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The Spark Next Door

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Summary: There’s always been a spark between you and the guy next door; when life takes a rough turn, things between you accelerate. 
Pairing: Jensen x Reader
Word Count: 4450 (without lyrics)
Warnings: Trigger warning: Short assault scene; language, drinking. Mostly fluff-type stuff, despite the warnings.
Challenge: Kari’s Favorites Challenge with the trope of “Neighbors AU” and Bronwyn’s Double Birthday Challenge where my prompt was Sparks Fly by Taylor Swift. (I can’t be the only one who thinks of certain green eyes when you hear that song!) @thing-you-do-with-that-thing @jpadjackles

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“Let me guess - you need me to kill a spider?”

“That was one time, Ackles, and that spider was huge!”

Your neighbor flashed you an adorable smile, and you managed to keep the blush off your cheeks this time. His smile always reached his to-die-for green eyes, making you go weak at the knees. Jensen was nearly eight years your senior, the owner of a very successful brewery in town, and, even with the banter that had begun when you moved into the house next door after your grandmother passed away, you knew there was nothing more than friendship between the two of you.

With a soft laugh that made your stomach flip, he stepped out onto the porch and asked what he could help you with.

“My friend Kari brought her car over – needed the oil changed and whatnot. I’m trying to change out the oil filter now, but it won’t budge.”

Kari was leaning against the hood of the car, but straightened up quick when she saw you coming back to the driveway with Jensen.

“Hi, I’m Kari,” she introduced. You envied her confidence sometimes; it had taken Jensen coming to offer help to you and your brother on move-in day for you to even think about approaching him. “Thanks for coming to help.”

“Jensen, nice to meet you. Happy to help.”

He took the oil filter wrench from you and got to work. You and Kari sat on the porch while he worked, talking about hair and makeup, and before you knew it, the tune up job was done.

“You didn’t have to finish the job,” you said, “I really appreciate that!”

“Not a problem, sunshine,” Jensen assured, wiping the sweat from his face with a greasy rag. “Anytime. How’d you get roped into doing this anyway?”

Before you could answer, Kari interjected. “She’s got a hot date tonight, and I told her I would help her get ready if she would help fix up my car. It pays to have a friend whose dad and brothers taught her a thing or two.”

Your friend headed inside then, and you walked Jensen back over to his house. He asked about your date, and you told him about the guy from work you’d had your eye on for a while.

“He finally noticed me, I guess,” you shrugged. “I’m trying not to get my hopes up about it too much. I’m a hopeless romantic, and my head runs away with my heart sometimes. Or is it the other way around? Well, whatever it is – just keeping things low-key tonight.”

Jensen agreed that was a good plan. “Just make sure he treats you right, Y/N.”

“I’m sure he will,” you assured. “Thanks again for your help with the car!”

“No problem. I’ll be at the brewery tonight. Bring Mr. Wonderful in, I’ll get you guys a round on the house.”

With a thank you and a playful wink in Jensen’s direction, you headed back to your place to shower and get ready for your date.

Bryan was handsome, tall, successful – and apparently was well aware of the fact. Once the two of you got to dinner, he was no longer the nice guy from work you chatted and joked with every now and then. He was down right full of himself, and you couldn’t wait for dinner and the movie to be over so you could get home and never think about him again.

He had other plans, apparently. Once the two of you got back in his car, he immediately leaned over the console and pressed his lips to yours. The kiss was rough and sloppy, and not a gesture you wanted to be a part of in the first place. The whole night was turning out to be a disappointment, but now you were borderline disgusted.

“Look, I just want to go home, all right?” you told Bryan when you were finally able to push him away.

He snorted. “Oh, please. The other girls have told me how hot you’ve been for me. This is your only chance, Y/N. Sure you want to pass on it?”

Who the hell did he think he was? God’s gift, clearly. With a roll of your eyes, you got out of the car. You didn’t need him. You could call a friend or one of your brothers or even a cab to get home.

You were just a few feet down the sidewalk when Bryan caught up to you and gripped your arm so tightly, you yelped. Of course, the two of you were parked so far out in the lot, there was no one around to help you. You’d have to make a break for it if he was going to be this crazy.

“Let me go!” you demanded.

Bryan squeezed tighter. “You’re nothing special, you know that? Girls like you are a dime a dozen. But if you think I’m gonna let you go back to work and tell them anything about tonight, you’ve got another thing coming.”

“I don’t want to tell anyone anything, I just want to go home!”

“After you give me what I took you out to get.”

He started to drag you back towards the car, but you dug your heels in and refused to move your feet. Bryan’s open hand came down hard across your face, shocking you momentarily, until you saw red. He was facing you now, and one hard, swift kick to the family jewels loosed his hold on you and brought Bryan to the ground, writhing in pain.

Your cheek stung like a bitch, and your feet was sore by the time you walked the five blocks to Jensen’s brewery. Constantly looking over your shoulder, expecting Bryan to be right behind you at any moment, got you to your destination in record time.

It would have been easier, you supposed, to go back into the theater and call a friend or your brothers or a cab. Your brothers would have gone to jail after hunting Bryan down, though, and any of your friends would have made it into far more drama than you wanted to deal with just then. That left the cab, but you didn’t want to go home and be alone, either.

So here you were, standing at the bar of the brewery with bruises forming on your arm and face. Tear stains formed streaks from your eyes to your jaw. You found an open spot at the corner of the bar against the wall; you didn’t see Jensen immediately, so you sent him a text. If he didn’t answer in a few minutes, you’d ask someone to track him down for you.

Are you still at work? I’m sitting at the bar.

You wanted to somehow warn him of your current state, but you didn’t know how to word it. A minute after you sent the text, Jensen appeared from the back. He spotted you instantly. His smile turned to a look of concern, and he made a beeline for where you were sitting.

“What the hell happened?” Jensen asked, his voice laced with the same concern in his expression, plus a touch of anger.

Your chin quivered and your eyes watered all over again. Being here, with someone familiar, was the relief of safety; for that reason, you couldn’t stop yourself from crying. Jensen took your hand and told you to follow him to the back. He led you to his office, sat you in his comfy desk chair, and told you he would be right back.

By the time Jensen returned, you had composed yourself. He handed you an opened bottle of your favorite beer, then carefully set an ice pack against your face.

“Wanna tell me what happened?” Jensen asked, this time much more calm than his initial inquiry.

You bit your bottom lip. “Mr. Wonderful turned out to be Mr. Not-So-Wonderful.”

Jensen nodded as though he had figured as much. “Just your face?”

“He slapped my face,” you explained. “And he grabbed my arm.”

Jensen gently rolled up your sleeve to inspect your arm. It was already bruising, but there wasn’t much ice could do for you there. At least on your face, it kept the swelling down.

“What do you wanna do?” Jensen asked.

“I just want to go home, but I don’t want to be alone. And I don’t want to make a crazy big deal out of this.”

Jensen caressed the uninjured side of your face before leaning back on the desk. He must have been considering whether or not to go with what you wanted, or make you call the police.

“All right. Stay here. Give me ten minutes, then I’ll take you home.”

You nodded and kept the ice on your face. The stinging had turned to a burn, so the ice was soothing. It had started to melt and you were dropping the bag into the trash can when Jensen returned.

“Sorry,” he said sheepishly. “Had to rearrange some things.”

You were suddenly self-conscious. “Jensen, you didn’t have to do that for me …”

“I did,” he replied quickly. “I mean, you’re my friend and you came to me for help. C’mon, sunshine. Let’s get you home.”

As you followed Jensen out to his truck, you thought about what he had said. It had never occurred to you that the two of you were more than neighbors and acquaintances, but Jensen saying the two of you were friends certainly made you feel less regretful about going to him for help. That didn’t mean, of course, that you didn’t try to explain yourself the moment you were seated in the passenger seat.

“It’s just that my brothers would have been way pissed, and Kari would have made it a bigger deal than it needed to be. I just wanted to go home and be safe.”

“I can understand that. We’ll handle this your way, but for the record, that doesn’t mean this isn’t a big deal or that I’m not pissed. You don’t deserve to be treated that way – nobody does.”

The rest of the ride home was silent. Jensen parked his truck in his driveway, then asked for your house key.

“I’ll go in first. Can’t be too careful.”

You had no problem with that. Never in your life had you been treated the way Bryan had treated you, and it scared you shitless, quite frankly. Having Jensen there was a welcome comfort.

“I think you’re good,” he said, handing back the key. You placed it in your purse, which you went to put in your room.

When you came back, Jensen was still standing near the doorway, looking somewhat nervous. You cleared your throat.

“I don’t think I’ll sleep tonight. Have you eaten? I’ll cook for you,” you offered.

“I ate.” He finally pulled his hands from his pocket. “I don’t want to make you uncomfortable with what you’ve been through tonight, but I don’t really want you to be alone. Somehow next door doesn’t seem close enough.” He chuckled, nervously. “If you want me to crash on the couch or stay up with you, I will. Or we can go to my place. Whatever will make you feel safe.”

You breathed a sigh of relief. “I wasn’t sure how to bring that up, so thanks for doing it for me. I’m gonna take a shower, then maybe we can watch a movie or something?”

Jensen nodded. “Sounds good.”

You disappeared into the bathroom with your favorite fluffy towel, and started the water as hot as you could stand it. You cried a little again, just from the emotions of what had happened, when washing your tender face brought everything rushing back as though it had happened just a few minutes ago, and not an hour or so. You wrapped up your shower pretty quick, dressed in sweats and a tank top, and went back out to the living room.

Jensen was sitting on the couch, playing on his phone. He looked up at you and smiled. “Feeling a little better?”

“A little,” you nodded. “You changed?”

“Yeah, ran home real quick while you showered. Grabbed a six pack of locals, too.”

You smirked when he handed you a longneck of beer from his brewery. It was pretty delicious, so you took a good long drink after that initial sip to taste.

You answered Kari’s text message about how the date had went while Jensen debated between a couple of funny movies for the two of you to watch. You kept your answer relatively vague, but promised to tell her the whole story at work the next day.

Thanks to half the six-pack and the shock wearing off, you were asleep before the movie was over. Without realizing it, you dozed off against Jensen’s shoulder. He covered you with the comforter you had dragged out from your bedroom, switched from the DVD player to the TV, and fell asleep with an arm around placed protectively around you.

When the two of you woke the next morning, stretched out on the couch together, your cheek against Jensen’s chest, you were only a little embarrassed. A potentially anxiety-and-paranoia-filled night had turned into a quiet, comforting evening. You got up and made a pot of coffee before dressing for work. As you got ready, you were quiet as you could be so you didn’t wake Jensen until you needed to leave.

“Hey,” you said softly, sitting next to him. “I’m leaving for work. You can stay as long as you want, just lock the door on your way out.”

