you could fit a lot of stuff in there


some poor schmuck: you can’t headcanon lucio as deaf/hoh! because music!

me: my dude…have you ever been around deaf people listening to/making music because i assure you…deaf people LOVE their music

besides, look at lucio’s design: backpack looks kind of like a subpac, his headphone could be a fancy hearing aid, gesture controlled music, i dunno it just kind of fits 


Request: Hi i was hoping I could get a Peter Parker x Reader request and this would take place during the Civil War and the reader would be Tony’s niece? She always hangs out at The Avengers Tower and lives there with Tony since she interns there and helps Bruce and her uncle out in the lab. She also goes to school with Peter and she finds out that he is Spider-Man from Tony and she gets really mad that Peter didn’t tell her himself. He really likes her and the rest of the avengers get him to ask her out Oh! Maybe Peter could be overprotective? I would love to see an overprotective Peter!

A/N: THIS IS MY FIRST PETER PARKER IMAGINE!! It’s soooo long… There were a lot of things I wanted to add and I always feel like I should explain some stuff in the imagine so you understand what’s going on. Hopefully you’ll like this! The timeline doesn’t fit perfectly with the movie so… i hope it’s fine.

Pairing: Peter Parker x reader

Words: 6,030 (TOLD YOU IT’S LONG)

Warning(s): Fighting, that’s kinda it.

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first masterpost! i don’t think i’ve seen anything like it before. anyway, on to the actual text.

so idk about everyone else on this site, but i’ve always been one of those people with a bag that weighs like forty pounds (true story i weighed it once). also a lot of people have kankens and i have no idea how to fit all my school stuff into one of those.

disclaimer! these are tips collected from my experience + the experience of others. it may or may not work for everyone. also it’s kind of long.

1.  only carry what you need.

- it is not necessary to carry every single book everywhere 

- it’s okay if you forget to bring your books to class once or twice. We’re all human and make mistakes

- a lot of textbooks are also online

- or you could find pdfs

- you probably don’t need a ton of notebooks

- or stacks of sticky notes however tempting that is

- things you could probably carry: a small pencil case, self-care essentials (feminine products, band-aids, lip balm, etc.), food

- things you could do without: all those extra highlighters and pens, multiple books (sorry all those other bibliophiles out there), extra notebooks + paper

2. stay organized!

- some people like binders - but they do get heavy

- personally, I use a folder and empty out all the old papers from the week every weekend

- digitalize - then you have everything on the cloud

3. minimize workload! (kind of subjective) 

- less classes = less books

- unless you need all of those classes

- then don’t

- story time!

- my school has really heavy math textbooks

- but only for the regular math courses

- honors has e-books 

- lesson learned: take honors math. don’t carry around a ten pound book

i hope this helps some of you out there! feel free to reblog and add your own tips if you have any. now stop procrastinating and go study if you’ve read this far

lizstanton  asked:

Can you recommend me any good spy-themed podcasts? Think Tom and Janine in ZR but not necessarily during the apocalypse. Female protagonist is preferable. Thank you!

@lizstanton, all I can say is Shame on me. I failed. I’m not as good at finding podcasts as I thought I was …

Despite listening to so many podcasts, I could barely scrape a few together that kinda sorta fit what you’re looking for. There seem to be not many female led spy themed podcasts out there. (There is a lot of sci fy, but not much spy stuff.)

Maybe we can bribe Six to Start into writing an audio drama about Janine and/or Sara Smith?

Anyways, here are a few that might be at least close to what you’re looking for. And I really really hope our dear followers can add to this short list:


Espionage, sci fi, and time travel; with a great and diverse cast, a female lead, and if you like solving puzzles, there are mysterious numbers at the end of each episode …

The Penumbra

Part short story anthology, part ongoing adventures of PI Juno Steel. He’s a PI, not a spy, and it’s more film noir than thriller, but there is investigating and a conspiracy so maybe that counts? Not a female protagonist, but has many great female characters!


Not an audio drama but non-fiction stories about real spies, interviews with intelligence officers, etc. (I haven’t listened to it yet, so I can’t say much about its quality)

There are one or two more that are unfinished but haven’t updated for years so I decided not to put them on the list. Because who wants to start listening to a thrilling spy adventure - and then never learn how it ends?

