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There was an article that came out the first day of Paris Fashion Week saying that Kendall wouldn't be attending or walking shows, but no explanation was given why. After seeing that footage of her irrationally/hysterically crying to her mother over facetime refusing to fly, I became suspicious of any time her mother traveled with her for work and when I saw her mom flew with her to Milan, I was thinking she probably had to to force Kendall to go at all. I think she's having anxiety issues again

She needs to stop modeling and do something lowkey. I don’t get the impression that she (more so than Kylie but really both) want to be doing what they[’re doing but they have no other options but to be celebrities. Would you trust either of them as your doctor or want them as your little kids math teacher? Do you think they could go to school or work a desk job and not be harassed or even be able to stay safe? Like obviously the level of pity I can have for them is limited but I think modeling is something Kendall tried to do to be her own and feel a level of lowkey in her life and that didn’t work out for her and with all the extreme backlash she’s had the past year (and she does seem like one of the more private ones in her family lbr) I can’t imagine she’s happy anymore. Kris probably is forcing her to fulfill her obligations and she probably dropped Paris shows considering an article came out about it. She skipped Paris and London last September didn’t she? And no word came out then like that.

"It's over!" Part 1

This is the third time this week Justin isn’t home before 3 am. I am worried sick for him, but every time he comes home, he isn’t drunk or happy like he is used to be after being in the studio.
Finally, I heard the door downstairs being opened. I quickly closed my eyes and laid down with Esther in my arms. Justin undressed himself, laid down beside me, and sighed.
“I’m sorry, princess,” he whispered, and then he turned around and fell sleep. I couldn’t sleep at all now! Scenarios of Justin being with some other girl made me sick like fuck. The only reason why I thought he was cheating on me, was because he really smelled like a girl, and even thought it was completely dark in our room, I could still see the big hickey on his neck.
An hour later, when I knew Justin was sleeping like a rock, I got out of bed and quietly packed my suitcases. Tears were running down my cheeks like a waterfall, because even though I knew Justin had cheated on me, I still loved him with all my heart, I just couldn’t bear the thought of him being with another girl. Moreover, as my mother always told me “One a cheater, always a cheater”. I had been cheated on before, but this time it broke my heart even more, because I loved Justin with all my heart.
Before leaving the house, I blocked Justin’s phone number and grabbed Esther. I had no intentions in leaving her here with Justin. She barely knew him, because he was always out, he was never home. Now I knew why!
“Come baby, we’re going home,” I cooed to Esther, I picked her up and went outside slamming the door behind me, I really didn’t care if I woke up Justin; he had to know that I left him, left him for good.
I got everything into my car, and then I got in myself and turned on the engine. Justin must have heard me slam the door, because I could see him standing upstairs in his bedroom looking strangely at me. I flashed him my finger, and then I took off and left him.
*Justin’s POV*
I really had no idea what was happening, at one moment I was sleeping peacefully, and in the next I heard the door slam downstairs and a car engine being turned on.
I got out of bed as fast as I could and went over to the window. Y/N was looking up at the bedroom window, and when she saw me, she flashed me her finger, that’s when I knew that she knew that I had been cheating on her with some other girl. I grabbed my hair and pulled it until it hurt too much.
I ran downstairs and looked for any note she could’ve left me, but there was nothing!
I ran upstairs and found my phone, I dialed her number, but it wasn’t even calling, she had blocked my number. I sat down on the bed and started groaning. She weren’t supposed to find out. It was just a onetime thing, or it wasn’t, we had been doing it for three nights or something, and she wasn’t even that good, Y/N was way better! Nevertheless, of course I could see that I couldn’t tell her that! I quickly dialed a number, and it started ringing.
“Hey, miss me already” Selena said, I sighed and looked down in the ground as a sudden feeling of wanting to throw up came up in me.
“Selena listen, we need to stop this! I cannot do this to Y/N! I love her with all my heart, and I need to prove that to her. She found out I had been seeing you, and now she left me” I told Selena. I was disgusted, disgusted of myself, because I could do such a thing to the love of my life. The only reason I had been with Selena, was that the day I met her feelings from back, when we were dating showed up in me, but of course those feelings weren’t real.
