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◠ the tulip dress ◡

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a/n: thank u bun!! this is such an ancient request asxnajis imma try to get better at writing them pls pray for me. also when will svt do an angsty concept its so hard finding gifs tht fit;;

» word count: 1,264

» includes: angst + minor drinking + minor fluff

The sole thing Soonyoung could remember from that day was screaming. Well, it was the most apparent thing he could remember, the thing most precedent in his mind as he sat slouched over his drink at the bar. There were little things he could remember too, like how tight his fists were clenched when you slapped the vase of flowers off the dinner table, leaving faded yellow tulips to solemnly decorate the floorboards.

Soonyoung still felt his lips tingle with the curses he spat. The words were ringed with such venom and potent misery that clear droplets began spilling from your eyes, rolling to your chin so they could glisten for just one more second before falling. You were screaming at each other from opposite sides of the dinner table, faces leaning in closer and closer until you both hissed the fatal bullet, let’s break up.

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Promises to Keep

changkyun x reader

angst x fluff

615 words 

anon nymph wished – 64. “If I could go back, I wouldn’t change anything” Sliiightly angsty with Changkyun, please? :’)

Thank you anonnie for your wish! I could have gone so angsty with this but I do hope that this is the ‘sliiight’ that you asked for ^^ lol! Enjoy!!


#64 If I could go back, I wouldn’t change anything.

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“Due” vs. “Do” Dates

I figured I would share this quick idea I came up with. This semester I have a lot of regularly due assignments. At first, it was super overwhelming. I felt like I wasn’t capable of getting everything done since it was always all due on Wednesday (as shown above). It caused me a lot of anxiety. So to mend this problem, I made this little chart that shows due dates at the top, and “do” dates at the bottom. Turns out, I have plenty of time to get it all done if I schedule it right! Simply scheduling it out made me feel so much more secure.

I made mine as a quick table in Word and printed it out to place in the clear front pocket of my notes binder, along with some guidelines on how to organize myself for each class. It’s color-coded by class. You could make something fancier, if you like. If you have one, put it in your bullet journal!

Having this table just gives me one less thing to think about each week, because I already know when I need to get things done. That means less time spent scheduling, more time spent doing! Other assignments are added into my weekly planner as they come up.

Blurry Morning

◆ drabble // Namjoon

◇ you lost your contacts and Namjoon decides to use the opportunity

◆ words ⇨ 344

‘’What exactly are you doing?’’ You jumped at the sudden question, silently cursing yourself. Not seeing well is not supposed to weaken your sense of hearing…so how the hell did he manage to get right behind you without you noticing it? If it was a normal day before he gets to sneak behind your back he would trip over his own foot, accidentally hit the couch and break the flower vase on a nearby table….

You felt his arms sneak around your waist and find their place on your hips and sighed loudly. It would be perfect if you could forget about everything and just stay with him like that, at least for a few silent minutes. But it would also be perfect if you could finally see things around you normally so you still had a mission to clear.

‘’Have you seen my contacts?’’ you asked while turning your head to look at Namjoon’s face, which was probably the only thing you could see clearly right now, considering it was only few inches away from yours. ‘’I’ve been trying to find them for at least an hour now!’’

‘’Why aren’t they at the usual place?’’ he placed a small kiss on your neck, not showing much interest for your struggle with contacts.

‘’I have no idea where I placed them after we came back last night! But I’m pretty sure I took the case out of the suitcase…’’ The only answer you got was silence and the kisses continued to be placed on your neck.

‘’Yah, what are you doing?’’ you turned in his arms. ‘’Aren’t you supposed to help me find them?’’

The smile he gave you was everything but innocent. ‘’Well, I don’t know…I’m pretty much enjoying the situation where you can see me only when I’m this close to you.’’ 

‘’I’m going to regret losing those contacts, aren’t I?’’ you sighed overly dramatically.