Also I assume you’re already familiar with Six to Start’s The Walk, right? Cause it fits your description very well!

Alright, followers, fellow podcast enthusiasts, podcastinators (?), do you know of any any podcasts @lizstanton should check out?

Love Love, Peace Peace

PS: Now I really want to write fanfic about Janine DeLuca and Sara Smith doing amazing spy stuff …

anonymous asked:

hiya, cutie! i was wondering if you could either post more or recommend stores that sell some business casual clothing. I need to dress business casual for school/my internship but it's hard to find affordable cute clothes :( i would appreciate any help! thanks 💖

hey anon!!! here are some of my favorite places for stuff like this:

  • tj maxx/ross/similar stores - this isn’t really a great online shopping option, but if you’re looking for affordable clothing that is nice and fits into the business casual category you can pick up a HUGE amount of clothing for really cheap at places like this. i know a lot of folks (at least in my experience) can get real snobby about tj maxx BUT they’re the ones that are missing out. you could sincerely get an entirely new work wardrobe for like under $200, and i’m talking like. enough outfits for two weeks, just some really wild deals–and with outlet versions of brand name clothing like michael kors, as well as more “upscale” mall stores like american eagle for under half the original prices of things. it’s just really worth checking out if you never have. 
  • target - this might be another weird/boring suggestion, but if you’re needing really affordable basics for work then target is an excellent place to go to for staples. you can get really cute, long wearing pants for well under $30. same goes for old navy. both of these places don’t have exceptionally unique clothing, but if you just need a pair of slacks or some basics to string together other things in your wardrobe they’re both really good options. this shirt dress, this skirt, and this cardigan are all some really good business casual options that they have right now! 
  • modcloth - great for really cute, unique, work-appropriate clothing. can run more expensive, BUT if you keep an eye out for sales and are diligent about checking back on the same pieces you can get some real deals on some really nice clothing. also is hella plus size friendly with a lot of their stuff! just a few real cheap options in their clearance section currently: this cute knit top, this mockneck top, and this cactus blouse!
  • torrid - another more expensive, plus size friendly option that you can trawl their clearance section for sweet deals–i just got some stuff from here for work last night with their AWESOME buy one get one free clearance deal. i ended up leaving with a dress for work, a maxi cardigan, and a corduroy skirt for like $40. here’s some good ones right now from their clearance section: this peplum top, this flutter sleeved blouse,  and this midi skirt.
  • H&M - also really good for super cheap basics. there are lots of really good choices here for business casual looks, including this super cheap turtleneck that would be awesome for layering, this simple sweater dress, and this simple dress that would be perfect for any job or internship. 
  • asos - can run more expensive as well, but has really nice quality items and REALLY gorgeous unique pieces, which i think is worth it! here are some good examples from their clearance/outlet section as well: this super cute drop waist dress, this super sweet floral shirt dress, and this incredibly cute pencil dress with a ruffled bib detail!

but yeah…those are some of my favorites for things like this, i’m probably forgetting some but those are the places i’d go to first if i needed some new clothes for work. hopefully that was helpful! <3


I was inspired by this post, so here are some pastel pride flags!

(I know there’s a lot more flags, but I could only fit so many into one post. If you really want a pastel flag that isn’t on here, feel free to message me!)

+EDIT: I was just made aware that I used the wrong aromantic flag. If you see this post, please reblog this version with the correct flag!

Pagan/Polytheist Prayers for Each Day of the Week

*Non-witchy post! Sorry to all of my non-Pagan followers. I’ll post more witchy stuff tomorrow!*

I’ve been posting a lot of witchy stuff lately, so I wanted to share some Pagan stuff for you guys. You can alter these prayers to use different pantheons if you work with specific pantheons. You could change it to say Goddess and God instead of gods and goddesses if you are Wiccan, for example, or you could alter it in some other way to fit your own personal practice. These prayers have plenty of room for personalization, and they play off of the magical correspondences of each day of the week. I, personally, am a Pantheist, believing that all gods and goddesses are aspects and manifestations of a single universal force. Because of this, I wrote in each prayer something along the lines of “You who has been known as (list of deities associated with that day)”. You can change this to fit your own personal beliefs. Like I mentioned before, you can totally make these prayers your own. I give full permission for you to change and alter these as you wish to fit your own beliefs and make them work for you :) *please do not repost this without credit*

Oh gods and goddesses of the rising sun, thank you for this beautiful day. I welcome the start of another week, as your sun shines down upon us. You who has been known as Helios, Apollo, Hemera, Brigid, Ra– thank you for your blessings. Fill me with creative light, and grant us with hope as this week begins. May this week bring beauty and new light to all of your creatures.