“Come on baby, she finally left you, now come be with me, I miss you so much” Selena said, and I think she tried to sound seductive, but she totally did not.
“No, goodbye Selena, I have someone to win back” I told her, and then I ended the call and threw my phone on my bed.
I got up and went into the bathroom; I undressed myself and stepped into the shower.
If I had to make it up to Y/N, I needed to look good, and I needed to make sure she knew Selena was a complete mistake!
After getting out, I wrapped my towel around my waist and looked at myself in the mirror. I had a big hickey on my neck, it was blue and purple, and it was really disgusting!
I looked through all of the cabinets for some of Y/N’s concealer, only to realize she hadn’t left it here. I sighed and slapped my fist against the mirror, so it shattered into millions of pieces.
My hand was filled with cuts and blood, but I didn’t care. I screwed up big time, and I couldn’t imagine Y/N ever coming back to me…
*Your POV*
I was laying in Kendall’s guestroom. We had been talking for the last hour, about how I knew Justin cheated on me. Kendall was furious, maybe even more than I was.
She had just went downstairs to get something, so I was just sitting on the bed petting Esther, who was sleeping in my arms.
Suddenly my phone went off; I furrowed my eyebrows and tried to find it. I thought I had blocked Justin’s number, because who else would call me in this hour.
When I finally found my phone, I realized it wasn’t a number that I could recognize at all. Therefore, I answered the call.
“Hello?” I quietly asked.
“Are you happy now? Justin won’t even talk to me, because you finally found out he had been cheating on you, with me,” Selena yelled into the phone. My blood started boiling, how did she dare call me and say something like that.
“Oh really, it’s my fault? You know what Slutena, go fuck yourself! Justin and I’s relationship was amazing until you suddenly came into his life and screwed everything up! Are you fucking happy now? You ruined a relationship, and now you expect Justin to come crawling to you for comfort?” I yelled into the phone, then I ended the call and laid down on the bed. I had never been this mad before, it was sure to say!
“What happened?” Kendall asked as she walked into the room again. I sat up, and then the tears started running down my cheeks again.
“Selena just called me, and told me it was my fault that Justin wouldn’t talk to her, because I had found out that he had been cheating on me with her” I told her, Kendall gasped and sat down beside me.
“I have never been this mad, it’s crazy,” I told her, and then I stood up and placed Esther on the bed.
“I have something I need to do,” I told Kendall, but before I could leave the room, Justin walked in. I looked over at Kendall and glared at her. I tried to get past Justin, but he wouldn’t move.
“Y/N, you need to listen to me!” he said, he grabbed my shoulders and tried to make me look at him. However, the fact that he even dared touching me made me mad.
“STOP FUCKING TOUCHING ME! I DON’T WANNA LISTEN TO YOUR STUPID WORDS JUSTIN! IT’S OVER BETWEEN US, AND IF YOU CAN’T HANDLE THAT, THEN YOU SHOULD HAVE THOUGHT TWICE ABOUT CHEATING ON ME!” I yelled into his face, and then I pushed him away and grabbed my stuff. I had to get out of here, and it had to be now. I grabbed sleeping Esther, too and went downstairs. Luckily, none of them tried to follow me.
I got in my car and drove to the airport, I had no reason to stay in LA, so I wanted to go to the next best place, New York, and that is what I did. I left all of my friends behind and started a new life. Luckily the universe had given me another chance.
Hope you guys like this one? Would you want me to make a part 2?
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        “Hey,” Kendall closes her eyes at the sound. His voice. It still has it’s sultry without trying tone. Only his voice can get this kind of reaction out of her. Even if it’s been months since she last heard it, outside of their songs of course. She opens her eyes just as she feels the onslaught of memories his voice can evoke from her coming. She especially hates the ones when it is whispered too close to her ear, his breath brushing her bare shoulders.

        She did not want to listen to their new album, she really did not. It’s all part of her plans of getting him out of her life as much as she can. But Kylie has a way of getting albums into her music library. Besides she truly believes that the only way to know if her sister really is over Harry is if she can listen to his songs in peace. So their fourth album magically appeared in her phone. It was easy at first, getting him out of her life. With their schedules for the rest of the year planned out since they parted, she is always in places he isn’t. Until now. Because she decided to stray a little from her schedule.