Jensen nodded and made you promise to be careful before falling asleep again. It was strange in a very pleasant way to leave a man you didn’t know extremely well but felt so safe and familiar with asleep on your couch.

When you got to work and told Kari the whole story, she made about as big of a deal out of it as you expected, but you quickly shushed her.

“I don’t want a lot of people to know, all right? I’m not embarrassed I just – I don’t want to talk about it. And other people are liable to talk anyway.”

Kari didn’t like it, but she promised to keep quiet. Your workday went on as usual, until Bryan found you sometime after lunch.

“Hey Y/N,” he greeted, as though nothing had happened. “I really enjoyed last night.”

You rolled your eyes and otherwise ignored him. He made himself comfortable; you used all of your willpower not to make eye contact. Your heart was racing. Not even twenty-four hours ago, this same smiling, pleasant man had slapped you across the face and would have likely done far worse if you hadn’t gotten away.

“I will have you, you know,” Bryan said, leaning forward so that anyone passing by wouldn’t be able to hear him. “I always get what I want. I’m sure you still want me – no one lets go that easily.”

Thanks God for Kari, who had been checking on you periodically throughout the day as it was. She frowned when she saw Bryan talking to you, but the moment he spotted her, he simply winked at you and left.

“What was that about?” Kari asked.

Attempting not to have a panic attack, you went ahead and told her what Bryan had said.

“You can’t keep on with this, Y/N,” she said sternly. “Sounds like last night was just the start. If he isn’t taking a kick to the junk as a hint, Lord knows what he is capable of.”

You ran a hand through your hair. “I know.”

“Please, at least go talk to the boss. Get yourself or Bryan re-assigned so you don’t have to see him.”

You hated the idea of being a victim – that was part of the humiliation of all of this. Kari was right though. With her encouragement, you went right to the boss’s office and spilled the whole story.

Your boss sighed. “I’m sympathetic with you, Y/N, really. Unfortunately, as the incident happened away from company property, our policy is not to get involved.”

“You’re kidding?!”

She leaned forward on her desk. “Without a restraining order of some kind, my hands are tied.”

You nodded, feeling full confidence for the first time that day. “Fine. Then I am officially handing in my resignation. I’m sorry, but I can’t work in an unsafe environment.”

She didn’t bother calling you back to her office or anything; for that reason, you were even more comfortable with your decision. Another job would come along and until then, well, you would figure things out.

You weren’t going to be a victim of this thing that had happened to you.

Kari offered to cancel her date that night to hang out with you, but you assured her you would be fine. It was clearly all for the best, and you had some things to figure out, anyway.

It didn’t help that the easiest distraction from your problems was your neighbor’s green eyes and devastating smile. When you thought about the way he had cared for you the night before, how protective he had been, you got butterflies in your stomach. The idea embarrassed you only a little; surely he wasn’t into younger women. Whatever had gone on last night had been because you were friends, like Jensen said.

That didn’t stop you from putting on your most casually adorable outfit and driving over to the brewery. Jensen had texted you earlier in the day that he would be working the bar if you needed anything, and that planted the seed in your mind. Even if you didn’t expect anything to happen, it wouldn’t hurt to have a couple drinks while you ogled your crush. You know, to cheer yourself up.

The smile he gave you when you took a seat at the bar erupted even more butterflies in your stomach. You gave a little wave and smiled bigger when he came over to see you.

“Your face looks better,” Jensen commented.

“Wow, thanks,” you teased him.

Jensen laughed. “You know what I mean. What’ll be?”

“Same we had last night, please. I really liked that.”

“Ah, my favorite.” He filled a pint glass and set it in front of you. “Not too much. You’ve got to work in the morning.”

You shook your head as you drank down a good portion of the beer. “I quit.”

Jensen’s eyes went wide, but you explained about Bryan’s remarks and your boss’s reaction. When you were done telling the whole thing, he said he was proud of you.

“I’m glad you stood up for yourself.”

“Even if your friend is an unemployed loser now?” you snorted. It had been meant as a joke, but fell just shy of humor.

Jensen chucked you under the chin. “You’re not a loser, Y/N. I don’t care that you’re unemployed, but if you want, you can work here for a while, till you find something else.”

“Jensen, you don’t have to do that. You’ve helped me enough – more than enough.”

He shook his head. “I told you when you moved in next door that I was here to help with whatever you need, and I meant that. Now, you’ve already been drinking so you can’t start tonight. How about Monday?”

You could have hugged him across the counter, you were so excited. You agreed to meet him there Monday morning to get started.

“I find it interesting that he is so quick to help you all of the sudden,” Kari commented when she came over the next day. “Like after he found out you were dating someone.”

“I wasn’t dating someone, I went on a date with somebody and it turned out awful,” you corrected.

Kari rolled her eyes. “Not the point, Y/N/N.”

“Your point is invalid. Jensen had helped with a lot of things since I moved in.”

Kari nodded. “How many times before all of this did you two fall asleep on your couch together before all of this?”

You didn’t want to answer her. You knew what she was getting at, but if you allowed yourself to go there, even just in your mind, you were setting yourself up for disappointment. Just like that hadn’t stopped you from dressing cute and going to the brewery to see him when you needed cheering up, it didn’t stop you from dressing to impress to meet him Monday morning, either,

After giving you a full tour of the place, Jensen went through the office duties that would now be your responsibility. You had expected to be waiting tables or washing dishes; Jensen warned you there would be some of that but mostly you would be working as his office manager.

You sat on the counter of the bar while he put away glasses, teasing him about taking advantage of the new help, when he looked at you with an expression that fell somewhere between amused and curious.

“What if I did take advantage?” he asked.

Your smile quickly faded. “Seriously? Of me?”

Jensen set down the glass in his and moved closer to where you were sitting. He settled himself between your knees; you weren’t offended but … well, you weren’t exactly sure what you were feeling at that moment.

“I mean, not really take advantage of course,” Jensen clarified. That wasn’t something you were worried about, but you appreciated the effort. His fingers pushed your hair behind your ear. “But I was already thinking about you probably way more than I should. Then everything went down with that guy, and you came to me. It got me thinking about more things I probably shouldn’t be thinking about.”

The uncertainty fell away and you knew exactly what you felt and exactly what you wanted. When Jensen’s hand carded into your hair before gently guiding your mouth towards his, a daydream you had indulged in time and time again became a reality.

When Jensen parted from you, he did so slowly; somehow, he must have known that you wouldn’t be able to hold yourself upright immediately after he broke that perfect kiss. A million things were running through your head. When you were able to form a coherent sentence again, you decided to just be honest with him.

“A few days ago, I had a date with a guy I’ve ha d my eye on for a while. It didn’t turn out so well.”

“I know,” he said softly, not moving from where he stood. His hands ran up and down your thighs, and the movement sent shivers up and down your spine.

Deep breath. “I’ve had a thing for you since I met you pretty much. With you being older than me, and my neighbor who helped me every now and then, I never expected anything to come of it. Then all of that happened, and now we’re sleeping on couches together and you’re telling me things and we’re kissing on your bar.”

“I know,” Jensen said again.

“Say something besides ‘I know’.”

He kissed you, a soft, chaste peck this time. “I don’t want to rush this. I don’t want you to be uncomfortable. I know it didn’t work out for you so well last time, getting the guy you wanted. But I want you too, Y/N. I want to get to know you better and be your best friend and take care of you. Maybe though, we can start with dinner tomorrow night? You know, a proper one. Kari can come over to help you get ready, I’ll put on some expensive cologne. That kind of thing.”

“I’d like that,” you said with a light laugh. “Thank you for understanding.”

Jensen nodded and helped you off the bar. “I’ve got you, sunshine.”

Monday and Tuesday were usually the days the brewery was closed, so that everyone could recover from the weekend. You and Jensen had gone in the day before so he could finish up the paperwork from the weekend and show you how things worked. With all of your nerves over your date that night, you appreciated that you had the day off.

With all of that nervous energy, you decided it would be a good day to deep clean the house before you had to get ready to go out with Jensen later that night. You opened the windows and let the early summer breeze air out the place.

Always careful about bothering the neighbors, you had your music quietly playing as you moved about the house. A lawn mower revved up outside in the early afternoon, so you turned up the volume on your music.

You were in a pair of jean cutoffs and a thin, loose tank top. No shoes on your feet, and your hair in a messy bun on your head. You’d washed your face that morning, but the glow of the sweat build-up from working in the house had added a sheen to your exposed skin.

Drop everything now
Meet me in the pouring rain
Kiss me on the sidewalk
Take away the pain
‘Cause I see, sparks fly, whenever you smile
Get me with those green eyes, baby
As the lights go down
Gimme something that’ll haunt me whenever you’re not around
‘Cause I see, sparks fly, whenever you smile

You didn’t care one bit about that when one of your guilty pleasure songs came on and you immediately thought of Jensen.

It didn’t matter that you were a mess or that you were going to see him later. You had something to tell Jensen, and you needed to tell him now.

You jogged out the front door, the screen slamming behind you. You looked over towards Jensen’s house and saw that he was the one mowing. He was shirtless, sweat dripping down his face and chest, and that only made your heart quicken. Summoning up the courage, you stood in front of the mower.

Jensen came to an abrupt stop and took the headphones from his ears. “Y/N, you all right?”

You nodded. “I know this must sound crazy, but I couldn’t wait until tonight to tell you. I want to get to know you better and be your best friend and take care of you, too. I don’t want to do this slow dating thing. I want us to do this, for real.”

He stood to the side of the mower. “You sure?”

“As sure as I’ve ever been of anything. I’ve spent way too long just being the girl next door. I want to be your girl.”

Jensen grinned. The connection between the two of you became magnetic; you met in the middle of the distance between you. Jensen pulled you up into his arms, and your legs wrapped around his hips. You pressed your mouth hard against Jensen’s, but forming that pucker to kiss him was difficult.

All you could do in that moment was smile.

Sentence Prompts

Here’s more sentence prompts!!