Oh gods and goddesses of the glowing moon, thank you for this day. I thank you for another day and for the opportunity to continue in your path. You who has been known as Artemis, Selene, Thoth– thank you for your nurturing. May those who are sick or in pain be healed, and may we be filled with your wisdom as we continue this week. May we be renewed in your sacred light.

Oh gods and goddesses of iron will and everlasting fire, thank you for this day. I awake now to continue to push forward this week as your devoted children. You who has been known as Ares, Athena, Nike, Morrighan, Tyr– thank you for watching over us in times of discord. May those who are in fear be protected, and may those with ill-intentions be cast away. May we march forward towards victory with pure intention and action, guarded by your iron shields. So mote it be, amen.

Oh gods and goddesses of traveling winds and currents, thank you for this day. I welcome this day, nourishing my mind and soul with new understanding. You who has been known as Hermes, Iris, Athena, Odin, Lugh– thank you for your swift wisdom and guidance. Help me to be eloquent and clear in conversation as I begin my journey today, and may only good news and messages be delivered today. May we be safe and secure in relationships and finances today, rejoicing in your benevolence.

Oh gods and goddesses of bountiful harvest and life, thank you for this day. I rejoice today as I seek to honor you in all that I do. You who has been known as Zeus, Demeter, Hera, Thor, Freyr– thank you for your loving generosity. Gift us with bounty and joy today, and help us to bring honor to you as we go about our day. May we be joyful and renewed today as we sing your praises.

Oh gods and goddesses of beautiful love and friendship, thank you for this day. I welcome this day with open heart, ready to love and be loved. You who has been known as Aphrodite, Eros, Freyja– thank you for your kind and lovely hands. Help me to grow in my relationships, achieving harmony with my loved ones and friends. May we be filled with peace and harmony as we relax in your loving arms.

Oh gods and goddesses of magic and creativity, thank you for this day. I welcome the end of this week, allowing all negativity to be washed away that I may start the next week with a clean slate. You who has been known as Hecate, Saturn, Persephone– thank you for your protection and cool, lead strength. Help me to be free of negativity and to be rid of those that may harm or hinder me. May we be filled with good fortune and hope as we end this week and return to the beginning of your ever-turning wheel.

Thanks for reading! I hope you found these helpful and useful. If you have any questions, feel free to drop me an ask.


anonymous asked:

what anime do you think portrays a Virgo (m) and Gemini (f)?? just wondering, I saw a post that said your lie in april but I was just wondering your opinion

That’s a good question, but a little side note that I haven’t said anywhere that I think Gemini x Virgo represents the anime - Your Lie in April. If you are looking at ‘first meets’ of my relationship gifsets, that is not the anime I represent the pair with, it’s just my thought of how things could happen irl.
But sticking to the question - Your Lie in April, I definitely think that it could fit a bit, since i feel from the girl a lot of air placements/dominance and from the boy some earthy stuff. (I forgot the names of them, I just woke up forgive me) But to be honest IDK WHY I FEEL LIKE THIS COULD ALSO BE SHIKAMARU AND TEMARI. NO IDEA SINCE IK THEIR ZODIAC SIGNS

Dirty laundry.

Well I really do like the metaphor “dirty laundry” for dirty and unconfortable secrets, I appreciate that a lot and I think the whole thing has a really deep meaning (which I love). The video is great, it matches with the latest neon trends and stuff the photography guy was… ugh let me shake hands with him. The only thing about the video is I wish the other guys could have had some more meaning (besides Jack: the part in which he makes Alex put on his jacket is awesome. A friend who helps you put up with the worst shit you did).
I feel like they are slowly trying to fit in the basic pop punk scene music stereotype mainly because of the lyrics: it’s freaking repetitive. Always bringing on and on the same lines, the chorus… they never did something like that before Future hearts. Don’t get me wrong I appreciate pop punk and everything but lyrics are… meh. They kept their deep meanings and everything but for the rest I’m not really sure.
I like the soft melody and those soft electronic noises I don’t know how to call because I don’t know shit about music BUT that’s not what I’m used to WHEN IT COMES TO ALL TIME LOW. Future hearts wasn’t All time low in my opinion, but this is definitely not what I was used to, based on the fact I think Don’t panic is one of their best cds.
In the end: I would have loved Dirty Laundry if it wasn’t from All time low. But maybe I noticed the song in the first place just because it’s from All time low.
Great video tho.

