you climbed that whole mountain


IN CELEBRATION OF THE DHMIS KICKSTARTER REACHING THEIR GOAL and as the result of a very strange turn of events this week I finished a puppet…of a puppet!
I had a casual suggestion to make Aisha’s human design of the notebook from DHMIS……..and I felt like it was finally time to give in to the temptation, so here we are

The Maze Runner AU - High School: Climbing Mountains and Taking Selfies Are Probably Not A Good Mix

Newt x Reader

High school AU: You, Teresa, Brenda and the boys go on a camping trip. But being your usual, clumsy self, you get into a minor accident…

“We have to climb up that whole mountain!?” Brenda half exclaims out of fascination and half out of annoyance.

You let out an amusing hiss between your teeth, “Get keen.” You mumble.

“Look,” Thomas starts, “It’s going to be really quick, promise. Besides, climbing up there is the best part of this whole trip!”

“You’re kidding.” Brenda sighs.

Thomas looks to you and the rest of his friends for help, as you all know how he really wanted Brenda to come along on this trip so they could “bond” but now it almost looks like she’ll make a run for it. “It’s not so bad, Brenda. It’ll be fun!” Teresa tries but probably fails. Everyone knows Teresa is an outdoorsy kind of person, heck, you wouldn’t be surprised if she lived in a tent herself, foraging for food in the nearby forests every night.

After five minutes of more convincing, Gally finally gets it through to her that she’ll be alright and that there is plenty of other things to do upside the “mountain”. (It’s really not that steep.) Minho leads the way with Teresa along side up at the front as Newt takes up the back. You straggle behind the rest with your camera, taking photos of the scenery and the sweating but entertaining people up in front of you.

“Newt,” You start as you hop over a fallen down tree, “Are you only taking up the rear because you don’t want your photo taken?”

Newt grunts, “Er –you could say that.”

In one swift movement you pull the camera up in front of both of your faces, turn the camera lens towards you both as you smile and then snap a quick picture. Newt doesn’t realise you’ve done it until he hears the sharp snapping noise the camera makes as you press the shutter button.

He groans.

Once the image loads you inspect it before you show Newt, you actually look kind of pleasant; thankfully. Newt looks very confused but also extremely cute, you can’t help but laugh.

“Is it that bad?” He asks as he reaches for the camera. His fingers latch onto the sides of it but you snatch it away ever so quickly and your foot quivers, you lose balance and stumble to the right. Your arms flail and you hear Newt calling your name as you tumble down a steep bit of the hill. After many summersaults you manage to stop yourself from tumbling further. Slightly dizzy, you look up the hill and see the group crowded by the edge. All the same worried expression on their faces.

You shout up at them as soon as you regain your sense in direction, “I’m alright!”

Cheers and whoops sound from the crowd, the loudest comes from Gally and Thomas, as you try to stand but you immediately crash back down into the earthy dirt. Tree’s scatter your vision as you look up for help.

“Are you sure you’re alright?” Teresa shouts as she ties her brown hair back. She looks as though she’s ready to come down and get me but someone else pushes past her. Actually two someone else’s.

You shake your head as disappointment floods in, “I –my ankle! I can’t get up!”

You see two figures practically sprinting down towards you, they come closer and you recognise them as Brenda and Newt. Brenda comes rushing to your foot, she takes the shoe off, the sock and then feels the bare foots with her fingers. You forgot her that she learnt the basics of first aid since her mom is a doctor, her Dad a nurse. Your suddenly grateful that she has this knowledge otherwise things could have been worse for you. She continues to feel your foot, occasionally pressing down the spots where it aches with pain; making you squeal.

She breathes a sigh of relief, “It’s not broken.”

Newt lets out a gush of air and finger-combs his scraggly hair back as he kneels in front of you, “Sprained?”

“Yes, badly though.” Brenda replies as Newt helps you up, swinging your arm over his shoulder as he snakes his around your waist. “I can drive her home and come back later.”

Before Newt probably agrees you interrupt, “How about you ask her since she’s right here?” You look between the two of them before going on, “Look, if it’s just sprained then I’m fine. Let’s just keep going.”

“You’re not going to continue if you’re injured, Y/N. I won’t allow it.” Newt says sternly.

“Since when did you become the boss of me, Newt? Besides, I don’t want to spoil everyone’s time, especially Brenda’s! If she’s the one who has to take me home she won’t be able to hike up the mountain by herself when she gets back, she’s never been to our site before.” You argue, there’s no way you’ll spoil Brenda’s mood, besides, Thomas would never forgive you.

“I’m sure she would rather leave than-

“Newton!” You say, and this draws his attention. You only ever use this name when you’re being serious. You flash your eyes at him as if you both can communicate with the looks you give. You try to tell him about how Thomas planned this whole trip for Brenda, after a moment he remembers.

“Uh, sorry.” He shakes his head before looking over at Brenda, “You go on. I can take Y/N home.”

“You brought your car?” Brenda asks.

“Yeah.” Newt nods.