His face was even closer to yours now and his soft laugh sent shivers down your spine. ‘’Hm, I would rather say that you should be thankful.’’

in Piffle, we play Pretend (11/12)

“Do you know any better, then?” The look in Fai’s eyes gained a defiant, icy edge, and he lifted his chin. “What’s love to you?”

In the pattering hot spray, Kurogane opened his mouth, found that he had no one answer for it. Love was his mother and father, laughing over silly things at the dinner table. Love was his father, sliding the bedroom door quietly shut and telling Youou not to bother his mother. Love was his mother, proudly showing Youou the family sword, recounting the fights his father had been in.

Love was hair kisses, and quiet hands, and mouths on foreheads and trust and good smiles and and and—

His throat was tight. He had to clear it twice before he could speak. “It’s something important. Something that lasts a long time.”

“And this isn’t it,” Fai said, his voice deceptively light.

“You’re wrong,” Kurogane said. “I told you, I—”

“Don’t even finish that sentence,” Fai said sharply. “We’re both idiots, Kuro-rin. We don’t have to become bigger idiots.”

(FFN | AO3)


You were sitting in a booth at Granny’s with Emma, your old friend from the foster system, catching up. Henry was right on her side, looking through an unusually large book.

“So, Henry, what’s with the book?” you asked. Emma almost looked hesitant as Henry looked up and it was clear he was going to tell you. They could trust you. The only thing you’d probably want to do with magic is find your own parents.

“Everyone in this town is magical and this book tells of their lives before the curse,” he explained, placing the book on the table for you to see. You glanced over at Emma, who gave you a shaky smile in return.

“Uh-huh…so…that guy over there, who’s he?” You pointed to a random stranger in the diner who was leaning against the counter. 

Henry’s eyes lit up and Emma sent him a sharp look. Something wasn’t right here. “That’s Jefferson! He’s the Mad Hatter.”

“He’s not actually mad, right? Not like Tim Burton’s take on him? That was terrifying.” 

“No but…if you look closely at the picture, you’ll see.”

“Whoa, Henry,” Emma interjected, taking a look at the picture, “you just now decided to let me know about this?”

“It never came up until now.” You took a glance at the picture to see a drawing that almost resembled you in a way and that’s when someone came up to your booth and you glanced up. Jefferson sent you a small smile.

“I’m Jefferson.”


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Imagine: Your first kiss with Han Solo

–For @courageousdreamer16

“Han said what?!” you yell, wheeling to look at Luke, who went a little sheepish under your suddenly fierce gaze.

“I- ah…” he looked down at the checkered table he was sitting at with C3-PO “He came waltzing in here before you and Chewie got back with the supplies. He said you admitted your feelings for him and threw yourself at him.”

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You get drunk for the first time around them(BIG BANG)

This one is bad in my opinion butttttttt ohhhh well

Jiyong: -when you were out with the boys they decided to have a drinking competition. Apparently it was all news to you is that you could drink everyone under the table. Jiyong discovered you were a clumsy drunk as you fell off of your bar stool- “I’m going to guess you’ve never drank this much before” 

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Seungri: -your friends told him it didn’t take much to get you drunk roughly 2 beers and you were fumbling over your words. After that he just sat there listening to you try to say things as clear as you could before giggling- “you’re rather cute when you’re drunk Y/N” 

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Daesung: -you were extremely flirty when you were drunk but it still seemed to be only directed to Daesung. Even though he liked the fact you did that but he didn’t want you to be drunk to flirt- “I don’t think either of us will be drinking for a while baby”

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Taeyang: -he managed to lose you apparently you liked to wonder away when you were drunk so he spent the last 30 minutes trying to find you. Amazingly you were sitting infront of your apartment waiting for him- “you never cease to amaze me jagi. But never will I let you drink so much. This has been very scary”

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Seunghyun: -you were a truthful drunk and it was the first time anyone has ever seen it cause you’ve never drank before. So the boys kept asking you random questions and your answers were so blunt and goofy. Then you were asked who was the sexiest guy there and you said Seunghyun before you hugged him- *gif*

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She looked right at Marco. She placed her hands on his sides, ignoring the sting of his bristles as they poked into her skin.

