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Newt x reader :: Remember Me
Request: I love your work!❤️ If you don’t mind, what about a story where the reader has amnesia and newt is all distraught😭😭

Notes: I’m really trying to improve the angst in my writing. I hope you enjoy this one lots, reader! 

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Your head hurt as if someone had treated it like clay; flattened and then beaten back into shape. Above you the full moon hung in a velvety dark sky, and could feel grass and dirt underneath you between your fingers. Your mouth felt strangely parched causing you let out a sharp cough. Immediately footsteps pounded towards you.

“(Y/N)…(Y/N)…” a strange man said desperately. You squinted at him. Who the hell was this and who was he talking about?

“(Y/N), you’re awake?” he said again.

“Who?” you said, “Who are you talking about?”

He paused, looking confused for a moment and said, “(Y/N), you were hit with a dragon’s tail.”

“What? Who is (Y/N) and…dragons?”

“Yes! I mean, (Y/N), I’m talking about you!”

Who is (Y/N)?

You were starting to get angry. You just wanted someone to tell you what was going on, not make up some sort of bloody story about dragons. The strange man swallowed hard and stared at you with green eyes as wide as saucers.

Can you tell me where the bloody hell I am and what’s going on?” Your annoyance was making your heart pump harder and with each beat your head throbbed.

“(Y/N)…do you…do you not know who you are?”

“I. Don’t. Know. Who. You. Are. Talking. About,” you gritted your teeth and tried sitting up but the man gently kept you down with his hands.

“Don’t move. You must have some sort of, erm, some sort of head injury…” he looked very pale and his breathing got shallow. You wondered if he was going to pass out.

“Who are you?” you hissed, upset about being kept on the ground.

“Who–Who am I?” his voice quavered.

“Yes! Who are you? Where am I? What’s going on? Did you kidnap me or something?”

“What? No…no. This isn’t funny, (Y/N).”

“I know it’s not funny! I’m trying to make sense of all this! I wake up in a strange place with a strange man kneeling over me and feeling like I’ve been beaten up–ACK!” You exclaimed as a sharp pain shot through the left side of your head. You brought a hand up to touch it and it was so swollen and tender you let out a yelp.


“WHO THE BLOODY HELL IS (Y/N)?!” You felt like crying in frustration.

The man suddenly sat back on his heels. His hands were shaking and he looked completely taken aback. You took a deep breath and tried to calm yourself down; this man looked even more scared than you should be in this situation at the moment.

“Please…just tell me who you are and why I’m here,” you pleaded quietly.

“I’m Newt,” he said hopefully, as if this might jog your memory of him.


“Newton Scamander.”

You squinted at him. He looked like you may have seen him before, a passing face, but you couldn’t string together any real memories of him. There was something oddly comforting about him though. He didn’t give off the aura of a kidnapper.

“I don’t know you.”

“Newton. Scamander,” he repeated firmly.

You tried to reach into your mind one last time for any hints, but with no luck. “No…I don’t know you.”

He closed his eyes and took in a deep breath, “Do you know where you are?”

“Not the slightest.”

“You’re in Ukraine. You’re–well you were–doing research on dragons with me, your…” he trailed off.



“Why does my whole body hurt? Why am I here?”

“You were,” Newt ran his hand through his hair trying to find the right words, “Well, hit by a dragon on a rampage. We all tried to hold it back and you got a little too close and, well, got hit very, very hard by it’s tail. You’ve been unconscious. I had to carry you back here, back to camp.”

You said slowly, “So…you’re Newt Salamander. I’m in Ukraine and got hit by a dragon’s tail and now I’m laying in your camp?”

“Well, our camp.”

Our? What kind of relationship do you have with me?”

He looked at you with the saddest eyes you’d ever seen.

“I…you really don’t remember a single thing?” he whispered.

“No. Please. Help me,” you were starting to feel very scared suddenly and without warning tears began to rim your eyes. You were trying very hard not to panic, but it was getting more and more difficult to hold back.

Newt leaned closer to you. You noticed his clothes were torn and had burn marks, and his face was bloodied and scratched.

“Please don’t be frightened,” he breathed as he wrapped his arms around you as gently as he could, “I want to help you.”

A few drops of water soaked the front of your shirt and you realized he had begun crying. He was hiding his face from you. “Please remember me,” his voice shook.

“I can’t,” you said feeling a rush of coldness run through your veins.

You propped yourself up on your elbows and immediately hundreds of tiny white stars seemed to dance through the night sky and you felt incredibly dizzy.