101: “You’re not my mom; you can’t tell me what to do!”
102: “You need to decrease your attitude size from a black hole to an electron.”
103: “Keep your hands and feet inside the vehicle at all times or suffer the consequences.”
104: “I don’t kidnap, I just temporarily borrow a person.”
105: “I’m dangerous, but as long as you don’t give me a reason, I’ll never be a threat.”
106: “Are you trying to give us away?”
107: “Insanity is a parasite; once one of us have it, it spreads.”
108: “Not everyone deserves a second chance.”
109: “I feel like shit now. Thanks a lot.”
110: “Please tell me you’re a butcher or something.”
111: “I’m not sadistic, I just like watching the people I hate suffer.”
112: “If you’re trash then I’ll be your trash can.”
113: “Sometimes I wish I didn’t eat meat.”
114: “Oh my god, that’s a severed hand.”
115: “I’m the cute one.”
116: “I want one.”
117: “There was a time I honestly cared what you thought about me.”
118: “Isn’t it great to live with rules, expectations, regulations, restrictions, and a ball of cotton candy?”
119: “I will not repeat what I just said.”
120: “Did you just gif me?”
121: “Bow before the king! …Actually could you hug me instead because I’m feeling really insecure right now?”
122: “…No.”
123: “I wish I was gay.”
124: “I’m sick of being in your shadow.”
125: “It’s time to get the hell outta dodge.”
126: “I’ve always wondered what the inside of an igloo looks like.”
127: “I want the TV for the next two days because I need a movie marathon.”
128: “I thought you hated that.”
129: “Um… it’s not what you think…”
130: “Now here’s the question…”
131: “Are you trying to get me in a threesome?”
132: “I may be clueless, but I’m not an idiot. Being an idiot is your job.”
133: “These bruises are just occupational hazards.”
134: “My goods cost more than just a pretty face.”
135: “I want my first kiss to be super cliche, but I don’t want to plan it out. Feel me?”
136: “First world problems, am I right?”
137: “Sometimes I just want to smash every bone in your body and other times I only want to smash a couple.”
138: “That look in your eye is really scaring me and not in a good way.”
139: “The store was having their post-Easter sale so now I have a pantry full of cheap candy.”
140: “I lack the coordination to play any kind of sport and now you’re asking me to play frisbee?”
141: “I wish I may, I wish I might, get away with the murder I’m committing tonight.”
142: “This is meant for kings and queens and that is the exact reason I should never touch it.”
143: “We should get a hot tub.”
144: “Your teeth look like they could fall out if I punch them. Let’s experiment, shall we?”
145: “I suggest you run.”
146: “Please tell me you didn’t order thirty-seven things of blueberry pancake mix.”
147: “Who are you trying to impress? ‘Cause right now, I don’t think even your mom wants to see that.”
148: “I require alone time so I can recharge my social stamina.”
149: “My thoughts take an abrupt turn from pleasant to horrifying anytime I see you.”
150: “You thought I was the pawn in your game of chess, that you were the king; you were wrong. I’m the player.”

2P! America BF Headcanons

2P!America/Allen D. Jones Boyfriend Headcanons:

  • will protect you at absolutely all costs
  • he is vvv protective; if someone looks at you the wrong way they weren’t even a thought after
  • he plays baseball a lot and would love it if you went to his games
  • ^ would run up and kiss you after winning a game
  • he’s a star
  • loves to cuddle and kiss and do romantic things but will also probably suggest midnight train-hopping for ‘fun’
  • is from Brooklyn/Boston and always speaks w/ that hella hot accent 
  • he always wants to carry you/give you piggy back rides
  • i hc him pansexual panromantic
  • he’s pretty insecure and will just need you to hold him and be there for him sometimes
  • he’s a b a d a s s and is known for his cool bad boy rep
  • he would never do anything illegal with you tho
  • absolutely hates seeing you hurt
  • will prob do anything you ask of him
  • “al i’m braiding flowers into your hair” “you got it baby”
  • “al we’re gonna get onesies and go to the mall” “i’ll get my keys”
  • “al i accidentally set a kindergarten on fire and need somewhere to hide” “basement’s all yours doll”
  • he has a hot ass motorcycle he’ll take you on anytime and anywhere
  • like
  • holy fu ck
  • damn boi
  • i’m sorry i have a 12039% motorcycle kink excuse m e
  • he loves to bathe with you
  • like not even sexually
  • tho it can be
  • wink wonk ;)
  • he will kick anyone’s ass for you
  • and would love it if you could kick his 
  • loves to adventure with you
  • would totally take you on roadtrips with him and Matt
  • looks like he could kill somebody and could but it actually a cinnamon roll
  • don’t even get me started on the way he looks at you without you noticing
  • his s/o will be treated like royalty
  • he loVES puns and jokes
  • so many inside jokes together
  • like b o i
  • loves Marvel/DC too and will die if you don’t
  • at least sit through one movie
  • p l s 
  • total nerd
  • has 583520 comic books
  • goes to cons and cosplays a lot (wants couples cosplays so bad)
  • is all sciencey and stuff
  • don’t get him started on space
  • he can rap like H E L L
  • and breakdance
  • it’s super hot
  • will take you around NEw York
  • shows you all the cool spots no one knows about
  • late night motorcycle rides
  • constant love and affection
  • this is not the end of my list
  • i have eternal allen hcs
  • jUSt
  • aLLen JoNEs eVeryBOdy
She’s leaving, Dean.

Pairing: Sam x Trisha (oc), Sam x Reader, Dean, Crowley
Word count: 19,583
: Swearing, angry Sam, smut, NSFW gifs
Co-authored with: @reigningqueenofwords
A/N: So, this is us just screwing around. We’re winging it.  Also, we tried to keep things as close to their personalities as possible, and if a power isn’t in the show…just go with it haha- Brittiny
Original post date :
April 4th, 2016

Chapeter 1 of She’s Leaving, Dean.

“Sammy?” You called out, walking in the door. You’d been out on a solo hunt for a few days, and missed your best friend. You adored him, and would have jumped at the chance to be with him…but you didn’t think he felt the same way. Dean knew about your crush. It wasn’t like you did a good job of hiding it.

Figuring that he was in his room, you dropped your bag off on your bed before walking to his. You debated on knocking or not. Normally it didn’t matter, so you shrugged it off. Opening the door, you hadn’t expected to see another person with him.

You cursed under your breath and quietly shut the door hoping they hadn’t seen you. Once the door was shut, you leaned on it for a second, took a deep breath and went to your room.

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Like An Angel ~ Chapter Three

An Oh Sehun We Got Married series

Not Requested

Genre: Romance // Slightly steamy

Summary: (of this series) Two idols, one show, one marriage. Can you and Sehun fake your marriage for the fans? Or will that fake marriage start something between the two of you?

Summary: (of this chapter) Opening presents with Sehun! A fan signing with EXO. And lots of thinking about your feelings towards him.

Word Count: 4,800 words

{Chapter one} {Chapter two} {Chapter three} {Chapter four, coming soon}

“Noona,” he repeats again.

“Yes, Sehun?” you whisper into his ear.

“Don’t let go of me.”

“I won’t,” you say. “I won’t ever let go of you.”

“Promise?” he begs.

“I promise.” you assure him.

He looks up at you with teary eyes and exhales. And in that moment, he swears you look like an angel.

There he was. On your bed, snuggling your blanket and breathing heavily. His body was spread out like a starfish as you stood there and stared. You weren’t too sure of what to do. After his emotional breakdown in your arms just a few minutes ago, you allowed him to sleep in your bed when you saw his eye bags. You were across the room sitting on a nearby chair, quietly sipping milk. You were proud of Sehun. Obviously you were upset that he was upset, but you were happy that he came to you to vent. He never did tell you why he was feeling what he was feeling, but you didn’t mind. You were going to wait until he was even more comfortable with you.

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desk. [imagine five]

A/N:   almost pure smut, rated NC17, and actually can’t believe I wrote this, lmao. it is my first time writing smut so take it easy on me :)

Sex isn’t everything in a relationship. But ever since I started dating him, I had become insatiable. I couldn’t get enough of him. It was like we had months and months of an emotional relationship and we were making up for the loss time with physical stuff.

When we weren’t having sex, I was thinking about having sex. With him. I couldn’t keep him off of me either.

“What’s up?” My friend next to me whispered, as I had zoned out in class thinking about sex… again.

“Nothing much,” I whispered back, getting back to reality. We had only a week and a half of high school left and then I could have sex with him anytime I want.

“No, I know that look on your face,” she accused, narrowing her eyes. “You’re horny!”

“Keep it down,” I hissed, but the blush on my face already gave me away. I am horny. And I want him now.

“Who has you this hot and bothered?” She questioned. “It is Mystery Man?”

I couldn’t tell my closest friends about him – although they wouldn’t be surprised we finally linked up. So to explain for my sudden occupation of time, I deemed my teacher boyfriend as Mystery Man. I told them they would find out soon enough.

The only people that know about him is my parents – but only because I warned them earlier this year that I was ready to lock down on my crush that I had on him for years. At the time, I was joking… never did I actually think this was going to happen. They were as supportive as they could be having their eighteen year old daughter in a relationship with her twenty-seven year old teacher. It’s been three months now and they’re used to hosting dinners or me going to sleep over at his place. With being an adult and at the end of my high school education, they realize there isn’t much they could do to stop me and would rather know what I was doing than sneaking around.

“Can I help you with something?” A voice said from behind me. His voice. There were hints of amusement, he probably picked up on the last few bits of the conversation with my friend.

“Yeah,” I breathed out, trying to not make it sound like a moan. I squeezed my thighs together and gulped, “but it can wait until after class. I really want to be prepared for this final.”

He quirked an eyebrow, picking up on my neediness. “Understandable. I have no doubt in my mind you’ll do very well on the final, but we can go over the study guide together.”

“Ugh,” my friend groaned when he walked away to check on other’s progress. “I have already accepted my fate in this class. I’m going to graduate anyway with or without an ‘A’.”

We continued to talk about our weekend plans, since it was Friday, and the bell finally rang. Most people shot out of that classroom like the building was on fire: seniors + the end of the year + last class on a Friday = everyone is out of the building in two minutes.

When the last student scampered out, he rolled up his sleeves of his dress shirt – ugh his arms – and locked the door. “What can I do for you, Miss?”

“Shut up,” I moaned, grabbing him by the back of his head to get his lips on mine.

He moaned as well and walked us back to his desk, where I sat on the edge of it. My thigh accidentally brushed against his straining erection and I knew that he was just as horny for me as I was for him.

“You have to be quiet,” he said against my lips. “We’re so close to the end of the year…”

“I know,” I agreed quickly, tugging at his belt loops. “I know this is a bad idea but I can’t help it.”

“Neither can I,” he said, kissing down my neck as he parts my legs. “Especially when you wear these skirts.”

I smirked and pushed him closer to me so he was right against my center, the friction hitting me just right. “Makes it a tad bit easier, doesn’t it?”

He ground harder to me and I had to put my mouth against his shoulder to muffle whatever sound I was making. I clawed at his back, wanting to get skin to skin contact but both of our shirts were in the way. He shook his head slightly, denying my want, and I knew that this was going to be a quick session.

“Staff meeting,” he explained as he pushed my panties to the side. I was already dripping for him as he pressed his thumb against my clit firmly. I struggled to keep down my moans and had to bite his shoulder again.

“You’re already ready for me,” he said amazed, he had inserted two fingers inside, making a swirly motion. My favorite motion.

“Have been all day,” I replied, having a hard time with my breathing. “How much time do we have?”