The flea…Marco…tried to jump. But the legs that could fire a flea through the air were too weak to move the huge thing he had become.

‘Come on, Marco,’ Cassie said calmly. 'Clear your mind of all the fear. You can do this. You will morph. Focus on the picture of yourself. Form the picture in your mind. Let go of the fear and focus on the picture of your own body.’

We were all demorphing. Rachel’s head rose up above the table edge, then David, Ax. One by one they assumed their own forms. One by one they registered horror on their faces.

We all stared. Stared at the monstrous flea. And at Cassie.

And then, slowly, slowly, the armor plate began to soften into flesh. Slowly the mouthparts retreated. The spiked helmet melted into hair.

Slowly, slowly, Marco emerged.

At last he was sitting, his own self again, on the edge of the table. He looked at Cassie with his own, human eyes, and he did something I didn’t think Marco was capable of. He put his arms around Cassie’s shoulders and cried.

'Thank you,’ he whispered. 'Thank you, Cassie. You saved my life.’

The rest of us were left staring at Cassie with expressions you could only describe as awe.

—  Book #21: The Threat, pg. 73 (by K.A. Applegate)
Bad Boy BTS - Shades of Grey- Hoseok (part 6)

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5 , Part 7

You ate with the boys, but honestly, you were so nervous you barely picked at the food, playing around with it on your plate. You watched the boys joke around, laughing, and telling stories about their previous adventures that amused you, but also had you worrying about your fate tonight.

Were these guys actually in a gang? Did they really do the things they had talked about? Were you going to get into trouble because you were spending time with them? You were scared, but at the same time you couldn’t help but feel incredibly excited. You had never done anything like this, and the idea made your stomach feel all fuzzy.

Once you were finished eating, you helped Jin clear the table, under the supervision of Hoseok, he didn’t really trust his friends around you, he knew what they could get like, especially when they weren’t fully aware of what they were doing, and right now they were all slightly intoxicated.

“Okay, we are heading out. Hoseok what’s your plan?” Yoongi asked, as he put his jacket on near the door. Hoseok turned to look at you, and raised an eyebrow. You were lost, your mouth was slightly open, and you were a little taken aback.

“Do you want to know what a day in a gang is like? I promise we won’t get you into trouble, it will be fun!” he told you with his toothy smile. You hesitated, weighing the possibilities, but you finally decided to go, what did you have to lose anyway?

So you all got into the cars, one driven by Namjoon and the other driven by Jin, because Yoongi was honestly too high to drive, and he just didn’t care. You sat at the back of Jin’s car with Hoseok, while Jin and Yoongi sat at the front, mainly because Hoseok wanted you as far away from Taehyung as possible. He didn’t want his wandering hands anywhere near you.

You felt nervous, your heart was beating quickly in your chest. Hoseok must have noticed your eyes wandering all over the place, and your nervousness, because he grabbed your hand with his larger one, and squeezed it tightly.

“It’s okay, if anything bad happens, we will have you back home safely. I promise. I won’t let anything happen to you. Are your parents back yet?” He asked you, speaking softly, so the two guys wouldn’t hear him over the music. You shook your head.

“They’ll be back in a week. They extended their stay… but please don’t get me into trouble…” You begged him shyly, you were worried, you honestly didn’t want to get into a dangerous situation. He squeezed your hand tightly.

“I promise I’ll protect you jagi.” He promised, with a charming smile. You felt your heart flutter at the words he spoke.

The boys parked their car somewhere, and Hoseok immediately helped you out, taking your hand like a true gentleman, your cheeks reddened at his actions.

