you cold beast

Okay but legit question, guys.

Maurice notices how odd that it is that there’s snow in the middle of June when he gets lost and wanders onto the cursed castle area. He actually comments on it out loud.

Then later on, when he, Gaston, and LeFou are searching for Belle, Gaston declares that “There are no such things as beasts! Or talking teacups! Or magic! But there are wolves, frostbite, and starvation!”

So here’s my question: how the heck does one get frostbite in the middle of HECKING JUNE?! Shouldn’t Gaston find it weird that it’s cold enough to get frostbite in summer? Why doesn’t he? Is he that frustrated that he’s literally ignoring the unusualness of the seasonal temperature? Does LeFou notice this and just not say anything? Why doesn’t Maurice point this out and be like, “Hey, you said it yourself: frostbite. Why are you worried about FROSTBITE IN JUNE, CAPTAIN?”


Hang In Their Baby[Zach x Reader]

Request: hi … i know you’re busy … and i hope you don’t mind me asking this, but … i just had a fight with my mom and i’ve been sobbing for an hour. she doesn’t understand what’s going on inside and she doesn’t care to, and i really need something to cheer me up. could you write a zach imagine in which the reader gets a call from her mom calling her names and so for dating zack and other things and the reader is found crying and zach comforts her? it would mean a whole lot to me. 💖

Warnings: Angst but lots of fluff 

Words: 1,132

Some people think that once the day turns to night and the people fall into dreams of happiness, that the city falls to sleep with it. That once the clock strikes eleven the whole city and all its people start to fade away. But you never thought so. Because when the people fall asleep, that’s when the city comes awake.

You’ve always had a weird way of looking at the world. You never thought it was a bad thing though, if anything it’s one of your best qualities. Some saw darkness, you saw light. Some saw just plain old eyes but you would see the world hidden within them. When others would see nothing, you would see everything.

You would think that with being a person who saw the world so amazing and so differently, that you wouldn’t have the type of life you do. People get fooled so easily, perhaps it’s because when a person smiles, they think that person is okay. They’ll believe whatever you say if you look happy. You would know, you’ve done it plenty of times after all.

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Kissing In the Rain

It was raining.

Raven shivered under her sodden cloak, desperately trying to keep warm. Why she was out in this weather was beyond her; Robin had it in his thick skull that they just had to patrol that night, and Cyborg just had to conveniently take the T-car and leave her to walk home alone in the rain.

Just wonderful.

She would consider teleporting, but they’d done some pretty hardcore training earlier and Raven wasn’t sure she had the energy to safely transport herself across the city.

So she walked. In the rain. Did she mention it was cold?

Raven was definitely going to kill Cyborg when she got back.

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