“Fifteen minutes,” he said, unbuckling his belt pulling down his pants in one swift motion. I shimmied out of my underwear, and spread my legs wider for him. He stared down at me, “Okay maybe twenty.”

I grabbed his dick and spread the pre-cum from the top with my fingers, him growing a little more in my hand. I then led him into my opening, and he pushed in assertively with one quick thrust.

A moan escaped my mouth before I could control it, I could feel myself stretching to accommodate his size. His girth was enough to hit all the important things, so him just being inside of me was enough to make me on the verge of cumming.

His breath of relief when he had slid in all the way made me gaze up at him. His eyes were filled with wonder, like it was the first time all over again. “There is nothing I like more than being in you,” he said, as he kissed my forehead.

My heart melted at his declaration, he was honestly so sweet. But while on a time crunch and me being as horny as I was, I was ready to get things moving. I swiveled my hips a little, trying to gain some friction.

“Sorry, got caught in the moment,” he breathed, as he started to thrust evenly inside of me.

I met each thrust, my arms started to struggle holding me up under such circumstances. “Don’t be sorry,” I panted. “I love you.”

He squeezed his eyes shut, I know he was concentrating to not end this prematurely. “I love you, too.”

His pace picked up rapidly while his thrusts got deeper. Each time he slid in, his pubic bone hit my clitoris just right and I started to become undone.

“That’s it baby,” he encouraged. “Let go for me.”

I clenched around him, my legs were shaky, and my breath became wild. I had to pull him down and kiss him on the mouth so he could swallow my moans I so badly wanted to voice. He followed after me, still kissing me.

I leaned back on the desk, out of breath. We’ve never had desk sex before, much less in his place of work. It was erotic and hot. Although I’d be glad to have to hide anymore, I’d miss the thrill our relationship had – the stakes being so high. This was a nice finale to our forbidden tale, right before I graduated.

I finally collected my bearings and sat up, still breathing deeply. “Wow.”

“Wow is correct,” he said, pulling up his pants and rebuckling them. “We probably shouldn’t have done that.”

“But I’m glad we did,” I smiled, hopping down from his desk. My legs still felt a teensy wobbly and I had to use him to right myself. My lower back ached from being pressed into the desk during the sex and I wondered briefly if I’d have a bruise there.

“Me too,” he agreed. “Ugh I still have to go to that meeting.”

“I’ll be at your apartment waiting,” I smiled, swinging the backpack over my shoulder.

“Christ, you really are insatiable,” he ran his fingers through his hair, trying to look presentable.

His attempts were pathetic and I took pity, helping him tame his “just fucked” hair. “Yeah, I don’t really know why I’ve been like this lately,” I shrugged.

“Well, I’m not complaining,” he pecked my lips and grabbed his laptop. “See you at home then.”

“Wait!” I called out, noticing a lack of something. “My panties!”

His grin couldn’t be any wider as I saw the slight bulge in his back pocket. “I’m not sure what you’re talking about.”

Regret - Chapter 1 (Eric X Fox)

Rating: M (swearing, violence, smut - everything you’ve come to expect from me :* )

Genre: Drama/Angst

****Trigger Warnings - Abuse, Domestic Violence, Child Peril****

Thanks everyone for the re-blogs and support!!! IT IS SO AWESOME!!!

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********************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************                                          A NEW ERIC AND FOX STORY


She sighed, a high breathy sound and tipped her head back. His lips trailed along her throat, his teeth biting roughly and a shiver shot through her body. He rose above her, muscles straining as he drove into her again and again, and there was an edge of desperation to his movements. They never had enough time together, never could sate their need for each other, always had to part before they satisfied their urges.

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classicwom  asked:

Huge Ackma-er, I mean Hugh Jackman 😈

Let’s Play - How hot is the celebrity

Send me an ask with a celebrity name. I’ll answer using the following format:

Not my type | Eh | He’s Alright | He’s cute| Totally Adorable | I’d Kiss Him | He is gorgeous | I can’t stop staring | FUCK ME - anytime/anywhere

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I’ve loved HJ since Kate and Leopold…

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And then I heard him sing when he hosted Tonys and that was it for me… I’ve loved him ever since.

Don’t get me started on this trio ….

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Anytime Mr. Jackman… any place. :: could you bring your confused knight friend too??::

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Take Care Of You (Derek & Sammy)

(A/N: I’m so sorry for taking over 9,000 years on this, I’m lazy as fuck. And, I’ve run out of ideas on how to start imagines lately lmao. But, I tried my best so pls don’t hate me, I hate me enough already. But on the other hand, I hope you enjoy it 💖)

Request: Can you do one similar but with Derek and Sammy and make it extra smuttty! Please

  I walked through the crowded hallways, anxious for my upcoming tests in my math and English tests today. Why the hell do teachers give tests and quizzes on Fridays? It fucks up the joy the weekend coming up. You would usually look forward to Friday due to the anticipation on the weekend rapidly approaching. But instead, you dread Fridays, due to the anxiety of the rapidly approaching tests.

I walked into the dull, depressing English room and took my seat in the back of the room by the wall. I sat down and skimmed my notes. I looked to my left as I felt a tap on my shoulder. 

   “Hey, what the hell is this test on?” Asked Derek, the captain of the football team. Now I’m not gonna be cliché and blabber on and on about how popular he is and how much “power” he has, but he is pretty cool to people. But he literally talks to anyone that has a ‘positive ora’ as he once told me. I’ve talked to him on occasion. I wouldn’t say we were friends though, more like acquaintances. We converse and joke around in this class, but in a hotbed class, we don’t sit next to each other, so there’s no real point in going out of our way to chat. 

   “I think it’s on the Franklin D. Roosevelt article we read this week. We’re supposed to answer questions based on our understanding or something, I’m not very sure.” I respond after thinking about it. He nods.

  “Oh okay, thanks.” We both go back to looking through our binders and he stops, thinks and turns to me. 

 “Hey, where’s the article? I lost it.” He asks. “It’s in the absentee folder.” I respond, pointing towards the table in the front of the room. 

  “Good looks.” He nods and heads int eh direction I was pointing in. As he’s up there, Sammy waltzed into class a few seconds before the bell, saving his ass. Derek looks up and sees him, slapping him up in the process and going to sit down with his new paper.

   The day goes on as it usually does, everyday is the same repetitive cycle of me and sleeping in class, waking up in the last ten minutes and scribbling down all of the notes and then leaving to do the same in different classes. I’m tired of the repetition, I need some excitement in my life. 

  But of course, I have no friends at school and no social life whatsoever. It’s finally time to go and I’m at my locker, grabbing my jacket off of the hook in my locker. Derek’s shoulder slams against the locker next to me in a goofy manner, giving me a silly look until the pain of impact kicks in and he hisses and rubs his shoulder, causing me to laugh at his dumb behavior. 

  “How about we hang out for the first time together outside of school, huh?” He asks. I’m definitely taken aback. What does he want from me? Why is he asking me if all people to hang out after school together? 

   “Um sure but, why me?” I ask in suspicion of his intentions.

  “We talk in English and you’re pretty cool, so why not hang out together outside of school? My parents work late and I’m the only person in the house until about nine so I’m bored and lonely. I like hanging it with new people.” He explains. 

  “Sure, why not?” I reply, still a bit nervous about it. 

  “Let’s go then” he suggests linking our arms and dragging me out of school with him. 

  “Yo, Luh! Wait up!” We turn to see Sammy running up to us, out of breath already. 

  “What?” Derek asked. 

 "I’m bored, I wanna go too.“ Sammy claimed. Derek shrugged and led us to his black bmw. I hopped in the back seat, Sammy in the front. I looked out the window as they talked to each other about the people on the football team and how to win their upcoming game against an undefeated team. I watched as the scenery changed completely, going from the busy streets of downtown, to an almost deserted area of trees and grass. It was so beautiful, so calming, so natural. I wouldn’t mind at all living here. 

  I jumped at the sound of Derek and Sammy unbuckling their seat belts and getting out, causing me to do the same and follow them up to the front door of the big brick house in front of us. The door opened to reveal a very cozy looking house. This house is literally a place where I’d happily raise a family. The furniture was perfectly placed and picked out. 

  "You can sit down if you’d like.” Derek politely offered. I nodded and headed over to the black suede couch that sat right across from a big flat screen tv that was placed on the wall above the mantle of the fire place. 

  “I’ll be right back to get some snacks. Sam, put on a game or something." 

  Derek heads to the kitchen as Sammy headed towards the dvd rack, looking for a game to play. He picked up a random disc and put it in the Xbox. He walked over and sat next to me with a controller in his hand. 

   "first time you’ve been over here before?” He asked. I nodded nervously. 

  “It’s nice in here isn’t it?” He asks, laughing. I nodded once again with a polite smile. 

  “You can talk to me you know, you don’t have to keep nodding and what not." 

  "I’m sorry, I’m just not used to… This.” I said motioning with my hands, the area of the living room. 

  “You’re not used to nice things?” He asks curiously, I giggle at his confusion. 

  “No, not that. I’m not used to, you know, hanging out with guys all by myself.” I state nervously. He laughs. 

  “Oh, don’t worry. We’ll take good care of you.” He pats my knee, his hand going up a bit as he rubs it a little. I don’t think much of it as I continue to look around.

  “Okay, I’ve got some Doritos and sprite.” Derek walks in, placing the food on the coffee table. I thank him quietly and reach for the chips in an attempt to drown out the awkward with food.

  Derek sits down next to me, sandwiching me between him and Sam. About fifteen minutes later, as they’re still playing their game, my friend texted me.

   ‘Where are you?’ she asked

‘I’m with Derek and Sam.’ i replied, looking over to see if either of them were watching me, they weren’t so i kept texting.

  ‘Oooh get some’ she texted back. I blushed and my eyes widened as I tried to hide my screen. I looked to see Sam looking at my screen with a smirk on his face.

  “What does that say babe?” he asks slyly, reaching for my phone.

   “Nothing!” I yell out, moving my phone to my other side to just have it taken away by Derek. I sigh at my stupidity. He grabs my hand and unlocks my phone using my thumb print before I could move or protest. 

  “Get some? What exactly do you want?” He laughs out. I blush even harder. My head rolls back with my eyes at the same time.

  “Don’t mind her, she’s just joking. Please give me my phone back.” I plead.

  He moves it higher, above his head. I sigh and reach for it, failing miserably.

  “Ugh, don’t make me beg for it.” I mentally curse myself for my choice of words, knowing that it would bite me in the ass.

  “Mm, I’d love to hear you beg.” He purrs and tosses my phone to Sam. I look towards Sam as he catches it and shoves it in his back pocket. I was about to ask for it again but I was interrupted by Derek’s wet lips on my neck.

  “What are you doing?” I gasp in surprise. Sam laughs and moves closer towards me. 