Your eyes widened as you stared at the tall, abandoned building standing right in front of you. Were you supposed to go in there? But it was empty and walls and windows were missing, and you were sure there was no electricity, or running water, and it didn’t look safe at all. Hoseok laughed at your expression.

“Relax… it’s going to be okay. This is safe, I wouldn’t bring you here if it wasn’t.” He told you, grabbing your hand, and pulling you towards the building. You noticed  the boys pull things from the trunks of the cars, laughing, as they joined you, and led the way towards the abandoned place.

You went up a couple of floors, and sat down at center of what you assumed was meant to be a large room. You crossed your legs as you lowered yourself down onto the floor. Hoseok pulled his arm over you, noticing the small shiver as your butt touched the cool cement floor.

“Okay, so, who wants a beer?” Asked Taehyung, as he pulled a couple of beers out, and showed them to everyone. Most of the guys grunted in agreement, and you looked at Hoseok questioningly.

“You don’t have to have one, but you can try it if you want.” He told you, passing you a bottle. You looked at it with curiosity and disgust plastered on your face. It looked weird, it smelled weird, and you’d heard too many stories of what happens to girls once they get drunk, and you honestly didn’t want to be just another character of those horrifying stories, but Hoseok gave you a sense of safety you had never felt before. You knew he would never allow anyone to harm you.

You grabbed the bottle and took a swig, the bitter taste of the beer almost murdering your taste buds. The alcohol burned slightly as it went down your throat, and for a second, you thought you might throw up, but after that, you felt alright. The taste lingered on your tongue, and your lips, and you sort of liked it. You had realized you were going to develop a love/hate relationship with beer if this continued.

“So? How was it?” Hoseok asked you with a laugh, he had seen your reaction and knew you hadn’t quite enjoyed that 100%. You looked around and noticed all the guys were staring, waiting for your answer, while they held their beers in their hands.

“It was alright… I guess?” you said, drinking again. Hoseok smiled, and started drinking too. The lighting was poor, but at least the guys had brought some snacks.

Yoongi passed some stuff around so you could all smoke, but Hoseok denied, and also pushed Taehyung’s hand away when he tried to offer it to you.

“I said she doesn’t smoke. I think alcohol is enough.” He replied, his entire senses alert. He wasn’t taking any risks with you. He didn’t know how much he could trust Taehyung. He trusted Namjoon, and he trusted Jungkook, but he wasn’t completely sure about his hyungs. Yoongi was odd, and he had a habit of getting whatever he wants regardless of the cost, and Jin, well Jin would easily get any girl in his bed with the blink of his eyes alone. He hadn’t waited this long for something to happen that would take you away from him again.

You had drank most of the beer, but you were already feeling lightheaded. Taehyung sneakily passed you another bottle when Hoseok wasn’t looking, and you immediately started drinking from that too as the guys joked and told stories. You watched Taehyung smirk cheekily at you, before bringing his finger to his lips.

When Hoseok turned around, he stared at your bottle questioningly, but you didn’t say anything so he just shook your head, and looked down at the third drink he had had, wondering if he was starting to see things.

You felt yourself start to loosen up, things were beginning to grow out of focus, as you giggled at something Yoongi said. He seemed harsh, but he really was happy. You slid onto Hoseok’s lap, and put his arms around you, claiming to feel cold. Hoseok smiled at this, holding you tightly, glad to have you so near.

You were all having fun, when the steps of footsteps interrupted Yoongi’s next story. You watched his face become stern, his eyes narrowing, becoming fiercely cold. You watched everyone else suddenly become passively aggressive as they looked at the newcomers. You turned your head around, looking over Hoseok’s shoulder.

Your eyes were met with a group of men, carrying baseball bats, and looking smug. You felt a chill run down your back, and Hoseok’s hold tighten around you.

“What are you doing here? This is our territory. Back the fuck off.” You heard Yoongi spit at them angrily, his voice always the harsher. Namjoon stood up, his sharp eyes almost piercing. You were terrified. You looked up at Hoseok in sheer terror.