Brenda looks from you to Newt, and then back again. “Oh alright. Newt, you better drive safely and Y/N, if he does any weird klunk please call me straight away.”

“Weird klunk?” You question, slightly amused.

“Oh who knows, he’s probably got a whole stack of weed in his trunk or something.” Brenda says as you all walk up the side again; laughing. Once you reach the top, Brenda explains the situation and everyone says their goodbyes.

“Newt can probably come back up tomorrow.” You suggest.

“Nah, can’t leave you by yourself.” Newt nudges your side, “We’ll have a movie marathon or something.”

You roll your eyes but you’re glad to know that Newt does care about you. “How am I getting back down?”

“On my back.” Newt says, so you climb onto his back and immediately apologise for being heavy. “Pfft, you’re nothing compared to the other shanks.”

You walk for about five minutes until Newt complains, “Stop squeezing your thighs so tightly, I’m not going to let you fall.”

“Sorry!” You shout worriedly and loosen your grip. After about another five minutes, you grow bored of taking continuous pictures of the trees or the sky, even all the selfies. So you lean your chin onto Newt’s shoulder.

You feel sleep tug at your eyelids, so you close them. With all the nature chirping and slithering, crackling and whistling you casually fall asleep. When your head droops into sleep, your lips touch the skin of Newt’s neck and an alarm rings in your mind so before you know it, you’re awake again. Your head picks back up at you mutter a sleepy sorry.

“Did you fall asleep on me?” He says with an amused voice. But before you can answer, you fall asleep again.


You wake up on a couch, but it’s not your couch. It’s Newt’s. You know it because of the clean apartment smell and all the white and cream coloured furniture, you do remember Newt saying that he had his own apartment some time before. You yawn loudly and your eyes flicker up to the TV in front you, it plays some kind of reality TV show. You hate reality TV shows.

“Y/N?” Newt calls from the kitchen you expect, since not long after your name is called you hear chopping of vegetables and sizzling of meat.

“Yo?” You call out and immediately he comes into vision.

He grins down at you, “Nice hair.”

You wave him off and pat down your bedhead, “Slim it.” He takes a seat on your couch, causally pushing your splayed legs over to the side.

“Fancy some curry for dinner?” You noticed he changed out of his hiking gear and is now wearing a old band-shirt from his emo phase, you stifle a giggle.

“Yes please,” you say as your stomach grumbles loudly. You grin.

He laughs, “Oh and, I thought I should tell you that you are an amazing sleeper.” You sense a level of sarcasm in his voice and you sigh.

“What did I do?” You suddenly hope you didn’t say anything weird in your sleep.

“Well, once I lifted you into the backseat I saw a nice, long string of saliva hang out of your mouth; then I felt the rest on my neck.” You feel mortified as your cheeks blush red with embarrassment.

“I am… I didn’t know I dribble in my sleep?” You’ve never had problems waking up to a pool of drool on your pillow before, so why now?

“Maybe I’m just that attractive that even in your sleeping-state you couldn’t help but drool over me.”


You both laugh and collect a good serving of Newt’s special curry, which actually tastes pretty good. The meat is so tender it almost melts in your mouth but you have to have a side of yoghurt since the spices almost burn your tongue.

In the end, you do have a movie marathon. After piling all the pillows and blankets in the house on the couch in front of the TV, you fill your movie marathon time with various horror movies but also really cheesy chick-flicks. Especially rom-coms. You find that Newt especially likes the rom-coms which you find adorable.

As the movies lead into the night you start to feel drowsy and soon you fall asleep against Newt, and he against you. It may have been the best sleep you’ve had yet.

A/N: So this one isn’t a request since I didn’t have any motivation to write the requests I have received, sorry. They’ll be written, just not today obviously. But yes, hope you enjoyed this one; it’s sort of random but I really enjoy High School AU’s although this one might be pretty pathetic compared to others. Sorry for any grammar and/or spelling mistakes.

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it really is a marvel how rigby and eileen’s relationship turned from ‘she’s awkward and weird and has a crush on him and he doesn’t like her!!!!!1’ to probably one of the healthiest relationships on the show. 

seriously. even if it’s platonic, they still genuinely care about each other and eileen is SO encouraging, constantly showering him in support and telling him when he’s in toxic situations

like the progression was slow but we’ve finally did it. we climbed the whole mountain you guys


and I don’t just mean s6. I mean s2 platonic klaine, s3 old fabulous married couple klaine, s4 broken up klaine, s5 engaged klaine, and s6 adult broken up klaine. 

we had major ups and major downs. 

we got teenage dream, baby it’s cold outside, animal, blackbird, candles, somewhere only we know, perfect, let it snow, it’s not right but it’s okay, i have nothing, teenage dream (acoustic version), hopelessly devoted to you, white christmas, just can’t get enough, come what may, got to get you into my life, all you need is love, you make me feel so young, love is a battlefield, story of my life, not while I’m around, all of me, american boy, it’s too late, and somebody loves you. 

we saw a best friendship bloom into a never-ending love. we witnessed soulmates come together. we witnessed distance and miscommunication tear them apart. but we always saw how their souls were sewed together, sometimes ripping at the seams, but never falling apart. 

we were there for that. and we weeped or celebrated every moment of their lives.

