you clearly don't know the wanted very well

People are morons...
  • Guest: Excuse me but I ordered Grauburgunder. I have a very refined taste so I can tell you clearly brought me the wrong wine.
  • Me: I am so sorry. *walks back inside, and outside with the same glass, nothing changed* Here is the wine you ordered.
  • Guest: Now that's Grauburgunder! See I could tell right away you fucked up.
  • Me: Again I'm so sorry. [internally cackling like a maniac]
  • What the fuck...
  • __________________________
  • Guest: Excuse me, what does Iced Coffee taste like?
  • Me: Iced Coffee.
  • Guest: Oh... okay...
  • On the same note...
  • Fellow waitress (who has been working there longer than me): Do we sell vanilla ice?
  • Me: Let's see. What do we put in [insert name of a bunch of drinks with vanilla ice]?
  • Felow Waitress: Vanilla Ice.
  • Me: Did that answer your question?
  • ___________________
  • Fellow bartender brings food to guests and sets down the plates.
  • Kid: Thank you.
  • Father: Boy, let me tell you something: You don't have to say thank you when you are paying for it.
  • And people wonder why kids nowadays have no manners...
  • ________________________
  • Guest: Excuse me there is sugar in my Tequila. It tastes horrible.
  • Me: Oh my I'm sorry. Did someone put sugar in the salt dispenser?
  • Guest: No the waitress wouldn't bring me salt so I took this.
  • Me: You used the dispenser that is huge and clearly has sugar in it?
  • Guest: Yes. I want new Tequila.
  • Me: It is kinda your fault you know...
  • Guest: No the waitress wouldn't bring me salt. What was I supposed to do??
  • Me: I dunno... NOT put sugar in your drink???
  • Guest: You are very impolite I wanna talk to your supervisor.
  • Me: You are talking to the supervisor.
  • Guest: So can I have a new drink?
  • Me: If you pay for it.
  • ________________________
  • Guest: I can't pay for the drinks I had.
  • Me: Well you have to pay because I sure as hell ain't gonna.
  • Guest: I don't have money.
  • Me: Maybe you should have thought about that before you ordered 6 beers.
  • Guest: But you have to understand... I took cocaine.
  • Me: Oh. Now it all makes sense. You don't have to pay.
  • Guest: Oh thank goodness.
  • Me: I wasn't serious.
  • Guest: But... cocaine... you know...
  • (I am not making this up.)
  • __________________________
  • Guest: There is bees outside. They are everywhere!!!
  • Me: Yes I can see that.
  • Guest: Do something.
  • Me: I am sorry I forgot the magic word that lets me control bees.
  • Guest: ...
  • On the same note...
  • Fellow Waitress: I am sorry. You are welcome to go inside and eat there.
  • Guest: I don't want to go inside. DO SOMETHING! WHY ARE THERE SO MANY BEES!
  • Fellow Waitress: Well I obviously gave birth to them, that's why you think I can control them but they grow up so fast... they won't listen to a word I say.
  • _________________________
  • Guest (to my former boss): Excuse me but I don't want a black person to be my waiter.
  • My boss: And I don't want racists eating at my reastaurant. Get the fuck out and never come back. Ever.

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Bc you're one of my fav Jikook shippers, I want to know your opinion about this. Idk why but I feel like Jimin's "behavior" towards JungKook is different from before. I mean, Jimin is always giggly around him but it's like he's more reserved. You can clearly see how freaking whipped is JungKook for Jimin but I don't know if Jimin hides his emotions very well or he's just trying to chill (or something else). It bothers me more than it should... I hope you got my point tho!

Honestly, I really wouldn’t worry about it. I think people overlook the fact that Jungkook isn’t the only member who went through a huge transformation. Jimin mellowed out significantly over the years. He’s a little more reserved but he’s found his center and just seems a lot more comfortable in his own skin. At the same time, Jungkook opened up. This happened simultaneously while they continued to get closer. Their relationship has settled to a sort of comfortable equilibrium where yes, Jimin still showers Kook with affection, but in a sort of quieter way.