“I’m so sorry Y/N…” You heard him mutter, as the rest of the boys stood up.

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Yknow, I've never actually saw unrequited love in akafuri before, have you? I love the idea of Akashi being the lovesick one and Furihata being oblivious (tho I don't like the other way around, go figure) especially from Akashi's point of view (maybe that's why I love Loser so much, god all the pining from Akashi's view) so like I don't think you're taking requests but could you maybe write a little about Akashi's one sided love for Furihata? You don't have to, just know that Loser is amazing!

“Oh, did I tell you? I asked out Kotone-chan.”

Akashi nearly spit out his drink at the suddenly change in topic, his heart sinking in his chest. Furihata was smiling brightly across the table, and though his friend’s sunny exterior usually made his heart hammer against his ribcage, that look could only mean one thing in this situation.

“I-Is that so?” Akashi asked, clearing his throat and preparing himself for the worst.

“Yeah. She said no, though,” Furihata said, laughing. “I’m never gonna get a girlfriend, I swear!”

“I… I see,” Akashi replied, relief rushing through his body. “You, ah… Do not appear to be very upset about it.”

“She laughed at me when I did it,” Furihata explained, his mouth twisting into a sour frown. “Turns out she wasn’t as nice as I thought she was. Better I found out this way though.” He sighed. “Why is it so hard to find someone that likes me as much as I like them?”

Akashi bit his cheek to keep himself from spilling out all the reasons he was so incredibly fond of the brunet.

“I mean… You’d think someone with similar interests that treats me decently wouldn’t be asking for so much, right?” Furihata lamented.

Akashi nodded in agreement, mentally tallying all their common interests. Not to mention the fact that they already did nice things for each other all the time without any prompting needed. It would be nigh impossible to treat Furihata any better than he did now.

Why couldn’t he see that they would be perfect together?!

“At this point, I’d probably even try dating a guy if the right one came along.” Furihata admitted shyly, rubbing the back of his neck. A faint blush spread across his face. “H-Hey, Akashi?”

His heart leapt into his throat. “Yes?”

“Y-You, um… You wouldn’t happen to know anybody you could set me up on a date with, would you?”

Akashi wanted to scream.

Take my hand

“I can’t believe this.” Iris sighs and sits on the floor next to Barry, probably the most comfortable position in this situation.
Barry manoeuvres his hand to around the metal table leg to make it easier for Iris, “You’re the one breaking into a crime scene.”
“And you came along.”
“I’m the CSI, I’m allowed to be here.” If he was being honest, he came to help Iris.

The policeman could be seen through the window talking on his phone, “He doesn’t seem to believe you,” she reminds him, trying not to smile at the absurdity of this whole thing.

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Hey Troye,

I’ve seen it. You on Good Morning America. You’re a big thing now. Touring city by city. Travel by day, perform by night.

Do you ever remember the moments we shared?

Remember when I met you? You were so shy and cute. We had this awkward hug over a table that many of our friends teased about. I didn’t mind it. I don’t know what I’d do if you wouldn’t have said hi.

Remember our first collab? The one direction and tumblr tag video. It was a stupid thing, really, but funny altogether. When the troyler tag was filled with humorous edits and heartwarming comments about our friendship. It was clear though that it wasn’t just a friendship. We had this connection that nobody could compare.

Remember when we hung out with our British friends? Everyone around would call us “troyler” because of how close we were.

Everyone’s otp was troyler.

That was the day we officially started dating.

I remember when we were just on our bed, hugging each other close. Everyone else was sleeping, but something kept me up.

I turned to face you. Your eyes were wide open, staring at me with those bright blue eyes.

You kissed me.

It wasn’t anything like i had felt before. None of my ex boyfriends could compare. I don’t know how to describe it without being cheesy. It was basically the most amazing feeling.