AND TODAY. we are going to watch them become husbands soon. and it should amaze you that we climbed this whole mountain together and that for every moment and every song and every kiss, we were just as excited as the first one. 


love live gothic
  • you’re watching the end of the anime. nico is crying. now nozomi is crying. now they’re all crying. now you’re crying. the anime is over, and you’re still crying. they’re still crying. they’re all still crying.
  • you do an 11 card draw. there’s not a ur. there’s not an sr. there are only rares. the same rare. you clutch your phone in your hands. her smile is mocking you. the same smile, 11 times over.
  • you have a dream. all of your cards are an alpaca. you wake up, and are so glad it was just a dream. you open your file. it’s all alpacas. “it’s allpacas,” you say, and laugh to yourself. “it’s allpacas.”
  • you’ve done it. you full combo’d soldier game ex. you climbed this whole mountain. you’re so happy. “transmission error”, the game tells you. “please restart the game.”
  • there is a tenth member of μ’s. you know there is a tenth member, because her card is in your album. you do not remember getting her card, or idolizing her. there is only blackness where her eyes should be.
  • “eat your double,” you whisper to your game. the idols disappear, one by one, as the level of your more valuable idol increases. “consume,” you whisper, and turn the volume down to drown out the screaming overlaid by takaramonos.
  • you try to stop playing. you can’t. you keep playing. your fingertips hurt. they bleed. the blood sinks into the touchscreen, but you keep playing. you just want to stop. you’ve played every song in the game. you have triple s-ranked every song in the game. you are still playing. you have no love gems left. your blood is a sacrifice. you are still playing. nico nico ni.

anonymous asked:

what are your favourite quotes of John?

Hey! I have a few: 

“I don’t pay attention to the world. I just have the art I like and the music I like and for me that’s the whole world.” 

“If you try to climb up a mountain and gave up in the middle, you can still climb up another mountain with rest of energy as a result of giving up the first one.” 

“Music has always carried me through times of,when I make music,I like to make people who listen to it feel like they have a friend who reveals something personal to them rather than trying to be god up to a pedestal.” 

“Whatever the motivations are, we all sometimes follow through unreachable goals. But we are human beings and I am convinced that we all have a force deep inside of us that drives us to bring us closer to the source of all creativity. After that, we can express this creativity in every possible way, being a guitarist, teacher, actor, workman… the ultimate goal is never really clearly defined, and it is not intelligible. But this should not stop us in our quest.”

“It’s a really interesting tendency on the part of people- is that they like being twisted. There’s a part of you that becomes comfortable there and you don’t wanna be released. I get like that when I’m in a bad mood about something and somebody tries to cheer me up, but i don’t want them to cheer me up. It’s like i’m happier being miserable than i am being happy. There are certain situations where somebody who would rather stay in their misery might be superior in their relationship to life than somebody who’s constantly trying to maintain a position of happiness- in that, there could potentially be a kind of emptiness. Sometimes people who go through life sad are some of the deepest people.”

“All that matters to your true, permanent self is to do what you are here to do. To establish direct contact with your true self and follow the course of action your heart dictates. Not to say that that means you will always be happy and content, but along the way you will know the meaning of pure happiness at the times when it comes.”

“That whole thing of using a record to promote yourself and treating music like it’s something you’re using in order to earn the maximum amount of money, it doesn’t sit well with me. It would be the feeling of being unfaithful to your wife. You’re so lucky to be given music, to all of a sudden treat it like its just your slave or something, it never felt respectful to me. If i’m not living and thinking in constant devotion to music and never diverting from thinking of it as something bigger than me, i would fall apart.”

“I found it really draining and exhausting to have to argue with people about music. Like i said, music for me is just this sacred temple that i get to be in, it doesn’t need to be a source of aggravation or a source of frustration or a reason to argue with your friend or a reason to hurt somebody’s feelings, or make somebody feel bad.”

“Every time you put on a record or a cd it’s a dimension in time; it’s a piece of time that’s suddenly moved from one dimension to another. A moment in 1927, or a series of moments that accumulated into being one song in 1967, suddenly appears again in 1999 because i press a button. That’s like dying and waking up in another world.”

“The mind is the only place that anything can be truly said to exist. The outside world is only known to us as it appears within us by the testament of our senses. The imagination is the most real world that we know because we each know it first hand. Seeing our ideas take form is like being able to see the sun come into being. We have no equivelent to the purity of that in our account of the outside world. The outer world appears to each of us as one thing and it is always also a multitude of others. Inside to outside and outside to inside are neverending.” 

“Trying and giving up are a form of breathing.” 

“We can contradict ourselves and be right both times.”

“Don’t ever let anybody tell you music is stupid. Fucking Assholes!”


My year in review: Went on adventures with my best friend, got brainwashed by an Asgardian, drowned a little. #shieldlife