anonymous asked:

Hi! Could I request something where the reader is like 14ish super sassy and witty and she gets kidnapped along with Damian and the whole time the girl is annoying the criminals by singing rock songs and she maybe says something along the lines of "it's funny watching you trying to fit your entire vocabulary into one sentence"

I’m so sorry for not posting anything for so long!! There was a lot of stuff going on, but I’m trudging through and trying to work on the requests.  Here’s the next one I’m working on!!

anameunclaimed  asked:

Hi, thanks for creating this blog! I've a question for you and others regarding Modcloth though - I have a big rear and thighs, and I notice how a lot of Modcloth's bottoms fit close to the hips. Are the "true to size/runs small" indicators, etc. helpful, honest, etc.? Is it simply item-dependent, or?

it’s really item-dependent, in my experience. the only bottoms of theirs i’ve found to run generously are their leggings. i’m a 28/30 and i’ve ordered a 4x and i could probably do with a 3X. 

in general, the only indication that stuff will run large is if you search for the brand ‘fervour.’ every fervour item i’ve purchased either fit or was a little too big on me.

I listened to the part of Marks charity stream where he was talking about Darkiplier and it really is an incredible thing. It’s really something that he wants to embrace Dark and really get his own version out there, something that Jack wanted the opposite of with Antisepticeye. But, it’s actually very fitting that Mark does it in this way since these characters are something he really takes pride in, like Wilford Warfstache. And of course, going from the videos from “A Date with Markiplier” you can really tell how much of a labor of love Dark was for Mark. It just makes me so happy.

I want to stay true to his version as much as I can, but in all honesty, I pretty much already was lol Except for the joking I do with the emo edgelord stuff. But, my Dark is definitely more serious and I could see a lot of similarities between what I want in mine and how Mark portrayed his.

Obviously Dark isn’t going to be the same, the main reason being that canon Dark and my Dark have very different origin stories, but a lot of his personality is the same and I can not wait for you guys to see what I have planned. There’s so much in my mind that I want to put out there, and in time I will. I just hope you all are here to see it! Thank you guys for all the support. ❤ It’s totally awesome.


7-Your zodiac/horoscope and if you think it fits your personality:

My bday is on 19th of July so I’m crabbity crab. There’s a lot of stuff in see in Cancer descriptions which fit me well and some that have nothing to do with me. I guess you could translate my enjoyment in tragedy to ‘sensibility’ and I’m pretty peaceful most of the time. The shell-analogy they use for putting up a wall for other people works too. I’m not, however, emotionally attached to my family or a certain ‘home’, and I’m terrible at doing chores. But I like this horoscope, it’s cute. 

Bellamy x Reader - Look like the innocent flower, but be the serpent under 't

Bellamy x Reader - Look like the innocent flower, but be the serpent under ’t

(Request by earthtocostia) : “Hi! I love your stuff! Anyways could you write an imagine where Bellamy sees you in war paint for the first time and he’s kinda like woah because you’re kinda this sweet and innocent girl and could it be like in the reaper tunnels in season 2 right and I just have a lot of feels about this prompt.”

Thanks lovely! Here: have a Bellamy! The titles a quote from Macbeth, and I just thought it fit. The reunion kind of happens in a different way. Xx

Song : “Arsonist’s Lullaby” by Hozier

Following Octavia, you scuttled through the tunnel, and you could practically feel her anger radiate off of her. You were angry to, of course, but when she was angry, you could sort of feel it in the atmosphere. You thought that it was probably a Blake thing; her brother was the same. And now you were both on a war path to get him back, slathered with grounder paint, appearing like battle ready women, though compared to the mountain, you were more like battle ready ants.

