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Seven Minutes in Heaven (Z.H)

Description: The title says it all.

Request: could u please do a 7 min in heaven with zach?? and it’s kinda awkward and she tries to break the tension and talks and Zach just keeps watching her and decides, “fuck it” and kisses her and it leads to them making out but then they lose track of time so when the door opens they suddenly try to pull away but noooo they’re too slow and it’s caught on camera for the whole world to see n the bois r whooping😉 thanks a bunch ily 💕

Warnings: hints towards underaged drinking

Word Count: 1.2k

“Wow, I didn’t know I was worth a surprise party,” you grin as Zach leads you from the living room to the backyard, your hand in his as you both maneuver through the crowded space.

“You’re worth the world and more,” Zach scoffs.

“I don’t even know half of these people,” you furrow your eyebrows and he just shrugs before you both came to a stop at one of the table and chair setups just outside of the house.

You were visiting Zach from Dallas for the week and you had just arrived an hour before now. Zach and the boys, whom you’ve become friends with over dozens of face time calls and such, had surprised you with a surprise party when you pulled up to their house in an Uber with two suitcases.

You didn’t know 80% of the people that attended the party, but they all greeted you with grins and smiles nevertheless.

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