        “Hey Harry,” Cara answers cluthching Kendall’s hand a little tighter. She must have sensed that Harry has affected her balance and that she can fall down the stairs she isn’t finished climbing yet at any moment. 

        “You both look good,” Harry compliments them keeping his eyes directed at Cara. He knows she’s there. He can’t just ignore all five feet and ten and a half inches of her clad in attight white jump suit. He knows from experience how easily those come off her. He can’t risk looking at her no matter how much he wants to. That can make him lose control and he doesn’t want that, not at all. He has held himself on the edge far too long for him just to give it all up with one look. She does that to him, the only one who does that to him.

        “You don’t look too bad yourself,” Cara answers. Kendall prays they stop with the small talk already. All she wants is to leave, to not have his shadow ghosting upon her, to not have to inhale his scent, to not feel the weight of her decision stretch between them, keeping them apart. 

        “Thank you,” he replies politely. Kendall takes in a deep breath, keeping the gesture as subtle as she can. She doesn’t want anyone to notice that she still gets nervous around him, especially him. Leave. leave. Leave. She repeats in her head. Please stop making me suffer.

        “This is my friend, Kendall, I believe you know her.” Kendall curses under her breath. She looks up to meet his eyes. She didn’t get to. He’s keeping his gaze on Cara. She releases a sigh of relief, feeling the pain creep to the middle of her chest right after. Now she’s afraid she might not be able to take in another breath. She forces her lips to turn up though, hoping it’s enough to make a smile.

        “Look I’m sorry,” He still drags his words making them roll off his tongue really slowly. “But a friend’s here with me and he’s been waiting." 

        "We must not keep you then, have a good night.” Cara says as she finally starts moving away from the stairs.

        “I wish the same for both of you.” He answers, moving down the stairs himself. Kendall looks up at him one last time. Nothing has changed, his hair is just longer but everything else is still the same about him. She decides that she did the right thing, it is what is best for him. Even if she’s still unsure if the same goes for her.

        He forces himself to keep looking at his shoes as he walks past her. He still doesn’t understand why she stopped fighting, why she stopped trying. He wonders every single day if there was something more he could have said to covince her. But if there’s one thing he learned about her, it’s that no one can force her to do anything. This is what she want’s. He’s doing what she wants. This is what makes her happy, and he’s going to make her happy even if it kills him.


        “I hate you so much right now,” Kendall says as Cara drags her across the room towards the dance floor.

        “I thought you said you were over him?” She raises a glass of vodka to her lips then downs it.

        “I am.” Her voice wobbles but she’s hoping Cara did not notice that. A drink is thrust into her hand and she stares at it for a second. “I can’t drink.” She states at her friend simply before putting the drink back at a passing tray of drinks. But before she could, Cara has stopped her.

        “Yes you can you’re nineteen, it’s legal for you to drink here.” She reasons.

        “But I don’t want to.”

        “Fine.” Cara grabs the drink from her hand and drinks it herself. “I’m sorry, okay, if that little encounter shook you up." 

        "It didn’t.” What is she even saying, is it that obvious?

        “No need to pretend with me Ken, that guy really is charming. I kinda have some experience of that myself. You can say I also got the Harry Styles teratment.” Cara laughs and Kendall can’t help but laugh with her.

        “He does this thing,” Cara moves to stand behind her back and places her arms around her middle. She puts her mouth so close to her ear she can feel her breath brush her cheeks. Kendall stands still waiting for what she’s going to do next. She knows Cara is bisexual but they have both established that their friendship is platonic. Not that it hasn’t go a chance of changing but she did not expect her to move this fast. She closes her eyes as she feels Cara press the front of her body against her back. “Girl, have you bought my new album,” she whispers in a bad imitation of Harry’s tone. Kendall cracks up and Cara chuckles behind her, disentangling herself.

        “I cannot blame you though,” Cara says when they finally stops laughing. They went out of the function room into a deserted hallway. 

        “Cannot blame me for what?” Kendall is now holding a glass of fruit juice in her hand, sipping small amounts of it.

        “For feeling the way you did a while ago, a the stairs.” Kendall stills, she thought they weren’’t going to mention anything about it again after her joke.

