you contradict the fact that you still want me around


You contradict the fact that you, still want me around.

thina95  asked:

I really want to get into Star Trek, but have no idea where to start and what's okay to skip. Could you help me out? What order do I watch the shows in and could I possibly skip the movies for now and still have the shows make sense?

Skip the movies, you don’t need to watch them to understand the shows. The movies, in fact, relied on the shows and did their best not to contradict canon.

So the shows are the foundation, not the other way around. The only movie that people seem to think is worth watching is Wrath of Khan. The rest of them have everyone pretty divided, so go ahead and ignore the original movies if you want.

Also, skip all the Next Gen movies, they were all pretty bad. Unless you want to.


You can start with the original series, but if I’m honest, it’s very old, it’s a little silly and campy because of the era. Some of the episodes were really bizarre/ sexist, because of the time period. And Wild West based episodes were clearly corporate attempts to draw in a traditional 50s audience. They don’t translate well to modern times.

But it’s also the beginning. It’s where Star Trek started.

So if you really want to know everything about everything Star Trek, I would suggest starting with the original series. Then the animated series (you could skip that one but if you really want to know the lore and the universe? go TOS and TAS).

However if you wanna get the FEEL for Star Trek, and one that’s relevant, not an idealized sort of world where we all get along in harmony?

Well. TNG is where Star Trek began to become more relevant, but maintained its iconic Star Trek “space kumbaya” optimism.

If you skip TOS and TAS, then TNG is a good way to get the feel for what most people identify as Star Trek.

And I don’t mean like, most iconic imagery or visuals or characters.

I mean like…dignified and aging with grace. The goofiness of the original Star Trek and the hammy performances, alien weirdness, and sexy seductive alien females…it sort of eased itself out a bit with TNG.

TNG had more human stories where people did awful things and the crew of the enterprise had to rise above them and show that humanity had become better. It was Star Trek for the 80s, not the 50s, you knows. A whole new audience, one that had seen the Vietnam war and the Korean War, one that was more cynical about the human world.

Star Trek has always had an optimistic view of humanity, but it also recognizes that things can challenge this view, and challenge human dedication to this view. TNG had a lot of those challenges.

If you don’t care too much about detail specific lore, then start with TNG. Honestly I don’t blame you. There’s a looot of lore for Star Trek, just by the shows and not even including the movies or books or comics.

But if your attention span weakens, and I warn you, pretty much every Star Trek takes at least three seasons to get its footing, then start with deep space nine.

Deep space nine is my favorite, and I’m completely biased towards it.

But i just want to say that if TNG says humanity is inherently good and we rise above…deep space nine knocks that down.

Deep space nine is about doing unethical things with unethical people for the greater good. It was about making compromises with people you hate for the sake of peace but then realizing that you have to sacrifice a lot for peace.

It was a political drama in space with all kinds of allusions and references to the atrocities humans have committed in real life.

And unlike any Star Trek before it, we see the crew not getting along. We see people murdering and stealing and not being punished.

And we see the golden human planet, where there’s no war or poverty, being portrayed as ignorant and a “paradise” where it’s easy to be a Saint, where it’s easy to judge others who haven’t quite reached it yet.

And paradise falls quite a bit.

Deep space nine sort of shakes up that Star Trek mold.

But you can’t really appreciate how much it shakes it up without knowing Star Trek better first.

So try TNG. Go to deep space nine.

And then…I guess voyager 🙄

Voyager is…deep space nine but mishandled.

I won’t go into depth on voyager, but canonically, it’s happening simultaneously with deep space nine.

But if you’re going to skip any Star Trek…you can skip voyager.

It’s really isolated from the other star treks because the main plot is that the crew of the Voyager is stranded in the delta quadrant trying to come back home.

And since most of the Star Trek drama, and the most compelling stories, are in the alpha quadrant?

I feel like if you don’t want to get invested, then you can safely ignore voyager.

Its events sort of don’t correspond a lot with the main starfleet timeline anyway?

Everything you need to know about starfleet comes from TNG and deep space nine, which technically occur around the same time period.

Which is after TOS and TAS (canonically).

And then we come to the ugly duckling.


It’s so bad you could skip that entire one.

But if you’re hungering for some Star Trek after TNG and DS9?

Well first. Watch voyager. It’s still closer to that Star Trek feeling than Enterprise.

But you can watch enterprise.

All you need to know is that it’s a prequel about the first warp 5 class ship designed for exploration, not cargo.

It’s sort of interesting occasionally because it reveals how the federation got started?

But then the studio botched it and decided to focus on shit we didn’t care about.

Like T'Pol’s boobs and Archer’s sexual frustration.

I could honestly give you a list of deep space nine episodes and enterprise episodes that are actually contributors to continuity?

Like Star Trek is LONG.

There are certain things you can skip, tbh.

Like Star Trek has a lot of one shot episodes that just suck and have no purpose whatsoever.

But that’s part of the journey, tbh, watching every episode and knowing that this is what makes that Star Trek feeling.

Going out in space. Adventure. Drama between life forms.

So my final word on this?

Lore/continuity/iconic and reference based, feel good Trek- TOS and TAS

The beginning of a new era of Trek/ continuity/ when Trek began to re imagine itself- TNG

The jaded Star Trek that defied the other star treks and dismantled gene roddenberry’s dream (I mean…in a good way…a pragmatic, contemporary way)- DS9.

The Star Trek that tried to be edgy but failed BUT also had a nice enough cast and had some great episodes with strong characters (i.e. The doctor and seven of nine)- Voyager.

The Star Trek that suuuucked 8/10 but sort of picked itself up by the last season (when it was too late)- enterprise

I think that you could start with enterprise, if you really wanted to go by canonical “order.”

By timeline, it’s enterprise, TOS, TAS, TNG, DS9, Voyager, but technically the last three happen at the same time, just in different parts of the galaxy.

But don’t go by timeline.

Timeline is somewhat important but you wouldn’t necessarily need to know Kirk’s exploits if you wanted to start with deep space nine.

Go TNG first for a hybrid between the original series and the new star treks.

that’s a good place to start even if it’s a little slow to get going.

Anyway now that I’ve made this wayyyy overcomplicated.

Good luck and have fun.

And if you only watch one?

Watch deep space nine it’s the best one, #getatme