I actually find their current relationship a lot more interesting. JK mentioned that he always liked Jimin too, but that he had a tougher time showing it. Now that he’s gotten older, he knows how to properly reciprocate, initiate, and actually lead. And let’s be real..Jimin probably eats that attention up.

The 100 S02E08 Recap: Spacewalker
  • <camp human>
  • Bellamy: mom's home
  • Clarke: so I have some good news and bad news
  • Clarke: good news
  • Clarke: the grounders are cool with a truce
  • Clarke: bad news
  • Clarke: they want Finn
  • Bellamy: ...
  • Bellamy: so what's the bad news?
  • <sexy theme song>
  • <Finn's flashback>
  • Raven: I'm super badass, hot, AND smart
  • Finn: I don't deserve you
  • Finn: but I made you a necklace
  • <the present>
  • Clarke: murphy gtfo
  • <inside>
  • Octavia: can you plz shave
  • Lincoln: I kinda like these chains
  • Lincoln: but seriously, take the deal
  • Lincoln: you'll save so many lives
  • Clarke: nah
  • Clarke: Finn didn't mean to kill 18 people
  • Clarke: they just, like
  • Clarke: walked into his gun
  • Clarke: individually
  • <elsewhere in the camp>
  • Finn: I need to repent
  • Finn: also, I love you
  • Clarke: ...
  • Clarke: ...
  • Finn: say something
  • Clarke: ...
  • Clarke: ...
  • Finn: there's someone else, isn't there
  • Clarke: nailed it
  • Bellamy: sup
  • <grounder chanting>
  • Darth Vader: give us Finn
  • Abby: nah
  • Kane <from nowhere>: waddup guys
  • <inside the ship>
  • Kane: so why do you have my good buddy Jaha locked up?
  • Abby: cause he's been a bad boy
  • Abby: ;)
  • Abby: no seriously
  • Abby: he's been a real dick
  • Kane: ...
  • Kane: so the grounders are cool with us putting Finn on trial and then killing him
  • Kane: cause I spoke to them nicely
  • Kane: (which you obviously didn't)
  • Abby: k that doesn't solve much
  • <the halls>
  • Bellamy: I'm protective of Finn even though he's the reason we're all gonna die
  • Bellamy: man I'm awesome
  • <flashback>
  • Raven: my birthday sucks
  • <hellhole of the present>
  • Bellamy: Finn's gotta bounce
  • Random man: not if I have anything to say about it
  • <Bellamy punches him>
  • Bellamy: don't worry, you don't
  • <flashback>
  • Finn: hey
  • Finn: I know you wanted to spacewalk
  • Finn: and even though you've never been trained
  • Finn: or have any idea how to do it safely
  • Finn: and not only is it super illegal
  • Finn: but you could easily die
  • Finn: I think you should go for it
  • Raven: ...sounds awesome let's do it
  • <Lincoln's room>
  • Lincoln: dude just kill Finn already
  • Abby: nah
  • Abby: I'm gonna try talking to Lexa
  • Abby: since she listened to everyone else so well
  • <insta-woods>
  • Clarke: I'm suddenly not thinking very clearly and Finn's being my voice of reason
  • Finn: oh look, another gun's made it into my hands
  • Finn: and I didn't shoot anyone
  • Finn: it's a christmas miracle
  • <dropship>
  • Bellamy: where did my princess go?
  • Murphy: right here, baby
  • Bellamy: I guess you'll do for now
  • <flashback #46>
  • Finn: you should probably come back inside
  • Finn: since I'm already going to jail
  • Finn: ...
  • Finn: uhh
  • Finn: I think I broke the airlock
  • Finn: don't hate me
  • <tent of dashed dreams>
  • Finn: plz help
  • Finn: Clarke got knocked out again
  • Finn: I really don't think she can keep getting hit in the head
  • Finn: she has like 10 untreated concussions going on
  • Bellamy: oh god
  • Bellamy: Clarke
  • Bellamy: I hope no one notices I'm gently stroking her hair
  • <grounder camp>
  • Abby: so can we come to a better agreement?
  • Grounder: um no
  • <dropship>
  • Finn: is she dead
  • Raven: nope
  • Finn: sorry for cheating on you, btw
  • Raven: Finn?
  • Finn: yeah?
  • Raven: ...
  • Raven: please stfu
  • Raven: like permanently
  • Bellamy: jfc guys, grounders
  • <yet another flashback>
  • Raven: never once did I think of putting my helmet back on
  • <a little impressed with Finn>
  • <back to the present>
  • Raven: so even though Finn killed 18 people
  • Raven: let's throw Murphy under the bus
  • Raven: show of hands?
  • Everyone: ehhhhh
  • Murphy: I came out here to have a good time and honestly I'm feeling a little attacked right now
  • <land of charred grounders>
  • Finn: see ya later alligator
  • <flashbax>
  • Commander: lol you're approved and your boyfriend's going to jail for nothing
  • <the great grounder army front>
  • <Clarke and Bellamy exchange glances and can speak telepathically>
  • Finn: time to become one with the fire
  • Clarke: wait
  • Clarke: I love you, too
  • Fandom: she doesn't mean it
  • Fandom: it's the adrenaline talking
  • Clarke: don't worry, Finn
  • Clarke: in order to save you from the agony of being burned alive
  • Clarke: I stabbed you in the stomach
  • Clarke: so you can die even slower
  • Clarke: you're welcome