        “Why would you say that?” She leans against a wall while Cara positions herself the same way beside her.

        “Because he feels the same way,” Cara turns her head to look at Kendall and waits for her to meet her eyes.

        “No he doesn’t.” Kendall plays with the straw, strring her drink with it.

        “He does I could see it in his eyes while we were talking,” Kendall opens her mouth to speak but Cara raises a finger to stop her. “He was looking at me but  I can tell he wants so badly to look at you instead. He’s clenching his fists as well, as iif it’s taking him so much self-control. And his dialogue, too formal, I was forced to play along. I rolled my eyes at him once, for speaking that way, but he did not seem to notice. His head is obviously not in the conversation.” Cara shakes her head. “That boy is in too deep.” She whispers but Kendall can hear her.

        “How can you say that?” Kendall asks just as quietly.

        “Well we tried dating for a while. I know you know that. All  we had was fun, it was nothing too serious. What I felt standing with you two that close to each other, now that’s something I did not even feel when we were together. I mean not together , together. We were never like that. For fuck’s sake you get my point.” She explains.

        “I ended it,” Kendall blurts out.

        “Of course you did he can never end something that makes him feel like that.” Cara says as if it’s obvious. “Question is why did you if you feel the same.” Cara looks straight into Kendall’s eyes, Kendall looks away unable to stand the wirght of her stare.

        “It was all too much for me to handle.” Kendall shakes her head slightly. “I just turned eighteen and my modelling was taking off. I know you understand, that feeling of finally being able to do something for yourself! I— I did not want him to get in the way of it. He doesn’t mean to, but he has a way of putting his name on everyone he associates himself with. And I know it’s not his fault but I’ve worked too hard. I’ve worked too hard to detach myself from my family’s name, something I’m still trying to do everyday, only to what, to make people think that I am only getting jobs because I was dating him?” Kendall is breathless when she finished. She hasn’t told anyone about this, not even her sisters she assumed that they just understood and they did, but saying it aloud brings a relief she did not think she craved until she did.

        “But you weren’t just dating him.” Cara states daring her to argue.

        “Yes, I wasnt just dating him. I was in-love with him.” She finally admits. “I’m afraid I still am.” Her eyes are filled with fear when she looks at Cara. Cara walks away from the wall and hugs Kendall.


        Kendall reapplies her lipstick. She has laready fixed the rest of her face. Crying still messes up your make-up even if it was done on Cara Delevigne’s shoulders. She smiled at her little joke and finished by swiping at the excess lipstic with her pinky finger.        

        She walks out of the bathroom, pulling out her phone to check if she recceived any texts and puts it back to her purse when there weren’t any. She was about to round a corner when someone grabs her by the waist, a hand pressed to her mouth. She just fixed that lip and now it’s already being ruined by someone. Someone who smells very familiar.

        “It’s just me, shhh, it’s just me.” She doesn’t know why he’s hushing her when she’s not even making a sound, she’s too shocked to make any. He’s keeping his back presssed against the wall, and her pressed against him. She can’t help but relax against his body, even if the situation should have been making her as stiff as a pole.

        “I’m going to remove my hand please don’t shout.” He whispers against her ear. She almost shivered. He lifts his hand gently from her mouth, she sees a lipstick stain the shape of her mouth in his hand. He releases her grip on her waist as well and she almost felt sad.

        “Harry, what are you doing!” She scolds hitting him lightly on the chest with her purse. 

        “I can’t just go without talking to you, I can’t leave without knowing how you are, without asking you why,” He’s drunk. He’s definitely drunk. She knows that because he’s crying now. He slids his back against the wall to sit down. He makes a choking sound as he attempts to stop himself from crying.

        “Oh my god Harry,” she looks around to see if someone is aroound to witness this. There isn’t anyone but a hallway to the bathroom doesn’t keep emppty for long. She needs to act fast. “We have to get you out of here before they can photograph you like this, are you staying at your house?” She asks him.

        “How? How can you just let it go? How can you just walk out of it? How can you be alright?” He says between sobs and it’s making Kendall panic.

        She hears clicking of heels coming, she bends down to try and pull Harry up but he keeps brushing her hand away saying he can do it on his own. He tries…but fails. She sits down beside him and pulls his head to her lap so she can hide his crying face.  She stares nervously at the corner wishing it’s not one of the photographers.