  “We made a deal that we could both get to have you a the same time because we’re both desperate to have you. All we need is your approval.” Sam explains quickly, not wasting anytime. 

  I think about it for a second. A threesome? I’m not as experienced as the rest of the girls they’ve been with, I  don’t know if I can handle a threesome. But look at them, they’re so hot and oh my God, Derek’s lips feel so good on my neck. My eyes flutter shut and I moan a bit, causing them both to chuckle. Fuck it.

  “Okay” I agree. They both look at each other in shock of my answer. They both give each other a few looks, talking silently, as I sit there completely lost.

   Derek throws me back on the couch and crawls over to kiss me roughly on the lips. I feel a tug on my jeans and the cool air embraces my legs making me shiver. Derek’s tongue licks my bottom lip, asking for entrance. I open up for him and his tongue slowly caressing mine. All the while, Sam rubs my clit in small figure 8s through my panties.

  I moan into Derek’s mouth and he pulls back to take both of our tops off. I look to see that Sammy has already taken his off and he drags my panties down my legs. 

   I look over to see Derek’s length in front of me. I look up at his smug face and smile. I happily take his hard member into my mouth. He hisses as my wet mouth wraps around him tightly. I bob my head back and forth and he wraps his long fingers into my soft hair, guiding me back and forth at his desired pace.

  “Ugh fuck Y/N just like that. You like that huh? You like being choked by my big cock?” He asks seductively and I hum in approval, the vibrations from my mouth causing him to moan as they buzz around his cock. 

  Preoccupied with Derek, I totally forgot about Sammy in-between my legs. I moan as I focus on his plump lips sucking my swollen clit. He laughs and pushes a digit into my wet heat.

  My breathing picks up as I continue to moan with Derek in my mouth. My moaning getting the best of him, his moans increase in volume, making me wetter if even possible.

  “Oh my fuck- Y/N, just like that, oh my God!” He yells as he releases his warm load in my mouth. I look up at his face, twisting in pleasure. God he’s perfect.

   I struggle to swallow his load as Sam goes to work on my pussy. Derek lifts my chin up with his thumb and forefinger, forcing me to look at him.

  “Swallow,” he commands and I quickly oblige. I open my mouth to prove it to him.

  “Good girl” he coos. I throw my head back and moan as Sam pushes me closer to the edge. 

  “Is he making you feel good baby?” Derek whispers in my ear. 

  “Yes!” I holler, my legs shaking in pleasure. As soon as I was about to cum, he pulls back. I was about to complain until he stood up, pulling down his boxers, and shoving himself inside of me.

  I moan loudly at the size of his erection inside of my tight heat. He groans and thrusts slowly, gaining speed every second.

  “That feel good baby?” Sam asks, breathless. He slaps my thigh when I fail to respond.

  “Yes, yes, yes!” I scream out and they look at each other, laughing.

 He lifts my leg over his shoulder, fucking me harder and faster than before, causing me to unintentionally clench around him. 

  “Oh fuck, do that again please,” He moans and I obey, clenching around him as I feel the heat in my lower body getting more intense and soon I come undone, yelling profanities. He soon follows, summing inside of me, filling me up with his hot liquid. I pulls out, making me twitch at the sensation. He lays back on the other side of the couch. I squeeze my legs together as my high blows over.

  “I hope you didn’t think you were done. I didn’t get to feel your pussy yet.” Derek sits on the couch, sitting me on his lap. He gives my swollen lips a soft kiss and spanks my ass, causing me to jump slightly.

   He reaches down to grab his hardened cock and guides me down onto it slowly, allowing to adjust to his new size. He was just as long as Sammy but he was definitely thicker, causing to wince in uncomfort. 

  “Shhh” he helps soothe the pain by rubbing my clit and kissing me softly. I calm down, he notices and starts to bounce me up and down slowly on his cock. I moan and bite my lip, closing my eyes. He moans as I bounce faster. His size giving me exactly what I needed.

  “Right there mami.” I moan at the nickname, scratching his shoulders. He grabs my ass with his big hands and bounces me harder on his cock. My eyes roll back in pleasure, still sensitive from my last orgasm.

  I clench over and over and twitch as I feel my high dangerously approaching. I let out a small moan as I let go.

  “That’s right mami, cum for me.” He rubs my clit, riding out my high.

  He lifts me off of him as he feels himself getting close, I grab him in my hands, pumping him up and down as fast as I can. He moans and grabs my ass in both his hands. His head rolls back, revealing his sweaty neck as his dick twitches in my small hands, shooting out his cum on his stomach and my hands.

  I giggle as he ride out his high, he looks at me and laughs with me.

   I roll over to sit in between him and Sammy.

    “Holy shit,” I sigh, breathing calming down slowly. Sammy laughs and looks over to me. 

“I told you, we would take care of you.”

Hot For Teacher Part 25

You sat a small cafe off campus, a cup of hot chocolate in your hand, and your laptop in front of you. You had to write final term papers before the Christmas break, and then final exams.

After your final term exams were done, you’d be off for Christmas break, and then a new term would begin. And that term, would bring a new class that Thorin was teaching, and you were attending.

“I need to write this.” You spoke softly to yourself, but you were distracted by the question he had asked, almost two months ago.

“Will you move in with me?” You didn’t know how to answer, or how to begin to answer.

Sure if you moved in with him you’d save on rent, but you’d be off campus. Which had its own positives and negatives, but living off campus meant relying on either Thorin, or taking a cab.

“Or I could get my own vehicle..” You frowned and slammed your laptop shut, and focused on your hot chocolate.

Thorin asked you two months ago to move in with him, and you still hadn’t given him an answer. Anytime he asked for an answer, or asked if you’d thought of it more, you changed the subject.

It wasn’t that you were opposed to moving in with Thorin, the thought was actually very pleasing. But it would change things, and change the relationship.

Right now, the dating and the sex, while amazing, was also semi-casual. You were soulmates, and eventually you’d want to get married and be married, but you wanted it to remain relaxed for now.

Moving in with Thorin, would propel the relationship to a new, and scarier level. It would be like the one step below engagement and marriage.

“And you…” She placed her hand on her belly and smiled softly. 8 weeks has passed since you told Thorin, and you were now 13 weeks pregnant.

“Y/N…” You lifted your eyes from the table in front of you and smiled at Thorin.

“I could’ve picked you up outside of your dorm building. We didn’t need to meet here.” As nervous as you were about possibly moving in with Thorin, you were excited about the baby.

“I had to come here and try and work on end term papers.” You stood and placed your laptop back into your bag, and then grabbed your hot chocolate.

“You could’ve come to my place.” You rolled your eyes and stepped around the table.

“I told you Thorin, you can’t help with these papers. It’s an unfair advantage.” You followed him out of the cafe, and towards his car.

“So…I’m 13 weeks pregnant, which means that I get an ultrasound and find out my due date. And I’m out of the first trimester which means I should be done my morning sickness.” You leaned against the car and smiled up at him.

“And we’re going to the ultrasound now?” You smiled and nodded at him.

His hands moved to the side of your head as he trapped your against his black car, and pressed a soft kiss to your lips and then your forehead.

“We finally get to see her.” Her? You raised an eyebrow and gave him and incredulous look.

“I feel like our baby will be a her.” You flushed as his hand came to rest against your small bump, pride clearly written on his face.

“The baby gets to be seen today.” You leaned into him and pressed a chaste kiss to his lips, before the pair of you pulled away.

You opened his car door and got into the warm vehicle, your body relaxing against the leather seats. From the corner of your eye, you could see Thorin hesitating, his hands shoved in his pockets, and then he smiled and got in after you.

“You okay?” You placed your hand on his and gave it a squeeze.

“I’m fine. Thought I lost my phone.” You pulled away and smiled at him, excited more than ever to see your baby.

“We should officially tell people, well your family, after we get the ultrasound.” You bit your lip and felt the excitement being replaced with nerves.

“People will find out I’m sleeping with you, even as your soulmate, and then pregnant. Won’t that raise some questions with the university?” It certainly would with your classmates.

“If you think I didn’t clear it with the dean the day I met you, and knew you were mine, than you don’t know me as well as you thought.” Although, on that note, he shouldn’t have been able to grade you.

“But my grades..” You flushed as Thorin placed his hand on your inner thigh, and began rubbing.

“The dean marks all of your assignments and grades all of your papers. Do you think I’m the first professor who had a soulmate who was his student?” You felt more at ease as he spoke. It was good to know that your bases were covered.

“If we are going to tell people, I need to tell my sister first.” You nodded and looked out the window as Thorin pulled away from the cafe, towards the hospital downtown.

“We could tell her over the break. That is, if you’d like to join my family for Christmas?” Your head snapped back to Arda Thorin.

“You want me to join you for Christmas?” You knew it probably wasn’t a surprise that he would ask. You had no family, and bilbo would be with Bofur, so you’d be alone

“Of course I do! Why wouldn’t I? Your my soulmate, and I am yours. Why wouldn’t I want to spend Christmas with you? And it’s beautiful back home at Christmas. The snow is thick and stretches for miles along the forest, and the stove is always lit.” You bit your lip and riddled with the seam of your leggings.

“You’re part of my family.” You felt emotional as the hormones wreaked havoc on your body.

You sniffled and wiped stray tears, finding yourself much more emotional when you were pregnant. You nodded your head, and squeezed his hand.

“Yes of course! I would love to join you!” The thought of spending Christmas with your soulmate, instead of you and bilbo huddled in your dorm, was a nice thought.

“I’ll book tickets when we get back.” You nodded and smiled widely.

“Thank you, Thorin.”


You lay back against the small bed, your shirt pulled up to your bra, and your pants hanging very low off of your hips. The ultrasound tech had come in, gave you instructions and then left for a moment.

“I’m exited.” Thorin was clearly excited for this baby, and it made your heart swell. It was so sweet and wonderful to see him so excited, instead of rejecting it like you’d thought he would.

“Sorry, Miss Y/N.” The tech came back into the room and smiled before sitting in front of the monitor once more, a bottle of gel in her hand.

“We try and keep it warm, so I hope it isn’t cool.” She shook the bottle twice and then squirted the gel onto your belly.

“It’s quite warm, I like to.” You spared a glance at Thorin and then looked back at the tech.

“Let’s see what he have here…” She turned the screen so both you and Thorin could see, and then she placed the wand against your belly.

“See here? The head?” Your eyes widened as the screen showed a little human, with the baby’s head, legs and arms on display.

“That’s our baby?” You turned your head and stared at Thorin. His eyes were glued to the screen, eyes wandering the image of the bay on screen.

“That’s the little arms, and the legs. See?” You smiled at the grin that grew on Thorin’s face. He looked so proud of the small little human on the screen, and even though you weren’t sure, you swore you saw some bushes tears.

“The baby is perfect and perfectly healthy. I just have to check for some things alright?” You nodded and smiled at the tech.