“Newt…” you said collapsing back onto the ground, “Whoever you are, please help me.”

“(Y/N)!” Newt said cradling your head, “(Y/N), please, please stay with me. Stay awake with me.” He sounded panicked but you were far too woozy to care. You felt as if you were very drunk: the world spun, you couldn’t keep a train of thought straight, and you were extremely sleepy.

“Stay with me, (Y/N), stay awake. I’m going to call for help from the others again,” Newt said, his trembling hand finding the wand in his pocket. He pointed it straight in the air and a plume of bright red sparks shot high above the trees. You smiled. It was quite beautiful. Between the stars in your eyes and the flare you felt as if you were being enveloped in glittering light. You closed your eyes, allowing yourself to be surrounded by the sparks.

“Stay with me…they’ll be here soon, I can hear them!” Newt pleaded, holding both of your hands tightly, “I won’t leave you! Just stay awake!”

Tears were streaming down his face like rivers now. You opened your eyes once to see him illuminated by the beautiful light. He looked otherworldly, like a vision. You thought to yourself that if he was the last sight you saw before sleep you would have the most pleasant dreams.

As you closed your eyes and succumbed to comforting darkness of unconsciousness once more, you heard his voice echoing further and further away, “(Y/N)…please…please…”

Just before you drifted off completely you thought you could make out the words, “I love you, I love you.”


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“It’s Cold” ~ Chanyeol Oneshot

A/N: This is my first real oneshot in over a year, so I’m a bit rusty. It’s based off of an imagine that I wrote recently. Please forgive any tensing mistakes or typos, I wrote it pretty late at night. I was inspired & wanted to get it out of my head quickly. Enjoy~ xo

•Genre: Fluff/Other
•Characters: Chanyeol x “You”
•Rating: G (use of the word ass but not much else)
•Word Count: 1,534

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You stopped loving Sundays when you were nineteen, the how and the why still a vivid memory pressing heavy on your sternum.
You started loving her when you were well past your twenties, you remember always lying to yourself and always hiding - the confusion now a ghost found in the eyes of others like you. 
Today you are reading her favorite book out loud, she lies on top of you, her head resting on your shoulder, her warm breath a peril to your concentration. You know it is her favorite position because she can hear your voice quivering through her whole body - she once told you it feels like rain if the sky could be underwater. 
Her eyes are closed but when you change accent or make a silly tone her laugh is your laugh and you can’t help but think that maybe this is how happiness becomes an addiction. 
You once thought Sundays would never be sweet again, you once thought love could never be real again. But today is Sunday and she is in your arms, warm, safe.
You smile at her as she jokingly urges you to keep reading - outside, the blanket of snow looks as heavy as your heart is light.
—  @blue-honey - ‘Sunday Mornings’

The sound of his name gives you hurricanes in your stomach and when you taste his lips all you can taste is her, but he fell for someone else, so should you

 I know the sky feels like it could come crumbling down at any moment and it hurts in places you can’t touch.

Don’t stay. You’ll spend your time worrying about what you did wrong and how you’ll never compare to her. You’ll wake up wondering whether he’ll be gone the next day . You’ll constantly try and be better, when you’re already somebody’s dream. You’ll try and change to be her when you’re already exactly who you need to be.
People make mistakes, but no one accidentally kisses anothers lips, he either loves you enough to keep his pants on or he doesn’t love you enough for you to waste your time on him. 

Go home, cry, wash the feeling of his touch off your skin, tell yourself you deserve someone who won’t make you worry about the future.

—  “Can you write something about still loving and staying with someone who cheated on you but still hurting from it?“// A.M.P
Baby Girl

For the beautiful Anastasia (@haekt) - happy birthday baby girl!

The seasons were changing; you could feel it in the air.

In the sky, the sun was shining down on your school as you left class but there was a fresh chill in the air that breezed through you, making you shiver against the books in your arms. Slowly descending the steps of your school, you took a long breath of fresh air and sighed quietly. It was your birthday and the only person you wanted to spend it with was stuck in rehearsals all day. Without Chanyeol, you didn’t really feel like celebrating.

However, your friends had other ideas, catching up to you and throwing their arms around your shoulders. “Where do you want to go tonight, birthday girl?” one of your friend’s squealed excitedly in your ear, almost shaking the books out of your hands.

“No birthday drinks tonight,” you exclaimed, immediately shaking your head. You didn’t want to celebrate without Chanyeol so you were just going to wait until he had time in his schedule. Tonight you just wanted to watch films and order food in.