Ants could still bite back.

You had left your previously innocent persona on the curb to die; your defenceless days were over. Being one of the weaker delinquents, your first few days on earth had been carnage. You had suffered, but now you should emerge anew, lined with venom and aggression.

Warrior training had been hard. The grounder who taught you had pushed you to your limits, calling you weak, and not worth the effort, but boy, you had proved him wrong. Furthermore, leaving him behind, like the coward he was, was the easiest thing you had ever done. You knew it had been harder for O. She had Lincoln in the equation, a chance to belong with people other than those who had persecuted her for being alive.

Saying this would probably cause her to lash out, so you just wallowed in your previous contempt.

The hallow silence grew eerie, and these tunnels were starting to creep you out even more. Octavia’s eyes seemed to illuminate the way in spite of this, so you continued to walk in silence.


Octavia quickly left your side, running ahead, and you followed suit.

“Wait! It could be a-” but you were cut off mid sentence. In front of you, you saw that Octavia held Clarke in a tight hug, as if they hadn’t seen each other in months. She gave you a flashing smile, and you greeted her with a curt nod. If you broke your hard, tough fashion now, then you wouldn’t be able to get it back.

“The door’s up ahead,” Clarke gestured, and you continued to make your way down the tunnel, “Bellamy should be there.”

Bellamy. His face appeared in your memory; a rush of cold water through your ears: his carved nose, his tanned skin, flourishing freckles which appear when the sun shines. You hadn’t seen him in about two weeks, and the last time he had seen you, you had been crying, running for your life. He had saved you, of course, but you had still been pitiful.

The passage seemed to grow narrower, and you kept your eyes focused, your hands balled into fists. This was it. You were going to get him back, then thrust your anger upon the mountain, to get your people back.

A crack of light appeared in front of you, and all three of you strutted towards it. There, at the door, wearing what looked to be a guard’s uniform, was Bellamy Blake, his curly autumn hair dripping thinly with sweat, his broad shoulders wound tightly, muscles stiff.

A smirk of personal victory crept upon your lips, and your grip tightened around the machete in hand.

His greenish hazel eyes widened at your frightening demeanour, your H/C hair brought back tightly whilst it is usually braided, your hand actually holding a weapon where it usually held a book. You had tossed your innocence asunder, casting it into the TonDC flames where you were born again as a free woman.

Octavia and Clarke embraced him, and you stood back, as his gaze still remained planted on you. It was almost as if he was checking you out, but you pushed the thought away. Walking ahead, reminding yourself if your task, you clambered through the door, and carefully surveyed your surroundings, but a hand clutched your shoulder, prompting you to look up.

“Hey,” Bellamy spluttered, “what happened?”

“I survived,” you said simply, and gave him a small smile. He smiled to, and your act broke into pieces. You flung your arms around his neck, and he wrapped his around you gently, caressing your spine. You felt his lip curl.

“Not so tough, are you?” You pushed him back, and you pointed your machete threateningly.

“Don’t push it, Blake, I can still beat the crap out of you.”

phyllored  asked:

DARN did mine not said? here ill type it again rip: i love how u use color!!! esp in ur comic pages+ the character designs u have fit ur style?? so much??? like i could not imagine them in any other style theyre just. Very You. also not art style related but man u get a LOT of oc stuff done and damn i wish that were me

I JUST SAW THIS RED ILY no urs didnt seND

but thank u??? my g od it means a LOT

hey hey hey hey so you know how ppl are like hypothesizing that team skull is like. a buncha young kids n social rejects who couldn’t quite fit into the mainstream society and thusly turned to criminal activity as a result n stuff right

and that their existence could serve to be a rather persona-like commentary on the rigorous demands of society to conform to very narrow expectations in order to succeed n such.

and we can already see that a lot of culture/traditions/hearsay and such in alola, i mean, look at all these descriptions of pokemon and how they interact with humans. bounsweet is allowed to live in homes to act as air fresheners and alolan marowaks are feared as conjurers due to their appearance and ability and such and such: we can definitely see a definite culture in place here.

and hey. you know who else in the game doesn’t quite fit into the culture just yet? an outsider who comes in and is confronted with a journey to face down these same trials that thwarted these poor rejects? that’s right, you. the player character is introduced as someone who moved to the region recently, you know little to nothing at all, so at the beginning of your journey you’re just as much of an outsider as these fellows are.

