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Happy Belated Birthday @psycho4sans! I hope you enjoy this silly twist on The Fantastic Adventures of Papico. :3

If the rest of you understand what I’m referencing, then I am so proud!

Everlasting Party - Mystic Messenger Time Loop AU (pt 18)

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Summary: You’re caught in a time loop during the 11 days leading up to the RFA’s party unless you can do… what, exactly?

13+ No spoilers. Also, if you’re interested in the chatroom but worried about it being halfway through the fanfic, I encourage you to watch it anyway and then decide, as it doesn’t spoil prior events in the fanfic :)

It took me… waaaay too long to edit this chatroom, but I’m very pleased with how it turned out. Hope you like it, too ^^ Non-animated version is below the cut. The chatroom is the chapter; there’s no prose this time.

As always, feedback is more than welcome (even just on how you think the chatroom turned out!), my ask is always open ^^ Here’s a link to the masterpost of all my Mystic Messenger fics. I’ve got some guidelines if you’re looking to request a fanfic, so please read this post first.  Thank you very much for reading! ♥

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You know what’s cool? Unicornkin. They are like, all beautiful and majestic and they have really cool horns and they are so damn pretty. Being a faerie, I feel pretty close to unicorns, and I think they’re rad. 


Root | Interview For A Radio Show Producer Gig

- Possesses wicked intelligence ✔

- Ability to adapt to subject matter of discussion ✔

- Ability to switch her voice into that distinctive “radio voice”

- Charm ✔


The face says it all. 

“Rose Franklin,” Producer of AM 520 WKCP′s “Mysterious Transmissions.”