“Why? Are you busy?” your friend asked, peering up at you with a scrutinising look.

Your other friend leaned over to give her a swat across the back of her head. “Of course she’s busy! She’s the one with the gorgeous famous boyfriend!”

“Isn’t that him over there?” your friend exclaimed, pointing to the school gates.

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Ocean Blues

Pairing: Castiel x Reader

Words: 1500?

Warnings: Just fluffy stuff :) 

Notes: A short cute beach fluffy drabble shit that got my mind off crap. I hope you all enjoy it! 

The waves crashed on the tall, dark ridged rocks. When they folded over themselves and bubbled white foam, it made thunderous sounds that you could feel in your chest. It was a clear sky, not a cloud in sight and the birds were bathing in the sun. You decided to take your bike out for a short ride to the beach, planning on being lazy by laying on the sand for the entire day. The sand was hot and it clung to your legs as you padded your way to a open spot near the water. 

You laid out your extra large beach towel that Sam bought from the superstore then applied some sunscreen. Your body sunk into the Earth’s natural memory foam and let out a much needed deep breath. Behind your eyelids, your mind played back the events of yesterday. A hunt. Arms saving you from a fall. And those same arms holding you, while the voice who owned them rang truth into your ear. Castiel’s voice lingered in your thoughts. 

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I was so sure I wouldn’t catch any feelings for you.
I was so sure I could watch the night sky in your arms and still be just a friend.
I was so sure I could let you kiss me everywhere without getting attached.

I convinced myself I didn’t care when we stopped talking.
I convinced myself it was perfectly okay when you never said hello when you saw me anymore.
I convinced myself you were just a small chapter of my summer.

But I can’t lie, whenever you smile at me my whole day gets better all of sudden.
I can’t lie, when I hear you laugh I smile to myself.

I can’t lie, I’m a fool for you and I’ve always been.

—  you’re all that’s in my head

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Rules: answer these questions using only songs from one artist.

Artist: The Who!

What’s your gender: I Can’t Explain

Describe yourself: Shakin’ All Over

How do you feel? Sensation

If you could go anywhere? Armenia City in the Sky

Favourite mode of transportation? Magic Bus

Your best friend:  Whiskey Man 

If your life was a TV show? Success Story

Relationship status: Love Ain’t For Keeping

Your fear: Is it in My Head? 

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Get To Know Me Tag - Music Edition

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Artist: Amazarashi

What’s your gender? Juvenile

Describe yourself: Namae

How do you feel? The Empty Sky Is Crushing Me

If you could go anywhere? Starlight

Favorite mode of transportation? Speed and Friction

Your best friend? Seizensetsu

Favorite time of day? I Was Waiting For The Summer

If your life was a TV show? Deserving of Life (More like, if my life was a video game)

Relationship status? (What relationship?) Jigkyakuka no Ally

Your fear? Kisetsu wa Tsugitsugi Shindeiku

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She’s like a drug to you-
Something potent, something addictive.
She’s your caffeine that keeps you awake;
She’s your ecstasy that makes you happy;
She’s your cold pill that calms your nerve;
She can literally turn your world up-side-down.
And I can’t beat something that high,
But I could’ve been healthier for you
I could’ve been the air that you breathe;
I could’ve been the water that refreshes your soul;
I could’ve been the sun that brightens up your day;
I could’ve made you feel high like flying through the sky.
But you don’t want any of that
Because no matter what, it would always be her.
You want her wrong.
You like her bad.
You love her wild.
The signs as things I love about summer.

Aries: Watching fireworks expand in the sky, and then slowly drift back to earth

Taurus: Having a cookout and being surrounded by people laughing and just having a good time.

Gemini: Getting on a roller coaster and feeling as if you could touch the sky.

Cancer: Getting comfy with some snacks, and catching up on that show you’ve been wanting to watch, without interruptions .

Leo: The smell that sticks to your clothes after being at the beach for a while.

Virgo: Taking pictures, making memories, doing things you’ll never forget.

Libra: When the heat is unbearable and a breeze whips by your face and makes everything better.

Scorpio: Going to a music festival and letting the music make all the decisions for you

Sagittarius: Traveling to a different place, and coming back with a whole new perspective.

Capricorn: Staying up until 4am and putting your energy into something creative.

Aquarius: Letting the waves pull your feet into the sand.

Pisces: Rolling the windows all the way down, with your music blasting and not caring who hears.