“What’s the due date?” The ultrasound tech focused on the ultrasound, the only sound in the room was the whirring on the machine, and the sounds of her clicks.

“The approximate date is June 28th.” The tech smiled at the pair of you, before He’s took off her gloves and tossed them in the garbage.

“Your baby is growing well and is very healthy. Strong and healthy. Your due date is approximately June 28th, although most go over or are under. You can request a picture from the front.” You nodded and once she was gone, you cleaned up the gel with a cloth she had given you, and then redressed yourself.

“Our baby…” You have Thorin a quick and chaste kiss and then climbed off of the small bed.

“We need a picture.” You rolled your eyes and followed him out of the room to the front.

“Yes Thorin, we’ll get a picture.”

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The fight

Numbers request for anonymous for Tom Hiddleston. 111 “you can’t just hug me and think everything’s ok” and 128 “Don’t touch me! We’re fighting.” (Fluff after a fight).

No warnings. Mention of sex/references but mainly just some good old fashioned banter and fluff. Feedback is always welcome and if you have a one shot request, storyline/character/real person or numbers request then please read here and feel free to get in touch with me anytime. 

I am away this weekend but any requests sent in today or at the weekend I will be publishing next week so keep checking back please. Thanks for this request and enjoy!

Watching Tom flirt with the waitress made you feel sick. Watching him flirt with her right in front of you just made you plain mad. Taking the bottle of wine you stagger towards the main doors of the restaurant, ignoring Tom calling your name.

“Love wait up!” You hear him call out but your mind is blank as your anger takes over.

“Oh I didn’t think you would notice me leaving. Sure why don’t you go back to the pretty blonde.. I’m sure she’s brilliant at blowj-”

“Don’t! I don’t want her.” He shouts, his voice rising to match your already angry tone. “What makes you think I want her when I have you standing right here?”

“I don’t know.. maybe the fact you were flirting with her all night!” You say, sarcasm dripping into your voice. That’s when he moves to hug you but you push him away. “You can’t just hug me and think everything’s ok.”

“For fucks sake! I was having a laugh. She knows me from university, happy now?”

You can see him roll his eyes when you chuckle. “I don’t care where she knows you from Tom. It’s the fact that I’m meant to be your girlfriend of some sorts but you still flirted with her all night.”

“Your not my girlfriend.” He replies, a little too quickly for your liking.

“You know what Tom. Just leave me alone.” You say, walking towards the park with your bottle of wine in one hand and your handbag in the other.

When you enter the park a small bench has been put up in your usual spot under a tree. It actually suits sitting under the tree, you think. You listen as the motorway roars in the background and the dark landscape is illuminated with city lights in the distance. Lifting the wine bottle you begin downing the rest of it’s contents. You feel your head spin and in the distance you can hear someone calling your name. It sounds like a familiar voice. Is that Tom? Looking up you meet his blue eyes. Blue eyes that are now pleading with you to stay awake.

You stand up quickly causing your head to spin even more. “I-I told y-you to lea-ve me a-alone..”

“Well I’m not having you out here in the middle of the night by yourself.”

“Why do you care?” You say, staggering ahead of him.

“Because I want you to be my girlfriend ok!”

You roll your eyes as you see Tom slowly walk beside you. “Yea right..”

“Be angry. See if I care but let me at least walk you home.” He whispers and you can hear the sensitivity in his voice but your mind is too clouded with alcohol and anger.

“Fuck you!”

“You already have.” You hear him say, a light chuckle leaving him when his hand rests on your shoulder and you flinch.

“Don’t touch me! We’re fighting.”

That’s when your whole body is suddenly turned and your now face to face with Tom. “Come on your drunk and all I’m trying to do is get you home.”

“Fine but if I wake up tomorrow and I’m naked or something then that’s on you.” You say, pointing an accusing finger at him.

“Do you really think I would take advantage of you while your drunk?” He whispers, pulling you into his arms as he helps you walk.

You shake your head. “No.. I mean we did have sex last week where we both couldn’t remember it properly.”

“That’s not the same but trust me I would never take advantage of a girl who is drunk.”

“If you say so mister..” You whisper, gripping his t-shirt to keep yourself from falling flat on your face.

You feel Tom pull on you when you start to slow down. “If you can’t keep up, I’m not coming back for you.. again.”

“I love this team spirit of yours. Really, it’s your best quality.” You reply, letting yourself be guided by Tom’s arms around your waist. “I did miss you though.”

“Of course you did! Who wouldn’t miss this hot piec-”

“Are you sure London doesn’t need you back anytime soon?” You sarcastically reply, looking up to see Tom rolling his eyes.

“I do believe you are trying to get rid of me.”

“I wish. Maybe I could find someone to actually have sex with every day instead of just every other week when he’s in town.” You mumble, laughing at your own words. That wine really did go to your head.

“Oh really?”

Before you can react Tom pulls you into a kiss. A sweet kiss but one that holds all the emotions the both of you feel for each other. Pulling away you smile and look up at Tom who is now pulling a face. “What?”

“Your breath smells.” He replies, putting his arm around your waist again and moving the two of you onwards.

You roll your eyes. “Wow. I’m so glad your back in town Tom.”

Imagine Slash Calming You During a Panic Attack

It had been a long night. People at the concert getting out of hand; Axl had, had to stop the show three times to have people removed. You loved watching them perform and getting be there for Slash but nights like tonight were hard on you. As the concert came to a close two guys beside you and your friend had gotten into a terrible fight, one nearly hitting you before you could move. Once back stage you could feel the toll it had taken.

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God when I saw him disheveled

And that moment when he gets deadly serious with his battle stance and daggers

The look in his eyes, man…

All I could think about is, “please yes, destroy me. I accept this from you, it’s suddenly all I’ve ever needed”

How you meet-(Marauders Preferance)


Remus Lupin

It was a cold and dreary winter day and there was no better way to sped it than reading in the library. Some of the shelves were quite high, therefore causing a problem. I wanted a book off of the highest shelf but there was no possible way of reaching it since I was short and I left my wand in my dorm. Suddenly, and idea popped into my head and I placed my foot on the boottom shelf. Reaching up, I grabbed one of the higher shelves and pulled myself up. Sometimes climbing was your best bet. Well, it was until I reached out to grab the book and my hands slipped off of the shelf. A small shriek escaped my lips as I tumbled backwards, causing both the books and myself to fall to the ground.  Groaning, I sit up and shove some of the boooks off of me as I hear someone laugh behind me. Blushing, I turn and look and wow….. he was very hot.

“Hey there, need some help?” I nod and, with a mutter and a simple flick of his wand, all of the books go flying back into their place. I blush even more as i mutter a thank you.

“Anytime. Im Remus by the way, maybe we could study sometime together. It would be great to get to know a pretty girl like you.”

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James Potter

There was a huge crowd gathering in the court yard and i could hear cheers and yelling but I had absolutely no idea what was going on. Since it’s my free period, I have nothing better to do than see whats happening.

Walking at an even pace, I made my across the grass and to where everyone was gathering. As I got closer, I saw that someone was being dangled in the air by their foot. Gasping, I pushed my way through the now large crowd only to see James Potter and Sirius Black standing in the center of attention. James had his wand out and the poor boy that was being held up in the air turned out to be Severus Snape. 

“Stop it!” Yelling and stepping in front of the two boys, I trid to get James attention. “Stop you pretentious git!”

James attention snapped to me and I heard a thud behind me, concluding that Severus had fallen to the ground.

“And why should I stop? Why shouldn’d I put that filthy SLytherin right back in the air? Are you two dating or something?” James smirked and earned a snigger from Sirius.

“ You should stop because it’s rude and he doesn’t deserve it! No, he’s not my type so I would never date him, just like i would never date a selfish and ignorant prick like you!”

James winked and responded, “We’ll see about that sweetheart.”

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Siruis Black

It felt so good to be back for my fourth year of Hogwarts after a long summer. It was dinner time and the great hall was full of chatter and excitement. Glowing candles were floating over everyones heads and all of the ghosts were floating around and welcoming the students back. Walking along the Gryffindor table and on the way to the (Y/H) table, I suddenly feel something hit the beack of my head. Reaching up, my fingers come in contact with was seems to be the remnants of a cauldron cake. I turn sharply on my heel, searching for the culprit who wasted a perfect treat and ruined my hair. 

My eyes land on none other than Sirius Black. That cocky bastard. 

“What the bloody hell, Sirius?!” I yell out as the entire great hall goes silent,

“(Y/N), that wasn’t meant for you. I was aiming at someone else!” Sirius yelled back, now standing.

“Well it didn’t hot that someone else, it hit me!” I was so angry that I thought I could feel smoke coming out of my ears.

“I’m really sorry. Come with me on a date to hogsmeade so I can make it up to you.” 

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Peter Pettigrew

you dont even want to meet him because he only betrays the ones he supposedly loves and cares for


Title: Amaranth(P.8)
Pairing: Peter Pan(OUAT) x Reader
Warnings: Abuse mentions, cussing, dark themes, smut.
Author notes: Requested by Anon: ‘There are no queens in Neverland. Just me.’  
Summary: A Demigod makes a deal with The Evil Queen to get away from the curse and ends up in Neverland. Peter Pan is not impressed with the female on his Island, but when he realizes she might just be as dark tempered as himself, he might just change his minds. After all, there aren’t any Queens in Neverland.

Originally posted by theofficialblonde

The new lost boy was a bit troublesome in his own way and he sure put Peter on his toes several times. I actually thought Peter might kill him a few times, but for some crazy reason, the demon kept his temper under control. His name was Ty when he came here, Peter calls him Slightly. Maybe it’s because Peter is slightly jealous of him or because the new boy is slightly annoying.

That wasn’t a lie either, he could be quite obnoxious with his passes towards me. Pan normally tried to brush it off, but other times, he seemed to encourage it. 

Since the moment I had with Felix not to long a go, we kept our distances from each other, he almost seemed afraid. At the same time, I wasn’t sure if he was afraid of Peter or of me. 

A pair of hands covered my eyes, obstructing my vision of the fire in front of me, I growled in annoyance. “If you ask ‘guess who’, I will stab you straight in the crotch.”

Instantly, the hands removed and Slightly took a seat next to me with a sheepish grin. “You sure can be scary, Y/N.”

I smirked, my eyes never leaving the fire. “Can’t I.”

He chuckled, grabbing a stick to poke at the burning logs. “What are you thinking so intently about?” He asked, not noticing the fact that I wanted to be left alone at the moment. 

I rolled my eyes. “Death.”

“Morbid, much?” He grinned, his tone sarcastic. “Come on, you can tell me.”

Suddenly, another presence found itself beside me, an arm wrapping around my figure and driving me into their lap. A pair of familiar lips found themselves on my neck and I let out a soft, content sigh. “Yeah, Y/N…You can tell us.” 

