the best one till that moment just because of his lips shape. You opened your mouth and his tongue explored it, biting and sucking yours. His hands roamed your ass greedily; you could feel him pressing his hard on cock against you. You didn’t expect that at all.

 He stopped kissing you, making you whimper, and let your feet touch the ground. He walked towards the bed let the towel fall. Oh, my… The sight made you stop breathing and you could just stare at his dick. His big, delicious dick. He sat on the edge of the bed and did spread his legs.

  “Get on your knees and suck me” he said simply. You didn’t argue, you didn’t think, you didn’t assimilate, before you knew you were kneeling in front of him and taking his dick on your hand. You pumped it a few times but once the pre-cum came out, you started to blow him. He growled the erotic sound making you want to be fucked already. He was now holding a fistful of your hair, controlling your speed. When you gagged and tried to pull back, he didn’t let you.

 “Take it. I’m not done” he said. You could feel your amusement making your panties get wet. Really wet. He stopped you and told you to strip. When you quickly did, he started to stare at your naked body; you felt the necessity to cover yourself but avoided this feeling.

  “You are so hot, Y/N. I’m gonna fuck you all night” he said and you died in anticipation. “Lay” he said and you obeyed. He positioned himself between your legs and kissed you again. Going to your neck, he looked for your sweet spot and once he found it, he sucked at it. Then, he kissed each of your breasts, his tongue swirling around your nipples, making you grab the bed sheets. You could feel his erection against your thigh; you just wanted to feel him inside you already. His hand trailed down your thigh and pushed one finger inside you, making you gasp. He smirked at your reaction and pushed another finger deep inside you, pumping it in and out, wet sounds echoing from your pussy. His finger moves in and out of your walls, the sensation is fucking good.

“Your so fucking beautiful.” He said and pulled away. You whined. He clasped his teeth on your panties and pulled them off slowly, teasing you. “You are so fucking wet for me” he said. Biting his lip he positioned his dick at your entrance and pushed himself all the way in without warning. You screamed.

 “I wanna make you scream my name” he said, thrusting harder and louder. “I’m gonna fucking show you that I am not a kid”. You started bucking your hips against him, your bodies slapping against each other, trying to get some extra pleasure on your clit. He was so big and felt so fucking good inside you.

  “Oh my God, Jungkook” you screamed and digged your nails in his back.

 He stopped moving, but only long enough to bed you over and start to take you hard and quick from behind, the pressure inside you driving you completely insane. He kept thrusting inside you, and before you knew his hand was slapping against your ass cheek.

  Fucking with Jungkook was being completely delicious.

  “Do you like it? You still think I’m a kid?” he asked, pulling your hair.

 “Fuck, Jungkook” you said.

“No one else will ever fuck you this good, Y/N, not even my hyungs” he said. Wow. You couldn’t even answer; you were immersed in your pleasure.

  With all those cursing, screaming, skins slapping sounds, you were losing it. You felt Jungkook gripping your waist tighter and soon, you felt his releasing inside you. It pushed you towards the edge, and your walls clenched around his stone hard dick.

You opened your eyes, finding yourself in an empty bed, but before you could recognize where you were, the bedroom’s door snapped open.

 “We are leaving on Monday. However, you are one of the best girls we have ever fucked” Namjoon said. The room was silent.

“And… some of us fucked you, like, 5 days ago. It’s a long time” Yoongi said.

 “So…?” you asked.

  “If you want, you can choose one of us to fuck you one last time before we leave. Or all of us” Jungkook said.

What the fuck?

A/N: That’s it! I hope you like it and thank you for all the support. And no, there’s no part 2 or group sex