Remember when we filmed the boyfriend tag? I said I’d post bloopers and I did. What it didn’t include was us making out in between each question.

Remember when we went to Italy? We were inseparable. The way you held me close to your chest at night made me feel like I wanted to stay in that position forever.

Remember digifest? Or something that’s more distinctive: troyler kiss.
The fans went crazy. I too went crazy. I thought we agreed to fake it.

But you kissed me anyway.

I don’t know what happened after that. After may. In June, you grew distant. You didn’t talk to me as much anymore. But I didnt think much of it. You said you were very busy with the ep.

I promoted you as much as I could. I talked about you in every single collab I had in auguest. When your ep finally came out, it was immediately a success.

It was then in September that I’ve noticed that you were still very distant. Ever since he came out, you never talked to me. Sometimes I’d lie awake at night, by myself, thinking about what I could’ve possibly done wrong.

Each night I slept alone.

The fans started noticing it too. They saw you hanging out with him. They no longer shipped me and you. They shipped you with him.

The troyler tag was no longer filled with happy edits about us. It was filled with him.

All around I’d see imagines, edits, and people shipping you and him. It was all about you and him.

The next day, you broke up with me.

You said we have grown apart. That it wasn’t my fault it was yours. You said that we didn’t have that connection anymore. You said that you weren’t happy anymore. You said you were happier with someone else.


Do you remember how broken I got? I didn’t post for a month. How you just broke up with me. I didn’t leave my house. I’d stay in my bedroom every day, every night, just thinking.

Thinking about how much pain you had caused because you didn’t love me, you loved him.

That video of you on Good Morning America show made me miserable. Everyone was happy because he had proposed to you on live tv.

So I wonder if you lie awake at night thinking about all our memories together. A small part of me wishes that you do.

But you probably don’t.


You snicker and collapse downwards. “Fsuckyeah,” you mumble incoherently, as you give way to an overwhelming fit of the giggles. “Form a liine.”              

“Hey. Hey,” she says when the last flickers of power have sieved out of your mind and you have settled down enough to breathe in between laugh-hiccups. She hops off her table and grins at you wide as anything. “You seem like a guy who could appreciate some rad-ass tech. Wanna see something awesome?”

Latula hops two more lab benches and fetches up beside you. Like a magic trick, she shines the grublight across a galvanized steel door embedded in the back wall of the lab. “They hadn’t finished clearing everything out. There’s a whole ‘nother level down below this.”

Oh. Wow.

She beams, steals a kiss, and takes off for the door, smug as anything.

You follow Latula.

Your brain does a thing probably best depicted as: <3<3<3<3.

Illustrations for awesome fics cyber!bunny apocalypse ` verse

written by curlicuecal

I love Latula&Mituna in this ff, so crazy and so alive :D *wolf patiently waits for another update&doodles some more doodles*

Fathers Day | Angelisse

[Today was the day that Ivelisse and Adam had decided to clear out his spare room, ready to redecorate it. They hadn’t been shopping for anything yet, since Adam had no idea about the sex of the baby - but Ivelisse had a plan for that. While he was moving boxes of things into the hall, she stood there - a little uselessly - planning the room in her head. A crib here.. changing table there..] Do you think we should go for a theme? [She asked, leaning against the wall. Maybe, princess? Since it was a girl. Or perhaps they could be more quirky, and go for a space or jungle theme]


[Their first rehearsal wasn’t much of a rehearsal at all, but rather a table read of the script. It was fun… for the most part. It was obvious that Tristan had never done anything like this before. Her reading of Viola was flat and rather emotionless. A sad performance, really, and everyone could see how disappointed Hannah was at the head of the table. When Ms. Porter announced that everyone could head home, Lucy hung back, slowly packing her things to match Tristan’s crippled pace.] Can I ask you a question, Tristan? [She broke the silence after everyone else had cleared out, including Ms. Porter.]