Peter murmured the words against my skin and nipped it gently. My eyes fell from the fire and caught sight of the dark look Slightly was giving Peter. I turned my head to the side, letting him kiss at my jawline before tugging me into a full blown kiss. 

After a moment, he parted from my plump lips and then turned his head to Slightly. “Go with Felix to patrol the beach. The Pirate is back.” 

I raised a brow. “Pirate?”

His hands ran up my thighs, one of them slipping between my legs, despite the camp being full of boys. “Ohh, that’s right. He wasn’t such a thing when he first came here.” Peter let a finger press against the sensitive nub underneath my panties and I shuddered as it rotated slowly in circles. “What was his name…–He nibbled on my earlobe–Ahh…Killian, I think?”

I growled, my hips ticking up slightly. “Pirate, huh?”

Peter grinned, pulling his hand back and giving Slightly a bright look as he caught sight of the boys deathly glare. “I have a brilliant idea.” Peter said. “Why don’t you go with Slightly and Felix? Go meet up with our old friend. I’m sure he’d love to see you,”

He sunk his teeth roughly into my shoulder blade, making me gasp out and moan before he pushed me to my feet. “Have fun.”

I rolled my eyes, letting his hand grasp at my bottom as I followed after Felix, Slightly following behind slowly. “What in the world do you see in him?” He spoke up as soon as we were out of the camp. Felix groaned. 

“It doesn’t matter.” Felix answered. “Leave her be.”

Slightly scoffed. “I don’t think you can tell me what to do, Felix. You’re not in charge.”

“Felix is just as much in charge as I am.” I said, getting a look of surprise from Felix before he continued looking forward, picking up his speed. “And what I see in Pan is none of your business.”

He stopped walking, making both me and Felix let out a noise of frustration. “Well, I was hoping I could talk you into getting off this stupid Island with me.” Both me and Felix rolled our eyes and started to turn around. 

“No one gets off the Isla–”

“Hello, love.” The familiar voice of the pirate was hot on my neck. His sword pressing to the front of my throat. “I see you met my friend here. He’s quite the actor, isn’t he?”

Felix didn’t waste anytime, he grabbed his arrow, lighting the tip on fire before shooting it into the air. Of course, he couldn’t do much else afterwards. A few others from Killian’s crew grabbed his attention. 

Killian spun me around, his voice thick with the smell of rum, but it looked like he never aged. “You should take the boy up on his offer. Come with us, you’re welcome to ride on my ship anytime you’d like.”

I rolled my eyes, choosing not to move. “You’ve no idea who you are all messing with.” I said, expecting Peter to come through anytime and kill every single one of them. 

“Don’t we?!” Slightly’s voice echoed over the fights of Felix and the other pirates, a few Lost Boys having seen the lit arrow had come to help. I turned to look over my shoulder, my eyes wide. 

Originally posted by enchanted-forests

“Well aren’t you crafty.” Peter growled, his body coated in purple as the ink from the squid suppressed his powers. Slightly didn’t hesitate, moving to hold the knife to his throat. 

“You’ll like this, won’t you, Peter? Having to stand here and watch me when I take full advantage of your little Queen.” Slightly whispered in his ear, motioning to one of the others. They took his spot in keeping a knife to Peter’s throat while Slightly made his way towards me. 

Killian chuckled, spinning me around and shoving me forward. My gaze was wild when I caught sight of Slightly in front of me. 

“You’re making a mistake.” Peter said calmly, his eyes never leaving mine. “I will take all your lives if you touch her.”

“You can threaten all you want, Pan…You’re just upset because you lost. Apparently, Peter Pan does fail.” Slightly laughed, reaching a hand out to run it through my hair. 

The look on my face darkened and I distinctly remember the sound of Peter’s voice telling me ‘stop denying who you really are’. I didn’t know if I lost it because of Slightly touching me, because Felix was being held at the end of someones sword, looking completely defeated or because Peter had a knife to his throat and something inside me actually cared for him. 

I was the daughter of Hades.

I knew what that meant, I just hated to admit it.

With a growl that sounded more like a demon then a young girl, I reached out, my hand slamming into the boys chest. I didn’t go for his heart though, not like I had seen the Evil Queen do many times before, instead I went deeper and I ripped straight into the boys soul, gripping it as tightly as I could before ripping it from his flesh. 

The soul was visible, barely. A light blue and white orb that pulsated like a heart. Slightly had screamed in pain, his eyes wide when he saw the sphere of his soul in the Neverland Queens hand. Before anyone could make a move, I consumed it. 

I quite literally, ate the boys entire soul. He dropped in a pit of agony, screaming before his whole body erupted in blue flames, the rest of him disappearing. 

My body froze, white and blue flames pulsed through my veins and I lifted from the ground, my eyes a dark black color. The dark green vine like dress I normally wore disappeared, leaving me quite naked in front of the group of Lost Boys and Pirates, but just as quickly as it fell from my body a new one formed. It was made of red and gold leaves, tight and elegant as it wrapped around my skin. My hair tying itself up in a tight, messy bun.

But the thing that changed the most, not the outfit, the hair, not even the fact that I was flying…What truly stood out the most, were the large pair of brittle, branch looking horns that erupted from my skull. A bit of my dad, a bit of my mom. I could feel it. 

My feet touched the ground soon after the sudden transformation and I let my eyes fall on the man holding the knife to Peter. I took a step forward before a hand grabbed my wrist. I shot a look behind me, ready to rip the soul straight from Killian’s own chest before Peter suddenly appeared between us. “Our mistake, lad.” Killian said, releasing me and taking a step back.

Peter gave them a dark look, swallowing lightly. “You better leave now, before I change my mind.”

The Captain didn’t waste anytime falling back with his crew, but not without giving me one last look, I could almost smell the fear. Peter turned towards me. “You let him go?” I growled.

“Calm down, killer.” He grinned, pulling me into him. “They don’t leave the Island without my permission.”

He looked me over. “Did they hurt you?”

“No.” I replied, looking at his neck. “They hurt you.”

He wiped the blood and chuckled. “I’ll survive.” The boy raised a brow with a smirk at his lips. “You accepted who you are.”

I gave a blunt nod before passing him, helping Felix to his feet. “You need the water from the cliff.” I said. The boy was rather beat up. 

He shook off my hands once on his feet. “I’ll be fine.” His eyes followed Peter as the boy disappeared into the forest. The blond set his eyes on me, they traveled up my face and to the horns. “Is this what you were expecting?”

I frowned, turning from him to head to the tree “No.”

He appeared directly behind the pirate, a small flask in his hand. “Well done.”

Killian spun around, letting his eyes fall on the flask. “Is that it, then?”

With a smirk, Peter tossed him the vial. “As much dreamshade as you need, for whatever it is you have planned.” The boy grinned. “Thanks for the help.”

Killian raised a brow of his own. “What is your plan exactly? What did you just make her do?”

Peter rolled his eyes. “What’s that matter to you? Enjoy your dreamshade.” He turned to walk away, only for Killian to stop him again. 

“We can’t leave, not unless you allow it.”

The boy laughed, turning back around. “That’s right…You should have made your conditions a bit more clear.”

With that, he turned around and disappeared.

BTS Reaction to You Not Having Long to Live

Jin:  I don’t think Jin would want to dwell on the fact that you didn’t have much time left with him. The two of you had cried the day you had found out, but Jin didn’t want to shed anymore tears. He would make sure to keep you happy as much as he possibly could, by stealing a million Jell-O cups to see how many he could eat for your amusement or decorate your hospital room with litters of pink plushies to brighten the atmosphere. Seokjin would always take Polaroid picture of you and him to kill the time between surgeries and blood results. It wasn’t perfect with you being bed bound, but Jin was, Jin was perfect. 

Suga: Yoongi didn’t care that the doctors said you only had two months left, you were alive and with him; nothing else mattered. You would watch Suga play basketball, too weak to join in anymore or help him with writing lyrics for the new album, and on the really bad days, the two of you would cuddle up next to each other, not saying anything. It usually didn’t happen but some days were more intimate then others and when it happened you would always wipe away Yoongi’s tears saying, “Smile Suga, I need something to sweeten this bitterness.” 

J-Hope: Hobi would probably take it the hardest out of all the members when you told him about your disease. He would always try to stay strong in front of you, but now whenever Hobi looked at you, he would burst into tears. Of course you didn’t’ blame him, but you always took the chance to joke about why was he crying when you were the one who had to deal with this shit. That usually only made him crack a small smile while wrapping his arms tighter around you. It wouldn’t be fair, but with the time left you knew you had to help Hobi learn how to preserve and be strong because one day; you would be gone. 

Rap Monster: I think Namjoon would be very neutral on the outside when it came to be around people who knew about your condition. He was the supporting boyfriend that was there for you, but when it was just the two of you, Namjoon knew he could be real with you. He didn’t know what the hell to do, with something so much bigger than the two of you he had no idea how ho was supposed to help and it was killing him. It was only when the door was closed and the shades had been pulled that Namjoon would collapse into your arms saying he was sorry he couldn’t save you, that he couldn’t do more as your soulmate to save. “I know Namjoon, it’s not fair.” You would gently sigh as you stroked his back. “But we love each other, that’s enough isn’t it?” 

Jimin: Jimin never gave a second thought on leaving you to deal with your disease on your own. He knew he was supposed to be there with you every step of the way. Anytime you had to go to the hospital for check-ups, Jimin would already be waiting outside in the car before you could even call him. Or having extra hot packs for your cramps and tea for when you couldn’t sleep at night. You felt guilty for all the time he spent taking care of you but anytime you started to get that look, Jimin would just grabbed your face with both hands and say, “Come on, let me see the Jagi I love smile.”

V: I think Taehyung would try to keep your spirits up after hearing about the news of your health and how much time you had left. He would still be extremely lively around you when you were feeling down and always have hot chocolate on the side when you couldn’t eat anything. You felt terrible having Tae spend so much time on you when he had a comeback in the works, but it also lit the flame inside of you. The one that told you why you fell in love with Taehyung and the one that told you how great of a person he would become.

Jungkook: Jungkook had just left the dorm to bring over some movies and snacks for the both of you when he pumped into you on the way. You had come to tell him about your condition and how he should just leave, it be for the best, that he didn’t need to worry about you when he had the boys and the fans to think about. Jungkook would be hurt that you thought he would actually just up and go when you offered. It wasn’t easy for Jungkook to hear that you had roughly two and a half months to live, but that didn’t stop him from deciding he had to be there for you no matter what. “Too bad, I’m not leaving you ever.” Jungkook would grab onto your shoulders to make sure you heard him. “We’re doing this together, okay?” 