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So may I ask what were your favorite moments from the tour? I think I'm gonna add something to the ever growing list of why Joshifer is very much together and has been for a long time. Silly enough while I was watching the epilogue I just saw how Bear interacted with Josh and you can tell that he's very comfortable around Josh and knows him very well. Toddlers are extremely shy around people they don't know or barely see. This tells me Bear sees Josh a lot.

Sorry it’s taken so long to reply! It’s been a crazy week. Josh and little Bear was the cutest thing! Just saw the movie again and when he giggles and jumps into Josh’s arms how can you not go Awww and grow warm fuzzies in your heart. And he’s not a kid actor yet clearly very comfortable with Josh. Francis wanted to catch natural moments and he sure did. 

So many favorite moments! Here are my top ones:

10. The whole Smosh video is great but this moment was adorable:

9. Favorite body part followed by her reaction

8. Holding hands when everyone was looking even if it was cut out

7. Followed by her giving Josh lots of love

6. The video that @xshipper caught where Josh didn’t want to let Jen go

5. A little bit too plausible perhaps?

4. Jen giving a neck massage and not caring that they started

3. “That is what’s most important”


1. JOSH KISSING JEN! And such a simple request “Give me a kiss”

They sure are something else

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okay but messi played more games than crisitiano. look at the goal per game ratio. you cules clearly don't know shit about football. or simple math lmao.

hello i see that u r clueless so i decided to help u out

first of all, messi started playing in la liga when he was only a teenager. the VERY start of his career. cr7 started AFTER he became one of the best. u cant compare a rookie with an experienced player. well u can, but that makes u dumb.

second, if u want to talk about goals. come talk to me after cr7 scores 91 goals a calendar year.

third, if u want to talk about techniques. diving doesnt count.

and last, take messi’s goals away he becomes an amazing playmaker. an assist king even. take cr7’s goals away and???? u do the math since u are so good at it.

thank u for ur question and goodbye.

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It is evident that Riley's actions in the last few episodes have stunted Maya's growth, but would you be able to explain in more depth how poor the Riley Committee was for Riley's growth? People are very concerned with "the now" and focus on how Riley is selfish for wanting Maya to stay the same for these last 3-5 episodes. But I think we all forget that Maya literally recruited OTHER PEOPLE(& herself) to prevent Riley from ever growing, and if that's not selfish too then I don't know what is...

Yeah, I swear it’s like people forget how Maya very clearly said the point of the Riley Committee was to keep things from Riley and PREVENT her from ever changing. Combine that with the whole “whatever you want” thing and Riley’s current behavior makes a whoooollllle lot of sense, tbh.

Anyhow I’ve got a post on this in the works, along with a post about why I think Cory sheltered Riley so much to begin with (as well as why Topanga apparently didn’t object).

I have waaaay too many drafts right now. 😂