        “Oh my god what happened to him?” She sighs in relief when it turns out to be Cara. 

        “Thank god It’s you.” Kendall says.

        “Yeah I though you were taking too long so I went to check on you, what is he doing spilling his snot all over your suit?” She asks again.

        “He’s drunk. Can you help me get him up?" 

        They each took one of Harry’s arms and heaved him up to his feet. 

        "Now what?” Cara asks from under Harry’s arms.

        “Can you call somebody I am not from around here.” Kendall says frustrated,

        “We can just hail a cab you know, the back entrance is not too far.” Cara answers.

        “Is that safe? No paps there?" 

        "How would I know that? He wants to do this to himself let him deal with the press the next morning." 


        "Alright, alright! Just trust me." 


        "Thanks, I owe you.” Kendall says hrough the window of the backseat of a London cab.

        “Yeah, scoot away before anyone comes. Make sure he gets home safely. I’m going back in.” Cara says before walking back the way they came.


         “You really don’t need to help me I can do this myself,” Harry slurs as Kendall tries to keep him upright. She ended up pushing him against the wall of the entrance to his house.

        “Just stay there Harry, where are your keys?” She runs her hand all over his coat praying she won’t have to put her hands inside his coat or worse over the pocket of his trousers which aren’t reallyas loose as they shoould be. Alas, he doesn’t keep his keys in his coat pockets. She sighss, wisps of fog coming out of her mouth. She must get them both inside soon or they will literally freeze to death. She’ll die first, seeing as she forgot to put her own coat snce she was in so much hurry.

        She tentatively put her hand over his thigh, squeezing gently so she’ll feel if the keys were there. “Oh for goodness’ sake Kendall, stop acting like you haven’t touched him there,” she mutters under her breath as she feel him up for the keys a little faster. They’re not in the front pockets of his trousers either. She swallows hard. She chose to search for them in the inside pockets of his coat first, slippng her hand inside it. Her hand is immediately warmed by him, by the heat coming off his chest. She must admit it feels nice, only because she’s freezing and not because his chest is still the perfect combination of hard and soft she remembers and that his shirt is unbuttoned enough she could see a bit of the swallows and the tip of the moth peeking. She shook her head a bit and got back to the task at hand. She still did not find his keys.  There’s only one more place she can check and right now she doesn’t really feel like fishing for it there.

        “Harry are you sober enough to take out your keys? Please,” she adds at the last second. She hugged herself and rubbed her arms up and down, trying to warm herself up.

        Harry gave her his lazy smile. Her favourite lazy smile he wears when he’s up to something. Back when they were still together.

        “I’m afraid I can’t,” He says resting his head against his wall and closing his eyes. he’s totally faking it and he knows that she knows. He always plays games with her when he’s drunk. They usually end up with him having to bring her breakfast in bed the next morning because she can hardly stand let alone walk to make some for them. He must be really drunk to start this with her and forget that they’ve been over for more than half a year. “Why don’t you get them yourself,"He says when he opens his eyes and looked straight at her. He pushes himself off the wall, he loses his balance for a second but he manage to keep himself standing. He put his mouth near her ear before whispering, "Help me.”

        Kendall freezes. Harry rolls his eyes and grabbed Kendall’s left hand. He guided her hand to the small of his back before slowly slipping it inside his right back pocket. He takes another step forward so now their bodies are completely in contact. “There it is.” He whispers again as he makes Kendall’s hand close inch by inch, allowing her to cup his butt while getting the keys.

        Kendall immediately removed her hand from his back pocket when the keys are finally in her hands. She side stepped and walked past him towards the front door, she feels warmth spread through her cheeks despite the cold. She opened the front door and stepped inside, knowing Harry’s sober enough to let himself in if he can pull off something like that. 

        She was walking towards his kitchen, thinking about making herself some tea before callng someone to pick her up when she hears a loud crash from where she just came from. Alright, maybe he’s not that sober. She steps out of her heels and sets them aside before turning around to walk to the heap of British boy. He didn’t even get to close the door before he fell face first onto the floor. She groans before placing her arms under his armpits and pulling him a bit just so she can close the door. 


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