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You know you love someone when everything that they do is beautiful in your eyes. It could be the most typical thing too. Like driving, or writing a note, or making pancakes… You just can’t not stop and wonder how they could be so perfect.
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I am literally addicted to Peter Quill Smut 😫

Can’t. Stop. Reading.

Seriously. He makes me all squirmy inside and gives me jelly legs.😳

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Fuck, I love you Starlord

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thejabberwock  asked:

I absolutely loved your post about Cas and Dean and their misunderstandings with Dean worried sick while Cas thinks Dean just wants him as a tool. It's really given me a ton to think about it, and I think I'm even more heartbroken now about the finale which I didn't think was possible??? Wow.

Thank you :) Re: this post on Need / Love and the continuous I need you narrative, especially in seasons 11/12, leading to Cas’ death.

I’ve been thinking about it today and I’d love your thoughts on this actually, as to why in particular Dean is so clear on need being associated with love and why he feels it is obvious that need equates love (whereas for Cas it obviously is not, with his history as a tool, a cog in a machine, being needed for his usefulness, not for who he is).

I believe no-one in the show has told Dean that they love him previous to season 10? Since then we had Sam in season 10 and Mary and Cas in season 12. But all were in a negative environment.

In terms of someone telling him kindly, gently, that he is loved, I don’t think this has actually happened? 

- Sam in the scene in 10x22 said they all love Dean, but it’s in the heat of a really dark moment, as well as Dean being so far into the Mark at this point I don’t think he takes it in a positive light. It’s actually reinforcing that bad things happen due to love as Charlie gets killed for it.

- Mary told him in passing on the phone in season 12 and in person as she was leaving - both of these have been with negative connotations, her leaving and her lying (and he knew there was something off on the phone), plus it being so casually thrown around like it doesn’t mean anything, because no-one HAS ever said it to him with deep meaning and in a loving way, this actually is even worse? 

- Cas told him he loved him in 12x12 but it was ambiguous, hidden, though I feel Dean does know or heavily suspect what he means here, it’s not clear and again it was a negative moment, a near death experience, one that Dean absolutely blames himself for too.

Every time someone has said they love him, it has shown that this love leads them to suffer, Charlie and Cas die and Mary ends up perceivably dead.


Need on the other hand…

Growing up, it seems John’s way of raising the boys and his way of showing that he cared about them was protecting them, teaching Dean to be a hunter, to defend himself, telling him that he needs him to protect Sam, that he needs him to chase down the YED, that he needs him to be strong.

Therefore NEED IS GOOD. Need is what got Dean from one day to the next. Need and protection, showing that someone is useful, that they can protect and help, is a good thing. Feeling needed is how Dean gets his validation in the absence of what he craves, LOVE.

Therefore telling Cas he is needed is his way of replicating what he knows, of trying to give him purpose, to help him feel loved, but it doesn’t work because of Cas’ own issues. Aside from this Dean needs to face that he is craving love and craving giving love, THAT NEED IS NOT A REPLACEMENT FOR LOVE.

Cas literally is the perfect person for Dean to be in love with, he is his perfect other half because Cas NEEDS Dean to flat out tell him he LOVES him in order to understand, forcing Dean to face this within himself.

Cas’ literal aspects is and will continue to force Dean to use his words and therefore face things about himself that he sublimates. He is already starting to do it in season 12, where it’s no surprise as that is the point of Mary being a disappointment in his story, to force him to face that he deserves better and deserves to be loved

*Insert all the meta about Crowley showing Dean’s sublimated side*

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Now in season 12 Dean is sitting down and pulling himself together and telling Cas “I’m not mad I’m worried” “You’re not weak” etc etc etc. He’s started getting better, thanks to everything but in big part due to Mary and his path to self acceptance and self worth, particularly since he took the Mark, which was the point of that whole arc, it just dragged for a long time in the negative, but the outcome at the end was this

Meanwhile Cas continuously tries to do replicate what he knows, as a part of the cog in the machine, help Dean, protect him, even if that’s not what Dean wants (and yeah I could write a whole other post about Cas, but I’m focusing on Dean, but Cas absolutely has to learn that he is not only wanted when he’s useful and needs to learn to stay with Dean even when they’re not working a case, just because he is wanted and he also deserves to feel loved and to have nice things, but Dean needs to TELL him this, not hiding behind a case or Cas being useful…. because that’s just reinforcing the other side for Cas, ARGH).

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Cas is a huge part of Dean’s pulling down the walls and his reason for doing it.

Cas completes Dean on so many different levels and this one, through his own issues with understanding need and love helps Dean to face his past and his issues with need and love in order to make these obvious and explicit to Cas and therefore grow and learn to be happy in himself. 

Being at opposite ends of the need/love scale are exactly created to force them both to meet in the middle and find happiness within themselves and with each other.