so what makes a difference here, anyway? perhaps your character’s (your own) perseverance, their eagerness to learn more and explore this region. not quite assimilating into the island’s culture, not really. more like understanding it. and maybe changing it a little, too.

i’m not entirely sure where i was going with this except this kinda ties into what i was hoping for pokemon sm anime. like. if the obligate female companion is girl MC/Moon/Selene, i was half-imagining her character arc to be that she moved to alola recently (from kalos, possibly?) but she still hasn’t really adapted to it yet and actually kinda resents it? maybe she feels obligated to at least try and assimilate because her missing/dead dad is from alola but it just doesn’t work for her? and her desire to start a pokemon journey is more about getting away from home and having an adventure than anything else, so meeting ash, who has travelled so far and plans to travel more, is like her getaway ticket.

an being an anime character with her own defined personality, she can express more than our blank slate MC, so what if she actually kinda sympathized with team skull a little? like. with the whole outsider/reject kinda thing. but at the same time she’s growing out of that resentment and working to make her own change in a different way that team skull is trying to change things. that could be her character arc maybe, figuring out her own way to change both herself and the culture around her with her own experiences.

but y’know we don’t really know anything about team skull yet but i guess that’s my two cents. that got kinda long.

Hey everyone Jaz here, here to let you guys know that I don’t have money to buy clothes and my mom won’t buy any for me because she says I’m fat and need to lose weight which I’m trying to do, but I don’t really have much clothes to wear really in my house I have to keep reusing the same clothes over and over again and some are worn out and some I can’t fit like I used to so it would really help me out if I were to be commissioned because I haven’t been commissioned yet on here:

Or just buy clothes for me that would be sweet:

Reblogs help a lot so if you could everyone reblog this, if you can’t afford stuff and want other people to see it save this post for later, Thank You for your time everyone ^^

dark times [kolvina one shot]

a series of kolvina oneshots
 kolvina + 10th century
a/n: Here it finally is! I know there was some anticipation for this one shot, and I really hope it was worth the small wait. I tried to get the story as correct as I could, but there had to be adjustments to fit Davina in. If the reception from this one shot is good I may consider doing a part two, and as you’ll be able to tell from the end of this a lot of stuff could happen. Happy reading! Just be sure to tell me what you think :)

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Why is it special?? because I FUCKING ADORE this season, I could have 100 halloweens a year and take christmas and valentines day! I’m so obsessed! So this month there are gonna be halloween promos, halloween activities and a lot of stuff like that. 

Also this will be the first month I’ll choose 2 BOTM since I usually struggle only choosing one! So here are the rules: 


  • You must have less than 6k, I’m doing this to help others get recognition and get to know more people, so I’ll focus on new blogs and people just starting here. (Please let me know if you are just reblogging for your followers)
  • BE A PERSONAL BLOGGER (if you only reblog pictures from weheartit this might not be your botm, I’m looking for a personal blogger who shares about their journey)
  • Reblog this, likes won’t count but can be used to bookmark.
  • Must be following me (I’ll check because this is to thank my beautiful followers.)
  • MBF my SEPTERMBER BOTM, she’s lovely
  • Must be health/recovery/study etc. Basically nothing that promotes unhealthy or destructive behaviors.
  • Have an open ask box! (no fan mail) if I can’t let you know you are my botm then I’ll have to choose someone else!

This are not necessarily to-do things, but might help as well:

  • Go talk to me here, tell me about your halloween plans! what are you gonna dress up as? 
  • Follow me on INSTAGRAM (@sabinamadrazo)

What will you get:

  • An eternal friend in me (yeah, eternal, I’m inmortal okay?), because if something I’ve learned about botms is that you get a relationship with someone where you stay in touch and get to really care about the other person.
  • A link on my bio.
  • A permanent place on my “favorite blogs” page.
  • Weekly promos, among with being automatically promoted in every other promo I run.
  • Basically everyday messages about how pretty you are or asking how is your day.
  • Unconditionally support, not just for june but for ever like, whatever thing you need or you are going through you better know I’ll be there and I’ll worry for your ass.

> This will run until September 30th and I’ll announce the winners October 1st