 - Admin Jade

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Soma. "I sleep naked and was therefore holy unprepared for that fire alarm going off and now i am standing outside in the dead of winter wearing a bed sheet". Make of this what you will.

So, Maka was a bit of a heavy sleeper. Especially after not sleeping for the past week or so because of papers and assignments. And really, being startled awake after she had just fallen into a deep sleep wasn’t exactly fair. 

But the alarm was blaring, she was confused, naked (well, ‘cept for her panties), and fearing the worst, yanked her sheet with her and ran out the door. 

Turned out it was fucking cold out, a fucking prank by some asshole frat bruh, but they still had to fucking check the whole building. And from experience the last time that happened, they were going to be outside for a while. 

Maka had pulled her inadequate pale yellow bed sheet totally around her, but she was still shivering violently and standing on one corner because she hadn’t even thought to grab slippers. Okay, next fire alarm, even if the god damn dorms really were on fire she was grabbing slippers. And pants. And a fucking sweater! Damn she was cold!

“Oi, Maka! Go to a toga party or something?” Oh great, here came the boys lacrosse team back from their away game.

“Go away Black Star!” She shot back through chattering teeth. Fucking boys all cozy in their sweats and jeans and ugh! A few of them chimed in that they didn’t know there was a toga party! Was that what everyone was doing out in the courtyard? Awesome party, bro! 

Sometimes she wondered if lacrosse boys were a different species. 

The quiet long stick midfielder with white hair elbowed past Star and shrugged off his leather jacket so he could drape it around her shoulders. Soul Evans, number 42, he had a wicked shot that so far hadn’t been stopped by any goalie this season (…okay, so even if they were a different species, their games were a lot of fun to watch). “You looked cold?” He offered. 

“Mind zipping it up? I can’t really feel my fingers.” That and she was afraid if she moved her arms the sheet was going to move and she’d end up flashing the whole fucking school. Soul nodded and quickly zipped it up, she didn’t even feel too bad, he still had a sweatshirt on and oh my god the jacket was so warm and smelled really good. 

She buried her face in it (he’d been nice enough to zip it all the way to the top, good man), and oh god it felt so good to get her nose out of the cold. “I, uh, have an extra pair of socks too if you want them?” Maka looked at him again, oh, what pretty eyes, wow. “They’re clean. Promise." 

"I’d still be standing on the ground though, don’t want to do that to your socks." 

Well, five minutes later, she was standing on his toes (with his socks that went up past her knees), wrapped in his jacket with his arms around her and the rest of the team snickering. But, she was finally warm and looked like some weird Japanese fashion model. 

"Would this be a bad time to ask you out to coffee?” Soul asked, his breath warm against her ear. 

Maka hummed, “Let me put on some real clothing. And maybe just a hot chocolate from the diner.” Cause really, when a boy (even a lacrosse boy!) was nice enough to take off his jacket and let her stand on his shoes, she could go get a hot chocolate with him. Not like she was going to be sleeping anytime soon after this. 

“Sounds good." 

okay, this was way too much fun to write. thank you so much!

Crazy Meeting (Josh Dun) (Twenty One Pilots)

Word Count: 1,053


As soon as Tyler heard our names being screamed we knew we had to get out of the shopping centre and back to the bus. But in our rush Tyler ran left while I ran right. It wasn’t until a couple of minutes later that I realised Tyler wasn’t with me. Panic kicked in until I got a message off Tyler.

Tyler: Back on bus, get here soon as manager is freaking out…

I wasn’t looking where I was going after Tyler’s message and found myself colliding with another person. I managed to right myself but the girl hit the ground pretty hard.

“Oh shit, sorry. Are you okay?”

“Yeah, it’s not every day I get knocked down.”

She had spunk, I’d give her that. But as much as she was putting on a brave face I could see pain behind her y/c eyes. Both her hands had cuts on and her knees were pretty bloody as well, though I couldn’t help but notice how beautiful she was.

“Err I’m Josh.”

“I’m y/n and I know who you are Josh. Twenty One Pilots, I love your guys music and don’t worry I’m not some crazy fan like the ones behind you.”

I looked over my shoulder and noticed the fans had gained on me after my run in with y/n. I had to get back to the bus, but I couldn’t leave y/n to get trampled when she needed her wounds cleaned and bandaged.

“Would you come back to the bus y/n? I’ll get you cleaned up and you can meet Tyler. I kind of need an answer before we both get trampled.”

y/n looked down at herself before locking eyes with me.

“I’ll only slow you down Josh.”

I shook my head and did the last thing either of us expected; I picked y/n up and started running while she laughed in my arms.

“I’m living every fangirls dream Josh, damn you have some muscles.”

I chuckled and rolled my eyes as we continued our escape.

~At The Tour Bus~


You were still a little shaken up that you’d bumped and been knocked down by Josh Dun from one of your favourite bands. You were obsessed with the album Vessel and Blurryface was played on repeat in your car. After being carried for like ten minutes both of you ended up at their tour bus where a panicked Tyler flung open the door.

“I thought the fans had gotten to you Josh. Hold up, why are you carrying a bleeding girl?”

You glance up at Josh who doesn’t seem to know how to answer Tyler, so you sigh and gain Tyler’s attention.

“Josh wasn’t looking where he was going Tyler and knocked me over, he then insisted on carrying me here to clean up my wounds.”

Tyler swatted Josh before motioning towards the bus whole looking at you with concern.

“Josh Dun get in the bus and patch up this lovely lady right now.”

You want to laugh at how whipped Josh was because he ran into the bus after Tyler’s orders. He places you on the table in the front lounge before retreating to the bunk area to grab the first aid kit. Tyler sits down opposite you and smirks.

“What’s on your mind Tyler?”

“Josh has a crush on you err…”

You laugh at his confusion.

“y/n, I’m y/n.”

Tyler brightens up and claps his hands together.

“Joshy had that look in his eyes y/n that showed he wasn’t going to let you go, plus Josh only gets speechless around girls he likes.”

Tyler was crazy, no way in hell did Josh like you.

“He doesn’t even know me Tyler and vice versa, he probably only helped me because he felt sorry for knocking me down. I’m not going to lie and say he’s ugly because damn he’s easy on the eyes, but after I’m patched up you’ll both forget me and I’ll go home.”

“I know my best friend y/n and he likes you. Plus you just called him hot which means you like him back. I’m not going to let you leave until you and Josh know everything about each other and he asks you out. Trust your uncle Tyler y/n.”

Yes Tyler was crazy but persistent. Did you like Josh? Maybe, but you liked to know a person first. And since Tyler invited you to stay you weren’t going anywhere anytime soon.


y/n thought I was hot but thought I’d forget her. y/n was all I could think about and I cursed how well Tyler knew me. Maybe it was a sign me bumping in her, I’d left my last girlfriend just over a month ago and had been moping around. But y/n had a feisty spark that felt new that I was attracted to. If getting to know her meant I had a chance with her then so be it. Now I needed to leave the bunk area while pretending not to have overheard anything.

“Finally Josh, did you get lost back there?”

y/n spoke her mind which had Tyler in stitches while I stood there blushing.

“We haven’t used this kit yet so I had to remember where we put it.”

I set about cleaning and wrapping y/n’s bloody hands and knees while joking with her and Tyler. After I threw the last wipe away Tyler excused himself with a grin and shot me a ‘go for it’ look before entering the bunk area. I turned to y/n who was admiring her bandages.

“How are you feeling y/n? Also would you maybe like to stay and hang out with me…I mean us?”

y/n nods and blushes.

“I look like a mummy who put minimal effort into their morning bandage routine. And yes I’d like to stay longer.”


You stay on the bus until show time getting to know the guys better. Tyler left halfway through leaving you and Josh to play twenty questions that had you both in fits of laughter. Josh was a great guy and once you got to know him better you find yourself opening up to him. You watch the show and after it ends Josh runs up to you and asks you out on a date. Tyler wiggles his eyebrows behind Josh as you say yes.

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Take It Out On Me! by Alphanimpala92 (1/1 | 1,544 | PG13)

“What he do this time?” Derek dared the younger male to lie to him, folding his arms into his chest; he leaned back against the wall.
“Hot did you know?” Stiles answered Derek’s question with a question.
“I always know anytime time you show up at my door, pass all clock that he must of really pissed you off.”
“Deacon and I got into it again, and I – I just needed to get away for a little bit.” Stiles’ voice filled with sadness.
“You’re soaked. Baby come on in and takes off your coat. “Derek stepped aside letting his lover in.
Right then Derek knew this thing he started with Stiles, this love affair was going to destroy him, because he really did love Stiles but knew he could get into trouble because he’s 23 and his lover is only 16 and his feelings were only growing stronger.

Taking All of My Energy by XxIceColdRainxX (4/? | 7,813 | NC17)

Stiles Stilinski was the boy who was abused by his drunkard father.
Stiles Stilinski was the boy who was saved by his Werewolf boyfriend.
Stiles Stilinski is the boy who is getting abused by his Werewolf boyfriend.

Derek is the antagonist in Stiles’ life nowadays, especially since he’s gotten so possessive and abusive toward him for his mistakes and sarcasm. Derek has a mate, a large pack of beta’s, a banshee, a hunter and a druid. He’s the most powerful Alpha Wolf in all of Beacon Hills. Though, he wants more…Like a child of his own. Stiles can deliver that. Everyone in Derek’s pack, however, want to try and break free of the crazed Alpha, and to save Stiles mainly. Can they succeed in that?

Trouble {Theo Raeken x Reader}


Summary: Theo takes a liking to a member of Scott’s pack. She gets drunk at a party and he protects her by saying he is her boyfriend.

Pairing: Theo Raeken x Reader

Word Count: 1530

She rushed out of whatever room she was in. A sick feeling building up in her stomach, she found the bathroom and immediately began emptying the contents of her stomach. She felt someone hold her hair back and rub circles into her back. “I’m never drinking again.” The teenager mumbled sitting up right and flushing the toilet. A chuckled emerged from behind her and she recognized it immediately. “Theo?” She mumbled in a questioning manner, she’s known him since 4th grade. She didn’t believe it at first, she had a crush on him since. Looking up she sighed, “Wait, why am I in your room?” She began trying to remember why the hell she was there. Her head was pounding but she ignored it trying to focus on the problem at hand. He got up and released her hair, he opened a cabinet and handed her some pills he went into his room and returned with a bottle of water. She mumbled a thanks and saw her phone on his bed, “You really don’t remember anything do you?” She shook her head and he cocked his head to the side. “Hm, where to begin,” He said, “Shortly after you finished playing beer pong, you went out. For what, I have no idea. Being the gentleman I am I followed you. Lucky for us because-” He was interrupted by a noise, She flinched and grabbed her phone looking at the I.D. “Hey Scott,” She mumbled still, adjusting to her profound hangover. “Where the hell are you?”

“At Theo’s.” 

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